War Zones: As The Economy Dies, Murders, Shootings, Robberies And Looting Erupt All Over America

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As the U.S. economy falls apart and millions of Americans descend into despair we are seeing some really shocking things start to happen all over America.  The mainstream media keeps telling us that crime is under control, but they are also the ones that keep telling us that we are in the midst of an “economic recovery”.  Unfortunately, the truth is that the economy is slowly dying.  Today, an all-time record 44 million Americans are on food stamps.  That number is 18 million higher than it was just four years ago.  When people can’t get jobs and when people feel deprived they get desperate.  The incidents that you are about to see and read about below are very disturbing.  Many American communities are rapidly turning into war zones.  Sadly, it is mostly young people that are involved in the crimes and the violence that are now sweeping America.


Yesterday, I wrote an article entitled “18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons“, and there were some readers that objected to the article because they said that the youth of today are so wild that if you don’t use extreme measures they will just be completely out of control.

Sadly, it is true that many of our young people are extremely wild.  But a lot of that is our own fault.  We did not believe in teaching our kids about “morality”, and so now they do not have any.  We did not believe in having the Ten Commandments around, and so now many of our young people feel free to steal and murder.  We allowed television and movies to raise our kids, and now they are acting out what they have been watching all of their lives.

If your community is not a war zone yet, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.  There are many communities across the United States where people simply do not go out at night anymore.

Wherever large groups of Americans gather these days, big problems often seem to follow.  The following is video that was shot during the recent Memorial Day weekend in Miami Beach….

The following is how activist Herb Sosa described what went down in Miami Beach last weekend….

Esteemed Miami Beach Mayor, Commissioners & concerned citizens.

Please view the attached YouTube video (one of many) already posted for the world to see, about Memorial/Urban Weekend 2011 in Miami Beach. http://youtu.be/cjxxGBJmOqQ

It shows our city as nothing short of a warzone – Filthy streets, a drive by shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets. This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city, tourism & residents. It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins – there isn’t a residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our community, citizens & property.

But it just wasn’t the Miami area that was transformed into a war zone last weekend.

Let’s take a look at what happened in some other U.S. cities….

Long Island: “A Long Island police department says it had to call for backup to quell a beach melee involving hundreds of people that spilled out onto the streets and a nearby bus depot.”

Chicago: “As Chicagoans headed to the beach to celebrate the unseasonably warm Memorial Day, violence erupted throughout the city. Six people were killed and at least 21 people wounded by gunfire Monday afternoon into early Tuesday morning.”

Myrtle Beach: “Myrtle Beach police received reports of five armed robberies, a stabbing, a shooting and an incident involving a shotgun being pointed at a security guard during a nearly eight-hour period in the city early Sunday and Monday.”

Rochester, New York: “A busy Memorial Day evening at the beach ended abruptly when fights broke out among at least 100 youth.”

Boston: “Fights broke out among rival gang members on Carson Beach in South Boston yesterday and spilled out across the city, triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.”

Charlotte, North Carolina: “In Charlotte, North Carolina, a man was shot and killed on Sunday morning after two rival groups began fighting.  Police said at least 70 people were arrested in the melee that lead to the shooting.”

New York City: “A violent Memorial Day weekend around the city left at least seven people dead, including a mother of four whose 2-year-old son was clutching her hand when she was shot.”

Just another holiday in America.

For more examples of the increasing violence we are seeing all across the country, check out this article: “Americans Gone Wild“.

But it isn’t just violence that is increasing.  One very disturbing trend that is on the increase is the number of “mob robberies” that we are seeing around the United States.  Large groups of youths are storming into retail establishments, looting whatever they want, and storming right back out.  The following are a couple of examples…..

*Las Vegas*

*Washington D.C.*

For more examples of “mob robbers“, just check out this article: “Mob Robbers And Rampant Looting: Is This The Future Of America?

Are you alarmed yet?

You should be.

The truth is that there are some really good reasons why so many people are looking to move out of urban areas.  America is changing.  We have lost our morality and that has consequences.

In a recent article entitled “Moral Relativism” I discussed some of these consequences….

A lot of people don’t like to talk about morality.  In fact, many of my regular readers will probably throw a fit just because I am using the word “morality” in an article.  But you know what?  Without morality a society cannot function.  Our founding fathers knew this.  But somehow we have come to believe that morality and politics can be separated.

The truth is that when you fully take all morality out of politics you end up with a Hitler or a Stalin or a Mao.  You end up with death camps, torture, mass genocide and social chaos.

Unfortunately, Americans can’t really seem to agree on what is “moral” and what is not anymore.  Moral relativism dominates in our society today.  Nobody really knows what the “rules” really are.

But if we all are living by different rules, then how is society going to continue to function?  The truth is that moral relativism simply does not work and our society is starting to find that out.

If America continues on the road that it is on, we are going to see some things happen in this nation in the future that are going to be absolutely unspeakable.

John Adams, the second president of the United States, once made the following statement: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

Today, we have an incredibly wicked and immoral government that is governing a population that cannot even agree on what “right and wrong” are anymore.

If we stay on this path, things will continue to get even worse.  Even more of our communities will become war zones.  This country will continue to fall apart.

If you don’t live in America, please say a prayer for us – we really need it.

  • I personally think you should STOP focusing on petty crime of young people suffering under tyranny and dim futures and begin to focus on SWAT team executions and home invasions. Stop blaming Americans please.

    • Gary

      Cheryl-you are correct. Steal a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise go to jail. Crash the economy like wall street/goldman sucks etc and steal trillions get off scott.

      Both are wrong but we need to prioritize and go after the big fish first. Opps I forgot, the rules do not apply to the rich, sorry.

  • mondobeyondo

    Part of the problem with our wild and crazy youth is the lack of discipline.

    Spanking a child used to be considered discipline. Now, it’s considered child abuse. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

    Would you rather use a switch (small tree branch) on your 7 year old, or have the police use a Taser on him/her 10 years later?

  • William

    Only an idiot would watch these videos and not fear what these pieces of criminal trash would do it they were really HUNGRY. These crimes were for beer and clothing. Let these pieces of trash really get in a bind for food, and you will be their victim. If you do not have a firearm and a good supply of ammunition right now, better correct that soon. When the rule of law and civil order collapses, the cops will not save you. The sale of guns and ammunition will be cancelled at the beginning of the food riots. The Second Amendment will mean nothing.

    • Guido

      Let me point out-if you’re in DC, you probably don’t have a gun. They’re STRICT about firearms. Even with the Supreme Court decision last year, guns-legal guns-aren’t all that common in the district. The crooks and the cops are the armed ones, not the law-abiding civilians.

      Don’t expect the DC PD to do much about it, anyway. They’re currently enforcing a no-cigarette-litter ban that is more important.

  • Concerned Reader

    “If America continues on the road that it is on, we are going to see some things happen in this nation in the future that are going to be absolutely unspeakable.”

    After looking at the writing on the wall I am now convinced that ths country is in the early stages of a civil war.

  • Ron

    The crime wave unleashed during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was just typical and received no mainstream national attention:
    Tuesday, May. 31, 2011 The Sun-News
    Myrtle Beach police inundated with crime during 8-hour window
    Reports run wild in 8-hour window
    By Tonya Root
    The future of America is easy to perceive just visit Mexico or South Africa.

    When .gov is against you, what chance do you have?
    Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, THERE IS NO GETTING IT BACK AGAIN.

    A-G Holder: No Hate Crime Protection for White Christians

    NO Stimulus Jobs for Whites
    Robert Reich, Obama’s economic adviser, and Charles Rangel, House Ways & Means Committee
    Testimony of Obama economic adviser Robert Reich, the Labor Secy of the Clinton era, before Representative Charles Rangel’s Ways and Means Committee on January 7th 2009

  • nick

    Lets see: banks hold congress hostage and demands 700 billion in TARP funds, which they get. At least 400 000 new people every month lose their jobs and America is fighting 3 undeclared wars. And you figure the problems are caused by a lack of morality?!

  • christ michael

    how about looting solar panels or non-gmo seeds to start growing their own food. this will be natures way of weeding out the ignorant and willfully ignorant so a more progressive society can emerge once the garden of eden is established on oct 28, 2011

    • Nanette

      Garden of Eden??? This year??? C’mon . . . got an aluminum hat, too??? Jesus said that no man knows the hour or the day of His return (or of the rapture, for that matter). Anyone who predicts a date is doomed to failure (and ridicule).

  • It’s all about outsourcing! To maximize their profits American companies still transfer jobs to Asia and South America! And the people are so stupid and keep buying all that stuff “Made in Somewhere”. The most disgusting product ever I discovered at Walmart: A bracelet “Support our Troops” – MADE IN CHINA !!!!!!
    The only way to force the companies to bring back the jobs is to stop buying their products! Watch out what you buy, check your closet! Patriotism starts there and not on your tongue!

    • mondobeyondo

      “Support our Chinese Troops”…..

      • In Poland the “Chinese Working Troops” are already constructing the highway between Warsaw and Berlin! I’m kind a curious, how long it takes to see them here as well constructing the highways!

    • lone survivor

      The problem today is that these big corporations are no longer “American” companies. They are now multi-national corporations who don’t care about the USA and in fact, hate the freedoms and Bill of Rights that we have. They would like to make everyone “New World Order” slaves! Why do you think they out source to third world countries? Make people work for 25 to 50 cents an hour and make them buy their food and clothes from company owned stores. Look at NAFTA, the Klintons even told companies to move to Mexico and South America (which layed off more American workers). So how are you going to get new companies to open up in America?
      I believe that things will fall if and when gasoline hits 8 or 10 dollars a gallon. People can not afford to pay 150 to 200 dollars a week for gasoline. Companies will lay of employees to cover fuel costs. People will quit eating out at restaurants, buying clothes, etc. this will cause stores to lay off more employees, and less people to buy products. Truckers will quit driving their semis because they cannot cover fuel costs. Products won’t be delivered to stores, look for food shortages, gasoline shortages, people will “flip out” and start demanding food and gasoline (for free) or will rob the stores, just like in the videos.
      Now is the time to get as far away from big , crowded, major metropolitian areas and have some type of survival retreat. Stock it will food (you like) and bottled water.
      Another problem is, too many people, not enough jobs, high taxes, etc.

  • Sean

    That beach riot in Long Island occurred in Long Beach within view of my apartment. It happens EVERY YEAR. These people come from trashy neighborhoods and start brawling in what is usually a peaceful area. There was a drive by shooting up my block that same night. This is totaly out of control and the police will never be able to contain it once it gets far enough out of hand.

  • Mike

    Why do you blames secularists for the downfall of the USA? (or at least partly blame them). Look at a country like Norway, for example. Norway is a majority atheist country, and they are much safer and less economically deprived than we are. Go ahead and check it out.

    • lone survivor

      What’s Norway got to do with the USA? How many blacks live there? And how much population do they have compared to the USA? What do you think Norway companies manufacture and export to the USA? Huh? Anything? I hate it when people compare the USA to some small foreign country the size of Alabama or Georgia. You want to live in a cold, snowy country. And besides, Norway is mostly a Luthern country! DIdn’t you know that before you made up stupid-ass statements like you just did.
      What are you 12 or 13 years old?
      Another item I find interesting in the newspaper and on the TV news is when they report that job hiring has picked up and companies are hiring more and more people, but, it turns out that the companies that are hiring are fast food restaurants, motels and retail stores (which all have a fast and big turnover), so people leave one crummy job for another crummy job. Look at Mcdonalds, they had a hiring day to hire 50,000 employees and 1 million people showed up to apply for a low paying crappy job! What does that tell you?

      • Mike

        The author was pinning some of the blame for america’s downfall on secularists/atheists

  • Guido

    You are right. I started reading about this monday evening and it started to worry me. I knew about Myrtle Beach-that bike week is always chaotic and has been for years, but the sheer number of civil unrest incidents in so many locations started get me scared. Summer is always the worst when it comes to unrest-the heat and humidity just makes folks angrier. I’m afraid this Summer will be a real Summer of Rage in the US.

    The recent anarchy gave me the perfect opportunity to discuss the issue with the spouse and assembling I’m SOP for possible threats and events ranging from natural disaster to home invasion. We’re also discussing putting emergency kits in our cars in case something happens while we’re out, including a sudden unavailability of fuel due to economic collapse. Who was it that said you can’t let an emergency go to waste?

    • Guido

      Arrrgh. Please excuse my mis-typing. I meant to say I’m putting together an SOP for handling a variety of unexpected events. My wife hasn’t had to deal with a natural disaster before, but after dealing with blizzards the last 2 years, she’s getting the idea that unexpected problems can get out of hand fast, even with plenty of warning. She has been robbed at gun point and is sort of defeatist about her chances in that kind of situation. I’m hoping to motivate her to excel with real life examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in bad circumstances.

  • Lady Val

    I do not have all of the information, but I would suggest that from what I’ve seen of videos of these lawless events, the majority involve minority youth. I know, I know, that’s “racist” talk – but the camera doesn’t lie. Some say that this behavior is the result of the despair of these young people living as they do in squalor and poverty – but the ones I see don’t look ill clothed or fed and certainly the “swarming” attacks in convenience stores and other businesses often have a high degree of hilarity involved! We’re not talking about folks stealing bread (eatable that is) to feed themselves or their starving children. One wonders if the behavior commented upon is actually economically motivated or there isn’t some other fundamental cause – such as a lack of standards and accountability.

  • M

    More like whenever large groups of americans gather , the predatory element comes out to prey on them. Wait till some folks head into stores just to cool off from the broiling heat this summer. Only to be told shop or GTFO , that is my pick for a really violent event occuring this summer.

  • Gary

    I thought everyone had guns? why do the store owners not use them?

    This has nothing to do with taxing the rich,(ok maybe if I thought about it for a while:) what these people are doing is wrong.

    One of the frequent and very wise posters on both of Michael’s sites, El Pollo de Oro, has been warning that we are turning into a third would hell-hole and will be like many other violent third world countries. He is 100% correct and everyone should take his advice to heart.

  • With kids out of school I believe that it will just get worse.
    Yes we have a wicked and immoral govt. Such a good example they set.

  • realist

    Below is a comment I once posted on the other blog which I think also applies in this situation:

    “Not to be un-PC, but you do know a number of the incidents you shown above have African American perpetrators right?

    Violent behaviors and crimes being committed by impoverished Blacks (and Hispanic) are really nothing new, but have always been suppressed by the Main Scream media to avoid labels of “racism”.

    A lot of this being shown now is simply due to the availability of portable camera phones and youtube proliferation. While the current degradation in the economy has definitely exacerbated the trend, black-on-black as well as black-on-white crime is anything but a novel concept.

    And before any of you brand me as a racist…. my half brother is mulatto and so is my grand-daughter so save your liberal PC crud for someone else.”

    One other side note: I was actually listening to AM talk radio this mourning and a number of reports have shown crime to be DECREASING despite the economic downturn. Could a lot of these be predicated on fudged statistics? Probably. But just as an anecdote, there does seem to be areas in the downtown region where I live that I now feel safer walking through when it certainly wasn’t the case 10 years ago.

    • mondobeyondo

      Historically, the African Americans, Hispanics, etc. have been the people most opressed in this country. They don’t see the situation improving for themselves, so they are lashing out. (By the way, the situation’s getting worse for EVERYONE, regardless of race. But that doesn’t matter to them.)

      And having an African American President doesn’t matter, either. Nearly every country in sub-Saharan Africa also has a black president. Things aren’t getting better in those countries either…

      No, it is NOT about race. White Presidents and prime ministers are just as incompetent!

  • Anon

    Religion has nothing to do with morality. I think it’s sad how ignorant our society is to the sheep like mentality that is instilled in us via cults such as organized religion, the mainstream media, and our educational system. If “God” or what ever “all knowing entity” is allowing all the austerity created by the greedy and selfish elite of the world, then what makes you think “it” exists for your benefit? Let go of your security blanket, wake up and smell the blood, oil, and money, that is being showered across our burning planet. “God” wont save you, only you can do that.

    • donna

      Yes, God will save me, and anyone else, if we ask Him to.

  • Anon

    Oh and I forgot to add- The 7 murders that occurred in NYC over this past weekend are just another day in the life in Brooklyn. But homicide is definitely up this year on par with last years rise over 09 as well (according to the NYPD’s skewed statistics. It’s anywhere from 1 to 3 homicides a day in Brooklyn. A 14 yr old boy was found shot in the head this morning in Crown Heights. Funny thing is the majority of these “minorities” embrace religion so much that its tattooed all over them.

    • dave

      Hi Wanker
      So you don’t think that believing in God and morality are stabalising factors in our communities . got news for you asshole . I dont know of any Christian in my circle of friends have ever been involved in criminal acts or hurt anyone . God did not create the greedy and selfish elite . they created themselves . they had a choice and so do you . I ll stick with the people I can trust and know

      • jana

        calling people degrading names is totally uncalled for.

        are you someone just trying to make Christians look hateful?

        it ain’t pretty. go repent!

  • As to why weren’t the swarmed shop owners armed and using guns, most locales do not permit the use of force to protect property. Of course the government uses lethal force to protect “authority”.

  • The Roman Empire ended due to fiscal irresponsibility, an over extended military, and immorality.

    An economic collapse will force the US government to get their fiscal house in order and reduce the size and scope of the military.

    What will force Americans to implement different moral values? With more than 40 percent of American children born to unwed mothers, any change in morality may take a generation or more.


  • Elias

    Anyone who watches TRU-TV’s MOST SHOCKING VIDEOS will learn soon enough just how tentative the state of the USA is, I feel sorry for all those who’ve bought the line fed folks by the government, the schools, the media, and so help me, too many PULPITS. This is not going to be pretty and guess who is on the short side of the stick? It sure isn’t the “minority”, recent releases by Census Bureau show just who the real minority is, now good or bad that is just how it is.

    There are SIGNPOSTS along the way in life, and this is just one, take note, as in California these 2 groups DO NOT GET ALONG, but here they do, now I will just give an excerpt with the pertinent information :

    Los Angeles Daily News, CA
    Latinos, blacks fight whites at Hart High; 4 students arrested
    BY SUE DOYLE, Staff Writer

    A sheriff’s deputy detains a student at Hart High School Friday after fighting broke out. (David Crane / Staff photographer)

    NEWHALL – Fighting between white, black and Latino students Friday at Hart High School resulted in the arrests of four teens, a sheriff’s sergeant said.

    Witnesses said black and Latino classmates teamed up together and fought white students during lunch in retaliation for a fight between two teens at the school on Thursday when racial names were called.

    “It was racial. All the Mexican and blacks gathered up and fought the whites,” said Agustin Chavez, 15. “It was a rumble.”

  • Skip

    Find answers at http://www.infowars.com

  • justmyself

    The one thing I noticed with most comments I read was people we’re only mentioning one topic or so. I think all this should be looked at as a whole. I didn’t take what he wrote as dawging anyone or thing in particular. Think about it. Its everything combined. Wars, economy, financial strain, lack of integrity and morality. I am not a religious person and don’t think you need the ten commandments or spank a child to teach morality. Everything that is retained by these kids is through and other youth is a learned behavior. If we as the adults don’t live it it will never get learned. That also applies to anything be it government, school teachers, neighbors or what not. We are watched by our youth. There are good young people out there that want to do good and be good. I have had the privilege of being around them and have learned from them just as they have learned from me. Look at our history all this has been waiting to spring forth for quite some time now. The question is what should we do with it. Should we play the blame game or try to play a better role ourselves. Not saying this is an easy thing to do, but can it be done?

  • WM

    Great article. I am glad you included the morality aspect of it and the forsaking of the Ten Commandments in our society as a moral compass for behavior, which many young people lack today.

    Here in Connecticut, the city of New Haven has seen some out of control violence, with 3 clerk shooting murders just last month alone….all over some cigarettes or a very small amount of cash.
    Although not the capital, New Haven is larger than Hartford ( which has its own daily dose of shootings). Just up the road from us in Springfield, Mass. is yet another city that is in the news each night for all kinds of violence.

    It is true, when things collapse and the kind of people in these videos are REALLY desperate, God only knows the violence that will happen. If someone is willing to kill you for cigarettes, imagine what they will do if they run out of food and suspect you have some????

    Fasten your seat belts folks.

  • Robert

    Nobody ever mentions the excitotoxins and poisons in the food that everyone is eating.
    Of course we can expect more of this sort of thing.
    You can cite the “10 Commandments” and “loss of moral values” til the cows come home but anyone with 1/2 a brain can make the connection between that most perfected of brainwashing devices called the television, the toxins in the food and the pervasive electronic pollution all around us that has done a swell job of scrambling our neural pathways and reducing people to act on their base animal impulses.
    There is no hope as long as the source remains pumping these poisons into our citizenry.

    • Sandy B

      Right. This society is pumped full of numerous poisons and it is driving people crazy quite literally.
      Unfortunately, the people who get the higher doses of these toxins, are the poorer people who can’t afford “organic” and clean healthful food to put in their bodies. They end up eating canned and packaged foods that are loaded with chemicals and neuro-toxins, which are donated to food-banks, etc. They are donated frequently because they are full of things like aspartame, MSG, and other now recognized as harmful chemicals that people of means will not eat. So, the poor get the crap food. Consider them a toxic waste dump (the corporations got to put that toxic stuff someplace that it will not cost them lots of money to dispose of properly) that is blowing up in our faces.

  • Brian Schroeder

    Because we do not have the ten commandments? Really? Nobody needs your invisible sky god and his list of 10 he gave to moses. Religion is at the root of a lot of the evils in the world today and I assure you plastering your little sky fairy’s slab of 10 commandments on ever street corner and wall would not change a thing. I have lost respect for this site and am now dumber for reading this post. B Schroeder an American Atheist. A question for the poster- When is the last time you read “The Good Book”? Anybody who reads the first 5 pages and has a brain will realize it is the child like ramblings of of ancient men who were ignorant to the facts we now know and tried to explain everything in a way children play lets pretend in the backyard.

    • Guido

      Brian-let’s say religion is a sham. How can you reasonably say the 10 Commandments isn’t a good list to live by? Those rules are essentially the rules EVERY society has ever tried to live by. They’re universal truths. It’s not like any society was ever built with murder, theft, and cheating (of its own homogeneous people) as values. Aside from the God stuff, with which you apparently have a big problem, what’s wrong with those elemental rules?
      Don’t steal.
      Don’t kill.
      Don’t lie.
      Don’t be jealous of your neighbor’s success.
      Don’t sleep around.
      Listen to your parents.

      That sounds like a pretty good start for any civilization, if you ask me.

      If we all followed those rules, alone, we would be in a much better place today, don’t you think?

      If you hate this site and its sentiments so much, I hope we won’t have to see your own ignorant little comments here in the future.

    • Xander cross

      I agree with you brain. You make many good points and many of these people that are doing these crimes are Christians themselves

  • freeradical

    The lack of faith here is appalling. The article is correct. God is very real and there is eyewitness testimony to his resurrection from the dead. I feel sorry for the blind.

    We are all in great peril and must repent and return to faith in God.

  • lee

    these “youths” are just animals…….so stealing the profits of a legitimate and useful business like a food mart or gas station doesn’t upset some of you, but you can bet that these same “youths” would have no qualms in attacking a young blonde cashier if they knew they could do it….and guess what, they can do it….nobody is stopping them….

    we need to worry about the illegals, but our real problem has been the same old problem….

    and as far as the richy rich crooked billionaires and bankers….throw them in jail and lock them away….I want crime punished no matter who it is…

  • It really is too bad that “The Greatest Generation” – that of my grandfather, gave birth to so many brainless, idiotic, drug-addicted, complacent, self-indulging, spineless, self-centered, people who take no action but to wine, moan and complain about everything, and drowning this country even more…

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  • Mr Carpenter

    Brian, the point is this. Unless a nation has some sort of code of decent behavior accepted by the vast majority, it cannot and will not stand. As mentioned by someone else, the Roman empire fell because of this problem.

    Like it or not, and I am certain you don’t, this nation was founded as a Christian nation by the white “invaders” who soon outnumbered the indiginent peoples.

    The reality of that situation is that if a people don’t have the means to hold onto their land when a new people come along, they get moved over. Literally.

    Look at Great Britain, for example. The English speaking majority are for the most part, descendents of “invaders” from France and elsewhere, whereas the “original” indigent citizens (who spoke and wrote in an entirely different language) were pushed to Wales, Scotland and Ireland (gaelic languages).

    So it’s not anything really “new” on earth that the “indians” got pushed aside in America and Canada.

    It also must be said that Christian teaching also did the “indians” a lot of good, spiritually speaking. Istead of worshiping nature (as the modern retrograde “environmental movement” truly is), the “indians” had the opportunity to follow the true creator of the universe.

    Not everything white Christians do is evil, Brian. Though of course, the current “gummint” in DC obviously acts like they believe this is the case.

  • SmokyMtnLady

    @Brian Schroeder…I feel so sorry for you!! One day you WILL stand before God…not a little “sky fairy” but the God who created YOU…and you WILL see just how wrong you are…how sad…how very sad…

    • Nanette

      Amen and amen

  • The crumbling,self-destruction,and Fall of Rome that’s happening here,is so fast,I’ll be alive when the worst happens.When all the riots,war,violence,and starvation happens.I guess I better look into leaving the country,wherever there’s a little corner,that’s not unstable,invaded,yet.

  • Bill

    Kind of makes you wonder IF the Obama administration isn’t orchestrating this to expand the police state.

  • Sabrina

    … Oh so the government is blaming the youth, because they are *********ing up and need to distract people… T_T this is very annoying, nearly every holiday is like this in big cities.

  • This Is Easy

    You know what will put people in line?

    If you steel, you lose a hand and so on. Enough said.

    These people aren’t afraid of anything because you never get THAT bad of a punishment anyways.

  • Like no other time in history, the whole world is now embroiled in chaos and catastrophe similar to a world war. We have been basically stripped of our rights, options and opportunities like refugees of an occupied defeated country.

    People need to gather their family and friends together and begin caching food, water and other supplies in order to outlast the economic and environmental collapse that will play out slowly over the next couple years.


  • American Dream – Full Movie (30min):


    Can´t understand why romans are depicted as good people in the ending scenes though. That cast out a shadow of doubt over the whole movie. But it´s still teaching a LOT of Truth!

  • josh
  • Jonathan

    In his first innaugural address, FDR famously said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. One interpretation of this quote is that our fears can become irrational through external influences like our current economic situation. Another interpretation is that to overcome our fears we must face them. While the mainstream media does its level best maintain the state of fear that has been a part of long term plan to control our citizens, the fact remains that people are people. Some are inherently good. Some not. Some practice their faiths in an organized manner others do not. Some are law abiding. Some not. And while our children represent the future of our country many (myself included) go through a rebellious phase that is exacerbated by alcohol, potentially drugs, and certainly a mob mentality. Whilst the incidents described in the article are sad, they do not represent the majority of our youth. Yes it is true that when people feel they have nothing to lose they can and often do go to extreme measures, it would be wrong to characterize our youth in that way. Many of them simply lack direction. In some instances, they also lack fundamental social skills and education. Sadly many of them are losing hope. That is what we have to offer them – hope that in every crisis there lies the seeds of opportunity. Hope that the collective will of the people will overcome the political stalemate that has gripped Washington for many years. This is the same hope that our founding fathers saw in our new nation. Hope starts in the home and spreads throughout the neighborhood and community ultimately reaching the county and state levels. We have stood united in times of crisis throughout our country’s history and we can do it again.

  • GeorgeOfTheJungle

    The writer of this article said: “We did not believe in having the Ten Commandments around, and so now many of our young people feel free to steal and murder.”
    That is one of the reasons that the young are going beserk… it is a very complicated situation… there are so many things that could have contributed to this breakdown… lack of the ability to discipline kids in school and at home because of stupid laws (kids now know that they can do or say anything because they cannot be “touched”)… lack of meaningful and rewarding education as it has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (I read recently that 48% ot more of adults in Chicago cannot even read)..
    But, I think the main cause of this breakdown is the deplorably bad example that the Government and Business have set for decades for youth.
    Youth see Government people day by day lying and stealing and crushing dissent and alternative views without any recourse for the people being trodden on. Youth see Bankers and Money managers screw the people through gambling and stealing to make themselves and their clients exorbitantly rich over the last few years, and yet the true robbers of the economy get rewarded by huge, huge gifts to stop their system from collapsing.
    And as a result of this, the youth tell themselves “if they can do these things and get away with it then we should be able to do exactly the same.”
    Politicians and Banksters in the US and around the world only have themselves to blame for the youth losing faith in their so-called democratic system. What a load of BS kids have to put up with these days – I don’t blame them for taking some events into ther own hands….

  • Gary

    New Gallup poll: By 57-35 margin, Americans feel wealth in the USA “should be more evenly distributed.”



  • Mike,

    In regards to Norway, the women there are regularly raped by Muslim immigrants and the police do nothing. You don’t hear about the violence in Europe because it is not politically correct to report it.

    • Gary

      Can you back this up? I am not saying I disbelieve you but it sounds false.

  • Gary

    The wealthiest 1 percent of Americans already have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent, based on Federal Reserve data. Yet two-thirds of the proposed Republican budget cuts would harm low- and moderate-income families, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

    And yet the repubes want still more tax cuts for the wealthy. They are immoral and sickening.


  • Guido

    Look up the difference between democracy and constitutional republicanism, Gary. You’ll learn that in our system just cuz’ the masses want something doesn’t necessarily mean they get it. Duh masses are dumb asses.

    If you want to know why kids are so screwed up, you need not look any further than the collapse of the family. You don’t need secret plots and conspiracies to screw up a kid. All you need is one, sometimes two, selfish, ignorant, lazy, disinterested parents who neglect to discipline their kids and fail to love or educate them. You also need an educational system that punishes knowledge and teaches ignorance and never touches on critical thinking. What’s an unruly, undisciplined, out-of-control child going to be when he’s an adult? A monster; the ignorant, uncontrolled, undisciplined, emotional, angry child in the body of an adult.

  • mondobeyondo

    If we lived by the edicts of the Ten Commandments, we would be just fine. But we don’t.

    Years ago, back when I was still a rat in the rat race, I stole a paper clip and pencil from an office desk drawer. The 8th Commandment (maybe it is the 7th? Can’t remember) says, “Thou shalt not steal”.

    It does not say “Thou shalt not steal, except for office pencils”. It does not say, “Thou shalt steal only what you need to stay alive”. It says, “Thou shalt not steal”.

    Au contraire, Jesus said, “Ask, and ye shall receive”. That’s the rule we should live by. Don’t steal a loaf of bread from the store, ask your neighbor for food. Who knows, he/she may just share their egg sandwich and croissant with you.

  • You don’t need the ten commandments for morality. You just need to give your children attention and teach them to respect others. There is no need for a dogmatic set of rules created by prehistoric peasants.

  • libtards never take responsibility for anything

    There are rich scum on Wall Sleaze and their bankster buddies and murderous street filth. Both need to be thrown into jails like Angola,LA, not the tax payer funded luxury hotels Americans call prisons with air conditioning, TV, gym and free university degrees. This is the result of no morals taught at home and no results for lack of discipline. When kids have no limits because there is no dad around as a child, they will have no limits as adults and end up in jail. America is a society in collapse. Bring back firing squads for rapists and murderers or hanging. That will straighten people out.

  • Hey Gary, Cheryl…gonna be around,, recently unemployed…since you feel its ok…try thou shalt not steal,,,,anyone have concious anymore? and no it is not my job to owe you crap!

    • Gary

      the wealth was stolen from the working poor by the rich, we are just getting back what is ours.

      • Of course, another excuse for being an animal. Shoot looters on site, maybe that slows down these crimes.

  • The problem with the state of our nation started with the Baby boomers and now it is coming home to them. Of course the Obama administration is compounding the situation by the number of thugs in charge.

  • grimnarl

    I am 57, raised by my parents, the school system, the church. Instilled with moral values. The golden rule, responsibility for oneself and one’s own…I see how much things have changed in just 40 years in this country and it is disturbing to say the least. As I became an adult I learned that one had to bend the rules a bit to “get ahead”…as John Lennon put it in Working Mans Hero: “If you want to be like the folks on the hill, first you must learn how to smile as you kill.” It is a major mind F#@% folks, and yes TPTB are behind it. It is part of their agenda to bring us down, destroy the moral fiber of America. It has taken many years, but it is indeed suceeding. The question is this: 1. How to make people aware of what is going on? and 2. WTF to do about it?

    • Mike Travis

      In reply to your questions, ask yourself what did the first Americans do when confronted with tyranny and a despotic government? They took action in the following way.
      1. Formed Committees of Safety in every County in the colonies.
      2. Joined Militias to protect themselves, their family, their community, and their future country.
      All of their actions can be summed up by saying they fought to defend their God given Liberties.
      We do not need to look further than their example. Yes, tactics will be different though the principles are the same. We can either sit by and let the government run things, or we can demand that the government follow, enforce, and Honor the Constitution. If they refuse, we have the RIGHT to remove them. I would add we have a RESPONSIBILITY to remove them for the sake of every Veteran who has sacrificed for America, and for our future.

  • JR

    As Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God, ***everything*** is permissible.

    Welcome to post-Christian America.

  • JD

    I’m 39 and travelled the world and morality was taught the wrong way to our youths. On TV, it is okay to show people killing each other and robbing people but God forbid you show a child a woman’s breasts (which they have seen when they were younger than 3 already), or a naked lady. In Western Europe, there are much less robberies, rapes, and violent crimes than here in America because their version of morality is the opposite of ours. They CANNOT show violence or robberies on TV but CAN show nudity. They are more liberal sexually than we are, yes, but they have outlets to get rid of their frustrations.

  • coca-blue

    I just wrote about this yesterday on facebook in hope that so of my friends would response. So we can make a change. I can’t just sit there and let things go on like this. Great article I love everything you said and I hope it reaches people and we all wake up.

  • michael mortenson

    i believe america is a gonna doer country and never gonna do anything..now over 60,sadly, at 13, i was warned by my father of the orchestrated collapse of the dollar and our economy and the moral degeneration 46years ago and he had me read the new world money order.written by a minister it follows the new word order. christians believe its the end times and mayans set 2012 as a major collapse, world event that changes or dooms mankind..climate change may be caused by man or the return of the 12th planet idea but whatever u believe,…its happening..i believe it can be stopped but since america is over 40 yrs late in finding all this out…i do not believe they can master the complexities involved in cause and cure..thats why i left the usa ten years ago too raise my son in a country with 5oclock prayer everyone stops in tracks for at supermarkets and stores..i believe in god not religion but a god based morality. i believe government must keep and protect that or america is just another doomed roman empire..my 5th grade teacher, 50 years ago said we will follow rome but not take 1500 years too do it.amazing how far behind most americans are in finding out and still many remain in denial like donkeys and will move too little too late.

  • Older Lady Knowledge

    I am very sorry to inform you that God it still there and He has not changed. We will all face judgment sooner that you think. I have studied prophecy for most of my life and all the pieces are coming together for the end of the world as you know it now. I have been a Christian for 53 years and I can tell you God it real and very much alive. You just don’t know Him or you would have much more knowledge than you do now.
    If you want to know what is going to happen just pick up the oldest book called the Bible and read it. Oh by the way if you have not accepted Jesus Christ the Son God you will not be able to understand the Bible. It is made known to you only by the Holy Spirit of God. So read it but don’t expect to understand. Try Eziekel 38 in the old testament first to start with. Then read the book of John in the new testament Chapter 14, 15, and 16. Only then can you even maybe start understanding. Jesus is the only answer.

  • Older Lady Knowledge

    By the way, Ezeikel was alive around 1200 bc and told of the last wars on the earth that are here now and the big one is just around the corner. Oh also Israel will survive, because God almighty will intervine to protect them. There are many more prophecies coming true everyday. Also he was not the only one that did prohpecy, there were other prophets also in the bible that correctly told of things to come also. How did they know, because God Almighty told them. Some of them were actually taken up to heaven and saw God on His throne. Like John in the book of Revelation. I have had Him speak to me before also, and it came true. I know He is real…

  • Terry

    Your quote from John Adams about our Constitution only being meant for a moral people is right on the money! In turn, democracy is meant for a moderate, reasonable, homogenous people. When good ol’ LBJ opened up our borders to unlimited immigration and welcomed the world to our shores, that hastened the decline of the U.S., and I think he knew that it would do so. I hate to think of what the future of the U.S. will look like, especially for my children.

  • This is just the beginning of a global polarization: those that cling to the dead and dying paradigm of the ego and fear-based ‘establishment’ control-grid and those that are awakening to realize that they have been raped and pillaged by a sick and dis-functional society with no jobs and no future.

    The banksters will continue to steal everything that isn’t nailed down while our nation collapses into insanity and chaos. The average clueless American Sheep will be roadkill when it all melts down. 2012 will usher in a horrific new reality that America will become a failed-state and will plunge into fury, despair, hopelessness and increasing and continual violence.

    For those that continue to believe in the old paradigm – you will not survive what is coming and there will be no reversal of this nightmare.