Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet

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Violent Crime - Public DomainDon’t let anyone tell you that crime is going down in America.  All over the United States, rates of violent crime in our major cities are increasing by double digit percentages.  Murders are way up, shootings are way up and rapes are way up.  So what is behind this sudden spike in crime?  In Baltimore, authorities are pointing to the racial tensions that were stirred up by the riots that erupted in protest to the death of Freddie Gray.  But what about the rest of the country?  From coast to coast, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in violent crime, and the economy is not even crashing yet.  So what is going to happen when the next great economic crisis hits us, unemployment skyrockets, and people really start hurting?


When I was surveying the news today, I was very surprised to learn that the murder rate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has more than doubled so far this year…

Milwaukee, which had one of its lowest annual homicide totals in city history last year, has recorded 84 murders so far this year, more than double the 41 it tallied at the same point last year.

And of course Milwaukee is far from alone.  All over the U.S., violent crime is jumping dramatically.  Here is more from USA Today

Baltimore, New Orleans and St. Louis have also seen the number of murders jump 33% or more in 2015. Meanwhile, Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, has seen the homicide toll climb by 19% and the number of shooting incidents increase in the city by 21% during the first half of the year.

In all the cities, the increased violence is disproportionately impacting poor and predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods. In parts of Milwaukee, the sound of gunfire has become so expected that about 80% of gunfire detected by ShotSpotter sensors aren’t even called into police by residents, Flynn said.

The crimes seem to be getting more brutal as well.  Just the other day, I was stunned by one particular incident that happened in Baltimore

Gunmen got out of two vans and began firing at a group gathered on a corner Tuesday night, fatally shooting three people, police said.

The two gunmen shot a total of four people — one who was in stable condition — a few blocks from the urban campus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, according to police.

The three deaths bring the homicide total for Baltimore for the year to at least 154, according to police news releases. That’s an increase of more than 40 percent compared with the same time last year. Shootings have increased more than 80 percent. The city has seen a spike in violence since the April death of Freddie Gray after his arrest. The incident received widespread national attention and sparked unrest across Baltimore.

To me, that almost sounds like a scene out of some really violent mobster movie.

What would cause people to behave like that?

Things are also getting crazy out on the west coast.  According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, overall crime in the city is up by more than 12 percent so far in 2015…

For the first time in more than a decade, overall crime is up in Los Angeles through the first six months of the year, rising by more than 12%, according to figures released Wednesday.

The increase has continued despite the city’s efforts to stem the crime surge, which followed consecutive declines since 2003.

“This is bad news,” Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters Wednesday. “Let me be clear: Any uptick in crime is unacceptable.”

And some of the crimes that are being committed out there absolutely defy explanation.  For instance, just the other day someone walked up to a 30-year-old white woman as she was strolling with her boyfriend and fired a shotgun into the back of her head for apparently no good reason whatsoever

Sunday night in Los Angeles as a 30 year-old white woman walked with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, a mysterious black man walked up behind the couple and without saying a word fired a shotgun blast to the back of the woman’s head, according to police.

The killer was seen carrying the shotgun as he ran to a car and drove away.

The search for the killer continues.

But it isn’t just murder rates that are surging.  Sex crime rates are also on the rise all over America.  The following is an excerpt from a recent New York Post article entitled “Sex crimes are soaring in NYC“…

Sex crimes are soaring in the city, with an especially frightening spike taking place during the past few weeks, The Post has learned.

Misdemeanor sexual assaults as of Sunday night this year increased by 20 percent over the same period in 2014, from 1,003 to 1,203.

But they shot up 75 percent for the week ending Sunday compared to the same week last year — from 45 to 79.

I believe that we have reached a turning point.

I believe that we have entered a period of time when violent crime in the United States is going to start skyrocketing – especially once the next major economic downturn arrives.

Meanwhile, budget cuts are forcing police forces to cut back all over the nation.  For example, the number of patrol officers in the city of Detroit has been reduced by 37 percent in the last three years alone…

There are currently fewer officers patrolling the city than at any time since the 1920s. At one point, the Detroit police force was over 5,000. Today, the force is just 1,590 officers strong — and not all of those are on the street.

The city has lost nearly half its patrol officers since 2000 and ranks have shrunk by 37 percent in the past three years alone, according to the Detroit News. It’s so bad that precincts are reportedly left with only one squad car at times.

But at least the police in the area have still maintained their sense of humor.  Just recently, someone stole 28,000 pounds of packaged nuts from a location in suburban Detroit…

Police in suburban Detroit are having a little fun while asking for help from the public in figuring out who swiped roughly 28,000 pounds of packaged nuts.

The Shelby Township Police Department says a truck and trailer packed with 18 pallets of walnuts and other snack nuts were taken the weekend of June 27. Police say the truck and trailer were found July 1 in Detroit, but the nuts worth more than $128,000 were gone.

This is the photo of the suspect that was actually released by the police

Squirrel Mug Shot - Facebook - Shelby Township Police Department

Do you know this suspect?  If so, please contact the authorities right away.

  • K

    By many in society, no value is put on human life.Add to that, we have been in an economic squeeze for some time. Many have been near the edge for a while. It takes little to push them over. What you see today is a general attitude of lawlessness. When the crash hits, then what you see will be chaos. Organised gangs hitting whole neighborhoods. In historical context. Think Viking raids.Only with far more advanced weapons.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Sooner or later, hacking apps in a smartphone will be just as useful as the handgun. Just image using an app to overheat another phone’s battery ’til it explodes (already happened). Or taking out power for several city blocks with a blackout app. Terrorists already use phones as detonators for IED’s. Soon gangs will be able to hold areas with both gun and iphone.

      • pissedlizard كافر ‏

        REAL good point

        • Crystal7852

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      • TheLulzWarrior

        Perfect for would-be vigil-ants too, no need to even shoot the gang members, just hack or EMP their iphones and they will lose their coordination.

        Also in “ukraine”, artillery has been targetted on radio signals, there won´t be any twatter color spring in Murica against the federal governement, federal hellfire missiles and artillery shells would land on those neckbeard anarchists whackers with guy fawkes masks if their ever became a possible threat.

    • pissedlizard كافر ‏

      The drug cartels are all set and ready to move in and Obama just signed what again? An order saying it is no longer illegal to pay ransom to foreigners when they kidnap. There was no specifying WHERE they kidnap. He just gave every foreigner and illegal license to kidnap any one of us or our family members. Good thing for them,,,, and private security firms.

    • kfilly

      The tactics being used are right out of Antonio Gramsci’s plans to make America communist. His goal was to make people into cultural Marxists prior to converting the society to Marxism. Look the guy up if you don’t know anything about him. His philosophy is everywhere in the USSA. Destroy the basic family unit which is the basic building block of the country (easy divorce/single parent households, etc). Make society more secular. Make people believe the government is the solution to everything. Encourage people to spend money instead of saving. Distract people with trivial things like sports.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        You spent way too much time and effort appealing on how wonderfull/necessary/american the basic family unit is without bothering to think of for what happen to the country and society as a whole, when what happen to the country affects thebasic family unit there is too much inertia involved to stop the incoming disaster.

        The future of one´s nation or even specie should have been your priority from the very beginning.

        • kfilly

          I digress. A nation based on laws cannot survive when the people become corrupted. Tell me how all of these single parent households where the parent has to work long hours are raising their children to be moral outstanding citizens. The family is the basic building block of our country. That is why Gramsci wanted to destroy/weaken it.

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Jean Sibelius, his father died when he was age 2, leaving his mother with substantial debt.

            90 years later, the baby boomers were raised into being spoiled little brats, today many of them still are!

            Past generations has tried to put the family, their personal little lives ahead of the country and the bigger picture,

            we both know very well where that eventually lead.

            He saw that it was holding people back from taking action against the system and classes he believed lived off their labor and sent them to the trenches of WW1.

            The cultural-marxists are carpenter ants and not termites, carpenter ants can only go through a wood that is already rotten.

            They are also the ones calling the shots now while their opposition is desperate but still not serious.
            Good thing that George Washington or Lincoln weren´t like that!

          • sally_dice
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    • K

      Well done all. This is when this blog works best. The exchange of thought and information.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Not all human life is actually valuable, some lives are indeed more valuable than others.

      Booty-advertising rioters aren´t shot because their lives are deemed as valuable as that of those people those lives or livehoods destroyed by said riots.
      Criminals are gunned down for attempting to murder policemen but are declared saints by the medias and activists on account of their race the rightdoers faces lawsuites and threats of gang-banging and lynching.
      Gun legislations are introduced to protect the lives of murderers and rapists and so on.
      The worst elements of western societies are already valued and given enough rights, taxpayer-paid lawyers already.

  • Kim

    Haha. Cute.

    Yep, even here in Portland crime is going up. There are sections of the city I refuse to even drive in.

    • Kent Harris

      Very sad. There are only two masters and for this country it is becoming increasingly obvious which one we serve.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Yeah, noticed that a couple weeks ago. My hand finally feels better after smacking that psycho.

  • Paul F

    Matthew Ch 24
    2nd Thessalonians Ch 2

  • Greg Burton

    Well, it was either…

    *Prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, making homeless, hungry, beggars out of all of us.
    *Punish the banking cartel’s multi-billion dollar drug-money laundering operations.
    *Investigate why jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China. How China came to own the most of the US debt that financed the US war against…China. Why China (the oligarchy) is buying up US assets at fire sale prices, even as the US is threatening war against China (national security).
    *Stop the Fed from fanning hyper-inflation (QE1, QE2, QE3, QE∞) that will result in food riots, mass starvation.
    *Stop the looting, privatization of the world’s social safety net, public space, the commons, imposed “austerity” due to the unprosecuted toxic mortgage/LIBOR/Social Security rip-off scams.
    *Investigate who was really behind 9/11, the false-flag terrorist attack that touched off the serial, never-ending wars of pillage against the nation-states of the world, initiating the massive expropriation of public wealth, while simultaneously creating the pretext for the massive police state edifice now threatening the freedoms of everyone.
    *Investigate why the US government won’t move heaven and earth to stop the radiation spewing from Fukushima, poisoning the US, the northern hemisphere, and investigate the connections between the Fukushima, Stuxnet, HAARP and nuke created earthquakes.


    The Satanic Oligarchy…

    *Advocates suicide for the useless eaters; and that people work for free.
    *Makes being homeless, jobless, veteran, elderly and hungry a crime (useless eaters).
    *Ends food stamps to the poor even though there are no jobs, no social safety net, which will result in the starvation of thousands of Americans; with one in five children now living in poverty, forcing the old back to work, while the young can find no jobs.
    *Stands by while the unprosecuted banking and economic crisis destroys the ability of cities and towns to protect their own citizens, fund their police departments.
    *enables the invasion of Mexican drug cartels, allowing the cartels to traffic drugs into the US, while supplying arms via “Fast & Furious” and allowing a massive influx of illegal aliens into the US.
    *Confiscates the guns.
    *DHS buys billions of anti-personnel bullets, while giving away “tanks” to US cities and towns.
    *Flies soon to be weaponized drones over everywhere.
    *Allows Israel, a foreign country to run US NSA spying out of Mormon (Freemason/occult) Utah.
    *Pre-positions military hardware in preparation for the coming US melt-down and chaos (COG).
    *Buys thousands of “FEMA coffins” in anticipation of US mass starvation, Fukushima FEMA camp relocations.

  • NoToBlack

    Anyone who denies what race is responsible for at least 80% of this is a LIAR. We need a solution..

    • jsmith

      That solution I hope will be a Trump presidency. In my view he’s the only one that is not being politically correct, and is not afraid of telling the real truth of what is happening to this country. By the increase in his ranking in the polls it seems I’m not the only one welcoming his bid for the top job!

      • Don

        Trump won’t solve a thing, he is part of the problem just like the rest of the politicians. Don’t be fooled by his nice speeches.

        • joeyman9

          We got nothing else to go on. Remember when Baby Bush campaigned on a “more modest foreign policy?” What a bunch of nonsense that turned out to be.

        • jsmith

          So what’s to lose? I certainly will not vote for the Demopublican termites currently picked for us!

        • Raptor Jesus

          Um, he’s not a politician, in case you didn’t notice.

      • furioustoaster

        Oh. My. God.

        • Danielle Marin

          Yeah, furioustoaster!! Now you see that jsmith is a total prophet!!

          • furioustoaster

            Except that we are all still waiting for it to become “the solution” instead of just more of the problem. Inciting violence isn’t going to end violent crime.

    • Gay Veteran

      the solution is JOBS

      • Don

        No, the ONLY solution is geographical separation.

        • Gay Veteran


          • guest

            That reminds me of how queers try to claim that they’re gay when there’s nothing jolly about the perversion.
            Here’s another, it’s not slaughtering an innocent child, it’s abortion… errrr reproductive ‘freedom’.
            Sooner rather than later all of you twisted, demonized perverts will be in the hand of an angry God.
            I’m still working on having pity for you.

          • Gay Veteran

            I’m still working on giving a shi t what you think.
            abortion? guess you adopted some unwanted kids, right?

          • guest

            Your actions betray you.
            Had you no concern of my opinion, then you wouldn’t have responded.
            Which brings up another point, Why do queers absolutely insist that everyone nod in agreement to their perversion ?
            Why is it so very important and necessary for everyone to say that being a perverted queer, lacking even the basic sense of a dumb animal, is normal, healthy and awesome ?
            I know the answer, you refuse to ponder the question.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, really off your meds today, eh?
            or are you just coming back from your Klan meeting

          • guest

            I wouldn’t know about the klan, I’m not an agenda pushing, nor stool pushing queer.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh I bet you know a lot about the Klan, hiding under those sheets, perv

          • guest

            “guess you adopted some unwanted kids, right?”
            I’m sure that you have molested more than a few, or haven’t you yet sunk to that level of perversion ?

          • Gay Veteran

            your kind in 1938 Germany was saying the same thing about the Jews

          • guest

            Your kind was applauding Hitler and demanding that every other German worship him as your kind did.
            Only later, when you idiots were no longer useful, did your kind figure it out, about the time your kind was being lined up in front of the ditches.

          • Gay Veteran

            is the sky blue on your planet?

          • Danielle Marin

            guest, wow, this was 2 years ago. you will likely never see my comment to you. just so fascinating to me. to come across a random “back & forth” between 2 random strangers, from 2 years ago, no less. Myself being the 3rd party observer. having read all of your back & forth replies to each other, i was really just curious if it was as apparent to you as it clearly is to me that you were having a battle of wit with a clearly unarmed person. all of his replies to you were so off-base & missing the mark. i don’t think he even understand a third of what you were saying to him. it was like listening to a parent argue with an obnoxious & of below-average intelligence child, perhaps a preteen, or “tween”, as they ridiculously call it nowadays.

          • That wasn’t a Christ-like response AT ALL.

          • guest

            Go back to your effeminate gathering called churchianity and continue on with the non judgemental, god is love and everything is beautiful b.s.
            Time is short, the hour is near.
            The Lord God Almighty mocks these perverts and their vain imaginations.
            It isn’t Christ like to accept what God rejects.
            It isn’t Love to approve, it’s cowardice.

          • I never stated that I accepted homosexuality. You can take a glance at my post history and find the answer to that question quickly enough. I take firm objection to the hate that you’re expressing toward them, however. It’s one thing to quote the Scriptures and tell them that they’re in sin. It’s another thing entirely to treat them with disrespect and hate.

            You’d best be sure that they are no sins of your own which you haven’t repented of before the Lord.

          • Gay Veteran

            going full retard, eh

          • Don

            I’m against apartheid and segragation, because that would mean they are still on this continent. I want them all back in Africa. Also Mexicans in Mexico, Asians in Asia, etc… I’m sure this common sense solution would be consider a radical concept by all the brainwashed idiots.

        • guest

          Agreed. Same solution for the queers.

          • Gay Veteran

            final solution, right.
            man up and stop posting under “guest” pus*y

        • furioustoaster

          Are you going to leave then? /byebye

          • Don

            No, I’m not the one who needs to leave.

      • jsmith

        The jobs are in China.

        • Gay Veteran

          unfortunately true since Clinton and the rest of the scumbag politicians sold us out.
          and now hypocritical “liberals” are going to support the other Clinton

    • iris

      That’s not the problem. The problem is more related to the excellent comment guest just made. There has been a deliberated dumbing down of our society, a deliberate destruction of the nuclear family (the Blacks had to inherit much of that by their cultural experience here for 400 years) and a deliberate extrapolation of the powers of the federal government, which held out the carrot of welfare and other forms of Socialism. It the welfare system had truly been a hand up rather than a hand out, we wouldn’t be seeing multi generations of several races caught in the welfare trap, and that includes plenty of “white” people. If you’ve ever seen the documentary, “Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo, you’ll remember the discussion he had with one of the Rockefeller family whom he was friends with at one point. The Rockefeller laughed when commenting that the whole idea behind the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 60s was really to simply broaden the tax base. Many women and minorities have made good careers for themselves through education and hard work, but the overarching plan has been to decimate our society.

      • guest

        American blacks willingly and happily sold their families / culture into slavery for gov’t ‘cheese’ and housing.
        At this point they are feral animals with no human understanding, or compassion.
        I feel no empathy for them as this they did to themselves.
        As for many women /minorities having done anything for themselves….. Yeah, let’s keep pretending that gov’t force, special privileges and benefits didn’t actually have anything to do with it, but that the individuals did it all themselves.
        The same way we are suppose to pretend that all of the special rights and privileges are actually ‘equality’.
        To face the truth is to destroy the narrative.
        I guess the females, minorities and queers can die in defense of the perverted nation that they have created.
        I don’t know one white man /boy, myself included, that has any intention of lifting a finger to help and of the mentioned gov’t pets during the next go around.
        Like the blacks, they have all sold their souls for special, temporary, benefits and rights and I have no empathy for them either.

        • furioustoaster

          Get help.

          • guest

            You’re going to need all the help that you can get to keep Babylon going and you will never have enough.
            I would wish you best of luck, but I know how it ends, ( definitely not as you imagine ) lol.
            I am merely watching this slow motion, demonically driven train wreck struggling to make it to the next overpass, ( the bridge is out ).

          • Gay Veteran


          • Danielle Marin

            furioustoaster, guest doesn’t need to ‘get help’, from the sounds of it. he is entitled to his opinions & views just as much as you or i and the next person. he shows up as guest because he didn’t have a dis. account which doesn’t matter, of course. it doesn’t minimize the things he has said. take what you need & leave the rest. i try to read all with an open mind. some things i agreed with, but of course being a woman, some things I did not agree with. that is the only problem, sometimes, when it comes to generalizations – there are always going to be exceptions. i, personally, am not nor ever have been a feminist. i was born in 1970, why in the hell WOULD i be? even as a young girl in the 70s & teenager in the 80s, i was perceptive & sharp enough to be put off by certain types of loud/aggressive women & never felt comfortable around their type. i see today how correct i was to feel as i did then.

          • furioustoaster

            You dragged up a 2 year old thread to come defend some racist schmuck?

          • Danielle Marin

            u know, furioustoaster, i didn’t even realize your avatar is evil monkey…i have the same photo of him but it is an actual magnet on my fridge, purchased from 5 Below in 2007. anyway, i didn’t “drag up” anything, as i came across this thread for the first time just last night. also, i was not defending a “racist”. I was merely pointing out i agreed with some of what he said, not all. this is why i said something about taking what you need & leaving the rest. this gent clearly has an extreme edge to him & he doesn’t even like me as a PERSON, simply for my being female, so i am not exactly championing the inception of his fan club.

        • Gay Veteran

          empathy? you have to be human first

          • Daddyotis

            Guest has it right

  • DJohn1

    I recognize the pictured person involved. Due to laws concerning equal opportunity for aliens we are not able to prosecute him at this time.
    He has been deported a number of times and comes right back. He really loves this country when he is not stealing from it.
    He also has a deplorable habit of munching on electrical wires in any house he breaks into. He has a tooth condition that his mouth will grow together if he doesn’t do this. So the courts will not prosecute him for that for health reasons.
    Probably caused at least 10,000 home fires over the course of his relatives breaking into attics.
    The newer homes have metal protecting the wires but that too is not fool proof.
    He really is a rat in squirrel clothing. But with his really bushy tail(good marketing to make him cute) no prosecutor in his or her right mind(debatable) would every bring him to trial.

  • guest

    There i s an economic indicator that is conspicuous by it’s absence. That is the number of people who are no longer a part of the economy and likely never will be except with respect to any subsidy they receive. The legitimate unemployment rate in Detroit has been pegged at near 50%. A university study has placed the level of functional illiteracy also at 50%. and that was being quite generous in defining literacy. The Michigan Realtors estimate Detroit’s population at about 680,000. If you estimate the working age population at 400,000 that means 200,000 people have no job and 100,000 of them can barely read and write. What are the chances of 200,000 even minimum wage jobs appearing anytime soon. Both bank and tax foreclosures are at record highs. A 2009 study by the Citizens Research Council of Michigan pegged the number of vacant residential buildings of 4 units or less at about 100,000. It was likened to the city of Cleveland being vacant inside Detroit. Their being torn down but what do you do with “Cleveland” when you tear it down? Do you burn it? Do you bury it? There is a Detroit in every major city in America and for that matter a big part of the world. The debt of states like California and Illinois are into the hundreds of billions while tax bases in the major cities decline in real terms. The economy can no longer support a growing portion of the population that lacks the means and/or the skills to take care of itself and won’t be permitted by government to do so even if it can. We are on the brink of a return to medievalism The growing violence is simply a by product of a growing realization that the only “hope and Change ” coming will likely be for the worse.

    • furioustoaster

      That is not how math works… lol.

  • Mistanick

    There is no doubt the lawlessness in our cities is a reflection on the value of life in the whole of society. When we allow babies to sliced and diced in our so called medical clinics, is there any surprise a person with criminal intent would think differently about life than society as a whole? He or she who would steal or rape eliminates the witness without conscience. For him or her, as with the abortionist who sucks the life blood out of an innocent baby, their consciences were seared with a hot iron long ago.

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. We have elected time and again people who support the taking of life as a matter of honor and pride. Many of us have adopted the same mindset as they about the worth of a baby and life. Why should the robber or rapist think any differently? Even if they are caught for their crimes, they have little to fear as the sword of justice will likely give into them and set them free in time.

    As Mr. Trump noted recently, the illegal aliens who enter the USA are criminals once they cross the border, yet we as a growing liberal society, seek to throw all matter of benefits on them in hopes they will will like them and us and maybe vote too. It is as if white people have this false guilt that overrides all manner of thought.

    There is an evil that exists in our world and it will always reside here with us. Those who ignore it exists and refuse to deal with it with a strong hand will reap the consequences as we are doing now. God help us to have wisdom and act on it.

    • joeyman9

      You assume the elections were not fraud and subject to illegal votes and (more importantly) dishonest counts. I believe the days of true and accountable voting are far far behind us.

    • Gay Veteran

      sounds like you’re really against abortion.
      guess you’ve adopted some unwanted kids, right?

      • Daddyotis

        Obfuscate much?

        • Gay Veteran

          sorry you don’t like the question, but then that’s understandable

  • Robert C.

    I find it amazing that Michael still have not said anything about Dylan Roof who shot nine innocent people in a church in Charleston S.C.

  • Paul Patriot

    Great article for the gun haters to throw in our face to justify their draconian laws to disarm legal gun owners

    • furioustoaster

      Yeah all 5% of the population of legal gun owners… they are really the problem. Who gives a crap about gun owners? The NRA, gun manufacturers, and…. no one else.

      • Paul Patriot

        Please check your stats…..why do you not give Carl about gun owners, makes no sense?

        Are you a gun hating, anti self defense liberal?

        If you are, I am glad you think 5% of America legally owns guns.

        • furioustoaster

          You are correct, I was way off. The correct number is 34%… and dropping.

          I suppose my main point is that if it were not for the NRA/gun manufacturers lobby in DC… this gun issue would have been settled years ago.

  • DJohn1

    Then the only people with guns will be the police murdering the civilians and the Mafia that has its own sources of guns.
    So which would you rather trust with your life?
    The police or the criminal syndicates?
    When the court system is all about how much money you have to give to a lawyer and possibly a judge who can you trust?
    They have failed to have the appearance of justice.
    It is all above my pay grade.
    The police are putting themselves in the position of being the hunters for the lawyers to get paid. That is a very big blunder on their part.
    Police are dependent on the public not the other way around. Even though they demand respect from anyone they potentially apprehend even if it is a speeding ticket. There are actual courses out there teaching people how to not get in trouble with the police by their actions.
    That is sad.
    The police will have to look over their shoulders constantly in the years to come because there is a group of people that are capable of shooting at them in revenge for the actions they have done. This is basically anarchy in the making and it is no good for anyone on any side of the equation. Any one out there only has to watch the news to see this happening. No I have no idea who those people are shooting at police.
    Whether it is revenge for a family member shot or someone illegally sent to jail because of corruption in the law they are becoming a target and we need those police to keep law and order not what they are currently doing and the way they are currently being trained to see the public as an enemy to be brought down.
    We as a people are going to have to start over and train police people right. You do not have enough money for me to be a police person in today’s world under these conditions.

  • Piglet

    “What would cause people to behave like that?”

    They would do this every day if they thought they could get away with it. Earlier they didn’t think they could, but now they do, and it looks like they’re right, too.

    When Baltimore’s mayor announced that rioters, looters, arsonists and murderers must be given the “space to destroy,” the local thuggery heard her words and took her up on her offer. What we’re seeing are the results.

  • horse777res

    Black Matter is effecting our society! Check out CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, the worlds largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It is located in Switzerland.

  • Tony Nobaloney

    It’s usually…..


  • Sandbagger

    The Squirrel is a notorious “prepper” and thus a domestic terrorist. He’s on the Red List.

    On a serious note: The white woman who was shot while walking with her boyfriend could have been the victim of gang “initiation” in which they require a potential new gang member commit a random murder.

    It’s time to carry on. Carry concealed, that is.

    • Gay Veteran

      or her boyfriend hired someone to kill her

  • smooze

    Willing to bet the up tick is black on white crime. Thanks to that racist king louis farakahn and his minions.

  • Ben Sutherland

    A direct result of the half-reporting of black people killed by white cops. In a life and death situation, you have to act fast – not think about whether someone with a cellphone is recording the last 5 seconds of the interaction and will post a completely different side of things on the internet.

    What Cop is going to shoot (at times that he should) when he might be seen as public enemy number 1 by the black community. Trayvon Martin, Michael George etc. – the grand jurors found the cops not guilty. But does that matter?

    That is why violence is increasing… criminals know that the police are doing nothing and that they are now in control.

  • SweetDoug

    ‘Crime isn’t down. Reporting it is.

    Go ahead and report one to the cops and see what happens.

    Your insurance goes up, you lose twice, and nothing gets done, even if they find the guy.

    Best not to do anything, or solve it yourself.

    One of the ways, is to help others, because you’re never going to be around when they sneak up to get your stuff, but you might be around to stop a crime elsewhere.

    Be prepared.

    Do what’s necessary and then don’t call the cops.