Was The Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony An Illuminati Ritual Intended To Honor Satan?

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Goat Man In WhiteThe opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland featured a “goat-man” that dies, is resurrected, is worshipped and is crowned as “the king of the world”.  The “goat-man” that played such a key role in this performance bore a striking resemblance to Baphomet, which in recent decades has become one of the key symbols used to represent Satan in the occult community.  So could it be possible that this entire ceremony was actually an Illuminati ritual that was intended to honor Satan?  Don’t pass judgment until you see the videos.


On Wednesday, June 1st, the long-awaited opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland finally took place.  It is the longest and the deepest railroad tunnel in the entire world, and it took 17 years to build.  It is 35 miles long, more than 2,000 meters deep in places, and the construction of this unprecedented tunnel cost a grand total of more than 11 billion euros.

So the opening of this tunnel was quite a big deal over in Europe.  Prominent European politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande were all in attendance, and they were treated to an incredibly bizarre opening ceremony that cost approximately 8 million euros to produce.  From Switzerland, this opening ceremony was broadcast by television all over the world, and so countless numbers of people were exposed to it.

The opening ceremony consisted of two parts, and in both parts the central figure was a “goat-man” that was eerily reminiscent of Baphomet.  If you are not familiar with Baphomet, the following comes from a BBC article about the giant statue of Baphomet that was unveiled in Detroit last year…

The best-known modern image of Baphomet was drawn in 1856 by the French occultist Eliphas Levi, in his book Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual.

He envisaged a winged hermaphrodite with a torch between his horns and a pentagram on his forehead.

Its arms bore the Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together) – the powers of “binding and loosing” usurped from God.

Levi’s drawing was the inspiration for the Satanic Temple’s new monument.

“It contains all these binary opposites – above and below, part animal, part human. Male and female,” says Greaves.

“It embodies opposites and celebrates contrasts.”

In modern times, Baphomet is well understood to represent Satan or the human embodiment of Satan.

That is why the fact that this “goat-man” was the central figure of this opening ceremony was so deeply disturbing.  The first part of the ceremony was held underground, and as TruNews has detailed, the “goat-man” died, was resurrected and was worshipped during this portion of the performance…

The performance began with a cohort of miners dressed in orange jump suits, marching like zombies toward the tunnels entrance (depicted on a video screen). The miners were then seemingly sacrificed to the tunnel and emerged as veiled spirits (represented by dancers in underwear with white wedding veils), and an actor dressed as a goat sprung out and began ritualistically consuming and mating with the veiled dancers. During this segment a headshot of the actor dressed as a goat was displayed on the video screen with a black and red backdrop and an absorbing fire lofting around his face, while three Egyptian scarabs floated in front of the screen. The next scene shifted to pagan druid ceremony, with the actors now draped in black subdued clothing and adorning nests, plants and trees on their heads. As the goat man laid on the floor an upside down tree was displayed on the video screen and the actors chanted a song in a mix of Ancient Germanic and Italian. The ceremony ends with the goat man being resurrected and worshipped as he is introduced to technology, industry and modern society — with many of the actors clothed as cross dressers, drifters and harlots.

You can see video footage from the underground portion of the ceremony right here.  But let me warn you that much of this performance appears to be deeply occultic and would definitely not be appropriate for children to view…

The second part of the ceremony was conducted above ground, and once again the “goat-man” took center stage.  The following comes from Vigilant Citizen

Three workers hang in the air, apparently dead.

The workers are replaced with three creepy ghosts.

We then see them floating in front of a giant All-Seeing eye. Is the elite celebrating human sacrifice?

While the goat-man runs around on stage, screaming like a possessed man, the big screen displays images of the goat-man looking extremely evil. Three scarabs float in front of him. Does Satan see the three dead workers as mere insects?

As people dressed in white bow down to the goat-man, a circle of eyes watches over them, confirming that this was one big, blatant, Satanic ceremony brought to you by the occult elite.

You can view video footage from the second half of the ceremony right here.  But once again, let me stress that children should not be watching this…

At the end of the second portion of the ceremony, a woman drapes the “goat-man” in white and says “you are now the king of the world”.

Goat Man In White

So let me see if I have got the facts straight…

-The central figure in this production was a “goat-man” that bore a striking resemblance to Baphomet.

-In the occult world, Baphomet is often a symbol of Satan or the human embodiment of Satan.

-During the ceremony, the “goat-man” dies.

-During the ceremony, the “goat-man” recovers from his fatal wound.

-During the ceremony, the “goat-man” is worshipped by everyone else.

-During the ceremony, the “goat-man” is crowned as the ruler of the world.

Is it just me, or does that sound like it is a description of the one commonly known as the Antichrist?

For a very long time, global secret societies have conducted their dark rituals out of the view of the general public, but we appear to have entered a time when they are becoming much more bold.

These days, we are seeing these sorts of “Illuminati rituals” just about everywhere.  We have seen them regularly at major awards shows, in music videos, in television shows and movies, and even at the Super Bowl.

So why do these same themes keep popping up over and over again?

Darkness is rising, and it isn’t going to be satisfied until it has gripped the entire planet.  And at this point the elite have become so bold that they aren’t even hiding what they plan to do to us anymore.

  • Jorma

    It’s things like this that make me feel so normal.

    • pissedlizard كافر ‏

      You and me both.

  • Robert

    Another freak show out of Europe. Ancient Rome was noted for them. Scripture declares that Satan is the prince of this world so what is the worry about. Just more unveiling of the bizarre. Russia and China are in better shape in many respects. I will not be surprised at anything damaging the western world and the more rapid descent into darkness.

  • sam

    I wonder if this is like the popes’ child sacrifice ceremonies?

  • James Dohnalek

    The French have a way of introducing the “bazaar”. I would say that this was mainly a French Production. I am stunded by their presentations and baffled by what they mean. You need a play write interpretive to explain it. DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • iris

    I’m glad you recapped it, Michael, as I’m not interested in watching the videos. Yes, definitely courtesy of occult obsessed elites. The people in the EU could have benefited from that money. Bottom line, though, this is just one more sign from God as to what’s coming down the pike in the near future.

  • T-Man

    The second I saw that goat head I knew this was not anything good

  • R. Lee Johnson

    To put it simply, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?”

  • jaxon64

    Wow–I felt dirty watching that deranged exhibition. All I can think is that they were trying to symbolize that the underground tunnel has released some beast or demented entity from its confinement under the bedrock?
    Just weird…..

    • michal109@hotmail.com

      Agreed. Dirty debauchery.
      What exactly did this have to do with a “tunnel” opening? dedication?

    • Lisa W

      Isn’t CERN in Switzerland too?

      • jaxon64

        I was thinking that too–these people seem to be determined to “let something out”. Even the CERN scientists admitted that their greatest fear is opening a “gate” that may allow some intra-dimensional ( other dimensional?) entity to come here. So it appears as if they know what they are doing, what the risks are and it seems logical to conclude that this may be the actual objective,

        • Garwoodv6

          They are “rolling the dice” on fate…

    • deranged is probably a close description!
      I initially tried to excuse it with freedom of artistic expression, though that ended fast! No excuse for that!

  • Joe

    Sad to see just a huge amount of Satanic Pestilence around the World. This must be fought by the Christians. Humility, Prayer, and Fasting are needed to combat that vile apostate the devil.

    • SallySmith71

      Coming together in unity and agreement with you on that brother!

  • watchmannonthewall

    “For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples; but the LORD will rise upon you, and His glory will appear upon you. And the nations will come to your light, and the kings to the brightness of your rising.” (Is 60:2-3)

    While this passage may fully refer to the Millennial Reign, it also is related to our time. If we abide under the shadow of His wings, we are dwelling in the secret palace of the Most High. There is protection there from the darkness coming on the earth.

    • iris

      Yes, indeed, regardless of what happens to us. Eternity with God is just on the other side. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.

      • watchmannonthewall

        Yes, indeed! The realization things always look the worst at night but brighter in the day has gotten me through many rough stretches. God’s Word is so true! The darkest time the world has ever seen is coming upon us, but the brightest time is immediately after.

        • iris

          Amen! “Even so, come quickly, Lord!”

  • DJohn1

    There have been symbols dating back as far as I can remember in various every day things.
    A better question is Satan in charge over this planet?
    Or is it the original creator, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, OUR GOD in charge?
    Who put Satan in charge?
    Wasn’t me.
    Parts of the Bible do give clues. Nothing happens without God’s approval. If Satan has been given leadership over this planet it is because it was with God’s approval.
    Somehow I think God might have a better plan than that.

    • Er St

      Answer – Yes Satan has been given control of this World.

      Answer – We gave him control. Not God.

      We gave him control in the garden of Eden and we have been in rebellion ever since.

      The good news is that God has a plan that allows for our rebellion. In His perfect love for His children, He has a plan that allows for free will. That even though we have abandoned Him, He has not abandoned us.

      So for a time, yes Satan has been given dominion over this rebellious world. However, Jesus conquered this world and its leader. He is the Way! Through Him and only Him can we break the bondage of sin (rebellion) and find our way home.

      • iris


    • solitairecat64

      I believe what’s going on today is the Gog war described in Rev 20: 7 to 9 and Ezek 38 & 39 and Satan only has the power to deceive mankind who don’t have the spirit of truth John 14:17, John 15:26, & John 16:13. Unfortunately, “many” will be deceived because they exchanged the truth for a lie and are worshipping the beast Romans 1:25.

      Many people are not aware that the great tribulation took place in 70 AD when Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed and that is when the resurrection of the righteous dead and “rapture” happened because Christ came for the saints just as He promised he would John 14:3, 18 & 28. Satan was thrown out of heaven Rev 12: 7 to 9, persecuted God’s people for a short time Rev 12:12, and then was bound for 1000 years Rev 20: 1 to 3. Christ and the saints have been ruling from heaven since then Rev 20:4.

      It appears that Satan has been released from the abyss as prophesied in Rev 20:3 to deceived the nations and lead them to war against the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but they will be devoured by fire from heaven v9. We must put on the armor of God that Paul decribed in Eph 6: 10 to 18 which is the word of God/truth and prayer to be saved from this evil and darkness.

  • Jim Davis

    Is this satanic or just idiotic? Whatever it is, it was a huge waste of Francs!

  • Pennell

    All I can say is: “What a bunch of possessed idiots!” And than they wonder why their country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Mary Mclocke

    No one I have seen has posted/said yet that those “dancers’ in that ritual, whatever, were from Hillsong.. Do you know what Hillsong is? They were a Christian once… The announcer(?) on the video I watched (and there are many videos out about this) said that they were from Hillsong. I about fell offa my chair, but then.. Hillsong Australia has changed to “Chrislam” – that’s Christianity combined with Islam. Good ol’ Pastor Bryan Houston. I’ve seen the videos, and saw it on TV where he said so. and add Hillside NYC – well, Google it and look at their church and Pastor, not to mention that they use ‘The Message” Bible. “The Message” Bible where in The Lord’s prayer, where it says, “On earth as it is in Heaven” is changed to, “As above, so below.” I kid you NOT!

    • iris

      Didn’t know this, but do know that the phrase, “as above, so below”, is widely used in occult circles, to equate the supernatural forces of good and evil, which is absolutely not what God says in comparing good to evil. God created those angels who rebelled against Him, and also says that evil has to serve Him. The demons believe in Christ, but they tremble, because they know that their judgement is coming. Biblical truths are being twisted, and those who don’t know God’s Word, are more easily deceived. The banks say that the best way to spot a counterfeit bill, is to handle a great deal of the real thing. Then the fake will look “off”. I don’t read paraphrase Bibles, because a little is lost in every translation from another language, no matter how careful a team of scholars is. I can understand the desire to create a paraphrase, so that it might be more easily understood, but God means what He says, not what man says.

      • Shabaz101

        What version of the Bible do you read?

        • iris

          I read the KJ and NASB. My spouse likes NKJ, and we have an NIV and an ESV, which helps in translation comparison. Also have an interlinear with Hebrew, Greek and English. I think as long as it’s a good translation, the intent of a verse or passage is evident. Also really appreciate learning Scripture, especially the Tenach, from the Messianic Jewish perspective. It’s much deeper, richer, fuller, imo, compared to the Western takes. What about you?

        • Gay Veteran

          interesting question

    • Lisa W

      Thank you for pointing out. Hillsong sold out and has lost all credibility among people who worship only Jesus Christ the LORD.

    • watchmannonthewall

      I would be interested in a link, if the site allows it, to that video.

      I have seen the U-Tube video where the pastor of Hillsong says christians and muslims worship the same god. Don’t get upset, the following is not specific to Mary, but I’d like to ask a quesion: Let me preface it by asking of anyone remembers when the president stated the U.S was not a christian nation? Has he, in fact, turned out to be correct?

      OK. Is it possible that many (most?) who call themselves christians and muslims DO worship the same god? Christians today, by and large, do NOT worship the same God they did 60 and 100 years ago. Do they worship the same God as the disciples in the 1st century? Thank you for thinking about it!

      • iris

        Hmm, interesting question!

      • Preacher62

        Excellent question. Man worships himself as sovereign and God is relegated to the role of facilitator. So yes many are worshipping the same god regardless of the name over the door of their meeting places.

  • Eevie

    The goat is used symbolically for the 2 horns. This represents the prince/king of this world Lushifar. That is his real name. He was crowned eons ago. Humans begged him to be their ruler. True ancient history.
    Lushifar’s ship has what looks like 2 horns as it enters the earth’s atmosphere.

    • Gay Veteran


      • Eevie

        True history….you and most have no idea.

        • Gay Veteran

          you sound like a member of Heaven’s Gate

          • Eevie

            You sound clueless. Just had to say something didn’t you…no matter how random or inane.

  • Dale Barry

    How Boring. Wait till Christ Jesus makes his entrance.

    • iris

      He’ll split the Mount of Olives, and God won’t let any event or any other entity do that.

  • Philip Sieve

    Whatever happened to a speech by the mayor and cutting a blue ribbon? Seriously, though, there’s a video of Cern workers doing some strange dancing by the LHC and maybe elsewhere.

  • hammerstamp

    Who knew the Swiss were into Satanic ceremonies?

    • watchmannonthewall

      I think the bigger picture is that the European nations were once delivered from darkness and “somewhat” embraced protestant christianity as a breath of fresh air, but over the years the sacrifices made by many to bring light to them, and their teachings, have been forgotten. Thus they despise their heritage. Sound like the U.S.?

      History is replete with examples of how a people who were once enlightened as to God’s intent for them, initially embraced it and then finally turned against it, eventually hating it more than they loved it. This is circumstantial evidence that there is a spiritual battle taking place in the hearts and minds of people.

      My observation of European history is many people in the its nations at one time received access to Light, just as those in the US, but eventually turned their backs on it, as we are doing now.

      (There is also evidence that the founding of a number of the European nations resulted from the migration of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, over hundreds of years. Michael covered parts of this during his speech at the Prophesy Club last year, but is just one person of many who have researched this possibility. If true, it simply continues the patterns shown throughout the OT of going into apostasy!)

      Satan, rather than being content to simply keep them in darkness, intends to have God destroy them even as he used Balaam to bring judgment on Israel just before they went into the Promised Land.

      We are again at the door of going into the Promised Land and the onslaught will be very fierce (“if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived”), to get us to commit formication with other gods, all of which lead back to worship of satan. God is One, satan is many! Also, it may not be the sheeple who are into satanic ceremonies. but the leaders understand the thoughtlessness “herd” mentality of many people. The religious power of the Dark Ages used the same techique against those of the Reformation.

  • Len Hummel

    Most people are just incredibly spiritually & biblical ignorant of what is going on. The entire NWO is a heathan, pagan, satanic takeover of the world from the top tier down. and they equate “lucifer” and “luciferianism” with “good” and “illuminated/enlightened.” NOT.

    • iris


    • not only are they ignorant – or may be naive?, but they have turned away from GOD. With all our modern technology, they do no longer need GOD. Needless to say, the sanctioned of religious institutions in place have done their part. But man with out a center is empty and looks for some thing to fill that void. Some “find” god within themselves, some fall prey to “other rituals”, not realizing what they have left or what they are truly seeking. And if you tell them they mock you :)

  • Kumbayah

    Clearly, Satanism is alive and well in the upper echelons of Switzerland.

    • has to be, look who the Swiss Guard protects…..

  • Lisa W

    The demonic, Luciferian, Illuminati run CERN and Gotthard tunnel are clearly in unison in Switzerland. The world must consider itself warned that the great tribulation is at the door. Gott in the German language means God in English. god’s tunnel entrance from hell (little g on purpose). The opening ceremony makes perfect sense if you decipher the name given to the location. Lots of evil like the transgender movement, LGBT rights, tax evasion and financial corruption made their starts in Switzerland.

    • Gay Veteran

      typical religious BS fixated on genitalia while you remain SILENT on the millions who have died because of our wars of aggression

  • Judah

    I saw this ceremony yesterday on You Tube and I was stunned. I knew right away that it was an occult ritual right before our eyes. It was creepy and eery! Every major public performance has now become a platform for their Luciferan worship services. Obviously, they’re attempting to program this wickedness into our subconscious so that over time, we’ll be desensitized to it.

    • iris


  • Asha James

    Well we are truly in the last days in thus world….just before the returning of the TRUE KING “JESUS CHRIST” and these are just the beginning of the things that have to come to pass…I’m not surprised at all tbh….We CHRISTIANS have to put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD as the bible tells us to WITHSTAND the EVIL of this WORLD in the Last days(currently and in time to come) ???

  • Reinhardt

    We should pray for them.

    • remember Abraham pleading for Sodom (

      Genesis 18:16-33) – if there is one righteous person there … yup prayer, but in the end we are free to choose who we serve.

  • Stéphane Blouin

    And dumb people think this is art.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It’s just a real long tunnel. None of this nonsense for the Chunnel.

  • Preacher62

    Religion surely does brainwash people. Jesus Christ saves people from that brainwashing, from politics and from sin. Repent and believe the Gospel and you too can be saved. God Bless

  • Ray S.

    That performance definitely had satanic influence. The goat’s head is being used to represent the baphomet and there was a part where they lifted a white baby lamb over their heads and were taking it to the alter for slaughter. Everything meant something and was deliberately choreographed. This had nothing to do with a tunnel being built.

  • Len Hummel

    The vast majority of the so-called “elite” are pagans and luciferians. they are destroying humanity and the earth.