Why Is The Army Hiring People To Provide ‘Emergency Support To Disaster Stricken Areas Throughout The US’?

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Natural Disaster - Public DomainDoes the Army expect that there will soon be “disaster stricken” areas all over the country?  As you will see in this article, a job advertisement has been posted on a federal website seeking workers that “will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US“. This was originally reported by Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub, but it is not receiving nearly as much attention as it perhaps should.  What parts of the nation does the U.S. Army believe will soon be “disaster stricken”?  By itself, this job ad wouldn’t be raising that many eyebrows, but when you combine this with the unusual number of “military training exercises” that are taking place all around the country and with the very strange movements of military equipment that have been reported recently, it gives the appearance that the U.S. military is feverishly making preparations for something big.


You can find the job advertisement that I mentioned above right here.  The following is an excerpt from that job posting…

Employees occupying these positions will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US. Employees must pass a stringent medical screening and be prepared to live and work in extremely austere conditions. Work schedule will initially be arduous, with much overtime. Sleeping arrangements may be limited to using a sleeping bag or in the vehicle used to move from location to location. The duty station for pay purposes for these positions is Kennewick, WA with possible 75% or Greater Business Travel in various locations throughout the US.

Provides emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US.
The duty station for pay purposes for these positions is Kennewick, WA.

On the surface, this ad could certainly be interpreted quite a number of different ways.  And maybe there is nothing strange about this ad at all.  But the reason why it is raising so many eyebrows is because of the overall context of what is happening right now.

An unusual number of large scale military exercises are being held all over America in 2015.  In the alternative media, most of the focus has been on the upcoming Jade Helm exercise, but that is only one of many that are being conducted.

And sometimes, local residents are not even being warned in advance that a major exercise is going to be held in their community.  This was certainly the case with one that took place in Flint, Michigan recently…

It was a peaceful afternoon, and then residents said it seemingly turned hostile.

I was standing there, and all of a sudden, boom!” Jean Glenn said.

I mean it was loud, it blew up the whole sky or whatever, it was like four or five big bangs,” Annette Humphrey said.

Explosions you’d expect in a war zone echoed through Flint. People’s homes shook and those inside were caught off-guard. It all went down Tuesday at the shuttered Lowell Junior High on the city’s east side.

Even though the people living there knew nothing about it until they were caught off guard by the very loud explosions, it turns out that the Army had been planning the exercise for at least six months, and it was all part of a much larger exercise being conducted all over the country

Flint’s spokesman Jason Lorenz said the city has been in talks with the Army for six months now about using parts of the city. This is part of a joint exercise being carried out across the United States.

Yes, holding military exercises in U.S. cities is certainly nothing new.  But in 2015 it appears that we are witnessing an unprecedented amount of activity.  It is almost as if preparations are being made for some really big event.  A recent Intellihub article summarized some of the things that we have been witnessing lately…

  • On March 13th, Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas detailed photos and documentation of nearly 40 U.S. Army soldiers, wielding training rifles and dressed in full combat gear, participating in an urban warfare style training drill just outside the Texarkana Regional Airport perimeter.
  • In the middle of April, a report out of Big Springs, Texas revealed that a train full of military equipment and over a dozen helicopters had arrived in the town ahead of Jade Helm 2015.
  • Photographs taken in Corona, California a few days later added to the Jade Helm speculation after they showed a MRAP full of what looked to be U.S. Marines driving down the 1-15 freeway. “In broad daylight with not a care in the world”
  • On April 24th a shocking report on Intellihub News detailed armed troops seen confronting angry protesters in a “professional news package”of riot control training released by the military
  • “A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point,” read the headline on April 25th after a convoy was seen in Oroville, California that stretched as far as the eye could see.
  • Moving into May, photographs taken in Indiana showed a massive military convoy heading down the freeway. The photos, taken by a concerned citizen, show the convoy heading west on I-70 for reasons unknown.
  • Two days later, video footage, this time out of Texarkana, Arkansas, highlighted a convoy of Humvees driving down the highway as well as a trainload of military vehicles that was seen shortly after.
  • In mid May, Intellihub reporter Alex Thomas published a detailed report that confirmed that the military was indeed training to take on the American people, this time in the form of domestic house to house raids.
  • The next day a new report, also by Alex Thomas, proved that Marines were actually practicing for the internment of American citizens.
  • On May 18th, a train full of hundreds of military Humvees was spotted, further revealing the increased military buildup across the country leading into Jade Helm 2015. The train was heading towards Cleveland for unknown reasons although a possible connection to planned upcoming protests had been mentioned.
  • This past week a massive military war game simulation called Raider Focus was announced. The war game will include the largest military convoy seen on the roads of Colorado since World War II.
  • On may 23th, Intellihub News reported on pictures sent to ANP that show a 1/4 mile long military train convoy near the Colorado Wyoming border.
  • Finally, a report published this week detailed a stunning propaganda move by the military involving a New Jersey school and the worship of the military on the streets of America. “As parents, teachers, and students looked on with joy, Marines from the Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force landed helicopters on the baseball diamond of a New Jersey school.”

Is all of this activity building up to something big?

Do those at the top of the food chain anticipate that some very unusual event will happen later this year?

I wish that I had all the answers.  But without a doubt, all of this military activity around the nation seems quite unusual.  And of course if the purpose for all of this activity is to prepare for some big event that is coming, they are not going to tell us in advance anyway.

So what do you think is going on?  Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • K

    To me the most disturbing part is. First Flint city council agreed to allow this drill. Second they went along with not warning the public. If this happened in my neck of the woods. There would already be a recall petition underway, to recall the entire city council. As to why the feds are doing all these drills. Intimidation at least for now.

    • kfilly

      Intimidation and conditioning the people that the people who will soon be stomping on their rights will be fighting for their freedom. I know not all soldiers will follow orders that go against the Constitution, but it has happened before (Kent State). Also, it has happened in other countries.

  • Let me play devil’s advocate here for a minute. I recently retired from the Army. During my service in Army Ranger BNs we regularly conducted airfield training on small civillian airfields because no military facilities came anywhere near to clearing a terminal and all the associated buildings on a commercial airfield. The airfield was leased for a week during periods of reduced activiy. We also conducted training all around the US mainly because flight distances and routes can not be replicated on military installations that equal the distances needed for deep Spec Ops raids. Also flight patterns on Army installations are too constricted and canned to provide realism.
    Secondly for the past thirteen years most military training has been focused on small scale counter insurgency tasks necessary for service in the middle east. The Op tempo was very high so most units (national guard included) were too busy for regular training. Now that the op tempo has slowed down many of your national guard units are doing normal annual training. I remember grwing up in the 70s and getting excited when I saw a NG convoy going down the freeway in the summer.
    Maybe the military is just resettling into normal state side training cycles but they have aquired many newer odd looking pieces of equipment that used to not be seen in the national guard.

    • folgers22

      Yeah, it’s not uncommon to see military convoys on the highway. You catch NG and AR convoys every week off for weekend warrior training. If you’re really that scared of them, note their ID info on their bumpers and see what units they are. You also see flatbeds carrying bradleys and other vehicles. Trains carrying armor. This isn’t some end of the world thing-the military moves that stuff all the time.
      I bet if you live along the rail lines leading to the big training bases, like JRTC or NRTC, you can see massive railmovements of vehicles in and out of the base for units rotating through on annual training. My entire brigade moved to JRTC for nearly 2 months and we shipped all our vehicles with us.
      The only conspiracy there was when I managed to palm off my deadlined hummer with leaks, dying battery, worthless alternator, and gasping engine on the turn-in crew without getting caught. They wouldn’t take a dead truck. I couldn’t even turn off the engine while waiting for my turn in line. Once they signed for it, it was someone else’s problem.
      If my hummer was any indication, we don’t have too much to fear…

      • angel

        You are a desinformation man who work for the makers of the false flag.
        Its is clear for everybody that are a legion of debunkers to control and to contrainformation brainwashing
        Not reply me for email: I will erase your emails

        • folgers22

          Sorry, no. I’m not in the flag manufacturing industry.
          What proof do you have of a nuclear attack? Because LAST year all the conspiracy people were claiming the exact same thing, following Alex Jones and his claims a nuke was transferred from Pantex to SC so they could blow up Charleston and all following Lindsey Grahm’s comment about us fighting in Syria or else we’ll be nuked here. Never happened.
          By the way, do you happen to speak English as a second language? I for not to disagreeing with you but much happy when is time to make agenda rebuttal number one good time!

      • jr023

        also a lot of heave equipment gets shipped to re-manufactures and back again. the dumb thing they are doing in retiring mrapps instead of mothballing them for the next use we will need them again although i read somewhere the adm was truing to force the army into buying electric and hybrid trucks

        • nekksys

          Nothing like a war machine that’s battery operated!!!

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      We are just trying to figure out what is going on the best that we can. Certainly it is not unusual for the military to hold exercises. But there are many that are alarmed by the size, scale and frequency that we have witnessed lately.

      • Thank you Michael for your pursuit of truth.
        Here are some of my observations on the recent articles around the internet on Jade Helm.
        1. I have seen people try to read into the name of the exercise and even assign NWO terms to each letter of the name. The military names individual operations so that the name means nothing so you can’t read into its purpose. Example: initial planning for Just Cause in Panama was called Blue Spoon.
        2. When I first saw the slide released by the military showing the states and Jade Helm I immediately saw Afghanistan all over it. My last deployment before I retired had my brigade in RC East which had about 6 provinces. We had a very similar map of the AO that showed the known loyalties of each province. logar/Wardak was listed as unknown because previously it was under patrolled. It was discovered to be a hotbed of taliban activity and before we left the two small provinces were given to a new surging Brigade.
        3. Like I said before deployments are down. The Army wants to do two things. Not forget the hard earned lessons of the past decade and return to large scale training for threats like China and Russia. This means you will see both large scale counter insurgency exercises to maintain that skill set and you will see large trainloads of equipment moving to training areas like JRTC in LA and NTC in CA as units train for conventional war.
        4. Leasing of urban areas for training is necessary as well since most countries these days have large cities. Military mock cities on bases are way too generic to prepare for the chaos of urban warfare. I remember the sensory overload of operating in Baghdad when all of our train up was done in cookie cutter cinder block mock towns on base.
        I am not saying we shouldn’t question what the military does but we should demand more clarity to what the government does. After all defense of the country is defense of our freedoms. If the people just don’t want something done than the government should respect that even if it makes sense. On the flipside the military should have reasonable access to realistic training if they are to be sent anywhere at anytime. I like to try to see both sides of an issue and look for facts. In this 24/7 media world people jump to conclusions before they have the facts. The overall objective of the citizen should be to demand more public release of information as to what is done in the name of safety in our country.

        • folgers22

          I agree. Too many folks who are ignorant about the military start getting odd notions, like the operational name meaning something sinister.
          There is one issue I have with this training in civilian locations-it puts the public at risk of accidents.
          For instance, just a few months ago, the news reported a Blackhawk flying over Miami dropped a box (it wasn’t specific on the size of the box-ammo can or crate or what) out the side and it fell on a neighborhood.
          In another incident I read about years ago, involving a surprise raid on a specially-prepared building using live ammo, some rounds exited the training building and hit a hair salon.

          During a secret SF training operation happening on and off Fort Bragg, an SF soldier was killed when he mistakenly took on a police officer, thinking it was part of the exercise. He rushed the cop, who had no idea of the wargame, and was shot.
          This exercise is reportedly different, in that they are leasing private land to do their training.

          Hey, if the military wants an urban area to train in, why not buy Detroit? They could easily save money on purchasing hundreds of blocks of urban area at an immense discount, complete with suburban neighborhoods, industrial areas, business districts, and other structures. It would create a real employment program for Detroit, too, since the new training base would require immense amounts of support personnel, roleplayers, food, water, housing, etc. Everyone wins!

          • Quetzol-43

            I would guess that if the intentions are hostile, a sinister or ominous sounding name would obviously be the last thing they would want.

            Then again, Benghazi happened less than 2 months before the presidential elections and the administration was not endangered by it while 38 years earlier Nixon had to resign following Watergate. So anything short of outright provocative names like Operation Wannsee, Red October or Downfall of the Republic is not going to have that much effects.

          • jr023

            they did recover the box of ammo,and yes that was weird
            but watching the gulf wars and trouble spots in the world theirs not going to be the big fields of army’s its going to be urban warfare in most places

        • Quetzol-43

          “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

          Abraham Lincoln

          The concern about this whole affair is that it is a training exercice to prepare the military for martial law as a mean to establish a dictatorship and abolish/neutralize the constitution and things like elections.

          From what can be gathered about the general decaying state of society and governement abuses, what sort of regimes and factions that has been supported in Benghazi/Kiev/Aleppo etc, this dictatorship will most certainly be very far from benevolent.

          • iris

            Good comment. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. We’ve fallen so far away from God as a nation. Rather than looking to restore our nation, we need to be looking to God, He can restore each of us if we’ll let Him. I believe that is only possible by belief in and reception of Jesus Christ as LORD and savior. Our nation is made up of each of us. Remember the Pogo cartoon’s famous line, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”?

          • gary hillerich

            well said indeed Iris

        • nekksys

          To me, if Jade Helm were to actually mean anything at all, it would reference protecting the “head” (just like a helm), or more precisely, the knowledge gained from recent activities in the Far East. We’ve spent a lot of time in that area and learned a lot of lessons. It’s only reasonable to disseminate those lessons to current troops.

      • Elaine9955

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    • Nancy Hollo

      Thanks for sharing that. It makes perfect sense since we pulled out of Iraq that now there’s time for massive exercises. I’m really getting tired of the truth movement, they slant the truth to sell books. Somebody needs to write a book about that.

    • Diane9859

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    • V Tiffany Seidel

      Rusty, did that training exercise you participated in list actual names of states or were the cities and states fictionalized? Our Representative for East Texas, Louie Gohmert, also had military exercises all over but he said that what makes this one different was the fact that the obama administration actually list Utah and Texas as “Hostile” and that has people concerned. With an already major distrust for this administration and all of obama’s Lies, criminal acts, making laws without Congress, not enforcing the laws he doesn’t like, using the IRS to target his political advisories, putting Christians, Tea Party members, returning Veterans, Conservatives and law abiding gun owners on a domestic terrorist watch list, Americans are in the right to have concerns. Obama said he was going to degrade and dismantle ISIS but in all appearances, obama is trying to degrade and dismantle America by overwhelming the system by opening the borders to all uncivilized people to come across including terrorist, criminals, drug cartels and creating chaos with race relations and rioting, by blaming our past history for something not one of us were apart of while embracing dictators and saying Cuba’s past is behind them but what, not ours? There is something not right with this whole jade helm thing and our president is preparing for something that’s not good! DHS has ordered over a billion rounds of ammo and now The newest bid for ammo requests 10 million .40 caliber 165 Grain, jacketed Hollow point bullets; 10 million 9mm 115 grain, jacketed hollow points; and 1.6 million 9mm ball bullets. That means in the last 10 months, the department of Homeland security has requested over 1.625 billion rounds of ammunition.

      • Did you read my point #2 in my second comment? I’m not saying the Obama administration is trustable. I am saying that the military as it currently stands today is trustable especially the special operations community. Like I said the fact that certain states are labeled as hostile has nothing to do with the actual state. The states merely represent provinces in a fictitious country for the exercise. Special ops are way too overtaxed to take on domestic operations. If you want to keep an eye on something watch the alphabet law enforcement agencies.

        • V Tiffany Seidel

          Agree there, IRS, EPA, DOJ, DOD, DHS, NSA TSA to name a few…

  • folgers22

    I thought this sounded like a typical BS newsletter.
    EMP is a real thing, but this looks like a sales letter.

  • folgers22

    Dude, your “source” is Iranian propaganda.
    Go look it up online. PressTV is Iranian state media.
    Your claims sounded wacky enough without being based on Iranian news.
    BTW- isn’t kind of ironic to see the Islamic Republic to attacking the Islamic State?

  • iris

    If this is just business as usual, why are there so many camps scattered around the country with the barbed wire facing in, not out? There are watch towers in most of them. All empty for now, but woe to those Americans who try to rebel when martial law is declared. If I’m not mistaken, under W., an executive order came down the pike that if one is deemed a terrorist or aiding and abetting one, 1 notice can be sent, either directing, informing or warning the suspect, and that it will be a federal felony to discuss the contents of the communication with any other person. Has that order been revoked? I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • folgers22

    Dude, you commented on a public space with some conspiracy whackery, then have the nerve to request no one comment back?
    On a different note-Are you Persian, by any chance?

  • Joe C

    Economic collapse and government inability to provide the cheese we have all come to expect. Combined with the coddling of criminals we’ve seen since President Obama took office, our police and the National Guard will be so overwhelmed, the president will declare martial law, and the suspension of many of our constitutional rights, including the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves. At first, those animals who riot and pillage will be given free reign, as the greatest threat to the government is taken down; the law abiding gun owners.

    • iris

      EXACTLY, JOE C! I do think however, that the coddling of criminals, the social engineering of the last several decades, (sometimes silent, sometimes roaring), all designed to incrementally get us where we are today, so that we’ll actually think this is what we loved, wanted and believed all along, has known no party line. Actually, the most conservative of us would have shocked the rest of the country for how liberal we are now. As far as the leadership goes, they see through global elitist colored lenses and take every cue from them.

      God is still in control and always will be, even though the “powers that be” mock Him. They think they’re pulling the strings as puppet masters, but He’s laughing, because they’re the real losers. He knows what He’s doing, and wants this evil to cease a lot more than we can imagine. I hope He returns soon!

      • Gay Veteran

        “…the most conservative of us would have shocked the rest of the country for how liberal we are now….”

        and yet we still have empire abroad and the national security/surveillance state at home

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Combined with the coddling of criminals we’ve seen since President Obama took office….”
      well I’m curious as to which criminals have been coddled? are you talking about the Wall Street banksters?

      • Joe C

        No, I’m not talking about the bankers that have been coddled by every president since Reagan. I’m talking about the hoodlums we see on the news attacking people and police, or walking through broken windows with arms full of products.

        • Gay Veteran

          it is the banksters that are destroying America, them and the corporations shipping MILLIONS of American jobs to China, India, Vietanam, Mexico, etc.
          the problems of the inner city would be greatly reduced with JOBS

          • James Wentz

            No, it’s faggots!

          • Gay Veteran

            thank you for contributing to the conversation.

          • Joe C

            Actually, a major contributor to crime is our refusal to address effectively address it; we refuse to insist on personal accountability for ones actions and place the blame on the past, another person, an object, or a group.

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, that’s true if you’re talking about the Wall Street banksters.

            for us peons we have the highest incarceration rate in the world

          • Quetzol-43

            The thing is that the banksters cronies in the medias and governements are on the side of these hoodlums.

            Just like in the 1989 Movie Crime Zone, where the police state needs crime to justify itself.
            Robber barons needed thugs and lowlifes to keep the workers in line, it is oligarchy 101.

      • James Wentz

        No, faggots and other demented types! AIDS vector!

        • Gay Veteran

          thank you for contributing to the conversation

          • chilller

            I see James has swallowed the divide and conquer pill. While we all have our own opinions about others lifestyles…in times like this we ALL must band together to fight the beast….
            “United We Stand” ring any bells? Those 3 words scare the living hell out of the powerz and that’s a fact!

    • Quetzol-43

      There will also be paid and organized, Maidan-style agitation.

  • Michael

    “Why Is The Army Hiring People To Provide ‘Emergency Support To Disaster Stricken Areas Throughout The US’?”

    Uhh, because they’re planning disasters? I don’t want to sound negative, but I absolutely believe we’ve seen the last free elections in the United State. I fully expect a ‘disaster’ to occur between now and the fall of 2016, which will give King Putt an excuse to declare martial law. You have no idea how desperately I hope I’m wrong, but sadly, I’ve been correct far too often to allow me to relax.

    • Sanyobabe

      michael: You have no idea just how truthful you are. Hopefully others will pull their heads out of the sand.

  • Valerie Meszaros

    The Internet is full of prophecies concerning the coming judgment (In 50th Jubilee year, day of Elul 29 (Jewish), September 13, 2015 (Gregorian), (1) see videos from Jonathan Cohn: The Harbinger, (2) also type into YouTube: SHOCKING TOTALLY SHOCKING !!! ( 3 ) Major Alert for the USA.!!! Very enlightening, please watch and pray.

    • chilller

      May be a typo Valerie…but it’s the 70th Jubilee this year..

      • Valerie Meszaros

        Thanks for correction, God bless
        you. I wanted to refer to that a jubilee is seven
        cycles of seven years, with the 50th year being the jubilee year.

      • iris

        Wow!!! Jesus told us no one could know the exact day or hour of His return, but He also told us to pay attention to the signs of it. No coincidence that God the Son laid down His life for us on Passover, that God the Father raised Him up on First Fruits, that God the Holy Spirit would deal with the first Jewish disciples as He did at the Feast of Weeks. Elohim knows.

  • Pretty thorough response to my comments. I can really see your point from all the information you provided to refute my comment.

  • Quetzol-43

    “False flag nuclear in New York and Los Angeles
    Perhaps any city more.”

    No, no it won´t.

    It would be too disruptive, with tens of millions (including police forces and banking workers) fleeing the cities, while the currency becomes useless due to the resulting uncertainities.
    The governement would evidently lose power and control if major cities fell into complete anarchy, even with martial law.

  • iris

    Thank you for being observant! And thank you for your last sentence, it is good for all of us to realize how deeply everyone on the planet will be affected if what looks like is coming, comes. Some of us may be spared or hidden or even protected by God openly as we stand in our convictions. I think a balance is necessarily involved in our thinking and behavior. We shouldn’t be discounting every increasingly alarming development, but we shouldn’t be running around screaming, either. God is still on the throne, and He won’t be mocked that much longer, given the big time line of humanity. He wins.

  • ac287149

    This sounds like another unreported part of Obamacare, if I remember correctly. Someone help me out here if you know what I’m talking about… It was to be considered a civilian (but not voluntary) force which could also be sent overseas to places where our military was fighting.. but was mostly to be mobilized during domestic emergencies.

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