Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?

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Police State In AmericaOnce upon a time, the police were one of the most respected institutions in America, but now most Americans fear them.  Almost every single day there are multiple stories of police brutality or misconduct that make the national news.  Just this week, there have been stories about police killing a baby deer at an animal shelter, about police killing a 95-year-old World War II veteran in a retirement home, and about police using legal technicalities to “legally” steal massive amounts of money from innocent citizens.  Why are police acting like this?  Why have police in America turned into such ruthless thugs?  In the case of the baby deer that was killed, 13 armed agents stormed the animal shelter up in Wisconsin where it was being cared for.  Is this really the kind of country that we want our children to grow up in?  A country where Bambi is hunted down by armed thugs working for the government?  Sadly, the story about that deer is not an isolated incident.  The truth is that police all over the country kill animals every single day.  In fact, police in Chicago have shot 488 animals since 2008.  No wonder people are so afraid to have the police come to their homes.


Increasingly, police departments all over the United States are being transformed into military-style units.  These days, even very minor violations of the law can result in a SWAT team raid.  The following is from a recent article by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute

Consider that in 1980, there were roughly 3,000 SWAT team-style raids in the US. By 2001, that number had grown to 45,000 and has since swelled to more than 80,000 SWAT team raids per year. On an average day in America, over 100 Americans have their homes raided by SWAT teams. In fact, there are few communities without a SWAT team on their police force today. In 1984, 25.6 percent of towns with populations between 25,000 and 50,000 people had a SWAT team. That number rose to 80 percent by 2005.

But it is not just local police departments that are being militarized.  This is happening on the federal level as well.  In fact, according to Whitehead even the Department of Education and NASA now have their own SWAT teams…

When it comes to SWAT-style tactics being used in routine policing, the federal government is one of the largest offenders, with multiple agencies touting their own SWAT teams, including the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Consumer Product Safety Commission, NASA, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the US National Park Service, and the FDA.

What in the world does NASA need a SWAT team for?

The police culture in America has fundamentally changed.  In the old days, most police officers were extremely helpful and would give you directions or help you get your cat out of a tree.

But if you stop and ask a police officer for help today, you will be lucky if all you get is some dirty language.  These days, police all over the nation are actually being trained to bark orders at you and to respond to the least bit of resistance with overwhelming force.

The results of this kind of training can often be extremely tragic.  Just the other day, a 95-year-old World War II veteran living in a retirement home near Chicago was murdered by police just because he did not want to undergo high-risk surgery…

A 95-year-old man who served his country during World War II is now dead after police stormed his retirement home with riot shields, Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.

U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Wrana, who was honorably discharged as a sergeant after he served in the India-Burma campaign, used a walker because family members said he was “wobbly” on his feet, according to the Chicago Tribune. The elderly veteran was shot down by enemy fire during the war.

On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted to involuntarily transport him for medical treatment. He was sitting in a chair, holding a cane and a shoe horn when police arrived at the Victory Centre senior living facility located just south of Chicago.

Why did the police have to act like that?

Is there any police officer out there that cannot physically handle a 95-year-old man?

That 95-year-old veteran survived fighting the Japanese, but he was not able to survive the thuggish behavior of our own police.

And most Americans don’t realize this, but when police pull you over they can take cash and property from you even if you have not done anything wrong.  It is called “civil forfeiture” and it is one of the worst things about U.S. law.  Civil forfeiture was described in a recent article by Becket Adams

Did you know that the police can confiscate items such as cash and property from people who have never been convicted of a crime?

It’s true, and it’s all because of a little-known police tactic called civil forfeiture.

A product of the so-called “war on drugs,” civil forfeiture was part of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 passed by Congress 29 years ago. The bill gives law enforcement officials a portion of the assets seized during drug raids and similar  investigations.

The following are some examples of the abuse of civil forfeiture that were detailed in a recent article in the New Yorker

-Police took the home of an elderly couple in Philadelphia because their son allegedly sold $20 worth of marijuana on their front porch.

-Police in Virginia pulled over a speeder and took $28,500 that was intended to be used to purchase a new parcel of land for a Pentecostal church.

-One town in Texas has actually been caught threatening to take children away from innocent couples if they don’t sign over the cash that they are carrying to the police…

The county’s district attorney, a fifty-seven-year-old woman with feathered Charlie’s Angels hair named Lynda K. Russell, arrived an hour later. Russell, who moonlighted locally as a country singer, told Henderson and Boatright that they had two options. They could face felony charges for “money laundering” and “child endangerment,” in which case they would go to jail and their children would be handed over to foster care. Or they could sign over their cash to the city of Tenaha, and get back on the road. “No criminal charges shall be filed,” a waiver she drafted read, “and our children shall not be turned over to CPS,” or Child Protective Services.

“Where are we?” Boatright remembers thinking. “Is this some kind of foreign country, where they’re selling people’s kids off?” Holding her sixteen-month-old on her hip, she broke down in tears.

If you have not read the new article in the New Yorker that goes into great detail about all of this, you can find it right here.

So why are police all over America acting like this?

Well, one of the primary factors is that they are just following the example that is being set on the federal level.

The entire country is rapidly being transformed into a “Big Brother” police state, and most Americans seem to like it that way.

And with each passing year, it just gets even worse.  For example, we were originally told that the TSA would only be hassling us at our airports, but now they are everywhere.  As the New York Times recently reported, TSA “VIPR teams” are now being deployed almost everywhere there are large gatherings of people…

With little fanfare, the agency best known for airport screenings has vastly expanded its reach to sporting events, music festivals, rodeos, highway weigh stations and train terminals.

This “VIPR team” program is “growing rapidly”, and apparently these “VIPR teams” conducted 8,800 “unannounced checkpoints” last year…

The program now has a $100 million annual budget and is growing rapidly, increasing to several hundred people and 37 teams last year, up from 10 teams in 2008. T.S.A. records show that the teams ran more than 8,800 unannounced checkpoints and search operations with local law enforcement outside of airports last year, including those at the Indianapolis 500 and the Democratic and Republican national political conventions.

So where is the outrage?

A small minority of the American people have been sounding the alarm about NSA snooping and other abuses, but most Americans don’t really seem to care about these things very much.

In fact, according to a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 47 percent of all Americans don’t even want the media to report on secret government surveillance programs.

So not only do they not want the surveillance to stop, 47 percent of all Americans do not even want to hear anything about it on the news.

How sickening is that?

Sadly, this is not the first survey that has produced this kind of a result.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “19 Surveys Which Prove That A Large Chunk Of The Population Is Made Up Of Totally Clueless Sheeple“.

In the end, we will get the government that we deserve.  And according to the New York Times, at this point our government is even willing to manufacture fake terror threats in order to distract us from their surveillance activities…

Some analysts and Congressional officials suggested Friday that emphasizing a terrorist threat now was a good way to divert attention from the uproar over the N.S.A.’s data-collection programs, and that if it showed the intercepts had uncovered a possible plot, even better.

What in the world is happening to America?

Is there any hope for us?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the matter by posting a comment below…

Police In America

  • Rodster

    It’s just the signs of an Empire on the decline and using all means necessary to hold on to it’s power. Everytime you read about this it sends the message that says “do what we say or else”.

    Right now they their so called reasons. There will come a time when all these situations will go into full court press and the american people. That time probably happen when we collapse as a nation and the authorities from TPTB are given permission to use any force necessary during a violent and chaotic event.

    • It’s not just Federal police like the Gestapo ATF, but towns and city police.

      It is also towns and cities that have adopted the UN’s Agenda 21, aka “Smart Growth,” “Sustainable Development,” “Comprehensive Planning,” “Future Earth,” “Planet Under Pressure,” “Public Private Partnerships,” “Regionalism,” and “Millennium Development Goals,” etc.

      If these are “local governments” why are they all enacting the same UN programs and policies? Who’s really in control of your town or city? Did you want a militarized police force or Agenda 21?

      Then why do you have it?

    • aclay777

      You know the bad thing about all this, it’s too much government, what they are trying to acquire by force they had without force when a true republic, they sit back get paid and protect and arrest the few, “We the working people” are the target, we’re allegedly “defiant” but we don’t know it. What works for all and made this country great is we worked hard when we have work, raise our families, paid taxes and gave these police raises because it all worked; Now they say there is a threat (like Obama and the DHS) and extort money for vast amount of arms to kill who? . . . us! The purest form of a republic has worked, this socialist agenda reverberating through this country is media toying with all our lives, yet they are so drunk with power, it may come back to harm them in a big way.

  • Graham

    Because aspects of the Police Force in a number of American States have been specially trained by a certain little country on how to strike fear into the masses. The tactics of control, aside from the completely unnecessary physical violence, are intimidation, humiliation and degradation. They have even started killing.

    This particular little country has proven to be one of the most “violence orientated” on the planet, who have also turned their back on peace at every opportunity. They don’t want peace. They want to fulfil an agenda. To achieve this agenda, they use the USA as their primary lapdog and war puppeteer. Don’t resist Obama, or Jarrett will take the controls.

    The US public are very cleverly deceived into marching their offspring off to war, believing the enemy is Islam. In order to justify it, new laws of physics are invented in order to “create” a cause. That cause becomes the launch platform for a global war on terror, where the real terrorists terrorise everybody else, including their own populations. Since the military are deemed at threat at home, they keep them busy in phoney wars.

    This also keeps the war economy going whilst the heavily armed and uniformed slice and dice millions of innocents who attempt to protect their own sovereign interests whilst the money changers count the profits on their government loans and pillage whatever else they can get their hands on through coercion and political corruption.

    But let’s conveniently deny that a certain agenda exists, ignore all the suppressed but accessible evidence and just kick back and keep quoting from the book and await the arrival of the saviour. Is he coming by bus? Train? Plane? Gravity wave propulsion? Torsion fields? Was Von Braun correct to inform Carol Rosin?

    There is God and there is G-d. What’s the difference and why the missing letter? Because it deceives the masses who haven’t thought to ask. They sound the same and look the same… so they must be the same. No questions required.

    Thanks to the person who befriended the daughter of one of the major banking families whilst attending a University in Switzerland. The daughter apparently acknowledged what the pendant around her neck stood for and the fact they worshipped a different “God”, going on to explain it was an “egregore”. That egregore has a known name. And the family wasn’t the Rothschild’s [Redshield].

    Those who support their “cause”, unconsciously support that egregore. They also haven’t got a clue what has gone on behind the scenes and continues to go on in front of their faces… whilst their lifestyle, morals and ethics are being stripped to the bone. Is the harvest due soon? Some may call it a rapture. Don’t go ballistic!

    Brainwash a specific group into believing they will receive a special honour at some future date and event and that the tale must be repeated endlessly until nobody doubts it. Vehemently attack those who question or oppose it. When things go downhill and most of the flock move on, turn on your own kind over the differences in what they preach.

    Has it clicked yet why the US is going down and the majority of it’s citizens remain far too dazed to stop it? Let the truth be told rather than continue to capitalise on the dreadful situation that the majority now face.

    Only an awakened mind will recognise the madness. Learn how the mind works then consider how conveniently and easily the people are being controlled. Believe it or not, the controllers are also being controlled. Who is boss? Work it out.

    The most ironic fact yet is what the so called “men of the cloth” do to our children and what central bankers do to the people, businesses and sovereign nations. All this goes on in a society most consider “normal”. Are the Police now following this “normality” too? Looks like it going by the sheer abuse and brutality being reported.

    Consider yesterday and contemplate tomorrow, but live in the present moment because it’s the only reality that exists. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow has yet to come. Where does your mind prefer to dwell? The inner voice is always in an endless debate and if it isn’t over one thing, it’s always another.

    The mind drama’s also continue endlessly, helped along of course by the deliberately controlled media. On this weeks menu, we have highly focused terrorism threats from the usual invisible enemy, who are potentially round every corner. You must remain in fear, stay at home and watch TV so they can frighten you even more. The news will tell you how to think and feel. Pay attention and don’t laugh, even when you see through it all.

    • seasick613

      I wondered how long it would take before someone started blaming the Jews for all the USA’s problems.

      I suppose antisemitism is still alive and well in the US.
      And the God vs G-d statements…? You obviously know nothing about Jews or their relationship to the Creator.

      Go do some serious Bible study. And it wouldn’t hurt for you to actually talk to some religious Jews.

      The knowledge you gain will do you a lot of good and keep you from making such blantantly false statements again.

      • Graham

        Whilst my initial response to your reply is awaiting “moderation”, I wish to clarify the following, especially as the term “Jew/Jewish” refers to various different “groups”, which have very different histories and in some cases, practices.

        As far as the teachings and practices of the biblical tribes are concerned, and from the perspective that I was educated in the Sephardi discipline, I do understand that “G-d” in the written form is done so in respect of one of the Ten Commandments.

        What may come as a surprise to many here, is that orthodox Christians are supposed to do likewise. However, what I said in my original post, which could have perhaps have been made clearer, is one specific aspect of “Judaism” follows an “egregore”. Bear in mind that the comment I referred to came from a member of an “elite” banking family.

        To avoid any further controversy, my focus of interest in the past number of years has been on the Ashkenazi group, WWII history, the Bolshevik Revolution and the Talmud, of which there is a version/s that are not widely known about, with good reason.

        As it stands, I have ready access to one version of the Talmud that is over 100 years old. That version is not the one exposed by a Pastor and numerous others.

        You also seem to unaware of the “Jews” who have boasted publicly and privately about “running” America and “controlling” many aspects of it. This becomes self evident when the power of certain lobby groups is examined and understood.

        You also seem to be unaware of the female who stated during a TV interview that the term “anti semitism” has served the Jews very well. This person is a known American Jewess.

      • aardvark

        actually, most people know a lot about the Jews by watching the media, the entertainment, the government, and the AIPAC pushing for a war with Iran (after pushing for the war on Iraq and the war on Syria, and the demonizing of muslim people). How could you not know a lot about them (Jews) given their prominent positions?

        as for “Jews or their relationship to the Creator”, this little phrase says all you need to know about the Jews – who think they have some special ‘covenant’ with the Creator which allows them to destroy people they define as “anti-semitic” (or in other words vermin).

        • seasick613

          The Scriptures specifically state many times that Israel has a unique covenant with the Creator. It is not difficult to see that. Just READ the Bible, you don’t even have to study it to see that.

        • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

          Really??? You cannot be serious. There is no Jewish plot. That was Nazi propaganda, meant to fool the weak. It worked then, and appears to be working now.
          A little history lesson for the educationally challenged:
          The reason that there are so many Jewish people in finance and the law is because Medieval Christians made it that way.
          The scientifically illiterates also are in need of a modern education.
          DNA shows that we ALL come from one person, mtEve. Even you.
          There was a genetic bottleneck 74,000 years ago, when all of humanity almost became extinct due to a mega-volcano.
          The reason that we have differences in nose shape and skin color has to do with latitude, not any stupid ideas of “superiority”.
          It’s about Vitamin D. And about warming air before it hits the lungs.
          In a cold climate, air has to be warmed before hitting the lungs to avoid FREEZING the lungs. That is nose shape.
          I so miss education.

      • chris

        Actually he could have been blaming the UK! Tiny little war mongering country that controls the USA from behind the scenes and has more CCTV for its population than any other country and keeps it’s population in fear and deception?
        But on the subject of Israel wasn’t Israel destroyed by the Old Testament God due to the sins of Solomon and others? If so who said it should be reestablished effectively reversing Gods judgement? A nation supporting such a ‘fake’ Israel may well be cursed.

        • seasick613


          Israel wasn’t “destroyed”. They were scattered across the world. The Scriptures state multiple times that they will be regathered from where they have been scattered and once again live in the Land of Israel.

          And since Israel is the descendant of the patriarch Abraham, you can read Genesis 12:3 to see what happens to those nations that treat them well….and those nations that don’t.

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        “religious Jews..”, as in, those who adhere to the TalMUD??? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Nice try, a$$hole…

        • seasick613

          Religious Jews: As in those who actually study the Scripture and try to live lives according to G-d’s standards.

          By the way, name-calling usually stops when one graduates from Jr. High.

        • seasick613

          Religious Jews: As in those who actually study the Scripture and try to live their lives according to G-d’s standards.

          By the way, name-calling usually stops when one graduates Jr. High…

    • FreedomForTheWorld

      So, we all know humanity is and has been conditioned for a very long time now…The issue is, by who? And to what end? Are they trying to enslave the human race, and eventually make it implode? We all know that if America falls, the whole world is next!!!

      • Graham

        I cannot answer your questions here as any attempt to directly expose the truth and divulge direct links that contain the most profound research and data, will get censored, which is perfectly acceptable.

        If the tentacles of this Octypus are not removed from positions of power globally, America will go down, along with every other country they destroy from within. Their previous history speaks for itself.

        Study the institutions and systems around you, uncover the key players, identify the most powerful lobby groups, identify the five major power groups, then research recent (to mid 1800’s) history in reverse order. One letter of the alphabet will stand out clearly.

        You will also know when you have found the truth. Their agenda is so in your face at every conceivable angle it is beyond me why so many people remain completely “blind” to it. Some will believe the agenda to be of benefit to them, but they are merely pawns in a game they do not fully understand.

        Many think awakening and being awake amount to simply having knowledge. Although knowledge is structured in consciousness (awareness), both terms pertain more to a state of mind and specific experiences, all of which can be measured via biofeedback and other systems.

        Re the guy (615 stands for the total number of Commandments) who responded to my original post, read all 155 posts he has made against his profile. I read them all last night. His posting here is a one off.

        I would also advise every Christian here to read his postings too (WND). He is very well versed on the Judaic roots that Christianity grew out of, in addition to some fundamentally important points.

        He correctly picked up on one thing I said, but he clearly misunderstood the context in which it fitted. I certainly question how many are aware of the “egregore” that the elite follow. The evidence of it can be found in many places. Start with Bohemia and don’t overlook Kubrick!

        There are many shades of blue, just as there are many types of triangle.

    • Sequoia

      WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K

    For over a decade, major police forces in this Country, have not hired anyone with an I.Q. over 105. Smart enough to follow orders, not smart enough to question them. Over aggression that used to be something to avoid. Now it is preferred. Once before these same sort of guidelines were used to form a fighting force. The Germans called it the SS. When you think about it, it kind of explains why the police, act the way they do.

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      an iq over 105? I think you mean an iq over 15

    • Barbara Hyman

      Is this a joke, or true? It makes sense, since almost every cop you encounter now seems like a neanderthal.

      • K

        I wish it was a joke. Their official reason is, people with higher IQs’ get board with the job and leave. Leaving them holding the bag, for all the expensive training. Yeah, I do not believe that reason.

        • cwms2005

          The ones with the high IQ see through the bull and get disenchanted and realize being a cop is not a higher calling, but more a chance to roll in the mud with blessings from your superiors

    • Handog

      You are 10x more likely to be killed by a revenue collector, aka “peace officer” than a terrorist. Most of whom were picked on in school and have a chip on their shoulder. Now they have a badge, a gun and many other tools of violence at their disposal. The Police have a much higher rate of infidelity than other professions. That is because if/when they get caught these cowards hide behind their badges when the spouse finds out. I have seen it first hand. Cops are the scum of the earth with a few exceptions. It’s the 98% who give the rest a bad name.

      • Teresa Roberts

        good cops don’t let bad cops get away with it, therefore they get drummed out, leaving us with a 100% corrupt force.
        I believe the IQ cap is actually 120, but that’s not the only folks who get screened out. It appears they also screen out anyone with a serious conscience or any compassion.

      • VOR

        I’d say like 75% of cops are bad, 98 seems high.

    • Cerebrator

      What does this have to do with the SS? The SS did not mistreat ordinary, law abiding German citizens.

      • mikegiles

        Of course they didn’t. The Nazis simply made it a crime to be a Jew, or anti Nazi, or Romany, or Gay, or disabled, or any other category which they wanted to make into criminal.

    • VOR

      Even 105 seems fairly high. I’d say 100 tops.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The Banana Republic of America, formerly known as the US of A, is a rotting, decaying collapsing empire. Like the Roman Empire and the old Soviet Union, the BRA is growing worse by the minute. And as the decay accelerates, the police state will become increasingly vicious. Some folks who are swimming in that river in Egypt (the one called denial) will insist that Alex Jones is being paranoid when he talks about the police state. No, Alex Jones isn’t paranoid. He’s well informed.

    “Next train to Auschwitz, all aboard! Kiss those calories goodbye, because we’re in a fascist state.”—Gerald Celente

    “When there’s a night raid in Oakland in the War on Drugs, it looks no different from a night raid in Fallujah. You see command helicopters, militarized command centers, men dressed in black carrying m-16s. And that’s the point: as the disintegration continues, the more brutal forms of control that are used on the outer reaches of empire migrate back to the heart of empire.”—Chris Hedges

    “The banksters are going to take our bank accounts here in the United States. That’s what Homeland Security is for. That’s what the drones and checkpoints are for.”—Alex Jones

    “The world is kind of waking up to the fact that the United States has been seized by very evil forces.”—Alex Jones

    “The United States government now is probably among the most corrupt in the world if not THE most corrupt.”—Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    “Los Estados Unidos has turned into a banana republic, a fascist banana republic.”—Gerald Celente

    “If America becomes this pure tyranny, the
    world better look out. If they think we’ve been doing bad stuff so far, look out.”—Alex Jones

    “There are some 40 million poor in the United States who devote 35 percent of their after-tax incomes to pay for food. As the cost of fossil fuel climbs, as climate change continues to disrupt agricultural production and as populations and unemployment swell, we will find ourselves convulsed in more global and domestic unrest. Food riots and political protests will be frequent, as will malnutrition and starvation. Desperate people employ desperate measures to survive. And the elites will use the surveillance and security state to attempt to crush all forms of popular dissent.”—Chris Hedges

    “Il fascismo dovrebbe più appropriatamente chiamarsi
    corporativismo perch’è una fusione tra stato e potere corporativo.”—Benito Mussolini, a.k.a. Il Duce

    Che dio ci aiuti. Che dio aiuti la nostra repubblica bananeira.

    • Sequoia

      I live in Baja california and the police are corrupt.I fear the Amerikan police more.because they are more vicious and have more sophisticated weapons.
      I feel more freedom in Mexico than in the USSA.
      It seems like the majority of the Amerikan Sheeple prefer it the way that it is.They have been brainwashed over the years to accept this tyrrany.
      If you visit a national park in the USSA,you get hassled by the authorities. The other day, my family and I drove up to the mountains in Baja California,to a national park with ponderosa pine forest and no authority bothered us and I felt free there,like I used to back in the days that Amerika was called the USA.
      Mexico has its problems,but you still have many more freedoms here than in the USSA.
      Many of you who read this sight will say that there is uncontrollabe violence in Mexico.I see the same uncontrollable violence in the USSA and in some cities like Los Angeles,Detroit,Camden and other cities,it is far worse than in Mexico.
      The USSA is a Banana republic and people need to wake up in masses and demand change,or the USSA will become the most repressive and horrible country in the word.

      • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

        It’s not that we prefer it that way, it’s that many of the younger generation know nothing different, so they see this as normal.
        Those of us who are older and remember civil rights and liberties are labeled so that we have no credibility with the younger generation.
        We humans tend to be judgmental in our youth; I believe that to be the reason for the media worship of youth, that turned our society on it’s ear.
        At one time, experience was valued, as was age. No longer.
        I believe that to be a purposeful thing.
        We are all that you say, and more. Mainly, because those who would fight find themselves often dead in unusual circumstances.

  • Richard

    Americans are very nasty people. Despite their pugnacious nature, they failed to come to the support of their allies in 1939 because they supported Hitler. Why wouldn’t they? Hitler marched east. America marched west! Same old same old…

    • Adam Steiger

      …I wasn’t even born in 1939.

    • Violetvee

      Sorry, but to us Japan was the larger threat. And somebody had to deal with what was going on in the Pacific.

    • chris

      Every country has it’s thugs and fascists and communists. There were many in the UK who supported Hitler openly and the Dutch were keen at one stage at least.


    What’s wrong with Amerika you ask? The answer to that is pretty darn simple. Institutions that were designed to ensure that a society based on The U.S. Constitution, BIll of Rights, and Rule of law has totally collapsed. The biggest institution that has collapsed is the legal community. Lawyers have simply allowed politicians (many of them lawyers by the way) to run rough-shod over the populace. Things like Civil Forfeiture, Indefinite Detention under the NDAA, Patriot Act, FISA reform Act, and on, and on, and on, are cleary unconstitutional. Has there been any mass protest or strikes by every single Defense Attorney against these things. One would think that with all the lawyers in Amerika that a good portion of you would strike back at the heart of this by going on strike. Bring the judiciary to its knees which would then force the Asylum States Supreme Court to take notice and therefore repeal these unconstituional and unjust laws and regulations on the books.

  • Not paying taxes

    Exactly. A sheeple gets the government it deserves.
    It makes me sick to live among braindead numb moronic sheeple.

    Poor USA, poor Europe.

    • karen farley

      all these things are the judgment of God against a harlot backslidden church..The Lord always uses ones enemies to chasten His rebellious children..The cup of iniquity in this nation is almost full, if not full.. only true national repentence will cause the Lord to stop the judgement that is already begun..So many times one hears of the church calling people to repentence. but nothing has changed.. which must mean they are not repenting as Yahweh demands..They only repent so their comforts will be returned.. that is not repentence that is selfish..

      • karen farley

        And it will definatley not move the hand of Yah!!!!

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    People need to start shooting thugs with badges. This b.s. isn’t going to stop until people quit acting like a bunch of sheep. Start shooting the thugs with badges and killing them. Our forefathers would be shooting by now.

  • tonya

    I am outraged and disgusted over the police state we have become. I don’t feel safe here anymore.

  • Kevin Suits

    What’s to say at this point. Sounds like we’re screwed. Stupid Americans. I hate having to say I’m born part of this idiot country these days. What a lie and disappointment.

    • Sequoia

      As Gerald Celente says(Paraphrased) when the individual changes and people stop putting up with this crap,then things will change.We can also have a re awakening.

  • SafetyViking

    Bullies with badges. Would say it’s a penis thing, but I usually avoid generalizations…

  • brian

    People need to stop allowing this to happen. Suing the police? Creating a petition? Bitching about it online? None of that works…never has, never will. We need to start fighting back. Sad to say this, but vigilante justice seems to be the only way we actually get results these days

    • vigilante supporter

      I couldn’t agree with you more, sir or ma’am – most likely, sir. The reason for that is because I’m also in favor of vigilante justice. The people who are against it and call vigilantes nutcases are the ones who nutcases just like the criminals they seem to support as well as goody-goodies. Besides, I find vigilantes more interesting than police.

  • Jordan

    Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical that we reach out to LEOs and military. They need to be woken up and instilled with the willpower that is necessary to look your CO in the eye and say “No” to an unjust order.

    • Fuller Malarkey

      Nobody seizes power with the intent of relinquishing it.

  • Steven A Gagnon II

    This article sounds like a very large misdirection from why police force is established. Some casualties happen. It’s all dependent on the situation.. And every single day there are police and swat teams that do good, but do those good feeds and actions make papers? No because as humans we are obsessed with hearing about and seeing mortality. No one wants to see it but when you go past the car wreck.. You look. When someone is shot.. People crowd to get a peek. It’s part of our circuitry. Only a few people are mentally strong enough to put themselves into situations where it is too much for others to handle.. What was the story of the WW 2 vet? Was he armed? Was he causing physical harm to law enforcement or to others around him? If he was innocently killed then yes it is a shame. Those things should not happen. But when your in a fast and hostile situation all you can depend on is your first action and instinct. But you must bean enough to stand behind your decision wether it be right or wrong..
    I don’t believe we should put down anyone who defends civilians and national rights. Yes police need to tighten the belt and clean up. But this is what we have for law ingot cement and this is what we will work with.

    • Fuller Malarkey

      Get real. The entity a US Citizen will encounter most likely to violate their constitutional rights is the police.

  • Barbara Hyman

    Almost 20 years ago a police office who came into our lives as a friend told us, “you wouldn’t believe how they’re training us now. To completely ignore the “rights” of citizens. WE have no rights, anymore”, he told us. He quit the force, and over the years, most if not all reasonable, honest, and conscientious men and women have quit or chosen not to join the force, because if they disagreed with these policies, they were drummed out, or not promoted anyway. They didn’t feel comfortable with this crew any more than you or I would. So, what we have is a population of police who fear the people, that are armed so well, and rules on the books that don’t protect the people from the very well armed, and sometimes very nasty, and always assertively superior police.

    • Graham

      The authorities are fully versed on the mindset of a psychopath and I’m convinced they purposely employ sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths for specific jobs as they know how they work through the ranks and progress very quickly into strategic positions that suit the overall “agenda of abuse” perfectly. People with those “personalities” are also known to attract their own kind.

      There is nothing more dangerous than empowering an already destructive ego (of which the above are extreme forms). The ego is only concerned with the “self” and motivated by endless greed, assumed power and a false sense of control. It is also highly abusive. It is a parasite of the mind.

      Once again, what has gone wrong with the human mind and why? That is where the answers lie because everything else has failed, including in many cases, religion. Forget the background and follow the behavioural traits. You will see the same patterns everywhere.

      Your friend of 20 years who left clearly has a “conscious” mind that remains well connected with nature and respects what nature stands for and produces. In other words, fellow humans (etc).

      I got to know a Police Commander in the UK a number of years ago who printed out every page of a website I told him about. It was about “narcissism”. When I met with him again soon after, he told me the Police force was “full of them”. He left the force two years later.

      Without mentioning the company by name, his wife ran a business that specialised in “awakening” the right hemisphere of the brain. The force were paying thousands to train officers with this knowledge. In most situations, the Police in the UK make the American Police look like “paramilitaries”.

      A very interesting book to read regarding the “ego” is “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. Another worthy person to research is Jon Kebat-Zinn, who is a neuroscientist. The latter focuses more on how to discipline the mind through mindfulness meditation.

      • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

        As a professional in the field, I’d like to point out that we are finding that the brain of psychopath is 10% smaller than a nonpsychopath, with the 10% less IQ.

        • David S

          10% Less Brain in the Psychopath. Interesting, I would have thought somehow they would have higher IQ’s that somehow contributed to their condition.

          Good info, thanks….

          • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

            It’s a common misperception, due to TV and movies. Ted Bundy had an IQ of 109. He was no genius, by far. What happens, IMO, is that we all have a truth bias.
            We all want to believe that people are inherently good and would not lie to us.
            That is what makes the psychopath successful, our own biases.

          • seenitall

            I think there is more to be concerned about sociopaths than psychopaths because the sociopath has not come into the public eye because he has killed some one, so they operate at the same socially destructive level below the radar. There are more sociopaths in the police force than psychopaths, my uncle was one.

        • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

          I’ll have to check that research out! Thanks. :)

      • David S

        I’ve heard of the Tolle book, but no nothing of Jon Kebat-Zinn. Thanks for the literary suggestions…

  • Dave Webb

    Malcolm X said it best in his biography. He claimed as a house breaker that none of it was possible without the full cooperation of the police and the court system. I did not used to believe him about that when I was young.

    Lawyers make laws. Lawyers also are in a clear majority in our Congress.
    In law school they concentrate on what makes money for a lawyer. Three years are devoted to creating problems. The fourth year is devoted to solving problems. It is no wonder we are in such a state of affairs with the police.
    Lawyers make the game rules by which everyone else plays. They normally exempt themselves from these very same rules.
    Today we have two powerful political parties making laws in our country. The one party is promoted by the inherited wealthy of this country. They are the party that promotes things like anti-abortion laws which is good if it worked, and other laws promoting ways to do away with a legitimate right of workers to negotiate working conditions and wages. This party is full of very smart professional people and they often have law degrees. They are also in the employ of the very wealthy. At least it seems that way.

    I call the other party the labor party. Though they haven’t done anything for the laboring population of this country in many years. The latest real example prior to our President was impeached for immoral behavior. He is still walking or riding our streets with no apparent penalty. Rather I would call it the pick pocket party. That is because they are always finding ways to pick our pockets at every level of government. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me.

    The laws to beware of are any that contain statements promoting them that “this is for your own good” or laws similar to prohibition. They are out there in numerous examples such as what Michael has shown here.
    The police are following the crooked laws put forth by both parties. I do notice they have a tendency to come in and pick up the pieces after real criminals have a dispute. That is why it is common for a police department to take 3 hours to investigate a crime in some circumstances.
    I don’t see them protecting the weak much.
    It is an indictment of this country that you cannot risk talking to a policeman without fear of going to jail yourself.
    That is a lawyer thing. You are violating their “professional” jurisdiction when you talk to a cop. So they want to put you in jail instead of the crook.
    There is no justice in this country and with this court system in place. There is a need for order. So that is what courts do. Two lawyers and a judge probably go have a beer after a strenuous acting job in a court of law. They are strictly in it for the money.
    If we want to change the police and their very illegal actions under our constitution, I suggest we change the laws that put them in the position they are in.
    I don’t see them enforcing the law when powerful forces are at play. Like real drug business in various areas of the country. Like human slavery. Like gangs that use force to apply their own set of rules.
    The problem as I see it is that there is a force of common people out there on a system of handouts by the government, for the government, and a set of rules discouraging working for a living. This is actively promoted by our system of health care that robs people of any savings they earned during a lifetime.
    ‘Corrupt, and if you are in the right place at the wrong time it will be you that is the victim somewhere down the road.

    • Graham

      There is no question you possess an excellent array of knowledge David.

      Enjoyed your recent post on the “alien” subject, connecting it in with historical writings and so on.

      Have you studied the Upanishads?

  • Yea Right

    Sooner or later citizens will fight back…. Its inevitable at this point…

  • Hector Garcia

    Every cop movie shows that there is one good guy opposite to N bad guys in the force

  • Troy Darling

    they want civil war…great change comes through great catastrophic events.

  • prestodo

    The author here is full of B.S. You can make statistics say whatever you want when you manipulate them. What about the number of lives saved thanks to police? How about the fall in violent crime rates nationwide?? What about the tactics used to keep crime down in major cities? I guess if it doesn’t fit your audience, then the priestcraft you employ will not accept the truth. The truth is that the police were much more brutal during the 70’s and 80’s when there were no cameras and there wasn’t such a huge public interest. Today’s police are rather tame when compared with other westernized countries anyway. Be grateful for what you have because there are plenty of other countries where police literally get away with harassing, beating, and killing, and there is no complaint system, and no body dares challenge them.

    • Donald

      Boy do you have a surprise coming to you.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Baaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa, baaaa, baaa, baaaa….

  • Dan Ford

    Police work is made easy only in a police state.

  • testy

    because they can…

  • seth datta

    The NSA and CIA, the organisations used by the rich to advance their agenda over the people, these are the threat.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    In one of Dan Carlin Common Sense podcasts he discussed how extra constitutional laws have been abused like civil forfeiture law. Laws that where passed to fight the Mob or the “War on Drugs”. They where brought in for what was thought of as a good idea at the time and have been abused.
    Like it or not police serve at the pleasure of elected authorities i.e the political class. If these same elected authorities told the cops to cut it out they would or louse their jobs. The problem is police have because a revenue source with most cities big or small and some level of fiscal trouble. So they use the police the shake down the populace. The police looking to improve officer safety and overpower the bad guys and the “War on Terror” become more and more militarized.
    In the end we all louse the police will not be able to afford this equipment (Look at Detroit PD). The political class faces a hostile population more and more squeezed form all sides.

  • Teresa Roberts

    Cops have forgotten their pledge of honor:
    On my honor,
    I will never betray my badge,
    my integrity, my character,
    or the public trust.
    I will always have
    the courage to hold myself
    and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution
    my community and the agency I serve

  • Colin

    I think one issue lies within the police culture. A small group of “bad” cops rises to the attention of the media and the public consciousness. The “good” cops will not hold these cops accountable for their actions, for snitching on your fellow cop is considered a breach of etiquette, and the police unions will protect these aberrant cops. So, cops protect each other, and the public comes to trust them less.

  • glendaulery

    Law enforcement today is the single largest threat to peace and justice in this country. They have been extremely complicite in destroying the ecomony and and enslaving honest and kind people. Law enforcement operates by illegally enforcing what they want and being lazy and not enforcing the laws of the people. The court system is so completely stacked against individuals that it is impossible to obtain any fairness from it. Total anarchy would be better than what we have now. It would be safer and more just. Too many people think that the things law enforcement does can’t happen to them because they are the good guys and are good citizens operating within the legal confines of our society. If you are that type of person you are now a target of law enforcement. It is easier to get honest hardworking people to give up and take a beating than it is for law enforcement to actually enforce the law and go after dangerous criminals. Sad state of society and until massive amounts of the public protest and fight nothing with change. The protests of the 60’s happened for a reason. Government and particularly law enforcement in every level is the biggest threat to our safety and prosperity. The American Dream in dead and has been killed purposefully by lazy, sloven, and immoral law enforcement officials around the country.

  • Kritischer_Realist

    Police is the prolonged arm of politics. And if you elect a man from Africa to lead your politics, you get African politics and police methods.

  • Dan Bucciarelli

    This article is filled with generalities. Police overall are still for the people. However, I do agree that anytime government gets overly involved that’s when we have politics & problems. An over-reaching government & “national” community is where you should be concerned. Especially with a dictator in the white house. Useful idiots abound.

  • Maybe sooner or later we may have to use lethal (and defensive) force against these thugs in blue, black or whatever the heck they’re wearing. The brutality is increasing so much that even those “law-and-order” conservatives ought to be worried.

  • One who serves

    Michael Synder, you are an idiot. Or should I say, a typical media type. You don’t have any facts. You take a tidbit of information and sensationalize it to pander to people’s fears. Why don’t you report the whole story when you write these articles?

  • Roberta Joyce Rodgers

    People have got to stand up…I would have told that woman police chief take my kids when I get through with you you won’t have your kids and you will be in federal prison…STOP letting these people threaten you..

  • chris

    It’s simply fascist totalitarianism in action. The US was always inclined in the same direction as Nazi Germany. Importing 50,000 nazis at the end of the war with Operation Paperclip probably hasn’t helped either.

  • Anon

    The law enforcement community has become nothing different than a Fortune 500 institution. Myself being a twenty one year vet in a Capitol city have seen the transition from problem solves into problem creators . This is no fault of the foot officer but the leaders that politicians put in play. It’s all NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS! Being creative and invested in the community we serve has long expired. This is why good officers with pure hearts snap because all officers are seen as robots. May the blood of the Lamb protect the officers of Christ and continue to do good.

  • Steel Man

    So you actually disapprove of some comments on here? On a post about how cops have overstepped thir boundaries. If your main objective is to get people educated on a fascist tote, well then you should be allowing freedom minded individuals to post sites that will get people to action, not just support your viewpoints?

  • Gun Toting Texan

    COP ID
    I wrote this to sum up all of the rights one needs to
    understand, declare and practice when dealing with Law Enforcement of
    any sort. Copy the quoted text below*, format into business card size,
    print, laminate and place in wallet or on person.

    While driving,
    hand COP ID along with driver’s license. When not driving, use COP ID
    alone, with no other form of identification. Remain silent.

    bottom of COP ID, place Name and Birth Date (place birth date only if
    21+ years of age. One has the right to not self-incriminate, therefore
    if you’re suspected to have had committed an age-based crime [Underage
    OR AGE!!!) Also, for privacy, do not place address or Social Security
    Number on COP ID, communicate those verbally if required by law (check
    local/state statutes).


    “I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the following rights and privileges afforded to me by the U.S. Constitution:
    -I invoke and refuse to waive my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. DO NOT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS.
    invoke and refuse to waive my Sixth Amendment right to an attorney of
    invoke and refuse to waive all privileges and right pursuant to the
    -I invoke and refuse to waive my Fourth
    Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. I DO
    PROPERTY IN MY POSSESSION. Do not ask me about my ownership interest in
    any property. I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS CONTACT WITH YOU. If I am not
    presently under arrest or under investigatory detention, please ALLOW ME
    -Any statement I make, or alleged consent I give, in
    response to your questions is hereby UNDER PROTEST AND UNDER DURESS and
    in submission to your claim of lawful authority to force me to provide
    you with the information.

    (Name) (Birth Date)”

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Fantastic. My only quibble is you left out MY CAR in the list of things you refuse to allow to be searched…

    • Damnedifyoudoordon’t

      After saying of that they can arrest you until they are satisfied you are not a threat to homeland security. That could be along time if THEY decide it.

  • ProudInfidel

    They want a civil war so they can enact Executive
    Order 13603 – National Defense Resources Preparedness. If you don’t
    know what all is included in it, I’d advise you to read it and see.

  • Stick

    “at this point our government is even willing to manufacture fake terror threats”

    I think the NYTimes needs to look back at 9-11
    and question if rogue criminal elements of the US Government were involved in the controlled demolition

    of the WTC towers, and WTC #7, and the cruise missile painted like an american airlines plane that hit the Pentagon,

    and the plane that was shot down over Shanksville.

    It all goes back to 9-11 and the “Patriot Act “.

    Now they have done a 180 and flipped the script so

    instead of “Terrorists” being the threat,

    All Americans are suspected terrorists.

    It’s a hoax, bullshit.

    Watch the video (about 19 mins) within this article of

    cops busting down a door without a warrant, 1:30 a.m.

    Never open the door and let cops in without a warrant.

    These cops are absolute thugs:


  • Gay Veteran

    want to understand what is happening post 9/11? watch “V for Vendetta”. Fear of an enemy is a powerful tool used by governments to gain more and more power

  • Joe

    If it hasn’t already been mentioned, please go to your nearest library and pick up Radley Balko’s “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces”

    An intense and highly educational read. I learned a lot from that book as to the who, what, where, when, why, and how our police are becoming more and more like SEAL teams and Officer Friendlies are discouraged from the outset of becoming police officers.

    And I’ll bet everyone here knows about the unwritten, unspoken rule between police officers, DA’s, and judges to cover each other’s backs in court and on police reports and search warrants, hiding police corruption and all sorts of illegal behavior.

  • cwms2005

    The word needs to get around. Too many people feel the police is still your friend.

  • N

    Sadly the only positive action American citizens can take to improve the country now is to revolt against the government. Many good people will die for this but it will prove to the world our government does not represent it’s citizens anymore.
    Only it’s own greed driven agendas.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Reading the facts that the article presents I expected, based on the title, some speculation on the “why” of this insane situation. But there was none. There are reasons behind this, and they aren’t simply because it’s the way police are trained today. Broadly speaking, one could say that police work and all government jobs from the POTUS on down attract parasitic, sociopathic personality types. Since our economy is about 40% controlled by government it can be seen that government thugs have a vested interest in protecting their freeloading, non-productive ways. They do it by enslaving the rest of us. Time for the rest of us to wake up and break these chains.

  • JD Cash

    Once upon a time, the only people who wore ski masks to work were: ski instructors, and, armed robbers. So, when I see a bunch of overly-armed dudes standing around wearing ski masks and I don’t see snow on the ground, I’m thinking to myself, “somebody is about to get robbed and I hope like the heck it ain’t me.”

    Most of this overly aggressive law enforcement behavior can be traced to an emerging federal presence and influence in both training and equipping local law enforcement agencies.

    Having said that, let me hasten to add that the solution to this problem is actually laughably simple when you think about it. With not a lot of effort, we could likely reduce the number of “SWAT” teams in half in less than 90-days. Here’s how it works.

    Local governance dictates police policies. Elected town/city leaders can easily enact new ordinances, enable them them immediately through the “emergency” provisions of nearly every local body of laws and in the space of a single meeting, eliminate the SWAT menace.

    For example, the mythical town of Bucksville has determined that the local residents of this town of 55,000 is making way too many calls to the local city councilmen in the evening hours complaining and demanding action about the military police department that has set up shop in the former police headquarters.

    The council meets, enacts a new ordinance that makes it an offense punishable by 30-days in the city lockup, a $500 fine and mandatory firing and bar for 10-years from reemployment by the city for any city police officer to wear a mask while performing any official duty; to wear military or paramilitary garb, paraphenalia, etc as is commonly used by active duty U.S. military personnel while on active duty in a lawfully defined “combat area.” Additional language could make it a firing offense to use foul, profane, or abusive language when interacting with any citizen unless such language is required in order to make a felony arrest.

    Use of any paramilitary force, tactic, deployment of officers, display or use of military equipment or similar conduct commonly known as “SWAT” would be equally illegal and result in the immediate firing of each officer involved including the Chief of Police or other executive officer in overall charge of the officers.

    The language need not be lawyerly nor does it need to be extensive. Use your elected city officials to put the police in your community on notice that the citizens are in charge; that the police work for the citizenry, not the federal government and that from that moment on, good behavior is mandatory; foul and abusive language is now the subject of a “zero tolerance” policy and offenders will be sent home unemployed. Period.

    For those saying that prohibiting foul language violates the police officer’s First Amendment rights – nay nay Rachel. They can cuss, howl and bark all they want but if they do so while drawing a city paycheck, they are fired. Just as a restaurant would immediately fire any waiter who walked up to your table all bug-eyed and asked you as he shoved a menu at you, “what the f#@* do you assh@%&$ want? So too will abusive, rude, unmannered police officers be discharged.

    Folks, fixing this problem ain’t rocket science, it’s just good local governance with reasonable standards of accountability, civility and decency. Once their manners improve and all the G.I. Joe costumes and toys are taken away, they will get the message.

  • Vibhuti Shivananda

    Niburu is the one thing that makes everything else fall into place when you connect the dots. There is about to be unleashed on this planet destruction that happens every 3600 years like a reset button. The elite know about it and have suppressed the information. They have been preparing for its return, leaving rest of humanity to fend for itself. They want they best thugs money can buy to protect their assess as they head under ground. The sink holes, earth quakes, erratic weather, not caring about Fukushima, or the Gulf spill are all just signs that point to the same conclusion they don’t care because they know it is not going to matter much longer!

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    The most cogent, most concise, most astute comment I have read here and elsewhere….it’s a “DUH!” moment for many, I am sure….

  • qaz

    You get what you vote for. Ron Paul told you so.

  • Norma

    Because they’re being trained contrywide, from an IMF Manual.

  • red

    The citizens should simply fire the politicians that allow them to behave that way after all, they are employed by the taxpayers it is a politician problem if an employee fails to carry out their duties fire them .taxpayers should have a zero tolerance attitude with that kind of problem.

  • apeman2502

    Similar to present day troops trained in the satanic arts of genocide, the cops perform as CJ freemasons plying their trade against ‘inferior’ beings with oil in a satanic ‘might makes right’ world. Queen lizard II is the Grand Patron of ALL freemasonry and it should be noted that the loyalty of freemasonry is directed for ‘The Grand Patron’ by those highest in rank in freemasonry. Expect more tyranny from U.S. law enforcement and selected troops waging genocide under the UN and NATO in particular, as well as the U.S. until freemasonry is put down for good.
    Also, Hitler freely complimented the pope and the jesuits for the way they ran things. The Vatican is equally responsible in turning their CJ minions into enemies of the remainder of American citizens. Sounds bigoted and wrong until one does the research to document what has been ordered by these foreign based invading entities. Violation of catholic canon 259 makes one(anybody) eligible for being burned at the stake for differing from the pope in translation of The Bible, a collection of Scripture, etc. assembled into The Bible under Constantine, the pagan. this gives spawn to thuggery to control those not already controlled and visibly submissive along with merely being obedient to arresting officers.

  • joe

    You got thug police because that is what your governments want. You got a very different future coming down the road than what you have now. You basically slave cattle.

  • SontauranEmpire

    Alright, on the animal issue, actually read the link they provide about Chicago. Then read between the lines. There are packs of wild dogs roaming the streets. The police shooting them is entirely justifiable, IMO.

  • Donald Wilson

    Turn out the lights the party is over. This country is doomed.

  • 10%

    I have been saying things like that our government spreads fake terrors, next they will actually blow up quite a few buildings simultanious in many major cities, and ALQeada will be blamed. the sheep of 90% will believe it was an act of terror done by foreigners and will relinquish our rights in the name of national security. The govrnment will call marshal law under a new name they use today, state of emergency. The US Constitution will be suspended indef and Obama will stay indef. FEMA will be deployed and make 10 regions out of the 50 states. FEMA will have their own police TSA, sWAT teams, FBI, State Troopers will be part of them. Have you noticed that States are beefing up more troopers?

  • Keith D.
  • Arizona

    IF AMERICANS weren’t sorry suck asses,who would rather die in a FEMA DEATH CAMP,then stand up to terrorists,this country would change for the better,the good law abiding citizens(their all PETERPANS )have destroyed america,and the DAY is coming when even the sorryist peterpan,will be facing death at the hands of the POLICE GANGS,at that time it will be be death camps or fight IF YOU THINK the POLICE GANGS are bad now,GIVE THEM YOUR WEAPONS,you ain’t seen nothing yet,till they get your weapons…HAHAHA,they use PICTURES of your women and children to practice shooting at,AWAKE YET,if not, you better wake up,they do plan to kill your family…………………….

  • Arizona

    DO YOU WANT AMERICA BACK??all you PATRIOTS,just sit back and watch when the terrorists declare MARSHAL LAW,THE POLICE GANGS will kill all the peterpans in every town,after their done with their killing spree,THEN come out and take your country back………………………….

  • Arizona

    THEY are gearing up for a FINAL SHOWDOWN,with the american PEOPLE,they want all your stuff,and they do intend to take it by force.AND YOU BEEN SUPPORTING THESE CRIMINALS your whole life…….boy are you stupid…………

  • gladlynotamerican.

    Since it was ok for Bush and his traitorous friends to kill 3000 Americans with their false flag 911 attack in New York the average citizen’s life in America has become worth nothing to the corporate control freaks that run the government. All the various levels of police, paramilitary, military, security, spy and special investigation organizations paid for by the average citizen through taxation work for the NWO and corporate control freaks. They have no respect for any American citizen, they just want to control them.

  • Amy Metzler

    Law makers vs Helots

  • Roopods6

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – 2008 Presidential Candidate Barrack Hussein Obama

    You can now see all of our civilian agencies acting as just another arm of that “Civilian National Security Force”, an internal security force under the Department of Homeland Security. Welcome to what they refer to as their ‘New World Order’. This will won’t be over quickly, and neither will any of us enjoy it. At least for a little over 7 years.

  • VOR

    Lol “Hope”. Pack your bags kids and grab jacket, we’re going to Canada!

  • Greg Norman

    I lived in California for 12 years (I’m English) & the first time I encountered an American Police Officer I was shocked. Totally rude, brutish over a minor traffic offense. I took the ticket in silent shock. In the 12 years I was there I never had a positive encounter with any law enforcement officer. Take into account I am white middle aged, middle class, no drug use, nice cars, clean cut, wear suits to work, no serious traffic offences. The sort of guy cops treat “nicely”. Well when I left USA getting rid of bad police was one off many bonuses. I live in Latin America now, the police are decent, polite, friendly, helpful, try their best at English if my Spanish runs out, I could not ask or hope for better policing. It is not as if good policing is rare, the US cops could check any number of forces in any number of cultures to see good examples. They are not fit to be called police. Disgusting behaviour by I’ll trained brutes is all they can manage, every day, every one. Sad but true.

  • mikegiles

    How many cities in America are controlled by the Democrats. Well in those you can assume a policeman has his job not because of any particular intelligence or ability; but because he has some sort of political pull. For instance, how much honesty and competence would you expect on the Chicago PD – a city renowned for corruption and incompetence. In small towns who hires the police. The Sheriff or the local Police Chief? Is it any wonder the police feel they work for the Sheriff or the Chief – and not the public? Since Rodney King, why have the police been paranoid about being filmed? Is it because the Internet is full of endless videos of police misbehavior? Want to stop this? One thing they can do is remove what immunity they have and make them personally liable for all judgments against them. Asset Forfeiture without conviction for the crime from which that Asset was obtained, should be ended. Asset Forfeiture should also end for crimes without the asset holder’s knowledge. They should also end any type of labor contract that gives them privileges not available to ordinary citizens – like days between an incident taking place and the police involved, having to answer questions about it.