The United Nations Declares War On The U.S. Dollar And Publicly Calls For The Establishment Of A New World Currency

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Are you ready for a world currency?  If the United Nations has anything to say about it, that is exactly what we are all going to have shoved down our throats.  A new United Nations report released on Tuesday essentially declares war on the U.S. dollar and publicly calls on the nations of the world to abandon it as the global reserve currency.  This new report entitled “The U.N. World Economic and Social Survey 2010” is one of the most blatant attempts yet that we have seen from a major international organization to move us in the direction of a world currency.  For years it was denial after denial after denial that a global currency was being considered.  Of course we knew all along by reading their policy papers that the eventual goal of the globalists was indeed to move us over to a global currency.  Finally, in just the past year, the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights (SDRs) were promoted by the G20 as “an international reserve asset” that could be used as a unit of payment for IMF loans.  SDRs are currently made up of a basket of various currencies from around the world, but now there are much bigger plans for the SDRs. 


According to the new U.N. report, the U.S. dollar should be abandoned in favor of a new world currency based on these SDRs….

“A new global reserve system could be created, one that no longer relies on the United States dollar as the single major reserve currency.”

So why abandon the U.S. dollar?  Well, the U.N. report says that we must abandon it because it has not been “stable” enough….

“The dollar has proved not to be a stable store of value, which is a requisite for a stable reserve currency.”

But of course it has not been stable!

It is the very same globalists that are pushing for this new world currency that have been behind the destruction of not only the U.S. dollar but all paper currencies around the world.

In fact, there are many who are speculating that the recession that the world economy is now being “pushed” into is actually a contrived crisis which is designed to pave the way for the grand solution that the globalists have wanted all along.

So exactly what is that grand solution?

During a speech back in May, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn called for the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank which would act as the “lender of last resort” in the event of a severe economic crisis.

That is what the globalists have always wanted – a global currency and a global central bank that we all pay taxes to.

Right now the world is not likely to go for it, but if the upcoming recession (or depression) is deep enough, then the would might just be willing to accept a global currency and a global central bank.

You see, it is the exact same problem/reaction/solution paradigm that the globalists have used time after time after time to get their way.

Even now, globalist organizations are lining up their proposals for global taxes that they wish to impose on all of us as we recently described on one of our sister sites….

*The World Health Organization recently announced that it is ready to impose global taxes on all of us.  The World Health Organization says that it needs a lot more money and that it has some creative ideas for how to get it.  Two of their main ideas for “raising revenue” are a global tax on Internet use and a global tax on paying bills online.  These taxes would go directly to the World Health Organization.

*The IMF is actually calling for two new global taxes.  One would be an international deposit insurance tax, and the other would be a tax on the profits of financial institutions worldwide.  The IMF says that the funds would be used by them to prevent another major financial crisis.

So are you ready for a world currency and a world central bank that you will pay your world taxes to?

Malaysian economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram, the U.N. assistant secretary general for economic development, admitted during a news conference that “there’s going to be resistance” to the idea of a world currency.

You think?

Oh, did they expect that we were just going to hand over our national sovereignty to them without any resistance whatsoever?

It is bad enough to have the Federal Reserve (a privately-owned central bank controlled by international bankers) controlling our currency right now.

If we ever allow the globalists to institute a global currency, a global central bank and global taxes then you can kiss our freedom and our national sovereignty goodbye.

But do you see any coverage of this on any of the big news channels? 

Of course not.

The vast majority of the American people have no idea this is going on.

They are too busy catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and lining up to watch the new “Twilight” movie.

Our founding fathers are not here to stand up for our liberty and freedom, so it is up to you and I.

We must get the word out about the plan for a global currency and a global central bank before it is too late.

  • Greg

    The challenge that we are facing is that this replacement of the dollar was planned before the dollar was the world currency so we will not be fighting to save something but it will be more akin to a fight to stop a train before it reaches its planned destination. Personally, I don’t think the dollar can be saved. There are too many things that have already been accomplished toward this goal. The dollar is so devalued and we are so bankrupt that there is no hope other than a hope that the world does not lose hope in the American toilet paper dollar. The American people are not a people any longer. The sinister plan to sell us on diversity has eliminated any unity and has the nation ready to explode with violence. Our morals have been eliminated and no people who lose their morals can remain free and prosperous. Our ability to think and reason has been eliminated with the intentional destruction of our education system, replacing science with mythology and poisoning our food, water and drugs with chemicals that destroy our health, our will and our mental capacity. Churches have become ungodly pep rally stations with little to no Biblical truth. Those who do not believe in God are unwilling to consider the common thread between virtually every religion that looks for a messiah or other form of savior.

    Regarding the loss of our sovereignty, that was guaranteed when we cast off all restraint. There is no such thing as ultimate freedom but the closest we can come to it is to be a slave to a higher authority, even if that master is our own high moral standards. My firm belief is that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life but even when we evaluate the non-Christian Roman Empire, it remained strong until the people were corrupted with the wicked influences they brought into their society from the nations they conquered. As their morals fell, so fell Rome. History indicates there is no hope for a nation such as America that casts off moral restraint and adopts heathenistic immorality. Whether it be fate or the judgment of God, demise and destruction are assured.

  • it wont be a “world” currency, wont be a democratic currency, it will be a Rothschild currency, from a global private central bank system ensuring global debt slavery and the end of democracy and national sovereignty – the worst of worlds.

    Kent Welton,

  • The III

    The UN is a joke, useless and ineffective. SDRs will not be the answer. They are only an in house devise at the IMF. Capital does not flow in and out of them at any exchange on the world market. As US Dollars depreciate, wealth will flow out of it and into the Euro. The best of the worst to preserve what capital they can.
    Europe will do one of two things to strengthen their currency as well as their power. They will split it into a Nordic Euro for the stronger northern countries and a Latin Euro for the weaker southern nations or they will kick out the weaker nations that are dragging their currency down. The austerity measures they are putting in place will eventually convince investors around the world that the Euro is the only safe haven for their wealth. Precious medals will play their part but oil and commodities are not traded in medals but in currency. Currency is and still will be needed to keep trade moving.
    When the ponzi financial system collapses it will be the law of the jungle(survival of the fittest). There will be no time to create a world reserve currency that every financier in the world will agree to. The Globalist are not as organized and in agreement as people believe.
    A big misconception is that the Elitist and Globalist are in total control and working out their grand scheme. The truth is, the more they try to take control the more out of control the world becomes. World War, in the modern age, is the reset button that brings it all back together. This has been done through out history, time and time again. To think the Elitist will achieve their goals without mass destruction once again is insane. They talk about peace but war is all they know. Elitist are money junkies and will do anything to get there fix just as politicians are power junkies and will do anything to retain power. War is always the end result of their addictions.
    The Euro or an evolved form of the Euro will be next world reserve currency, not SDRs. It is the only currency available and workable for capital to flow to when the US Dollar is abandoned. The Elitist will get a world government but it will not be the one they dreamed of.

    – The III

  • Just one more step necessary for unifying global currency to end up with the indelible mark/chip to buy or sell its not so much about having all the money, it is ultimately about complete control, then it will begin to unfold exponentially and God’s promise will be fulfilled.

  • The III

    Correction: That is metals not medals. Fingers working faster than my brain, sorry.

    – III

  • Joel

    We need to elect more Republicans and stop this takeover by the New World Order that plans on killing 80% of the world population and forcibly converting America to Islamic Sharia law. That is what Obama was selected by the Illuminati to do: Destroy America. Vote Republican to stop their Satanic plan for world domination!

  • filboyd

    The Euro was such a good idea, and now a global currency will improve things? I think not.

    Currency and sovereignty go hand in hand. Give up either one and you’re a voluntary slave. The Euro countries did it, and now the USA is supposed to follow suit?

    Great Britain was the smart one to shun the Euro plan. Yet, I’m afraid, the GBP will be punished further. Why? Because lately everyone is buying dollars. Madness.

    The UN is clueless about most things. Maybe it’s time to kick them out of New York and force them to find a new home. And maybe then the UN can find some New Money they seek.

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    In sum, the UN has no credentials to suggest anything about currencies. The UN should stick to helping starvation and AIDS rescues. Geting into money is getting into politics. The UN should never go there.

  • Greg

    I understand your mindset and before some major enlightenment that came from self-directed research a few years ago, believed the same way that you do. You and I would still agree that there are more “good” people in the R party than in the D party or, for Gary, the S party. I suspect that the T party has some decent candidates but it will probably serve only to dilute the R votes. Based upon my belief that all of the letters are poison, perhaps dilution is the best option. The problem is that the outcomes are all planned and the parties are used to dupe us into thinking that something is going to be different with a different party in control. In a sense things are different, but it is as “different” as leading us over the edge of the Grand Canyon from the south rim or the north rim – they are all leading us to the same certain doom.

    Several “conservative” R presidents caused me to ponder why they stated certain things and did other things and why they were intimate with those who were supposedly the political enemy. The ultimate was W. He is still heralded by a few as a great president and there is an attempt to redeem him and hold him up as a better alternative than our Kenyan Marxist president. Look into who George W Bush really is with searches on the Skull and Bones society and its link to Hitler and the entire Bush connection with the Nazis, review his good fruit versus bad fruit, look at the monsters he surrounded himself with in his cabinet, look at his comparison of the god of the Bible to the demon of Islam and his rejection of Jesus Christ as the savior, look at how many of our leaders, including the Bushes, participate in Bohemian Grove. Once you get through that research, look into the history of America regarding the plan for this nation to bring in the Masonic Christ and how that is being fulfilled. Read the legend of the Phoenix Bird and why that was our true national symbol. You will find that this nation is not what you thought it was, regardless of whether you read the current “hate America” history books or the mythology of some Christian writers who state that this nation was founded by Christians but taken over by the liberal left (as I use to believe).

    There is no hope in any politicians. There may be a few scatterings of good people but they will not be allowed to get into positions in which they can make a difference. Far too many of those who appear to be good are using a façade to dupe people into voting for them or into having a false hope in politics. It is difficult to make the right voting choice but simply hitting the R button is likely to result in perhaps a 25% success rate. If you are committed to hitting only one button, I guess you could take comfort in that being the highest percentage available. And if your intention is just to put us out of our misery as soon as possible, go with Gary and vote Socialist.

  • kevin chin

    i do not think an international currency by the un will be acceptable to most people. after all, wasn’t the case for global warming made by some clowns in some international organisation, with convenient omissions? we could all have been slugged with an international tax if these people had got away with the scam. phew! the case for an international currency is equally unconvincing.

  • Greg

    filboyd – your comments indicate that you don’t understand the true role of the UN. They create starvation (study codex alimentarius and the numerous actions of the UN to starve people), they spread AIDS and other diseases through their vaccination programs and they intend to be the sole world government. If you think that there is anything good about the UN, you don’t understand the UN.

  • mcap

    The process for this onslaught was started decades ago,there are countless conspirators to blame but the name that comes to mind the most is GEORGE SOROS. He is satan in a suit….will be making billions off of the Gulf disaster.

  • Paul

    As the Adversary(Satan) tightens his grip upon people’s minds, more and more insane things will become accepted as “normal”. The United States as a whole has become very wicked in just the past 100 years. We create the most porn, abort the most babies, have some of the highest murder rates in the world, openly embrace homosexual perversion, and care more about our frivolous material items than we do our fellow man. This country is ripening for destruction. I would urge all, lovingly, to repent of iniquity, and turn away from these evils. Turn to your Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of the world, for all those that would repent, and believe on his name. Whether you believe in God or not, he lives, and his promises will all be fulfilled.

  • Ron

    Reading these comments it is obvious that rather than following Jesus, many religionists prefer to look to the Bible as some kind of fortune telling machine, interpreting it’s “prophecies” in the most doomsaying way possible. They appear to be men mostly, who may also be obsessed with a dystopic mindset, where they actually LONG for the dystopia. Hopefully not too many of our world leaders share this dystipic POV, although I fear far too many do. To believe that the sign of the beast mentioned thousands of years ago is a one world currency is insane. And, by the way, is not going to happen in the US for a variety of reasons. The only way anyone who thinks so can spin the possibility is to invoke anti semitic opinions, conspiracy theories, or racist diatribes. Reference above, Greg, who actually incorporates all three into one post. Greg (sorry to pick on you, Greg) also states: “The challenge that we are facing is that this replacement of the dollar was planned before the dollar was the world currency so we will not be fighting to save something but it will be more akin to a fight to stop a train before it reaches its planned destination”, yet never cites any sources to back this claim up. People, you’re all going to get old and die before any of your fears happen or Jesus comes back. Relax and enjoy the beautiful world God created and stop focusing on these dire, never going to happen, scenarios. What you focus on you will become.

  • whomightyoube

    The rest of the world is fed up with the US making millions by selling them worthless paper.