The United States Of Europe: A Proposed “Economic Government” Would Integrate Europe To A Degree Not Seen Since The Roman Empire

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Are you ready for “The United States Of Europe”?  The integration of Europe is about to go to another level.  As the European debt crisis deepens, there are cries all over the EU for full economic integration in Europe.  On Wednesday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy which stated that they want a new “economic government” for Europe to be formed.  According to the letter, Sarkozy and Merkel want the leaders of the eurozone countries to “elect” a president for the new “economic government”.  The idea would be that the president would hold twice-yearly summits to address the debt problems that Europe is facing right now.  But many pro-EU critics are already howling that Sarkozy and Merkel have not gone nearly far enough.  A whole lot of “experts” in Europe are proclaiming that without full economic integration and the creation of “eurobonds”, Europe is doomed.  Jennifer McKeown, an economist for Capital Economics, put it this way when asked what would happen if eurobonds are not created fairly soon: “The likely outcome is the eurozone ceases to exist”.


This is often how huge changes occur in our world today.  First a huge problem is created, then there is a negative reaction and then a solution is presented to us.  Right now in Europe, the problem is the sovereign debt crisis.  We are being told that the only way that the eurozone can survive is if all of the countries agree to much deeper economic integration.

In an article for Seeking Alpha, Cliff Wachtel broke down the choices facing the people of Europe in the following manner….

  • The continued existence of the EZ in its current form in exchange for vastly limited sovereignty. In particular, with limited financial autonomy, with some kind of centralized budget approval and or spending veto power over individual states.
  • Continued full sovereignty in exchange for a dissolved or radically altered EZ, probably one contracted down to member states with similar needs and reliable fiscal management.

Some choice, eh?

While some are applauding the possibility of increased integration in the eurozone, others are warning about the potential consequences.

For example, a Daily Mail article entitled “Rise of the Fourth Reich, how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe” contained the following assessment of what deeper economic integration for Europe would mean….

This would entail a loss of sovereignty not seen in those countries since many were under the jackboot of the Third Reich 70 years ago.

For be in no doubt what fiscal union means: it is one economic policy, one taxation system, one social security system, one debt, one economy, one finance minister. And all of the above would be German.

Nigel Farage was also deeply critical of the new proposal by Sarkozy and Merkel….

Bit by bit, eurozone members are losing their sovereignty as the European superstate is created. Nothing in these proposals will calm the markets. I am also prepared to bet that the European political elite will not ask the permission of their peoples via a referendum to make this happen.

But Sarkozy and Merkel seem unconcerned about the critics.  In fact, they have announced plans to have a common corporate tax rate by 2013 and to coordinate work on their national budgets.

So if the leadership of the German and French governments both want deeper economic integration for Europe, will anyone else in the eurozone be strong enough to resist it?

Probably not.

EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is already calling the proposals put forth by Sarkozy and Merkel “an important political contribution by the leaders of the two largest euro area economies to this debate and the on-going work.

Countries such as Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain are already deeply financially dependent on Germany.  Either they will have to leave the eurozone (which would be a financial disaster for them) or they will have to go along with what Germany and France want.

But economic integration in Europe certainly will not be easy.  There is still a lot of resistance in the EU to the idea of a “United States of Europe”.  Many in the northern countries are very opposed to further economic integration with the financially irresponsible nations of southern Europe.

Craig Alexander, the chief economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank, recently made the following statement regarding the problems of trying to more fully integrate Europe.

“The problem is the political system in Europe can’t cope with the jump from the current system to a fiscal union in one go.”

So it will certainly be very interesting to see what happens.  There still is a very real chance that the EU could break up and the euro could implode.  Absolutely nothing is set in stone right now.

But the leaders of the EU are going to do whatever they can to keep it together.  They truly believe that a fully united Europe under the banner of the EU is what is best for the continent.

In the end, however, the real goal is to unite the entire world.  Regional governments such as the EU are seen as an intermediate step toward a truly global government.  As I have written about previously, the globalists hope one day to have a truly global economy that uses a new global currency.

In a recent opinion piece, former EU bigwig Javier Solana made the following statement….

Truly effective global governance is the strategic horizon that humanity must pursue today with all its energy.

It sounds difficult to achieve, and so it will be. But it has nothing to do with pessimism. The challenge of governing global risks is nothing less than the challenge of preventing the “end of history” – not as the placid apotheosis of liberal democracy’s global victory, but as the worst collective failure we can imagine.

People like Solana truly believe that if we can eventually unite the entire world that it will bring in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Many of them believe that if they can get the world to form 10 or 12 “regional unions” first, eventually they will be able to get all of those regional unions to form one giant global superstate.

Globalists such as Solana are convinced that they are doing this for the good of mankind.  They really believe that war and poverty can be wiped out if we are all under one giant government.

But as we have seen in the past, the larger the governments get, the worse the tyranny tends to become.  Setting up a “one world government” may seem like a good idea to some people, but the truth is that it would set the stage for greater oppression than we have ever seen before.

Those that love liberty and freedom should be 100% opposed to a “United States of Europe” and they should definitely be 100% opposed to a “one world government”.



  • jackieR

    Fear mongering at it’s best.

  • A.S.

    As an Orthodox Jew, I fear another Holocaust, G-d forbid. If this is going towards a United Europe, all Jews should get out NOW. Fellow Jews, come to Israel while you can!

    • She’ll B right

      That won’t happen. I’d suggest under a USD collapse, Israel might not be safe at all as it has been to date. Think carefully about that.

      Much weakened US support, and the delightful feeling of being surrounded by cranky hungry neighbours.

    • HotDog

      Are you serious? DOn’t you think that Israel has a huge hand in this? Ugh, the naivete… or typical bigotry

    • Mike

      Why would you spell God, G-D? Isn’t that being disrespectful?

    • Liolon

      How can political thinking be unlearned to a level of religiously blended stage of delusion?
      Clear up your mind and take a closer look!

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I read this in the Daily Mail when it first came out, I thought this is why we are doomed as a spices. There is something about human beings in positions of power that makes them unable to set their egos, ideology and dreams aside and look at reality.
    Even in the very unlikely event Angela and Nick are able to form an ”Economic Government” it still will not change Europe’s endemic issues. The problem is not that Brussels has to little control it’s Europe has to much debt, and is getting old to quickly. Of the largest debtor nations most are in the EU the only reasion the EU has gotten this far is because unlike a certain superpower tow members of the EU can support the others some have North Sea Oil the other makes things. Anybody capable of sixth grade math can see the level of European debt simply isn’t sustainable long term.
    Add to that a growing resentful Islamic population the PC left is ignoring. Europe is not on it’s way to a Super state it’s on an express train to a very warm place. They might be able to pull this stunt off and kick the can down the road a few more years but as Nicole Foss of the Automatic Earth said reality will dictate. Reality doesn’t care about ideology or ego.

  • thc

    the EU failed miserably… so the “experts” want to try again, THIS time calling it “EZ,” as in EZ to pillage and plunder the common man.

    the USA was formed based on the idea that a far away ruler was out of touch with the localities, and that local government would benefit the locals instead.

    now, of course, all these “experts” are saying the opposite… and trying to trick us all into being their slaves.

    there is a reason they were referred to as “the crazies” over the last century

    • lone survivor

      The eu was to benifit only the banksters and rich, billion dollar corporations.
      In most of these European countries, they have protests against their own governments, which are on the news everyday, and yet some politicians think everybody in Europe wants to be one country?
      Most of the countries hate the other countries and have had wars with them.
      This sounds like some fantasy thought up by mentally unstable politicians who ******** too much.
      People in Europe are not going to all hold hands and sing campfire songs.
      Only some power-crazed madman who wants to be dictator of Europe would want this, (is the evil UN in on this too? Perhaps they want to enslave all of Europe!).

      • grimreaper

        you’re right.germany cant expect that all countries will be like them.Romania, slovenia, lithuania,bolgaria…all those countries wont be able to stand with german rate of production nor with its economy laws…What will happen to them? will they be annexed to germany? left to rot ? united states of Europe are almost impossible via normal ways…but if someone “unite” those countries by force… well that has happened during ww2…and didnt went so well.
        either way, im concerned about their ntentions, since living in eu brought our country more harm then benefits.sadly we cant vote YES for getting out of Eu,although we would like to.


    Bible Prophecy

    “10 Nations
    Of The Roman Empire
    Will Re-Unite”
    Strong Mixed With Weak Nations Will Unite . . .

    Map of the Ancient Roman Empire

    The Bible warns the final “Empire” on Earth just before Messiah (Christ) returns will be a “re-united” Roman Empire of strong nations mixed with weak nations (“iron mixed with clay”) over which the Antichrist will rise . . . (Europe?)

    “Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of clay and partly of iron,
    the kingdom (Rome) shall be divided . . . (now re-uniting as modern Europe)
    And as the toes and feet were partly of iron and partly of clay,
    so the (re-united) kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile . . .”
    (Daniel 9:41-43) (This will be the “kingdom” of the Antichrist … and Armageddon)

    “Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
    And I saw a Beast (Satan’s Antichrist)
    rising up out of the sea,
    having seven heads and ten horns,
    and on his horns ten crowns,
    (other prophecies tell us these represent nations in Europe)
    and on his heads a blasphemous name . . .
    The dragon (Satan) gave him his power,
    his throne, and great authority.”
    (Revelation 13:1,2)

    “The ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from (out of)
    this kingdom (the Roman Empire).
    And another shall rise after them;
    he (the Antichrist) shall be different from the first ones,
    and shall subdue three kings . . .” (The end begins)
    (Daniel 7:24)

    The Bible clearly says “in the last days” 10 Nations will rise out of the ancient Roman Empire. Many (not all) believe these 10 nations could rise out of the European Union as we now see the “strong mixed with weak” nations of Europe re-uniting into a powerful federation . . . (Some also suggest the 10 nations may represent worldwide trading blocs of nations, or the UN, or NATO, or nations out of the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire, which was based out of Constantinople in Turkey.)

    It is worth noting that the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, and England have called for the need to have a “powerful leader” lead and head the new and rising “European Union” … in a moment of time this man would immediately possess the power over all of Europe that eluded Adolph Hitler (Germany), Kaiser Wilhelm (Germany), Napoleon Bonaparte (France), and the Royalties of England, Spain, and others to gain and restore the dominion and power of the ancient Roman Empire . . .

    Have a hard time believing in God? Just watch the news …
    Why? God is warning us . . .

    • Ron

      All is 100% true,the bible is today’s news

    • onecansay

      You must remember that Revelations was written by men associated with the New Roman Empire (The Vatican).

      Yes, the plans of world dominance was written, but not for the true followers of Christ and the Almighty Creator.

      This is THEIR playbook in plain sight.

      The war coming has nothing to do with US, unless you so desire.

      Beware the Great Deception.


    Yes, we are ripe for a surprise revolution. In “Third World America” Arianna Huffington warns: “Washington rushed to the rescue of Wall Street but forgot about Main Street.” Now Bernanke’s promise of cheap money through 2013 is just one more “free lunch” to the richest 1%. Meanwhile, “one in five Americans unemployed or underemployed. One in nine families unable to make the minimum payment on their credit cards. One in eight mortgages in default or foreclosure. One in eight Americans on food stamps. Upward mobility has always been at the center of the American Dream … that promise has been broken… The American Dream is becoming a nightmare.”

    Wake up folks. Super-rich addicts are destroying the American Dream for everyone. They’re destroying the American economy. They don’t care about you. Yes, they hear the ticking time bomb. They’re stockpiling cash. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The IMF sees a new collapse sweeping across the planet. Open your eyes. You’re not watching a film. This is not a metaphor. Plan now for the revolution, class warfare, market crash, economic collapse, plan for another depression.

    • What may we do to prepare ourselves beyond trusting in the Lord? That is the only hope we have! Maranatha…

  • Aurelius 7

    As an American living and working in Germany, in the area of finance, I can tell you that this country will be the next superpower in the northern hemisphere. They’ve been making their moves since the introduction of the Maastricht Treaty and its respective Euro. The unification was destined to fail, but that was kept in the minds of German businessmen and politicians. Just a few days ago during a conversation regarding the Euro-zone and global economics, a German citizen had told me they were going about war the right way this time. Believe you me, this is the Fourth Reich.

  • Aurelius 7

    As an American living and working in Germany, in the area of finance, I can tell you that this country will be the next superpower in the northern hemisphere. They’ve been making their moves since the introduction of the Maastricht Treaty and its respective Euro. The unification was destined to fail, but that was kept in the minds of German businessmen and politicians as a means of leverage since Germany has all the industrial leverage in the region — thus the capacity to get the economy in gear. Just a few days ago during a conversation regarding the Euro-zone and global economics, a German citizen had told me they were going about war the right way this time. Believe you me, or not — I don’t care, this is the Fourth Reich.

    Mod please disregard the previous comment… submitted without having finished it.

  • A.S. – you have a point, but if I were Jewish, it would be the USA I’d be getting out of right now. I believe things there for Jews are going downhill rapidly!

    • A.S.

      I already know that things will be bad for Jews, because the U.S.A. will not be a safehaven for them. If they could place Japanese Americans into internment camps just because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, what will happen to Jews when the economy collapses? Just like in Germany, the U.S.A. will, G-d forbid, round up the Jews. FEMA will round up anyone for extermination actually, that will be a threat to the NWO.

  • Ya that just what we need a bigger government in Europe!

    Think act and live locally

  • SY

    I’m surprised anyone is surprised. Isn’t this what EU globalists have been working towards from Day One–as far back as Jean Monnet (arguably the founding father of the world government over a united Europe movement)? It hasn’t worked, of course, because economic centralization doesn’t work. Today’s EU power elites keep trying. Of course, I think it was Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result. Let’s just watch: the power elites will wreck European civilization before this is over (if they haven’t already) with the wreckage spilling over into our (American) economic woes (if it hasn’t already–& as if our power elites in the English-speaking world haven’t done us enough damage on their own, lol).

  • BraneFrees

    George Orwell was only off a few years with his 1984.

    For anyone who hasn’t read this book, I recommend it.

    What was a novel of the future back when I read it in junior high in the sixties is now becoming a chronicle of the present.

  • Francis Codjoe

    We should not be surprised about Sarkozy and Merkel moves to create a United States of Europe. This was the vision of the founding fathers of EU –the French man Jean Monnet and the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.
    Here is the unknown truth about EU. A British public servant wrote about European integration (how it would develop, its character and future prospects) even before Jean Monnet and Robert Schum,an, the French founding Fathers of EU were born in 1888 and 1886, and when Konrad Adenuaer was about 6 years old.
    The eminent Victorian recorded that a confederation of European nations would develop through a great European crisis, and this confederacy would become the next major political feature in history after the restoration of the Jews to Palestine. Events have proved him right. Israel was created in May 1948. In May 1950, the EU evolved from the ashes of the Second World War. The Briton warned Britain would become a province of Europe; would degrade herself, and would not be saved if she joined this confederacy. He described it “the vile confederacy of the latter days.” The Lisbon Treaty has paved the way for his word on Europe’s future to be fulfilled. The EU is not a successful experiment as Barroso claims. The EU exists to fulfil the Briton’s word on Europe and its future No one can reform the EU. It was doomed before it was born. Britons must heed the warning of the Victorian and leave the EU. Jean Monnet’s luxurious European Titanic is going to hit an iceberg. No one can save it.

  • silvah

    The much touted Biblical prophecies are biased and past their sell-by date. They were (possibly) written some 20000 years ago by a Jewish bloke called John of Patmos as a diatribe against the prevailing power of the day – Rome. (This is similar to certain Middle Eastern countries now describing America as the ‘Evil Empire).
    The Bible (written and edited by mortal Hebrews) claims Jews were ‘Chosen’ by God to rule. In other words, they chose themselves in an excersise of cultural ‘magical’ thinking.
    Unfortunately, God seems to have had other ideas at the time and allowed Rome to have a go. This is (possibly) why Jesus said, ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Ceasar’s and to God the things that are God’s.
    This upset the the Jews of the day to no end as all the Roman Empire’s lovely taxes went to Rome not Jerusalem. And they even had to pay Rome taxes, too!
    The moaning has never stopped since.

  • silvah

    Sorry about the typos. It’s two thousand years ago, not twenty. Caesar, not Ceasar. I’m getting glasses this weekend.

    • mondobeyondo

      Can’t tell if you mean the Roman dictator or the lettuce salad when you say Caesar.

  • MaddMaxx


    You’re promoting a “Dispensational” view of Eschatology. Have you ever looked into Amillennialism as the historic Protestant understanding of the millennial age?

    “Carefully argued, clearly and charitably written, Riddlebarger brings needed balance and sense to the debate over the subject of the millennium.”–Cornelis P. Venema, author of The Promise of the Future



      • that1guy77


  • silvah

    Yes, I have. Being an avidly devoted student of history, (therefore religion since there’s no escaping it), I found Riddlebarger to be one of the saner voices in this world.
    For what it’s worth, I’m also Protestant, or I was last Sunday at church. I just get fed up with folks trotting out those old prophecies in Revelations, Daniel, etc. every time anyone gets fed up with any government in the Western World. If the current Powers That Be are that bad, stop moaning, stop resurrecting that old, old story and DO something (however small) to help sort it for the greater good.
    Hope there’s no typos in this one. My checker(a grandkid) has gone to a rally.

  • The talk of global government is a very strong reality and soon as well.

    Does anyone really believe that George Soros and many of the other puppets masters creating their New World Order are not well on their way?

    They control the worlds currency now. They also know if they create enough debt throughout the world. A new world currency and implemented government that would be able to bail out all the indebted countries. Sounds like this idea doesn’t it to bring Europe into the fold?

    See more on The United States Federal Reserve Bank

    • onecansay

      THEY only control the world currency due to the fact that WE KEEP USING this usury based system.

      For crying out loud people. WAKE UP! THEIR power is in your hands.






    Keith is right. We are so concerned with our prosperity we have forgotten those in need. In need of salvation, in need of food, in need of clothing, in need of love.

  • MaddMaxx

    STCM – I understand your longing. Check out this podcast sometime:

    “The White Horse Inn: Know What You Believe and WHY You Believe It”

    Best … !

  • Diane Denizen

    The EU is a failed experiment, it is time to consign it to the place all failed experiments go-in the bin! Bring back national sovereignty and eliminate the Central Banking system, humanity is coming to a new level and that level does not need the puppet masters like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in truth the end draws near for that old tarnished and corrupt system, it will fall and it will be replaced.

  • Dr House

    All one needs to do is read Matthew 24 and the days news and see how all is coming to pass right before our eyes.The Hebrew prophets are batting 1.000%. In the Dead Sea Scrolls was a scroll of Isaiah that after reading it,they found it was word for word from what we have now in our KJV Bible. 2 small letters or explantion marks are all that is different.As the parchment would wear out,there were scibes that would make copies of the Bible and that was all they’d do.Even if a Rabbi would come in, they would’nt stand to greet them,the accurasy of the Word was above all.We have the the true Word of God,as the Holy Spirit moved them.

  • Here comes the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, which has been talked about for a long time. The United States of Europe will grow much bigger to include other nations too, and will try to rule the whole world. Read Daniel and Revelation in the Bible, it prophecies so much that is now coming true.

  • we all have the power to stop this,because we are many and they are few.

  • Christopher Murphy

    EU seems to be going exactly according to plan controlled by Germany (Assyrians)and soon including the Vatican( the woman riding the beast)

  • SF

    Thank you for writing about this!
    This has been foretold, so become aware – forewarned is forearmed!
    This hideous and disturbing process is going on largely unnoticed by most of the world.
    It is all totally planned and it is evil.

    Another site worth checking out on this is – alarming reading.

    Trust in the light and live by love
    for guidance and truth:

    (note reversed satanic stars in poster, reconstructing the tower of babel?)

  • It is not fear but a good study of the word. it is a sign from God to repent or the end will take you.Let use be mature to the point of a open mind and after prayer and study give a thought it maybe just what the wourld needs

  • A one-world financial system will definitely bring in a new era of peace and prosperity… to the elite bankers who control the system.

    For everyone else, they will have to submit to the demands of the elite, or be cut off from the new financial system.

    Take control of your financial future now while you have a chance. Learn how to Create Wealth during financial crisis, to beat the elite at their own game.

  • Barry Crosbie

    A one world government, one currency, one order…. It sounds sinister… I have stumbled upon alot of information which I slowly have broken down to disinformation… Maybe a ‘New World Order’ is exactly what the ‘Power’s that Be’ dont want…. A united front of Negativity is what would be prefered… We must create a New World Order but that which is pure and positive… There is so much hatred and fear being directed at the hierarchy… They absorb this hate and fear and reflect it directly back…. I for one believe that the human being is in utter confusion and needs to remember that behind all the propaganda from both sides of the ‘coin’ we MUST remain positive in our fellow human being….. Most people are good… And that is a fact…. Economic problems dont really mean anything… people suffer… yes… that is part of the complete human experience…. The 4th Reich??? That again is evil propaganda, suggesting that German people have terrible, horrific intentions. And that is simply not true…. In this earth, there are no borders…. we are one…. Is this forgotten…. I hope not….We must learn to love everyone even if they dont have an ‘iPhone’.

  • Barry Crosbie

    Also, why does people have to use nicknames when posting a comment??? You are all so scared…. But of what??? That your opinion will be shot down… Every opinion counts…. Somebody you know sees how you really feel about the the world…… They can see your name…. STOP HIDING BEHIND THIS FICTION…. Im tired of all this, we need action…… I might sound negative now… But on the contrary i am full of passion…………

  • Obadiah

    The coming United States of Europe under German leadership will eventually become a superstate that will hurl the world into World War III and a time of trouble the likes of which the world has never seen and will never see again. There is probably no responsible German in any position of leadership who foresees this or even remotely wants it to happen. But the law of unintended consequences sometimes kicks in, and what we see happening now bears an eerie resemblance to what happened prior to World War II. A severe financial crisis paved the way for Hitler to come to power, and there will be another financial crisis far worse that what is already upon us that will pave the way once again for the rise of a European dictator. The outcome will be a disaster for the United States and for the rest of the world. But after that will come peace and a utopian world we can scarcely imagine, not because of human beings, but in spite of them. God speed that day.

  • Stuart Young

    I like what Barry above says about the reality that there are humans behind the masks of “bankers,” “profiteers,” “elite,” “super-rich,” etc. With the exception of the small percentage who are psychopaths, probably most of them have families, are capable of compassion and empathy, love their kids/pets, etc.
    But – most people have been brainwashed into an ideology that happiness = number of folding green rectangles over which they have control – and that popularity and worth = number of brand-name products they own (no matter that they’re deliberately produced to fall apart and/or become obsolete in a few months at most).
    We truly live in an insane global society: the amount of profit is directly proportional to the lowest possible labor rate that can be found worldwide, subtracted from the highest price for which the products produced by said labor can get, due to “marketing.” And, what is marketing? Artificially increasing demand through lying and manipulating emotions using proven psychological principles. Products are designed to be thrown away, so that people “need” to buy more, thus keeping production at an ever increasing rate. Money = debt. Even energy is a commodity that must be secured for the lowest “price” (not to the environment, nor to the autonomy of the unfortunate peoples who live where oil is abundant).
    Threaten in any way to take some amount of folding green rectangles away from those who possess them, and they become fearful – and even the best people will support the commission of atrocities (or at least turn their heads the other way) when fear is involved.
    The fact is, technology long ago reached the point where the monetary system became obsolete. Scarcity is no longer inevitable – but since the monetary system presumes the existence of scarcity, then it must be artificially generated, through inefficient methods of generating energy, of production, and of distribution.

  • Atschettre

    A SHORT OPINION …THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE WILL HAPPEN,,IT IS ALREADY IN PLACE ,IT IS A STUDY OF MINE SINCE I WAS 12 YEARS OLD,,WHEN AND WHY IT WILL HAPPEN.The Germans and the french once said they will do anything to undermine the interests of the USA,and it was time for a new superpower and a new system to take over.The USA is so entrenched in debt,and thier peconomic power so eroded,they really have no power,or the clout to do anything.THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE WILL IMPOSE A POLICTICAL AND RELIGIOUS STATE UPON THE PEOPLE OF EUROPE ,WITH THE CHURCH RIDING ON THE BACK OF THE THE POLICTICAL SYSTEM…introducing a non freedom of religion idealism,,and trying to unite all religions of the world under one umberella…

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  • Ash

    Please repent and draw near to the Lord Jesus Christ, He died for the sins of the world on the cross, He was buried and on the third day, He rose again, do not take the mark of the beast, please. Be baptized with the Holy Spirit, happens when you accept Jesus.