Wake Up! The Numbers Look Incredibly Good For The Democrats Leading Into The 2018 Midterm Elections

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If we truly want to take our government back, we are going to have to fight harder than we have ever fought before.  Right now I am seeing so much apathy among Republicans, and that deeply alarms me, because if the 2018 midterm elections were held right now the Democrats would probably take back control of the House and it would be a really close call in the Senate.  Conservatives all over the United States need to wake up immediately, because we only have a handful of months to get this thing turned around.  In 2016, we gave Republicans control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and this represented a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally transform the federal government.  Instead, the Republican-controlled Congress has accomplished next to nothing, and the American people are deeply frustrated.


According to Real Clear Politics, Congress currently has an average approval rating of just 14.3 percent and an average disapproval rating of 73.5 percent.  Those are absolutely disastrous numbers, and they tell me that we better get our act together or 2018 is going to be a major disaster.

If we didn’t get it after the disastrous election results in New Jersey and Virginia in November, then the debacle in Alabama really should have shaken us up.  All over the nation Democrats are raising more money, they have more enthusiasm, and they have more momentum.  And a brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that was just released had incredibly bad news for Republicans

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on Sunday found that 50% of people said they want Democrats to lead Congress after the 2018 midterm elections, compared to 39% who said they hoped Republicans would retain congressional control.

According to the Journal, the survey result represents a 4-point increase from a similar survey taken in October, and it is the first double-digit advantage for the party since shortly before the 2008 presidential election that resulted in a Democratic super-majority in the Senate, and control of both congressional chambers.

Of course it is easy to dismiss a single poll, but other polls have come up with similar results.

Here is one example

A Monmouth University survey released on Wednesday — conducted by telephone, and with a plus-or-minus 3.5% margin of error— found that 51% of registered voters said they would vote for or lean toward a Democratic candidate if the 2018 elections were held today, compared to just 36% who said they would vote or lean Republican.

Is this dramatic shift in the numbers happening because the American people have suddenly fallen in love with the Democratic Party?

Of course not.

In fact, a recent CNN poll showed that only 37 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic Party at this point…

Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter century of polling, according to new numbers from a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Only 37% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Democrats, down from 44% in March of this year. A majority, 54%, have an unfavorable view, matching their highest mark in polls from CNN and SSRS, CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup stretching back to 1992.

What this means is that we can still win in 2018, but we have got to get our act together.  We have the best message and the best candidates, but we have got to be willing to make sacrifices and put in the hard work that is necessary.

Look, the first primaries for the 2018 midterm elections are just a few months away.  There are good pro-Trump candidates running all over the nation, and I have been appalled to see how little support they are receiving.  Things are looking incredibly promising for my race here in Idaho, but we need a whole lot more than just one pro-Trump conservative in Congress.

If you are pro-Trump, now is the time to take action.  If we allow establishment Republicans to defeat pro-Trump candidates all over the country in the upcoming primaries, we won’t even have anyone decent to vote for by the time November 2018 rolls around.

I understand that people are not accustomed to thinking about politics this time of the year, but the only way that we are going to win in 2018 is if we put in the hard work right now.  If we sit back and do nothing, we will end up with the government that we deserve.

There are still races all over America where pro-Trump challengers are needed.  It is still not too late to jump in, and if there is not a pro-Trump candidate running for Congress where you live, perhaps you should consider making the leap.

Of course most people cannot afford to spend the time, effort, energy and money that it takes to run for Congress, but everyone can be involved in some way.

If you have extra time, you can volunteer to be part of a campaign in your local area.  Others are extremely busy with work but can make a contribution to help get the message out.  And even if you are confined to your home all day, you can still help promote good candidates on social media.

If you stand with President Trump, you need to get involved in the 2018 mid-term elections.  If we aren’t going to fight for what we believe, we might as well hand Democrats control of everything right now.  Because I will tell you that they are far more energized than Republicans right now.  They are determined to take Congress back, they are having absolutely no problem recruiting candidates, and those candidates are having no problem raising money and recruiting volunteers.

In 2018, pro-Trump forces will not be able to say that there were not good people to vote for.  And many of us will actually win if you will just get behind us.

The presidency of Donald Trump is potentially the last chance in this generation to take our government back.  If we blow this opportunity, we might not ever have another one in our entire lifetimes.

This is a call to action that I hope is read by every conservative from the very top to the very bottom all across this nation.  We literally have four or five months to turn this thing around, and the clock is ticking.

We can still win in 2018, but we need everyone to wake up right now and start getting engaged.

The future of this nation is literally hanging by a thread, and we desperately need your help.  Please join the battle, because it is going to take a total team effort in order to win.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

  • Wayne Jon Pearson.

    All the very best brother Michael with your Campaign for Congress. May God bless your valiant & tireless efforts & may He also bless you & your family in rich & full measure. Have a blessed, safe, happy, healthy, successful & prosperous Christmas & I also want to wish you all a very Happy & healthy New Year for 2018. SHALOM ELOHIM!!!

  • Casey

    Under Trump some people’s taxes went up. It seems his big focus is helping corporations.

  • Scott

    The Democrats have an uphill battle in the Senate, far more vulnerable seats to defend than Republicans.

    • Taking care of business!

      Finally, someone with some sense.

  • greanfinisher .

    Well, with a Republican sponsored tax bill that grossly favors the 1%, I can sure see the concern. Yesterday, the president even had the gall to tell the middle class that this tax bill was their “Christmas presents”, and that could only serve to infuriate them more. Please, no lecture on the ‘trickle down economics’ as we all know by now the sheer fallacy of that wisdom.

  • 4K

    Trump keeps on hiring one Goldman Sachs executive after another.
    I though he promised to drain the swamp, not make it bigger.

    • So, while Donald Trump was chatting to Vladimir Putin yesterday, this happened:

      A sudden power outage brought the world’s busiest airport to a standstill on Sunday, grounding more than 1,000 flights in the US just days before the start of the Christmas travel rush.

      Passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta were left in the dark when the lights suddenly went out at about 1pm. All outgoing flights were halted, and arriving planes were held at point of departure. International
      flights were being diverted, officials said.

      The airport said a fire had caused “extensive damage” to the complex’s electrical systems. Fire crews doused the flames and repair crews from Georgia Power managed
      to restore power to all areas after about 11 hours but the incident is expected to wreak havoc on the holiday travel plans of thousands. The cause of the outage is unknown and Georgia Power said such outages were “very rare.”Even more rare is a fire that not only knocks out electricity, but cell service.

      At the Daily Beast, Clive Irving asks the questions all sensible people are wondering: “Why could a failure at one power source automatically knock out the supply to a whole airport? Why were there no backup systems to keep the essential services at the airport functioning? Why were there no emergency generators ready to cut in as they are, for example, at hospitals? Why was there no power for the most basic systems, not even lighting for the terminals, leaving passengers and airport staff in the dark at gates and security checkpoints?”

      He notes: “There has never been a single-point failure of this magnitude in any major airport in the U.S. All the essential systems seem to have lacked backup — or, in the language of the bureaucrats, redundancy…The Atlanta chaos is yet another red flag indicating that our airports are far from ready to deal with a terrorist threat.”

      If this wasn’t a terrorist act itself. I do find it extremely curious that a single fire could have wreaked that much havoc; that there has been no explanation for what caused a fire that burned in such a uniquely damaging location; that there has been shockingly little coverage of the event, relative to its significance; and, as Irving notes, that the incident coincidentally looked precisely like a “classic plan for phase one of a terrorist attack: Render the target blind. None of the defenses are operational. Thousands of people are trapped in restricted space without directions about how they can find an exit. As chaos spreads nobody knows who turn to for information. The communications blackout is as complete as the power blackout.”

      Perhaps I’m just paranoid, given that this happened against a backdrop of Russian interference in our election; Russian diplomats, presumed to be Russian intelligence, “waging a quiet effort to map the United States’ telecommunications infrastructure, perhaps preparing for an opportunity to disrupt it,” and using its consulate in San Francisco as a home base for “intensive, sustained, and mystifying pattern of espionage” against the US; and Russia having developed a cyberweapon to disrupt electrical systems, which was used last December to “briefly shut down one-fifth of the electric power generated in Kiev,” in Ukraine, which Russia has used as its test lab for cyberwarfare.

      The thing is, even if this wasn’t a coordinated operation, even if it really was just a fire that caused widespread chaos, we know that the United States has adversaries who are keen to exploit such vulnerabilities.

      Maybe Dismal Donald and his swamp cabinet should be
      focused on urgently fixing those vulnerabilities in our national infrastructure, instead of delivering tax cuts to billionaires.

      Then again, if a national party and its deplorable president were colluding with a foreign enemy against their own country, I guess the first order of business would be diligently avoid those fixes. Huh.

      • 4K

        Besides attacking national monuments and other wilderness, Trump is letting corporates dump toxic waste in rivers & streams which kills off animals.

  • Daniel H Benson

    Donald Trump; what tasted good in the mouth (as sweet as honey) has turned bitter in the stomach. Having a good agenda is no cure for being an egomaniac, who has pretty much pissed off everyone who is not a true believer in Trump and can’t see himself as the servant of the people and that just because he is president, the national Govt. is not his own private company he runs. The last election was an anybody but Hillary vote, could this election be anybody who does not support Trump vote?

  • DJohn1

    The average article memory is 3 days. The most popular computer operating system on the planet depends on pictures(Microsoft windows in various forms). That means the average child can learn to use it in short order
    I include myself as one of those people. Because do any of us in the general population actually know what the Congress has done in the last nine or ten months?
    I once worked with a woman on the business committee of our union. She was elected because her name suggested an image. And people vote the image that they receive. She was not very qualified to make decisions on that committee.
    The irony of the situation is that Republicans are supported by the very rich people of this country. Those people got rich by belonging to major industry in this country. Or they got their money from their parents.
    Not all people are millionaires. But the U.S. Congress? It appears to be a rich man’s club and there is a glass ceiling controlled by which committees you are assigned to.
    If someone from Big Pharmacy, Big Sugar, or the Insurance industry calls would they talk to your Congress person? How about if you or I tried to talk to them?
    Depending on the timing you might or might not get to talk to them. Influence their decisions, not so much.
    President Trump or one of his employees is no doubt a genius at marketing images. He successfully imaged his opposition out of office. Everyone remembers the nicknames he saddled his opponents with. Ronald Reagan over the years successfully marketed his own image into the White House.
    So we as a people elected them. They on the other hand gave us a fantasy land image of what they were capable of accomplishing.
    As long as they were voted down by Democrats they could propose any fantasy land law that they wanted to including doing away with Obamacare.
    Hate to say it but they cannot vote against something that profits their real supporters and that would be Big Pharmacy and Big Health Insurance.
    Throw in Planned Parenthood and you paint a true picture of what is really going on in the Congress.
    The same people that supported the Republicans into a majority also own the Democrat Party as well.
    Along comes President Trump and all that fantasy land proposals have backfired big time because now they either have to vote against major contributors or they have to put up or shut up. And they do not like their true nature being exposed in public. President Trump has stirred up a lot of trouble for them.
    Things are swinging back towards the Democrat Party election of representatives instead of the hypocrites of the opposition party. They also are hypocrites controlled by the same powers that be.
    The real problem for all of the powers that be is they have bled the middle class dry. The real choice here is going to be whether these parasites can continue to bleed the middle class dry or whether they are going to allow people to recover from what they have done.
    If they step back and allow the middle class to once again thrive(big fantasy here) then they stand to be in business for a very long time.
    If I am right about this, they will leave the country with their ill-gotten gains when and if it comes to a inflationary depression like the country has never before seen.
    Their money will be safely placed in a stable currency abroad.
    Possibly in Switzerland or Belgium.
    For at least 50 years, they have kicked the can down the road hoping to never address issues that effect them.
    I suggest they are about to put the entire system in bankruptcy and the real losers will be the average Americans out there.
    People like us that will suddenly find our fixed pensions are not enough to survive on. Because once this snowballs our entire currency will be worthless.
    I watched the same people do this to Great Britain in the 70s.
    The next President of this country will be the one that successfully creates an image that people can relate to.
    Unless a whole bunch of new Congress people change things, then nothing will actually be accomplished. Remember who pays them. That is how they vote.

  • Taking care of business!

    Bull! You pick out two blue or RINO states and a stolen election and paid for, corrupt polls to make a biased point. 2018 will increase the Republican control of government.

  • kfilly

    If your votes actually mattered, they would not let you do it. Red pill, blue pill is just to divide the people. Voting in a rigged socialist system is not going to change the result.