What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America?

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Martial Law - Public DomainIn recent weeks, there has been a lot of concern that an upcoming eight week military exercise on U.S. soil known as “Jade Helm” is actually a dress rehearsal for the imposition of martial law in this country.  One of the reasons for the high level of concern is that we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of “urban warfare exercises” conducted by the U.S. military in major U.S. cities over the past decade – including exercises where “dissidents” are hunted down, arrested and hauled away.  As our world becomes increasingly unstable, and as our society rapidly decays from within, many believe that it is only a matter of time before the executive branch will have sufficient excuse to use the extensive martial law powers that it has been accumulating since 9/11.  When that day arrives, what will our nation look like?  What would actually happen if martial law was declared in America?


Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the U.S. Constitution would be “suspended”.

In other words, you would suddenly have no rights at all.

There would be no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of assembly and you could be arrested at any time for any reason whatsoever.

For the duration of the “emergency”, the military would be in control.  There would be troops in the streets, a curfew would almost certainly be imposed, and armed checkpoints would be set up.

If the “emergency” lasted long enough, we would probably see authorities go house to house confiscating firearms, ammunition and food supplies.

And perhaps most troubling of all, “dissidents” and “subversives” would likely be rounded up and imprisoned.

Perhaps you don’t think that this could ever happen in the United States in 2015.

Well, we do know that this is precisely what the FBI had a plan to do in the 1950s.  The following is an excerpt from a recent RT article

Documents show the FBI created a “Plan C” during the Cold War, which could have been triggered in the event the US underwent a nuclear attack. It included putting the nation under martial law, rounding up “subversives,” and interning enemy diplomats.

The documents, acquired by transparency journalism organization MuckRock, detail the FBI plan created in 1956, which was shared with several top officials from every governmental department. The FBI also distributed papers regarding the plan to its field offices. The plan would have gone into effect “after a war has begun in which the US is involved or may become involved and prior to an actual attack on the US itself,” according to the documents.

Under Plan C, martial law would be declared and the FBI would enact its ‘Emergency Detention Program,’ which entailed apprehending individuals whose affiliations with subversive organizations “are so pronounced that their continued liberty in the event of a national emergency would present a serious threat to the internal security of the country.” The document shows that as of April 1956, almost 13,000 people “were scheduled for apprehension in an emergency.”

Very sobering.

And we do know that the federal government had a list of at least 8 million names of people that were considered to be “threats to national security” back in the 1980s.  This list was known as Main Core, and it is not known whether this list still exists today.

I have a feeling that it does, and that it is probably much larger than it was back then.

We also know that government documents produced during the Obama administration openly discuss rounding up “dissidents” and taking them to internment camps.  Just consider the following example from Infowars

A leaked 2012 US Army Military Police training manual, entitled “Civil Disturbance Operations,” described how soldiers would be ordered to confiscate firearms and kill American “dissidents.” The manual also revealed that prisoners would be detained in temporary internment camps and “re-educated” to gain a new appreciation of “U.S. policies,” in accordance with U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations.

So who would those “dissidents” be exactly?

In “72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents“, I detailed how official U.S. government documents specifically identify those that believe in “conspiracy theories” as possible threats.  Others that the government is concerned about include those opposed to abortion, globalism, communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations and “the New World Order”.

I wish that none of this was true.  Go check out the article for yourself.

Another very disturbing government document talks about the need for the U.S. Army to prepare to battle political dissidents in “megacities” and to neutralize groups “who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state”.  Here is more from Infowars

The U.S. Army is preparing to fight political dissidents who challenge the power of the state as “megacities” become the battleground of the future, according to a new report in the Army Times.

The article details how the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) worked with US Army Special Operations Command, the chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group and the UK’s Ministry of Defence earlier this year to wargame the future of armed combat, which will revolve around the neutralization of groups “who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state,” a chillingly vague description which could easily be applied to political dissidents.

The plan foresees an unprecedented realignment of U.S. military strategy focused around putting “boots on the ground” in megacities to deal with “politically dispossessed” populations while relying on “more lethal and more autonomous” methods.

Very alarming stuff.

And if we did see martial law declared nationwide, it is likely that all elections would be suspended indefinitely.

That could also potentially include the 2016 presidential election.

Is it possible that Barack Obama could use his emergency powers to stay in the White House beyond his second term?  There are some out there that believe that this could actually happen under the right circumstances.  For example, check out what Dr. Ben Carson said during an appearance on the Alan Colmes radio show

COLMES: What do you mean though when you say there may not be an election in 2016?

DR. BEN CARSON: There may be so much anarchy going on.

COLMES: Anarchy? So you really think we risk risking an anarchic America to the point where elections might be put on hold, or some kind of emergency is declared with such anarchy that there wouldn’t be a Presidential election in a couple of years?

DR. BEN CARSON: I don’t want to find out. I really don’t want to find out, I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we’re going down.

And the groundwork has certainly been laid for such a scenario.

During his time in the White House, Barack Obama has signed a series of executive orders that give him and his minions an extraordinary amount of power in the event of a major national emergency.

For example, read the following excerpt from an executive order that Obama signed in March 2012

Sec. 201.  Priorities and Allocations Authorities.  (a)  The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

(1)  the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2)  the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3)  the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4)  the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5)  the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6)  the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

That sounds like it covers just about everything.

Basically, during a time of martial law all of the things that you take for granted today would be out the window.

You would have no rights, and the federal government would be able to do just about anything that it wanted to do.

If that sounds really bad to you, then maybe now you are starting to understand why so many people get upset when they see preparations being made for the eventual imposition of martial law in this country.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    All I know is that the military trains for where they are going to be deployed. If they plan on sending your unit to the Middle East (sandbox) you train in the desert (in towns with street signs in Arabic). Plan on invading China? Okay you guys are going to South America for awhile to get use to the climate (in a fake town with Chinese writing for bill boards/street signs). I also know the military has been training on American soil to detain citizens for at least 2 decades now. Perhaps it is to justify another bloated budget and keep the troops active prior to being deployed globally.

    • jared thompson

      No, they practice for detaining citizens just in case the so called ‘elite’ decide they need to properly enslave and delete the american/canadian population.

  • SCYankee99!


    • jared thompson

      Shoah! Only the chosen people must exist. All the evil Satanic goyim who are not us, must all die according to our holy Talmud.

      • SCYankee99!

        ahhhh it is what it is….God bless America and our brothers in Israel!

        • Gay Veteran

          NO foreign entanglements;
          Bring the troops home.
          Seal the borders.
          Rebuild America.

          • SCYankee99!

            Vote Rand Paul!

          • Gay Veteran

            “…under Paul’s new plan, the Pentagon will see its budget authority swell by $76.5 billion to $696,776,000,000 in fiscal year 2016…

            Paul’s endorsement of increased defense spending represents a change in direction for the first-term lawmaker, who rose to prominence with his critiques of the size of the defense budget and foreign aid, drawing charges of advocating isolationism. Under pressure from fellow lawmakers and well-heeled donors, Paul in recent months has appeared to embrace the hawkish rhetoric that has defined the GOP in recent decades….”

          • SCYankee99!

            ahhh then don’t vote Rand Paul I guess

          • Gay Veteran

            why would anyone?
            he is proving that

  • MIchael in Chicago

    The alarming number of False Emergency Alert’s issued over the past few years would have been a great addition to this article. Just like having US military on our streets the citizens are being conditioned.

    • jared thompson

      Its like the martial law without the need for overt martial law. Just brainwashing the citizens, and having economic control over all commerce will do the job, no FEMA camps required, since the population is so zombified and compliant in participating in their own destruction.

      • tubolub

        They are not called fema camps any more. They are called OOOMA OOOMPS.

        • VigilanteCaregiver


  • jared thompson

    Then the 2ionist’s would finally admit their work and say:

    “Hahaha stupid Goyim. It was us. We tricked you. Now we have all your real assets which we replaced with false money, so we could start staged wars to get many killed. We ended the white race and destroyed many other people’s so we could fulfil our Luciferian/Satanic aims”.

    • marc



    Better get body armor / bulletproof vests before they make it illegal.

    Soon it might be too late.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Boron Carbide armor is getting cheap.

      • SHOTS = AUTISM

        What stores sell it?

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Bought my first plates from TacticalPro. Working on means to make my own, but it keeps falling apart! Chemical formula is correct (probably), but the results are a puddle of mess. Can’t seem to get the crystalline structure to form.

  • T.

    The Government does Not make Laws that strike down the Constitutional freedoms of Americans – Unless they one day Plan to implement them. The Military does Not train in areas that they do not Plan on operating in – Especially in civilian Uniform and at early morning Hours on the Streets where their Enemy is sleeping. The only way to make more plain the Intentions of this Government – Is to print it in BOLD headlines on the front page of every newspaper in Amerika.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    I’m not worried. Here’s why.

    The US Military really hates little ceasar. Not a dislike; a real distrust and anger. The vast majority of the military will go AWOL. Unlike the Nazi’s; the military makes their pledge to the Constitution – not Obama. If Obama declares martial law to keep power, then he’s no longer commander-in-chief – military power goes to the governors; and many of them really don’t like Obama either. That’s why he wanted a civilian military back in 2008 that’s loyal to him; what joke – even the Secret Service won’t fully protect him!

    And let’s admit it: the Left and their allies are a tiny minority in this country. All this outrage is done through the MSM; and their ratings are dismal. Leftist militants, when accurately counted come up under 800,000. The minority groups they claim representation (authority) over are also split up so there’s not enough of them to hold 300 million at bay under martial law. And many of the militants won’t follow Obama anyway.

    And I can guarantee that the LDS faithful will defend our Church and the Constitution – the militants are outnumbered, outweighed, and outgunned. As things are now, we’ve also got good relations going with the Jewish communities, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, many Protestant denominations (Lutheran, Baptist, Anglican, Episcopalian, etc.), and many Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh communities. We’ll continue to defend each other and share welfare resources; as we’re doing now.

    Will nationwide martial law be effective? Most likely not.

    • “the military will go AWOL”
      This is why Obama is purging military leaders who won’t obey. Also the elite have thousands? of foreign troops that are quietly training in America who will gladly follow orders. Possibly many thousands. And DHS has billions of bullets & thousands of tanks & armor.
      He should expand the article with info on all the foreign troops, purgings & DHS equipment being rolled out.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Doesn’t matter if he’s purged the leadership – that’s all he’ll have; only 11% at best could remain. The elite? They’re more worried about the old world nations. Utah State, where I live, has the authority to confiscate all federal arms; including artillery, tanks, helicopters, guns, ammo, etc. in our borders. I’m sure other states have this also. Foreign mercenaries is Obama’s best option, but no one wants to help him now – definitely not later.

      • tubolub

        God needs to kill the devil monster now.

        • Hammerstrike

          Or simply Putin ridding a raptorshark.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Addendum: Those parts of the Insurrection Act of 1807 that was screwed up in 2007 was all repealed in 2008 before Obama occupied office. The Insurrection Act is reliant on State Governors to handle problems of riots and such. If Obama declares martial law, the Governors must go along with it to be legal. And Utah has taken steps already with the Utah State Defense Force Act that can totally subvert the National Guard if needed.

    • K

      I wish you were right. But people are too easily manipulated, and moral decay has set into most of the Country. Let me give you a short scenario. One day a leader announces, the old U.S. is hopelessly corrupt. A new U.S. must be formed, and all who fight for it become citizens. And as an added incentive, during this fight. Anything you take, you can keep. Can you imagine the chaos in the big cities? Can you imagine the chaos in the southwest, with the boarder wide open? When they decide to reestablish control, many months later. Most people will gladly accept the new order, just to end the chaos. Those few places that avoided the chaos, would have a new status. Welcome to the Reservation. Just like an Indian Reservation, you would have self rule. As long as you stayed within your boundaries. Am I saying it will happen this way? No, just how easily it could happen. All they have to do, is set us against each other.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        That scenario is probable; it’s how street gangs come into being. We’ve had some rebellions in the US, and we’re going through an insurrection right now.

        • Ranger

          It’s not an insurrection. It is a complete take over. China now OWNS America. Lock, Stock, and Barrel.
          No rebellion, No fighting back, nothing!

          The United States will go down in history as the nation taken over and conquered. The only nation who’s people have guns, yet not one shot was fired to save her!!!!!


          • BillRind

            they dont own my home so if they think they can take it. let them send there slanted chinese freaks to get it.

          • ghostx

            Good luck with that happening, im a former marine and i swore an oath to defend this nation against enemies both foreign and domestic… so shots will be fired because i like many others believe in protecting the people of this country. If that means i sacrifice myself to defend my fellow americans then thats a price i would gladly pay. If martial law was declared others like myself would fight back because thats what our government taught us to do and thats what we will do.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Thank you! :)

          • Ranger

            Fight Back!?? Sorry, but your firearms and rifle will be no match for the technological weapons that will be unleashed upon the cattle.

            The fight ended long ago. Only the realization that the nation has already been captured, divided, and sold catching up to the population is lacking.

            Nobody is going to fight to save this nation, they will just type away as the computer cowboys they are.

            All bark, no bite!

          • Ray jones

            not everyone some of us have been preparing and training for years and it takes years to learn individual skills….the only thing i cant do is be young again but this means i have less to loose than the young people and i dont look like much of a threat…

          • Gay Veteran

            let’s face it, our imperial military couldn’t even defeat a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan.
            when was the last time we actually won a war?
            oh, I forgot our glorious victory in Grenada

          • A Voice in the Wilderness

            What will happen if one of your comrades happens to get killed by a civilian? Will you then turn on us?

    • tubolub

      The OBAMA MONSTER will be the head monster of out country.

    • Donald Wilson

      You are most certainly correct. The US is large and it virtually impossible to enact martial law across the entire country, just not enough people in the military, police forces even if Obama attempts to bring in UN forces. Just to many people with weapons, and the expanse of the US makes it nearly impossible. Furthermore, many in the military are getting tired and fed up with Obama’ bullsh*t. The End

      Good Luck

      • One thing I forgot to mention in my reply to him is that president Roosevelt had 110,000 – 120,000 Japanese forced into concentration camps (Wikipedia). Unfortunately presidents have much more power than they did 73 years ago so martial law might be easier than we think.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          The Japanese were interned with the blessing of a vast majority of Americans – they wanted them in Topaz and other places – Germans and Italians, too.

          Obama has the opposite – a vast majority want him and his gangsters in prison camps to stop them from harming us.

    • RoyG

      hey this is a very well thought out piece.. you have alot of good points… i to agree with ya about the current military mentality and what they think of Ostupid.. yes he did purge most of the warriors’s out of the pentagon but most there are politicians anyways.. the real meat of the military is at the field grade officers and nco ranks… THEY will hold true to their oath… even as we speak Ostupid wonts to cut their retirement pay by 20%.. if their is marshall law declared by this idot we are more than likely going to see a civil war.. plain n simple this i believe is what DHS is gearing up for with all their ammo and stuff purchases…

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        20%!!! They’re already pissed off with him and now this! HA!

        And those ammo purchases… well, there’s some interesting things there. Reports are the ammo was ordered, but much of it not delivered. I know of one Russian order in 2012 was deliberately diverted to Islamic terrorists in Syria, and the US was never refunded. Some real news media sources think the massive orders were to make ammo supplies scarce as a means of backdoor gun control. I’ll look for reports on any agency receiving an order.

        And some ammo manufacturers here in Utah have company policies of no orders from any federal agency, auxiliary, or contracted company – 5% discount for locals. And highly recommend investing in a reloader and supplies – those are plentiful.

        • Mary Brown

          Bullets molds and scrap lead too! Car wheel weights(older lead one) make very acceptable pistol bullets. Add a little more tin and antimony and they are okay for rifle use, powder coat them and they can be pushed to jacketed rifle speeds.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            And old boat ballast weights are good sources too. Thanks for this!

      • Hammerstrike

        Mexico, of course.
        Franco couldn´t win on his own, so he called for help from the Kingdom of Italy.

    • Warrior54

      Have you even considered the foreign troops that are in this country already waiting to be deployed, promised the spoils of the American people, consider that and do some homework please.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        I have. They don’t care about us; they’re getting trained to kill in their own lands.

        Let me put it this way: during the civil war England, France, and other European nations had representatives observing both armies. They had some troops with them. The reason wasn’t to invade but to observe, record, and on occasion give advice, but for the most part learn about new tactics and effects of weaponry and such. This knowledge led to new innovations that made their wars and eventually WWI so devastating. That’s why they’re here.

    • Ranger

      Today the US Military are nothing more than an invading force used against any nation who refuses to us the toilet paper garbage called Federal Reserve Notes. The Military is full of useless “paycheck earners” and will be complete ineffective in protecting any part of America.

      That is exactly why the HNIC said he wanted a Private Army more powerful, and well funded to protect American Interests, than the US Military.

      Department of Homeland Security is that such Army.
      They have been funded beyond any other Department. They have over 6 Billion Hollow Point bullets, and enormous amounts of equipment.
      The entire Department is operated and controlled by Israel. The US Military will be decimated in any real war. The invasions they have conducted were against third world nobody’s and even then they still can’t win a war!

      The United States is finished, ruined, and destroyed. Not coming back, and no one can defend it.

      China already owns and has full control of American Ports, Foreign Trade Zones on US Soil, and most the National Parks.

      Ever notice the name of Yellowstone Park?

      The USA deserves and should be destroyed for its evil and murderous actions against the world.


        You’ll to excuse me if I don’t go along with your ignorant and moron view of my country . Of course since you believe we are evil and cause all the trouble in the world, I can only conclude that you are with the forces of evil that we have kept at bay for over half a century. That’s why you hate us; we have kept you from conquering the whole world.

        • David Kledzik

          Hey Douglas, I was going to respond to the wacko ranger, but didn’t want to lose any I.Q. points while doing so. You will have to excuse my language here but where the @#%(%# does he get off talking about this great country of ours like that, and especially my beloved Corps, where I spent
          twenty one glorious years defending this great country and our beloved people. What an ignorant #@%#)%@ I don’t know if he’s a troll looking for a fight or he is off his meds, who knows, who cares, but how un american.
          Beirut in 83′, Panama 89′, Iraq 91′-92′, and Iraq again in 03′, so what makes him an expert in combat warfare and tactics, and where does he get all his so called info that we will lose, cause I’ve seen first hand, ‘Not A Chance My Friend’, Have a good one bud,
          SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          • Gay Veteran

            Iraq 2003? you sure as hell wasn’t defending America

      • Gay Veteran

        ROFLOL, if our imperial military couldn’t defeat a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan then HOW is Homeland Security (sounds better in the original German) going to control America?

    • Hammerstrike

      The “ukraine” but bigger.

    • Hammerstrike

      Mexico, regime could very well sell them the entire South-East in exchange for military support.
      There are rumors the CIA is involved with the drug gangs, so when martial law is declared the narco-gangs moves north, gets military equipement and recruite the illegals, “children” inside the governement camps as cannon fodder.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Hammerstrike; you rogue! Good to see you!

        They could! This is very possible.

    • A Voice in the Wilderness

      What about your LDS traitor Harry Reid?

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been excommunicated already. He has done a lot of things that would call his membership into question with his Bishop and Stake President, but it’s up to them to handle him. He would face excommunication if he’s convicted in this visa scandal, or his campaign finance scandals, or anything else. He did admit to lying about Romney’s taxes and pressuring Rush Limbaugh’s partners; which does require a meeting with his Church leadership regarding honesty. The Church has put out statements about his activities and opinions, and emphasized that he doesn’t speak for the Church itself.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Everyone armed, everyone free.

    • Syrin

      How will that stop the drones? These are different times

      • tubolub

        The swat team monsters and the army monsters will come and hunt you down.

        • tom thumb

          Good all moving targets as far as Im concerned

        • Common Sense

          There are many who would like that.
          Saves them the trouble of looking for them.
          The canary delivers itself to the cat

        • linecrosser

          It will be a short hunt, they know where I am, and I’m not going anywhere. My contribution to the victory, will be to delay them, so others will get away to fight another day. This is my Alamo.

          • Paul Patriot

            God Bless You dear Patriot!!!!

        • AtomicMetroid

          I hope they come…..

      • Paul Braxton Hicks

        …ever heard of a high powered rifle… …we use them for hunting.

        • Ray jones

          ever hear of 60.000 feet thats the cruise alttitude of a global hawk drone…..the predator and reaper are most likely gonna be above 5.000 feet and runing 200-400 mph so good luck seeing it much less hitting it with a rifle……you would be better of jamming {radio} its gps reciever or disrupting its video link than trying toshoot it down.

          • Paul Braxton Hicks

            …actually, it’s 50 thousand feet… …and shooting a moving target is easy if you have the skills, or enough lead being volleyed… …there is more then one way to skin a cat… …they can’t see through smoke, they can’t see through walls or the ground… …if it ever comes to that, people are smart and resilient… …we will beat them at their own game.

          • Ray jones

            5.280 feet per mile divide by 50.000 =9.469 feet divide by 3=3.156 yards….i dont know how to to the math to calculate the lead you would have to take to hit this target…..i used to pass shoot canadian geese up to about 350 feet of altitude….3 inch magnum 0000 buck shot 28 inch barrel….i had to lead them by 14-18 feet by my estimate depending on conditions and i never had more than 2 peices of 0000 ought buck shot hit any of the birds i shot….just in case your wondering there were 38 peices of 0000 buck shot per round….and this was a target flying at 45- 60 miles an hour…..i make no claim to being a super brainiac but i have done a lt of stuff with guns that people around me have said is impossible they dont use that word around me any more and havent for a couple decades…..im just telling you that with the stuff available to me personaly i can see no way to make a shot like that….now i am also a general class ham radio opperator and i would think it would be a lot easyier to overload the gps reciever on board the drone…take away that info and neither the machine or the opperator knows exactly were they are ranges speeds ect…the very things you have to know 100% to hit your target….we already know what frequency gps opperates on so all we have to do is put out a bigger signal than a sattleite can a bird is genraly very low power

          • Paul Braxton Hicks

            …you speak as if a jet has never been shot out of the air… …anything is possible, war is the Mother of Invention.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        EMP grenades?

      • BillRind

        very simple and old technology can jam them and take them down or get 12 ga. shotgun and shoot them down.

        • tree

          Youtube has videos on radio communications jamming.

          • NoCrud

            Part of the plan is to take down the Internet with ever-increasing control. Then the source of information will be lost to people at large.

          • copy webpages to your computer, download videos

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Not enough. One virus or group hack will erase it. Print webpages, online books, and copy videos to DVD’s. The more physical the data the better.

          • I don’t like saying what I know online but this is easy. Just backup computer to multiple flash drives. Put F.D. in waterproof bags. Get a GPS (nothing that gives off signals like a phone) & go out faraway & hide flash drives in multiple places. Write down the coordinates, position format & map datum. Keep GPS on all the time in the car so the track log overwrites its past locations. Go somewhere far & write coordinates on the underside of a few rocks & put back in place. Write position format & map datum down at home. Finally, burn the paper with the coordinates. There is absolutely no way they could find it.

            Hikers use GPS to hide their water & extra keys. The only difference is they make a waypoint instead of write coordinates.

            They already are deleting webpages so looks like I should backup eventually.

          • Mary Brown

            Defeat a microwave over door switch, point up off a roof and turn it on. The hash will jam comms for any drone flying over. More technically incline can rig them to a dish antenna(not hard, some large copper pipe is all it takes and mount the microwave at the dish(yes it will be heavy). That would increase the power of the microwaves considerably.

      • Mary Brown

        smaller drones a shotgun will trash them, larger a 50bmg can take them down below 5,000 feet.

        I expect half the military to side with civilians and a lot of military hardware along with them. Obama does not know what he is getting into!

        • Paul Patriot

          I hope you are right and I suspect there will be many active duty military that side with civilians. BUT, there will be a LOT who will simply “just follow orders” .

          Here is a few reasons why I am skeptical and will believe it when I see it:

          Police and National Guard trampled on Constitutional rights in New Orleans after Katrina, disarming law abiding, responsible licensed gun owners.

          Militarized, (police) bullies with badges, simply “followed orders” trampling the 4th amendment in Boston after the marathon bombing.

          Ft. Hood shooter wore a US military uniform, yet, he was found out to be an anti-American invader who murdered our service men and woman???? But, he was a bonafide US Soldier.

          LT. Vance of CT state police, after Sandy Hook, after the wave of tyrannical, draconian, UNConstitutional disarming gun laws were passed made it crystal clear that his police staff would enforce whatever laws were on the books…..so, basically, arrest someone take their guns, simply because they failed to register (with the “state”) a legally purchased rifle that the tyrant Malloy deemed illegal, or a plastic magazine that came with their legally purchased/owned pistol…again, felony and arrest…..Where is the “oath” that the cops swore????? It is NOT to the Constitution and NOT to protect and serve the citizens who pay the taxes for their salaries.

          History……..tells story after story of people in authority hurting or murdering their fellow citizens simply because they were following orders of a “leader” and/or someone in higher authority.

          Ill believe it when I see police and military drawing the line in ther sand and refusing, to obey any order that would violate the Constitution and the American way.

          • A Voice in the Wilderness

            Also, once one military person is killed by a civilian (allegedly), then all hell will break lose from the military.

          • AtomicMetroid

            Most of the military will defect and side with the people.

          • A Voice in the Wilderness

            I hope so

          • rich

            No they won’t!

        • rich

          There is no civilian militia that can stand up against a well trained military. First of all many of the gun owners will not fight because of age or health, and secondly when you count guns how many are owned by someone who has several of them?They can’t use them all at one time. If there is a conflict between the military and the civilians Obama wins! It won’t be an all out battle but his forces will take one section of the country at a time (there are 11 of them) until he has us right where he wants us. We won’t be able to communicate with each other because by then he will have taken control of all communications. We just have to hope it’s not his plan because if it is we will be in subjection to him.

          • Mary Brown

            All communications? I can communicate around the globe daily even if the grid goes down, just as many other ham radio operators can. We have backup power and radio waves are hard to block. And jamming doesn’t work against the new digital modes I can use on a tablet to move data.

            And gun owners will share weapons if it comes down to it. Half the military will refuse to fire on citizens and many will defect with weapons including tanks etc.

          • rich

            Mary, get serious! If the government wants to shut down ALL communications you’d better believe they can and they will. And about the military: there is no civilian militia that can stand against a well trained military who not only has the man power but also the technology to completely overwhelm them. Do you recall the 1.5 million black men who are allegedly missing? Where do you think they are? They are part of Obama’s military and they would nothing more than to destroy the white people. Obama won’t even need the U.S. military, which he has been reducing anyway. I am not pro-Obama and his plan but I seriously think that the day is fast approaching then he will become dictator. And ther is no one to stop him.

          • Mary Brown

            fully HALF the military will tell Obama to shove it and they will take their toys and head for their home towns. National Guard units especially will use their military hardware against the government.

            I can use a digital signal through massive jamming and still make a contact. You do not have a clue what modern amateur radio can do. They will not shut down every last avenue of communications! And as word spreads more and more civilians will join the fight.

            And for all of our fancy military hardware we never defeated Afghanistan, the Russians the same. Tribal members with AK-47s and simple shoulder launched missiles defeated the two most technological armies in the world.

            And do you thing the people fighting the government will do it with a large force against modern armor? That is stupidity. it will be groups of 2-3 people who hit and run and blend right back into the local population. People will setup a sniper location, take out high value targets and be gone before the military can even respond. What are they going to do? Use every last missile to wipe out those small groups? Wipe every town off the map? A destroyed country is no use to them, they want it intact.

          • rich

            Mary, have you ever been in the military? Soldiers are sworn to obey the Commander in Chief, who presently is Barack Obama. They will not leave their posts because they would wind up in the brig. Besides, if what is true Obama most likely wouldn’t even need the U.S. military because he is said to have his own huge military. If he is to start a takeover he will not be nice about it and will give orders to fight nastily. The civilians do not have the fire power! What is so hard to understand about that? Plus with modern communications Obama’s experts would be able to wipe out ALL kinds of communications. Even if he didn’t do that where would the people get food to eat, water to drink, ammo to use, transportation to get around? He has in his power to suspend all kinds of our freedoms including the electrical grid and the banks and all kinds of other things by executive order, which was granted to him by the stooges in Congress. You mention 2 and 3 people hit and run. How long do you really think that would last? I fought in Vietnam in 1967 and the Vietcong did just that and they were not very effective. It was the North Vietnamese Army that gave us fits. They were well trained and armed. What kind of training would the civilians have especially those my age who are too old now to fight? You don’t fight military weaponry with rifles, which is what most of the legal gun owners have. You need heavier equipment and anything like that is most likely owned by people who are on Obama’s side. I am not for Obama and it would be disastrous if he tried to take over this country but I’m afraid that if he tries he will succeed. It’s not only his military on his side but it’s also the liberals, the blacks, and the hispanics, too. And he won’t hesitate to kill anyone who opposes him if it gets that far. It’s ni.ce to feel we as civilians have what it takes to fight off a hostile takeover but in reality we wouldn’t have a chance!

          • Mary Brown

            WRONG soldiers swear to uphold the constitution of the United States!

            The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and
            oath for commissioned officers are as follows:

            “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
            and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
            enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and
            allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the
            President of the United States and the orders of the officers
            appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform
            Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code;
            Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789,
            with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

            “I, _____ (SSAN), having
            been appointed an officer in the Army
            of the United States, as indicated above in the grade
            of _____
            do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and
            the Constitution of the United States against all
            enemies, foreign
            and domestic, that I will bear true faith and
            allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any
            reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will
            well and
            faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon
            which I am
            about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August
            for officers.)”

            They swear to follow orders that are legal under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Part of which flat out says they do NOT have to obey an illegal order!

          • rich

            Mary, perhaps you have me wrong in this debate. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I am on your side but I am just looking at this in a realistic view and one that I hope is wrong. All the signs point to Obama taking over this country as a dictator and if and when he does it will be very bad. He is the Commander in Chief of all the military and ther military is trained to obey his commands. If and when he does take over there will no longer be a Constitution or Bill of Rights. Just look around and see what’s going on. This whole country is a mess and it’s all because of him. Plus if most of the military men do not obey his commands he has the option to put them in prison. Did you ever hear of the FEMA camps?

          • Mary Brown

            When 50% of the military walks off who is going to arrest them? The other 50% is going to be hard pressed defending their bases against patriots. National Guard units will get stripped of all their toys and most members will fight on the side of the patriots, they have family living right in the communities they are based in.

            Will a lot of people die? Yup, but for every one killed 10 more will join as they see the evil Obama is trying to force on this country.

          • Mary Brown

            Funny.. we LOST in Vietnam you moron

          • baldwin

            Sounds like someone doesn’t support the troops.

          • rich

            baldwin, you could not be farther from the truth! I am a Vietnam War veteran and I absolutely support the troops. It’s the president and his cronies I don’t support. I am just being realistic when I say the civilians will never beat a military. In Vietnam we fought against two communist factions, the civilians (Viet Cong) and the army (North Vietnam Army or NVA). We (the US) didn’t have much trouble with the Viet Cong because they weren’t trained or armed very well, but the NVA was a different story. They were well trained and funded (by China) and it was a lot tougher. It would be the same way if it ever came down to the civilians against the US military. We would have no chance and Obama would easily win. The civilians don’t have the necessary fire power to beat him no matter what hard core people say. Just being realistic!

          • baldwin

            I don’t doubt most of what you say, except for the fear of Obama, which I can’t take seriously. I frankly have a hard time believing that even you take it seriously.

            What are you going to do when his administration quietly ends in 2017, just like all the others have?

          • rich

            My fear of Obozo is not because of him directly but it’s because if he takes over this country as dictator we all better fear for our lives. I think that’s his plan and I truly hope I’m wrong. Will his admin quietly end in 2017? I guess we will find out, won’t we?

          • baldwin

            Yes we will find out. And just in case things go bad, God bless and good luck!

          • rich

            My exact sentiments to you, too, brother!

      • Valdemar II

        Lasers. Hacking/interference. BFGs.

        foto.haqida.u z/ uploads/ gallery/ main/ 386/ 88cd712ea9e2145a-large. jp g

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Okay, now I’ve had some sleep…

        Best way to handle the drones is the same way you’d handle jets: while it’s on the ground with a sniper rifle while it’s getting maintenance. In the air is usually too late without a .70 cal machine cannon and 20,000 rounds firing 200 yards in front of it’s flight path.

    • I think this is why they use psychiatrists to kick people out of the military. Later when the veteran goes to buy a gun, they can’t because they were diagnosed with a “mental disorder.”

      The perfect way for the Fuhrer to remove questionable troops & take away their gun rights all at once!

      • Eileen Kuch

        Why are you referring to Obongo as der Fuhrer? He’s a Bolshevik; and Bolsheviks are the worst gun-grabbers on Earth. The Bolsheviks of nearly a century ago slaughtered over 25 million Russian Christians; the Stalinists slaughtered at least 40 million more. As Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said, Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

        • qweztionz5

          He’s a puppet, a little jiggling marionette and the strings are pulled by the Rothschilds.

          • Eileen Kuch


      • Guest


  • SHTF411

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.
    ~Thomas Jefferson Aug. 30. 1787

    • Mary Brown

      Starship Troopers, while a good movie also has some great ideas. No voting rights unless you serve in the military in some capacity. That could be extended to business owners, those who pay income taxes…. if you are a burden on this country you do NOT get to vote. Those on Social Security I do NOT count as a burden, they paid in for years to get what little the government gives back. Burden is welfare in any form including corporate, if a corporation gets government handouts no participation in elections. No donations, no advertising for a candidate, nothing. Neutral party if you get welfare.

      • qweztionz5

        On your first point. Jesus wasn’t in the military, Hitler was.
        Who would you rather have voting?

      • jomo

        idiot….racism prevents work =prevents vote….you dummies actually believe your ideas

        • Mary Brown

          Nowhere is Starship Troopers racist you moron.

    • Paul Patriot

      Yes sir and the tree of Liberty is getting mighty thirsty.

  • Syrin

    I said SIX years ago that the Fuhrer would eventually consolidate his power, ruin this country then declare martial law. Care to guess what people said to me back then. You are a FOOL and an idiot if you are just now waking up to this reality as all the signs were apparent BACK THEN

    • TexasOlTimer

      Isn’t frustrating to have been telling people all of this since Obama took office and they’re only waking up AFTER he gets a second term? I did everything I could to wake people up.

      During the ’12 primary I tried to tell those that wouldn’t vote unless the Republican candidate adhered to their very exact standards that they were voting against their country by doing that… I guess there’s no convincing those too hardheaded (or stupid) to listen.

      • Mary Brown

        Voting for a RINO aka democrat lite is futile and does zero to help us. Period. So we put McCain in office? He was anti -gun, pro immigration, pro common core… he is a democrat

        • TexasOlTimer

          At least he had a love of this country and wouldn’t have a majority of Muslims, anti-Americans, Marxist and Communist as his advisers.

          • Eileen Kuch

            If you mean McCain, he had no love of this country. If he did, he’d never have his photo taken with ISIS cannibals while in Syria; he’d never have supported illegal immigration and the Marxist/Bolshevik policies that have been promoted for six years. He’s no patriot; never has been.

          • the one

            He was broken by the Chi-Coms in Hanoi Hilton. He is a Manchurian candidate if one ever could be…

          • Eileen Kuch

            His fellow POWs didn’t nickname him “Songbird” for nothing. He sang like a canary to the North Vietnamese on USAF bombing coordinates and schedules.

          • the one

            He was the only one to come out of the Hanoi Hilton fatter than when he went in. Everyone else looked like a scarecrow… He rolled

          • Eileen Kuch

            There you have it. For his treason, McCain was rewarded by his “captors”, who treated him to fine meals and other luxuries; whereas, his fellow POWs had been starved and tortured throughout their captivity; thus, the differences in their appearance from McCain were quite stark.

          • AtomicMetroid

            John McCain only loves Israel.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, he has such a love of country that he wants us involved in yet MORE wars

          • Arcanek

            How is anti gun, pro immigration and pro common core congruent with a love of country? And what difference does it make who the ‘advisors’ are? The ‘advisors’ are controlled by the banksters, as well.

        • Shasta

          McCain was a Republican and his views came out when he was running for the presidential office…or he was told “what the office meant if elected” by the Republicans themselves….he changed his tune from whence he started…another Bush supporter in the end, he should have run for the Democrats….he may have made it, without the help of T. Kennedy.

      • AtomicMetroid

        You think Obama is in control??? wow

      • Gay Veteran

        LOL, republicans=democrats

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Six years ago I was commenting on this blog and you did say that. You were correct then and now.

    • Truth Speaker

      You are a fool, and an Idiot. It didn’t happen then, and it won’t happen now. Guaranteed if that ever happens it will be a right-wing reactionary tea-bagger, not a liberal who does it…

      • the silenced masses

        Obama is not a liberal, not even close. There are no liberals or conservatives in politics. Only fascists serving the interests of the ruling elite

        • the one

          @thesilecedmasses, Do not waste words on TS. TS is lost in the dialectic and cannot think. Does not comprehend that there is no left right paradigm only lies and obfuscation designed to control the “herd mind”.

          “No badness can ever come from my team!”

    • the silenced masses

      It was during Bush’s two administrations that the groundwork for this fascist takeover was put in place. Bush and Obama work for the same people, that is why they both followed the exact same agenda, more wars, more debt and less rights. Anyone who thinks there is a difference between the two corporate parties is not paying attention

      • Arcanek

        It started a long time age, with the constitution. The constitution was the work of the masons, who controlled both parties. The first groundswell political movement in the US was the anti masonic movement in the 1820’s. The people back then figured it out, but the masons just went stealth.

    • mariesnylife

      I hear you, years back I started trying to make people aware of what was coming. Not enough room to type all the nasty, hateful, and just plain dumb responses..
      That is until lately when the Sheep began to come out of their GMO induced slumber..
      You know the saying, “a whole lot, a little to late”, is definitely going to apply here. Window of opportunity just slammed shut and bolted and locked, no turning back now!
      I have come to therms with the belief that not everyone is wired to understand what is going on, and maybe it is just as well. Even those with PHD’S, they are the most dumbed of all!
      “THEY” are following Revelation like they have been studying it for thousands of years. Everything right on schedule . Just saying………

  • DJohn1

    I would suggest that the forefathers thought of this. Somewhere, I have no understanding of where, there is a group of people that kill potential government people that will take over in such an incidence. It is basically a sixth column of government and history proves me right.
    There have been killers of our executive branch all throughout our recorded history. Some of which victims have been very popular presidents.
    What to look for?
    A patsy set up to take the blame after the work is done. Oswald was never ever allowed to live long enough to tell the truth of what happened. The man that killed him was facing death by cancer. He kept his mouth shut. That it became necesary to kill the person that was supposed to have killed Kennedy shows blunders were made.
    That pattern is common in successful attempts.
    I believe ballistics would prove that Jack Kennedy was killed from a bullet aimed from a sewer, not one from a room high above. The police all looked for the assassin above ground. Yet if I am right the assassin left the scene with a bullet matching the one from above.
    The way to do that is to get a rifle with the same fingerprint which seems impossible but isn’t. You simply need the same barrel material when the rifle was put together.
    If I am right, President Obama would be in real danger right now of the same thing happening to him. Any potential threat to the constitution in the form of martial law is likely to set it off.
    I think we only have so many places to put people if they fall under the category of being a danger to the country. That number of people will rise when an actual takeover the government becomes necessary in the eyes of those in authority.
    Over 300 members of the past Congress voted that contingent marshal law plan into existence and renewed it recently. So it was explained to the Congress as “necessary” and enough so that both political parties voted to enact that law.
    If you ask who voted for it? Then you too may be on their list of potential threats to the country.
    Only 1/10 of one percent of the country are leaders. The rest are mostly followers. Even so, that number is high enough that it will be all but impossible to round up all of them logistically speaking.
    Korea has been a victim of one dictator after another over the years. There is no direct way to say NO in the Korean language. So the old South Pacific song “YES! we have no bananas. Is pretty much how you say no in that language. There are no direct objects in Korean.
    The point being that NO is not in the language of those that survive a dictator.
    I think President Obama will serve out his term and leave. Possibly he will take a position with the UN. IF an attack occurs, the President is the commander in chief of the armed forces.
    The potential for a nuclear strike is likely to come from Saudi Arabian rebels. The most likely places are major airport terminals and D.C. itself. The last one in 9/11 was done with commercial airliners. I think the next one will come from people illegally here from our southern border.Besides D.C. targets are Chicago, Denver, New York City, San Francisco and port cities on the west coast like Seattle.
    The most likely weapon will be a disguised bomb imported from abroad in the form of a Soda Pop machine.
    I suggest getting the radiation detectors out now.
    All of what I have just written is pure speculation.
    I cannot conceive of any one wanting to run the country right now.
    Much less becoming a dictator. Yet here we stand with at least 16 people interested in the job in 2016.
    Now that is insane.

  • tubolub

    Get these monsters out of power now!

  • How Not To Play The Game

    ……be prepared. Even the Boy Scouts know that much. At the top, no one is on our side. We are on our own.

  • Mark

    Lickspittle ‘Christian’ Zxixoxnxixsts have nothing to worry about because you are accomplices, not dissidents.

    The misspelling is necessary since the correct spelling is CENSORED.

  • Allan Elliott

    Fear not. We’re a long way off from this happening. FDR had his chance as did Bush in 2008. No, it won’t happen until after the dollar collapses and the petro dollar comes to an end as replaced by the IMF SDR’s. Then we may see a scenario like this happen. But that is decades away.

    • Lamar L Ramal

      Pull your head out and open your eyes. It’s here.

  • Joseph James

    Make ready

  • Joseph James

    Jade helm is a blockade under guise of training, compartmentalized from the top.

    This is not the gun confiscation drill

    This is not necessary the martial law drill..

    These are the border states that will get swamped during exodus this fall and winter. Since nobody will flock into Canada during the cold………..

    Preps in place.

    Even if the exercise comes to an end……things are already positioned for future use, and troops are conditioned.

  • Sean Stout

    In the 1950s, subversives were communists. Now in 2015 the commies are in control and subversives are freedom lovers.

    • Archie1954

      “Commies”? I think you are in a time warp!

      • Sean Stout

        Okay what would you call them then?

        • GregCz

          Liberal dem turds

          • the one

            Terms are interchangeable so no real diff. Kill em all and let G_d sort em out!

          • GLADALLOVER

            And the total assistance of Dem-Light RINOs who believe in The Totalitarian New World Order just like all of the other Marxists, such as Dear Leader Super Queer Jug Ears!

        • Archie1954

          I would call them fascists!

          • Sean Stout

            They are commies in that they follow Mao and Marx, but fascists in that they use giant globalist corporations to further their leftist PC agenda.

          • Just a man

            They are also dupes in that they are controlled and fooled by the elite globalists at the top of the pyramid and they don’t even know it. At least the lower echelons don’t know it. The top politicians are very much aware of it and serve them gladly. Never look only at the glove, but also at the hand inside the glove.

          • Arcanek

            Most of the dupes are the unaware populace. There are probably not too many members of congress, and certainly none that have ever been reelected, that are unaware of the fact that they are owned. the first time they try to exercise their ‘independence, they are either scandalized out of office if they don’t cave in to the blackmail.

        • Arcanek

          Authoritarian collectivists

          • Sean Stout

            AKA commies.

          • Arcanek

            That’s just one denomination.

          • Sean Stout

            That’s what authoritarian collectivists are-communists.

          • Arcanek

            Commies are autoritarin collectivists, but not all authoritarian collectivists are commies. Moarchies, in particular, existed well before the doctrines of Mao or Marx were in place.

          • Sean Stout

            I’ve never heard of Moarchies and neither has Google. Who or what was that?

          • Arcanek

            Not even a nice try. Typing in moarchies returns results for monarchies, which is what I meant to type. I edited for you so you won’t strain your brain cell next time. Go back to the tv, dumbass.

          • Sean Stout

            That’s funny. The dumbass calling me a dumbass. Learn how to spell jackass.

          • Arcanek

            So you’ve never made a typo? Of course, with your reading comprehension issues, it’s not surprising you wouldn’t notice. Not to mention your fragile ego forced you into a dumbass response, since you couldn’t handle anyone correcting you.

          • Sean Stout

            Again, you’re the idiot who mistypes and then accuse me of comprehension issues. Talk about deflection. You’re the one with personal issues with your name calling and insults. You can’t handle it when someone gives it right back to you. You called me a dumbass as well and my single brain cell. Did you forget that you hurled the insults first or are you only concerned about you? “Correcting you” I think you have an over bloated sense of self ego. You’re the retard who can’t spell and then you tell me I have a dumbass response. You’re an egomaniac. I legitimately didn’t know you meant monarchies at the time. I looked up the F’d up word you used and it came up with nothing. And since monarchies are not like communists, I didn’t assume you were stupid enough to consider them to be related. So your whole false premise that monarchies are communists along with your mistypes and name calling shows you’re an idiot. Try correcting yourself first next time before attempting to “correct” anyone else jackass.

          • Arcanek

            More BS. You were wrong with your definition of ‘commie’ and you were diverting attention from that by claiming you did a search for the misspelled word, which a simple google search returned only results for the proper spelling, which you could not have missed. So you pretended that you couldn’t understand the message. You got all bent out of shape because you were corrected, and took the chump’s way out bypointing out a spelling error. How sad for you.

          • Sean Stout

            You are the chump man. You F’d up your spelling and then blame me for your mistake. Grow a pair and man up and take responsibility for your stupidity. You’re the one who got all bent out of shape with your insults…..or does your pea brain not remember that far back?

          • Arcanek

            You still can’taccept responsibility for your mistake. I already owned up to mine, and pointed out another mistake youmade, so you’re still crying over a misspelled word. Who needs to grow up? If a misspelled word offends you so much,maybe you should stop reading. Andwho’s tossing around the most insults, here? It was your mistake that started the whole thing. And you accuse me of not owning up. I await your next hissy fit response.

          • Sean Stout

            Actually it was your mistake that started it all. You can’t take any responsibility for anything can you? Now you’re blaming it all on me. You misspelled a word, so I don’t see how that’s my fault. You never did owe up to it. Instead you hurled insults and accused me of making the mistake instead of you. Again, you deflect your own mistakes and blame others instead. I’ll give you credit, you’re good denying any responsibility and make counter accusations. Lie, deny, deflect, and make counter accusations. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re a liberal. That’s the kind of stuff they do.

          • Arcanek

            No, it’s all therefor everyone to see. The misspelling was part of a correction to your message. And, yes, I did own up up to it. I even mentioned that I edited it since you peed your pants about being corrected.

          • Sean Stout

            Actually you were the one who peed your pants hurling insults talking about having a single brain cell and telling me to go back to watching tv, then calling me dumbass. So you’re the one who got all bent out of shape originally. And again, I legitimately thought you might have been talking about something other than monarchies. I simply asked what you were talking about since I couldn’t find anything and then you peed your pants and started hurling insults. Go back to the original thread if you can’t remember how all this got started.

          • Arcanek

            You keep on parroting the words I use. Can’t you even think for yourself? I realize your ego won’tletyouacceptany criticism,but the posts are there for anyone to see. I did notget bent out of shape,it was you. And you are stillducking the issue because you don’t want to face up to yourown ignorance. Typical droid. And your statement, “I legitimately thought you might have been talking about something other than monarchies” is obviously backtracking and copping out since the reasonable response would have been to question whether or not it was a misspelling since you implied you had searched google for the term, which returns results only for the proper spelling. So, you gave away your true intentions, even though you you are now trying to worm your way out it. Your attemptat being a smartass onlyrevealedthat you are a stupidass. And it all started because you are too stupid to know what a commie truly is. And you still won’t admit it, so you resort to this misdirection.

          • Sean Stout

            You are a real jackass. You copy everything I say because you’re limited in intellect. I had hoped you weren’t stupid enough to think monarchies were communists, but evidently you are stupid enough and proud of it. Go bother someone else you little pest. Keep pretending that you’re smart with all your typos and repeating back everything I say about you and how you try to say I’m that way. Get a brain and get a life you idiot.

          • Arcanek

            You were copying, not me. It’s there for anyone to see. And now you throw a tantrum because you refused to admit you were wrong and had to play spelling police to use a typo to deflect from your ignorance. And what were you saying about profanity and name calling? I said that monarchies were authoritarian collectivist systems, but thay were not commies. What good is perfect spelling if you lack comprehension skills? Not that I expect an intelligible response from someone who has to resort to picking on spelling errors to relieve the pain of a bruised ego.

          • Sean Stout

            You’ve proven yourself to be an idiot from your comparing monarchs to communists to your outright lack of spelling skills. Then you name call and try to say I did it first. You’re just a big baby with a terrible memory. Let it go. If you want to pretend that I named called first, then you think that-if it makes you feel any better. I remember you calling me a dumbass first, but you’ve seem to completely overlooked that. So yes, you’re the victim here. You’re completely right about everything you say. Does that make you any feel better? I hope you’re not crying like a baby that had his milk bottle taken from him. You’re a big boy, that’s right, coochie coochie coo. Who’s a big boy? That’s right Arcanek is a big boy. Here’s your milk bottle now.

          • Arcanek

            Time for you to man up. Where did I compare monarchs to commies? How is one misspelling an ‘outright lack of spelling skills’? What a drama queen you are. Where did I ever say you started the name calling? Why do you have to lie instead of admitting that you were wrong saying that commies are also known as authoritarian collectivists when they are merely one subset? I didn’t say you started the name calling, I said you started the argument. You were wrong, and now you have to keep trying to make this into a spelling bee. You don’t understand formal logic, you have comprehension issues and can’t admit it. I haven’t overlooked anything. No, I’m not the victim. Where did I ever say anything like that. You don’t even understand your own language, so you have to resort to crying about beng called out by constantly referring to a spelling mistake that I owned up to. How sad for you.

          • Sean Stout

            I love how now everything I say is invalid and completely wrong. Now I have comprehension issues and don’t understand logic, according to you. You know everything and I know nothing. Okay dude, whatever makes you feel better. You did say I started the name calling. Go back and look at your response after I called you a name back. You pretended like it was me who was name calling first when it was you who called me a dumbass first. Oh well, I’m done arguing with you. You just keep denying, deflecting, and counter accusing like you’ve been doing, since you’re so good at it.

            So I’ll let you win this argument since you won’t let it go. So here it goes…..you’re right about everything. Monarchs are communists. I am a dumbass. I am wrong about everything I talked about. You’re a genius. In fact, you’re perfect. Okay, so there you go. You win. It’s done now.

          • Arcanek

            Seriously lame attempt to duck out by using the ‘I’ll let you win this argument since you won’t let it go’ cop out. Should I point out your grammatical errors, since you seem to think a typo invalidates an argument? You’ve made plenty. And you still keep lying about me accusing you of starting the name calling. I didn’t. I accused you of starting the argument by trying to be a smartass, only to reveal what a fool you actually are.

            Since you obviously have reading comprehension issues, here is the full response you claim is my accusing you of starting the name calling:

            ***So you’ve never made a typo? Of course, with your reading ***comprehension issues, it’s not surprising you wouldn’t notice. Not to ***mention your fragile ego forced you into a dumbass response, since ***you couldn’t handle anyone correcting you.

            Where is name calling even mentioned?

          • Sean Stout

            You called me a dumbass initially. Now you don’t remember do you? You said (am I’m going from memory, not looking it up like you) something about my single brain cell and to go back watching TV. Now you’re pretending to not recall any of that. You’ve “manned up” to nothing. You’ve denied everything and accused me of starting all your problems. You’re just a whiny person. You say I’ve made numerous grammatical errors. Okay, tell me what they were then professor. On second thought, don’t.

            Give it up. You can’t stand any criticism. You have an over inflated ego. This is really getting old. I tried to let you win in your argument, but that’s not good enough for you. Now you want to argue about letting you win. Is your life really that boring? My God man. I am actually laughing at how ridiculous this is getting. Please, just accept the fact that you win. I’m so tired of arguing with you. I really want to just move on with my life. You win. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. It’s not worth arguing about anymore.

          • Arcanek

            **You called me a dumbass initially. Now you don’t remember do you?

            I remember it. I have stated that more than once. Yes, I started the name calling, because you were trying to be a smartass. You failed. You stated that I accused you of starting the name calling. I did no such thing. I said that you started the argument by attempting to be a smartass. Once again, you are changing the issue to avoid admitting your mistake.

            ***You said (am I’m going from memory, not looking it up like you)
            ***something about my single brain cell and to go back watching TV. Now
            ***you’re pretending to not recall any of that.

            “(am I’m going from memory..” This looks like a missplelling, here. Let’s see you own up to this one. Not to mention that you did look up my previous comment, as you even mentioned in one of your previous replies. Where, in any of my previous replies, have I denied any of this? You’re making this up, because you don’t have a leg to stand on. Once again, I am accusing you of starting an argument by trying to be a smartass, not by name calling. I started the name calling, because you refused to admit your error. You’re still ducking the issue.

            ***You’ve “manned up” to nothing.

            Another lie. I’ve stated more than once that I started the name calling, but you have resorted to a straw man argument, in response. I have stated that I made a typo, as you, yourself, have just done. What’s your justification for reacting so vehemently to atypo, now that you have made one, yourself?

            ***You’ve denied everything and accused me of starting all your problems.

            I have denied only the false representations you have made of my comment. Once again, you play the drama queen, with your overgeneralizations and outright lies. I’m not accusing you of starting any of my problems, let alone all of them, as you falsely claim.

            ***You’re just a whiny person.

            So, someone calling out your errors is ‘just a whiny person’? If you can’t handle being criticised for the same erors, and more, that you, yourself, have made, maybe you’re ‘just a whiny person.

            *** You’re just a whiny person. You say I’ve made numerous grammatical
            ***errors. Okay, tell me what they were then professor. On second
            ***thought, don’t.

            Punctuation and syntax errors. Now, you can add misspelling, which you found so objectionable.

            ***Give it up.

            You’re free to let this end, anytime you want. Don’t expect me to.

            ***You can’t stand any criticism.

            Another melodramatic fallacy. You still haven’t admitted your initial mistake. Who can’t handle criticism?

            ***You have an over inflated ego.

            I’m not the one who refuses to admit to mistakes. That would be you. And it’s overinflated, not ‘over inflated’, which has a different meaning. Another grammatical error. I bet you won’t own up to this one, either. You’ll just ignore it.

            ***This is really getting old.

            Tired of not getting your way? You can quit any time you want to.

            ***I tried to let you win in your argument, but that’s not good enough for you.

            No, you tried to get the last word in. If you were trying to let someone else ‘win’, you would not have replied.

            ***Now you want to argue about letting you win. Is your life really that boring?

            You did not let me ‘win’. You kept up the argument, and you think you have to right to the last word. Now, you question whether my life is ‘that boring’, when you are doing the same thing as I am doing by continuing this. Is your life that boring?

            *** My God man. I am actually laughing at how ridiculous this is getting.

            You keep ducking the initial issue, and now you have committed the same error that you called out, as an excuse to avoid admitting your error. You’re laughing at yourself, if that concept isn’t over your head.

            ***Please, just accept the fact that you win. I’m so tired of arguing with you.

            If you’re so tired, then maybe you should stop replying.

            *** I really want to just move on with my life. You win.

            Another disingenuous, flippant reply. Do you expect anyone to take you seriously, when you are playing the drama queen?

            *** I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

            You didn’t hurt my feelings. I just don’t ‘gladly suffer fools’.

            ***It’s not worth arguing about anymore.

            Then quit replying. You’re just digging yourself a deeper hole. I’m quoting all of your statements, because you just keep skirting the issues. I awa it your next attempt to further obfuscate the original issue, as well as the subsequent issues.

          • Sean Stout

            You’re a f’g psychopath. No spelling error, I can’t spell out swear words on here. Anyway, you’re a real psychopath who keeps copies of every statement made. Do you have newspaper clippings on your wall too? Okay, Zodiac I think you need to get back on your meds! lol

          • Arcanek

            I keep copies of every statement made? Paranoid delusion. I just cut and pasted your last coment to address all of it. It was right above my reply. Seems like you don’t like being called out for all the garbage you spew. And you think I need medication? You have to resort to fantasies like me keeping news clippings? Are you really that feeble minded that youdon’t know how to quote previous comments? You’re way out on a limb now that you’ve been called out by someone who doesn’t give in to your childish outbursts. Can’t stand it when someone doesn’t give in to your hissy fits.

          • Sean Stout

            Keep thinking you’re so superior Zodiac. Your pharmacy called. They said to come in and get your anti-psychotic pills refilled ASAP!! You need it freak.

          • Arcanek

            Bonehead. You’re not even attempting to back up your foolish words anymore. This is all you have left: shooting blanks. Not even a nice try, clown boy.

          • Sean Stout

            You’re like some autistic idiot. A person even gives in to you and says “you win” just so you stop your pestering (and lying) but that’s not good enough. You copy and paste and then reply with “stop replying” like you have to have the last word like some woman. Maybe you are a woman-IDK. You sure act like one. You’ve been beating this dead horse for 2 weeks now and you’re still “you’re not even attempting to back up your foolish words anymore.” That’s because there’s no talking to you. I did my explaining 2 weeks ago. You denied, deflected, and then counter accused me of starting everything and now you just keep repeating everything over and over like a broken record. You’re like the Zodiac, but with autism. You just keep on demanding me to explain myself over and over and over and over and over to you. Been there and done that, but you just keep repeating yourself. You’re the Zodiac Rainman. Do you argue with everyone in your life like this or did I trip off some mental disorder you secretly have?

          • Arcanek

            You didn’tgive in. You were being facetious. If you had really conceded, you would have quit replying. And now, you’re just crying because you didn’t get the last word, and you accuse me of doing exactly what you are doing. How lame. If, as you claim, there’s no talking to me, then whay are you bothering, other than a sorry attempt to get the last word in? You never did any explaining. You made false accusations and resorted to straw man arguments. I didn’t ask you to explain anyway, I asked you point out where it was I did what you falsely claimed. You did no such thing, because it wasn’t true. Since you keep beating a dead horse, I’ll repeat:where did I accuse you of starting the name calling? I don’t do this everyone, just obnoxious clowns like you who won’t admit to their actions, and start lying to misdirect. I await your next attempt to deny. You know you can’t help yourself.

          • Sean Stout

            Oh rainman, you keep on thinking you’re all sweet and innocent. I’m done explaining myself to you. You don’t accept what answers I give you, because you have some kind of OCD autism with Zodiac stalking traits. Like I said before, go get on your meds Zodiac. Your OCD is starting to get the best of you. And while you’re at it, clean up your wall of all the newspaper clippings you’ve collected and glued over the past 10 years. I’ll tell you the last time, you accuse me of starting it because I never heard of your made up word Moacies so that was justification for you to start your assault with your name calling……getting all this started. Now do you remember Zodiac? I’m done explaining myself to you, because you don’t accept any answer, no matter how honest. You suffer from OCD with autistic psychotic traits, hence your name Zodiac. Get those anti-psychotic meds filled ASAP Zodiac!!

          • Arcanek

            You have some severe short term memory issues. I admitted that I started the name calling. I’m hardly ‘sweet and innocent. Don’t judge others by yourself: I’m not on medication. Not surprising that you can’t come up with something better than that tired old cliche on your own. I don’t have newspaper clippings anywhere. I don’t read the newspaper. You xan’t handle it when someone confronts you with your own words. And looks like you made another typo. I misspelled monarchies by leaving out the ‘n’. You left out the the ‘r’ and the ‘h’ from my misspelling, so by your own standard, you’re even worse than me. If you had made an ‘honest’ reply in the first place, you wouldn’t have started this. Trying to be a smartass, you ended up shooting yourself in the foot, dumbass. And I don’t believe you for a minute when you say you are done trying to explain yourself to me. Lying isn’t explaining. I know you won’t be able to stop yourself from sending another hissy fit response.

        • elmysterio

          I would call them fascists… I would also call them psychopaths.

          The whole idea that Obama is a commie and republicans are gonna save you is 100% BS. Both parties are onboard with the destruction of the republic.

    • Duane L Petersen

      The only difference between Fascists and communist is the caliber of the bullet. fascism

      • Sean Stout

        Yup agreed.

  • Alleged Comment

    The result of Demoncraps and their single Nerogro dicktator. It is amazing the damage sheep can do when they decide to become sheep.

    You let a worthless skinny fairy Nerogro rule you with impunity and he is not even legal nor qualified to be president.

    Wait till he let’s the communist and turd-world immigrants finish you up.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    I hate to see the word “anarchy” misused like this. Anarchy does not mean lawlessness and chaos, it means lack of a centralized government or ruling elite. Seems like a great idea to me.

  • Common Sense

    Have any of you looked at snyders facebook page.
    They probably sent a woman to threaten him to write this self defeating piece.

    I’m sure he needs help looking under his bed every night.


    Even in today’s cowardly society this is not what passes for a man.

  • Mary Brown

    And the minute they declare martial law half the military joins the civilians and we take DC by force of arms. People are fed up and more and more are becoming aware every day.

  • clay mills

    Bring it on let’s march

  • Voting makes a BIG difference, just not what we think of as voting. When we financially support the elite (Bilderberg & certain big corporates) then we vote for more government oppression. REAL voting starts as soon as we start buying products. If you buy a bag of chips with Monsanto GMOs then you just voted to persecute non-gmo farmers (The World According to Monsanto). Even a 10 year old buying ice cream from a big corporate has just voted to criminalize co-ops & raw milk (Farmageddon). Every time you buy gas you’re voting to suppress high-mileage & electric cars (Who Killed the Electric Car). (Lots of other examples)

    Some Bilderberg companies I know are Microsoft, Amazon, Pepsi.

  • Woodstuck

    If the Constitution is “suspended”, then so are any executive orders – YOU do not get to choose what you enforce, we do. (I was already on a list anyway).

  • DJohn1

    A military takeover would be a huge mistake on this Democrat’s part.
    Afterwards, no Democrat anywhere will ever get elected to office again.
    In order to have a takeover, you have to have the money to pay the troops and it better be money, not useless dollars that have inflated beyond control.
    The constitution was suspended when the congress voted in a security law that did away with due process by a vote of over 300 from both parties of congress. This government can and will act like something out of a Stalin nightmare sooner or later with people being taken from their homes in the middle of the night.
    A good number of people on the original list are probably dead of old age by now. I do not see this group of bureaucrats updating the list from the obit columns of the local newspapers. They are basically too lazy to do that.
    They could take a list of tax payers and see who didn’t file tax returns in the last 15 years. Or a social security list of people now considered deceased. But that even is not totally accurate.
    The problem in the revolutionary war of 1776 was many of the rebels were related to the troops trying to oppose them.
    That problem will come up time and time again as people in the military find themselves in the position of arresting their own relatives. I can just see some officer having to arrest his own parents or kids for not obeying the military.
    Martial law is at best a poor solution in any rebellion. It strives to bring brother against brother and that never works.
    Uneasy lies the head that has the crown. The entire thing could easily backfire to the point where the person declaring martial law might be brought down instead.
    As long as the country is run by elected representatives I do not see that as a problem. When Martial Law is declared, i see an entire can of worms opening up that would not be there otherwise.
    In any event, martial law would mean everyone would no longer feel obligated to work. And that would be an enormous problem for the moneyed interests of this country. They in turn would bring this government down and re-establish the republic.
    It would mean the destruction of the Presidency. It would mean impeachment for anyone that went along with it. The only way to survive such an event would be to make it extremely short in duration and show just cause for doing so.

  • fireism

    It is amazing to see this happening in real time. History is actually repeating itself. And again the people are asleep and will be lead to slaughter.

  • Tom J

    I am not concerned I don’t plan on participating..

  • “Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the U.S. Constitution would be “suspended”… In other words, you would suddenly have no rights at all.”

    There is ample evidence that the Constitution has been suspended under Roosevelt’s emergency proclamation 2040 since 1933, and certainly since the 9/11 state of emergency, renewed since then on an annual basis. BUT, this certainly does not mean we have “no rights at all.” Our rights are innate, inherent and unalienable. Despite the idea that these rights are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, even the Federalists were clear that rights were not given to us by the government.

  • guest

    I do not have a formidable set of skills acquired from decades of intense training and experience that will enable me to survive the inevitable martial takeover…… What I do have and freely offer to you is this, a Savior that will keep me now and for eternity.

  • TWF

    ehem… the Constitution has already been ended via War Powers Act… I didn’t read the rest since this author is not “enlightened” to the depth of the war.
    And oh… let me enlighten you on Wise foods… it’s crap I quit selling it

    • Lamar L Ramal

      Go with mountain house foods. Been eting it for years when hunting, camping. Great stuff.

      • TWF

        I hate Mtn. House… full of GMO, MSG… there is better.

  • piccadillybabe

    When you think of the brutality displayed by LE here and now, we are kind of in a “silent” or undeclared state of ML right now.

  • kenfrombayside

    This says it all, I post it again:

    Dear white people,

    Your government no longer represents you.

    – They applaud your demographic annihilation.

    – They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation – and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to blacks and browns so they can outbreed you.

    – They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

    – They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into third world style war zones – courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

    – They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

    – They import million of third worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

    – They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

    – They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly black on white crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few white on black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

    – They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

    – They threaten to disarm you because blacks and browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

    And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

    They want you DEAD.

  • Lamar L Ramal

    You are forgetting that they have the best hardware and unlimited resources as well as airpower. And most gun owners seldom train and many have outdated hardware and little ammo and almost no food. There you go. All they have to do is wait people out and offer them food.

    • Gay Veteran

      “You are forgetting that they have the best hardware and unlimited resources as well as airpower….”

      and that resulted in victory in Afghanistan!

  • Piglet

    RE: “Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the U.S. Constitution would be “suspended”.”

    It has been a very long time since the US government considered the Constitution to be an impediment to anything it wishes to do.

    As for Obummer remaining in office past the end of his term by invoking some sort of emergency powers, I remember the same was said about Clinton and Dubya. Maybe someday it will happen, but it won’t make any difference who follows the current toad in the White House because the only thing of which we are assured is that the next SOB will not only continue most of the existing policies, he will in fact be even worse, because each new president stands on the shoulders of his predecessors.

  • AtomicMetroid

    The minute martial law is declared you will see millions of people with hunting/sniper rifles print out decks of cards of the traitors.

  • AtomicMetroid

    They all work for the federal reserve and aipac.

  • not good

    first, you would have a war between citizens and the police and army, next many people will be pissed off at jewamerica for starting all this so people will take their angry on jewamerica, next, hollywood will be no more, that is one place where angry people will go after, next the rich will try to escape, DON’T LET THEM ESCAPE, NEXT chaos, chaos

  • iris


  • Just a man

    “What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America?”

    Correct your title to > What Will happen When Martial Law Is declared in America.

  • Gay Veteran

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    “…Without the accountability of government to law, voting is meaningless. As government in America is no longer accountable to law, the two political parties are meaningless, as is law. Americans are ruled by violence, and violence is the way Washington intends to rule the world.

    …The worst evil that the world has ever known is in Washington, D.C.

    Civilian libertarian attorney John Whitehead says that only militant, 24/7 wide-spread non-violent resistance can save liberty and freedom from the dystopia that Washington has created in order that a handful of mega-billionaires can enjoy lording over the planet.

    The enormous greed, the enormous lies, the enormous grasping, the enormous wars and inhumanity that the West represents are death blows to moral life on earth. In the 21st century Washington has destroyed several countries and millions of people, justified by Washington’s claim that Washington represents the “exceptional, indispensable country” and the rest of the world is unexceptional and dispensable.

    The West has become Sauron.”

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    I know them all too well. Trust me when I say Utah is the front lines for all of the national conflicts – you name it, we’re dealing with it. The American Lands Council is just another organization, but their mission is just. Real change, however, doesn’t come from these groups. It come from the individual who repeatedly calls them with documents proving their actions caused a struggling family harm. And when they refuse to remove the shackles of their oppression, the individual finally turns to his God for justice… and witnesses that justice executed. Trust me; you’re far more powerful than you know!

  • res0r9lm

    Martial law could be best thing to happen to this country since 1789. Can’t sleep forever

  • Harris Manygoats

    And this is why it will be easy for “them”….. we cannot even agreee or be by each others side. Bickering about small stuff.

    • Passionate Pragmatist

      I thoroughly agree.

  • Passionate Pragmatist

    Irrespective of Jade Helm, we’ve already lost all our rights and civil liberties under the two Patriot Acts, so I don’t see what the big deal is other than the fact most Americans are unaware of these facts. There is no more habeas corpus that protects us from illegal imprisonment. There is only the Red and Blue lists that are very real and will round up the dissidents and subversives (me included). I’ve been expecting this to happen for some time. But they won’t take me alive. I will deprive them of that pleasure and escape the rape and torture.

  • Arizona

    YOU never LISTEN to the PROPHETS,so its going to be a BIG surprise to everyone,DEATH on a scale you can’t imagine,BLIND and STUPID is a bad mixture,yet you don’t care,your families will be herded into FEMA DEATH CAMPS,and all your children will be taken as slaves to china,and everyone whos over the age of 45 or under the age of 13 will be killed,BUT you don’t care so I won’t go on,don’t TAKE THE chip,OR the mark of the beast,OR YOU’LL be going to hell along with most of your neighbors and friends…and ALL the VACCINES have the chip in them,remember you were warned……….

  • sirlance

    Arm yourselves. …this is a test to see how Americans will react……

  • 8355378

    if people want to know want is wrong with the USA just listen to Sean Stout and Arcanek in the comments both act like kids cause of the definition of a word,and the thing about it is both hate communist,but fight each other over the letter N.the repubs in congress and senate are doing the samething with the teaparty and conservatives.If we people don’t come together Hillary Clinton will be the next president or Liz Warren and the usa will just be a memory.

  • Arizona

    WELL,I looked at the comments,its easy to see the country is preoccupied with anything but reallity,THE QUESTION WAS ABOUT MARTIAL LAW,and YES the country will see it happen again,IT will be worse then the bloodbath OF KATRINA,where 5,000 VETERANS came into the county morgueshot inhead atclose range,and that was nothing compared to WHATS COMING,the american people won’t care till its at their front door,and they see their dead children laying on the side walk,they WILL REMAIN IN LA,LA LAND,and gladly claim on the death camp buses,believeing THE SAME people who killed the VETS at KATRINA,and RAPED every young girl who fell into the hands of these demons,WILL take GOOOD care of them and their family,laying by the swimming pool,watching Oprah,eating bon,bons,and just relaxing on a sunny afternoon,WAITING FOR THEIR TURN TO HAVE THEIR HEAD CHOPPED OFF..OR BE BEATEN TO DEATH…………….

  • Confiscate, Hell, I’d vacuum pack my handguns and ammo and bury them in a cow pasture or state forest. Get some rifle bags and bury them too. Keep my muzzleloader for looters or home invaders. They probably “steal” that too. I’ll have other weapon systems. Know what a Zip gun is? Everything is available at a hardware store.

  • rich

    For anyone to think it can’t happen is foolish. Mr. Obama already has in his power to take over all aspects of American life. He has signed an executive order to be able to take over the country and it will NOT take Congressional approval. The FEMA camps? Not just a myth. His own personal military ready to do his bidding? True! The intelligence, the money, and the arrogance to become our dictator? No question about it! Who will stop him? The gun owners? No way! A trained military like he has will completely demoralize any citizen militia! Section by section of the country he will easily defeat us and put us into submission until he has the whole country on our knees. It’s only a matter of time. He has seen first handedly how the parties cannot get along and he is going to teach us all to submit and do it his way.

  • Todd Zeigler

    what would happen? 25 million veterans when then have to act on the oath we all took.

  • Jacque Hoftyzer

    Are you two serious? ☝? One would think that you are actually paid to type this garbage! You BOTH are screaming for attention, literally, and are seriously embarrassing yourselves! ENOUGH!!!!
    Re-read your garbage, and see how, in just 1 short year, none of what you’re whining about here is even applicable today! It’s serious out here people, and if you just want to play ‘he said, she said’ with responses, I’ll bet there are MANY OTHER sites you can play ‘spelling bee’ together on….wake-up quickly, as soon, it’ll just be…to late…:(

  • Denise Smith

    I don’t mind saying I am scared especially for my family. Is there any place to go to? Canada maybe or will martial law here affect those countries too