What Can The Japanese Tsunami Teach Us About Prepping For Disasters And Emergencies?

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The Japanese tsunami is a crystal clear example of just how unpredictable disasters and emergencies can be.  Nobody ever dreamed that a tsunami in Japan could wash cars, homes and people up to 6 miles inland.  But that is exactly what happened.  So while it is great to make elaborate preparations for potential disasters and emergencies, it is also absolutely essential to have backup plans.  After all, what good is all of that emergency food that you have stored up going to do if a massive tsunami comes along and rips your house off the foundation and deposits it into the sea?  Not that all of us shouldn’t be busy prepping.  Of course we should be.  All over Japan right now the supermarkets are being stripped bare.  Don’t you think that many of those people are wishing that they had stored up some food?  It is those that prepare that have the best chance of surviving disasters and emergencies.  No plan is foolproof, but having a plan is much better than not having a plan.


For example, there are lots of people in Japan right now that are wishing that they would have stored up at least a bit of fresh water to drink.  There are homes in Japan that are still completely surrounded by saltwater from the tsunami, and if those homes do not have running water at this point then the people inside are going to get thirsty really quick.

Of course bottled water flew off store shelves all over Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami.  Now it is becoming very difficult to find.

But there are thousands and thousands of homes in Japan that do not have running water right now.

So what are they supposed to do?

Thankfully there are a lot of aid agencies that are working really hard to help the Japanese out.  Hopefully everyone that needs water and food will be able to get them.

Have you seen video of the empty supermarkets in Japan?

That can happen someday in America too.

In the United States, even a minor snowstorm can cause a run on the supermarkets in many areas.  If a major league disaster or emergency ever hit the food in the stores would be gone really quickly.

So do you have food stored up for you and your family?

Another huge lesson that we can learn from the Japanese tsunami is that a disaster in one area of the world can have a ripple affect across the globe.

For example, it has now become incredibly difficult to find supplies of potassium iodide anywhere in the United States.

In fact, in many areas even finding iodine or kelp has become problematic.

So what are the people that don’t have these things going to do if nuclear radiation becomes a problem?

They are just going to have to suffer.

That is the way it is with disasters and emergencies.  If you have not prepared ahead of time there is a good chance that you are simply going to be out of luck.

You see, millions of Americans have not become preppers just because they didn’t have anything better to do.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable.  Our financial system is crumbling.  Our society is crumbling.  The earth itself is crumbling.

Those that are not doing anything to prepare are rather foolish.

Many of those that laugh at preppers are the same people that have health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, disability insurance, travel insurance and business insurance.

But they won’t lift a finger to get some “food insurance” for themselves and their families because that is what “preppers” and “conspiracy theorists” do.

Well, a whole lot of people in Japan wish that they had been “preppers” just about now.

Not that preppers always come out on top either.  As the tsunami is Japan, demonstrated, if a major disaster hits right where you live your home may not make it.

The truth is that all of us always need to be ready to “bug out” at any time.

If you got word that your town was about to face a major league emergency, where would you go?

That is something to think about.

It is also a good reason why we should all be encouraging our family and friends in other areas of the country to be storing up food and supplies.  You never know when you might have to depend on them for help.

The truth is that none of us should ever be too proud to ask for help.  Many survivalists sit back and brag about all of the guns and beans they have stored up, but if their house was swept away by a disaster what would they be forced to do?

They would be forced to turn to someone else for help.

The reality is that we all need a little assistance from time to time.  Don’t be too proud to give some help and don’t be too proud to ask for some help.

So what are some things that all of us can be doing right now to start preparing for disasters and emergencies?

Well, in a previous article I listed a few things that can be done by most people….

#1 Become Less Dependent On Your Job

#2 Get Out Of Debt

#3 Reduce Expenses

#4 Purchase Land

#5 Learn To Grow Food

#6 Find A Reliable Source Of Water

#7 Explore Alternative Energy Sources

#8 Store Supplies

#9 Protect Your Assets With Gold And Silver

#10 Learn Self-Defense

#11 Keep Yourself Fit

#12 Make Friends

That last point is very important.  It is key to have a network of friends and family around the country that you could depend upon in a pinch.

For example, whoever would have imagined that nuclear radiation from Japan could potentially be a threat to those living along the west coast of the United States?

Hopefully what the government is telling us is true.  Hopefully the amount of radiation that makes it over the Pacific will not be enough to seriously harm any of us, but it just shows that someday a crisis may arise that could require people to flee to another area.

So if someday a crisis like that arises, where would you and your family go?

When it comes to preparing for the worst, flexibility is the key.

And preparing for the worst does not have to be complicated.  When you go to the store, pick up a couple extra items that you see on sale and store them away.  Learn to grow a garden.  Read blogs about prepping.  Talk with your family and friends about what they would do in an emergency.

One of the keys is for all of us to learn from each other.  None of us has all the answers.

The world can be a very cold, cruel place.  Millions of people in Japan are finding that out right about now.

Someday you and your family could be caught right in the middle of a major crisis.  When that happens, will you have plenty of food, water and supplies stored up or will you be scrambling to survive?

As the Japanese tsunami has shown, disaster can strike anywhere and at any time.  The United States is certainly not immune.

Someday it will be our turn.

Will you be ready?

  • buck

    Actually I read that potassium iodide is a bit over rated in the sense it is beneficial primarily to those under 40 years of age. Potassium iodide is said to work only on developing thyroids and only as a preventative for thyroid cancer.

    I don’t see the point of stocking up on potassium iodide at my age. It would be a good idea I suppose to have a stock for the grandchildren though they are all located quite a distance away. Point being when SHTF I’m not sure we will be able to rendezvous though that is the plan. And as the article points out having some kind of plan is better than none.

  • JUDE

    KELP tablets, cheap (Health store) are just as effective – iodine also found to be beneficial in preventing breast cancer. Also liquid clear iodine/ approx 1/2 to 1 tea paint on forearm or abdomen daily during crisis period (start BEFORE radiation is upon you). DO NOT believe anything the Gov/Nuclear industry tells you. They have been lying and covering up for YEARS. NOTE that hundreds of thousands escaped having homes destroyed etc BUT are without food, electricity, water. Thus they are LEAVING their homes in search of these. IF there was a disaster here (any kind) WHAT would you do? Your kids count on you. If the Indian Point (NY) 28 miles from NYCity melted down – millions would be affected. Google – Danger Madrid Fault/ If this went the entire country would be in crisis. WE only have 3 days supply of food in the pipeline. WATER (idea) large garbage cans (plastic on wheels). Buy new – clean with bleach water. You can store these in basement/garage. Google how to purify water. You can use these or plastic bins to collect rain water from roof (for washing etc). Electric/ even a small generator is helpful. Lanterns – LED headlamps – kerosene – battery operated lanterns. Food, you should have at LEAST 3 months on hand. Propane for BBQ to cook on – camping stove – kerosene heating stove – plastic bins with sugar-coffee- oatmeal – soups – fruit – instant coffee (THINK). What would I do if I couldn’t get to a store for 3 months – Do I want to stand in line – live in a gym with thousands of people? Soap – laundry soap – toothpaste – hydrogen peroxide – medical supplies – bleach – dry eggs, yeast (you can freeze) – flour (put bag in freezer for two days) then store in zip lock bags in container. PUT BAY leaves in with flour will keep bugs out. Honey – (this is medicinal for wounds) Apple cider Vinegar – charcoal tablets/ in case of food poisoning. Pet food (if you have pets). Garbage bags (large lots of them) – foil – large zip bags – toilet paper/ paper plates – store soap out of package (keeps longer) in an open pail Study online Survival Tips . NOBODY is coming to save you. Once you leave home – most likely you will not be able to return. Study online / How to protect your home from radiation fallout / emergency radio – batteries –


    @buck\\\\\\\Potassium iodide is said to work only on developing thyroids and only as a preventative for thyroid cancer.\\\\

    THAT”S true… it helps only in case with thyroid to move radioactive iodine out and take good iodine///

    blood cancers – mst common consecuence of radioactivity exposure – no way to help at all . just a luck/// actuyally here in russia i remember after chrnopbyl thouthands of sciences tried to come up[ with drugs to prevent all those cancers – didnt help… those who were at the plant in 1986 after the blast and were constructing the concrete cover ovr it were drinking…. you know what… starts with VOD and ends with KA with… it helped them in a psychologival way at least!

    any way – this article is good – 12 thing
    i like this – tha is the most importaint ——
    And preparing for the worst does not have to be complicated. —-

    coz people in their pride forgot who they are – when i saw the 10metertall waves smassssssssssshing tiny puny maninink—

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I agree Preppers need to take this opportunity to one thank god the other to see any holes in there own preps. Anybody who knows anything about that part of the world knows it one of the most earthquake prone places in the world, and the Japanese where ready of either an earthquake or Tsunami but not both. Had this happned anywhere else in the world (Like Southern California) the death toll would have be well into six figures.

    Prepping is important and you can get a little smug about your preps you need to look around see the holes and take action. An example I put together an emergency kit at home and at work as part of my larger preps. What did I forget? I Potassium Iodide tablets even after Mike Rupert stressed a month ago it was something people needed to get. I did order them Saterday (Like everybody else on the planet). I canceled the order the way the suppler was talking it could be weeks or months before they get any in, by that time this would be over one way or another. Also I figured it was over kill anyway the reactor is roughly 5,500 miles away (I went Goggle Earth and measured it). It was the same with masks during the last pig flu scare (I got mine early 90 plus N95 masks at home 20 at work). What happened after masks became available was the amount of masks per box went down and the price went up. I expect the same with Potassium Iodide tablets.

    In closing people should see if there’re any Nuclear facilities in their area, or any of the near by states they might be surprised I was.

  • Aurelius 7

    Sadly the lessons from Japan won’t resonate with the American public. The Shopping Mall Regime will only panic when the stores run out of iPods, iPads and other plastic crap made in China.

    What? It’s only the truth. Don’t get all upset.

  • This is a perfect example to prepare for the unexpected. There is no easy button to preparation. It is a continuous task of use, rotate and replenish. But it would make a big difference is comfort/survival during a time of crisis. So……keep on prepping.

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  • pogue

    The iodine is a great thing, but the panic is silly. No one in America is going to be at much risk of radiation. A few people, a statistically tiny few, might be unlucky enough to eat or drink or breath or otherwise pick up a hot particle, but short of routine full-body scanning, you would never know. I love watching people panic over nothing. Ever notice how bad people freak out over a winter storm? They get the survival french toast makings (eggs, milk, bread) and go nuts. And ever see how many people wait until the last minute to evacuate ahead of a hurricane they’ve known about for a week. A disaster in the US would see total chaos. Hell, when Homestead was flattened in 1993, the people there rioted when the USG didn’t rescue them within 24 hours.

    I’ve been watching the Japan crisis closely and I really feel for those poor people.

  • The locals are lucky that their government had invested money in this beforehand otherwise this could have ended up a national evacuation. The troubles with the water and the radiation makes the situation 10 times worse but im sure they have the thoughts of everyone especially those who have lost thier lives and homes.

  • not in the us ,based in south east ireland,in the mountains with about 30 arces(mostly hill forest)..thinking of building a bunker/shelter….wondering does anybody have any good sites that show home bunker designs/how to….wanting ideas on comms,power,bunker gardening ect..location not to great on solar but great wind and a spring nearbye that can be taped included in the design..
    this will be only private use(approx ten max)

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