Trump Is The Number One Topic On The Agenda Of The Bilderberg Group This Year

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The Bilderberg Group conference is being held less than 30 miles from the White House, and the number one subject on the official agenda this year is Donald Trump. The three day summit began on Thursday, and the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia has essentially been transformed into an armed fortress in order to protect the 131 dignitaries that are attending. But unlike other gatherings of world leaders, the mainstream media won’t be telling us what is going on inside because reporters are banned.


These meetings are designed to be highly secretive, and for many years you were labeled a “conspiracy theorist” if you even suggested that the Bilderberg Group existed. Thanks to the relentless work of investigative journalists, we know a lot more about Bilderberg these days, and they have taken a few steps toward becoming more public. For example, they have published a list of the key topics that will be addressed at the summit this year. The following comes from the official Bilderberg Group website

  1. The Trump Administration: A progress report
  2. Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios
  3. The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks
  4. The direction of the EU
  5. Can globalisation be slowed down?
  6. Jobs, income and unrealised expectations
  7. The war on information
  8. Why is populism growing?
  9. Russia in the international order
  10. The Near East
  11. Nuclear proliferation
  12. China
  13. Current events

As you can see, Donald Trump is at the top of the list. The elite consider Trump to be the biggest threat to globalization that they have confronted in a very long time, and most of them would love to see Trump removed from office somehow.

The eighth topic on the agenda is closely related to Trump. The elite talk about “populism” as if it is a bad thing, but aren’t our leaders supposed to be trying to do what is “popular” with the people? Isn’t that what democracy is supposed to be all about?

And what is the alternative? Are we just supposed to allow the elite to control both political parties and therefore control all political outcomes no matter what the people may want?

Point number nine is very interesting as well. The elite like to uses phrases such as “the international order” and “global governance” rather than phrases such as “world order” or “new world order”, but the meaning is the same. The ultimate goal is to merge the entire planet into a single global system, but right now nations such as Russia are a bit of a headache for the globalists.

Every year, some of the biggest names on the entire planet attend the Bilderberg Group meetings. The list of those that have attended previous conferences includes Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Prince Charles, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Ben Bernanke, Rick Perry, David Rockefeller and Joe Biden. But none of them ever talks publicly about what goes on at these meetings because they are instructed not to do so.

Needless to say, a number of the big names that will be attending this year will be absolutely furious that President Trump has just announced that the U.S. will be pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. Many Americans don’t even know that the Paris climate agreement is, but for the elite this is about as big as it gets. The Paris climate agreement was supposed to be a giant step forward toward globalization, and almost the entire planet was on board.

Now that Trump has decided to pull out of the agreement, criticism is coming in fast and furious from top leaders all over the globe

Before he even sat down, his predecessor Barack Obama launched an all-out assault, saying Trump ‘joins a small handful of nations that reject the future’.

The leaders of France, Germany and Italy said the decision was ‘regrettable’ and that the deal was ‘non-negotiable’.

Elon Musk, the Tesla billionaire, said he was quitting advising the White House, tweeting: ‘Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.’

Incredibly, many Democratic politicians are already promising to defy President Trump. In fact, a number of mayor and governors have already pledged to continue to honor the agreement.

Out of everything that Trump has done so far, pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is going to be the thing that the elite hate the most. So as much as they wanted him gone before, now their hatred for him is going to go to a whole new level.

And we are already seeing this in just the first few hours after Trump’s announcement. For example, billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer says that what Trump has done is “a traitorous act of war against the American people”

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer called President Trump a traitor if he makes good on his promise and exits the Paris climate change agreement.

“If Trump pulls the US out of the #ParisAgreement he will be committing a traitorous act of war against the American people,” Steyer tweeted.

Steyer was very active during the presidential campaign through his group, NextGen Climate, and has become a leading activist in an agenda that supports moving the nation toward 100 percent renewable energy over the next 25 years.

It is important to understand the mentality of these people. They literally believe that climate change is the greatest threat that humanity is facing, and that anyone that opposes their agenda is literally putting the future of the human race in peril.

Of course that is absolute nonsense. Carbon dioxide is a life-giving gas, and without it all life on our planet would cease to exist. Scientists tell us that life absolutely thrived when levels of carbon dioxide were much, much higher in the ancient past than they are today. In fact, some scientists point to evidence that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were once four times higher than they are right now.

Humanity is certainly facing a lot of threats, but carbon dioxide is not one of them. But to the true believers, the facts don’t really matter. Despite a mountain of contrary evidence, they are convinced that carbon dioxide is the primary cause of climate change, and that warming temperatures could ultimately wipe out the human race.

And since Donald Trump is standing in the way of their agenda, he is now enemy number one, and they are going to do all that they can to get rid of him.

  • im4truth4all

    Read John L. Casey’s The Cold Sun for an intelligent opinion on climate change.

  • abc

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

    Albert Einstein

    • abc

      For an example of not doing anything about it: everyone uses a credit/debit card at the store & this makes it that much easier for the Bilderberg control freaks to implement the cashless society that’s already close to coming in a few countries.

      • iris

        Yep. And I think the cascade of vaccines they give the neonates also have contributed to ADD and ADHD, possibly even some of the hearing and vision problems. The parents trust the hospitals and doctors, it isn’t suggested and so they don’t think to vaccinate their child with staggered administrations, and it’s less time consuming/less expensive for the doctor’s office, as well. The parents are exhausted after the birth, and how many of them read the fine print for every one of those? If one is going to vaccinate, at least pay for a single dose vial of a specific vaccine to one antigen at a time, and wait until the child is healthy and a month or two old to begin. The cascade they give the neonates is very likely overwhelming their bodies, and they administer them within minutes to hours of birth, then repeat every few months on a lesser scale. A few children are diagnosed with autism not long after birth, but most of the time, it becomes apparent by around the time the baby-toddler vaccines have been completed or close to that. If may cost a little more time and money if one is going to vaccinate that way, but do parents really want their baby to develop autism, etc.? Even if the vaccines have nothing to do with the diseases, which I doubt, it just makes sense not to overwhelm their bodies that way.

        • social norms suck

          Staggered or not, injecting a child with mercury is child abuse!

          • iris


    • Mistanick

      To be fair, I am not sure Einstein actually said this, but that is another matter.

      People do have an inherent ability toward evil, it is called sin. We have been redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ have we not, but many reject Him. Thus, evil walks the Earth unabated with some, while others seek repentance. That is doing something about it, I believe.

      • iris


  • DJohn1

    I agree with President Trump on the Paris disagreement simply because it is not enforceable and the Chinese are not enforcing it. That means they are unfairly using a pollution advantage in competing with everyone else. It is so bad people there are using masks to breath.
    Getting everyone to enforce pollution control is a near impossible task.
    So who is the idiot here?
    Appears that the opposition might be.
    We need equal treatment for our industry. I suggest a new agreement with severe financial penalties for any nation not enforcing pollution controls and make those penalties in dollars here. Meaning severe tarrifs against any nation not enforcing the pollution agreements.
    The problem with this is it also rises the cost of living here.
    When Carbon Dioxide does reduce it also means lower temperatures world wide.
    That means restarting the glaciers. The last time that happened the glaciers were on our doorstep. Evidence of this is all through Michigan and Ohio.
    Carbon Dioxide varies over time. Even Antarctica had trees on it in the past. Carbon Dioxide conducts temperatures averaging out the entire planet over time.
    That is happening right now.

    • iris

      The parameters as to which countries have to shoulder the most burden and money are stacked in favor of the most wealthy and industrialized, which produce by far, more pollution than the underdeveloped ones. That’s why the majority of the nations present at a world summit on the matter a couple of years ago, walked out on the proceedings.

      While I agree that we need to steward the planet more wisely, many of the climate changes have been out of our control. One explosion of one large volcano can do more damage to the ozone layer, etc., in a year, than much factory and car pollution. And there have always been natural cycles of cooling and warming, some last hundreds to thousands of years, some only decades, but it is part of the natural balance. Many top scientists who disagree with the climate scare have lost their jobs because they weren’t politically correct enough.

      I think a good deal of the negative changes have to do with the chemtrails and manipulation of the atmosphere. The chemtrails/contrails have been seeding the ground with particulates which are dangerous. This weather manipulation has been done, supposedly to improve drought stricken areas, etc., but things have only gotten worse. Most of our remedies always backfire.

      Plus, why aren’t we using the alternative, non nuclear, forms of energy at our disposal on a world wide scale? The technology has been available for over 50 years, but for the most part, it is business as usual, and the oil rich countries of the ME continue to keep the rest of the world over a barrel, pun intended.

      Lastly, that our world has even made it this far, with the myriad of problems we’ve faced in the last hundred years, tells me that God really is in control. He’s going to keep the planet alive until He sees fit. Scientists around the globe acknowledge that the earth has long been in a state of decay. Poor stewardship on our part may be contributing to this rate of decay since the last 200 years, but it has been going on much longer than that. This world will be destroyed by fire the second time around, whether God allows that to happen through geopolitical events or not. He has warned us, and also has promised us that someday He will create a new heaven and a new earth.

  • bill

    Yeah, Chump is such a threat to the Bankers, warhawks and NWO I can see why they are so concerned about him.

  • KMH

    Actually Michael, they do not really care about the masses of humanity. The globalist need funds. Remember stimulus? Stimulus gave them a trillion dollars to play with – DOJ gave the majority of its stimulus funds to Solyndra – one company and it went belly up. Globalists set up companies and fund themselves with “threat to humanity” funds.. Climate change gives them a type of “Oprah” in which to fund themselves. California has a carbon tax. It is what keeps the state afloat. That is what the globalists want. To charge you to breathe THEIR air. May the Lord Jesus show up SOON!

    • iris

      agree with you there!

      • conflict of interest

        Notice he won’t say Jeff Bezos (Amazon), the second richest person on Earth, attends Bilderberg & hates Trump.

  • Robert Allard

    Alas, your view of CO2 and Global Warming is the only incorrect part of this article…………the rest of the article was spot-on.

    • justsayin’

      Trees take in Co2 and release oxygen. The more Co2 in the atmosphere, the more trees we have, the more oxygen we have. What part of that confuses you and others like you?

  • davidnrobyn

    When I was in college, I had a conversation with a friend I’d known for a long while, since grade school. He was a very scientifically-minded guy. I don’t remember how we got to this topic, but at one point he told me he thought the right population of the earth would be about 100,000. You read that right. I was incredulous, and said, “That’s less than the population of ______(our) county!” He looked at me with an unblinking gaze, and said, “Yes.”
    This guy went on to have quite a career in academia, as a professor of ecology at a major Midwestern university you’ve all heard of. Lots and lots of published papers. Very distinguished career. I wonder if he’s revised his opinions any? I suspect there are many, many who share his point of view. Scary to think about. But I thought the readers here ought to know.

    • islam = terror

      Maybe he’s too dumb to realize it but with only 100,000 people you don’t get much technological advancement.
      Most science-types love technology & new inventions but all the advancement we have now requires a lot of people to develop. 100,000 would cut it down to a snails pace!

      I do hate the destruction of wilderness & think there should maybe be a big child limitation to save it or else kick out all illegals & stop urban sprawl (never going to happen). Imagine a future with no wilderness to escape the city / farms.

  • SantosGarcia

    Get the truth at ‘’.

  • Patriot

    “Isn’t that what democracy is supposed to be all about?”

    I wouldn’t know, The United States is a Constitutional Republic! The
    word democracy does not even appear in the Constitution! Our Founding
    Fathers understood the danger of a democracy.

    “It is important to understand the mentality of these people. They
    literally believe that climate change is the greatest threat that
    humanity is facing, and that anyone that opposes their agenda is
    literally putting the future of the human race in peril.”

    The Climate Accord has NOTHING to do with climate change! It is about
    taxing the world! These people want a world government, a global
    government and they need a way to finance their global government. The
    one thing that all humans have in common is that we are a carbon based
    life form, so they chose carbon as the bogeyman.

    We are in serious trouble if they get their global government in
    place and so we need to stand up to these sick, evil, satanic creatures
    before it is too late, hopefully it isn’t too late!

  • justsayin’

    What a black, negative assessment of America and our President. I’m sure Venezuela is much more to your liking, even though they’ve run out of OPM. If you can get in on it at the top, it’s a great ride until the trough runs dry, eh, Jeff? Sort of like what’s happening here, that President Trump is trying so hard to put the brakes on. That’s why he’s so despised by you and those like you.

    We cannot, will not, support the world on the backs of our middle class, no matter how desperately some try to keep the carnage going. You, they, may win in the end, but we will not go down without a fight. So, yeah, stay tuned indeed.

    • Jeff

      I would love to have a conversation with you face to face, sir, to understand your point of view, and how you can support Trump. Or how he represents something personally or through policy that will remove the onus from the middle class. You got me.

      • justsayin’

        Read the comment by KMH. He says it very well. Also, I don’t support Trump, I support my President. I once voted for Ralph Nader, rather than 4 more of Bush. I once campaigned and voted for Ross Perot. I cried when he quit. That should tell you a tremendous amount about my beliefs. I hold out extremely little hope for our country, and the world, because we have slid too far down the slippery slope, and it can’t be fixed. That said, I will fight for, as much as I can, our future.

        Keep your powder dry and your Bible close. It’s about to get real scary.