The Worst Trolls On The Internet Are The Government Trolls

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Troll Warning - Photo by GilWe have all run into them.  All over the Internet, there are horrible trolls that seem to delight in making life miserable for other people.  But the worst trolls of all are the government trolls.  And thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have some startling new evidence of what really goes on behind the scenes.  According to newly revealed documents, British spy agency GCHQ is manipulating online discussions, infiltrating the computers of specific targets, purposely destroying reputations, altering the results of online polls, and using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for propaganda and espionage purposes.  If people don’t start getting outraged about this now, the governments of the western world are going to see it as a green light to do even more.  Eventually, it might get so bad that we won’t be able to trust much of anything that we see on the Internet.


There is a lot about the Internet that is really awful, but one great thing about it is the fact that it has allowed average individuals to communicate on a mass scale unlike ever before.  As the general population has become aware of how powerful of a tool the Internet can be, the elite have become extremely alarmed.  Unlike so many other things in our society, it has not been something that they have been able to easily control.

But the elite have been starting to catch up to all of this new technology and are learning how to use it for their own purposes.  Thanks to Snowden, we now have a list of specific tools that GCHQ has been using to manipulate the Internet.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent ZDNet article about these new revelations…


A number of interesting tools and their short descriptions are below:

  • ASTRAL PROJECTION: Remote GSM secure covert Internet proxy using TOR hidden service
  • POISON ARROW: Safe malware download capability
  • AIRWOLF: YouTube profile, comment and video collection
  • BIRDSTRIKE: Twitter monitoring and profile collection
  • GLASSBACK: Technique of getting a target’s IP address by pretending to be a spammer and ringing them. Target does not need to answer.
  • MINIATURE HERO: Active skype capability. Provision of realtime call records (SkypeOut and SkypetoSkype) and bidirectional instant messaging. Also contact lists.
  • PHOTON TORPEDO: A technique to actively grab the IP address of MSN messenger user
  • SPRING-BISHOP: Finding private photos of targets on Facebook
  • BOMB BAY: The capacity to increase website hits, rankings
  • BURLESQUE: The capacity to send spoofed SMS messages
  • GESTATOR: Amplification of a given message, normally video, on popular multimedia websites (YouTube)
  • SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE: Perfect spoofing of emails from Blackberry targets
  • SUNBLOCK: Ability to deny functionality to send/receive email or view material online
  • SWAMP DONKEY: A tool that will silently locate all predefined types of file and encrypt them on a targets machine
  • UNDERPASS: Change outcome of online polls (previously known as NUBILO).
  • WARPATH: Mass delivery of SMS messages to support an Information Operations campaign.
  • HUSK: Secure one-on-one web based dead-drop messaging platform.

The list, dated from 2012, says that most of the tools are “fully operational, tested and reliable,” and adds: “Don’t treat this like a catalogue. If you don’t see it here, it doesn’t mean we can’t build it.”


If we are going to have a free and open society, then we simply cannot have the governments of the western world running around systematically manipulating the Internet for their own purposes.

And of course it is not just the British that are doing this kind of thing.

Just recently, for example, the U.S. was caught manipulating discourse on Reddit and editing Wikipedia.

The rest of the world is watching all of this and they are absolutely disgusted with us.  The more that we act like Nazis, the more they are going to regard us as such.

At this point, even our closest friends are loudly denouncing us.  Germany just caught one U.S. spy, and a German newspaper claims that there are “dozens” of other CIA-recruited spies working in German ministries.

And the Germans have become so paranoid about the NSA spying on them that the German government is actually considering going back to using typewriters

Germany may go old school to guard against spying.

The German government will continue to use encrypted e-mails and phones, but it could also expand its use of typewriters, said Patrick Sensburg, the head of the German parliament’s investigation into U.S. spying, in an interview with German TV station ARD Monday, Reuters reports.

The Germans are even considering using non-electronic typewriters, Sensburg said.

Why we would spy on our closest friends is something that I will never understand.  And if we keep this up, soon we will not have any friends left at all.

Fortunately, an increasing number of Americans are becoming fed up with the growing tyranny all around us.  I love how John W. Whitehead expressed his frustrations in his recent article about the emerging police state in America…

I don’t like being subjected to scans, searches, pat downs and other indignities by the TSA. I don’t like VIPR raids on so-called “soft” targets like shopping malls and bus depots by black-clad, Darth Vader look-alikes. I don’t like fusion centers, which represent the combined surveillance efforts of federal, state and local law enforcement.

I don’t like laws that criminalize Americans for otherwise lawful activities such as holding religious studies at home, growing vegetables in their yard, and collecting rainwater. I don’t like the NDAA, which allows the president and the military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely. I don’t like the Patriot Act, which opened the door to all manner of government abuses and intrusions on our privacy.

I don’t like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has become America’s standing army. I don’t like military weapons such as armored vehicles, sound cannons and the like being used against the American citizens. I don’t like government agencies such as the DHS, Post Office, Social Security Administration and Wildlife stocking up on hollow-point bullets. And I definitely don’t like the implications of detention centers being built that could house American citizens.

The people of the western world need to stand up and say enough is enough.

Are we going to stay silent as the integrity of the Internet is destroyed?

Are we going to stay silent while the Internet is transformed into a government propaganda tool?

Are we going to stay silent while the liberties and freedoms that we have left are systematically shredded?

If you do not like the direction that all of this is going, now is the time to let your voice be heard.

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  • Cynical Guy 42

    Do you know anything about sites that redirect to questionable sites in terms of safety?

  • paw

    The first person to call me a troll is the real troll.

  • DJohn1

    I think we have our money priorities all wrong.
    Yes, they can find the money they want, when they want it.
    That includes all of the activities above and much more.
    These same people have no problem asking for billions of dollars to house the illegal immigrants while they decide that they can stay under an amnesty program.
    No mention is made of dozens of civil laws broken right and left by this group of immigrants. I don’t see the IRS stepping in and arresting the employers of this group, do you? Or putting any of them in jail for income tax evasion?
    What they poor mouth about, is providing for their own citizens.
    These same people cheat old people out of millions on the COLA as they redefine how they will give raises each year to stem inflation for the retired.
    They have no problem with millions of starving people unemployed, no housing, on the streets, most of which are citizens of this country.
    These same people spend money all out of proportion to what they actually get by being elected. So how come they are as a group making more money than any of us?
    These people really take the cake.
    On the way to down and out, our own people suffer. They lose their homes because other places have their jobs. Farm all the work of the middle class to some third-class country with a bankrupt currency and deny the government taxes to pay for things. They get taxed for the money they used to make by the IRS. The IRS has no problem doing that. Then the IRS ignores the law when it comes to a foreigner illegally here without a Social Security number or a draft registration.
    That is what big business wants. What big business wants, big business gets from these people.
    We, as a people suffer. Ilegal immigrants get instructions on how to use the system against us. Anyone else think that is a little bit discriminatory.
    If a civil law is found to be discriminatory in a court of law, I think it has to be thrown off the books. Right now the facts support the entire IRS and possibly the EPA using the law in a discriminatory manner. I do not see the courts acting against them.
    We have in our legal system convenient memories. We have no problem in the Department of the Interior screwing millions of dollars out of the American Indian with no end in sight. Any other contract between their nations and ours would be thrown out with massive penalties. Because it is a Native American Indian Treaty, that law does not apply.
    Until everyone gets up and makes them apply the laws equally, this government will do anything that is convenient and the courts will nod their heads like it is all legal.
    It is like Mario Puzio’s book the Godfather said. The Godfather commented to his undertaker, why do you go to the law? I own the law. I own judges, senators, lawyers, all of it. That isn’t a direct quote but you get the picture.
    The picture is our laws are currently a farce. It is law by how much money you have. In that picture, the law is on the side of whoever pays them the most money.
    Everything you said in this article, Michael, is truth.
    By that same law, Whatever is convenient to government, is morale.

  • Melody Rae

    Yes we all understand, but how are we going to make them understand? Beside having a civil war again.

  • Darth Maul

    Edward Snowden is a false flag.

    He said things that we already know, but the rest is buried in that strange Omidyar-Greenwald company.

    They will sell us a millionaires story: True Lies.

    • Kyle

      In real life he is given money by the Bush group to keep going.

  • Firstgarden

    Perfidious louts!
    Whose transgressions know no bounds.
    Our “civil servants” hath crowned themselves King!

  • przydatny spis programów

  • Kyle

    As far as I’m concerned we already have a one world government. There just hasn’t been the full crash to totally kill the worthless US Dollar and no mass gun grabs but other then that the system is already in place since the first Bush signed NAFTA to bring us closer to the Amero.

    His plans were for the Amero to be in place by no later then 2010 but when they saw the Democrats which are communist in disguise they pulled the cord early hoping to crash the economy fast as the Democrats believe in doing it slowly. The Bush family thought they could get as much money out as possible before the Democrat’s won the primary election and the blame would be shifted onto them.

    Both want one world system using different means but at least Democrats are not as evil about it but they are stupid though.

    The real reason for the 9/11 I believe is there really is a hidden wizard/witch society which is where I believe J K Rowling got her idea of a secret magic world.

    She didn’t just make it up out of the blue. She knew stuff we didn’t but didn’t want to be targeted herself by the thought police so wrote about it in the form of fiction known as Harry Pothead I mean Harry Potter so she wouldn’t be labeled as a *truther* as she knows better then to be considered in association with *those* people.

    The secret wizard society only makes themselves look bad for their concealment and they wonder why Christians keep targeting them for black magic. If it looks like a duck. walks like a duck……..

    The idea of Harry Potter was invented to make us focus on the sports part of the world to distract us from the real truth. Americans LOVE sports above truth.

    As the old saying goes *Garbage in Garbage Out*. If you want the truth of September 11 to be reveled focus on Building 7 first and ignore the rest of the static which will reveal itself.

  • Kyle

    Yup! They made us go to two illegal wars and refused to secure our borders which would’ve prevented September 11th terrorist attacks and many other crap happening.

  • Kyle

    Awwww dagnabbit! You gave it away! Now they know who to target! Better go hide in you’re bunker with all those guns!

  • zerojr

    #1 is mossad even pays us college students thet even advertize for it google it on youtube

  • mydogsays

    LOL So it’s just the Democrats doing all this, huh? What president was it that signed the PATRIOT ACT? Where were you doing the Bush administration? Believe me, our current Police State is a bi-partisan invention.