These Two Traps Are Absolutely Destroying The Next Generation Of Young Men In America

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Have you ever noticed that our young girls seem to be far ahead of our young boys and that our young women seem to be much more “together” than our young men are?  Have you ever noticed how many young American men almost seem like zombies and find even the most basic human interactions extremely awkward?  Well, this didn’t happen by accident.  Researchers are finding that there are two traps in particular that are absolutely destroying the next generation of young men in America.  One is video game addiction and the other is pornography.  In the old days, the parks and ball fields of America would be flooded with young boys after school was done for the day, but now our parks and our ball fields are very quiet.  So where did all the boys go?  Well, they are all sitting at home staring into computer screens.  Yes, there are also young girls and young women that are addicted to these things, but the truth is that these addictions are far more prevalent among young men.  Unfortunately, it is not going to be easy to reverse the damage that is being done to the next generation of young men in America, and that is very frightening.


These days, most parents don’t consider video game addiction to be a major crisis.  Many parents are just glad to have something that will keep their children occupied and out of their hair.

But the truth is that video game addiction is very serious.  One study discovered that 88 percent of all Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 play video games, and that approximately four times as many boys are addicted to video games as girls are.

If you are raising boys right now you probably know exactly what I am talking about.  Most boys are absolutely obsessed with video games these days.

Trust me, I know.

I was one of them.

When I was a young man I would play video games for endless hours.

I would often spend entire days playing games like Starcraft and John Madden football.

Once in a while I would stay up all night playing video games.

I was really, really good at them but the rest of my life suffered.

Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with video games.  They can be a lot of fun, but when it becomes an addiction that can be extremely damaging.

Today, the average boy spends 13 hours every single week playing video games.

That is an astounding number.

Unfortunately, the second trap that we are going to talk about is almost certainly doing even more damage to our young men.

The Internet has improved our lives in a lot of ways, but one of the very negative things that it has done is that it has unleashed a giant flood of filth into our homes.

Our young men have more access to sexual content than ever before, and this is having some horrific consequences.

The following example comes from a recent Daily Mail article….

A boy of 12 who raped a nine-year-old girl after watching hard-core pornography online was spared jail yesterday as his lawyer warned of a generation of children growing up with a ‘skewed view’ on sex.

The schoolboy, who is now 14, told police he had raped the little girl because he wanted to ‘feel grown up’ after watching porn online.

In a disturbing case that has raised fresh concerns about the sexualisation of children, the teenager had unrestricted access to the web and was able to freely look at sexually explicit material.

Sadly, the United States is the pornography capital of the world.  An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to pornography websites, and the U.S. produces more pornography than any other nation has in the history of the world.

Many American men are so addicted to it that they cannot even wait to get home to look at it.  One survey discovered that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in America visit sex websites while they are at work.

In a recent article for CNN, psychologist Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan discussed some of the consequences that this obsession with video games and pornography is having on our society….

The consequences could be dramatic: The excessive use of video games and online porn in pursuit of the next thing is creating a generation of risk-averse guys who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school and employment.

Stories about this degeneration are rampant: In 2005, Seungseob Lee, a South Korean man, went into cardiac arrest after playing “StarCraft” for nearly 50 continuous hours. In 2009, MTV’s “True Life” highlighted the story of a man named Adam whose wife kicked him out of their home — they have four kids together — because he couldn’t stop watching porn.

Norwegian mass murder suspect Anders Behring Breivik reported during his trial that he prepared his mind and body for his marksman-focused shooting of 77 people by playing “World of Warcraft” for a year and then “Call of Duty” for 16 hours a day.

Zimbardo and Duncan have written a new book entitled “The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling And What We Can Do About It” in which they present some absolutely startling research.  A recent Business Insider article summarized some of the key points from the book….

-In 2011, young men’s SAT scores were the worst they had been in 40 years.

-Even Hollywood has caught on: films like Failure to Launch, Knocked Up and Jackass mock the ineptitude of this generation.

-Boys account for 70 percent of D’s and F’s given at school.

-Research shows guys aren’t interested in being husbands, fathers or the head of the household.

-Boys are four to five times more likely than girls to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Two-thirds of students in special education programs are guys.

-The average boy spends 13 hours a week playing video games. The average girl spends 5. The average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games by age 21. That’s twice the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree.

-The average high school boy spends two hours watching porn every week. Men can’t escape porn: 13,500 full-length commercial porn films were released in 2011, compared with 600 Hollywood films.

-Researchers claim that internet pornography is hurting young boys’ ability to form meaningful romantic relationships because they objectify their partner.

-It’s predicted that 60 percent of bachelor’s degrees will go to women by 2016.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Clearly something has gone very, very wrong.

When these sex-obsessed boys grow up, they become sex-obsessed men.

Just check out what ABC News discovered was going on over at the SEC….

One senior attorney at SEC headquarters in Washington spent up to eight hours a day accessing Internet porn, according to the report, which has yet to be released. When he filled all the space on his government computer with pornographic images, he downloaded more to CDs and DVDs that accumulated in boxes in his offices.

An SEC accountant attempted to access porn websites 1,800 times in a two-week period and had 600 pornographic images on her computer hard drive.

Another SEC accountant used his SEC-issued computer to upload his own sexually explicit videos onto porn websites he joined.

And another SEC accountant attempted to access porn sites 16,000 times in a single month.

Those that are chosen to work at the SEC are supposed to be among our finest young men and women.

So if this kind of thing is going on over at the SEC, what is happening in the rest of society?

And just look at the U.S. Secret Service.  It made global headlines recently when it was discovered that a whole bunch of agents were consorting with prostitutes.

We are very, very messed up as a nation.

And we now have an entire generation of young men that don’t know how to act like men.

In fact, we are rapidly becoming a nation of slobs that do not even have the capability of handling adult responsibilities.

Sadly, at this point young men in the 25 to 34 age bracket are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as young women the same age are….

The number of adult children who live with their parents, especially young males, has soared since the economy started heading south. Among males age 25 to 34, 19% live with their parents today, a 5 percentage point increase from 2005, according to Census data released Thursday. Meanwhile, 10% of women in that age group live at home, up from 8% six years ago.

So what can be done to fix this?

Well, unfortunately there is not an easy solution to this problem.

How in the world are we going to convince millions upon millions of young men to spend less time playing video games and watching pornography?

Sadly, the truth is that this problem is getting a little bit worse every single day.

So we are headed for big, big trouble as a nation.

What are your thoughts on all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

  • Ameen

    Gues it is time to move back to Canada, Toronto. But how long will anything else remain, I wonder…. I MUST protect my family, my small cat…..

    • Guy from Boise, ID

      Well, as there is only one other comment on this article it just goes to show how little people actually care about this problem in our world. And yes, the US might be the worst when it comes to these issues, but it’s a world wide problem. I am not even going to try and get into a discussion about who is to blame for all of this, but honestly I believe it’s pretty much everyone, me, you, and the next guy/gal included. I am a product of this sort of disease as I grew up in front of the TV. However, I did get outside quite a bit as I was a pretty active child until my teenage years. I have been very recently realizing the affect that video games and a lack of interaction with my two young boys has had on our relationships and their ability to deal with the real world. I am absolutely appalled at my terrible parenting to date. I can only pray that I won’t take this issue lightly in the coming days and just go on doing what I’ve been doing since my kids were born. Luckily, if I keep this issue in the forefront of my mind I believe I can reverse most of the damage that has already been done as my boys are still fairly young(6 and 3). And honestly, all I can really do is try to raise my boys in a better fashion. But I can certainly hope that others will start to wake up to this exponentially increasing problem with the worlds young male population. Jesus, save us….

    • Alasha


    • “The Skill and the Will to Kill”

      Military psychologist David Grossman, author of the book On Killing, claims that violence in computer games trains children in the same way that military training teaches soldiers to overcome their inborn resistance to killing. For example, the military discovered that it was possible to break down this reluctance in a large percentage of people in the infantry simply by replacing the normal bull’s-eye targets with man-shaped targets during shooting practice. In a similar fashion, claims Grossman, violent games teach children “the skill and the will to kill.”

      According to research appearing in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, video- and computer-game violence may be even more dangerous than violence shown on television or in films, since the player identifies himself with the characters carrying out the violence. Television can make us spectators of violence; computer games can make us feel like participants. Furthermore, a movie may take a child only a couple of hours to watch, but a child may spend up to 100 hours mastering a typical video game.

      Some countries have implemented a classification system designed to point out that brutally violent games are only for adults. But such a system is useful only to the extent that it is enforced. One study in the United States showed that 66 percent of the parents surveyed were not even familiar with the rating system. The director of the Entertainment Software Rating Board says that the system is not primarily designed to prevent children from getting certain games. He explains: “Our role is not to dictate taste. We give parents the tools to determine what they do or don’t want for their children.”

  • SonOfSam

    I for one agree with everything stated in this article re both video games and porn. However, I don’t think this paints a total picture of what is facing young men today. They are being LEGALLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST: the smut and the stupid games are just ways of keeping the boys pacified as their masculinity is being systematically (and legally) exterminated.

    Sounds outlandish? Not at all. Consider this: if “guys aren’t interested in being husbands, fathers or the head of the household”, maybe its because they know that the system is rigged against them! If they get a woman pregnant, they have no say whatsoever as to whether that baby lives or dies, so for young men “pro choice” really means “no choice”. And understand, this same rule applies whether that woman is a casual fling, a girlfriend or even a wife. So right from the get go, men have less rights over their child than women.

    But lets assume that the woman in question DOES bring the child to term and gives birth: is the man’s legal responsibility towards that child any less than the woman’s? Hell no! he is legally responsible: and wife, girlfriend or casual fling, women can and do press their claims for support, especially financial support.

    And let’s not think for a second that being a “good father” will protect that man’s rights over his children if “his” woman decides to kick him to the curb, either by a simple breakup or a divorce. (And hey, btw, anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many divorce proceedings are initiated by women? 70%? 80? higher? Anyone?) He will STILL be called upon to support “his” child, even if he only gets visitation on alternate weekends. Even if another man has taken his place, and his side of the bed.

    What’s more, a woman being a “bad mother” will not hamper her financial claims on that man. She can be a complete nutcase, she could be cheating on her man with her boss or a coworker or an old flame she “friended” online, she can park the kids in front of the idiot box with junk cereal all day — none of it matters, she will still keep “her” kids and still get “her” money

    But let’s say for the sake of argument that somehow, by some miracle, its the man who gets custody: can he move the children with him if needs to take a job somewhere else? (Not that anyone needs to do this nowadays, the economy is booming!) Not very likely! In fact, any man finding himself in this situation better count himself lucky if he likes where he lives and has a good job there, because he wont have the freedom to move anytime soon.

    There is, however, one way a man can avoid all this aggravation and suffering: be a selfish, shallow, immature asshole. Turn your back on your kids; avoid meaningful relationships; better yet, don’t have any relationships with flesh and blood women at all. Ever. Just ogle fake women on a glowing screen, and get your rocks off that way. If you get a woman pregnant, deny that its your child. If its your wife, and shes suing for divorce, just walk away. Abandon your home and your kids and move to another state where her lawyers won’t pursue you.

    Hmmmmmmmmm…almost seems like the laws of our society are designed to reward selfish, immature behavior and punish a man who does the right thing and tries to be an actual MAN.

    Or maybe its just those damned video games after all. Maybe.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      You also forgot to add that divorce lawyers can and do encourage women to lie about things in their marriage; there was a woman who claimed her husband had stolen 37k from her account, and in reality, it was that amount of money missing from the man’s savings account. Did the court listen? No, the court still decided in favor of the woman, even with definitive proof that it was the other way around from what she had said. He doesn’t even get to see his kids now, I think. What a sad, sad world we live in, where those who preach equality actually follow the animal farm motto “all are equal, but some are more equal than others”. My guess is that between 82-87% are initiated by women.

      • Gary2

        dudes–you better stick to whacking off then. Your hand will not sue you for child support.

        • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

          I am not even out of my teens Gary, so obviously I do not have a child, nor am I married. Actually in today’s society, it is becoming odd for teenagers to not have children. We are not going in a good direction, and I hope that my generation sees the light before the whole world falls on our shoulders.

        • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Gary, seeing as I’m only a teen; I do not have children, neither have I had sex (strong Catholic); although we are seeing more and more of my generation is having premarital sex at earlier and earlier ages, and more babies are being born out of wedlock. It is a sad sad truth of today’s society.

        • Tim

          This is completely inappropriate.

          • Gary2

            but true

    • mondobeyondo

      The “demasculinasation” (is that even a word?!) of men, goes hand in hand with homosexualism, and women being allowed to look more and more like men. Rosie O’Donnell, k.d. lang, Ellen DeGeneres, etc. blah, ewww. (1)

      Men are being allowed to lose their masculinity (David Bowie, Boy George, etc…) – while females are permitted to be more masculine in appearance. See above paragraph (2)

      (1) Just my opinion.
      (2) Again, just my opinion. I have no factual evidence to back that up.
      Not YET, at least.

      • Sunday

        You know I didnt notice that until you brought it up. Gender roles are switching. Did you notice how many girls are being named traditional boy names? I remember justin bieber saying that he wears womens clothing. That is strange. What’s even stranger is doctors claim there is a gender spectrum, where people can fall under. Gender shifters, AGI, transgender, all of this is getting to weird for me.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…I have no factual evidence to back that up….”


      • calyvision

        ” women being allowed to look more and more like men. Rosie O’Donnell, k.d. lang, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.”

        You mention three lesbians? And Ellen isn’t half bad looking.

        Funny, I got the impression that it was bimbo world out there from having the Kardashians up in my face everywhere I look.

    • J.M

      Finally some common sense in the comments section where people seem to believe women are saints incapable of doing anything unholy…By the way Gary2 although is anti-christian there is an alternative to whacking…using a condom genius and throwing it away after use.

    • Destinee Devereux

      My my my, “SOB imean SonOfSpam”. You certainly seem bitter and cynical! Do you speak from *personal experience* here? What, “Wifey” get fed up and leave you? Did your trust fund run out? Didya go bankrupt? Or did you oops and accidentally knock up some gf or just some chick or whatevs you told yourself and everyone else whether or not they cared to listen to you, and all they prolly hoped was that you’d stfu and quitcher bitchin’? Gosh, it ain’t like all women is laying “man traps”, angling for to rope some unwitting dope/s into sticking around or getting them to marry them, or make their lives hell, or force them to pay child support, and not give them say in the matter when SHE, LO And Fricken’ Behold, Discovers That SHE is Effing LATE for HER Friggen’ Oh Happy Day That Lovely Glorious Moody Painful ******************************* Month, Despite Having Tried to take all Precautions. Oh. But Wait. MEN. Boys. MALES are always in such an Evil Wicked Rush To Throw All Caution To The Wind, Aren’t They? They frequently fail to enquire as to whether or not a female is in fact taking any form/s of precautions, much less enquiring as to what exacy types or requesting proof of such, or asking much else, not to mention, But I Will, Frequently Being Dishonest Flat Out If Asked And/Or Lying By Omission About any number of very important details. Plus, maybe guys should insist upon using sperm killin’ xtra protection fricken’ condoms, girls too. Tough tittie if youse guys fergot or is in a great big old hurry, or suddenly find yourself with some babe on a beach or wtfever. Who knows. Point being, part of the responsibility lies with the guys. As in, it takes two to tango, capice, rocket scientist? Kinda also like how foreplay and being present physically as well as mentally, and into it, and into her, and not being boring or selfish or lazy or a jerk, or acting all like, she is being so difficult and demanding and hard to please, when in fact you are really the one who is completely lame and boring as hell, and actually totally self conscious with tons of issues and hang-ups, that in fact have absolutely nothing to do with her at all. So, good luck with all of that. I doubt you’ll stick with any one psychologist long enough to work anything out, or go often enough, or get intensive enough therapy to do a damn bit of good. People like you are notoriously difficult to impossible to treat. So please save your toxicity and poison for yourself only. The world is polluted enough as it is. But thanks for sharing! Mr. Berkowitz!

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        So destiny, you’re saying that a man should give his whole being into any relationship he has with a woman, even if she breaks his heart, and should focus on nothing but pleasing her, with no time for himself and his friends?and yet you also said that women should be able to do what they want, when they want. Now how is that fair if a man gets persecuted for so much as looking at another woman, while if a woman sleeps with another man, it’s still the man’s fault because he was “boring”? Relationships are, to quote my cousin “relationships are an equal partnership between one man and a woman; if either screws up, it’s the one who screwed up’s fault, not automatically the man’s”. She said this after overhearing one of her friends say that they were cheating because their boyfriend was too boring.

        • liberranter

          “Destinee Devereux.” Sounds like a porn star’s screen name.

        • David

          I came out of a heavy pornographic addiction in my youth. I met my wife when I was an atheist and she was a lapsed Christmas-and-Easter kind of Methodist Christian. After we both underwent a conversion and began studying our Bibles, we both reformed our lives. Now that we are out of that cesspit (or at least in a less stinky part of it), we have looked back at where we came from and tried to find some answers as to how we ended up there.

          My wife has told me repeatedly that when she and I first met and she realized I used pornography that it didn’t really phase her. That shocked me. I always assumed women would be offended by pornography. She was quick to tell me that yes, porn is offensive, but women learn pretty early on in school that porn is used so ubiquitously that the concept of waiting until you find a man who *doesn’t* use it is like waiting to see Haley’s comet: it’s going to be a loooong time, and you might be a very, very old woman by the time you get a chance.

          As such, she just accepted that I used it, bottled up the hurt it caused her, swallowed her pride, and tried to love me anyway.

          That hurt me, as a man, to hear. It hurt for a couple of reasons. 1.) because I realized that my own actions had hurt someone whom I loved and cherished; 2.) because tacit in her statement is the notion that it’s not that I was Mr. Right, it’s that I was Mr. Good Enough. That sucks. What man wants to be ‘acceptable’ and not ‘exceptional’, especially where sex-appeal is concerned?

          And thus, I don’t think any of the women who are posting in this thread–or at least none of the ones that are actually ladies and not trolls trolling trolls–are stating that men should reasonably be expected to devote 100% of their time and energy to women. Nor are they saying that they have to fawn over women like they are ‘ye olde Medieval ladyes’, they are simply asking us to stop being taken in by fake, surgically enhanced breasts, by fake tanned skin, by fake lubricated genitalia, by fake paid-for invitations of sexual intimacy, and for artificial grandeur.

          The notion that men are turning to pornography because women today are awful harpies seeking to take men for every dime they have is nonsense. That is like suggesting that taking a bath is dangerous because people sometimes drown in their bathtubs. More people die in lightning strikes annual than in bathtub drowning incidents. The same kind of extremely low level statistics apply to women who are seriously out to steal from men. Does it happen? Sure. Does that mean you stop living your life and start jerking off to pornography? God forbid!

          Rather, pornography vastly pre-dates modern marital problems. In fact, pornography goes back to fertility cults that have existed basically since the time Cain rejected Yahwism. The gratification and glorification of self rather than the contemplation of and relationship with the Creator is fundamental to the problem we are facing as a society today.

          The reason it has become such an explosive issue is because only in the last decade or two have high speed internet connections been made available to the vast majority of our population, thereby making high-resolution porn massively available. That, coupled with the porn industry’s tendency to look the other way about piracy of their product (because they know you’ll get addicted and start buying the *really* hardcore stuff sooner or later) along with with the ANONYMITY of pornography has led many men (and women, too) to a lonely world of pain, isolation, and self-loathing.

          The book of James describes that cycle of of isolation: “Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.” James 1:13-15

          This is almost verbatim modern psychology’s description of the “cycle of addiction”. They use slightly different terminology being a secular field of study and therefore eschewing the word ‘sin’, but they describe the same notion:

          1.) isolation and temptation
          2.) contemplation and rationalization
          3.) acting out
          4.) shame, leading to further isolation
          Lather, rinse, and repeat.

          The problem of pornography will not go away on its own. You won’t one day decide to just snap out of it. You won’t just quit once you meet the girl of your dreams and get married. Stop lying to yourself. You’re addicted.

          There are 3 things that make addiction easy:

          1. Availability
          2. Affordability
          3. Anonymity

          Nothing you can do as an individual is going to remove #1 unless you’re willing to get rid of your internet connection. This is sort of like swatting a fly with a baseball bat.

          Nothing you can do is going to make #2 go away at all: there are millions of hours of 100% free pornography on the internet. I’ve probably watched most of them, sadly, so I can attest to this.

          So the question then is if #3 is possible to tear down. And thankfully it is. There are quite a few good programs out there, most of which are free, that drive a stake through the undying heart of pornography by making your internet browsing history available to other people. You can specify one person or a group of people.

          Programs such as, X3Watch, CovenantEyes, and others are all designed to make it so that if you look at porn, your accountability partner finds out about it.

          That is the only thing that has helped me at all. And for the record, I didn’t turn to porn because women were stealing from me or because I was afraid of intimacy or commitment or of possibly facing divorce or a ‘gold-digger’ of a wife. Rather, I turned to it because I became interested in intimacy and commitment earlier than any of the women my age did, and as such, there was no outlet for me. When someone introduced me to pornography, it offered acceptance, intimacy, and sexuality. However, all of these are false. Most of the women in porn are there because of addictions or desperation, and many of them suffer terrible pain–both physical and emotional–as the result of their involvement in pornography.

          The average woman in porn has a career of about 3-1/2 years and then she is thrown by the wayside for a younger model who isn’t ‘used up.’ Women get treated like lame horses in this industry. Thus, it is easy to see why a woman-hating man would relish the porn industry, and since the act of consuming pornography causes brain damage in men, too, it’s easy to see why Satan loves to use it.

          In closing, I would just like to say that as a man of 29 years going on 30 and as a husband of 3-1/2 years going on 4, my wife has never sought to be controlling, never sought to force me to change, has never been impatient with me, has never been unkind or selfish, and has instead been longsuffering, forgiving, patient, kind, considerate, compassionate, and loving. It hurts me to see men attacking women in these kinds of forums as if women were sharks smelling blood in the water. If women *have* become sharks, I suggest it is a symptom of the illness plaguing our society, not the cause of it, and I once again reiterate that I have known many men and women, and I have not known a single woman who is a gold digger or a ‘shark’. I don’t dispute that there are some out there (isn’t there always a bad apple in the bunch?) but that they are vastly outnumbered by women who simply want the same thing as men: to be loved, to be accepted, and to be appreciated. Pornography makes it nearly impossible to love, accept, and appreciate women the way they are born and instead trains male minds to love, accept, and appreciate only artificiality: artificial breasts, artificial bodies, artificial emotions, artificial sexuality, and artificial relationships. No wonder, then, that men are turning to artificial intelligence in video games instead of to true intelligence in human interaction and intimacy.

    • David

      Why would *anyone* have a choice as to whether or not that *BABY* dies? You didn’t say FETUS dies. You said BABY. Killing a baby is infanticide which is punishable in all 50 states and in our capital with imprisonment, and in some states with the death penalty. So Constitutionally (and I mean both the federal Constitution AND the individual state Constitutions) abortion is statutorily homicide of an infant, it’s just been legislated into obscurity and people who don’t want to be inconvenienced with the consequences of their actions or the consequences of their society have taken it up as a pet-issue and vainly sought to use sophistry to rationalize and justify their barbarous practice of child-slaughter. I find it disgusting that there is more hue and cry over euthanasia of unwanted animals in our country today than there is over the euthanasia of unwanted children.

    • Tirene

      Some men think that being a “good father” is donating sperm to create a child and then the money that they give towards the support of that child is what deems them a good father. A good father needs to be a good roll model teaching their child, including girls, one on one, the good healthy Christ centered way of life. Being involved everyday in that child’s life and the mother’s life. You can’t have a wife and children and then have BUDDIES too. Those buddies will pull you away, ridicule you in thinking that that woman is lording it over you, and then you will start neglecting your family. When a man isn’t being a good leader, husband, and father in his house, someone has to step up and take the lead. And since you are happy because you’re doing what you want to do, you don’t understand why your wife and children arn’t happy and moving in another direction. I heard a pastor speaking once about how we need good fathers to come back and be real husbands and fathers. The pastor said, “The reason our children are running amok is because the fathers arn’t doing their jobs.” And this was from a man.

      I’ve seen it way too many times, a good woman married to a low life who wants to be the master of the house when he is just a selfish, self centered, boor and is incapable of being the head of his family. AND a girl who doesn’t have a good roll model of a father but instead has a looser of a father will, when she grows up,pick a looser because that’s what she’s used to having in her life and doesn’t know any different.

  • Gary2

    I think it is the conservative crap about everyone for themselves and the extremely selfish individualistic mantra that the low info dolts use to convince themselves they are a self made man.

    The truth is just the opposite if course in that no one ever succeeds on their own, ever.

    The selfish every man for himself thinking encourages solitary pursuits as opposed to working together with other people. Video games and porn are the natural outcome of this emphasis on the self.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Gary; CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!! neither are liberals. Stop blaming everybody else, and actually make a difference by voting. I would, but I’m too young. It is the corruption that is rampant everywhere in our society, not just one party, that causes evil to happen. And no, not all conservatives are selfish either, I for one am going down to Appalachia this summer to build houses with my church (which happens to be Catholic, sorry, just had to throw that in) for those who do not have any. Instead of taking money from those who earn it to keep them on welfare, I am actually going to Appalachia to help them get back on their feet. What have you done for those poor you say we conservatives care so little about?

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        And yes, I realize that spiel had almost nothing to do with the article at hand, It was just one of those things that had to be said

      • Gary2

        The list of what I do volunteer wise to help others is quite long. Look at my past posts for details.


        The people are not the root of all evil. Maybe extremely low information and easily mislead and manipulated.

        It is selfish every person for them selves philosophy that is indeed the root of most (not all) evil.

        Are there good conservatives?? of course even a broken clock is correct 2x per day.

        There is some recent research that came out showing that conservatives have a more primitive brain in certain areas than liberals. The researcher speculated that was the reason conservatives are by and large lacking in empathy as opposed to liberals who have way more empathy.

        I do not expect anyone to believe me so Google it yourself as it is true. Again it did not surprise me but it does explain why conservatives are the way they are. Maybe I am too harsh on the conservatives as they can not help it if they were born with a primitive brain…

        • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

          To this Gary, we must disagree; yes, there are those conservative who act like brainless a**holes; but there are libs and people everywhere like that. This calling of conservatives “primitive” though, is just a superiority complex that people develop when they believe they are right; and everybody else is wrong. Yes it is good to have confidence, but not only is pride a deadly sin; it also has deadly consequences. We all believe we are right, otherwise why would we believe that? Both liberals and conservatives can be equally corrupt, and both can develop this superiority complex (as most people do at one point or another in life). As a person it is my objective to overcome this and look at the facts from both sides. Just because I believe conservatism is the better rout than liberalism doesn’t make me less human, or primitive. Nor does it make me right or wrong. It is just my opinion, and can change; after all, having differing opinions and freedom to express them is what made people traditionally feel American, and human. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine; on this we must agree to disagree. And no, agreeing to disagree is not a means that an idiot uses to end an argument, it is a way of one party acknowledging the fact that both parties have strong beliefs, and neither is likely to convince the other.

          • Gary2

            did you Google the study that proves conservatives had more primitive brains than liberals??

            This is not me making this up. Google for yourself.

        • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

          I also commend you on whatever you do to help those in need, there are to many who do not “practice what they preach” in the world. Regardless of your viewpoint, one should always be ready to help those in need; most people are willing to do something as long as it is NOT FORCED upon them.

        • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          To start with; I commend you on the volunteering you did (unless it was at an agency like planned parenthood), too many people these days preach helping others, then go around and stab people in the back.

          Next, Gary; just because I am a conservative does not make me “less human” or “primitive,” nor does you being a liberal make you less so. Oftentimes people develop superiority complexes where people believe themselves superior and always right, while others are inferior and always wrong. Everybody is guilty of this at one point of their lives or another. It is my objective as a human being to overcome this natural state of mind and try to see all sides of the argument. Once again, just because I am conservative and you are a liberal, doesn’t make either of us less human. We are all human, every single one of us. Just because I believe conservatism is the right path; it is my opinion, and opinions can change. The freedom to express these opinions, and everyone being able to have their own, unique one, is what has made people of generations past feel traditionally American, and makes us all feel human. I believe that if most people are NOT FORCED to be good, they will. I understand it is not so, but I try to be an optimistic realist.
          Listen Gary, why do you hate conservatives so much? is it because of what we stand for? What is it?

          • Gary2

            why do you hate conservatives so much? is it because of what we stand for? What is it?

            I hate conservative POLICIES such as funneling all the wealth to the top. Such as cutting programs to provide food for the poor (WIC, food stamps) in order to give tax cuts to the rich.

            These are facts and not my opinion. My congressman, Paul Ryan comes right out and admits he is doing this. I of course never vote for him but that’s another issue.

            A budget is a moral document that shows what is valued and what is not valued. The republicans value giving tax cuts to the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class. The rich are not job creators but the purchasing power of the middle class is the true job creators.

            I find conservative policies to be immoral and therefore those who support said policies must also be immoral.

            I do not hate people, just their misguided and short sighted conservative policies that hurt so many.

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            Gary; true conservatives do not funnel money to the top, nor are we immoral. We take what we have and try to make a difference with it. Now is that such a bad thing? It is those false conservatives who give us a bad name, true conservatives, like true Christians, are moral, helpful people, whose goal is to make something of themselves. Just because we do not want an infinite welfare net doesn’t mean we hate the poor, it just means we know the economy ant this country can not work with just a small percentage of people working, and everyone else not doing anything. True conservatives create jobs to get these people working; true conservatives actually support others. We are all American; we are all human. It is time we all grew up and learned that.

        • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Also, Gary, I’m pretty sure there are studies out there showing that liberals are the “primitive” ones. None of these political studies are done by unbiased groups, they are all done by whichever side wants to look best.

          • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot


          • Gary2

            please show me the studies on liberals having a primitive brain. you can simply Google what I said to see it is true. There are many books detailing conservatives to be more closed minded etc.

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            Gary, I read the first two articles after googling what you advised, and it is complete bullshit. It is stating that all conservatives are drunk and drugged up hillbillies who inbreed and are all racist. This could be no farther from the truth. Most conservatives are not racist, not do we inbreed, nor are we all drunk or drugged up. There are always going to be bigoted people out there, like you and the people who wrote that article (and myself occasionally) are. Once again, you liberals decry stereotypes, then go around and stereotype everyone you don’t like. Please have a broader mindset yourself before you go claiming all conservatives are narrow minded assholes. Not all of us are, and I think I’ve proven that here with my well worded and semi intelligent reply.
            Thanks for your time and consideration

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      *Note: Gary, you are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to strongly disagree with it. please respond in a civil, factually based tone, if you deign to respond at all (to which of course, you are also entitled).

      • MB92083

        Love it!
        Gary2 got OWNED by the young man not old enough to vote yet.
        Maybe there’s hope for our nation after all.

        • Gary2


        • Gary2

          what I am saying are verifiable facts that one can look up on their own. They are not simply my opinion.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Gary, they are your opinion, is it a coincidence that all of those studies were done by extremely left wing institutions, and if you look at their sample size, it is too small. They do not have a reliable sample size, and are scientifically voided for this. Plus, they openly admit to trying to find the most dumb and backcountry looking conservatives they could find, while attempting to find wealthy liberals on the high end of society. If they want to report a study, it has to be fair to all parts, with only one variable, they ad too many variables in their studies, causing them to be unreliable. There is no disputing that, for even in the scientific method it states you can only have one variable.

          • Prepping for the Future

            Great post but you are talking to Gary who only knows how to preach hate to conservatives. He is blinded by his hate and only see things through his tiny narrow minded world view. Anyone paying attention has seen the damage the Libs have done to this country. Billy Bob Clinton sign Nafta and Gatt but the libs never cry about until Bush took office and the factories and jobs left. The Eco Nazis liberal freaks have forced millions out of work for fake endangered species, or shut down drilling for oil why cause the anti American liberals hate becoming energy independent. If large business don’t take the hint and leave America the liberal EPA goons can shut them down. On and on and on. What does Gary preach all the time tax the rich everyone in America is rich compared to African living in a mud hut. I have never seen a liberal tax hike on the rich that has no cost me more money going to Feds. I am middle class.

        • nanderson

          Nicely put…if Young Patriot gives me hope for tomorrows young men…The more truely, Christian Conservatives the better!

  • Buzzy Watts

    Yes, but how much time do girls spend texting their friends and updating Facebook? It seems that children and young adults (and, well, adult adults too) are all rotting their brains out, with boys, as the article points out, getting the worst of it.

  • mark

    Many have chosen to not follow the teachings of Christ. Until we put our faith and lives in Christ we will fall. Many no longer go to church each week to renew our commitments we have made. This is sad and we will suffer for it. We have become a nation that wants things of the world instead of living our lives in such a way as to have the Holy Ghost as a companion. People become humble and will change in times of great trouble. It sounds like great trouble is coming our way. Keep your homes clean and prepare yourself in spirit. It also would not hurt to store up food and supplies for your family and your neighbors.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “These Two Traps Are Absolutely Destroying The Next Generation Of Young Men In America” This article is accurate, no question, but it neglects to mention the other half of the problem: the absence of men, real men, in most of our boy’s lives. Biologically, girls become women more or less automatically, but boys must be taught how to be men in order to develop properly. This function used to be fulfilled by the traditional men in American life, and the institutions in which they were found – but now that 21st century life in America has been feminized at every conceivable level – these role models have been written out of the lives of boys. Many women are struggling heroically and alone to raise boys into men, but with due respect to them, it takes men to do this job. Unless men are allowed to reclaim their rightful place in our society, boys will continue to fall behind.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    There are some of us who try our hardest to not end up like this. Yes I do play video games, and yes I do enjoy playing them; however they do not take up my life. I attempt to do my best in school (even though times are trying, it is hard to learn anything with the potheads all yelling about how high they had gotten over the weekend; and my family situation is definitely not the greatest). I still try my hardest to get the best grades possible, and am set on joining the USMC right out of high school, before college. I gladly sacrifice my “social life” to do my best to succeed. My friends and I are called “losers” because we hang out at parks and play pickup games of hockey or football, instead of going to parties every weekend, getting drunk, high and ************* every girl we see. This unfortunately hurts my dating chances however, because all of the girls go for the assholes, I’m 16, and the only girlfriend I had used me to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend, and she ended up cheating on me with 2 other guys. Not saying all girls are like this, but most at my school are. Then again, I’m not a mindless slave tailored to a girl with whom I probably won’t get married to’s whim.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      I actually got laughed at by kids from my class for holding the door open at the supermarket for an 80 year old woman, and offering to help her carry her bags to her car. What has society come to?

      • Gary2

        I commend you for doing this. it is amazing how many people do not help others who are in obvious need.

        I still have back pain from saving that persons life back in 2006 but you know what?? I would do it all over again. (even though the company downsized me and my department 4 months later but that is another post. The money I saved them on a for sure lawsuit (companies words) could have paid my wages for the next 100 years.

        • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

          This I agree with you on; You should not have been demoted because you saved someone’s life; and I admire you in the fact that even though it led to problems with your life, you would do it all over again. There have been people who have laughed and mocked the families of the first responders of 9/11 for the loss of their relative/friend to what they call a “gov’t conspiracy.” Whether you agree with them or not, one should always commend and reward those who are willing to risk personal harm to help others, or just help others in general. Sadly, most of my generation does not hold this belief. It is amazing how many hypocrites there are (of all religions/ideologies/mindsets) who preach good but do evil.

        • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          On this, I agree with you. There are so many hypocrites that do not practice what they preach. These hypocrites are in every religion/ideology/mentality, they are not just in one place. I for one will never cram my beliefs down someone else’s throat; I will merely state them in an argument. I firmly believe everybody is entitled to make their own choices; despite what you may think. I for one am not a preacher, rather I show my belief in Christianity through action (the helping of others; etc).

          Also, you should not have been downsized because of your injury, and the fact that you would be able to do it all over again, despite personal injury, is highly praiseable.

      • Steven

        Hey Patriot, just remember that you held that door open NOT to impress your friends but to do the right thing. Jesus said that when we do good things to impress others we have already received our reward in full (the praise of our friends) but when we do good things and we suffer for doing them, then we are storing up rewards for ourselves in heaven. Which is obviously a far better deal than just impressing our friends. So rejoice when people mock you for honouring God in any way.

        And as for all the complaints about what women are like, biblically, Christian men have no right to have a romantic relationship with any female unless we are serious about marrying them, and even then, no sex until married. If you reject that teaching you reject Christ. If you accept that teaching, you won’t have most of the problems people have listed here. Lust will always be a struggle for most men, and viewing porn does not alleviate lust, it just stokes the fires higher and higher AND distorts our view of women. There is no upside to porn and the worst part is that it involves sinning against your consience and seriously undermines your relationship with God.

        Seek to glorify God by your behaviour in every situation and HE will guide your paths.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          In no way did I do it for my friends or classmates; she needed help, and I just jumped and helped her. When one is taught strong morals and Christianity from the start it often overrides the fear of being made fun of. When I helped her the only reward I was looking for was the self knowledge that I made someone’s day better, which I try to do every day. Those that laughed instead of helping me help her better enjoy this life… so should those who shout yolo, for eternal life is not gong to be pleasant for those who deny Christ.

      • Kevin

        A sad state of affairs thats what… and guess what… in all likelihood its only gonna get worse from here on out.

  • tommcd

    In past generations people thought that Elvis Presley shaking his hips onstage was “obscene”; and this kind of behavior would lead to the destruction and depravity of America’s youth.
    The 1960’s rock group The Doors was banned from performing in several cities because Jim Morrison wore pants that were too tight.
    The 1970’s TV show “Three’s Company” was considered to be too sexually explicit for prime time.

    And let us not forget that heavy metal rock music causes all American males to become homicidal maniacs!! After all, the wayward youths that committed the Columbine murders listened to heavy metal, so this must be true … right???

    There will always be people (read: mostly Christian zealots) that will blame media for the ills of society. This is just the latest example of this.

    Rest assured, humanity will survive video games and porn!
    If America goes to crap it will not be due video games or pornography. There are much more fundamental causes for the decline of America. For example, read the “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”

  • Omar

    This case is unfortunate, however not that bizarre.The internet is 90% porn, and the above statistics about production of Porn in the USA say alot. I agree that the Gen-Y males are a step behind, but that goes for the entire generation. I’m 25, and when I was 12 I was much more internet savvy then my parents, I literally set up their emails and AOL accounts for them, and of course left my own account Adult-unrestricted. But when I got caught the first time, the gig was up. WAKE UP PARENTS, this child’s parents are to blame. You can’t leave any child unsupervised with a high speed internet connection, or an unlimited smartphone, its ludacris. Also, lets all hurry and paint this BOY, a “sex freak” for life. Rape is a horrible crime, that’s existed since the beginning of time, but not every rapist is a porn addict, and visa versa.
    Secondly, the girl was “assaulted from December 2010 to January 2011?” Sorry, but it sounds like they were having sex. We all remember how young we were when first becoming curious, and we’ll never forget our first game of doctor, the difference is where we all had the sense, or SUPERVISION, to stop. Label’s are unnecessary, both of these children are at a loss, and so is the younger half of Gen-Y, as long as parents aren’t involved.

  • Richard

    Men are a menace. They always have been. They are the scourge of the earth. I shudder to think what it must be like to be a woman in a world of men. If I were a woman, I WOULDN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE without mace or some kind of protection. I cannot imagine being married to a “man”. Men are the unspoken horror of civilisation. If I were a woman, I am quite certain I would be lesbian – if only to secure some companionship for myself that was – simply -not male. Men cause nothing but trouble. I have absolutely zero interest in bonding with men. I never liked playing with boys as a kid and I don’t like consorting with men as an adult. I hope I’ve made my point!

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      So you categorize all of us males by the acts of a few? So then logically you should categorize all women as cheating whores, just because a few women (more in my generation than ever before)are? Hypocrite much? And let’s not forget that all of the soldiers who are fighting and dying to protect your freedoms are all scumbags too (heavily dripping with sarcasm, gotta love the troops!). Really, once again because of the misdeeds of a few, you decry a whole group of people, like calling all Germans nazis, all capitalists corrupt, or, like Gary 2 here, all conservatives are the root of all evil. I thought libs were against stereotypes, and yet they seem to stereotype the most. Wait, I forgot, in today’s society, as long as it is a negative stereotype of a hard working white male, it is ok; anyone else though, and it’s out of the question. Practice what you preach. May GOD have mercy on us all.

    • Timothy Clark

      This message sent over the internet that you were reading that took time away from the newspaper that fired their employees because of the internet. The internet was meant for research and then man ruined it. Laptops in schools….i Pads in schools….we are told to stay technologically “smart”….LOL….I have a kid with an IT degree….NO JOBS….sorry. Computers have solved millions of problems. Computers have caused millions of problems….OOOPS man did it. God gave us brains.We aren’t using them. My postal service blames the internet for loss of 1st class mail….LOL…US Government steals billions from USPS every year. ONCE AGAIN, It’s Man’s Fault….lets blame lasers and bar codes, too. Don’t need cashiers…we have self check out !!! There was immorality when God flooded the Earth 6000 ( ? ) years ago…Noah was found drunk and naked in his tent. Noah’s daughters fornicated/incest-ed with him. No computers there. The crusades….no computers there….It’s ALL ABOUT MAN TURNING FROM GOD, PERIOD. That is all encompassing. No elaboration needed. WE ARE STARING THE END TIMES RIGHT IN THE FACE….WAKE-UP !!!!

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Timothy; read up on the Bible before you cite it; Noah was saved because he was a good and moral man, while the rest of society was evil.

        • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

          Also, Noah was on the ark that not only saved humanity, but the animals as well; please carefully read the Bible before you cite it

        • Tim

          “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” (Genesis 6:9)

          Noah was not righteous by his own works of righteousness. Noah was no different than anyone else on the face of the earth in that he had a fallen nature. “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” (Genesis 6:9) The ONLY reason Noah and his family were saved is because of the grace of God. Noah “became heir of the righteousness which is by faith” (Hebrews 11:7), that is, the righteousness which was to be brought in by the Son of God. “Whom [i.e. Jesus Christ] God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; (Romans 3:25)

      • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Noah was the one who saved humanity, and every species of animals, by taking 2 of each, and his whole family. Please CAREFULLY read the bible before commenting about it

      • Tirene

        Also Noah didn’t have daughters, he only had three sons. You are probably thinking of Lot and his two daughters. As they were fleeing out of the valley where all the cities, Sodom, Gomorrah, etc. were all going up like an exploding volcano they must have thought that they were the last people on earth, and since they were from an immoral city, the girls were used to immoral ideas. So if they thought that they were the only people left then they might have thought that they needed to have some children by someone to repopulate the earth. You never know what was in their minds after seeing that horrible scene and everyone they knew, including their mother and sisters left in the burning city.

  • Van

    I am in the 25-34 age group (32), and I absolutely despise my generation for these things. I played video games when I was a kid then I just lost interest after a few years. I see guys way older than me now still playing games all day long. Maybe I just have a terrible attention span but I could never sit there and play for hours on end. I have more important things to do now like provide for my family and be, in general, an adult. As far as the porn goes, yes I have seen my fair share. I remember before the internt when most porno was in magazines behind the gas station counter and videos had to be purchased at a specialty shop. Today, if you misspell a word or type in certain searches porn pops up first. This is the problem. I do not think these types of things should be government regulated but there should be some kind of “safety-net” so it is not in your face everytime you go onto the internet. There is no simple answer.

  • Virginia

    Well, look at it this way, at least they are staying out of trouble and are home and off the streets. There are not a lot of jobs for anyone these days much less kids with no education or experience to contribute. We shouldn’t be down on the kids because this is all they can find to do with themselves. Perhaps, we have failed them by not providing an adequate educational system that prepared them properly for the work force in today’s world. The fact that many are not interested in love, marriage and family is probably a good thing since marriage and family is an expensive proposition. Too many parents raising grandchildren already. Video games could be improved upon to become educational tools.

  • xander cross

    Again, this article has so many loopholes in it that it’s crazy. First, the reason why so many boys are messed espeically black young men is because of the so called independent female who says that they the father and the mother and uses the government to keep black men out of their kids lives and yes, this included white men as well because white women uses the government to to impose child support laws and alimony to keep the father away from the child. Pornograpy is not the problem, it’s the feminist movement created by first Susan B. Anthony and then the second wave came from Margret Sanger. The government created the so called independent woman by giving them free housing, free food, free phones, free jobs, but the catch is that she cannot have a man of means living with her and rasing the child. Trust me, I have seen many cases of this first hand and they acutally tell you this at the social services office especially in black cities and white countries as well. The point is that this article need much more information than just video games and pornography. Again, the governmnet created the projects, section 8 living and welfare for white women. Yes, food stamps was created for white people during segreation and now, there are more white people on food stamps than black people but again, the catch is that to be on food stamps, you cannot have a man of means in your life.

  • One article sums up the issue nicely:

    Video Games: The New American Pastime

  • laura m.

    They will be young men in ten, twenty years and most will be zombies and “geldings” like many in my generation born in the 40’s and 50s are now, who refuse to take a stand and speak out for constitutional gov. and oppose socialism. Geldings now run the “churches”, local, state and fed. gov. positions (politicians, etc) incl business and civic leaders. It will only get worse. I have little respect and few associations in my age group and I’m a retiree! We played outside games, sports all the time growing up, took unsupervised bike trips, etc. and today it’s org. little league or school sports period. My generation is vocal and expressive if it’s about golf, vacations, eating out,shopping, card games, and cruises. Nothing cerebral with few exceptions…was I born on another planet I ask myself??

  • Tim

    “One survey discovered that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in America visit sex websites while they are at work.”

    That’s really surprising. At every professional job I’ve ever had, internet access was monitored. If you accessed an inappropriate web site, you would get in trouble. When I was employed at the GAO in Washington, there was an employee who accessed pornographic web sites at the office, and they got rid of him. And they just in doing so. I mean, it is just contemptible to do that in a professional workplace. That same goes for the SEC employees.

  • jd

    Hey, I have an Idea.
    Let’s not Make Real Life so boring.
    In a Video Game you get 1) Risk 2) Reward, and 3) an opportunity to WIN.
    In Real Life you get; 1) Wear Excessive protection before riding a bike or skateboard, 2) Punished for accomplishing something with said bike or skateboard that is deemed too Dangerous and 3) you cannot keep score any longer in competitions.
    In light of that, tell me, why would Virtual Reality be more enticing that the Real World?
    I won’t even go into why Porn is becoming more interesting than reality, but suffice to say attitudes have much to do with it.

  • Newman Noggs

    It’s very, very sad to see such shiftless young men carousing about. I pray my sons will escape this scourge. We do not have a video game machine in our house, nor unrestricted access to the internet. I think this is essentially a spiritual problem . . . too complicated to expound on in a comment, however.

  • Bryan

    there is freedom in Christ!!! whoever the son sets free is free indeed…for if any man be in Christ he is a new Creation old things have passed away BEHOLD!! all!!! things have become new! AM i wack-O NO!! I was addicted to porn everything for a long period of time…i can’t say how but through the strength Christ gives me I no longer struggle with it hardly at all if ever!! THAT Strength is there for you to!! All you have to do is call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved!! if he did it for me HE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Magdiel

    I might sound a little too harsh but I am going to expose my thoughts on this issue. I think that the only way to fix this problem,(since it seems almost impossible that this Nation will return to God),is for an EMP Bomb or some other natural disaster to happen by which technology and electricity as we know it disappear. Why do I say this? Because it is very clear that humans have learned to let “machines” do the things for them. Nowadays almost every single daily task that we have to perform technology does it for us. That is why in present times men and women do not have a true sense about life. Almost everything in our work centers is computerized,and the same tasks that a man does a woman can do also,and it is not good that that barrier be broken. We need to return to the 18th century,like the time of the pioneers,when men went out to the field to provide for.the household and women stayed home attending their husband and children. Men today are “slobs” because almost everything is done for them,they have to make a minimum effort to get the necessary things done. I think that is one of the main factors as to why there are so many homosexuals nowadays, the virtues of men and women are mingled.





    • Nexus789

      So you can personally indoctrinate them with stupid ideas – fairy tales and fables.

      You don’t believe in science, let alone rocket science.

      • r.bitting

        Nexus789 . . . Why don’t you tell us what it is you believe and what you base your beliefs on. Your attack on the Christian worldview carries no credibility unless you are able to present evidence to the contrary ( which we all know you can’t, because if you could, you would have long since presented it ).

      • Kevin

        So you just willed yourself into existence of your own accord… you want to talk about delusional, you win the crackpot award for today for sure… move on folks nothing else to see here :)

  • John Blythe

    I can certainly relate to this as well. When I was growing up I was obsessed with video games and movies (especially since I work in the film industry), but I also suffered from Asperger Syndrome which is part of the reason certain things were fascinating to me and why I excelled greatly in some subjects, but failed miserably in others.

    Now at age 26, I am more aware of what is going on in the world. I study and research the financial crisis in the U.S., in Europe and pay close attention to our constant military interventions and the wars we have previously launched such as Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. I seem to learn more about the world today, than I ever did in high school or college and sometimes I wish I had paid more closer attention to things around the world when I was growing up, rather than obsessing about video games or movies.

    Unfortunately, the film industry, like every other industry has been hit by the financial crisis, even though most of Obama’s supporters are in Hollywood and despite working in a field that I enjoy, I can also relate to the magnitude of filth and brainwashing mechanisms that come out of the industry and a majority of the ‘stars’ in Hollywood are totally ignorant of the country’s huge problems and they have the philosophy of “we support income equality, but we still deserve to make our millions and screw everyone else…” or “we believe the rich don’t pay their fare share of taxes, just don’t tax us because we support Obama…”

    I have primarily managed business/legal affairs on independent film productions, which the environment there, is MUCH better than the studio financed films. However, even the jobs in the independent film sector have been declining. So I work part time with the family business and then if I get called out to go work on a project, I take a few weeks to work and then commute back.

    And yes, there is indeed a huge problem with youth related activities and getting our young men and women engaged in more community service related activities. In fact after I graduated high school, I got involved in the National Exchange Club and we have a club in my community. Its an organization targeted for youth and community service and prevention of child abuse. In fact this year, I’m the president-elect of my local club and I’ve been working with a guy I know to set up a new youth center to get the kids involved with more activities like sports, after school programs and work programs.

    I often tell young people that they are the next generation and our future. If we have kids like this that are coming out of school with poor SAT tests, poor grades, ignorant to problems in our society, ignorant of problems in this country and around the world and are too occupied with video games or obsessing about sex, then we are really starting to witness a breakdown of society in general. Its shocking to hear that we have kids as young as 12 or 13 involved in gangs and they randomly choose people off the street to attack.

    We need to reverse position somehow.

  • I am 23 years and played video games extensively and I am one of the most successful young men in my country. I came up with my new theory Economics of time because I played real time strategy games. The problem is not video games, it is that we do not create video games that teach you valuable knowledge and skills. If they could incorporate video games into school so that people could learn to read, write, and improve their mathematics and science knowledge we would all be much better off. The problem with the world is our culture, not the video game technology itself. Our culture is creating worthless video games that teach you nothing and rot your brain. That goes for television, and most internet content. There are some good video games, and worthy internet content. I am working on real solutions to solve these problems by developing worthy online content, technology, and education materials. It is obvious our economic and culturally system is very very wrong, I knew this as a young kid. However it is time we stop pointing out the problems and actually work on REAL solutions.

  • Andrew

    I recommend to all of You. Please, check some testimonies and pray for one another!

  • DaytoDay

    This is nothing new…

    1954 “The Wild One” -Marlon Brando

    What we are witnessing now, is the culmination or in other words, literally decades of societal degeneration.

    Every generation, going back to say 1900, has complained about how lazy and incompetent the next generation is. So, this is nothing new. If it was bad in the 1950’s, it got worse in the 70’s and is out of control today. See my point? This has been in the making for a long time and there is a lot to blame.

    1. De-censorship of Hollywood starting in the 1950’s (Showing sex on screen, cursing, extreme violence, etc.)
    2. Banning religion in schools starting in 1962, Engle v. Vitale. (State becomes god, evolution is taught as universal and the only truth, etc.)
    3. 1960’s summer of love (Hippie Movement), (Society witnesses and condones widespread drug use for the 1st time, of which the impacts can still be felt to this day.)
    4. The eroding of public education staring in the 1960’s, (Corporations take over, writing school textbooks, selective learning is implied, government has full control over youth.)
    5. Technology, starting in 2000, (Kids stay inside to play basketball on a screen, then actually go outside and play, cartoons become dominant, entrancing kids, Ipods, laptops, and other gadgets, compel people to either stay inside or isolate themselves, causing true anti-socialism.)

    Now, these aren’t all of the problems, but some of the main one’s, and so I hope people start to understand, that this has been in the making for generations and in order to reverse current trends now, we have to know what we want, what we as a society will stand for and what we won’t, because everything else is a bi-product of peoples wishes and desires.

  • Don’t worry about it

    Porn itself is not the problem. Porn has been around forever. It’s the availability of porn that’s the problem. Sites don’t require age to enter, and the number of videos depicting illegal things, such as rape and torture, should be made illegal. They ate unnecessary and not only skew sexual development, but allow ppl to fulfill sick fantasies that make them unproductive to society. Don’t make porn illegal. Make it less available and expensive.

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s true… porn has been around forever, and today’s technology has made sexually explicit material FAR more available than it was even 10 or 20 years ago. The whole “sexting” thing is getting out of control.

      BUT – attempting to make porn illegal would have about the same effect as making alcoholic beverages illegal in the U.S. did during the 1920’s. People gonna do what they wanna do…

      So what’s the answer? I dunno. Someone tell me…

      • MB92083

        I agree, once the genie is out of the bottle, it is tough to put him back in.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    Michael, for teens today, its a choice of playing video games with friends online, or going to parties and getting drunk or high, and screwing every girl that they see. That is what high school parties have degraded to. My friend was recently a plus 1 to a party, and when he got there, they were handing out marijuana at the door. He called his mom to pick him up, and she was there in 5 minutes. Video games and porn are actually the lesser of two evils in comparison to these parties, where at least one act of sexual intercourse occurs at each one. Those with any morals at all, and who are waiting for “the one” (like myself) chose to stay home rather than go to these parties, where you can be beaten and forcefed drugs, so you’ll “enjoy” the party more. Yes, those who have an addiction to these things are troubled, but it should be less of a concern than what goes on at teenage parties, especially related to what some kids bring to said parties. Being a teen myself who has never had sex, or done drugs, I can tell you I am an outcast solely for these two things. Anyone today with any morals is ridiculed and mocked, it is ridiculous.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Also, Michael, could you do an article on these parties and the drugs involved at them on this site? To help people see what is going on and what is REALLY destroying the teens of my generation. Also, if there is already an article related to that topic, please post a link in a reply to this comment to said article.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Oh and Michael, sorry for stealing your signature style, I just have to start writing college and job applications soon, and thought I’d try to get into the tone of that a year early.

        • Michael

          No problem. :)


    • Michael

      Yes, it is true – there are a whole host of dangers that are destroying our young people.

      Sometimes I just focus on one or two of them in a particular article.


      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Thank you for considering the above topic. And yes, I agree with you, there are many things destroying people of my generation, however I think drugs are far worse than video games or porn; although all things in excess (except faith, can never have too much faith) are bad.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Also, could you include the dangers of prescription drugs? I’ve seen many a couple of people’s lives ruined because of an addiction to PERFECTLY LEGAL drugs. It is a disgrace that this is happening

      • laura m.

        The younger see hypocrites in the elder generation (I did 40 years ago) who promoted/endorsed shacking up, adultry, raising illegitimate kids, using drugs freely, high divorce rate and were utter failures as parents. There were no examples set besides the churches condone all types of lifestyles and have for decades, never taking a stand on much of anything in over 50 years.

  • flippin’ genius

    ************* This is the kind of thing a stereotypical father would say. And you say your response to all this is to tell people to buy guns?!?

  • Charles

    “Everyone want to rule the world”? I’ll pass. Ya’ll can have it.

    Inarticulate men? William Bendix in “Life of Riley” ? And, many since.

    The real damage is not vid games nor porn. It’s conformity and inaction.
    The three laws of Western civilization: “Who sez, pecking order, and conformity”

  • Dan

    Your argument is too polarised. Blaming men & boys.

    Society is failing, Stop blaming genders & children.

    The next generation of young men in the western world are primarily from single parent families; mostly single mums. The GOOD equation has been halved. Fathers replaced with role models of the states design.

    The crumbling affect we are all feeling is the snowballing removal of the masculine from society.

    Fathers teach empathy; is it so surprising THAT is what our society lacks?

    The fall onto games & lessor activities is through lack of any real reverent connection between fathers & sons.

    Ladies you should look on & realise it is a gender war over funding programs that is clawing at your every dollar separating families for profit. Wake up & smell the man-hate.

    Children need BOTH P A R E N T S. PARENTS are ALWAYS better except in the case of real abuses.

    Is wanting to teach your child your beliefs abuse? I say it is NOT! Diversity is a REAL -survival- need in society & with all the EXCLUSION of fathers from nurturing environments who can wonder at the up-evil?

    Women expect men to fulfil what role in society? Women want men’s traditional jobs… women want men to be men & do traditional jobs that are thinning on the ground… women want the jobs of nurturing & to the extent they exclude men. I know this first hand as an excluded father for over ten years. Wake up ladies you can’t or [I mean] SHOULDN’T do it all. Yin & Yang / balance LOST to MONEY GRUBBERS!


  • 1% fan

    Paranoid hysteria. The future generation is always predicted to be useless and depraved.

    • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

      From the point of view of someone in the “future generation” also known as generation y; my generation is pretty much destined to be useless and destitute. There are so many who don’t give a damn about anything but screwing and getting high. Unless my generation “sees the light,” we are doomed.
      *Note; there are a few in my generation who actually want to be something, very few, but some nonetheless.

  • Golden Child

    Yes, internet porn is way too accessible these days. When I was a kid, you had to “find” old porn magazines crumpled up in alleys or steal them from your friend’s older brothers etc. I’m only in my late 20’s and the internet revolution didn’t really take off until I was a teenager and the internet was much less sophisticated, raunchy and uncensored in the days of dial-up modems in the late 90’s. However, I think this article is placing blame where it doesn’t belong. Young men today are “failing to launch” for reasons outside of video games and internet porn *gasp*. These addictions are symptoms of a bigger problem. There are no jobs for young people, especially young men, in America. Ironically, the people with the most job security and highest salaries in America are people who DON’T work. The world would keep spinning without government contractors, analysts, stuffy suits and other glorified entitled seat warmers and degree snobs. The federal government is currently the largest employer in America. But you and I would starve to death without farmers and truck drivers. Today, we have more government employees than fisherman, farmers and miners combined. Due to deindustrialization, outsourcing, automation, constant advances in technology, H1B1 visa holders, the rapid influx of a subservient grossly underpaid nouveau slave class in illegal Central American immigrants, there is little work to actually be done in America in modern times. Well-connected sheltered mostly White people are paid inflated salaries to do nothing but sit on their butts all day and surf internet porn and act like they are working. Poor Black, Brown and Yellow people in American inner cities have no choice but to sell hard drugs and kill each other in competition for the scarce dollars of broke disheveled dope abusers. Millions of American boys who grew up middle class in the 90’s and 2000’s have fallen out of the middle class and will never be middle class again in their lives. Do you really think any sane man in his 20’s wants to be broke living at home watching internet porn instead of being an fully employed self-reliant sleazy swinging single in his own bachelor pad and living out porn in real life?! Asking millions of young men to self-self sufficient and economically independent in this barren economic landscape is like asking a plant to grow without any sunlight or water.

    • Gary2

      When I was a kid, you had to “find” old porn magazines crumpled up in alleys or steal them from your friend’s older brothers etc.

      What really sucked was when the pages you wanted to see the most were all stuck together. I guess those old magazines got a lot of use!

  • John

    Personally I think that the reason young males get into porn and video games is there is less opportunity to compete in real life and the opportunities that exist are limited to certain areas.
    American women are horrible. My cousin who came from a family(Mom married five times) of dsfunction moved to Moldova and married this beautiful woman that my aunt hates. She cooks, is completely independent and yet feminine and kind. She is always nice to me, unlike the rest of my either fat, divorced or materialistic relatives.
    My own mother was completely screwed up from the Christian religion and after my successful father died early on married my step dad who was completely whipped and is a double crossing looser.
    All I heard growing up was how macho men were the worst. While my mom was the father and did a lot of things right like putting us in private schools and making us earn our own money ect. we didn’t have much social friends due to looser corporate climber Dad moving job to job.
    I feel porn is easier than American women and that is better than a dumb fat cow who sees me as a walking wallet.
    I dislike this blog because it always blames the victims, but that is par for the course with the Christian types.

    • xander cross

      I agree with you. This site always blame the victims and the poor.

      • MB92083

        Oh boo hoo.
        Let me guess, you are left of center and/or democrat. Personal responsibility is not in your dictionary is it?
        People like you coined a new word in the 90’s: Victimization.

      • Gary2

        you got that correct!

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      How can you justify blaming religion for this? It is the taking away of religion from society that is causing its degrade, not religion itself. We are living in a world where religion is looked at with spite; and the removal of GOD from society has caused the loss of morals. Is it any wonder that children of the 50’s had better morals than my generation? They had GOD in their whole lives, not just church. Nowadays, one can be suspended for bringing a Bible into school and talking about Christianity, as Michael previously stated.

      • Brain. M

        Oh please. Time and time again, it’s been proven that you can have morals without god.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Time and again it has also been proven that without religion to impose those morals,society falls apart. One can have morals without religion, but most just choose not to. Look at the Roman empire, they were in decline until they embraced Christianity whole-heartedly, and they actually experienced a brief period of growth. After the western half of the Roman Empire forsook GOD and Jesus, they fell into the ruins of over lusting, greed, and corruption. Without GOD many people see no reason for morals. Yes i know some atheists with morals, but most are pot smokers who screw anyone who asks.

        • J.M

          Tell that to Stalin and Mao…

          • Brain. M

            Oh let’s NOT go there. I don’t want to get into all the cruel and vicious acts done by religion. 9/11, witch hunts, religious-backed racism perhaps?

          • J.M.

            Well the religious fanatics haven`t broken the records imposed by the atheist leaders, in spite of the efforts of the muslim boys, the witchhunts just killed a few thousand (less than 10k) if that in the time of what….500 years by the way what is religion based racism? Most of the eugenics and racist ideas found in society have their origin and find their backbone in godless cosmologies (nazism, darwinism).

      • Gay Veteran

        taking away of religion from society? really? perhaps you should move to Saudi Arabia

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          What I meant was GOD and the mentioning of him, and the morals that follow, should not be banned from the public like they are today. One can get suspended for even discussing Jesus with friends. I believe in a separation of Church and State yes, but just like the church shouldn’t interfere with the gov’t; the gov’t shouldn’t interfere with the church, nor should one be punished for being religious art school. Also, Christianity and Islam are fundamentally different; Christianity in and of itself does not propagate violence (some people believe it does, it doesn’t) whereas islam openly tells its followers to kill all others. Christianity says turn the other cheek. Big difference. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. Plus statistics show, take away religion, and morals deteriorate.

          • Brain. M

            “Plus statistics show, take away religion, and morals deteriorate.”

            Care to back that up buddy?

  • Tad B

    True, but one of the most important issues facing young men is the selective toxicity imposed on children by the medical cartel, in particular, the vaccine establishment.
    Selective toxicities have created tremendous problems among young men- as their systems are less likely to be able to deal with the toxic brews immunological challanges which are selected heaped upon young men by the system. Thimerosal (still in vaccines despite the MSM presstitutes please, aluminum toxicity and other toxicities as well as the overall immune challenges which are systemically imposed through the mandated vaccine program.
    Until this society gets a handle on that issue, which just gets worse and worse each year despite the number of individuals being informed as to these dangers, the situation will only deteriorate.
    Then the question will come down to whether it was intended or not.
    Sure looks like it:

  • mondobeyondo

    I did have an issue with video games during my teen years. Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pac-Man and so forth. I have to admit, those games occupied much of my free time, and interrupted many a high school algebra or history assignment. All I can say to that is…

    YEAAAHHHHHH! Woo-hoo!

    As for the pornography part… I would not have even considered buying a Playboy magazine and hiding it under the bed. My dad would have killed me for doing that. No, not like “beating me on the rear with a wire coat hanger”. More like, “holding a razor blade to my throat and threatening to slit it”. Porno was not allowed in my household, under ANY circumstances.

    Such a shame that so many men are falling for these two evils.

  • Eric

    The problem started with creating laws that take money from men and giving it to woman for ever after divorce. This erodes a mans wish to get married which leads to him finding satisfaction outside of marriage. Over time the grown up entertainment has reached children who themselves have broken homes and no real desire to marry but still have sexual desires built in..

    This next part I have no real answer to but it has nudged the problem along… The Pill. Women no longer feel bound to a man when they can disconnect childbirth from sex. which leads to promiscuity which leads to the grass is always greener and them telling a guy every time she gets a chance to in a fight how un effective he is compared to all the men she has been with (whom she is now selectively remembering the best about.)

    Men and women have been separated buy our current world functions and the children are just the next phase.

    Sorry to say.

    • A Concerned AmeriCan Patriot

      I concur, the advent of the “sexual revolution” has led to the downfall of the family unit, and marriage is looked at with no more reverence than a pile of dog crap. Then again, why would anyone get married when the divorce rates are so high, the adultery rate is even higher, and in the case of a divorce the majority of the possessions and custody of the children almost always goes to just one party (usually the woman)

  • I agree that video game addition is a problem. It seems it has always been a problem since the old Atari days. We need more quality family time and less artificial (virtual) time. Some kids are so good with the video game guns it’s scary. :-O

  • A ConcernedYoungAmeriCan Patriot

    Anything in excess is bad, and this is what the article is talking about; excess. Both are fine in (reasonably) small amounts; video games are an excellent stress reliever when no one wants to hang out, or if you just finished a ton of homework and are stressed.
    On a side note, i don’t know why it keeps changing my name from A ConcernedYoungAmericanPatriot to A ConcernedAmericanPatriot; my name is AConcernedYoungAmericanPatriot. (issue may seem like ocd, but it’s annoying)

  • They are already been destroyed with families also. and there will be no other generation without a big change in faith,repentance and righteousness.

  • Pastor Glenn

    I refer all to Luther: Pay SPECIAL attention to the part in the 2nd statement about women, and think on how women constantly are made to ‘seem’ smarter, better and brighter in every way, in every TV ad you ever see – and how women constantly ‘put-down’ men, and then we look at our society and wonder what happened?

    Here are Martin Luther’s words:

    People are possessed [by the devil] in two ways: some corporally, according to their [external] humanity, and others spiritually, according to their spirit [or soul], as is the case with all the godless. In those who are corporally possessed and frenzied, the devil inhabits and vexes only the body, not the soul. So the soul remains secure and unharmed. The demons can be driven out of such people by prayer and fasting. (Martin Luther, Table Talk #1170 [1530], Luther’s Works, Vol. 58 [Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2010], p. 75)

    Carefully investigate whether that woman might be practicing some fraud by means of which all of you could be made objects of ridicule. In my own experience (apart entirely from what I have read in books) I have encountered such frauds, and afterward I reproached myself for my simplicity. The evil spirit takes delight (as he did from the beginning with Adam) in using a woman to make a fool of a man – if he cannot make him godless, as he much prefers to do. In short, whatever it is, whether it be in this woman or in others whom you mention, whether it be in the form of an incubus, a succubus, or other monstrosities, we nevertheless know that it is the devil. Therefore, we should not be inattentive and casual with regard to his fabrications and deeds, his realities and apparitions, but should fight against him with faith and prayer. The one whom he crucified lives. And by his own power the crucified One again triumphed over his crucifier in order that in the former we may triumph over the latter. (Martin Luther, Letter to Bernard Wurzelmann [Nov. 2, 1535], Luther: Letters of Spiritual Counsel [Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1960], pp. 42-43)

  • Pastor Glenn

    Now, in the above statement by no means am I ‘placing blame’ on women for these ills.

    Placing blame where it belongs – yes – the evil one, who uses each of us and also our genders and our natural inclinations to push us away from God – that is what Luther and I are both saying here.

    But a nation without any masculine traits ‘allowed’ is one which will not last long.

    This is no doubt one reason God speaks out so strongly AGAINST homosexuality – the feminization of men.

  • Concerned citizen

    This is seriously messed up. I am glad that one person has a good head on their shoulders -young American patriot-I agree with pretty much everything that you have said. It is amazing to me that it is the 16 (18 in my case) year olds are the people that actually have it correct. That is Christianity for you.

    1. I read this article, and I didn’t not see any blame laid on boys. We were told facts about what is happening to our young men. We were told facts about what is and will happen to our country if this continues. Porn and video game addictions ARE problems. Major ones. But if you think about it, who is actually at fault? The boys who are addicted-or the parents that didn’t know any better? Please tell me this: Does It Really Matter Who Is To Blame? Will it solve any problems pointing fingers? No. N. O. It won’t. This article has brought to our attention a major problem among our youth so that we could help fix it-not post a stupid reply about how the world is unfair.

    So, are you willing to help? Are you willin to stop bickering like children and do something about it? Or are we going to be typical Americans and sit on our couch, read this article, and whine about it.

  • whoisbiggles

    Fathers play and interact with your children.
    Just last weekend, I baked bread, made lemon curd and started making a wooden toy garage with my kids.
    It takes a lot of effort and patience but they loved it.
    The satisfaction of eating what they cooked, learning how to cut pieces of wood, painting, glueing, using a hammer is priceless.
    Now if I could find some instantly drying paint and glue :-)
    Parenting is hard but when I have weekends like the last one – hugely satisfying.

  • ZombieDawg

    I walk to work every day over here in Oz and see groups of 10-20 teens in the car park of the local burger joint before 8:30am, smoking, slouched against walls, holding their precious toy phones out in front of them like some indispensable pacemaker.
    Their lives are spent escaping their lives. They know more about dying than they know about living. Their friends exist in a cyber-world.
    Technology is destroying the basic concept of person-to-person contact and socialisation. Gey-Y doesn’t know HOW to communicate effectively and more importantly they don’t want to.
    Zombies with no futures except unemployment and jail.

    This is a self-made hell and one that will cost them dearly when SHTF later this year.

  • Herb

    Thanks for posting this article. I think I’m going to share it on facebook. I fear for my kids and grandkids as their generation is drugged and made ineffective in one way or another, and we did nothing to identify and stop this nonsense before now. We just didn’t know. Again thanks for sharing.

  • Gil

    Where on earth do people suppose that media content equals real lfe imitation? Studies show wherever media sex and violence is avialable see real-life rape and crime drop in kind.

    I believe the one part of problem is possibly the underestimation of how many women are actually women-children. Maybe it’s because women were never expected to get extra education and become a breadwinner hence they lose nothing by not attaining them.

    I also believe it’s also a problem of wealth – well-off children take longer to grow up and take life seriously. Such an attitude wasn’t available to the masses up until the last couple of generation. Until recently a child was expected to grow up fast, get a job as soon they were able and “earn their keep”. While today’s young adults are going for university/college degrees their great-grandparents were instead married with children. I believe if you look at hardworking, first-generation immigrants you’ll see that they look like young adults instead of oversized children and their children to tend look like responsible young people instead of oversized toddlers.



    A few key points that figure into all of this that you do not mention:

    1. Women can get most anywhere and anything they want using their looks and if need be, their bodies. Men, not so much.

    2. In a land where jobs are being outsourced and the government merely wants the people to be wage slaves on its payroll, not to mention food stamp and welfare receipients, goes without saying. Where jobs are scarce, police are out busting heads, and crime on the rise, the safest place for one to be seems at home. And unless you have a home school, library, or other academic outlets available, what do you suppose one would be doing at home? Playing video games or watching porn, if not watching TV.

    The globalists are getting what they want. Generations growing up with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. Looks like everything is going according to plan……….

  • “We are the middle children of history. We have no unifying cause. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is out lives.” –Tyler Durden, Fight Club

    Tyler also said in a line which was cut from the final movie: “We are the quiet young men who listen until it’s time to decide.”

  • AnarchistAccountant

    The worst part of this article is the failure to put any blame on women in society for men choosing video games and pornography. Women have been taught for the last 50 years that their interests are the only thing that matters and the interests of the male are not important, and in fact need to be marginalized.

    When you become so self-centered as a gender, the opposite gender is pushed to different outlets to keep them interested.
    As a happily married man, I’ve seen both sides of this. What drives the need for these alternate outlets, and what also makes them irrelevent.
    Couples that spend more attention to each other don’t need the alternate interests, and children who live in this environment learn not to need them either

  • r.j.

    I honestly can’t see how anyone could have a problem with this article.
    When I was 13, I played pac man, and realized I’d wasted a lot of my summer vacation and allowance so I stopped. At the age of 21, I worked on a cargo ship for my passage across the equator. Three years later I returned to the states and was shocked to find how many guys in their 20’s were still sitting around playing video games. Now, at the age of 46, almost every male that I know plays video games. Almost every male I know is also completely clueless as to what’s going on around them. A lot of guys say they just play video games with their kids “to spend time with the kids”.
    Bullocks-the average American male is a blithering idiot. They don’t read, cannot spell or construct sentences properly [too much texting], and cannot partake in an intellectual debate because their language skills are limited and their information awareness level is so lacking. One thing you did not mention is the addiction to televised sports. American men waste hundreds and even thousands of hours a year staring blankly at other sweaty men playing pointless ball games.
    Our nation is in deep &hi+ because so many of the males in this country just want to act like little children.

    • J.M

      Many agree that porn and Videogames are problems, what witless people like most of the commenters except Youngamericanpatriot and some other people have noticed is that games and filth in most cases are symptoms not the disease, the disease is lack of families and MALE GUIDANCE along with the decline in religion. It has been proven that male children NEED their fathers (good fathers) WAY more than girls, and the reason for this is very simple…the father is the first male archetype of a boy, his first hero, and hopefully his first real friend, from 9 years onwards the influence of the father should be the dominating one in a boy’s life, the mother will always be necessary but women due to their nature lack what´s necessary to raise a man, just like a man cannot teach his daughter how to be a woman or relate to her feminine experience, and that´s something everybody with eyes and wits can see. 90% or more of the so-called lost generation have been raised by their mothers without fathers or with meek fathers, who submit to their wives.What a real shame.

      If this generation has been raised mostly by their moms, who’s to take most of the blame…especially when in many cases the woman undermines wittingly and unwittingly the father’s influence in the care of her son? Hint it’s not the male part of the equation.

  • Privacyseekr

    There is a book that addresses this issue called ‘Manning Up’ which is close to its precedent ‘Manchild in The Promised Land’ by Claude Brown written in 1965. The arguments of the latter was focusing on the effects of job discrimination against black males which forced them to alter their projection of masculinity since they were unable to be providers. Their form of masculinity took to objectifying women, violence and a “cool pose” or “tough guise” <- a documentary on youtube. But that precedent was set for black males so that characteristic was assumed to NEVER affect anyone else.

    NOW, years/eons later, since '65 was sooo long ago, given our current pace of technology-induced time frames, most people do not remember or even consider the historically relevant phenomena which was not eradicated but allowed to spread with its leeching effects on the general population. Now there's this book 'Manning Up' which points to the general population of American men who seem to be outpaced by the women. Why? In part because of the shift in the economy – manufacturing jobs going overseas (like GM which was paid with TAXPAYER money to leave)- has closed its doors to males who would have earned enough income to raise families and adhere to that traditional socially programed (engineered) masculine role of caregiver. The rise in service industry jobs (no heavy lifting required) enabled women to occupy positions in the workplace and usurp the traditional masculine role: who needs men? Add to the mix our culture of narcissism and there is less interest in families and a greater focus on the self.

    So, men are less interested in a "long term" commitment where they will be eventually vilified and would, apparently, rather avoid the hassle.

  • billwald

    Thanks for the good news! If we can infect the entire world it may be the end of war as we know it.

  • Andrew

    This is an incredibly spurious article and bit of “reasoning”. In fact, this attempt at causal relationships between video games / porn and society’s disintegration is a very old and DISCREDITED argument.

    Every generation has some new amoral technology that is going to be the downfall of man. Before video games it was simply T.V. or The Beatles and their “drug culture”. Before that it was Elvis and his over-sexed dancing. In the 20s it was jazz and Al Jolsen and flappers who were tearing apart the fabric of society.

    The fact of the matter is, divorce rates have been rising LONG before Internet porn as was the “breakup of the family”. Additionally, anyone with even a rudimentary education on childhood development can tell you GIRLS HAVE ALWAYS DEVELOPED / MATURED faster than male counterparts. To blame a physiological fact of life on video game and porn is intellectually dishonest or just completely asinine if the author of this opinion piece actually believes video games are the cause of girls getting better grades than boys.

    Somebody needs to do a tad more research and a TON more thinking.

    • Brain. M

      Thank you very much. I’ve clearly couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Mick

    Free internet porn is a type of business with salaries, rent, utilities, overhead everywhere. But they give away their product. Where is the money coming from to keep it all going. Answer that and you begin to understand what it’s all about. Maybe,just maybe, the consequences we are seeing now is the real goal.

  • Anonymous

    The article is correct, but it seems to suggest that porn and gaming are the main reasons; men are still living at home, why men “don’t want to be men”, and avoid basic responsibilities.

    That’s way over simplified. The economy is garbage obviously which is contributing to young men still living with parents. And men have been so emasculated by our culture and society as a whole it’s not really surprising many don’t see a point in trying. And the whole police-state, TSA sexual assaults, everyone expected to submit, the fact the common man is regulated to death while corporations are straight buying politicians and forcing wage-slavery….

    And what of women and their “reality” shows? What of the narcissistic and bi-polar personality disorders so prevalent in women anymore? They have no sense of reality, morality, anything anymore themselves either…

    And those issues aren’t the half of the problems distorting reality and pushing people into societal illness, and the genders aren’t bound to certain specific issues. We have the girl gamers/porn freaks, and the male prima-donnas…

    And the corporations win, the more we’re separated from each other and dependent on them the easier we all are to control. It’s societal collapse by design, soon they’ll finish ruining the currency, offer up a one world currency and government, lure all the brainwashed sheeple with objects and further illusions, and most of the self serving disconnected idiots will gladly embrace the warmth of synthetic life offered up by the oligarchs….

  • Saan

    I thought we learned to treat the cause of illness years ago. Treating the symptoms will do nothing, and may make the sickness worse.

    This looks to me more like a case of lack of quality women. Who wants a wife that wasted away her best years riding the rooster merry-go-round? Not many it looks like. Apparently, men prefer videogames and porn to real life harlots.

    Furthermore, the courts reward harlots for destroying families.

    Beware men. When these American women change their attitudes then and only then kick the porn and videogames. Until then Forget about them.

    Here are few rules for those of you still in the hormone cloud.

    1. No single mothers. (Widows are different as long as they didn’t kill their husbands)
    2. Marriage under the laws of the several states and The United States make her your master and you her slave.
    3. The Law wins, even if she is not like that. You are still her slave
    4. Do not move in with your girlfriend. EVER.
    5. She can have you removed from your property and imprisoned if she can dial 911.
    6. Every woman knows this and though some are virtuous, your neighbor may not be and when the two of you argue and raise your voices, the neighbor can call and have you removed. The police will jail you and the prosecutor will charge you regardless of your wife’s objections. If your wife does not comply with the prosecution, she will be sent to a psychiatrist and deemed mentally unfit due to your abuse.

    Okay so they aren’t all rules, but remember this post the first time it happens to you, because it probably will if you ever live with a woman in america.

  • Jay

    I do not believe pornography or video games are the problem, they are the symptom.

    We have become a society who has denied that there is fundamental difference between men and woman.

    Although both men and women inherently have male and female natures within themselves, ie., woman can be outgoing and pursue careers, and men have the capacity to nurture and care for children; We have become perverted to the extreme in that we expect woman to be like men – get education, have careers, be in charge, not dependant, etc. etc.

    but at the expense that it is now very difficult for woman to be the stay at home mothers that is so much missing from our society.

    We look down at such a role that any mother would choose to adopt, they are almost considered second class citizens for those who do.

    True mothering is not just being pregnant for 9 months, spending a couple years with the baby then returning to career while they sit in day care.

    True mothering is much more than major attention and nurturing attention given to children. It’s what gives cohesiveness to a family unit which in turn gives cohesiveness to a community and in turn to a nation. It is woman whose natural traits of “passivity”, receptivity, creativeness, understanding, knowingness, etc. etc. that allows us to build be the hub from which we build around.

    We no longer have communities in the west..not in the true sense…it’s lip service and virtual at best…because most women are going around and giving attention acting out the masculine side of themselves; in other words acting like men.

    This is not to suggest we return to the roles as in the past. Returning to those roles in the past like women being the homemaker and men providers is the ideal and most beneficial. The only problem is that it should not be adopted as a “SHOULD”…that was the problem in the past. It was like an unspoken social expectation that women should only be the homemakers and men the providers, those times were very inflexible in tolerating exceptions.

    The ideal would be to acknowledge the differences in men and women and promote and encourage those positives traits in both genders at the same time to make exceptions to those who show and are truly interested ( not social indoctrinated to think otherwise ) to go differently than the status quo.

    We seem to be a society that doesn’t know how to walk the grey area, we have gone from one extreme to the other.

    This is the problem with young boys/men…most are naturally masculine and we no longer provide the opportunities for them to develop those qualities of masculinity in terms of their own specific individuality.

    Even if we did, we no longer have a place for them as adults…to be as men. What we have is like neutered adults plugged into a genderless economic machine, not a dynamic play between men and women who live in communities and nations of communities.

    On a subconscious less these young men/boys can sense and see how it is…they don’t see the point in developing themselves because as it stands there is no place for them as men, they can see this. Which is why they turn to pornography, video games, etc. etc.

    Women on the other hand have an inherent need to feel secure and looked after, and since that roles of men being the provider is not longer promoted; woman, who want to feel secure in their needs have to do well in school, get their degrees, get that career job, do well in their business…this is their ( again in a general sense ) motivation and why they do well in our current society.

    But for true men…feeling secure is not a primary focus…true men…find inspiration in the purpose of a goal, whether that is in providing for the family, community or country.

    But if women are going about looking after themselves in their own careers and as a result we no longer really have families or communities…there is no place for men to be men.

  • Linda

    Unfortunately this is a sad reality across our nation which is evident of the moral standards of our family since the man is suppose to be the husband and father of the home. What an example to our young men!!! It is also a sign of the final days of earth’s history. As the Bible predicts that morality will be at an all time low as the coming of the Lord draws nearer. Our only solution is to turn back to God, submitting our selves to His leadership,spending time meditating upon His Holy Word, and His great sacrifice for us and soon return! His power is available to break , even the strongest, deepest, darkest addiction.

  • and with the rapid growth of student loan defaults attached to their parents mortgage we’re all going to see these if kids living at home increase.

    Numbers of even the college educated, strapped with college debt will end up living with their parents in growing numbers.

  • john

    no men are waking up

    they don’t want to end up divorced by vindictive female partners and stuck paying child support for children they aren’t allowed to see.

    is that really what makes a “man” doing nothing but working your whole life for a mortage and screaming kids and a wife who gets fat who then will cheats on you with mailman and divorce you and take most of your saving.

    sorry but I’ll reject that lifestyle even if I am not considered a “man”

  • Lori

    I think that we need to understand the implications of th Great Controvesy in these addictions. Like Satan’s plan to draw Israel from God in Numbers 22–25, using the worship of baal peor, he is using this again on us. You should listen to Dr. Eric Walsh’s sermon, “The Curse of the Culture,” on audio It was a true eye opener for me, and I thank God for His word, and those who are willing to preach it! If we do not understand the “why” behind the “what”, we will continue to fall into these traps. God is calling us to His word, to Him. I pray that we will respond in full obedience. He promises that He will teach us, Ps. 32:8. Let’s teach our children, husbands, family, and friends why this is happening, and then let’s fast and pray for God’s intervention.

  • PhD

    I have a son. Here’s how his mother and I prevent him from having this problem.
    1. No TV. No cable, nothing. None for anyone in the family, not just him. Some TV shows are decent and educational, but you can’t control the ads which, in many cases, are worse than the programs.
    2. We subscribe to netfix, so he does watch movies, but only those we approve of.
    3. He plays outside everyday.
    4. He reads lots of books.
    5. When it is raining we play games inside — the old fashioned games that people used to play, not video games. Card games, board games, hot wheels, etc.
    6. No video games. Zero. Porn? He doesn’t even know what that is.
    7. We visit family and friends a lot. He sees grandma and grandpa 3x/week and cousins/friends once a week on average.

    Result: He is the happiest kid in the world. And is very smart.

    Some things should be banned. As parents, you have the authority to ban whatever you want from your household. Don’t wait for the government (state or federal) to do anything about it. It’s your job.

    • Joffrey

      Don’t know if blindfolding the kid is going to make him strong later on in life. Great intentions but i doubt not introducing him to the modern day society which is one he needs to step into one day by himself without guidance is going to be a the best way.

    • CynicalGuy42

      That’s the way to go when your child is in elementary school. What about Middle School? Internet and video games can be an escape from that misery.

  • Saren

    Why is it articles like these go after young man like were the scourge of society, why don’t you look at young women and the way they act, maybe you will understand why us guys are giving up?

    But then again no one will ever have the balls to speak against young women, because there all precious angels.

    Video games aren’t the problem! Pornography isn’t the problem!

    Feminist are the Problem! They are raping us guys in the school rooms, there raping us in the courtrooms, there raping us culturally! It’s a nightmare and no one is addressing the real problem! Why do you think guys in my generation are tuning out and giving up marriage and even dating, you have raised a generation of entitled women that treat men like garbage!

    Feminist don’t like video games or porn because it’s the one last thing that young men have to turn to were we aren’t demonized. No we cant have young men giving up on society, they need to get there worthless slave asses into gear and work there lives away for all the precious women!

    Yea, no thanks, ill stick with my xbox and porn! Why should I man up in a society that hates me for being a male? Why should I man up when that means having to shoulder all the burden, and then being raped bye some feminist court for a false accusation!

    Women wine that there aren’t any good men left, well they only have themselves to blame, were sick of being you’re punching bags!

  • This article is so true and it hurts to see our young men destroyed because of some Court’s interpretation of free speech. Only prayer, repentance, and revival can change this. The first two will bring the third.

  • Marissa

    Look, it’s not the men or womens fault. I don’t know why the article was directing on young boys, girls are obsessed, too; but in this generation it’s almost always with clothes and popularity. No need to be sexist here.

  • jimby

    Fluoride in the water and gmo foods and pesticides and just general chemical and radiologic pollution are what IMO is at the bottom of all these problems with the yutes. Its bioaccumulation and chromosome damage.

  • fatima zahid

    is this an american site

  • Isaac

    I am apart of this young american you people are talking. I am 19th year black male. any question

  • carlos

    I laugh at you Americans…such a great nation destroyed by fools within.

    The American empire is dead…Greed and stupidity rule the USA.

    I thank the citizens of the USA that have done so much for so many but your intelligence and decent nature has been your weakness.

    Women rule the USA now and history will tell you that will only lead to disaster for any culture.

    Just look at the Saudi’s…..They will never take the crap men in the U.S. have…Therefore they will forever rule.

    Goodbye America.

  • Hi Micheal, I totally agree with your article but it’s not only boys that are addicted to this, maybe girls as well. Kids seem to be addicted to other things like phones, computer, fb, twitter etc. We are seeing more and more of my generation having sex and earlier ages, and more babies been born. Girls now days seem to lose a lot respect not only by the way they dress but also by sending pictures and posting disturbing pictures in the internet. I don’t think it was right to post something that was going towards guys/boys, because I’m sure there’s adults (parents) that are addicted to something as well. Parents worry so much about money and don’t pay attention to their kids. Kids seem to be mentally in their phones and physically with other people around them, but not mentally there. Where did you want to get with your article?

  • Vind

    As you said there is not easy way out of this.
    This might help:

  • craig young

    Men/males have been traumatized by 40 years of verbal abuse, political and social betrayal, lack of love and respect. I wish anyone eho thinks they can fix them the best of luck. The games and porn are symptoms of withdrawal from reality as a defense mechanism. Note the flood of male to female transgender transitions taking place. Few males even care to be men any more. It’s too painful! Mothers, if you love your sons, tell them 10 times a day. They desperately need it.

  • Sev

    And yet this is men’s own fault. They have (and have had) controlling interest in the world as well as 99% of the political power in the world. They have themselves to blame the most. Self-destructive? Perhaps. I don’t get it.

    • HorseTeethSam

      Drink the kool-aid, honey. You forgot to add something about income inequality and fairness and evil American imperialism, etc etc…

      • Sev

        I don’t drink sugar-ridden, GMO garbage. But thanks anyway unhoney.

        • Jim Jones

          You need to Google “Drink the Kool-Aid”

  • Rusty112

    oh lawd

  • james

    I blame western women for how western men are behaving….They wanted this and now its a bad thing and they want their manly and gentlmanly men back…fucking feminist agenda…why do you have to confuse things soo much…oh i forgot. Its a woman thang!

  • John Rambo

    Feminism and the anti-male divorce courts are the real reason why most young men are avoiding marriage.

    I hope you ladies have fun growing old alone with your 10 cats. Me and many other of my fellow white men are going to Asia to find REAL WOMEN, who havent been poisoned by feminism.

    • Sev

      Asian women are mean as hell.

      • Algol

        Asian women at mean at bed like hell lol! Seriously, I think radical feminism is actually destroying women, pulling them backwards to primitive state of attitude and behaviour. It’s destroying societies as we know it, usually the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic societies. For Latin, Slavic, Arab and most Asian societies, it’s still business as usual. I could see that women from highly feminised countries are physically strong but psychologically weak (e.g. in terms of mental endurance to hardships, self-discipline, perseverance and patience). Try breaking the mental fortitude of an Asian woman from the rural areas and you’re in for a real battle.

    • Julia Robertson

      Feminism hasnt poisoned all single women; we just will not put up with the pansy men with perpetual Peter Pan syndrome

  • Jim

    Mens of USA are victims of an unfair favoritism toward feminism, any heathens can win a court by a he said/she proofs, and successful false rape accusations are rampants.

    Many lives has been destroyed by fallacy and constitutes the mains reason males don’t want to be engaged

  • HorseTeethSam

    Why the whining? This is the fabulous UTOPIA that feminists have been dreaming of for years!!! Yet, even with the above dismal statistics, women STILL blame everything INCLUDING the bad weather on men. The women of our culture are getting PRECISELY what they asked for! Oh wait – I forgot (probably because I’m just a stupid male) – there is no such thing as gender. There is no “male” or “female”. Gender is just a constuct created by capitalist imperialist colonialist AMERICA to make money, in order to inflict hate upon women and to suppress the poor… (I am being sarcastic here, don’t shoot me)

  • HorseTeethSam

    Feminism sucks.

  • kcampbell11

    Check out fempocalypse on you tube. It gives another view of the damage created by the rabid feminists. We are loosing our men and our young women are miserable. Maybe we should give a voice to those women who want an education and to be good wives and mothers instead of shouting them down at every turn.