Why Does The Mainstream Media Like To Make Fun Of Preppers So Much?

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LaughHave you noticed that the mainstream media has a tremendous amount of disdain for preppers?  Even though there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States, most of the time the media ignores us.  But once in a while an editor in New York City or Los Angeles decides that it would be fun to do a story about the “crazies” that are preparing for doomsday.  And of course it is very rare for any piece in the mainstream media about preppers to be even close to balanced reporting.  Most of the time, news stories that report on preppers portray them as mentally unstable kooks and loons that everyone else in society should be laughing at.  But perhaps there is a deeper explanation for the contempt that the mainstream media has for preppers.  After all, those in the media are representatives of the establishment, and they are probably deeply offended on some level that we don’t have the same kind of blind faith in the system that they do.  The fact that so many Americans believe that the system is on the verge of collapse doesn’t make any sense to them, and instead of really looking into the truth of what we are saying, they would much rather dismiss us by labeling all of us a bunch of uneducated nutjobs on the fringe of society.


A few days ago, I came across another example of this demonization of preppers by the mainstream media.  The following are a few lines from a recent CNN article entitled “What I saw at the doomsday prepper convention“.  For the first few paragraphs the piece actually seems fairly balanced, but by the end of the article the author can’t resist openly mocking preppers and what many of them believe.  Just check out these zingers…

-“It’s so much more fun to worry about martial law than a hurricane. People like zombies as a marketing tool.”

-“I spot more than a few zombie-themed rifle targets at the show.”

-“Still, it was impossible to completely ignore the presence of an element many would consider reactionary.”

-“After a relatively measured primer on the threats of inflation, featured economist Dr. Kirk Elliot encouraged me to look into how the Rothschild and Rockefeller families continue to own the Federal Reserve”

-“Finally, at the end of my conversation with John Egger about the rise of ‘suburban homesteading,’ a man with a white shock of hair interjected himself into the conversation. ‘You know what chemtrails are?’ he asked, referring to another conspiracist trope that sees chemical tampering in jetstream vapor trails. ‘They’re changing the weather, then selling drought tolerant seeds. George Soros and Bill Gates are behind it.’ Egger nodded politely and smiled, tolerant of a potential customer’s eccentricities.”

-“While normalcy and centrism may be the goal for businesspeople like Cindy and Jim Thompson, it seems the preparedness lifestyle hasn’t completely shaken loose its extremists and kooks.”

And of course this is hardly an isolated example of prepper bashing.  The following is an excerpt from a Los Angeles Times review of the “Doomsday Preppers” television show on the National Geographic channel…

Still, it’s hard not to feel for young Jason from tiny Plato, Mo. (pop. 109), who is awaiting worldwide financial collapse with his homemade, nail-studded “mace-ball bat,” and that his is a life on the verge of going completely wrong. “I’m not afraid to have to kill,” Jason says, in his camouflage pants and dog tag, and there seems to be no question in his mind that it will come to that. (“Jason has always been a worrywart,” says his mother.)

Or for Big Al, from Nashville, who is getting ready for old-school nuclear war by digging down into the earth and surrounding himself with steel. (“I prefer not to use the term ‘bunker’ — to me, it’s an underground house.”) He spends months at a time by himself down there, training for the inevitable — which he expects to weather alone — cooking different combinations of canned goods and, you know, spending too much time alone. One leg pumps constantly as he talks.

The preppers don’t want my pity, of course — quite the opposite, I’m sure. The joke will be on me, they would say, when I am expiring from fallout or smallpox, being carried away in a tornado or torn apart by the hungry ravaging hordes. (I am not even prepared for the Big Earthquake that might more probably get me.)

Lovely, eh?

Would the Los Angeles Times mock other groups of Americans in a similar manner?

I think not.

Meanwhile, as the mainstream media continues to mock us, there is a perfect example of why we should all be prepping that is unfolding right in front of our eyes.  The most destructive typhoon in the history of the Philippines is showing just how rapidly society can completely fall apart in the event of a major disaster…

The cries of the suffering carried through a small, cramped one-story clinic in typhoon-ravaged Tacloban where the medicine was all but gone Thursday, but the number of wounded in the hard-hit Philippine city continued to grow.

The clinic at the airport in the decimated capital city of Leyte province is one of the few places where those injured in Super Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath can turn for help, what little help there is six days after the storm.

“We don’t have any medicines. We don’t have any supplies. We have IVs, but it’s running out,” Dr. Katrina Catabay told CNN.
“Most of the people don’t have water and food. That’s why they come here. Most of the kids are dehydrated. They are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting.”

Most Americans assume that if anything like this ever happened here that the federal government would rush in and rescue them.

But what if the government didn’t come to rescue you?

Past disasters such as Hurricane Katrina have long since faded from the memories of many Americans.  How quickly we forget the lessons that we should have learned from past tragedies.

And what if there is an event such as a massive EMP blast that causes public services to go down permanently?

What would you do?

In the Philippines, there is widespread looting and rioting even though this natural disaster is only temporary and governments from all around the world are rushing in to offer assistance…

TV reports said security forces exchanged fire with armed men amid widespread looting of shops and warehouses for food, water and other supplies in the village of Abucay, part of worst-hit Tacloban in Leyte province.

While eight people were crushed to death when looters raided rice stockpiles in a government warehouse in the town of Alangalang, causing a wall to collapse, local authorities said.

Other looters still managed to cart away 33,000 bags of rice weighing 110 lb each, said Orlan Calayag, administrator of the state-run grain agency National Food Authority.

Warehouses owned by a food and drinks company were ransacked in the storm-hit town of Palo in Leyte, along with a rice mill in Jaro, said Alfred Li, head of the Leyte Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tacloban city administrator Tecson John Lim said 90 percent of the coastal city of 220,000 people had been destroyed, with only 20 percent of residents receiving aid. Houses were now being looted because warehouses were empty, he said.

If you don’t think that anything like this could ever happen here, you are just being delusional.  Americans are not any better than those living in the Philippines.  When something really, really bad happens in the heart of the United States, we will see mass panic and fear here too.

And most Americans are completely and totally unprepared for even a minor emergency…

44 percent of all Americans do not have first-aid kits in their homes.

48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies stored up at all.

53 percent of all Americans do not have a 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

So instead of making fun of preppers, perhaps the mainstream media should be encouraging more people to prepare for future emergencies.

Someday major disaster will strike this nation, and what that happens it will be the preppers that will have the last laugh.

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  • K

    Standard practice. In the mid sixties everyone who saw an SR 71 blackbird, was dismissed as a UFO nut. With over 2 billion rounds of ammo, yes they have bought more lately. Huge buys of long term storage foods, plus large buys of MREs by non-military agencies. And do not forget armoured personnel carriers for civilian agencies. The biggest prepper in the Country is the Government. But just like with the blackbird, they would prefer you not notice. UFO crazies in the sixties, Prepper crazies in 2013. Time may pass, but the methods stay the same.

  • Rodster

    Its to control the thoughts of the masses much like Edward Bernays who was the pioneer of PR. You categorize and marginalize your opposition by making fun of them.

    Remember that we are referring to the government media complex so the press is just an extension of the Federal Govt. The govt/media wants to make fun of not only you but anyone who you might try to convince.

    It’s all about making you dependent on the govt because they know that without you under their control they have NO power and are out of a job.

  • seth datta

    TPTB (the ‘elite’) fear any competition. They want us dumbed down and dependent on them. That’s why they must disparage preppers and the like; they don’t want anyone getting ‘ideas’ that they can live independently of government and live a decent life. Of course people can live without government and everything that they do is manipulative, and they are dangerous and hard to pin down for mixing in some truth with a stackload of lies.

    • Rodster

      Well said !

  • Chris Sky

    They make fun of “preppers” for the simple reason that they want EVERYBODY to be 100% dependent on the government. People who can take care of them selves are much too free.

  • kHRIStu4

    Just look at what is happening in the Philippines right now you ignorant news media. That is exactly what prepping is geared towards so “good” people don’t have to deal with lack of food, water and increase of violent criminals.

  • uh-huh

    Long time ago in Soda Fountain Land…a young man who was ALWAYS prepared for the worst searched for a jingle with which to sell his new soda….first humming along, he then started to sing, “I’m a prepper, he’s a prepper, she’s a prepper, wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too…hmmmm…..prepper…shlepper…hepper…pepper….that’s IT!!!!

    k..maybe not, but its Friday and school’s out!!

  • Houtex77

    The Lord left instructions to the Jews when they would see the abomination of desolation during the tribulation. They are warned. If the Lord wanted his church to “prep” He would have left instructions. The rapture will occur before the birthpangs start. Don’t worry.

    • Tim

      We don’t know the day of the Lord’s return. We have the blessed hope of our Lord’s return, but I think you are very unwise to say that we don’t need to prepare for the difficult times that are certainly coming. God’s people have endured severe trials throughout history. Read the New Testament book of Hebrews, chapter 11, particularly the last 7 verses of that chapter. Get yourself a copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Google “The Voice of the Martyrs” and read about what Christians in foreign nations are going through. Have you ever heard of Richard Wurmbrand? He was a Romanian Christian minister who was tortured. He wrote a book called “Tortured For Christ.” So, what makes you believe that we (the Church) won’t have to endure some severe trials? Perhaps because we in America have it so good ?


      • Paul

        As a Preterist, I don’t even believe in ANYTHING related to “Rapture” theology. As far as we know, Christ could come back in 10 million years. However, all of the “doomsday” prophecies have mostly been fulfilled, save for Christ’s physical return and judgment. As for persecution, that’s always a given, considering Christians have been persecuted ever since Christ’s Ascension all the way until now.

    • Chadwick Cunningham

      Tell that to survivors of hurricane Katrina. It’s a big mistake to think the only disaster on the horizon is Doomsday.

    • gearhead

      Maybe the urge to prep is not for ourselves but for loved ones who didn’t make the rapture and must endure the tribulation!

  • DJohn1

    Most of these people making fun are qualifying for a Darwin Award. (Voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool.)

    In my Bible, they made fun of Noah . . . But then it started to rain . . . and the ship was already full. If I remember it was built in a land with little if any water.

    The jerks in charge intend to confiscate anything you own and anything you have hoarded in the way of food, then give it away to the masses that haven’t prepared for anything. Each according to their abilities and each in accordance with their needs. Sound familiar. It should.
    Has something to do with communism . . .
    They are doing this in the school system! Everyone has to buy school supplies. Then they confiscate all the supplies and pass them out to everyone. So if you bought good stuff, your kid doesn’t even get it half the time. It was on the radio the other day.
    If they are teaching redistribution in the schools, who are these teachers and where did they come from?
    They are making fun of people that are prepared for the worst because they intend to steal whatever they need.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Tatiana Covington

    3 minutes ago

    It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Ergo preppers are right even if nothing happens.

    In that null case their food shopping is done for years ahead and their utility bills are small to nil.

  • jim_robert

    To take the lamestream socialist shills quote.. “Still, it’s hard not to feel for young (ignoramuses) from tiny (minded) Lamestreamedia, NY, (intellectual population 0) who thinks there will be no worldwide colllapse with $222 TRILLION in totoal unfunded liabilities (per Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, U. of Boston) and multiple quadrillions in derivatives., as he think there is no chance of a meltdown while awaiting his 5th $80 drink at some crony capitalist restaurant at the leftist Hamptons restaurant he frequents, call a N”ail-studded “mace-ball bat drink.”

    Same leftist ignoramuses that will be crowding into the New Orleans Superdome when a financial – or other – catastrophe happens. Oh, and further note to those self-same ignoramuses. Part of that collapse has ALREADY happened – just ask the 100 million **not working** or the **48 mm** on food stamps. Or google “tent cities + your fav blue state, such as CA.”

    The ignorance of the left is truly, truly, TRULY staggering.

  • P.F.

    The reason preppers are attacked and labeled with insulting names is because the government wants the masses dependent on them and all self-dependence eliminated. Control the people through lies and manipulation while attacking rational thinkers. Do we see the media attacking the Amish community–yet they are some of the most self-dependent people in this country and able to survive–in ease I might say–if the grid in america did collapse, for example. While Americans are spoiled to automatic coffee makers and mainstream media circus news in the morning the Amish are out in their land instead of rushing off to sit on an office or work in factory and fighting traffic along the way. As a Messianic Jew I have never read where Moses needed electricity to survive. When Joshua crossed the Jordan/Yarden with the 12 tribes of Israel and possessed the land YAHWEH promised them you don’t see him settling into homes lined with electricity or refrigerators or cell phones. This men lived great years whole the life expectancy today is weak. So while some person who thinks he’s intelligent because he works for a newspaper insults traditional self-dependence, we must shake out head at their ignorance and continue in the ways of GOD/YAHWEH. The ant stores for the winter–GOD/YAHWEH’S people prepare when they know a storm is coming. As Joshua stocked for seven years GOD/YAHWEH’S children know how to see the storm clouds rolling in.

    • P.F.

      I meant to say Joseph stocked for Seven year in Egypt, not Joshua.

  • Richard

    Michael, you really do need to make a difference between “preppers” who make provisions against a temporary disaster lasting a few days to a few weeks… and “prepping” for a long-term future that may be critical. I agree with you about temporary preparedness… but for the long-term, advice given to “prep” for disaster is a cruel joke. The only “prepping” that makes sense is full-scale abandonment of the country. I’m sure you know that, even if it is not appropriate for you to admit it.

  • MikeQ

    they are zombie targets, cause a cutout of a cnn reporter is not socially acceptable…

  • WAW

    Ignore “the mainstream media”. They are totally controlled by the greatest enemy of the USA ever. Keep a low profile and practice operational security continuously. The fewer people that know about your preparations, the longer you will have when it all goes down.

  • amongoose

    Are we crazy?
    Yes — crazy about the safety, security and survival of those that we love.
    The world will be an absolutely better place should something catastrophic happen, because those naysayers won’t be among the living.

  • Baddbuttski O’Rourke

    Why does satan and his group lie?

  • Arizona

    IN A VISION,all the main stream media were being gathered up by the police gangs and put into a prison camp,THEN in small groups they were taken out into the prison yard and sprayed with gasoline and SET ON FIRE and burned to death,IT has never occured to any of them,ONCE OBOOZO doesn’t need them any longer,THEY’LL BE DESPOSED OF,just like the trash they are…….and ALL you preppers,you better be ready,oboozo and his police gangs WILL be coming after you too…………………..

  • Gemini

    If disaster ever comes, the preppers will have the last laugh!