The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now ‘Aerostable’ And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days

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Ebola - Photo by NIAIDWhen it comes to Ebola, the story that the government is telling us just keeps on changing.  At first, government officials were claiming that it was very difficult to spread the Ebola virus.  Some of them were even comparing it to HIV.  We were given the impression that we had to have “direct contact” with someone else’s body fluids in order to have any chance of catching the virus.  But of course that is not true at all.  Now authorities are admitting that Ebola is “aerostable”, that it can be “spread through droplets”, and that it can remain on surfaces for up to 50 days.  That is far different information than we have been getting up until this point.  So that means when they were so confidently declaring that they know exactly how Ebola spreads they were lying to us.


On October 24th, a 33 page document was released by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and in that document it is admitted that Ebola is “aerostable”.  WND was one of the first news outlets to report on this…

The information was contained in a 33-page report released Oct. 24 by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Department of Defense’s Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction.

The agency report states “preliminary studies indicate that Ebola is aerostable in an enclosed controlled system in the dark and can survive for long periods in different liquid media and can also be recovered from plastic and glass surfaces at low temperatures for over 3 weeks.”

The report says the government is seeking technologies for the “rapid disinfection” of Ebola, including an aerosol version of the virus.

“The technology must prove effective against viral contamination either deposited as an aerosol or heavy contaminated combined with body fluids,” reads the solicitation document.

You can view the document for yourself right here.

So is there any difference between “aerostable” and “airborne”?

That is a very good question.

Meanwhile, the CDC has finally come out and publicly admitted that Ebola “is spread through droplets”.

In other words, it can be spread by a cough or a sneeze.

On the CDC website, it now says the following

“A person might also get infected by touching a surface or object that has germs on it and then touching their mouth or nose.”

Well, that certainly does not sound like “direct contact” to me.

And once someone has coughed or sneezed, the virus can live on a surface for a very long time.

In fact, authorities in the UK now tell us that Ebola can survive on a glass surface for up to 50 days

The number of confirmed Ebola cases passed the 10,000 mark over the weekend, despite efforts to curb its spread.

And while the disease typically dies on surfaces within hours, research has discovered it can survive for more than seven weeks under certain conditions.

During tests, the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found that the Zaire strain will live on samples stored on glass at low temperatures for as long as 50 days.

All of this directly contradicts what the CDC website has been telling us…

“To get Ebola, you have to directly get body fluids (like pee, poop, spit, sweat, vomit, semen, breast milk) from someone who has Ebola in your mouth, nose, eyes or through a break in your skin or through sexual contact.”

It turns out that is not even close to the truth.

And even as Obama boldly proclaims that there will not be an Ebola pandemic in the United States, the actions that his administration is currently taking suggest otherwise.

For example, we have just learned that the federal government has ordered 250,000 hazmat suits and is sending them to Dallas

A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas, the location of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States.

The manager of the shipping company proved his credentials to Infowars by providing a photo ID and sending a verified email from the company account, but wishes to remain anonymous due to understandable fears that he could be fired for revealing the information.

“I just learned we have been asked to ship 250,000 HAZMAT suits to Dallas, TX. for the US Government. Again this is happening today, we are pulling these suits for the US Government to Dallas, TX,” states the individual, who manages the drivers who work for the shipping company.

Why in the world would the Obama administration buy so many hazmat suits if everything was under control?

It doesn’t make sense.

Is this Ebola outbreak much more of a potential threat than they are telling us?

Insurance companies sure seem to think so.  In fact, many of them are now specifically excluding Ebola from their policies…

Remember the promise of universal health care with Obamacare, with no refusal for ‘pre-existing conditions’? It looks like your insurance company may not have to cover you if you get Ebola. U.S. and British insurance companies have begun writing Ebola exclusions into standard policies to cover hospitals, event organizers, and other businesses vulnerable to local disruptions.

While it is estimated that expenditures to treat the original Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, were approximately $100,000 an hour (though he passed anyway), it looks like insurance companies won’t be footing the bill.

President Obama originally refused to set up travel restrictions in and out of West Africa, too, even though the governments latest scare tactics and the CDC’s ineptitude have resulted in insurance companies creating new policies which exclude Ebola care. Renewals will also become costlier for companies opting to insure business travel to West Africa or to cover the risk of losses from quarantine shutdowns at home.

The American people deserve the truth.

I can understand the desire to keep people calm, but giving the public a false sense of security isn’t going to do anyone any good, and it might end up making this crisis much, much worse.

It is important for people to know how easily this virus spreads so that they can take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their families.  Since June, approximately 400 health workers have caught this virus, and about 230 of them have died.  These workers take extreme precautions to avoid getting Ebola.  If this virus did not spread easily, this would not be happening.

So please share this article with as many people as you can.  If our politicians and the mainstream media are not going to tell us the truth, then we are going to have to keep one another informed.

  • annie from indiannie

    Not believing this, yet, I guess the amount of new cases that come of this new revelation, will be proving this soon. We’ll see.

    • kfilly

      I believe this before I believe the MSM or my government.

  • K

    A natural organism, is best adapted to its’ native environment. So ebola is native to tropical Africa. So how is it, it last longer in a cold and dry environment? What other natural virus can last 50 days outside of a host? Draw your own conclusions, I have already drawn my own.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Genetic engineering, maybe?

  • iris

    Besides the fact that we’ve been blatantly lied to from the beginning about this strain of Ebola, that quote from the CDC about which body fluids have to come in contact in order to be exposed, is highly insulting, considering it’s coming from them. They just as easily could have used the words urine and stool. Perhaps this is another eugenics effort, (think Margaret Senger). Were they simply talking down to their target audience, the less educated? Even our less educated people in the U.S. know what urine and stool are.


    GMO Bio-Weaponized Ebola Virus that can last 50 days?
    What bio lab was this created in????
    The creators of this bio-weapon show be put in jail.

  • apeiron

    The politicized CDC was obviously putting the AIDS template over the Ebola virus…why they were doing so is quite baffling.

  • DJohn1

    I specifically posted this information on this site or the American Dream last Saturday night. I am no medical person. This came from a highly qualified medical person that I do konw. The droplets are a natural byproduct of many procedures involving the Kidneys as one example. The virus at one stage attacks the organs.
    The best way to take what government says is: Whatever they say, believe the exact oppposite to be true.
    I think Michael has writtten whole articles on Obama Speaches in which he outright lied.
    Viruses unlike bacterial infections have to run their courses. We have in the past had about 2 effective drug treatments for the flu.
    I think there are more now.
    Doctors are dead set against using vitamin treatments for anything.
    Probably with good reason. If it works, it works. If it doesnt’ you are pretty much shot.
    Personally if I did not have a real cure for anything I would be shotgunning it for all I was worth.
    That means extensive vitamin therapy along with the treatment prescribed.
    By passing the digestive system and going straight to the blood stream is risky. But it is a whole lot better than doing nothing.
    I leave the details to the doctors. But specifically vitamins in the C, D, and B complex family comes to mind.
    D is a direct result normally to exposure to the Sun. It is a body reaction more than a vitamin if what I have read is correct. That is why flu goes crazy in the winter time.
    Another reason is all the kids are grouped together in a brick and mortar building breathing each other’s air and eating together in a cafeteria.
    That certainly sounds like a Darwin Award for someone to me.
    I think we have to figure this thing is as virle as a flu virus. It probably isn’t. But if you cannot believe the government then that is the other option.
    The only known effective way of dealing with something that virile would be to set the kids up at home with a computer and go with an internet schooling system while this is going on.
    That saves both the teachers and the kids from coming down with the EBOLA virus from that source. It means protecting employees by doing the work on the computer at home where ever possible.
    It means face masks for everyone.
    It means bleaching all kitchenware daily.
    It means spraying the air with disinfectant.
    Viruses are vampires! What that means is they are vulnerable to certain frequencies of light. Specifically full spectrum sunlight.
    So find a way to kill the viruses with light. That means highly intense lights such ultraviolet light filtering directly into the bloodstream.
    I suggest full spectrum flourescent lights in all buildings where people have to meet such as grocery stores.
    None of which is fully going to stop anything. But things in motion tend to stay in motion and things at rest tend to stay at rest or die . . . Meanwhile bleach is your best friend to containing things.
    I use a cup in a high temperature dishwasher here at the house as a matter of routine. We have been lucky. We have kept most flu viruses out of the house this way despite having younger people in the house in direct contact with a nursing home and a vulnerable grandchild.
    We use K-12 for the grandchild and teach him here and at his mother’s house. I provide the computer here. The school provides one at her house.
    I maintain the computer here. (I have had superuser status where I worked.) I know my way around a computer, though my children are the experts. They are top rated network engineers.
    (I started training them in the 90s as bulletin board SYSOPs.)
    All three of my children have some college. One is a graduate in computer science. The most sought after is my oldest son. He is a graduate of the Navy in Nuclear Engineering for Submarines. He is also one of the finest computer people out there.
    All three are good Christians.
    Ebola is a serious illness that needs to be treated with a great deal of caution. I totally agree with using hazmat suits but question their effectiveness.
    If you are breathing the same air as the victim you are in danger.
    The only way around that is a suit designed to provide its own air supply and be completely waterproof. It also means going through a complete shower with the suit on with some kind of effective disinfectant. I would almost suggest a chemical bath of some kind where the suit is completely submerged with the person in it.
    Any leaks and the person is quarantined. This is common sense. Not so common apparently among medical personnel.

  • Blarg

    This information has been out there for a while, chief. Your misunderstanding of medical terms like “airborne” and “direct contact” doesn’t mean that the rest of us misunderstand them.

  • endoftheworld

    Another right wing fear monger…lol!

    ONE person has Ebola in a country of over 300 million (and he’s doing well)!

    But… the voting population is fearful of crowds (good work Tea Party nut jobs)… and haven’t heard a word about the brown people your war machine have been killing every day in the middle east (over oil, gas, and foaming the runway for Bibi)!

    Dupes and cretins, one and all!

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Who are these people who are afraid of crowds and haven’t noticed all the horror taking place in the Middle East? Tea party “nut jobs”? You travel in strange circles. I don’t know any such folks.