The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping

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With the way that things are heading in this country, it is not surprising that there are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today.  What is surprising is that there are not more people prepping. The economy is rapidly falling to pieces, the national debt is absolutely soaring, the earth is becoming increasingly unstable, a major war could erupt in the Middle East at any time and the fabric of our society is coming apart right in front of our eyes.  We have become incredibly dependent on technology and we have become incredibly dependent on our economic system.  If a major natural disaster, a killer pandemic, an EMP attack or the imposition of martial law caused a significant transportation disruption, America would literally change overnight.  We live during a time of tremendous global instability, and yet most people still see no need to start prepping at all.  Most people just continue to have blind faith in our leaders and in our system.  But what happens if our leaders fail us?  What happens if our system collapses?  What are they going to do then?


The number of preppers in the United States today is steadily increasing, but the vast majority of people out there still see no reason to start getting ready for “the end of the world as we know it”.  Most people just assume that things will always somehow get better or that they will somehow be immune to whatever calamities are heading our way.  Most people always seem to have a “good excuse” for why they do not need to prepare.

The following are the top 50 excuses for not prepping….

1. “The U.S. Economy Is The Greatest Economy On The Planet – There Is No Way That It Could Ever Collapse”

2. “Once Barack Obama Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better”

3. “Once Mitt Romney Wins The Election Everything Will Be Better”

4. “When Things Get Really Bad The Government Will Take Care Of Us”

5. “When Disaster Strikes I Will Just Steal From Everyone Else That Has Been Busy Preparing”

6. “The Rapture Will Be At Any Moment So I Don’t Have To Worry About Prepping”

7. “The Economy Has Always Recovered After Every Recession In The Past And This Time Will Be No Different”

8. “The People That Are Running Things Are Very Highly Educated And They Know Exactly What They Are Doing”

9. “Wal-Mart Will Always Be There”

10. “Our Politicians Are Watching Out For Our Best Interests”

11. “The 2012 Apocalypse Is Almost Here And We Are All Doomed Anyway – So Why Even Try?”

12. “Preppers Do Not Have A Positive Mental Attitude”

13. “If An Economic Collapse Comes I Will Just Go On Welfare”

14. “There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Prepare For”

15. “Prepping Is Too Expensive”

16. “We Are Not Like Other Countries – U.S. Cities Are Designed To Withstand Major Earthquakes”

17. “I Need To Save Up For Retirement Instead”

18. “The Stock Market Has Been Soaring So Why Worry?”

19. “I Don’t Have Room To Store Anything”

20. “Prepping Is For Crazy People”

21. “I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories”

22. “All The Food I Store Is Going To Go Bad”

23. “I Would Rather Spend My Time Watching American Idol”

24. “All The People Who Freaked Out About Y2K Look Really Foolish Now, Don’t They?”

25. “I Don’t Want To Look Like Those Idiots On ‘Doomsday Preppers'”

26. “An EMP Attack Could Never Happen”

27. “There Will Never Be A Nationwide Transportation Disruption In The United States”

28. “Instead Of Being So Paranoid, I Would Rather Just Enjoy Life”

29. “If Society Falls Apart I Wouldn’t Want To Continue To Live Anyway”

30. “There Will Never Be Another World War”

31. “I’m Too Lazy To Grow A Garden”

32. “If You Assume The Worst Is Going To Happen Then You Don’t Believe In America”

33. “Deficits Don’t Matter”

34. “I’ll Always Be Able To Get A Job In My Field”

35. “If There Is A Financial Collapse All Of My Debts Will Be Wiped Out So I Might As Well Live It Up Now”

36. “If Things Hit The Fan I Will Just Go Move In With My Relatives Who Have Been Busy Prepping”

37. “Those That Believe That There Will Be Massive Riots In American Cities Someday Are Just Being Delusional”

38. “My Spouse Would Think That I Have Finally Lost It”

39. “I Don’t Know Where To Start”

40. “I’ll Just Deal With Problems As They Arrive”

41. “I Don’t Have To Prepare For A Natural Disaster – That Is What FEMA Is For”

42. “We’ll Never See Martial Law In The United States”

43. “I Don’t Want To Scare My Children”

44. “Once I Get Rid Of All My Debt Then I Will Start Thinking About Prepping”

45. “My Relatives Already Think That I Am A Nut Job – I Don’t Need To Make It Any Worse”

46. “If People At Work Find Out That I Am Prepping It Could Hurt My Career”

47. “If There Really Was A Good Reason To Prepare They Would Tell Us About It On The News”

48. “People Have Been Predicting Doom And Gloom For Years And It Hasn’t Happened Yet”

49. “The United States Is The Greatest Nation On Earth – There Is No Way That It Could Collapse”

50. “I Don’t Plan On Becoming A Card Carrying Member Of The Tin Foil Hat Brigade”

  • Jodi

    I’ve heard people say “so what? we’ve always had debt”.

  • “There are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today”, which means that there are 3 million TERRORISTS according to our government. :-o

    So there’s another reason not to prep, so that you don’t end up on the DHS terrorist list and get a one-way ticket to their FEMA camp.

  • 6. “The Rapture Will Be At Any Moment So I Don’t Have To Worry About Prepping”

    No area of Christianity has been subject to more misguided interpretation than prophecy. Millions of Christians sense we are nearing Jesus Christ’s return.

    Yet when it comes to what the majority thinks will happen during Earth’s last days, and what the Bible actually says will occur, the difference is seismic.

    With clarity and biblical accuracy, End Time Delusions from Steve Wohlberg exposes massive errors now flooding through media and in much of today’s sensational prophecy writing.

    These videos closely examine tightly meshed yet speculative theories about the rapture, seven-year tribulation, antichrist, and the modern Jewish state.

    • r.bitting

      You can tell us you were wrong on the way up.

    • OldPhart

      Thanks for the link, that was a pretty interesting presentation. I recommend it also.

  • JR

    Excuse #51: I was out at a Bumbling Barack meeting all weekend, chanting “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas.”

  • john

    The best thing we can do is keep prepping and let these morons figure it out the hard way .

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    Michael: you forgot “I do not know the Lord’s designs, and even coming signs of his judgement and the breaking of the seals is not enough to shake me.” and also “Revelations is just a representation of emperor Nero’s reign, not our current times.”
    The first reason I agree with, since I am NOT God, I do not know his motives, though I do know God’s love; and thus I cannot understand nor anticipate his might. The second reason is what everyone cites when anyone else says anything related to Revelations; for some reason people who believe in the Christian Book of Revelations are deemed crazy, while the believers in the mayan prophesy are not deemed as such.

    NOTE* I am not an end of the world fanatic, I just like to hear EVERYONE’S opinion on a subject, so I can compare and contrast them, and come up with my own idea of the situation.

    • Tim

      The last book of the bible is Revelation, not Revelations.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    Also, what do you think of these new lyrics to ‘My Country ’tis of Thee’? I think they reflect the times and the state of our country greatly. I do not suggest adding them to the actual song, they are just set to the tune, like the lyrics created during abolitionist times.

    “My country ’tis of thee; once land of liberty, of thee I grieve. Once filled with God’s ho’ly light, now we treat God with spite; let his great judgement right, set us free

    My native country thee; land of corruptive greed; o’er thee I weep. Once filled with honest men, who b’lieved in God’s command, now we are doomed to sand, unless we believe

    Hope is yet to be seen; for a land once so free; is now in pain. When millions cry out, and others deign to shout, then we must oust this flout, and restore thy free

    God hath commanded thee, sweet land of liberty; to set men free. Yet when said men do flount; others well being about;and do not give a hoot; We must save thee

    My country ’tis of thee; land of great tyranny, that once was free. When shall we turn the tide, and filled with nation’s pride, deign to shine; and to be free

    Hypocrites doth reign; when life’s look’d with disdain, and freedom too. Those who plead tolerance, are most belligerent, and never deign to hear; those whom appose

    Freedom is never free; and when they who gov’rn thee; do take away; freedoms to which have died; great sons of nation’s pride; When shall we turn the tide? and free men be free”

    *Note; was not meant to seem unpatriotic, I love my God, and my Country, but rather, this served to exclaim my outrage at what our country is becoming; a God-less tyranny; and I do not wish for that to happen.
    In the words of Patrick Henry “Give me liberty, or Give me death!”

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Also, these are the original lyrics, and a link to the website(wikipedia) I found them:
      My country, ’tis of thee,
      Sweet land of liberty,
      Of thee I sing;
      Land where my fathers died,
      Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
      From ev’ry mountainside
      Let freedom ring!
      My native country, thee,
      Land of the noble free,
      Thy name I love;
      I love thy rocks and rills,
      Thy woods and templed hills;
      My heart with rapture thrills,
      Like that above.
      Let music swell the breeze,
      And ring from all the trees
      Sweet freedom’s song;
      Let mortal tongues awake;
      Let all that breathe partake;
      Let rocks their silence break,
      The sound prolong.
      Our fathers’ God to Thee,
      Author of liberty,
      To Thee we sing.
      Long may our land be bright,
      With freedom’s holy light,
      Protect us by Thy might,
      Great God our King.,_'Tis_of_Thee

      • mondobeyondo

        Wow, that song is so “old school”…

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Here is the new Banana Republic Pledge of Allegiance:

      “I pledge allegiance to the flag
      Of The Banana Republic of America
      And to the corporate criminals for which it stands
      One nation under the iron boot of a despotic oligarchy
      With unrest and instability for all.”

  • Colin

    I think that people react slowly to an approaching tragedy, and, when it the tragedy occurs, they are often ill-prepared. I am loath to speak about the Shoah (the “Holocaust”) or the NAZIs because I think people nowadays are very casual with these historical terms in their everyday language.

    In the 1920’s, Adolf Hitler wrote a book he titled “Mein Kampf”. In this book, the future leader reveals a deep-abiding paranoia of the Jewish people, and speaks of ending the “Jewish menace”. The book was available to the general public by the time that Hitler assumed the chancellorship of Germany in 1933. The Jewish people in Germany, at least some of them, knew what may happen based on their own history with anti-Semitic nations and peoples, and what was happening in Germany. By 1938, when the NAZI party sanctioned its followers to attack openly Jewish businesses and synagogues, I would think there was no question of what the NAZI party intended for the Jewish people. By the time that the Jewish population in Germany was being shipped, alongside other Jews from across German-occupied Europe, towards their death in the concentration camps that someone might think that the Jewish population would awake from their somnolent state and begin defending themselves. Yet, somehow, with the all the evidence pointing to extermination of their culture and people, the Jews seemed ill-prepared for what did come to pass, and, at least six million men, women, and children died at the hands of the state.

    The evidence is around us that something tragic will happen. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year, or even the next decade, but the ones who listen and pay attention, they know this tragedy is coming, and we as a species can’t avoid. Like the Jews, who were slow to react to the nightmare engulfing them, our species I think likes to pretend that because nothing happen today, that nothing will happen tomorrow. The days turn to months, and the months turn to years. Then, one day, everything changes abruptly, and the world is never the same again. The Cassandras of this world – the ones who see the tragedy that will happen – are often ignored or dismissed by those who would rather live in the comfort of doing nothing at all or doing all the wrong things for reasons that seem good to them at the time.

    I have no reason for not preparing myself. I would rather the tragedy come quicker than later. I have been expecting the end of our current civilization for some time now. I think our species is exceptionally self-destructive, and I think our species is remarkably cavalier about the damage that is being done to our world. I know that some would like to dismiss what is happening to our world as the latest trend in liberal high-brow ideas; I feel, however, that I feel that I am bucking the trend of a liberal mind by accepting that we, as a species, are causing an extraordinary amount of damage to our world by choosing an idea that was not new. This idea of humans influencing our world’s climate didn’t arise with Al Gore; it first arose with scientists across the pond in England in the 19th century.

    One of the reasons that I am opposed to killing is that I don’t believe my actions don’t end with the victim. I believe that my actions would influence the victim’s friends and family negatively. Everyday, I hear about some politician who wants to cut aid to poor women with children. or wants to cut aid to schools, or wants to cut aid to the police. Each of these actions doesn’t end with the intended recipient of this aid. I see each of these action rippling across our community, and each time an action happens our community is hurt more. I wish that our leaders, and I wish that the people in the community, would feel more as I do, and be more reflective on their actions.

    For me, the biggest issue with the prepper movement is that it is based on the belief of self-preservation. The individuals involved are saving themselves from a future tragedy. I feel that we should be striving as a community to preserve the community, and not just ourselves. I feel that by isolating oneself from the community that you are removing something that could be valuable to the community. I feel that each individual has value, and they bring value to the community. By restricting themselves, I feel the overall value of our community is reduced.

    • Dan

      For the majority of “preppers” we don’t prepare for self preservation, we prepare for our family and neighbors preservation. Communities (towns and cities) prepare in their own way but are not prepared for a total finacial meltdown. If there is a meltdown or someother horrible occurance then those who don’t prepare (your communities) will start taking from those who have some supplies. There is safety in numbers and the more members of your neighborhood who prep the better off the neighborhood will be. Remember, as a husband and father my first responsiblity is to God and then my family and finally myself. After that, anything I can do for my community will be done.

  • mondobeyondo

    51. These people haven’t checked out the Global Incident Map.

    If you see what’s going on in this world of ours, it will keep you up all night. Just like me!! Heh…. umm…

  • Alyssa

    #5 is, at the same time, especially troubling and a really foolish game plan. Looting is a hazardous venture. SOMEBODY owns everything. Do these individuals think people will easily give up supplies during a crisis? I will be as desparate to retain my supplies as others are to steal them.

  • 1% fan

    51) You can buy a new ipad that is twice as powerful for the same price.
    52) The Baltic Dry is up.
    53) Shipping in Long Beach, CA is up
    54) Tax revenues in Tennessee are higher than predicted
    55) The housing market in south Forida is up
    56) Restaurant business isup.
    57) you can take a wifi equipped bus from New York to Washington for $23
    58) You can buy seven times as much electronics for the same priceyou paid
    40 years ago.

  • TooPoorToPrep


    A lot of people do not prep because there simply isn’t enough money. I am referring to #15.

    What if you end up using your extra cans of meat, during some job slow-down? What if you see the cupboards stripped bare during the month your husband gets his hours cut?

    What if you live in apt, can’t afford a house because around here that is at least $300-400 a month more rent and are barely keeping the basics paid and that includes not even a patio to grow anything on?

    Sure people tell us it’s cheap, but when you have an extremely reduced budget, it’s not happening. For the working class and poorer prepping is far more difficult.

    We often say that prepping…[the real thing beyond some extra water and a few flashlights and a lantern] is definitely something for the more well-heeled. My husband has scoffed it’s a hobby for the rich. [well even those who are rich in land, resources, family]

    I think one should be prepared, but realize that for some the money really IS NOT THERE and do NOT judge us for it. if you lack land, a small town community–[in our case forced out of one via job lay-offs], other people who “see” what is going on, your family is spread out hinter and yon, what can you do? Buying a few extra cans of green beans or ham, the stuff disappears when the pay sinks AGAIN. The economic mini-emergencies wipe the stuff out sooner then any national disaster could!

    Some of us can’t even afford to keep the car gassed upped over a quarter of a tank, or groceries in the house on a consistent basis. We are barely able to make medical payments to doctors. If there is no expendable income, what can people do?

    Maybe you should do an article on how someone who is extremely poor can prep.

    Seriously many of us WANT TO, but the cash is simply not there. The land and space to grow and make things is not available. The modern impoverished American apartment life, does not bode well for self sufficiency. Most of us are surrounded by people who do not care what is going on especially here in a less rural community where anyone who preps or warns of what is coming, is seen as a nut!

    With no money, a person is stuck. Neither of us are young and healthy to go join some intentional community that may be living the prepping off the grid lifestyle or organic farming. We are stuck. The worse thing is we can see what is coming. What can we do? I need real advice beyond go buy such and such for $40.00 bucks. Real advice that does not take a pile of money I do not have.

    • mark

      First if you use your food you have stored if you lose a job,thiat is what it is for. Second, if you drink , smoke or have other vices stop and use the funds to buy some bulk rice and beans to start. Then add some can food bought from a discount store like the Grocrey outlet. The point is to just get started a little at a time. We have been stocking up for over 25 years and we started with one can of food and it grew from there.

      • Michelle

        the only things I save just for prepping time, is oats ($29), wheat($27), dry milk(cant recall cost), beans(varies), and rice($10). Everything else I use, but I usually keep a years worth of canned veggies, and 4 months of meat in the freezer. The idea is to rotate. We have suffered unemployment and underemployment for the past 5 years and I dont see it getting better.
        I buy at a discount grocery or other reduced meats and stuff at grocery stores.

    • DaytoDay

      Here is some real advice,

      Find God, get in shape, and save what you can. I know how tough the economy is, I recently lost my job, but you cannot give up. Instead of shopping at Walmart or any “big name” retailer, go to the local farmers market and buy in bulk. Cut out everything that you don’t need (Soda, candy, chips, etc..) What are your hobbies? or what are you good at? can you cook? Try to find a hustle on the side, whether it’s stitching, cooking, cleaning, whatever your knack is, exploit it.

      We are living in extraordinary times, and the most important thing you could have in your life, is God.

      Good Luck

    • Emily

      This is in response to “toopoortoprep”… I gotta say that I believe you are missing the point and the idea. “Prepping” isn’t a thing where you go buy this and that and then stick it in the back of the closet and forget about it. It’s a complete way of life that you have to have the mindset to do it. You don’t have to live anywhere else such as a planned community or even rurally to prep. You store what you eat and eat what you store. There is PLENTY of room in an average 2 bedroom apartment to store food for a year for 4 people (or more). You can store enough food for a family of 4 under ONE twin bed. So that’s not an excuse. Having lived off my food storage for a year, I can tell you that it pays off… AND I even EXPANDED on our food storage when our income was cut from $120K to $23K for that year! (my husband had cancer and we went from 2 jobs to living on disability in March of 2001.) It CAN be done, and it can be done very well. look at yahoo group lists such as always_ready (my own list), misc_survivalism_moderated(where I started learning more back in 1996), brierpatch, FoodStorageTheBasicsandBeyond, Survivalism_II and more… (just go to, create an account then search for these groups). The people on these lists are knowledgeable and more than able to help you out with where to start.

  • Watchandpray

    #36 is always to be expected. I think the number 1 rule for preppers is to PREP SILENTLY.
    When the defecation hits the ventilation you want to be able to share willingly, not forcibly, with
    those in need whom you care about. Preppers ought not to be broadcasting. Even so, the danger of
    being “raided” is to be expected. That’s why many prep more than they think their immediate household
    will need. Oh look, here comes the Brother-in-law with his ungrateful kids…

  • 51. I was Targeted by the U.S. Government under the Patriot Act in 2009 in Nashua, NH and a National Security Letter was fraudulently issued against me with no due process. Over 300,000 NSL’s have been issued since yr. 2000. After that I have been 24/7/365 Government Sponsored Organized Surveilled and Stalked, vandalized, harassed, provoked, privacy invaded for months in Nashua, NH with police particpation and finally driven from a home which took me 26 year to pay off the mortgage. Charged with no crimes and under investigation for no crimes these same COINTELPRO tactics followed me to CA and now to 10 states that I traveled to. I have since learned these same exact things are happening to tens of thousands of innocent, ordinary U.S Citizens who have been declared an Enemy of the State by means of a bogus link to terrorism being made against the person. Now I live in a one room apartment and all the same things have never stopped. I do not have enough room to prep for much of anything as the COINTELPRO/PatriotAct tactics are continuous… All authorities of the government participate in this – Fusion Center – that’s what it fuses– get it? Extrajudicial Vendetta Justice System

  • #5 is a good reason to learn how to effectively use a firearm, and to include a variety of firearms and ammo in your prepping. #20 is a really good reason to keep your prepping “under the radar” (

  • mark

    Even many of those that think a collaspe is coming our way do not prep. They have normalcy bias. How many are concidered preppers if they only have a 3 month supply of food at home. We need more people to be in a position to help out their neighbors. Think about what skills you can learn to improve your being needed by a community. You can store food in a small space by using the food as furniture. Just stack it up and cover it up with a cloth cover as a lamp stand or support your bed with caned food under it. Something else that is very important about starting a food supply is to buy what you eat today. Don’t buy a bunch of food that you don’t eat today thinking that you will suddenly change your eating habbits over night. If a collaspe was to take place you would be under enough stress without adding more to the mix. We are creatures of habbit and resist change. You might try over time if you have enough time to change what you eat and learn to cook from scratch. That is learned skill that many do not know any longer. They just go to the freezer case and buy some factory prepared dinner. If you learn to use whole wheat and buy a grinder to make your own flour, the wheat berries in your food storage can last for over thirty years if stored properly. Then you don’t have #22 taking place. Make sure that you rotate your food. That is another reason to store what you eat. Learn how to bake bread. that is another learned skill that would be useful to learn. Well enough of this as need to go out to work in the garden.

  • I like that tag “blind faith.” I’m sure they wouldn’t actually search for that online, but it’s just a gentle, subtle slap in the face if they use these excuses.

  • jackier

    The world is constantly changing, and our current systoms no longer work. It is time for tearing down the old to rebuild the new.

  • Cinderella Man

    I must admit Im one of those who will be counting on my Dads ranch to eat when the ****** goes down. Its not that I dont want to prep but I just not gonna worry about it because I already have a plan and a big part of prepping is having a location in a rural area and I got that covered. There is plenty to eat out here the only thing is to block the roads so the city dwellers cant come out here!!

  • ScoutMotto

    For number 1, I would tell that person that there is precedent in the nation for economic collapse. I would ask them what the Great Depression was if not a collapse.

    For number 44, I would counter that getting out of debt is a good way to prep, if the goal is to get out of debt quickly. I paid off my house in seven years from the point of refinance, ten years from the time I bought it. Getting rid of that debt was part of my prepping, in that once the bank note is cleared, there was no worry of losing my home to a bank.

    Most of these excuses come from plain stupidity.

  • ScoutMotto

    I will add on number 44 to my comments that while I was paying off the house, I did spend some money on preps, just not near as much as I have since the house note was paid off.

  • Prof. Pizdoboltsev

    Those “preppers” should keep their stockpiling business secret. Otherwise, if something bad happens, good buddy neighbors would know where to go – “preppers” stand a good chance of getting attacked, robbed and even killed. So, they’d better be quiet and good at their ammo skills to keep hungry invaders from city away from their suburban properties.

    • ScoutMotto

      Anyone who says to me “I don’t need to prepare. I’ll just come over to your house” will hear a reply of “Don’t come over without an invitation, and you don’t have one.”

      It amazes me that some folks think they just come over and eat my food and use other stuff without helping.

  • Gary2

    The Rapture Will Be At Any Moment So I Don’t Have To Worry About Prepping.

    The song “Rapture” by Blondie is a great song. It was remixed with “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors by a group called Rapture Riders. It is a great song.

    Now thats a rapture I could get into.

    • Tim

      The bible says that a time of tribulation unlike anything the world has ever seen is coming on this world because of man’s wickedness. It’s not something to joke about. You think your life is difficult now? You haven’t seen anything yet. Your financial situation will be the least of your problems when that time of tribulation begins. But you lack God-given faith, so you don’t believe what I’m saying.

      • Stan522

        …..he will be left behind…. ridiculing, and marginalizing Christian’s all the way

      • Gary2

        it is a great song none the less.

      • Gary2

        Here is a link to the song on youtube:

        Put down the Tim LaHaye left behind fiction and check this out!

        • Tim

          I haven’t read any of the “Left Behind” series of books, and I don’t intend to. I have the Word of God, and that’s all I need.

  • Gay Veteran

    I view prepping as insurance, just like house insurance. I don’t expect my house to burn but I will be very happy to have insurance when it does burn.

    • jaxon64

      Exactly. I usually use the moniker” food insurance” when trying to get friends and family to put away a few months of supplies.
      –car insurance in case of an accident but not because we expect to get into one
      –life insurance, not because we’re expecting to kick the bucket anytime soon but to provide for loved ones
      — health insurance, again, not because we plan on being sick or even believe that we are going to get sick anytime soon, but because the consequences of not having proper insurance if something happened would be devastating
      –home owners insurance, flood insurance, disability insurance etc etc etc..none of these we predict or even necessarily believe is going to happen but we prepare to prevent or lessen the impact of the event should it occur.
      Why would we NOT prepare for one of the basic staples of life such as food and some security when the consequences of not preparing would be more calamitous than the other things we insure for? As for me, I will have food insurance because I love my wife, kids and granddaugther. I will never have to look into their hungry or starving eyes and try and explain why I didn’t prepare.

      Oh, and #51: many fellow Christians say, ” the Bible says that we won’t be subject to God’s wrath during the upcoming Tribulation”…I tell them, we may be promised sparing from God’s wrath but not from man’s evil and self-serving nature.

  • grandee

    sigh the nasty things that you think are coming always take longer to arrive than you think they will, BUT once they get here, they make up for their tardiness by being worse than you thought they’d be. Didn’t i read this on one of these posts?

  • One I often hear is ‘My wife won’t let me”, too funny!

  • Guido

    For all the denigration of preppers, it sure is funny to watch people panic when a snow storm or tropical storm is on the way. I forget who coined the term, “survival french toast,” but it sure seems to fit the average panic shopping list of eggs, milk, and bread.

    • xander cross

      I am telling you, something is very wrong with gudio. It’s like something is not there.

  • Guido

    I’m sure a few people make the above arguments, but I don’t think most people do. Those arguments seem like cheap straw man arguments and I suspect the real reason, if you could delve down to it, would be pure ignorance. Oh, and resistance to change. I once heard about a rule, which I’ve seen in operation over the years, that you have 7 days to react to a crisis. If you don’t react to that crisis, no matter what it is and no matter what you do, you probably won’t react. It could be as simple as reading about the crisis online, but if you don’t do something, you’ll get complacent and comfortable with the issue and assume it isn’t a real problem. Once that idea solidifies, it’s highly unlikely anyone will change your mind.

  • Urtica dioica

    The ones who doesn´t prepare today will be like crazy animals, doing whatever to get food and water. Unarmed preppers will not last long.

  • Nicklas Johnston

    This is a little embarrassing but I suffer from about half these poorly conceived excuses. (Has anyone seen my bug out bag?;-))

  • Lynda

    I think the best example to look at for how major cities will react to a crises is New Orleans. Nearly every major city has a new orleans side to it. It doesn’t have to be a broken levy to give people an excuse to steal. I know people who go to the store nearly every day to buy dinner, so for some people even lasting one single day is going to be an issue.
    For some of us doomsday is already happening if you have lost your job, and even if you still have a job its not keeping up with the cost of living. I have been at my place of employment for 4 years, and a year ago was the first time they gave out a raise in 5 years. The raise was around 25 cents. The company makes excuses, saying we are compared to other retailers, but we made this place over $40 billion dollars last year and we will be making more this year, and we will not see a dime of that. In fact our incentives get cut every year for some mundane excuse. So as far as I can tell, “doomsday” is a creeping reality. Its something that is happening right before our eyes, but we get so used to that reality that we don’t even see it happening. We think its normal. It’s like the frog in the water on the stove.
    that doesnt mean I dont think something isnt going to come and slam us really hard, like the government issuing a martial law all the sudden and we see military on the street. I just think we have already been conditioned to accept certain conditions of living, and when the government DOES do something drastic, we will accept that too.

  • Anon

    Maybe some people are too busy to do that.

  • MustangWriter

    Unfortunately, a few people know I prep. When they come knocking I’ll share… but they will have to pony up something nice to trade like man power, re; hoeing a garden or scavaging a rick of firewood or carrying buckets of water from a mile away. I’m even prepping for that contingency: 1 cup of rice and one cup of beans and a small tin of meat for a days work. But first they will get a chastizement. “You knew what was ahead, we talked about it. Instead you bought a $50,000 truck and I drove the same old one for 20 years. Shame on you for neglecting your sacred duty to provide for your family, and now you want to visit that upon me!”
    Should it get worse then that…I have ammo. But it is my intention to try and work with my immediate neighbors. If nothing else they can pull night guard duty for me.