This Is Not How You Reverse The Curse: Trump Administration Set To Announce Support For A ‘Two State Solution’

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Donald Trump First Weekly Address - Public DomainMany had believed that the “two state solution” would be “dead” under a Trump administration, but that is turning out not to be the case at all. According to an Israeli news source, the Trump administration is about to publicly declare support for a “two state solution”, and officials have reportedly been in contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office regarding “ideas to promote the two state solution.” This is extremely alarming, because I have previously written about how those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. UN Security Council Resolution 2334 was a major step toward dividing the land of Israel, and when Barack Obama refused to veto that resolution in December he put the United States on the wrong side of that equation. In an article back in January, I listed 10 things that Trump could do to try to reverse the curse that Obama had brought on America, but instead it appears that Trump is also being seduced by the idea that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace to the Middle East.


According to Ynet News, the decision has already been made. It is going to be the position of the Trump administration that a “two state solution” is needed in the Middle East, and there have already been discussions between Israeli officials and Trump administration officials about how to move the process forward…

The Trump administration clarified in recent days to the Prime Minister’s bureau that it intended to support the ‘two-state solution’ as the base for negotiations in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The clarifications were part of the preparations currently underway for the first meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump since the latter assumed the American presidency. That meeting is to take place next week in the US capital.

American officials have been in communication with Jerusalem, and they have sent a series of messages for the prime minister with ideas to promote the two-state solution. This would lay the groundwork for a joint statement from both the heads of government supporting this step.

And to be honest, this shouldn’t exactly be a huge surprise.

Shortly after being elected, Trump told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to get the Israelis and the Palestinians to agree to “the ultimate deal”, and that he wanted to do so “for humanity’s sake”…

President elect-Donald Trump wasted no time placing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict high on his foreign policy agenda, telling The Wall Street Journal on Friday that he hopes to end the conflict after taking office in January.

“That’s the ultimate deal,” said Trump. “As a deal maker, I’d like to do … the deal that can’t be made. And to do it for humanity’s sake. He referred to the conflict as the “war that never ends.”

Of course Trump knew when he made that statement that the Palestinians would never agree to a deal that does not give them their own state.

So the truth is that Trump has been thinking about a Palestinian state for a long time, but now he is going to publicly come out and back one.

All of those pundits on the right and the left that were suggesting that the “two state solution” was now dead were completely wrong. Sadly, Trump is a lot more like his predecessors when it comes to foreign policy than many were anticipating, and so far he is not nearly as pro-Israel as many supporters of Israel were hoping.

In fact, just a few days ago the Trump administration released a statement denouncing any new Israeli settlements or the expansion of any existing settlements in the West Bank. The following comes from the official White House website

“While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal. As the President has expressed many times, he hopes to achieve peace throughout the Middle East region.”

And the Trump administration was not happy about a new Israeli law that was just passed that retroactively legalized about 4,000 “settler outposts” in Judea and Samaria. So far Trump is not loudly denouncing this new law, but much of the rest of the world is definitely doing so

France called the bill a “new attack on the two-state solution”, while Britain said it “damages Israel’s standing with its international partners”.

Turkey “strongly condemned” the law and Israel’s “unacceptable” settlement policy, and the Arab League accused Israel of “stealing the land and appropriating the property of Palestinians”.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres boldly proclaimed that this new law “is in contravention of international law and will have far reaching legal consequences for Israel”, and another UN official says that Israel has crossed “a very thick red line”

The law crossed a “thick red line” toward annexation of the West Bank, the United Nations said earlier Tuesday.

UN envoy for the Middle East peace process Nickolay Mladenov said the bill set a “very dangerous precedent.”

“This is the first time the Israeli Knesset legislates in the occupied Palestinian lands and particularly on property issues,” he told AFP.

“That crosses a very thick red line.”

Tensions in the Middle East are on the rise again, and we could literally see missiles start flying back and forth at any minute.

There is going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on Trump to try to bring peace to the Middle East, and Trump is already making it clear that he believes that a “two state solution” is the “ultimate deal”.

But if Donald Trump were to broker a deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians that would permanently divide the land of Israel into two states, he would greatly curse this nation, and so many of the things that I talk about in my new book would begin to happen.

It wouldn’t matter that Donald Trump is a conservative Republican that was backed by more than 80 percent of all evangelical Christians that voted in the last election. If Donald Trump is successful in dividing the land of Israel, we will be greatly cursed, and there will be disastrous consequences for the United States, for the Middle East, and for the entire planet.

So some of Donald Trump’s new evangelical Christian buddies need to start talking some sense to him before he does something that will be absolutely catastrophic for all of us.

  • Jorma

    This is just the worst news to read. If the Christians turn on Trump he is finished. We will have certainly lost the high ground with this two state effort. On the flip side I have noticed how trump always seems to plant news leads too that never pan out. I’m just so not into any of this. It’s heartbreaking that we can’t get one leader from POTUS down to the Boy Scouts national and local levels to live and lead in manner that is reverent to our Creator nor our Savior.

    • VAXXED

      At least business is picking up again since Trump won.

    • Christian Gains

      JORMA; I’d like you to specifically detail those “news leads” that he “plants”, but that “never pan out”….I’m not sure I agree, so, please give me the examples…

  • Jorma

    Maranatha maybe a more appropriate word for us to express now.

  • joe farmer

    I was wondering why there was several tornadoes that hit Louisiana……….those that curse Israel…………….

    • Jim Davis

      Right. God sent some tornadoes to punish people in Lousiana for a foreign policy statement from DC. What kind of insane, vindictive, spiteful deity would that be? Surely one not worthy of worship!

      • Brian Jones

        Yeah America is sure doing well after abandoning Israel the last eight years. Why don’t you study the miracles of the six day war and see why God is clearly on the side of the Jewish people before you make any more foolish statements.

        • RalphEllison

          Why would God stand behind the Jewish people today (query whether most are not, in fact, of the original House of Israel)? They are controlled by Orthodox Rabbis, who believe Jesus was under the control of demonic spirits. Such a belief is actual blasphemy and is, in fact, the lone “unforgivable sin” mentioned in the Bible.

          Moreover, the two state solution is the only viable way for Israel to remain Jewish, unless they decide to kill off the Palestinians (many of whom are really of the House of Israel).

          • Brian Jones

            Well the Jewish people in Israel today are the ones the prophecies are happening to so I believe God is standing by them. I am a bit of a military history buff but I never studied the six day war before and was basically stunned by what I read. There is no way on Earth that those Arabs full of hate could have mysteriously fled in terror and confusion like that without some divine intervention. Not to mention the numerous incredible “coincidences” of fortune that befell the IDF.

            Orthodox Rabbis are human and thus can be wrong because I believe Jesus Christ is returning as it was written. Just as it was amazingly written in the Old Testament about his first arrival. There will be no two state solution because His will won’t allow it even though the satanic UN tried in Paris recently and failed.

            Please join our online church for more information Utube channel Paul Begley.

          • yoda

            Brian you do know when you read history – written by the winners of said war that is is written with propaganda and bias, right?

          • Brian Jones

            Wow maybe you should join Hamas and launch rockets at God’s children. I read the history written in the Bible maybe you should too.

          • iris


        • yoda

          America sends billions to israel in foreign aid. Abandoned them I think NOT. If anything America has abandoned it’s own people by allowing this blackmail to continue. Google what does israel do with all the money America sends them for some eye opening information.

        • iris

          Agree. We face more division, more negation of the nuclear family, less privacy and rights than even what was begun in the W. administration after 911, less economic security, the list goes on. The real problem is the lack of wisdom (the fear of God), for that is the beginning of wisdom. Our people don’t know up from sideways, there is no understanding of right and wrong, because they do not believe in absolute truth. Jesus said, “I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life, no one comes to the Father, except through Me.” Without the Truth, Jesus, our people have become enslaved to their own understanding, but God tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding”. Until we understand and fear God again as a nation, only individuals here who do know Him, will be able to see these things clearly. But our citizenship is in heaven, we do not trust or look to the things of this world, because we know they cannot be trusted in. We trust in God. God bless, Brian.

          • Brian Jones

            Very well said Iris amen it’s hard not to get angry and into bitter arguments with the left (most of my family are liberals) but I’m learning to just love and pray for them to come around because arguing and anger doesn’t seem to help anything. Bless you in Jesus name!

          • iris

            Yes, me too, Brian. It’s like we’re walking on eggshells, sometimes, but I believe they know they’re loved. And they know where we stand. The Bible does tell us that God’s kindness is what leads us to repentance. God can shine through a believer to point others to Jesus as we share the truth in love. God bless you in Him, too!

      • watchmannonthewall

        Would God hold the “lowly” people responsible for the one they voted for, the one they put in office? Would HIllary be different?

      • Paul Patriot

        God sending tornados to an area infested with witchcraft and new age nonsense….and on a nation that promotes all that God is against…..the antagonism towards Israel is the icing on the cake as it were.

      • Christian Gains

        AMEN JIM!

    • Christian Gains

      NO Joe! B.O.,[duh Stink’a], cursed Ysra’el…YOU NOR I DIDN’T!!! ANYMORE than you NOR I elected B.O to OFFICE!

      If you’re supposition were correct: that those tornadoes were a curse from God, BELIEVE YOU ME…they would have roared straight through the “MULTICOLORED HOUSE” at 1600 Penn Ave., D.C.!!! But…they didn’t even come close! SOME things are simply REALLY nature….BUT! B.O.’s day IS COMING! Wait, PRAY & WATCH!

  • watchmannonthewall

    I am not really surprised by this news. Scripture clearly states that the LORD “will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle” and the city will be taken. (Zech 14:2) Trump may have given the world a reprive or he may not. It appears not.

    The UN is the vehicle by which all the nations are gathered against Jerusalem, and that is the significance of the media mentioning 70 nations gathered last month in Paris to further plan the 2 state solution.

    Seventy is the number in scripture that indicates unity, completeness. Noah had 70 descendents, all named in scripture, by which the nations of the world were divided. (Gen.10)

    Later we are told the nations of the earth were divided according to the number of the sons of Israel, 70. (Gen. 46:7, Deut. 32:8) of course, we understand the ruling body of the the Jews, the Saanhedrin, in Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) day numbered 70. There are 70 bullocks offered during the days of the Feast of Tabernacles, one for each of the nations of the world because this festival is aka The Feast of the Ingathering (Harvest), when those of each nation are gathered up by Yeshua for the wedding supper of the Lamb.

    • Christian Gains

      WMOTW…you said the below statement…
      “The UN is the vehicle by which all the nations are gathered against Jerusalem, and this is the significance of the media mentioning 70 nations gathered last month in Paris to further plan/AFFIRM the 2 state solution”
      I say, that Zec.3:8 thru 4:2 say differently…3:8 STATES that: “It will come to pass, that in ALL the land, {of Ysra’el}, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die…”; Then ver. 9 STATES: I will bring the 3rd part thru…and they shall call on MY name, and I will hear them, I will say, “IT IS MY PEOPLE”, and they shall say, “THE LORD IS MY GOD”. (Now read Matt.23:39)…

      THAT description is NOT of a “U.N. Conference where MANY Nations agree to condemn Ysra’el…THE ABOVE states that GOD, (Yahwey) will allow 2/3rds of the TOTAL POPULATION of the LAND, will DIE! THAT MEANS WAR!

      Whoever reads this comment, PLEASE read the verses, AND THEN, Chapter 4: verses 1 – 2; to see what happens to Yeru-Salem!!! It’s NOT a “resolution”, it’s a WAR TIME devastation! —————–(The {parenthesis} are my clarification)…

      • watchmannonthewall

        I’d love to respond to you but Zechariah 3:8 through 4:2 have nothing to do with what you said. In fact, 3:8 -10 are related to the Messianic Kingdom when every man will sit under his own “vine and fig tree”.
        I’m wondering if you are not referring to Ezekiel 5. If so, while I do realize there may be differences of opinion, I believe the passage is speaking about the current condition of Jerusalem (about 606-586 BC) that existed during the actual days of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Jeremiah was in Jerusalem at the time, while Ezekiel had aleady been exiled to Babylon. There is nothing in the passage that indicates it occurs at “the time of the end.”

  • Jason h

    Why would a two state solution curse the US?

    • Jim Davis

      It wouldn’t but the useful idiot goyim evangelicals are brainwashed into believing the “chosen people” malarkey.

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      • gonzales_cindy

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    • watchmannonthewall

      “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather ALL the nations, and bring them down to the valley of Jehosaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people, and My inheritance Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations: AND THEY HAVE DIVIDED MY LAND.” (Joel 3:1-2)
      Just like you asked the question about why the U.S. might be cursed, very few people have studied the scriptures to know what God has to say about things.
      I spoke with a “Christian” today who believes that the way she looks at life is the way God MUST also look at it. If God has to look at life through HER EYES, she is God! NO!! We are to see life through HIS EYES! He is the Creator, we are the created! We do not tell Him how He should think and view events! He tells us how we should think and view events!
      Isreal is God’s land! End of discussion! Man, or the U.N., does not get to tell Him what to do with His land! He gave it to Israel, and most recently to the Jews. If they want to fight about it, BRING IT ON! My bets are wih HIm!


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      • iris

        Yes, indeed. God always wins, He is not mocked. That is not to say that those who know Him will not experience trials and tribulations, but He carries those who know Him, through all of it, and to the other side.

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        • watchmannonthewall

          Amen, & Amen!

    • Christian Gains

      SIMPLY put, you do NOT place a rattle snake next to a human being, & get “good relations”…ONLY a BLINDED FOOL would not notice that:
      #1] Hamas has NOT CEASED to PREPARE for another war!
      #2] Hezbollah IS TOTALLY PREpred for one!
      #3] BOTH of those groups HATE & DESPISE Isra’el!
      #4] BOTH groups have “war hardened & experienced soldiers…with HEARTLESS, IMMORAL motivations, which a mere WALL will NOT impede!
      #5] IF we are “in the Scriptural “END of Days”, ALL of the above portends some drastic consequences GLOBALLY…pitting the WEST against the Muslim East…SO! read Zec.3:9 thru 4:2…AND…EZK. 38:1 – 7; & note the Countries involved!
      NOW, to expose Ysra’el to a crippling circumstance that is tantamount to dividing it: 1st], into two sections, ONE establishing that Ysra’el will be UTTERLY LAND LOCKED, which is UTTERLY demonic…not to mention that, 2nd], by dividing the Nation, it’s most virulent enemies will obtain a unacceptable advantage of closeness, AND will therefore doom, (which IS the ULTIMATE DESIRE of those two enemies), therefore debilitating Ysra’el’s ability to defend itself!

      ALL of the above gives SUPERLATIVE CAUSE to UTTERLY reject ANY such establishment of a “DUEL STATE” CIRCUMSTANCE, and DOOM Ysra’el’s future existence!

      Not to mention, trigger Yahwey’s anger! BEWARE!

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      • bush.dorothy

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  • greanfinisher .

    As I stated several times before, a two state solution would go a long ways in establishing a lasting peace in that troubled land. The alternative would be just more of the same, and that would be something that the world can no longer tolerate.

    • Christian Gains

      IF you can PROVE, (show me HOW & WHY), that neither Hamas, nor the PLO, NOR HezBu-allah SINCERELY desires to DESTROY Ysra’el, then I’ll agree with you.

      BUT! “He who FAILS to learn from History, is DOOMED to repeat it’s errors” is STILL my conviction…

      There is NO HISTORIC EXAMPLE where ANY one of those 3 groups, (OR ANY Arab org., or Nation), wish, OR, ARE WILLING, to live in peace with Ysra’el!

      • greanfinisher

        The present course that the opposing camps are on is simply unsustainable. Both sides prefer peace and prosperity so I don’t think anything would hurt at this point. As strange as it may seem, both the Israelis and the Palestinians need each other as Israel is the prime employer in the region while the Palestinians provide the necessary manpower. Ceding the Golan Heights and the West Bank back to the respected parties along with the establishment of a Palestinian state is certainly worth a try in my view. I would wager that neither the Israeli government nor the Palestinian Authority want to revert back to the horrors of the past.

  • DJohn1

    We need a proper and just alternative not a compromised solution.
    There has to be a solution that is acceptable to the Israel People as a whole. It must also address the Palestine’s situation in a manner they find to be acceptable.
    Some of the finest minds on the planet have addressed this issue.
    But the minute either side of this issue becomes a promise breaker the entire thing is likely to devolve into a messy war.
    Make no mistake about it. We are dealing with promise breakers and contract breakers big time here.
    It would be nice if God gave us a solution now.
    So far it appears God is silent.
    This puts everybody involved in a solution in the bad position of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    There was a time in history when God being silent was not an issue.
    The time of Moses comes to mind with the pillar of fire.
    Not everyone accepts the Bible as a source of history rather than a myth. Many of our own scholars are controversial about the book.
    I accept that the fantastic tales of the Bible are indeed true.
    As long as God is not walking on the face of the Earth and we are left to our own devices, then mortal man must make his own future, even if it is foretold that disaster might occur.
    Be careful what you pray for. You may get your wish.

    • Christian Gains

      “Let us make man in OUR IMAGE…”; And HE made them man & woman…AND, HE place them in the Garden, and simply admonished them NOT to EAT the fruit of the “TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL”…THEN HELEL made a CHOICE! THEN Eve made a CHOICE! Then Adam made a CHOICE!

      THEN GOD made 3 declarations of consequences OF THOSE CHOICES!

      “Man’s majestic marvel of “FREE WILL CHOICE” is what is HIS IMAGE meant! As HE IS, so COULD we have been, (as Yeshua was, the example)…Again Yahwey places a choice before us…WILL YOU turn to Him & trust & obey Him? OR will you go your own way….as did HELL-R-eee, and B.O.?

      Judging from the comments, I believe we HAVE CHOSEN, and REJECT the U.N. Resolution #2334! SOOOOO…will we NOW turn to TRUSTING the LORD???

      THAT is what Trump IS for…He’ll provide the opportunity for us to TURN BACK TO GOD! NOT necessarily for Trump…but for US “believers”! WILL WE MAKE THAT CHOICE?

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    The wheels of God’s curse is already in motion on the US – Gen 12:3. When the US abstained from protecting Israel in the Res 2334 vote, we clearly turned our back on Israel and may now face God’s hand of judgment.
    This Res 2334 set in motion the clear path for a 2-state solution and the momentum of the nations will push it through.
    Folks, get right with God today – seek Him – and get ready for the road ahead may get very rough.

    • iris


    • Christian Gains

      “P.G.T.”, I want to clarify something your pointing at: “We the People…” were NOT in agreement with B.O.; [duh stink’a]; and had NO VOICE in the determination of that Resolution 2334!

      THAT is ONE VERY GOOD REASON that B.O.’c choice for the NEXT President, didn’t come to pass!

      And, HERE WE ARE, the Lord has given us an option…get BACK to HIM, or HE’LL remove HIS protection…(TRUST in HIM, not in Trump!)…

      SEEK the Lord as David, (in the Psalms), AND ALSO, each time David had a problem, he humbly asked the Lord what to do…remember, David’s “President” was “sinning Saul”, but David didn’t turn to Saul for counsel, but RATHER to God!

      THIS ATTITUDE of humble trusting & obeying is what GOD wants to KNOW whether we’ll do…Whether WE WILL CALL OUT to HIM..not AT or TO Trump.

      Donald is simply a man attempting…WE NEED TO TRUST GOD’S ACCOMPLISHING!

  • Seen2013

    The 2-state will weaken Israel to the point that the Arabian Alliance can finally steamroll dominance in the Middle East as it is documented viewing Israel, Syria, and Iran as obstacles that must be destroyed, and they leverage the OPEC Treaty to leverage US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

    Failure turns Saudi Arabia who chars OPEC and a major component of the Arabian Alliance towards China.
    Success makes OPEC backing the US Dollar and no longer needs US Foreign Policy leverage with China on the rise.

    Not really a curse.

  • yoda

    If christians are following the new testament then the nonsense with israel should stop now. No longer is this supposed to be an issue. In the new testament they are guaranteed nothing.

    • iris

      The Old and New Testaments are intricately connected, and always will be. Jesus Christ certainly quoted from it a lot. So did the Pauline epistles and the letters of the other NT writers. Also, read Romans 9, 10 and 11 in one sitting. Paul clearly states that God has not abandoned Israel, and that they will come to faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior as a nation, in one day. The whole nation. Paul identified their “blindness in part” to the gospel as being temporary. And during and after Pentecost, historians estimate that there were between 20 to 30,000 Jewish believers in Jesus as Messiah, in Jerusalem, alone. Jerusalem had about 100,000 Jews living in Jerusalem at that time, and Acts states that “a great many of the priests came to believe in Jesus”. The first evangelists and apostles were all Jewish. And there are billions of Gentiles in the last 2000 years who have rejected Christ as God come in the flesh and His saving work on the Cross. For that matter, there are a great many who have claimed to know Christ, but their actions have proven otherwise. Paul would disagree with you. Jesus died for all, because all have sinned and this was the only way to reconcile fallen humanity to our holy Creator. Those who put their hope and trust in Him alone, will have eternal life with Him by the obedience of faith He brings about in people who know Him.

      • iris

        My mistake, there were estimated to be 100,000 people living in Jerusalem at that time, so the percentage of Messianic Jews was actually even higher. There are over 100,000 Messianic Jews around the world now, and that number is increasing daily. Once Jews realize that Jesus, Yeshua, is truly of and for them, not at all affiliated with the Catholic and other pograms against them, they can begin to see the truth. Thank God for the internet, where people can read from the privacy of their homes, about the real Messiah, Yeshua. Check out One for Israel.

  • jj. kale.

    I wonder what the next thing will be that goes against God. Unless this is part of the Fathers plan to bring back his Son.

  • krinks

    Trump is a phony.
    First, he wanted to destroy the career of someone who dared to propose waiting until a conviction to seize assets. How about those of us who have done nothing and the staties pull us over to take what they can that we never get back?
    Now, he wants a two state solution that was in place in 1948 when the Brits pulled out that the “Palestinians” have never wanted, they want it all or nothing.

  • TheRoyal1

    You were rejoicing when he won the Presidency as if he’s going to be different than all the other presidential frauds, so be happy with your guy and the choices he makes…..This is what you wanted

  • Nunn

    PS: As long as this website is open to the public then you have a legal obligation to allow FREE SPEECH!

  • Yoda

    You did not do as Yoda instructed, Brian. Now run along and research what does israel do with the foreign aid the united states sends them every year.

    • Karen Dwyer

      You have no authority here. No authority to “instruct” others to do your will. The desire to control others is the foundation of the occult.

      You have chosen a way that seems good to YOU.

      But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

      • Yoda

        Karen on your knees and repent foolish servant. Do not interfere in matters you know nothing about. Silence yourself woman.

        • Karen Dwyer

          :-))))))))))))) predictable. Entirely predictable.

  • Scott

    Trump won’t be supporting a two state solution according to a recent news report.