We Live In A Society Where ‘Fifty Shades’, Beyonce And Lady Gaga Are Considered To Be ‘Entertainment’

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Fifty Shades Darker - Movie PosterWhat in the world has happened to America? We live in a society where perversion, sexual violence and occult rituals have become essential elements of our entertainment. In fact, these days it seems like we can’t get through a major awards show or a Super Bowl halftime celebration without being forced to see things that would have been absolutely unthinkable in this country just fifty years ago. Unfortunately, most Americans have already had their consciences seared so badly that these things don’t even bother them anymore.


In the old days, popular music was certainly full of sexually suggestive themes, but the artists were never as graphic as they are today. In addition to blatantly flaunting their sexuality, the biggest pop stars of today also seem to be in a competition to see who can include the most occult symbology in their performances.

Just consider Beyonce’s performance at the Grammys. You certainly don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to figure out that her performance was full of occult symbolism. Even the Washington Post is gushing about the “African, Hindu and Roman goddesses” that served as her inspiration…

As in Lemonade and her pregnancy announcement photos released earlier this month, the singer’s Grammy performance was packed with artistic nods to African, Hindu and Roman goddesses who signify the womanhood Beyoncé has been reflecting in her most recent work.

To me, Beyonce’s outfit reminded me more of the Egyptian goddess Isis, but it really doesn’t matter too much because ultimately all of these pagan goddesses were derived from a religious tradition that began back in ancient Babylon.

I just don’t know why anyone would want to watch this stuff. It is truly astounding that millions of Americans would willingly sit there and watch an almost naked woman dressed like a pagan goddess prance around the stage in a sexually suggestive way.

Is this really “entertainment”?

Have we really fallen so low?

The Washington Post was particularly thrilled that Beyonce used an African pagan goddess known as “Oshun” as part of her inspiration…

Perhaps more obvious, though, is her embodiment of Oshun, a Yoruba water goddess of “female sensuality, love and fertility,” PBS reported when Lemonade first dropped last year. Oshun, also spelled Osun, is the love goddess of the Yoruba people, who inhabit the southwestern region of what is now modern day Nigeria and the southern part of Benin, according to Ancient Origins, and is often depicted wearing yellow and surrounded by fresh water.

Sadly, people love this stuff.

I just went on YouTube and pulled up Lady Gaga’s very disturbing Super Bowl performance, and I discovered that it has already been viewed about 24 million times.

And that video received all of those views in just over a week.

Dressed like a demonic entity known as a “succubus”, Lady Gaga’s “performance” celebrated a wide range of perversion and evil, and yet hardly anyone spoke out against her afterwards.

That is because our society has fully embraced performers such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga. They are the “new normal”, while those that stand up for traditional values have become the enemy.

Hollywood has also become a complete cesspool of filth.

One of the most popular movies in America right now is the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It is entitled “Fifty Shades Darker”, and just like the previous movie it celebrates bondage, sexual domination and perverted sexual activity.

The original novel that spawned these films has now sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, but the truth is that it is little more than thinly veiled pornography for women.

They say that we are what we eat, and the same thing is true for what we allow into our minds.

If we endlessly fill our minds with something, that is eventually what we will become.

That is why it should come as no surprise that many people are trying to act out the things that they are seeing in these films and reading about in these novels.

For example, in the UK it is being reported that medical personnel have had to rescue “102 men and women stuck in handcuffs or chained to the bed in the last five years since the books appeared”.

And according to Time Magazine, one very disturbing study found that Fifty Shades of Grey was actually “introducing more women to porn”…

E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey is introducing more women to porn — at least according to a narrow study conducted at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Researcher Diana Parry interviewed 28 women in their 20s to 50s about their pornography habits. She discovered that women in the group increased their consumption of sexually explicit content after reading the book.

“So many of the women [we interviewed] were hopping in for the first time to pornography or sexually explicit material that was written by women for women,” Parry told Salon in an interview.

You see, the reality of the matter is that entertainment is not neutral.

There is a reason they call it “programming”, and when we allow hour after hour of garbage to enter our minds it is only a matter of time before garbage starts coming back out.

In particular, our young people are constantly feeding themselves this kind of “entertainment”, and this goes a long way toward explaining the dramatic demographic shifts that we are witnessing in society today.

If we truly do want to make America great again, or if we want to have the kind of spiritual renewal that I talk about in my latest book, we are going to have to quit being addicted to this kind of junk.

Unfortunately, we live at a time when people don’t want to hear about “right” and “wrong” anymore. Even most churches are extremely hesitant to use words like “sin” and “repentance” these days. So we just ignore the things that are literally destroying us, and we get upset at anyone that would dare to point out our self-destructive ways.

If we continue going down this path as a society, there literally is no future for us.

Throughout history, every great society has plunged into great moral depravity before ultimately falling, and the exact same pattern is playing out once again.

Please wake up America.

Because pretty soon it will be too late to do anything about it.

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  • William Lutz

    Exactly. I’m fed up with the Hollywood entertainment establishment feeding us this deplorable garbage. Yet Trump and most of you Trumpsters ignore this awful phenomenon. You can’t make Murica great again unless we collectively abandon this kind of filth. What’s the point of trying to save America if we only care about big bucks and revel in all kinds of abomination?

    Hey Murica, you’re doomed and you deserve what’s coming. Guess what it is? Economic turmoil, war, and civil unrest.

    • 1M

      Most “Christian” women paint their face so what’s the difference? Bible says Jezebel painted her face & was fed to dogs.

      • William Lutz

        True. Also, keep in mind that a lot these Republicans are vehemently opposed to marijuana, including medical cannabis, yet they are in cahoots with the frankenfood GMO establishment. It’s crazy! The left has their own version of puritanical views and the right has theirs.

        • 1M

          One of the Christian rules is no rock music or anything remotely like it but now that I quit it seems like the Asperger’s got worse.

        • shots autism

          The far-right is very much against watching p but if someone can’t reproduce they say they’re good for nothing.
          A Christian told me today they [eunuchs] can’t have kids so they’re good for nothing.
          This is about the biggest insult I could get & is so sad.

    • “Hey Murica, you’re doomed and you deserve what’s coming. Guess what it is? Economic turmoil, war, and civil unrest.”

      Hey, you’re trying to preach to a country that allowed a failed Reality TV “star” and charlatan to grab the Presidency. Ever hear the expression “Garbage In, Garbage Out”? You’re correct — we are doomed and we do deserve what’s coming.

      We’d have been better off electing Kim Kardassian or someone from Jersey Shore.

      • MEP325

        There is speculation Greert Wilders of the Netherlands may win the election in March and if he does, the Netherlands will leave the EU. If Marion Le Pen is elected in France, then France will leave the EU as well.

        There’s a point to all of this so bear with it. There is fear that if those two countries leave the EU, other EU countries will leave in a domino effect, essentially causing the collapse of the EU. The euro will go away and countries will go back to their own currencies and that will cause hyperinflation in countries like Italy.

        This will have huge effects on the US stock market. People will stop buying US stocks and a serious depression begins. Then absolute global chaos follows. Also, the Fed has been talking about raising interest rates, which would be horrible for the stagnant economy.

        Again, this is just speculation. So, why am I saying all this? Because if these things do happen, they will not be caused by Trump. There are forces far more powerful than him.

        It seems like you are eager to see chaos and destruction fall on this country in retribution to those who voted for Trump. And honestly, that’s quite psychotic.

        • “It seems like you are eager to see chaos and destruction fall on this country in retribution to those who voted for Trump. And honestly, that’s quite psychotic.”

          Welp, you’re right about one thing… your comprehension as to my eagerness for destruction IS quite psychotic… of you.

          • MEP325

            “We do deserve what’s coming”

            Your words, not mine

          • lol, that’s not EAGERNESS, it’s RESIGNATION.

            Have someone explain to you what words mean before you swish and sashay to faulty conclusions.

      • jaxon64

        Yet you demented women who have purchased 100 million copies of a book about female, sexual bondage, sadism and slavery are absolutely aghast that Trump spoke crudely to another man about the trashy, groupies who constantly throw themselves at athletes, musicians and men of wealth and power–he even used the “p” word..gasp…
        Stickin hypocrites, the lot of you SJW garbage.

        • False equivalency alert! Women buying books is what we call… VOLUNTARY. That’s the opposite of unwanted sexual assault which Demented Donald was boasting about committing in a serial manner.

          Here’s something that may speak down to your intelligence level so perhaps even you can understand: Millions of men watched “Deliverance” (and had also read the book of the same name). Now… imagine if Deceitful, Defraudin’ Donald had been recorded boasting about his trips to the back woods where he violently s0d0mized gross-looking Republicans and instructed them to squeal like a pig. ***ACCORDING TO YOU*** men should accept his boasts as naught more than shenanigans that those same men enjoyed reading about.

          Get your head on straight. You couldn’t even respond to MY POST, but instead you responded to the deluded author’s article by hitting the reply button under my post.

    • MEP325

      So, your logic is that people who voted for Trump aka “Trumpsters” are unaware of the filth and depravity that’s put out by the entertainment industry? Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

      • William Lutz

        I know for a fact that a vast amount of Trump supporters condone most of the garbage that is spewed by the entertainment media. The only thing they mostly care about is “war on terror” and having stacks of cash in their wallet. That’s one reason why I call them “deplorables”. Don’t believe that I’m a fool.

        • MEP325

          You know for a fact? Your psychic waves have enlightened you to the minds of the millions of people who voted for Trump?

          I’d venture to say many Trump supporters are conservative and despise the garbage put out by Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

          • Whoopsie, you spelled “despite” wrong.

            Trump supporters are Kardashian supporters. They are WWF supporters. They voted FOR the garbage put out by Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

          • MEP325

            No genius, the word I used is “despise” As in to feel deep contempt or hatred for something. Get a dictionary and look it up.

          • MEP325

            “Trump supporters are Kardashian supporters. They are WWF supporters. They voted FOR the garbage put out by Hollywood and the entertainment industry.” Citation needed. Citation needed. That is one of the dumbest assertions I have ever heard.

            Guess you have psychic waves as well that shows you the thoughts of all Trump supporters. LOL!

            You should take your own advice and use words responsibly.

          • The citation is given: voters (poor, uneducated white trash voters primarily) voted for a failed reality TV star known for desperately trying to be among celebrities. These same voters watch Honey Booboo (sp?). They watch wrestling (pro-wrestler, Jon Cena, hosted Saturday Night Live just after Putin’s puppet was installed in the White House, and in his monologue to the audience he said, “Hi, for those of you who voted for Hillary — I’m a wrestler”… because only poor, uneducated white trash, pro-Donald voters would know a wrestler). WWF audiences wore Union Jack shirts, Klan shirts, and MAGA shirts. To have an IQ that could tolerate watching the Kardashian Show (or whatever it’s called), one must be a Trump voter. Having a three-digit IQ precludes wanting to watch any Kardashian nonsense. Poor people tuned in to the mediocre NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice, because they are celebrity-hungry, just like all of the above examples show anyone with a functional brain.
            I actually feel BAD for you now. I felt bad before because you were operating on poor critical thinking; now you’ve just gone and proven that you’re not even capable of critical thinking since there were so many ways to serve you your citations up on silver platters that you should have seen from a mile away.

          • MEP325

            Yea, sorry your personal opinion is not a citation.

          • MEP325

            There are plenty of educated, wealthy and intelligent people who voted for Trump. People more wealthy and intelligent than you

          • “plenty of educated, wealthy and intelligent people who voted for [the dipsh!t moron we have]”

            Now *THAT* is what needs a citation.

            Your personal opinion is not a citation. Nor is your complete ignorance regarding my income, investments, and education. The fact that you couldn’t see that only weakened your already faulty position more than before. I listed people who were very vocal about their support of the Great Ignorant One. That is not “personal opinion”; it is his supporters outing themselves publicly.

          • MEP325

            Yea, I could have left the “more intelligent than you” part out since I don’t know you. One point for you.

            Really? SO, by your logic, only low-income, uneducated white trash voted for him? Never mind the many doctors that voted for him because they’re getting crushed by Obamacare. Never mind brilliant attorneys whom I know personally that voted for him. According to you, ONLY poor, uneducated, WWE loving, reality-show watching white people voted for him? How about all the people of color who voted for him? I guess they’re all low-income, uneducated voters too

            Once again, your abysmal, poorly-informed, biased, hate-fueled opinion is not a citation. You’re just so angry that a portion of your country’s population voted for a candidate that you detest. And you have to resort to name-calling and labeling of those people to make yourself feel better. BTW, blue-collar does not mean uneducated and poor.

            It is rather funny that Hillary Rotten Clinton lost to a “failed reality TV star” (your words) But no surprise there, since she was an awful and loathsome candidate. Oh well, Trump is president and there’s nothing you can do.

          • “According to you, ONLY poor, uneducated, WWE loving[…]”

            NO, not “ONLY” those people. That is yet another example of your mis-characterizing what I said so that you can win yourself another Strawman that I did not participate in. How sad that you can’t try to debate using facts rather than your replacement-of-facts. I know that wealthy, elitist globalist billionaires helped to install him; it was never just the white trash welfare dregs alone. They were just the useful idiots who swallowed the MAGA lies.

            My husband is a [retired] Army medic and we can’t stand ObamaCare. It was not part of any points I proffered. But now that you bring it up, it’s wholly sick-minded to pull that rug out from the needy people who will for a fact die without health insurance. Disastrous Donald boasts that he wants to take away health insurance for the sickest and most needy, all without having set into motion the “cheaper, superior replacement” he campaigned upon.

            “[Y]our abysmal, poorly-informed, biased, hate-fueled opinion is not a citation”

            I did not leave any poorly-informed or hate-fueled opinions. They were biased — by facts — because I always wait until I am fully informed prior to posting anything. My bias comes from seeing the trail of disasters Disastrous Donald is so capable of. You see it too, but you just don’t dislike the disasters.

            “BTW, blue-collar does not mean uneducated and poor”

            BTW, I never said it did. Too bad you don’t want to employ reading comprehension prior to accusation-making.

            “Hillary Rotten Clinton lost to a “failed reality TV star””

            See how uninformed you are?? There were NO CANDIDATES named “Hillary Rotten Clinton”, but whatever “news” source you get fed disinformation by has convinced you to believe things contrary to fact. Now, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the other had did not lose to a “failed reality TV star” — she lost to an archaic and faulty electoral college meant to keep slave-owning states in power. (Look that up so you won’t ignorantly speak about it again.)

            “[Clinton] was an awful and loathsome candidate.”

            Yep, she sure was. I could speak volumes on how awful she was! I could recycle all of my 2008 stuff, or introduce my post-2015 stuff. But as ghastly as she was, she was still miles and miles and miles more honest, trustworthy, and pro-America than the Great Fraudster-in-Chief we’re counting down to Impeachment over now.

            “Oh well, Trump is president and there’s nothing you can do.”
            LOL, oh, yes, there is. And millions of Patriots are rising up and doing just that every darned day… whether you like it or not.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Scathing but true!

        • ray

          Jesus was a Deplorable.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Jesus would have been a dem if we count by today’s measures. A savior of mankind would be a bleeding heart left wingnut and not a Trump supporter.
            If you’re just an angry atheist please forgive me and carry on. But nothing about Jesus was deplorable.

          • ray

            King Jeshua is a paleo-conservative. He makes Genghis Khan look like a prog-feminist. . . kind of like Wonder Woman, in fact.

            You don’t know anything about Him, and He doesn’t want to know any thing about you. I love Equality!

          • In Landica Veritas

            That was all pretty nonsensical.
            Jesus, Yeshua, the New Testament’s Messiah, was in every way a liberal.

          • ray

            Only thing nonsensical is what your mama produced. Obviously.

            Burn in hell then, arrogant punk.

          • In Landica Veritas

            Hell is an imaginary creation fabricated by sadistic trolls who want their superiors to suffer.

            If you wanted to display why people step away from the church it is precisely bc of congregants like you, the only “arrogant punk” here.

          • ray

            Wow, Breitbart is getting pretty big for its big-boy britches! You folks must be real important.

            The People found Jesus so Deplorable that they mocked, tortured, and murdered him. After calling for their pal Barabbas to be released.

            So I can sure see how the Bible-ignorant at Breitbart would want to censor such a comment.

            Well-done. You’ll become the New Left in no time at all. :O)

          • In Landica Veritas

            I’m an atheist, and Jesus would have been a liberal if he even existed. It was the righties who took a dim view of his crimes and had him (and every other crucifixion victim) killed. That’s why most atheists are republicans today. So if Jesus was deplorable, it was only in the eyes of the tough-on-crime conservatives.

    • MEP325

      “Hey Murica, you’re doomed and deserve what’s coming. Economic turmoil, war and civil unrest. ha ha ha!”

      You are a truly deranged individual. Get some professional help.

      • William Lutz

        No. First of all, don’t tell me that I’m in need of a mental therapist because I don’t need some Dr. Phil to falsely diagnose me and change my perspective. Furthermore, mankind chooses its own course, and the chosen path is one of depravity and evil. Therefore, doomsday rightfully awaits us.

        • MEP325

          To be wish chaos and destruction on the US because half of the population voted for a candidate that you dislike is rather psychotic. Forgive me for saying.

          “Mankind chooses it’s own course, and the chosen path is one of depravity and evil.”

          You, me along with every other human is born with a sinful, depraved nature. That’s why the world is so messed up. But God in His grace has made a way to redeem frail, sinful human beings. God is not surprised by all the evil in the world. Actually, it could be a lot worse because He restrains evil in the world.

          God’s judgment is coming but for the time being, there is grace and mercy for fallen humanity. It might be better to seek out that instead of gleefully wishing turmoil and destruction that would harm many innocents.

          • “To be[sic] wish chaos and destruction on the US because half of the population voted for a candidate that you dislike is rather psychotic [of MEP325 to think].”

            False. There are roughly 242,470,820 adults in the U.S.; nowhere *NEAR* half of us voted for Disastrous, Deceitful Donald.

            Words matter. Learn how to start using them responsibly.

  • Maximus

    I don’t really care what consenting adults do in privacy. Nobody’s business but theirs.

    • William Lutz

      Michael and I are not forcing people to quit watching and listening this kind of media garbage. We are just pointing out that we are constantly bombarded with sinful entertainment and we will not have a future if this goes on.

      Don’t get me wrong; I’m somewhat guilty of it as well. The message is that everyone has to be willing to let go of this degenerate show business culture, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. The damage is already done.

      • Rick Ferreira

        I have worked in Entertainment. Some might consider my viewpoint “skewed” due to that… but I think the truth is that the Remnant is going to have to be freed from Entertainment Garbage and Entertainment Spirit to actually BECOME the Remnant.

  • K

    You have to tune it in to see it. I never watch any of the award shows. Even the NFL is off my list. If you want to stop some of this evil. Stop participating in it. Notice how nervous the NFL is getting. They have lost almost 1/3 pf the fan base.You want less evil, resist it. This is a general statement. It is not aimed at any individual.

    • William Lutz

      However, keep in mind that you alone cannot change the course of society as a whole. The entertainment matrix will keep shoving it no matter what and they will be successful as long as they do so. The minds of the general population are so brainwashed and hooked on the media monopoly. You can’t always make a huge difference on an individual level.

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      • bush.dorothy

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      • gonzales_cindy

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    • common sense

      The pot can’t call the kettle black. Most older folks who condemn the younger generation for their musical preferences enjoy listening to oldies such as Elvis and the Beatles. The older generation back then thought rock n roll was horrible.
      Condemning current music but an elder listening to older rock music is hypocrisy.

      • ned.sullivan@mail.ru

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  • David

    I remember Miley Cyrus had wanted to do a concert in the nude and have all of her audience in the nude also & splash them with Milk during the concert. don’t know if she ever accomplished this but these were her plans. this is Hanna Montana all grown up.


      The preacher speaks against apparel violations all the time like wearing shorts but in the summer when at work I sometimes feel like i’m almost getting heat stroke / mini-hot flashes cause no androgens (biological refrigerant). Then I have to wear shorts or no shirt at home (that’s allowed). Heat emanates out of my skin after big meals & can trigger flashes. People look at me odd like why is he fanning himself? but from my perspective they look odd.

      I looked it up and the book 1587 says “that hot summer day of 1584 the emperor conducted an archery contest… during which several eunuchs fainted from the intense heat.”

  • Daddyotis

    Don’t think John thought he himself was the “disciple that Jesus loved”.


    Back then in America men were jailed for not having a shirt on.

  • other opinion

    I don’t think libido addiction is always or even most of the time a demon. Just get fixed and libido leaves right away. Why would a demon suddenly leave a person?

    Some men have to do the act or their liquid will turn brown & could lead to cancer. Others do it because they sleep really well afterward instead of bad insomnia.

  • ray

    Good job here.