War Is Coming: 10 Reasons Why A Diplomatic Solution To The Syria Crisis Is Extremely Unlikely

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U.S. Military War With SyriaOver the past few days, there has been a tremendous wave of optimism that it may be possible for war with Syria to be averted.  Unfortunately, it appears that a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria is extremely unlikely.  Assad is certainly willing to give up his chemical weapons, but he wants the U.S. to accept a bunch of concessions that it will never agree to.  And it certainly sounds like the Obama administration has already decided that “diplomacy” is going to fail, and they continue to position military assets for the upcoming conflict with Syria.  Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are all going to continue to heavily pressure the Obama administration.  They have invested a huge amount of time and resources into the conflict in Syria, and they desperately want the U.S. military to intervene.  Fortunately, overwhelming domestic and global opposition to an attack on Syria has slowed down the march toward war for the moment, but unfortunately that probably will not be enough to stop it completely.  The following are ten reasons why war is almost certainly coming…


#1 Assad wants a guarantee that he will not be attacked by the United States or by anyone else before he will give up his chemical weapons.

That is extremely unlikely to happen.

#2 Assad is not going to agree to any chemical weapons deal unless the U.S. stops giving weapons to al-Qaeda terrorists and other jihadist rebels that are fighting against the Syrian government.

That is extremely unlikely to happen.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, the U.S. has been ramping up the delivery of weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria…

The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised by the Obama administration, according to U.S. officials and Syrian figures. The shipments began streaming into the country over the past two weeks, along with separate deliveries by the State Department of vehicles and other gear — a flow of material that marks a major escalation of the U.S. role in Syria’s civil war.

#3 Assad is suggesting that the Israelis should give up their weapons of mass destruction.

That is extremely unlikely to happen.

#4 The Syrian “rebels” desperately want the U.S. military to intervene in the war in Syria.  In fact, that was the entire reason for the false flag chemical weapon attack in the first place.

The “top rebel commander” is now declaring that the Free Syrian Army “categorically rejects the Russian initiative”, and he is calling on the United States to strike the Assad regime immediately.

#5 Saudi Arabia desperately wants the U.S. military to intervene in Syria.  The Saudis have spent billions of dollars to support the rebels in Syria, and they have been lobbying very hard for an attack.

#6 Qatar desperately wants the U.S. military to intervene in Syria.  Qatar has also spent billions of dollars to support the rebels in Syria, and it has been reported that “Arab countries” have even offered to pay for all of the costs of a U.S. military operation that would remove Assad.

#7 Turkey has wanted a war which would remove Assad for a very long time.  And CNN is reporting that Turkey has moved troops to the border with Syria in anticipation of an upcoming attack.

#8 Many members of the U.S. Congress want this war.  Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are virtually foaming at the mouth, and Robert Menendez, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that he “almost wanted to vomit” after reading Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plea for peace in the New York Times.

#9 Obama does not want to look weak, and he seems absolutely obsessed with starting a war with Syria.  For the moment, he has been backed into a corner diplomatically by Russia, but the Obama administration is already laying the groundwork for making it look like “diplomacy has failed”.  According to CNN, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is already talking about the “consequences” that will happen when the Syria deal falls apart…

Any agreement reached must be “comprehensive,” “verifiable,” “credible” and “able to be implemented in a timely fashion,” Kerry said, adding that “there ought to be consequences if it doesn’t take place.”

#10 There have been reports that U.S. soldiers are now receiving orders to deploy to Syria.  For example, the following is from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson

Venture capitalist Dan Bubalo claims he was told by a source close to Ft. Hood that US troops have been ordered to deploy to Syria.

Writing for conservative columnist Mychal Massie’s website, Bubalo cites a “close and verifiable source” who told him that a friend at Ft. Hood had received news that he was to be sent to Egypt for the next nine months.

“This particular soldier said that while he was not really thrilled about the assignment to Egypt, it was better than the soldiers that remained at the military base BECAUSE THEY HAD JUST RECEIVED THEIR DEPLOYMENT ORDERS TO GO TO SYRIA,” writes Bubalo.

If you want to read the original report, you can find it right here.

For the moment, Obama and Kerry will dance around and make it look like they are considering peace.  They will try to get Congress to authorize a strike “if diplomacy fails”.

But they already know that diplomacy is going to fail.  Once they are ready, Obama will declare that the conditions for war set forth in the congressional authorization have been fulfilled and then he will start raining cruise missiles down on Syria.

When that happens, will Obama have your support?  The video posted below is one of the funniest that I have seen in a long time…

And when Obama does strike Syria, he will officially be allying the United States with al-Qaeda and other radical jihadist groups.

Middle Eastern expert Jonathan Spyer has spent a lot of time on the ground among the Syrian rebels recently.  The following is what he has to say about who they are…

“Undoubtedly outside of Syria, and in the Syrian opposition structures, there are civilian political activists and leaders who are opposed to al-Qaida and opposed to Islamism,” Spyer explained to TheDC in an email interview. “There are also civilian activists and structures within the country which are opposed to al-Qaida and Islamism. But when one looks at the armed rebel groups, one finds an obvious vast majority there who are adherents of Islamism of one kind or another — stretching from Muslim Brotherhood-type formations all the way across to groups openly aligned with al-Qaida central and with al-Zawahiri.”

“The ‘moderate’ force which we are told about supposedly consists of those rebel brigades aligned with the Supreme Military Command, of Major-General Salim Edriss,” he continued. ”Most of the units aligned with the SMC actually come from a 20-unit strong bloc called the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front. This includes some powerful brigades, such as Liwa al-Islam in the Damascus area, Liwa al Farouq and Liwa al Tawhid. These and the overwhelming majority of the units aligned with the SMC are Islamist formations, who adhere to a Muslim Brotherhood-type outlook.”

And as NBC News recently pointed out, a high percentage of these “rebels” have come in from outside Syria…

Abu Abdul Rahman, a 22-year-old from Tunisia, sat in a safe house earlier this week in Antakya — a southern Turkey town that’s fast becoming a smugglers transit route. He was waiting for a smuggler to take him across the border to fight in Syria.

“Almighty Allah has made Jihad a duty on us. When our Muslim brethren are oppressed, it is a duty to support them wherever they are, because Muslims are not separated by countries,” he said.

Abdul Rahman is one of thousands of al-Qaeda volunteers who are flocking to Syria to join what they see as a battle to defend Muslims no one is bothering to help.

“This was a dream for me, to wage jihad for Allah’s sake, because this is one of the greatest deeds in Islam, to lift aggression off my brothers, to bleed for Allah and no other,” he said.

Is this really who Obama intends for us to become “allies” with?

Is he insane?

In article after article, I have documented how Obama’s Syrian rebels have been ruthlessly murdering Christians, using chemical weapons and dismembering little girls.

Today, I found an account from a Time Magazine reporter that chillingly describes the brutality of these fanatics…

I don’t know how old the victim was but he was young. He was forced to his knees. The rebels around him read out his crimes from a sheet of paper. They stood around him. The young man was on his knees on the ground, his hands tied. He seemed frozen.

Two rebels whispered something into his ear and the young man replied in an innocent and sad manner, but I couldn’t understand what he said because I don’t speak Arabic.

At the moment of execution the rebels grasped his throat. The young man put up a struggle. Three or four rebels pinned him down. The man tried to protect his throat with his hands, which were still tied together. He tried to resist but they were stronger than he was and they cut his throat. They raised his head into the air. People waved their guns and cheered. Everyone was happy that the execution had gone ahead.

Should the U.S. military be used to help those jihadist thugs take control of Syria?

If Obama gets us into this war, it has the potential to spin totally out of control very rapidly.

Let us hope and pray that it does not happen.  Because if we do go to war in Syria, it could ultimately lead us down the road to World War III.

Middle East War Is Coming

  • David

    We’d be better off with the rodeo clown in the Oval Office

    • Rodster

      But we already have a rodeo clown in office. Seriously, though this war is needed by the US to boost it’s economy because our REAL economy is the Military Industrial Complex.

      That’s how the US makes it’s money and the serfs have to deal with part time jobs at Taco Bell.

      • tayronachan

        Don’t insult rodeo clowns, by associating them with the clown in the oval office. They are two completely different breeds. For starters, the rodeo clowns have integrity, and are willing to go into harms way.

      • Drew

        you only make money when there is a war that you are not in and providing equipment to other country. USA entered wars later than other allies when it boosted economy.

    • The motto of government today: No consequences, no problem. Just keep in mind they practice massive death and conquest afar today. Tomorrow the practice will be moved on to home ground. Those that resist will be the labeled “terrorists” targeted for elimination. The domestic military buildup and SWAT team expansion has been openly taking place in the US now for ten-years at a very fast and increasing pace.

      SO JUST REMEMBER: The lives you just may save in Syria today by “true” applied force to stop US military strikes, just may be your own life saved tomorrow by stopping the agenda set to be applied in the US tomorrow.

      The true and real reality check in this situation is: Do unto others as you would expect to be done unto yourself. The qualifier in this situation is: They are still practicing from afar for intended transition then on the home-front tomorrow when “Homeland Security” moves for the “Final Conflict” of eliminating the labeled “Terrorists”, all that oppose the conquest of of a nation by a government exercising the arrogance of unlimited power exerted.

      Conquest by a government is but the complete takeover for the theft and utilization of of a nation and all of its peoples wealth,

      What St. Augustine had to say about what we now call government:

      ** “A gang is a group of men under the command of a leader, bound by a compact of association, in which the plunder is divided according to an agreed convention. If this villainy wins so many recruits from the ranks of the demoralized that it acquires territory, establishes a base, captures cities and subdues peoples, it then openly arrogates to itself the title of kingdom, which is conferred on it in the eyes of the world, not by the renunciation of aggression, but by the attainment of impunity” **

    • seth datta

      The bankers want war. So Obama, their shill, will deliver.

  • Uh-huh

    Honestly, I wish we could hope that the outcome would be different; however, God gave us glances, with his ability to peer into and around the corners of time, into how humanity plays itself out on this planet in this time and space…war is coming and all of the planet will suffer greatly.

    I have never been able to wrap my mind around why so many humans on this planet are so inherently evil…yes, there are exceptions, but as a percentage, they are few and far between. Were we so wishy-washy in our preexistence that this is our absolute LAST chance to choose which side of the good/evil fence we will stand?

    I am NOT going to squander my (last) chance. On which side will YOU stand?

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–there was another video of the rebels we would be helping cutting off a persons head. What is wrong with this country that we would even consider helping these islam scumbags?

  • jack nichols

    Michael your Book and Joels Damascus countdown seem to be the harbinger for coming world events. Damascus will become a ruinous heap. The eternal God Jehovah may indeed have decided that the time is now for his wrath. Time for all Christians and Jews to fall on their knees and pray for Jerusalem. Our only long term hope is to accept Jesus and follow his teaching. He is coming back this time not as the sacrificial lamb but “The lion from the Tribe of Judea” Please Jesus you are the good shepherd we are your sheep and we know you and you know us. Please write our names in the book of life…Thankyou

    • Guest


      The names in the book of life were written there before the foundation of the world. Any name in that book has always been there and always will be.

      • jack nichols

        Could you check and see if my name is there?

        • Guest

          Dear friend,

          I don’t have access to the book of life. However, the Bible says that we can know that we have eternal life. In the 1st Epistle of John, chapter 5, the Apostle wrote to those who believe on the Son of God that they might know that they have eternal life. Read that chapter, and note specifically verse 13. Does the Spirit of God bear witness with your spirit that you are a child of God? (Romans 8:16) If you have that witness, then I can tell you, by the authority of God’s Word, that your name is in the book of life.

          • jack nichols

            I am a Christian and as such I am ashamed of myself for teasing you. I am sorry, I already know my name is in the book of life. May peace be with you

  • Richard

    “Let us hope and pray that it does not happen.”
    Did you hope and pray Korea would not happen?
    Did you hope and pray Vietnam would not happen?
    Did you hope and pray Afghanistan would not happen?
    Did you hope and pray Iraq would not happen?
    Hmmm… hope and prayer don’t seem to work, really, do they? In fact, they seem to have the OPPOSITE EFFECT. Is this a case of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Or is it just time to select a different “God” to hope and pray to? You know what? I think it’s the ridiculous belief in religion that makes it possible to “believe” in global warming.
    Alternatively, here’s another idea: let’s “hope and pray” there WILL be a war. Then maybe “God” will give us the opposite of what we ask for in the usual way. (Don’t tell God I said this).

  • Theodoer

    Hmmm… Are you sure Obama really wants to attack Syria? First time they used chemical weapons he looked the other way. This time he seems to be looking for reasons not to attack… Just my opinion.

    • Johnny1990

      Of course he wants to attack. He just pretends to look the other way, it’s all a game to make you think he is balanced and doesn’t want to overreact. They will go in sooner or later. I predict 2014.

    • Gay Veteran

      why not? he’s been attacking countries all around the region

  • Nexusfast123

    If America helps these murdering thugs it is dead country with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Exceptional all right but not in a nice way. Washington is a grotesque operation. Not only killing many outside the US but also economically wiping out the US Middle and Working class.

  • docdave1

    “Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.

    War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts
    and taxes … known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.…
    Nonation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”
    –James Madison

    “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

    It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is real, it does not matter if victory is not possible…..The
    war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous…..The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor….
    A hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance…In
    principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation…..The war is waged by the ruling group against it’s own subjects, and it’s object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia ( or Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya, or NOW SYRIA and SOON IRAN) but to keep the very structure of society intact.” George Orwell 1984

    “But it was also clear that an all around increase in wealth threatened the destruction- indeed, in some sense was the destruction -of a hierarchical society. For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for
    themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a heirarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.”

    –George Orwell, 1984
    “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”

    “The war, therefore, if we judge it by the standards of previous wars, is merely an imposture. But though it is unreal it is not meaningless.”

    *It eats up the surplus of consumable goods, and it helps to preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society needs.*”
    George Orwell

    “And at the same time the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.”

    “A ruling groupis a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors.The Party is not concerned with perpetuating its blood but with perpetuating itself. *Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same. All the beliefs, habits, tastes, emotions, mental attitudes that characterize our time are really designed to sustain the mystique of the Party and prevent the true nature of present-day society from being perceived.”

    “It had long been realized that the only secure basis for oligarchy is
    collectivism. Wealth and privilege are most easily defended when they
    are possessed jointly.”

    Orwell: 1984

  • DJohn1

    No one seems to be making the connection between these idiots killing Christians and the coming ruin of the country. And Damascas will be in ruins before this is all over with. Whether it is us doing the missiles or Russia or China, the point is that the country will be demolished. Yet they continue to behead people.

    These people are afraid that if there is a body that can be inhabited these Christians might be resurrected proving that they are following a false religion.

    Know your enemy. Because all of these terrorists are our enemies.

    What I find especially remarkable is that Russia and China want to befriend these terrorists. Their one experience in the area bankrupted their economy in Russia in the 90s.

    Now, what religion do these Russians and Chinese people practice? The answer according to communist countries is that they practice none. They are aethist.

    So how is this not a problem from a deeply religious community? One that kills Christians for their belief in Christ? Will they be comfortable with aethists?

    I think we should step aside and let these forces come in and clean up the area for us!

    There was a small armored creature and I forget the name of it. This big snake ate the creature whole. The small armored creature ate its way out of the snake killing the snake in the process. That is how I view the entire Middle East. We need to be very careful about what we eat. Because we might get eaten in the process. I think that will happen to any country that involves themselves in territorial conflicts in the area.
    We need to learn from the real experts in foreign policy. The Swiss qualify. They have remained neutral and their currency since world war II has gone up about 3500%.
    Look at the prosperity in that country and compare it with our own.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…What I find especially remarkable is that Russia and China want to befriend these terrorists…..”
      You got that backwards, it’s the U.S. that is supporting the terrorists butchering Christians and others.
      As a liberal I’m sickened by liberal hypocrites. Gerald Celente is right, if Bush was doing this the liberals would be screaming bloody murder.
      We need to tell Obama and the cretins in Congress ONE thing:

      • Todd Perry

        Syria is not the terrorists, Al-Qaeda that obama is funding the so called freedom fighters that are killing and raping Christians and dismembering children alive. the very same group that used the chemical weapon and tried to get it blamed on the Syrian government.

      • DJohn1

        The only way that would happen is if people began to think for themselves instead of accepting the lies put out by governments.
        You are correct about the current government supporting the terrorists. If you think about it they just got through putting a bunch of security rules in place against terrorists. Wonder if those laws apply to those supporting terrorists in our government? Then they could be prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorist activities . . .

        • Gay Veteran

          launching air strikes in Syria that benefit al Qaeda would be an act of TREASON

    • Wow! Has anyone ever misunderstood a situation as badly as you have?!

      The terrorists who kill Christians are the one backed by Obama. Russia is on the side of Assad who is protecting Christians. Putin is a Christian. Obama is an atheist.

      Vladimir Putin’s Christian Faith – in his own words

      God bless Putin. Maybe he can save us from Obama the antichrist.

  • Todd Perry

    Assad is right every one in that Region should have to give up their chemical weapons as well including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all off them including the US as well which has the largest supply of chemical weapons world wide.

  • Todd Perry

    Syria is not the terrorists, Al-Qaeda that obama is funding the so
    called freedom fighters that are killing and raping Christians and
    dismembering children alive. the very same group that used the chemical
    weapon and tried to get it blamed on the Syrian government.
    and China are the only forces of good in this fight and supports a
    government against a terrorist group sponsored by the criminals running
    the US government.
    When they are done there they will move these
    very same terrorist into another area to take down. There are 4 or 5
    other areas the US will be attacking after Syria including Egypt, Africa
    and Somalia.
    –This setup war is just to get US control of the
    region and then split it up with Israel, Saudi Arabia and France . Saudi
    Arabia is helping to sponsor this was along with the US.
    — I for
    one am glad some countries in the world are getting tired of the
    terrorist activities of the US and the crimes against humanity it
    conducts. I hope and pray to god that the rest of the world joins Russia
    and China in fighting this tyranny and forces the criminals in that is
    running our government to step down and charge them with High
    Treason,multiple acts of terrorism across the globe and in the US,
    assassination, chemical attacks, false flag bombings including on US
    citizens, murder of our military men and women. this list goes on of the
    crimes they commit.

  • lilbear68

    if the saudi’s and turkey and all the other arab countries want assad gone why cant they do it on their own? they constantly blather about arab unity and arab brother hood and then theres the ‘arab league’ suposedly the arab version of the UN. if they are all that united let them take out the trash. i mean we sell them the best war making gear there is. fighter jets, tanks, individual armaments and we train their people how to use them. they dont need the US to do this they need a spine and a pair of stones. sadly we dont sell them

  • anonymousiraqi

    obama is evil killers

    • MrE.

      he will do nothing.

  • SafetyViking

    Been hearing this for weeks. Put up or shut up already…

  • Arizona

    LISTEN UP,and hear it well,…TAKE OFF YOUR SUN GLASSES,your walking down a trail and theres a trip wire on it,EVERYTHING is a scam,its all a diversion,THE REAL TARGET IS THE USA,they want the NWO,but theres a guy with an AR-15 standing in the way,THEY knew this would happen,SO all the BS you see, is so they can make you believe the coming ATTACK on an american city was by some other country,ITS CALLED A FALSE FLAG ATTACK,and america,is about to be NUKED by their own government,probably chicago,OBOOZO hates chicago,and will sacrifice a large city to declare marshal law,YOU BETTER BE GETTING READY,all the bells are ringing,and there saying THERMONUCLEAR WEAPON,coming to a city near you soon…..warn all your friends and family,get close to the LORD,stop feasting and building to your golden caves,AND USE YOU TIME WISELY,you don’t have much of it left…………………..

    • Mary Wrobel

      well said but no one will listen in my family. Only a few will. Be safe

  • Arizona

    THESE FEMA DEATH CAMPS,of which there are 800,for 300,000,000 people,thats not good math,SOME ONE HAS TO “DIE”..the day of reckoning is coming,YOU WOULD MUCH rather die in your front yard ,THEN BE TORTURED TO DEATH IN A FEMA CAMP,remember the chinese will be running them and they hate you,IT won’t be an easy or quite death with them,and GOD HELP your women and children,if your a coward ,just remember GOD hates cowards,SAY A PRAYER TO THE LORD,like George Washington did,and then OPEN FIRE ON THEM, when they come to your door,they are badly out numbered,america wins this war,but it ain’t a one day affair,and the only suvivors are the ones who weren’t afraid,THEY WON,try to be one of them………

    • Mary Wrobel


  • stilu

    It would seem that muslim Obama is conducting or at least aiding and abetting an ethnic cleansing of Christians in Syria, in the whole ME. What happens when he lets Al Qaeda into the US through lax immigration policy?

  • Tatiana Covington

    Dismembering little girls? And how do I know that isn’t just more atrocity propaganda, like the lies about Germans’ crucifying Canadian soldiers on the Western Front in WW1?

    Even if true, it’s still not worth spending half a trillion of others’ money on. Especially *my* money.

    You’re so incensed, stop it yourself.

  • cherylmeril

    Our country is completely fallen, only a matter of time. A true Prophet of God has stated a huge massive earthquake’s coming to the U.S. very soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovW-cD90D4Q

  • cherylmeril
  • Francis Flandro

    Israel desperately wants Syria attacked to prevent the construction of a Natural Gas Pipeline from Iran through Iraq and Syria.

  • SantosGarcia
  • A.S.

    Russia is ready for war by training 10 year old boys how to fight in a war and kill:

    Is the U.S. ready?

  • Susan

    the reasons you lay out are kind of BS, but yes, looks like we’re being led to war there.

  • Sandbagger

    Russia and the U.S. have supposedly worked together to disarm Syria of it’s chemical weapons.

    Russia is no friend of Syria; as the U.S. is also not.

    Both are, in my opinion, working together to disarm Syria so Israel can come in and destroy Damascus and defeat Assad.

    The Elite pull the strings on both the Putin and Obama puppets. They want war.

  • This war is going to happen; the hooks have been set and the players are being reeled in. It will probably explode with Israel attacking Syria and then the Syrian response. Russia will do a coordinated attack on America at the same time as Syria attacks Israel. China may even help Russia.


  • Paix

    I’ve never heard such slanderous comments in my life, how sad that all of you think this way. War is apart of human nature, its bad and its terrible but its the nature of human beings, all great civilizations and empires have one unalterable truth…an expiration date

    War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.-John F. Kennedy

  • Vross

    There is always a diplomatic solution when your CinC is a nutless wonder.

  • JJ

    Might wanna check your facts, Obama is a muslim!!!

  • Mikhail

    Another blood sacrificer more loyal to Israel than America or Americans wanting us to fight more of Israel’s enemies. McCain sold out to ’em long ago. Wall Street’s “failed” Jewish banks owns 90% of America’s political prostitutes in D.C., thus the perpetual war for corporate (tribal) profit machine.
    And search “Who owns American media”…..so you can see those 6 Jewish families that own America’s “mainstream” media….and why they’re all hellbent for war (blood sacrifice).

  • Andy Li

    The US already tried to attack Syria but all its cruise missiles were shot down. They had to lie to cover up this humiliating defeat.