Warning To Those Cleaning Up The Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico: Most Of The Cleanup Crew Members From The 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster Are Now Either Sick Or Dead

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Are you sure that you want to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?  In a previous article we documented a number of the health dangers from this oil spill that many scientists are warning us of, and now it has been reported on CNN that the vast majority of those who worked to clean up the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska are now either sick or dead.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Almost all of them are sick or dead.  In fact, the expert that CNN had on said that the life expectancy for those who worked to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill is only about 51 years.  Considering the fact that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now many times worse than the Exxon Valdez disaster, are you sure you want to volunteer to be on a cleanup crew down there?  After all, the American Dream is not to make big bucks for a few months helping BP clean up their mess and then drop dead 20 or 30 years early. 


This news clip from CNN is absolutely stunning.  If this is even close to true, then why would anyone want to be involved in helping to clean up this oil?….

The truth is that what we have out in the Gulf of Mexico is a “toxic soup” of oil, methane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, other toxic gases and very poisonous chemical dispersants such as Corexit 9500.

Breathing all of this stuff is not good for your health, but the reality is that the true health toll of this oil spill is not going to be known for decades.

However, the early reports are not encouraging….   

*Already, a large number of workers cleaning up the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico report that they are suffering from flu-like symptoms.

*According to another new report, exposure to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in 162 cases of illnesses reported to the Louisiana state health department.

*In addition, according to one local Pensacola news source,  400 people have sought medical care for upper or lower respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, and eye irritation after trips to Escambia County beaches.”

This is going to be something that we all want to keep a very close eye on.

But it is not just oil spill cleanup workers and people who have gone to the beach who are reporting health issues.  The following is a report from a reader named Dee….

My 2 friends and I have been sick with headaches and vomiting, also it feels like heartburn, just feeling lousy. We have not been to the Gulf but there is an inlet at the end of our street. We live on the West side of Pensacola FL. near the Bayou. At first I thought it was just me. My 2 friends are having the same symptoms, all at the same time. Right now I have a dull headache, and my stomach is queezy. I have been thinking maybe the chemicals from the oil cleanup or the oil itself is causing us to be ill. It has been raining all day off and on. I started feeling ill late last night. I was wondering if anyone else in Pensacola have the same symptoms.

So what can we conclude from all this?

Well, it is still very early, but when this crisis is all said and done the biggest tragedy of all might be the health devastation that this oil spill has caused.

If the Exxon Valdez oil spill is any indication, a lot of pe0ple are going to end up dying early deaths. 

So once again, do you really want to go down there and clean up this oil?

Of course all of this oil is not just going to clean itself up.

But if we all refuse to participate, who will clean it up?

Perhaps BP CEO Tony Heyward and other high ranking BP executives could roll up their sleeves and go down there and start cleaning up all of that toxic sludge.

It’s their mess, so let them clean it.


A number of readers have expressed serious skepticism regarding the claims made by the CNN expert in the video. 

If anyone has hard data that would refute her claims, please send it our way and we will be glad to post it.

  • Gary

    Capitalism at its finest! Profits before people (and God). Capitalism worships corporate and personal greed. As a socialist I can easily tax their greed problems away and help the working people.

  • Gary is Wrong

    Gary, this is NOT capitalism; this is CORPORATISM.

    Also, how can you expect others to take you seriously when invoke the name of a fairy tale character?

  • Wait, now I have to believe all those “experts” on MSNBC/CNN/Fox News, damn. I never knew they were fact portals, just thought they were good at giving their opinion.

    Who is this expert? Oh yeah, she doesn’t even have a name.

    It certainly isn’t my job to provide sources for a random ****** blog.

  • Greg

    Gary, how long are you going to remain deluded in spite of my numerous education posts that are placed just for you?! This is not a capitalism problem. This is not right wing problem. This is not a liberal problem. Your Socialist gods are not going to pull your hiney out of the fire. This is the result of a long-term plan to bring about the NWO and America was placed in the position to move the world into that final plan. The working people are intentionally being killed off and that plan is going to accelerate rapidly. Read the quotes of the billionaires who are sold out on population reduction. Read the Georgia Guidestones. Read the quotes of the non-elected czars who have been advocating population reduction for decades. How can you be so stupid to believe that anyone cares about taxing others so that you can have a better life? Why can’t you see that anyone and everyone who makes those types of promises to the stupid sheeple are doing nothing but manipulating the masses to get even more control over our lives? Your ignorance is starting to amaze me.

  • Greg

    I may have to start demanding payment for my educational posts to confused bloggers – now I not only have to instruct Gary, who is wrong, but also Gary is Wrong! The only thing Gary, who is wrong, has right is his understanding that there is a god. Now Gary is Wrong seems to be even more confused than Gary who is wrong.

    Wow, is there a conspiracy going on here?

  • Really. I have never know this is so dangerous. If so why nobody do something. I think America has crossed the limits for normal attitude long time ago. They are really violating their own rules

  • burnside

    I am – today – in contact with one of the Exxon Valdez cleanup workers. Very much alive, reports no difficulties of any kind, and asking for data associated with the mortality claims.

    It does some considerable harm to the public perception of the current problem if extreme claims are made and then disproved. I see that HuffPo has taken up the same story, but no one is making a clear citation of the study, or of interviews or research.

    This is one of many ways to trivialize a serious matter – reports of this kind, in the end, are used by the responsible parties to expose their critics as fools. Do you value your credibility?

  • Sorry I didn’t understand where can we see official reports. When it comes to credibility I actually do not know both of you – burnside and HuffPo. So?

  • Seattleinvestor

    Yes, there are toxic chemicals in petroleum. You have to mitigate that. I also don’t believe the exxon valdez statistics since there is no substantiation. Anyone with critical thinking skills would understand it’s CNN fringe propaganda. If this were true, it would have been the top of media, the medical community, and law suits for years.

    But that is not to say that there is not risk, and real Ill effects to those directly and closely exposed. Management of the clean up owes it to the workers to provide proper equipment and training.

    The problem is there are a whole lot of people looking for a hand out right now, and thiscsounds like the ground work for another round of paydays. The lady in Florida is really suspect, and if you dig into her, you will likely find financial problems, a history of nonworkin, or connection to a “green” or union group. The media never reports the follow up on this.

    For those of you with an ounce of critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge would see the fallacy in her report. Rain will in fact make it less so, any exposure she may have. As for her very generic and hard to medically prove, or more importantly deny, ther are out of plaintiffs bar 101. Not that people do not get these, for I know I just got over a two days bought of it after eating some high nitrate prucuiito ham. And yes, if sniff enough gas fumes fueling my boat on a hot day I will feel it too.

    The big problem is legimate claims get lost in the sees of hangers on and money for nothing crowd.

  • FYI on up coming National Town Hall Meetings regarding this topic:

    The Center For Disease Controls
    National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures

    Here are some excerpts from one of my blogs:

    Safe Chemical Act and Toxic Substance Control Act http://toxicreverend.blogspot.com/2010/04/safe-chemicals-act-of-2010-to-fic-toxic.html
    3:14 PM Jun 8th via Power Twitter Posting by Toxic Reverend

    A Congressional Report reviewed more than 1,400 chemicals
    that pose potential threats to human health and found
    that only 6% are being tracked by HHS and the EPA.
    And only a small percentage of the chemicals known
    or thought to be carcinogenic are being
    tracked by the government, the study found.

    In every day terms:

    Title of newspaper article;

    U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data
    Wednesday, May 3, 2000
    Los Angeles Times, By SUNNY KAPLAN
    is archived at

    The link to the Congressional Report in
    question at the above linked in newspaper story is

    Testimony on Children’s Health and the Environment by Richard J. Jackson, M.D., M.P.H.
    Director, National Center for Environmental Health
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – posted at >


    A Database that lists illnesses by the toxic chemicals
    that can cause them is now linked in with a
    review and comments at my “Toxic Reverend Tribe profile” :>


    Tom Krohmer
    Environmental Technologist
    Suggested Google search terms;
    “Toxic Reverend”
    “Organic Scam”
    Tom Krohmer
    The Toxic Reverend – Revelations
    No known relationship to Jon Krohmer MD
    Chief Medical Officer of Homeland Security

  • Swerved

    This article is complete BS. I’ve got several friends that were involved heavily with the cleanup effort in Alaska, and none of them are having any problems. My boss also ran several crews up there for years, and not one of them has had problems.

    I can’t believe they actually print this crap.

  • I am not “Swerved” by Swerved’s comment and here is why…

    While it may not be true that ALL cleanup workers are dead or sick CNN has ran first hand reports of several who ARE.

    For example: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/US/07/07/oil.spill.valdez.workers/index.html#fbid=kjsgoCz550D&wom=false

    That same article states “of the health records of 11,000 cleanup workers, and found that 6,722 of them had gotten sick” according to an attorney who was forced by Exxon to show the records.

    Riki OTT a marine toxicologist who is a veteran of the Exxon-Valdez spill warns the same thing.


    And on that same post is a video by Merle Savage another Exxon-Valdez clean up worker who is now sick and has launched a web site to try to warn clean up workers of the dangers.

    Tjen there is this report by the American review Annals of Internal Medicine shows that fisherman who participated in oil spill cleanup suffered from chromosome damage and genetic alterations that have caused significant long term chronic health affects. http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2010/08/25/study-fisherman-cleaned-oil-suffering-chromosomal-alterations-genotoxicity-3589/

    And another report from CNN linking oil spill clean up workers to lung damage. http://edition.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/08/23/oil.workers.lung.problems/index.html#fbid=kjsgoCz550D&wom=false

    And I am supposed to be “Swerved” into thinking that no one from Valdez got sick or had any problems….

  • Jonathan


    I know this article is older than dirt, but I’d just like to point out that the symptoms reported from the Pensacola source are consistent with red tide exposure. Florida’s gulf coast historically has some of the most brutal red tide in the world, whereas red tide is virtually nonexistent in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama west of Mobile Bay. The oil hit LA much harder than it hit FL, not to mention that it has many more miles of coastline due to the jagged landforms. If these symptoms were due to oil and not red tide, you would be hearing complaints from people farther west, not just those in Pensacola.