Why Are Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Over America? Is Something Happening To The Earth’s Crust?


Why Are Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Over America?  Is Something Happening To The Earth's Crust? - Photo by Brian StansberryWhere are all of these giant sinkholes coming from?  Of course there have always been sinkholes, but over the past few years it seems like both the severity and the number of giant sinkholes has been increasing dramatically.  So exactly why are so many giant sinkholes appearing all over America all of a sudden?  Is something happening to the earth’s crust, or is there some other explanation?  The “experts” are blaming this epidemic of sinkholes on things like loose soil, acidic groundwater, new construction, leaky water pipes, coal mines, fracking, long periods of drought followed by rain, and depletion of underground aquifers, but do they really understand what is going on?  On Thursday, a 37-year-old man named Jeffrey Bush living near Tampa, Florida died when the earth underneath his home suddenly opened up and swallowed him alive.  His brother tried to help him when he heard Jeffrey screaming, but it was too late.  The entire bedroom was sucked deep into the earth and the home had to be rapidly abandoned.  Now authorities are admitting that he will probably never be found.  So is this type of thing really “normal”?  It would be one thing if this was just an isolated incident, but the truth is that giant sinkholes have been appearing with increasing frequency all over the planet lately. Could this be an indication that major earth changes are on the way?


Florida has always been an area that has been prone to sinkholes, but the numbers do show that sinkhole damage in the state has increased very rapidly in recent years.  According to ABC News, insurance claims related to sinkholes more than doubled between 2006 and 2009…

Hillsborough County, where Seffner is situated, is part of an area in Florida prone to sinkholes, with insurance claims associated with them more than doubling between 2006 and 2009, according to a Florida Senate report.

But that is just Florida, right?

Other parts of the country are not having this kind of a problem, right?


Just check out what has been happening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania lately.  There are dozens of sinkholes that have opened up in Harrisburg, and the city is so broke that it doesn’t have the money to fix all of them.

In fact, at this point there are 41 sinkholes that have been documented in Harrisburg, and many of them are right in the middle of the street…

Pennsylvania’s state capital is suffering from a rash of monster sinkholes, but city officials are too broke to do anything about it.

Loose soil and leaky, century-old underground water pipes are to blame for the municipal nightmare, which came to a head on the New Year’s Eve when a 50-foot sinkhole yawned open along Fourth Street, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The eight-foot deep crater — one of at least 41 in the city — is so large, locals made it a “check-in” site on the social media site Four Square.

Some cheeky residents and the media nicknamed the hole “Super Sinkhole Walter.”

Of course there have been lots of cities throughout U.S. history that have experienced such an epidemic of sinkholes, right?

There is no reason to be alarmed, right?

In a previous article about sinkholes, I talked about a sinkhole that recently formed in Ohio that was the size of four football fields and that was more than 30 feet deep.  It caused part of State Route 516 to collapse and authorities were projecting that the road would continue to stay closed for months to come.

But that is “normal”, right?

The giant Louisiana sinkhole in Assumption Parish that made headlines all over the nation last year is now more than 800 feet in diameter.  It just continues to grow, and authorities have no idea when it will stop growing.

But this kind of thing happens all the time, right?

Just recently, large sinkholes forced roads to close in New Jersey and in Arizona.  Of course those incidents will soon be forgotten because there are more news stories about major sinkholes in the United States almost every single day now.  Giant sinkholes have been happening with such regularity that people hardly take notice anymore.

You can see some photos of some of the craziest sinkholes in recent years right here.  It would be one thing if giant sinkholes were just appearing in the United States, but unfortunately that is not the case.

For instance, a sinkhole that appeared in the middle of Guatemala City in 2010 was about 30 stories deep.

Down in Sarisarinama, Venezuela some sinkholes have appeared in recent years that are more than 1,000 feet wide.

China has been one of the worst areas of the world for sinkholes over the past several years.  In fact, just check out what has been happening in one village in China recently

Residents in the village of Lianyuan in southern China’s Hunan Province have been treading rather gingerly these last few months. Over 20 sinkholes have opened up in the ground since last September. The cave-ins, which range in size, have seen houses collapse and rivers run dry. And there is never any warning as to where and when the sinkholes occur. According to local authorities, the main reason for the cave-ins is the number of coalmines in the area. It is not clear what steps are being taken to prevent further sinkholes from appearing.

I could go on and on with more examples from all over the globe, but hopefully you are starting to get the point.

Giant holes are opening up all over the earth and swallowing homes, buildings, roads and sometimes even people.

So why is this happening?

Is the crust of the earth becoming more unstable?

Or is something else at work?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below…

Sinkhole - Photo by Hoshana


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  1. Florida is situated on Karst Terrain, meaning that the limestone under Florida is riddled with caves and other openings that were eroded by acidic conditions. Also Florida has a high water table overall which also leads to erosion. Another main contributor to these sinkholes is probably man and his digging to put in pipelines and other underground infra-structures, and not maintaining them. If the local or Federal Governments don’t put up the money to repair and maintain these structures, they will become bigger and more present as time passes. With the evolving financial crisis the U.S. and states are experiencing now. This problem will only get worst. Some states are already replacing their asphalt county and township roads with gravel.

        • You both do not understand that these so-called “fossil” fuels are actually formed from algae, in subterranean oceans, trapped in pockets, which causes them to decay into crude oil. It is something that continually forms, so there are no “vacuums” because it is constantly replacing itself. It just takes time for the algae to decay and evolve into crude oil and natural gas.

          • Oil cannot be continuously sucked out of the ground without any repercussions. It takes thousands of years to reproduce the oils that have been taken out of our earth. The earth’s crust cannot hold together without oil, it just becomes brittle, just like you would if someone took the marrow out of your bones. Sure the body produces marrow, just as the earth produces oil, but it doesn’t form as fast as we are taking it out.

          • Think you should go back to school.
            There are not constantly replacing itself … the algea of millions of years died back then … if we get the oil out there will be empty spaces left or like in Groningen the whole province sinks down! 13 cm … untill now …

    • I live in N. FL and I agree. We don’t have a lot going on with them in the Panhandle, but they happen frequently in Central FL. I have always said there will be a day when we see Disney world sink…

      • Joyce: I hope Disney world sinks along with Las Vegas, Detroit, New Orleans, San F. and NYC to name a few. Some old smaller sinkholes in N Fla, most have filled with water and are fairly shallow; some around Tallahassee and panhandle are used for swimming.

      • U sound like an incompetent idiot. Sinkholes didn’t just start happening in 2008. And they happen all over Earth. Not just where Democrats and the retarded repubs live.

        • You dare call republicans retarded? You call all US people retarded in so saying. You are so deceived you don’t even know who YOU are. The US is NOT now nor has it ever been a democracy. You ARE a republican and have sworn an allegiance to the republic for which it stands.

  2. Acts 2:19 – “And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:”

  3. Not just sinkholes, but increased earthquake activity, meteors, tornadoes, tusnamis, huricannie and snowstorm intensity. Ro 8:22 reminds us that all creation gorans, as in birth pains as it waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.

  4. Another great article, Michael, thanks!

    Luke 21:11 …and there will be FEARFUL SIGHTS and great signs from heaven.

    Isaiah 5:14 Therefore HELL HATH ENLARGED HERSELF, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

    We need to be ‘wise’ and ‘ready’…

    Revelation 3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

  5. nwmtnman…I agree with Eagle Prepper 1, to a great extent…also, we should take in to account from this inner core of the earth and subsequent magma chambers – the iron/nickel components and magnetic fields…there is ever increasing activity as well as expansion…an incoming “brown dwarf system” (historically and scientifically evidenced) not only produces gravitational effects, but magnetic ones as well…recall, even the prophet Isaiah depicted the earth as reeling to and fro like a drunkard.

  6. The majority of these sinkholes are happening in my opinion is because they are pumping out so much ground water, they are creating cavities were reservoirs held up the surface to the original level. I don’t buy into all the environmental earth worshiping junk, but there is a element within scripture that says..

    “The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for
    judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your
    saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great–and for
    destroying those who destroy the earth.”
    Revelation 11:18

    This could be referring to the last days technology with the ability to literally damage the earth itself in such a way that it incurs God’s judgment. Maybe HAARP? Who knows at this point.

        • How about the talking snake? Or the tree of knowledge? Or the talking fire bush? Or the virgin birth? Or the parting of the Red Sea? Or the entire world being swamped with rainwater after 40 days of rain? Or a man building a wooden boat that contained 2 of all the animals in the world? Or, no, wait…let’s start back at the beginning: Adam & Eve (who is cloned from Adam) have two sons. And then they populate the whole human population of the world. Wait…that means that Cain and Abel were also having congress with their mother, because there weren’t any other females around. How about someone rising from the dead, walking around and meeting his best friends and then floating up into the sky. Those fairytales leap to mind for starters.

          • Sure, let’s apply the same logic rigorously to everyday life so that we remain grounded in reality. Some equivalent and evidently nonsensical fairy tales that dumb people today believe are that people can actually fly through the air in craft that are themselves heavier than air; that people’s voices can be carried huge distances on a thin piece of wire or – really dumb! – right through the air itself with NO wire; that you can see what’s happening on the other side of the world by looking at a flat screen on your wall; that men can walk on the moon; that carriages that push themselves around without horses are common and plentiful, and that you can get a copy of a rare book from a library in another country without leaving your chair – I mean, how STUPID can people be?! If the ordinary person can’t understand and explain in detail how it works it can’t happen, right??!!

          • All those mysterious things you describe we witness, so we have evidence, even if we don’t understand how. The fairy tales I describe have no reliable living witness, so they are likely, on the basis of modern scientific knowledge, to be ridiculous fairy tales. Or perhaps you also believe in dragons, fairies, trolls, gnomes, unicorns, phoenix and that the moon is made of green cheese, all because some humourist wrote it down at some time. Get a grip and move into the 21st Century, please!

          • Your answer is this: There is a spirit world and in that dimensional existance, the material physical laws do not apply. God and his angels can do things beyond our ability to understand since we can’t see into their realm and experience the same power. I lived in a so-called haunted house for three years. During that time, I witnessed the power of poltergeists (demons) that included making objects disappear and reappear elsewhere, light fixtures filled with water, locks being turned, doors and drawers opening with books thrown all around, being touched by invisible hands, objects moving through space, etc. Before one can open their mind to the reality of the miracles that GOD can perform, one must first understand the reality of the spiritual realm and the powers that exist there. Until a person acknowleges that existance, they can’t understand how the snake could speak. The voice was not that of the snake. It was the voice of a demon not visible to Eve. I and my entire family have witnessed enough supernatural events to confirm this truth. All of the miracles of the bible are legit, when unstood from the perpective of the spirit world.

          • It’s called FAITH!!! Something a christian understands. Just because we haven’t seen the actual events the Bible speaks of with our OWN eyes doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Read the Bible. It is FULL of people who DID witness these miracles, and it is by faith that we believe. You want to question God? Just look at Israel. After ALL the Jews and that country have been through, after all the times they were driven from their homeland, should they still be here? No. But they are, because they are God’s chosen people, and he promised them that the land would ALWAYS belong to them. Even when they were driven out of Israel before, NO OTHER people were able to get ANYTHING to grow in Israel. But when the Jews returned, things started growing again. WHO do you think did that??? GOD…

          • I’m sorry you feel that way, Samal, but I assure you that my faith is not blind, and I am not ignorant. How do you explain people being miraculously healed, still today? I myself was healed of colon cancer. NOT by a doctor. The doctor had no explanation for it himself, other than God. ALOT of people are being healed today with no earthly explanation except God. As I said before, I will pray for you!

          • I’ve enjoyed very much reading all the posts here….I’m learning a few things and I always enjoy that. I don’t have a lot of answers for you Samal, but I do know I’ve seen photos of the chariot wheels and bones of horses at the bottom of the red sea in precisely the place it is reported in the Bible that Moses parted the red sea. The more scientist try to disprove the Bible, the more they wind up finding evidence that supports it’s truths. For now, I take it on faith that the Bible is God’s love letter to all of us…teaching us how we should live so that we will be happy. I also think he gives believers warning signs of the impending Armageddon so that we will be watchful for the coming of the Antichrist and not be deceived by him, and also be watching for the return of Jesus our Lord and Savior. I agree that we need to continue to live our lives….work and play and love our families….but preparing all the while also.

          • I guess you never really read the Bible did you? Adam and Eve had sons and daughters and they married one another which was ok umtil God prohibited it in the time of Moses. The parting of the Red Sea was a miracle, which by definition, is something that defies natural law. The talking serpent was the devil. The ark that Noah built was huge and big enough to carry the animals that God brought to it. As for Jesus rising from the dead? His disciples died gruesome deaths just for stating He was risen from the dead. Why would they die for a lie? All other religions worship at the grave of their founder but not Christians. Why? Because there is no grave. No one has been able to find it in over 2 millennia because Jesus is risen from the dead

          • So, you believe that the entire human race is descended from Adam & Eve’s inbred grandchildren? I guess you never really attended biology lessons at school, or lived on a farm for that matter. Inbreeding very quickly results in genetic weaknesses; either physical or susceptibility to diseases; extinction follows very quickly. In the case of your bible, the human race would never have survived as long as Moses. The rest of your argument describes magical tricks. Not illusions like a stage magician, but ‘magic’. I don’t believe in magic. Most of the stories in the bible previously appeared in earlier religions – the old testament is a collection of other ancient stories where only the names have been changed. Do you understand the water cycle? If you do, explain to me how a finite amount of water turns increases in volume to cover the entire landmass of the world. It’s impossible, unless you have blind faith in magic. Jesus’ disciples died because they were his followers and preached his political agenda. If Jesus was alive today, he’d be classified as a terrorist and killed by the American government with drones. Two of the examples provided by Jesus: all men are born equal; and, it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. How about Jesus throwing out the money lenders from the temple? Do any of the right wing, christian Americans have any understanding at all about the preaching of Jesus? Forget all the silly magic and fairy stories of the old testament, the new testament is a moral code (written by men) for humanity to live peacefully together. No part of the moral code is followed by any so-called christian country.

          • Samal, we will pray for you. I pray you get your heart right with God before it is either your time to go, or the end, which ever may come first. Like someone said before, God WILL NOT force himself on people, He gives everyone free will. All we can do for you is pray….

          • I have met so many loud-proud christians who wear their ‘faith’ on their sleeves and yet justify their own immorality. An acquaintance of mine loudly proclaims his christianity and gleefully tells others that I am not a christian – yet he continually asks me to visit nightclubs with him. Don’t waste your precious time praying for me. Pray for your fellow christians who hide behind their public faith while leading immoral lives.

          • Samal, I’m sorry your acquaintance is like that, but a true christian does not do that. I AM NOT “a loud proud christian, nor do I wear my faith on my sleeve and yet justify my own immorality” as you say. I am a true christian, saved by God. Am I perfect? No. No one is, except Christ. But that is why HE sent His Son to die on the cross for us, because HE knew we weren’t perfect. We are saved by His grace and mercy. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He gives us the free will to choose eternal life with Him, or death (aka hell). If we repent and accept Him as our Saviour, He expects us to turn from our sinful ways and do His will. Does that mean we won’t slip up every once in awhile? No. But as I said, we are saved by His grace and mercy. I will continue to pray for you.

          • I used to think as you do about God and the Bible, you may want to consider you have searched very hard to justify your position and depended on human might to nullify God’s existence and taken great time in that post as well. Why? If it’s all a very silly myth why are you fighting so hard to reveal it as so?

            You may want to consider God hasn’t revealed Himself to you for a reason, that you have a hardened heart. One day you may require a dependence on something greater than yourself and He could reveal Himself then. You’ll never come to know God in the mindstate you have. You cannot know God with a rational mind of this world’s making. Mankind did not create itself, did not think itself into being.

            When you begin accepting simple facts, such as that you did not create yourself and your parents didn’t engineer the sperm and egg to create you, then you’ll perhaps start to open up to the truth of God. God is holy, good, you are a sinner and Jesus is the bridge back to Him. It’s your choice.

          • Adam and Eve were the first ‘perfect specimens’ created from experiments by visitors from another planet.. Cain killed Abel, then took him a wife from the land of Nod who were giants? The first part pf Genesis tracks their progress. The people who had created them urged them to keep their lives pure and not revert to the animals they had been created from.. possibly the apes?.

            Moses was a Pharoah Amenhotep who married his younger sister Sitamen to inherit the throne when Tutmoses died. He then married Tiye, the daughter of Yusef Yuya (joseph) an Isrealite who had been Chief Minister to Tutmosis.

            Palace Officials decreed that NO child of Tiye would ever inherit the throne because it would make the Isrealites too powerful. Amenhotep married Nefertiti to enable him to reign as co regent when his father died. Because of his part Isrealite upbringing Amenahotep could not accept Egyptian deities and developed the notion of Aten – an omnipotent god with no image, represented by a golden disc. Then Amenhotp changed his name to Akenaten, meaning ‘Glorius spirit of the Aten’. and closed all the temples of the Egyptian Gods, making him very unpopulat. There were plots against his life and he was forced to abdicate in favour of his cousin Smenkhkare who drove him out of Egypt, where he married another wife, an Isrealite called Zipporah. Shortly after Nefertiti died he returned to Egypt to reclaim his birthright, His supporters believed he was the rightful heir ”The Royal Mose”. Mose meaning the ”legitimate heir” ….. The Moses…..

            The rest as we say is History.

            The Egyptians lived by the Babylonian Hamurabbi codes which were 298 in number. Moses simplified these codes and reduced them to ten, in order to make them more appealing to his people.

            The whole of the stoy of Moses is littered with visitations from the ”creators.” Sadly after numerous edits by people with vested interests, the true story has been obfuscated.

            All that is needed is the will to read History, to find the truth..

            Peace and love.

  7. Well it could be from them taking oil and water, natural gas out of the ground…..it doesn’t take a great scientist to know if you take something out of the ground it leaves a void….don’t you think? da

  8. Stan Deyo explains the earth is expanding, a normal occurance as do all spinning planets/objects. At the same time the poles heat up. We also have the highest solar maximum activity ever known plus scientists playing around with the weather. All Godly signs of the End Times before His return.

    • I know Stan and the cosmic conspiracy from years ago / this is caused from FRACKING! please wake up!

      • Do you know that these “sinkholes” happen the most often in China? There is no fracking happening in China nor is there in this part of Florida. Currently the most active fracking area is Texas but sinkholes are rare in Texas. More research needs to be done before the phenomenon is solely blamed on fracking.

      • you know Stan? who is this “Stan” person you speak of? ‘Cause, you know, there are a lot of Stans on Earth right now. Are all the Stans gathering together to form one giant Stan? Or perhaps you were referring to Satan and just didn’t bother to check your statement before you hit “send” Oh, also, not to be disrespectful, but you have mentioned fracking as possible explanation for this phenomenon many, many times. calm down. we know what your opinion is. it’s very difficult to miss it. we get it. please refrain from using the word fracking in further conversations.

    • The only poleshift that caused this is the poles they shift to FRACK. Hydraulic Fracturing is killing the planet … YOU GOTTA STOP IT NOW!

      • Idiots, do you even know what a pole shift is? All it is, is when the poles switch, north to south and south to north. It has happened several times over earths history and mean absolutely nothing. The only difference you will notice is your compass points south and not north.

        • That is called a magnetic poleshift. There is however also crustal poleshift where the physical poles shift. This maybe what God did to cause the great flood of Noah’s time.

  9. BAN FRACKING ON THE PLANET! The BALLOON has been burst and now its collapsing everywhere! You cannot continually screw with the aquifiers and think this won’t happen! FRACKING Is the REASON for this SEASON!

    • Totally agree with you. Fracking is nonsustainable. If getting at natural gas means we empty our aquaifiers, the Great Lakes and any other body of water, it just is not worth the damage to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

  10. Go back to the roots of this Bible you quote and you find EUSEBIUS chose which books went in // who made him God …. oh yes and ROME is where this happened! JESHUA is nothing like the Jesus you have been fooled into following! 2ooo years of Roman fear mongering business making crap. THEY ARE RICH TOO HEY!

    • Enough with your blasphemy of the Word of God, and The Lord.
      Y’shua/Jesus is God and also the God of the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God, it has no contradictions and as Paul said “All Scripture is God breathed (Theo pneustos) and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
      2 Timothy 3:16-17.

      (I am not RCC either. I agree with nothing that comes from it.)

        • Betcha a million dollars those words will haunt you for eternity about 3 seconds after you die, unsaved, in your sins.
          Seek Jesus and turn from your reprobate ways.

          • I’m good. And I won’t, because I’ll be thinking “cool! The brain still works after death for a bit” then I’ll be all like x.x

          • No, you will stand before the Almighty who will judge you for your sins, because you rejected the pardon and atonement that Y’shua/Christ/God the Son’s death bought for you on Calvary. You will stand before God with only your own righteousness, which God says as is “filthy rags” before Him. Humans have no righteousness unless it is imputed to us through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

            But in order to receive it, one has to believe and repent and realize that one is a sinner and cannot save themself. But those like you refuse to recognize your sinful and hopeless state. If you continue on in this way, like Jesus said “if you refuse to believe that I Am He, you will die in your sins.”
            It’s just that simple. And it’s not just your brain that lives on, your eternal soul and eternal body will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity–and you definitely will not be thinking “this is cool”.

          • Ahem, I probably will. As you are not me, no one (except as you will probably say) “god”. (If any, although I’m not saying there is not god, I’m just saying I have no care at the moment) could think what I will thinks. And you, Ort, are definitely not a god.

      • Hey Mary, If you dont believe anything that comes from the RCC then throw away your bible. ALL Christian sects were created from information gotten from the RCC! Remember your history? The first organized Christian church was the RCC. They are the root source for EVERY BIT OF INOF. about Jesus. Your denomination would not exist if there had been no RCC to spread the christian religion in the beginning. So, if you dont believe anything that comes from the RCC, then be smart and quit being a Christian.

        • Actually the Gospel (which isn’t preached by th RCC), was preached long before the RCC was established (and perverted the Word of God) by the disciples, the true roots of the Biblical Christian Church and that’s how 3000 souls were saved on Pentacost….again, well before the RCC came to be. And yes, “denominations” would not exist without the RCC, but not for the reason you believe but because it was out of Believers’ desire to share the true Gospel that the Reformation took place calling those who would hear Truth out of the RCC. The RCC has not/does not spread the Christian religion, but that of a false religion which preaches a different Jesus and a different Gospel than that of the true Bible (as derived from the Textus Receptus).

        • Lol! Wrong. The first church members were Jewish and it was called “the way”. The pagan tainted sect known as the RCC didn’t come about until 300 AD and Constantine.

          The RCC was pagan Roman rituals with just enough Christianity to make it palatable to the Romans. That is so obvious, it’s laughable that you and 1.5 billion other deceived people cannot see it.

      • The Books of the Bible were written by men (the ones written by Mary Magdalene are hiding in the Vatican so as not to give women any power on earth), some of which may have been disciples of Jesus. These “Books” were chosen by Roman Catholic Priests (the same guys who rape children and make sure women have no voice in the world) to be entered into the Bible, but only after they were decimated by these priests and the words rearranged to suit the power of the Roman Emperor! The Root of ALL Evil comes from the Vatican and THE BIBLE that they put together! Jesus would never have written such a horrible book because he was all about Love and doing good for others. Quit quoting scripture when you don’t even know where it came from!!!

        • When you actually start writing facts, you can post something. Until then, I will speak to those who do know. Hint: it’s not you.

    • Mary-Ellen: “Wishing doesn’t make it so.” You are on the wrong side of Bible history. Why don’t you examine the works of competent, reliable, historical scholars; Biblical and non-Biblical? Think for yourself. Then open the Bible; read it prayerfully, and ask God to guide you into the Truth. You will also benefit greatly by reading the works of New Testament scholars. You will one day stand before Jesus as your Savior–or your Judge. It’s your decision to make, and has eternal consequences. You are presently like so many others who have gone before you–banging hammers against God’s Anvil–The eternal Word of God.

      The hammers–throughout history–have worn out. The Anvil remains.

      Choose this day whom you will serve.

  11. Its due to the many years of deep underground nuclear detonation testing. They’re creating deep underground holes in various parts of earth leaving space which is being filled up from the compact dirt above. What needs to happen next is testing of radiation levels coming out of these holes or measure the number of people getting cancer near these sink holes.

  12. Appreciate all of your comments…something that comes to my mind is the “Hollow Earth” theory and the earth really only has a crust and a hellish realm lies beneath. I’ve read many accounts of underground bases built by reptilian entities that work in cooperation with humans whom have sold their souls to satan (the king of the reptilian shape-shifting illuminated snake people). Example: Phil Sneitder’s drawings of the Alien Dulce Wars in the huge multi-layer secret alien experimental underground @ Dulce, NM. What do you all think of this?

  13. They say the demons live in the earth, underground. Maybe they are beginning to be released to wreck havoc on the surface with humans.

    “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” (Rev 12:12)

    Expect more violence, weird dangerous behavior of humans and animals.

    Expect your leaders to become more demon like and unreasonable in their thinking.

    Expect the next pope to be out of his mind, but they will find out too late.

    • … That’s stupid. Mark my words, in a few days/years you’ll be pointing out negative things in politicians, things that they have done for years, and say its the end of the world.

      • It’s been the end of the world for two, that’s “two” thousand years. As well as most of my own 62 years. …………….We’re still here.
        Live as if there is no tommorow but prepare just in case there is.

        • The Word of God mentions you, and those of your mindset, thusly:
          “First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing, and following their own evil desires. They will say ‘where is this ‘coming’ He promised?’ Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” 2 Peter 3:3-4

          Also, you fall into the category “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.”
          There IS. A tomorrow and there WILL BE an eternity. Where you spend it is entirely up to you.

          You, and those like you, say the same things. Like Solomon said ” there is nothing new under the sun.”

          • I’m not the idiot here. Your mindset is “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.” God says those people are fools. They don’t think about their eternity, just what is in front of them for that day. The fool is the person who doesn’t give any thought to where their eternal soul will end up. That sort of person is very stupid indeed.

          • Not really, of there is an afterlife, you just continue on going as happy,if not, then you get the maximum quality life could give.

            It’s like insurance.

          • Too bad you haven’t ‘gotten it” yet. You can know the truth and that God is real, alive and available to you 24/7. You just choose to live in a guessing game world. That’s a horrible way to live, not knowing anything for certain. You must live a very insecure life.

          • god is not worth worship, fear him mabie but not worship. any creature that creates flawed life only to punish it for its flaws, kills because it expresses it’s freedom and rules on the premise of fear and power. is no more that an abusive farther unworthy of worship. to prove this count how many people are killed by god and how many are killed by the devil, the devil kills one, god killed billions for what ? love ? please. lets hope he docent exist because i wouldn’t feel comfortable with such a great evil being responsible for my creation

          • You all go from point why the sink holes? The crust is moving and magnetic pulses from sun. Jesus said before He comes signs in heavens and on earth will be hear so wake up Jesus is coming for His bride. WAKE UP

          • God wants us to enjoy life, He LOVES us, but He wants us to live abundantly as well, not rebelling against Him, when Jesus hung and died on that cross in my place and in your place, he did so by choice, it was a rescue mission, because all who have sinned die 9eternal seperation from God in hell) but those who get saved ( Jesus alone is the saviour of the world) get to live in heaven for eternity :) He traded his righteousness for our sin, gave us His perfect record for our rebellion… so that we could live, but the choice is ours, we all have free will, God will not force us to love Him, if u cant say no to Him then your yes means absolutely nothing!

          • @OrtI say be prepared, watch as the Scriptures say. But also be prepared to
            live to a ripe old age. Let the dying bury their dead and ……….live. If
            we are in Christ we live. Be glad for another day that God has given you.
            Have a testimony of life in Him. Not one of misery to come. It is His
            gospel we are to spread through out the world. The great Gift of eternal
            life. Not death and destruction. Christ’s Great Commission for is to
            spread life, which is what salvation is all, I say ALL about. Be the seed of life in the lives of others.

          • Amen Ort! People who STUDY, BELIEVE, and UNDERSTAND God’s word understand EXACTLY what you are saying… Too bad others can’t seem to understand. It’s a shame because they will be the ones that will be caught unawares when the time comes and it will be too late. All we can do is pray for them, that God will do a work in their hearts and change them before that time comes. Isn’t it strange how the ones that want to criticize the believers get so vehement and ugly when voicing their opinions sometimes? Could it be that their conscience knows that there actually is a God? And that He gave His Son to die for ALL (them included) of us so that we may not perish, but have everlasting life forever and ever? Hmmm, I wonder. Why DO the unbelievers have to get so offended and vehement when God is mentioned? Could be they know their days are numbered… The Bible is the ONLY book to be around for as many years as it has been, because it is the book of LIFE!!! As I said earlier, all we can do is pray for these people.

          • i love how some people i.e. yourself… act so self righteous and pompous a if though you yourself are without sin. No one man could say what God would exactly want us to do for our fellow man all one man can do is speculate and judge exactly what God would want us to do. So being one of the few catholic people on this board I feel confident in saying that you should have well thought about what you said and how you said it before you laid it out on this board. So allow me to revise what you should of said. All we can do is pray for those people and pray for ourselves and our souls as well. Have you said that you wouldn’t have sounded as though your without sin and so self righteous. your welcome :)

          • I say be prepared, watch as the Scriptures say. But also be prepared to live to a ripe old age. Let the dying bury their dead and….live.
            If we are in Christ we live. Be glad for another day God has given you.

            Have a testimony of life in Him. Not one of misery to come. It is His gospel we are to spread through out the world. The great Gift of eternal life. Not death and destruction.

            Christ’s Great Commission for us is to spread life, the life that He gives us. Be the seed of life in the lives of others.

      • Wait, you’re not suggesting that all the incorrect end-times predictions of the past mean that current predictions are also likely in error?

        That’s pretty dangerous, using that brain as though God gave it to you for that purpose.

        • We aren’t supposed to be trying to predict it at all. No one knows the day or the hour. It could be now, next week, or another 2000 years. Plan for the future as though you may live forever and prepare your soul as though you will die tomorrow.

          • Of course I have. And if I may direct your attention some 83 pages deeper into the dictionary, you can look up the definition of “sarcasm”.

        • If you took any time and care to read His Word you’d know all of His Prophets predicted everything true to present. His Word already stated there would be many false prophets and doctrines.

    • I tend to agree….it is a Biblical thought….not too unlikely seeing where we are on God’s timeline! thanks for bringing it up

      • We are clearly at the End of Days.

        Just like Christians said in 2000 AD.
        …and 1666 AD.
        …and 1000 AD.
        …and 500 AD.
        …and 100 AD.
        …and right after Jesus died.
        …and every other end-times cult has also asserted at just about every point in history.

        I’m sure they’ve got it right now, though…

        • Well, the bible says to beware of false prophets, that said, I have talked to many smart and level headed people, and many feel this impending doom ??? And reading and studying more on the prophecies and our time line in history, well, it can certainly fit the time. Either way, just be ready, spiritually for your choices are but two, Heaven or Hell.

          • This misses the entire point of my message: people just like you have talked to smart and level-headed people who feel impending doom for the past two-thousand years. What you’re suggesting isn’t unique. History suggests that today’s warning of end times is no more reliable than it was way back when Jesus was crucified. All of his apostles believed he would return within a few years, before any of them would die.

            But I think there’s a more important discussion to be had here, which is more rarely considered: you’re suggesting that belief is a choice, when it demonstrably isn’t.

            It’s easy to prove that belief isn’t a choice. I can offer someone $1,000 if they can make themself believe for only five minutes that the world is on the back of a giant turtle, then do a polygraph to test them. It doesn’t work. You can’t choose to believe anything: you either do, or you don’t. You can’t force yourself to believe in alien invaders or dragons or all of the world’s species fitting in a single boat. Calling it a choice is deceptive and inaccurate.

    • Amen. I still believe the next pope will be the Anti Christ, in the resurrected body of John Paul II.

      • I think Obama’s taken that job, but wouldn’t be surprised if the pope was the false prophet.

      • “VICARIUS FILII DEI”. These are the words on the Popes miter. They mean “Vicar of the Son of God”. If you add the Roman numerals up you get the number 666. The Papacy has always been considered the anti-Christ by Bible believing Christians.

        • More protestant based ignorance. Real Christians have always have taken protestants and Novus Ordo acolytes for what they are: hateful heretics, on their way to Hell.

        • A true pope has never been an Antichrist. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The last five papal claimants have been what a true Catholic and hence true Christian call antipopes. There is no such thing as a non-catholic Christian. No other church has produced the caliber of men and women known as the Catholic saints who some have even died without their bodies decaying because they were so holy. They are known as incorruptibles. You’re right though every “pope” from John XXIII to now have been non-catholic antipope impostors and one in particular was the antichrist: John Paul II. But do some research and tell me if you’ve ever known a protestant as holy as Pope St. Pius V.

          • No other church has produced the caliber of child rapists and child rapist apologists either! Definitely a stand-out in that whole “close to God” thing.

          • ask yourself this question why paintings of naked babies and children all over the walls, seems like a strange thing to paint on a spiritual place..put some clothes on my gosh
            no wonder priests become child molesters, they been brainwashed in looking at these everyday.

          • That gives you no excuse to rationalize reasons you shouln’t be seeking after God yourself by reading His Word. There will be no excuse for you when you stand before Him one day. Let that be clear.

          • minus capitals when referring to your “god” please. they aren’t earnt. there is a creator of some description I don’t doubt that at all, but it isn’t the christian/catholic/religion in generals “god”. Religion is a craft that was created to control people. sure, i totally feel that there is a higher power involved. but it isn’t your corrupt god. that is a man made lie for control.

          • I’m glad you don’t capitalize your name brad, however there is no such word as “earnt” .. I think you’re looking for earned here. Now where God is concerned, I don’t think it’s your business whether or no to tell someone to place a capital in front of “their” God. After all, it is “their’s” .. as you have stated such!!

          • The correct spelling is “not” in reference to your comment. Sorry for the delay, only just noticed this.

          • “G”od is not corrupt! Man is corrupt, people like you are corrupt and so lost. I agree that “religion” is bad and used to try and control people but Jesus came to offer freedom and everlasting life. God gave man “free will” and what we choose to do with that is not God’s fault. Evil comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and unfortunetaly religion can be harnessed for evil as well. One day we will all stand before our Creator God and be judged and many people will try and excuse their sinfull lives by saying they never knew Jesus existed and no one ever told them about Jesus. But by then it will be too late. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through him! Simple! You don’t need religion, you need Jesus Christ!

          • sorry to break this to you buddy…there is much evidence that suggests that jesus was a man made concept of control over the people. do some research. as far as i’m concerned, should the powers that be exist they would find a much more efficient way of communicating with people than tormenting a half man/half god for three decades before having him murdered for the sake of other men. if this is what “god” actually is, then devil forsake him.

          • i have my own connection with the powers that be and that is what people need. stop reading and start listening

          • Amen to above post.
            Most all on here are passing judgment. It’s not up to us to judge. If everyone would take care of their own business the world would be better. And if everyone would help just 1 person a day in any positive way, the world would also be better. That’s all that really matters during our short time here on earth!

          • And people like you have been prophesied about! I’m so so sorry and hope that you will reconsider your thoughts and beliefs.

          • Who said anything about seeking after God? Are you suggesting people who seek God should pretend the Catholic Church didn’t hide and protect child molesters?

          • Read about the little horn in the book of Daniel ch. 7, then read a history book about the Roman Empire.

            Pope St. Pius V was the Grand Inquisitor of the Church and thought anyone that owned a Bible should be tortured, killed or both. I’m sure there will be many Catholics in heaven in spite of the teachings of the Papacy (Acts 17:30, James 4:17). There may even be some popes there, but that doesn’t change what the Bible says about the little horn.

            “There is no such thing as a non-catholic Christian.”
            I’m a non-catholic Christian and so is anyone that believes Jesus is the only way to heaven not the Pope or Mary or some “saint” (John 14:6). The Pope claims to be able to forgive sin but the Bible says only God can forgive sin. For a man to claim the power to forgive sin is BLASPHEMY. But you’re partly right. Most Protestant churches today (but not all) keep some Catholic church doctrine. The early reformers would roll over in their graves if they could see how their teaching have been perverted.

            “some have even died without their bodies decaying because they were so holy.”
            Bull! Have you seen these bodies? Do you know anyone that has? I know Catholic churches are built on graveyards (which the God forbids) but all the bodies are decayed.

            “No other church has produced the caliber of men and women known as the Catholic saints”.
            How about John Wycliff: persecuted most of his adult life by the Papacy for trying to translate a Bible that could be read by the common people. He was so hated that forty years after he died the papist dug up his bones, burned them and threw them in a creek. John Huss; tortured, imprisoned and burned at the steak by the Roman Catholic Church for preaching the Scriptures. Martin Luther, Ulric Zwingli, Lefevre and so many more early reformers. I think they where of higher caliber than their persecutors. The Waldenses where persecuted for centuries by Rome. They where driven into caves, fires where built at the entrance and they where roasted alive.
            Millions where tortured and killed by the Papacy because they wanted to own a Bible and worship according to the Scripture. Is that what Christ taught? Did He ever try to force anyone to follow Him?

          • There is a significant difference between being a CATHOLIC and being a CHRISTIAN. Being one does not necessarily mean one is the other. Catholicism is an organized religious institution, that has a hierarchical structure of people. Christianity is a belief and a lifestyle. To break it down to the fundamentals the word Christian means “Christ-like”, in other words to live like Christ (of Jesus Christ. Live by his teachings, and adopt a philosophy of personal responsibility of owns thoughts actions and deeds and maintain a belief in a higher power. Being a christian does not require one to go to church or seek absolution or guidance from priests – rather one must believe in the higher power and take personal responsibility to do what is right honest and good. the true Christian belief is that everything comes from God and we must seek to be worthy of his love and love one another and respect one another . It appears you have little understanding of this fact (as many people do). Just as many who call themselves christians nowadays are the very opposite of what a christian really is . There can be no comparison to how they live and treat one another and the way Christ lived his life. If one doesn’t understand this basic difference how can you truly understand the difference between the two, and how can you truly have faith?

          • Catholics are part of a religion having its roots in ancient Babylon and most all of it is based on occultic rituals. People should research their religion before committing their lives to it as such. There are many good Catholics who have become compartmentalized to the evil they’re supporting.

          • Read my post a bit further up as well, but yes, catholicism is heavily pagan and of the practices of the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian empires… People don’t and won’t research anything these days, they just go along with the flow, look for what is comfortable and easy and feels good. They don’t look for truth or righteousness…. The end times are definitely upon us, as you an see just by looking around at what is going on in the world and with people. If you haven’t already, people, you definitely need to strengthen your faith, and if you aren’t a Christian, you need to quickly do some soul searching

          • Actually, according to God’s perfect word, all popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, etc. are in fact in error with special attention to the pope. God explicitly eliminated the official priesthood as given in the old testament. Per the scripture of the new testament, we are all (christians that is) priests in the order of Melchizedek.. The priesthood in Catholicism is in complete error and violation of God’s word. As for the pope as well, his title is “vicar of Christ” which is the same meaning as being the embodiment/spirit of Christ on earth. This is complete blasphemy. The pope personally takes upon himself that which is reserved to God alone. There is no authority unto any living man that is given the power to forgive sins of man. We do not pray to the pope or to Mary or any other entity. We are ONLY to pray to God the father, through the name of Jesus, as commanded in the Bible (the true, accurate and uncorrupted bible, that is). Also, just the rampant evil and deplorable acts that come from Catholicism is proof enough that it is not from or having anything to do with God

          • dude I’m a non-catholic christian a fundamental king james bible doctrine loving man, I do not like to be thrown in the luke warm title of Catholicism christianity!!! these are two seperate entities I would rather the catholic folk simply say we’re catholic and drop the christian title, after all most of you’ll will never discus Christ you will decline the conversation with “i’m a roman catholic” and thats the end of that convo.99% of the time and to declare a non believer a saint is blasphemy, those who have been born of the spirit are saints according to the scriptures, not sure how the pope can dub people “saints” moreover buy people out of hell the vaticanus doctrine is sickening.I saw someone on their death bed and asked are you for certain going to heaven they replied I’m catholic I told her all that matters is whether you accepted the gospel and know in your heart God raised Christ from the dead and can remember confession made to the father thru Christ, she replied im catholic again died 2 weeks later… open your eyes seek the truth Read the bible

          • Do you study your Bible or do you just listen to what some man has told you? The papacy fulfills ALL of the requirements of THE antichrist given in Daniel and Revelations. They worship idols, they spent 1260 years persecuting true Christians and the Vatican sits on 7 hills (Revelation 17:9). And on and on. I’m not saying that Catholic people are bad and I’m sure there will be many in heaven. Probably even some popes but it is a false religion and is based on paganism. As for holy protestants; look at Hess, Luther, John Wesley and the thousands of Christians tortured and killed by the papacy because they wouldn’t deny God. How many popes have been willing to do that?

          • The level of falsehoods and outright lies in this post is stunning. I have always found it enormously fascinating when such well spoken people are so genuinely clueless. Talk about a perfect example of being brainwashed.

    • Although some demons/Satans/sheitans might be living under the sea, the father of the Satans, Iblis or “Lucifer” ,has got his palace on the sea surface as foretold by prophet Muhammad. And I have read from some sources that, his palace is guarded by millions of his off springs. Iblis is from the family/species of Jinns. The Jinns are living in a different dimension from us and they are not related to angels who are on even more distant wavelength from humans.
      And ever-since Iblis disobeyed God/Allah, Allah made him and his children look different from other Jinns and demons faces look very ugly compared to other Jinns. Their life long mission is to whisper to human beings to lean towards evil thought and to perform evil.

    • I expect every Pope to be out of his mind. When you travel to Africa where millions are dying of AIDS and tell people not to wear condoms, you’re either out of your mind or one evil SOB.

      But that “demons from the underground” thing? That’s classic. This board really takes me back several thousand years (to before people understood plate tectonics or knew the world was round).

      • Evil SOB. Catholicism has always been a racist religion based government. If you look at Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel depicts that. They used to burn people at the stake. Not to mention many of their priests are fond of little boy booties. It’s a government with religion.

    • Since science is one of God’s greatest gifts given to mankind we can deduce by this great knowledge that these horrible natural events are just a precursor to the apocalypse, even if you take away all the bible talk and the demons and mystical forces that we have never been able to prove with evidence really exist. In short, logically speaking, we will destroy ourselves if we continue down this path, oh yeah, God said that to Noah as well when he created the rainbow…

  14. “Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key of the abyss and a heavy chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent–that is, the Devil or Satan–and chained him up for a thousand years. The angel threw him in the abyss, locked it, and sealed it, so that he could not deceive the nations any more UNTIL THE THOUSAND YEARS WERE OVER. AFTER THAT HE MUST BE SET LOOSE FOR A LITTLE WHILE.” Rev. 20:1-3
    I think the thousand years are over, and the abyss has opened up setting loose Satan and his minions all over the world.

  15. it is the swedish accelerator that said thier machine couldn’t punch holes into the earth. it is happening.. they are micro black holes..look it up!

    • Is that thing I should look up before or after the part that notes particle accelerators smash particles at a much lower speed than particle radiation collides with the upper atmosphere every day?

  16. Pennsylvania snowbirds spend part of their time in Florida and part in Pennsylvania…Coincidence???

  17. It’s GW Bush and Ted Nugent’s fault.
    Uncle Joe Biden told me so.

    Seriously now….Could there be any connection to the strange sounds in the past two years and our topic?
    The connections that the “Harbinger” book reveals are captivating to say the least.

    Best advice so far….pray, fast, and help neighbors.

    • They probably aren’t good for it, but those peaked during the Cold War. There aren’t so many anymore. Most of the effect of nuclear tests is local as the energy isn’t really sufficient to change weather patterns or displace any of the Earth’s mass.

  18. after reading all your comments the one that makes the most sense…to me. is that the cause would have some relation to taking oil, water, gas, etc out of the earth…..

  19. Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking” is a global phenomenon and is causing damage to fresh water sources, killing wildlife, and creating earthquakes and sinkholes. Research the areas where the greatest frequency of all these is occuring in unison and you will find the presence of “Fracking”.

  20. Having lived in central Florida for 35 years, I believe the increase is a direct result of increased population in the more “prone” areas. Redirection of runoff water can and does cause sinkholes. After being away from the Orlando area for 12 yrs, I returned for a visit last year. I was SHOCKED at how much the rural areas had built up. From Daytona to Tampa is almost like one big city now. It’s no wonder the ground is crumbling. Sad.

  21. We should understand that the earth is changing, may be it is also aging where its pillars might not be able to support its contents. It is mentioned in the bible that our planet is getting old. We can also understand that seismic and tectonic movements underneath are influencing global changes. Extreme weather and climate change happens to be amongst the major trends that are somehow interrelated with cycle of influencing ocean deep waves and surface currents.

    Kassaye Haile


    • I was set to mock this, but everything except for “pillars” is pretty reasonable.

      (I’m fairly certain scientists agree that the planet is old, whether or not the Bible says it. In fact, we think it’s even older. Like, by several billion years.)

  22. I keep hoping one will open about a mile deep and fifty square miles wide around dc and swallow all of them up that would really be a loss would it not

  23. Must be all that global warming causing those sink holes to appear. Yup, that’s gotta be it.

    • Funny! But “global warming” is a change in climate, not weather. It may influence weather patterns long-term (particularly oceanic currents which effect a lot of the temperatures of coastal regions), but it’s not directly related to any specific weather event.

  24. Here is something I feel l that could be causing the sink holes GRAVITATIONAL PULL of the LINED PLANETS pulling and weakening underground soft spots. Markww

    • It’s nice that so many people here share their “feelings” about something others so readily dismiss with “facts” and “science”. What did science ever do for us, honestly?

  25. The key to the bottomless pit has been issued. The remaining fallen angels will emerge out of these holes.

  26. Only 1 person has come close, and that is Eagle Prepper 1… it is the birth pangs of the earth, as the return of Yeshua gets closer. The earth is preparing for a massive, worldwide earthquake that will level the mountains, and raise the valleys to one plateau. The Bible states that this will happen, when Yeshua plants His feet on Mt. Olive, upon His parousia to earth. It has nothing to do with the rapture, but when Yeshua actually touches the earth again with His feet. The rapture, He never actually touches the earth.

  27. HAARP or 10,000 mph train tunnels? Reminds me of the walls of Jericho…. you get the right frequency and the limestone disentegrates. Maybe 2.4 GHz will cause it? Time for a new cell phone or wifi frequency maybe.

  28. Mary and others — we are seeing so many signs on earth and in space… it’s incredible! Our Lord repeatedly tells us to “Watch”… You might also see: ‘The End Time’ blog by Elizabeth Prata, The Extinction Protocol, The Vigilant Citizen, Natural News, ‘The Prophetic Years’ by Don Koenig, Worldtruth.tv, and End Time Headlines. Also, there are very good weekly Mid east prophecy updates on youtube by pastor J.D.

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” Mark 8:36-38

    ^ 4 Steps to Knowing God
    ^ Can You Trust the Bible?

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

    “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” – Yeshua/Lord Jesus, John 3:16-21


  29. It’s the effects of the testing of Anti-Matter underground in Geneva, Switzerland.

  30. When you drain an underground reservoir you end up with nothing to hold the ground above it up. you leave an air pocket or a vacuum pocket that is just waiting to pull in and crumble. Also with all the stuff built on these they can only handle so much before they collapse. As for the other weather phenomenon in other comments, when you pollute the air your bound to get strange occurrences. The earthquakes well that is bound to happen when the earth is constantly moving and shifting beneath our feet. I dont think its a “wrath of god” i think its a wrath of mother nature telling us to start treating her better.

  31. People need to stop with the religious bs. It’s pure ignorance and fear mongering. There are tons of possible reasons this could be happening, and things are just going to escalate with the way the human race is progressing. I think the government has to do with a lot of it lately though. Same with the increase in earthquakes and hurricanes and whatnot. It’s haarp and resource mining and whatever else they have going on. When you mess with nature it really screws things up. And the way it looks the government has been creating underground labyrinths all over the country and probably the whole world. I’m sure that’s contributing to it too.

  32. ppfffff… the article only asked us to give our opinion …

    Well must be the end of times ….
    Belgium sinkholes because of old coalmines.
    Germany because of weak ground like limestone.

    The whole of Groningen has sinked 13 cm … cause of drilling for natural gas … freacking they call it.

  33. this world is coming to and end. Thats the only answer i see fit God says in jis word it would be one disaster afther another

    • Clearly the right thing to do would be to sell all your possessions and use the money to purchase air time to warn others.

  34. the most recent human activity is fracking, it creates cracks in the earths crust hoping for oil and gas deposits, things can also go the other way.

    • You’d think if HAARP really were all the conspiratorial things people claim it to be, that any of its records would be classified (they’re not).


  36. Mining, drilling, fracking causes fissures that helps destabilize the bedrock prompting collapse, example: a) increase of water consumption from the aqufers do to over population is also helping to decrease pressure and lowering the levels of aquifers prompting collapse on weakened cracked rock. b) the drilling into the aquifers by cities sewage processing plants injecting 1/2 untreated sewage into the aquifer are helping in the cracking of the rocks c) Many industries drill and inject their industrial waste and toxins below the aquifer, but this drilling causes fissures as well, as these toxins, chemicals and often radio active waste seep through fissures and contaminate aquifers d) Cutting down of trees for neighborhood development, cement cities, and allowing for uncontrolled human over populaton growth destabilizes the ground, as tree roots weave under the soil and in between rocks and add more cohesion to the soil. Cutting down trees, over time, as the roots deteriorate, can lead to a more insidious and prompt collapse vs a gradual collapse. e) The water from melting glaciers that once were over land is accumulating by the equator making the Earth bulge at its center. This bulging of water at the Equator is slowly causing the Earth rotation on its current axis on its trajectory around the Sun to shift a few degrees, it has already shifted a few degrees with the increase water pressure on the EArth equator, and increase in Earthquakes . This water pressure at the Equator is also causing more earthquakes and mantle movements as the water keeps accumulating. As the water accumulates at the Equator and exponentially adds more pressure at the Earth Equator, it can suddenly cause the Earth rotation around its axis to change drasticallyi causing earquakes and tusunamis and the Earth mantle to suddently and drastically shift The now South Pole might soon be very well located in Australia. Some of the tectonic plates will unsubduct causing collapse of adjacent tectonic plates sinking land masses in the process. Imagine the catastrophe on animal and human life as is now visibly being seen as a driect – Cause and Effect, of man’s adverse influence (foot print) upon this Earth and its envirornment, extreme Earth changes are now manifesting around the world. Some artificially caused by HAARP weather modification technolgies and synthetic cloud seeding, some by Nature’s response to humans adverse imprints: human over population – unbalanced, toxic waters, pollution, ego based human claiming superiority above God and Nature, apathetic greed based industries and adverse impacts, etc. As a species the humans are destroying Nature natural balance. You may say that there are cycles like the Ice Age and Warming of the planet and rising seas again. Yes, this is true. There are also Earth cycles, but the problem is that humans in the past 120 years, since the industrial revolution and its exponential human over population since has now helped to preciipate such cycles with more sudden and rapid effects now being seen as sinkholes, earthquakes, fast melting of ice, etc.

  37. I could see why they would be increasing for two reasons:
    A) increasing water use drains the water tables that often support otherwise weak substrate upon which we build our cities;
    B) The number of sinkhole openings isn’t actually “increasing”, but that urban sprawl and general population growth is causing more people to be affected by them. It may be a combination of both though.

    For the record, the Guatemalan sinkhole is not actually a “sinkhole”, which is a karst feature, but rather just a place where the poorly-consolidated volcanic ash was washed out.

    Rest assured, the apparent increase in sinkholes is not due to any inherent changes in the earth’s crust. However, they do represent a real problem our society will have to face as land and water use continue to increase with rising population.

    -I’m a geologist

  38. I’m more inclined to believe the experts, who have degrees in geology and spend their lives researching this type of thing, than the crazed ramblings of this conspiracy theory lunatic.

  39. i meant fearful sights :-) Remember if you repent of your sin and confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead you will be saved! For it is with your mouth you confess and are saved and with your heart you believe and are justified! God loves you Repent from you sin and turn to Jesus Today HE LOVES YOU!!!

  40. Why would I even give credence to some unsaved, spiritually dead condemned reprobate? (shrug)

    “The message of the cross is, to them that are PERISHING, foolishness.”

    Your eternity is at stake here, not mine. Do what you will.

  41. If you have layers of earth of varient density and you move the most under layers or perhaps “stretch them” while the surface layers stay in place what happens/ and why?… The core is expanding… the subsequesnt layers adjust to compensate.. voids are created between the surface crust and lower layers of the crust… the crust begins to stretch… sink holes appear where there are volnrabilities or weak points in the crust… earth quakes anyone?
    in short.. the earth is going through a cyclic period where it grows.. And its gunna get worse… These fits are usualy fired up during solar tantrums and ultra high electric and magnetic activity from the sun and the sun reacts to the galaxy.. Its all connected.. heard that before?.. If any one has not noticed our entire solar system is having issues.. No SUV’s on mars yet its experienceing warming.. Does hummer make a UFO?.. hmm. perhaps not.
    Soon we will see more solar activity… we could even see more earth bound objects as our solar system has entered a rather active quadrant of our galaxy…more objects mucking about creates more static charge in the stuff we call space that our solar system is spiraling through.. this space is full of dark matter and its easily charge when stuff mucks about.. Wonder if thats why the ole sun’s feelin froggy.. Hmm?
    Shortly it should all come to a head.. but it will be systemic over a period of time.. And you can be sure the powers that be will take every advantage of the situation to furthar remove us from our liberties and the illusions we have of said liberties.
    For those who are awake.. be ready people.. be ready for anything, both from mother earth and TPTB…
    We will survive this…but it wouldnt be a bad idea to move away from the coasts…
    Find like minded people.. prep .. and prey.
    The mainstream would say this..
    there are no earth quakes.. there is no gun grab.. everything is fine…. sleep … sleep my little American… Its all just a dream.. Eat some chips.. have a coke and dont forget to vote.. care for some cool aid?
    Oh it cant happen to me.. it cant happen to us.. Oh this is a bunch of bull..!… right?
    Its already happening, the earth is preping for a change… this is a fact .. its going to happen… and that simple fact does not require you to believe in it in order for it to be so..
    like it or not.. time is short… soon we will all be challenged… lets hope that the TPTB dont have a chance to make it worse than its already going to be, with any luck mother nature will hit so hard and fast TPTB will be as powerless as we are and their ability to F&*k with us will be nuturalized…
    like I said.. have a chat with the big G..
    Good luck to all.

  42. as I have elluded to before…an ever encroaching brown dwarf system would have bearing on these effects (Nibiru, Planet X, Chernobyl, Wormwood, Horned Disc, Red Kachina, Nemesis, Gabriel’s Fist) or whatever term one refers…

    the dramatic gravitational and magnetic effects on the earth’s core and crust would certainly orchestrate these disruptions- among many others- certainly, the frequency and intensity aspect also explained, as this system continually approaches…
    this elliptical orbit encounters our solar system approx. every 3,600 yrs. and has been historically validated- as well as observed by NASA via infrared visualization…

    as the Prophet Isaiah depicted…”the earth would reel to and fro like a drunkard”….

  43. Well I posted what is happening and I explained it all and my post was deleted.. very interesting.. its not ground water, drilling or Man made in any way… The Earth is expanding.. lets see if this short dumbed down explaination makes the post.
    If it does.. study and search for the expanding earth .. you will find your answers.

  44. Possible that all the drilling underground mines active and unactive could be an issue..in addition we have been pumping out oil from the earth for many years one might believe that the oil could be a major factor in the stability of the surface, at some point some thing could affect upper stability, remembering the earth is 3/4 water and 1/4 land i would say we are coming up on the short end!

  45. It is what happens when you pump out all the fluids (water, oil, gas, etc…) it makes a hole and then it falls in. Pretty simple, the people that live in these areas are the reason it is happening, they pump out all the water or oil and boom, big hole and then sit around wondering what happened. Must be some conspiracy, no conspiracy, just stupid people who don’t understand basic science.

  46. Some of these sinkholes are actually collapsed cave ceilings. However what really should concern all of us is the fact that we are pumping drinking water out of the ground far faster than it is being replenished. Pump too much water out the ground and sinkholes appear.

  47. jmccsci.com – He can explain it, if you willing to listen, research, and learn. Don’t care if you believe me or not.

  48. the cern lhc creates black holes and possibly strangelets. einstein never thought black holes would evaporate. i certainly hope they do evaporate. i also hope any ice 9 and strangelets they might create will also evaporate. but we do not know if such things are already created at cern lhc and if they have been created, they could possibly do some real damage. just because it would be nice if such things would evaporate after we create them, does not necessarily imply that the universe works that way. the universe is not averse to black holes and other extreme objects such as magnetars and pulsars etc. so why should the universe hold back if we set up the right conditions as we try to repeat the Big Bang in our little colliders?

    • The reason scientists are unafraid is this: nothing the LHC does is any different than what cosmic rays do in the upper atmosphere. High-energy particle collisions much more powerful than anything the LHC can produce are routine there.

  49. Not just Florida!
    The sinkhole problem is so bad in Lousiana that Erin Brockovich just visited there to bring some media attention to a dangerous situation there!
    Check out E N E N E W S (dot) c o m to learn more!

    • They sure are! This is the place to be if you want to sit back and watch the crazy. :)

      (Also, you earn 20 bonus points if you can convince someone here that the sinkholes are caused by Obama’s secret gnome army.)

  50. No they fill up, the small ones. If enough mass enters it will collapse it. A small one won’t last long.

  51. whats causing all these sinkholes?..I think its from all the bunker building going on. lately there’s been a mad dash for the elite to dig deep to save themselves from the arms race, wars, and natural and simulated disasters that they’ve created. there’s actually underground skyscraper-type cities being built a mile under our noses from coast to coast. perhaps this construction also accounts for the unusually high reports of tremors, quakes, and blast sounds coming from cities, not normally associated with fault line activities, as well. Im sure there are tunnels under the whole world by now, including the oceans. so what kind of blasting, digging, and earth moving do you think that kind of construction would require? surely enough to cause a few dozen sinkholes, right?..really I think that’s probably thee least of the problems facing Americans right now..but what do I know? im nobody.. im just saying..

  52. I like Christians except for one thing:

    They don’t respect others decisions. If someone chooses not to beleive, it’s fine for them (Christians) to try to “help” them, but it goes too far when they say:

    “You will burn in the fiery pits of hell for this!”

    “I’m good, no thanks”

    “Well you won’t be so fine when being faves by god and Jesus”

    Wy not phrase it nicer? Like:

    “You do realise if you don’t beleive you’ll go to hell, right friend?”

    “I know, but I stand by my beleifs”

    “Ok, but if you ever want to convert, I’ll be there to help you!”

    See what I mean? You Christians don’t like scientists telling you your wrong, so why do it to them? If you do the same, you drop yourself to their level, as the saying goes.

  53. Every day there are signs of God and his love for us. there are also signs that he is becoming more and more disappointed. We must understand and try to live as he asked….

  54. Oh please, everyone knows that GOD controls HAARP too, in addition to the natural disasters he sends to randomly kill his faithful men, women, and children. He visits the facility like, three times per month. He’s got to do something between school shootings–it gets rather boring up there in the cloud kingdom.

  55. This is true, and what’s more, the Sun is also shrinking. When they become the same size, they will overlap to form the Mastercard icon, just as the Bible predicts.

  56. I believe in the Biblical accouint of Noahs flood ,which happened a few thousand years ago, and that some of the things that were covered by water and mud and foliage etc are decaying underground faster in some places than others ,depending on their chemical make up, hence leaving an unsupported area underneath heavy soil or concrete etcetera !

  57. As the population explodes and expands they build EVERYWHERE and PRESTO!

    More earthquakes and sinkholes are detected. What a coincidence, huh???

    When there was on one around, no one detected them! Now there seems to be more of them!! What a coincidence, huh?

  58. Its the Mayan doomesday, oops that one proved wrong, or maybe biblical (even though their is no evidence) or perhaps simple changes in rainfall and weather patterns ie. more flood rain and drought causes subteranean collapses. JOB DONE. Be happy life goes on, smile.

  59. I dont think Anti Christ is Obama or this current Pope b/c the Holy Spirit is still in operation on Planet earth. If you really want to know just miss the Rapture then you will find out who is the truth AntiChrist

  60. We are putting way too many holes in the earth ourselves…extracting way too much from out of the depths. Action/Reaction, seems logical enough…

  61. It is natures way. This sinkholes are created from orbital strings of dark matter (micro black holes) orbiting into Earth and around it in the atmosphere. They create severe weather and sinkholes and seismic activity. The sun is expelling this collapsed matter at the Earth during CMEs.

  62. I, too, believe these are part of the Earth’s birth pains as prophesied in the Bible as signs of the beginning of the end; Tribulation is nearing. I believe the method by which it’s doing it is due to the ‘growing Earth’ theory. Perishing in a sinkhole would be horrifying.

  63. Is this what had really gone on with the I35 bridge in Minnesota? We are just now figuring out that Mabie is not just the infrastructures of bridges and buildings?

  64. There could be a few viable explanations, one of which is HAARP….. People seem to forget about that particular option

  65. ok people the reason why we think there is an increase in all of these things is because of technology connecting us. there has always been bad storms and meteors and sink holes we just never paid mind to them because we didn’t have internet or camera phones. there is not an increase we are just now seeing more than our back yard so to speak.

    • You are even more lost and confused than previously thought. I feel sorry for you and hope that you open your eyes before its too late. God bless you brad! #GodsNotDead

      • It’s apparently been too late most years during the majority of the span of human civilisation. there is always some higher power bringing vengeance/justice (depending on your chosen belief) upon the people who believe in said higher power/s. the higher power is simply the powers that be in our physical world. in our day and age it is people such as the rockefellers. people such as them have cottoned onto the fact that plebs such as yourself are easily woo’d into control with the idea of some magical fairy being who just decided one day that the universe, the world and everything that is would be. whilst i don’t argue the idea that higher power could and should very well exist, the ones that are fed to humanity are (in most cases) nothing more than control mechanisms to keep you in line and consuming. catch up buddy

  66. these sinkholes are not natural, why are they so seemingly perfectly round? These are manmade , remeber agenda 21? our governments want us gone

  67. U guys forget t he earth is alive. She has been abused and nowshe is cleansing herself-. Earth is a concious being wether u believe it or not. Ask the mayas and natives. Europeans have taken our lands raped our people and the earth. Gold silver etc are minerals that arr there to keep balance in the earth. They are worth more than any amount of money. Reconnect with nature those who don’t will suffer the most


  69. When I first started asking the question “Are sinkholes on the increase?”, I was surprised how many sinkhole “experts” don’t know or seem to care. We seem to spend more time keeping track of shark attacks than we do sinkholes.

  70. we as americans have did this god is the creator of the heavens and earth and he has looked down on us and seen we are doin bad i dont blame him for doing what he has to do to earth to straighten it out we all need to learn our lesson so whatever happens on earth to straighten people out than so be it let the wrath of god rain upon

  71. OK, interesting article again, but again the stupid answers.
    Remember Occam’s Razor. The most simple answer is probably right.
    So, is the simple answer that a supernatural being is opening holes in the ground to prepare everyone for the end of days / the world (depending on your personal belief / Interpretation)?
    Or is it that other geological forces are at work? whether it is through mining, building on unsuitable land, the fact that we are all living on huge plates of rock that move on a lake of molten rock?
    ‘Any technology sufficiently advanced will appear like magic’, could be interpreted as ‘A lack of knowledge will mean you do not understand what is happening, but there is an explanation if you have the knowledge’
    Rather than talk about demons, the coming of the last days, why not learn about what is happening? Surveys, measurements and even the use of ROVs would be a far more valid use of your time than immediately saying “The End Is Nigh”
    I have looked at some of my posts, and it may appear that I disrespect religious views, I DO NOT. But if we do not learn, and live in fear of mysticism, then we may as well shut down the schools, and live in caves with no amenities. Please use the brains you have been given.
    It is said that the average person only uses 10% of their brain power. To be honest, after reading some posts, I think that if some people could use 1%, that would be a significant improvement.
    Always remember Occam’s Razor. And for those who think I am just debunking everything, again, I am not, I just would like it if people just thought a little more.
    For example I was at the site of a really wide area flood in an area that had never had one before……. Was it a divine manifestation? or was it that the 2000 new homes in the area had just overwhelmed the existing infrastructure….
    Look and use your brains please.

  72. Ehh.. People, I have the answer, you all know the earth is getting warmer and warmer, the north pole is currently a lake now, almost no ice at all. And what do you think happens with all that water when it meets landmass? The earth beneath you is getting more water on it and will get more unstable.. that’s one of my guesses at least… And then you can further speculate what is going on with our Earth’s core, if it’s heating up the planet or not.

  73. There is an explanation that no one will believe. It is related to a similar but opposite occurrence in earth’s history. Look around and you will see massive amounts of evidence that the earths crust EXPANDED. Mountains thrust up, tousnads of miles of sedimentary rock buckled and folded up like a pie crust too large for the pie. The know nothing “scientists” attribute the evidence to “plate tectonics”, but that explanation lacks something very important – a plausible mechanism. What was the source of the massive amounts of energy needed to move millions of cubic MILES of solid rock thousands of miles?

    The speed of light changed. According to Einstein’s E=MC2, mass is inversely proportional to the speed of light. If the speed of light decreases, mass must increase because the total energy of the universe is a fixed amount. There is abundant that this happened in the recent past. The most dramatic evidence, but not at all the least, is the folding and buckling of the earth’s crust.

    The speed of light has been measured for about the last 400 years. In that time period, the experimental values of C have decreased over time. That trend bottomed out in 1971, and began to trend up again.

    If the speed of light increases, the mass of the earth will decrease in an inverse relationship.

    I think the speed of light has been increasing significantly. The result of such an increase would be the SHRINKING of the elements themselves. That shrinkage would explain the massive increase in sinkholes, and indeed would be predicted by it.

    I expect that if the “scientists” would end their ignorance and test the speed of light, they would see a significant increase. The have been told that C is a constant, so like all good ideologues they repeat the mantra.

    • Plate tectonics are driven by deep, volcanic forces. The “solid rock” is actually floating on a liquid base. The speed of light is a constant.

  74. @J.M.
    Shame, who is spewing the hate? Who is ignorant? “protestant based ignorance’… Jesus Christ said in the book of St. John, Chapter 14, verse 6, that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No-one will see the Father, except they go through Him. A few months ago, the pope said that atheists will go to heaven if they do good deeds, yet, scripture states that faith in Christ will save you, not your good deeds. The Book of John, chapter 3, verse 16 says that God loved the whole world so much, that whomever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life… No where does it state that I have to belong to the unholy R.C. Church… So, read your Bible, if you have one… Don’t allow a priest to ‘interpret’ for you, but you may ask our God to show you the truth of their error… Yes, if you ignore this reply, it will haunt you forever… because you are hell-bound. Have faith in God, not in a religious system. God is able to save you, not this religious corrupted system.
    All the best to you, I hope you find the Way, the Truth, the Life.

  75. Hello they are establishing underground citys for the wealthy. No wonder they are only going to spare 15% the other 85% are idiots

  76. Would the increase in Earth’s core temperature have anthing to do with the cause of global warming and in some way have to do with sinkholes?

  77. I have come to the conclusion that most Americans are quite mad. Maybe being swallowed up by a sink hole wouldn’t be such a bad thing for you guys. Peace xxx

    • Americans, brainwashed and propagandized from birth thanks to the criminal cabal behind the scenes that have garnered control of everything their citizens know!

  78. These are the “End Times” there’s just to much happening at a fast pace. I for one an 39 now and i can say we’ve always had earthquakes, tornadoes, and Hurricanes. The last 10 plus yrs you can tell all of this has picked up fast and fast with tougher storms. These sinkhole have just appeared like this the last few yrs. We’ve alway’s had even so sinkholes, but not like this and it’s world wide. Animals are dying by the thousands without explanation, well the bible explains, to the scientists. You have serious signs that are appearing left, right, and sideways. I will say this to the American people dont worry about your status in the world at the end you will lose it all. There’s an economic collapse coming and the govt knows this the dollar will crash it has to for the devil to install the New World Order and the One World Currency. God said all these things must pass before the end. All you have to so is just stop find out the information you need to know and quit trying get more in this world. It’s soon going to be taken away from you anyways. Even the elite are about to be fooled by the devil they’re just to wrapped up in the world to see it. Don’t choose that same fate. God Bless you all.

  79. This started shortly after the 200+ million gallons of oil escaped into the ocean by BP and other oil associates. I do not know what, but its obviously related. It would behoove people to find out while the court is still out against these irresponsible corporations.

  80. I was hoping in the comment section we would actually discuss sinkholes and not turn it into a religious talk as usual. Demons coming out of sinkholes?? Religion has killed more people than all the wars combined…you kill in the name of God. Anyone ever think of history when they said how great Christianity is? The holy crusades was bloody and cruel. They raped and murdered women and children for the church.
    ~People are so narrow minded and ignorant.
    How about we talk about the real issue here….. why are there so many sinkholes growing? They just had another one form in Detroit.

  81. How about we have some scientific speculation instead of “end of days” theories? I mean, this is pretty serious… Why clutter it up with fairy tales?

  82. Are you guys retarded? This is do to the drastic impact humans have had on the environment. Our ecosystems are dying and huge corporations and governments just rake in the profits and refuse to acknowledge their impact. We are all guilty to some extent of destroying this planet. It’s time to seriously switch to renewable power, sustainable food, and ween ourselves off of fossil fuels. Once we do that, we can focus on eradicating discrimination and violence and focus on science and medicine and attempt to move up on the Kardeshev scale as a united civilization.

  83. Wake up folks. Stop with all the religion mantra. These things are happening from either below or above the earth. Now, what is circling the earth several times a day and most likely involved in some sinister global agenda? The ISS. The weapons that can be used from space are extraordinary. We, the duped public, will NEVER hear about that or anything close to the truth. However, try some critical thinking and common sense and a touch of science. The military and the H.A.A.R.P. program is no doubt responsible for some bizarre weather events and weather manipulation, and melting glaciers, and possibly that microwave energy could also cause sinkholes. But the ISS isn’t just flying around looking at bees in weightless gravity!

  84. Sinkholes -New Epidemic or Old News?

    As with any new problem that has to be addressed, several factors must be considered to be successful in reaching a remedy. I would be amiss if I did not first mention what must not be part of the investigation into environmental occurrences such as sinkholes. The first negative to encroach into a logical common sense discussion such as this is an agenda driven purpose; for example; Those who are ever trying to prove climate change as a reason for everything from why the neighborhood storm drain plugged up to the migration of the spotted owl. There is no place for agenda driven discourse!

    Another negative that occurs is when those in charge with solving the problem call in the so called “experts in science” to figure it all out. Far too many of these individuals are far too often lofted so high into the stratosphere by their scientific colleges that they are blinded from what stands right before them by they’re own celebrity. In other words, to tight in the pants to be usable.

    What is needed is the common sense of the common man who is not jaded by agenda, moved by lobbyists toward a given goal, or looking to accomplish something far removed from what they are investigating. We see the scientific and political gang do it on a regular basis. No, we certainly do not need that.

    What do we need?

    First – begin by asking the question; “Are more sinkholes happening today than there was 10 years ago, or are we just reporting on them more lately.” The advance of media and technology has transformed our community into a much smaller world with much more access to whats happening around the world. Is it worse than it was, or are we just hearing more about it then we were?

    The second question to ask is, have we broken down a geographical map of “what lies beneath” throughout our land. Understanding the ‘formation of our foundations’ will tell us much.

    Thirdly, How is population growth, community expansion and building, including sewers, water, gas, etc. effecting the foundations under our communities. And then, of course not the last thing but amongst the most important questions to ask is, “what effect is mining, fracking, etc, having on the foundations under our cities?”

    Leave ‘agenda’ out of these questions and investigations and you will more quickly arrive at what is causing the problem of sinkholes to climb, if in fact they are – and what is the main factor for their occurrence, Then we can answer what do we do to fix it? Do we somehow build differently when it comes to running our utilities under ground? Do we pay more attention to geologic formations, i.e. caves and caverns underground, before we build a community on top of it. Much of what we are seeing is the degradation due to years of leakage of utilities, broken water mains, building that creates the rerouting of natural underground systems that in time erode our foundations. Most of what we are seeing is the calamity surrounding something that has happened in our community. Something that most likely was effected by mans planning, or lack of it when our communities were built. Time to step back and learn from our mistakes, building into the future with greater knowledge and yes – common sense! What we don’t need is someone pushing his or her agenda driven message of global warming, climate change or perhaps hairspray cans from the 70’s!

    Almost always, common sense rules the day. Ask the right questions, with the right people = get the right answers!

    Tim Harbin

  85. the ISS is the most likely culprit. Military and sinister use to support the global agenda of world domination. Fines, taxes, weather manipulation, bizarre occurances never seen……….it’s not the end of the world according to the fiction of the bible, it is control by sinister humans of the same tribe.

  86. H.A.A.R.P. the project that has the power to pinpoint microwave energy and cause those huge ice melts, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, etc. The American Military is not NICE and their agendas are not NICE. Wake up folks and stop believing that America are good guys. They are being controlled from the top, down by sinister tribal globalists for humungous profits and control!

  87. Only two possibilities: One is caused by something below and the other is caused by something above. Now think what could be capable of causing giant sinkholes from above. The ISS. In my opinion that multi billion dollar space station is doing a lot more than seeing if bees can fly in space or if mice can mate, etc. This military base is testing weapons of all types and they just may be able to direct beams of some sort from space to cause these events.

  88. they have been happening here in ohio also it could be due to the harsh winter we had tons of water main breaks

  89. Maybe the Large Hadron Collider is spitting out singularities which gobble stuff up as they pass through the Earth.

  90. how can anyone not believe in God or Jesus Christ? You have a consciousness right? there for you live on forever not in the flesh, the flesh is corrupt, and we live in a 3 dimensional world, everything is made up of vibrations, how can you say you dont believe in God, because you cant even begin to understand something infinitely greater than yourself, why dont some of you look at the facts scientifically proven and do some research, there is so much more but we will never fully comprehend it living in the flesh. no other animal on earth has a consciousness.hmmmm? dont get to caught up, remind yourself from time to time what all this really is..A TEST

  91. OR is it?? all we have is the word, and what non catholic christians forget ALL THE TIME we have the Holy spirit/Holy ghost…which is with us today here right now all the time past present and future…its called non local. and the Holy spirit my friends is Gods spirit his will, we have the bible yes but Gods Spirit shows people the way and also I have a theory God controls everything without controlling it but the will gets done. you cant comprehend how it works but it makes sense to me..

  92. Wow was hoping for some science to shed light on the subject and all i see is bibal thumping crackpots! There is no god there are no angelsand certainly is no demons or satan! However if you wish to think like stoneage cavemen be my guest!

  93. interesting that most are round, no doubt it is some kind of beam weapon being used or as the planet changes most of what was considered solid will fall apart, who knows some can be explained but a lot of them are a mystery.

  94. What do Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, and Venezuela have in common? Hint: we put it in our cars and Texas is known for it.

  95. It’s the military responsible about this theirs about 200 less more
    Underground elite city’s right under your feet 30 miles deep
    Underground or it’s the public responsible about it instead that’s
    Why sinckwholes are appearing through out the country these
    City’s are about 1500 hundred miles are far lot bigger yet maybe
    Even 5000 miles of buildings in the underground they. Look like
    Feature city’s like right now right with advanced engineering
    Technology and more we being used by this in years of our money.

  96. can you cross reference the sinkholes in USA with wallmart store closings and in China also and then cross reference sinkholes in UK with Tesco store closings and then cross reference strange noises with that data…then go to youtube and Google walmart drilling holes for tunnels underground…try it, the data will suprise you. They are building a one world Government and they don’t even know what they are doing to the earth with all this deep drilling tunnels…tearing it apart…I tell you this not to start trouble I have no agenda..do the data before leaving comments please..But my only Declaration in this is that People need to realize this is coming to an end, Find Jesus and if you have then maybe it is time to re evaluate your walk and make sure it is Biblical…We are in the latter rain and the time to separate the tares from the wheat and Harvest will be upon us shortly…

  97. The planet is going to change on a huge scale and this may be part of the process, the crust can break away and pull all that is above down, why are most of them in a perfect round hole, could there be a war going on in space and earth is getting hit by powerful beam weapons? some holes can be explained but no all of them the planet is imploding.

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