The September 28 Blood Supermoon, The Ring Of Fire And The Coming Great Japan Earthquake

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Blood Moon - Public DomainOn September 28th, we will witness the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.  This blood moon will be a “supermoon” and it will be clearly visible from the city of Jerusalem.  According to Google, a supermoon is “the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth.”  In recent years, there have been some that have suggested that there is a link between supermoons and increased seismic activity on our planet.  But others have written articles that claim to debunk this theory.  Personally, I have read what both sides of the argument have to say, and I do not know which side of the argument is correct.  But what I do know is that seismic activity along the Ring of Fire has picked up dramatically in recent years.  


According to Volcano Discovery, there are 32 volcanoes on or near the Ring of Fire that are erupting right now.  If that sounds like an unusually high number to you, that is because it is an unusually high number.

We have seen earthquake activity increase along the Ring of Fire as well.  Just a few days ago, a massive 8.3-magnitude earthquake hit Chile.  It produced a tsunami that was approximately 16 feet tall, and tsunami advisories were issued as far away as New Zealand

A tsunami advisory was issued for the coastal areas of Southern California, which means strong currents are likely and residents should stay away from the shore.

Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties warned residents to stay away from beaches and harbors due to the chances of strong currents. But authorities in the three counties said land inundation is not expected.

“Widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible” along the coast of Chile and Peru, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said, and a tsunami watch is in effect for Hawaii.

A tsunami watch is issued “to alert emergency management officials and the public of an event which may later impact the watch area,” the center says. A warning is issued when a “potential tsunami with significant widespread inundation is imminent or expected.”

Even New Zealand, which is 6,000 miles away from the quake’s epicenter, issued a tsunami warning.

You can see some video footage of the immense damage that the tsunami caused in Chile right here.

Approximately 80 percent of all large earthquakes each year happen along the Ring of Fire, and at some point we are going to see natural disasters occur in this “danger zone” that are going to absolutely shock the entire planet.

In particular, you need to watch Japan.

Everyone remembers the tsunami that happened back in 2011, and within the last 30 days we have seen an eruption of Mount Aso and a 5.3-magnitude earthquake that really shook a lot of people up.

At some point, a major earthquake will strike Tokyo.  When that happens, the damage to Japan (and to the entire global economy) will be incalculable.  The following is from an article that was published a few years ago that discussed the devastation that a magnitude-7.3 earthquake would cause

Although newer buildings in Tokyo are built to withstand powerful earthquakes, a large quake in the city has the potential to cause widespread damage.

According to the government, a magnitude-7.3 earthquake would kill about 5,600 people, injure 159,000 and destroy 850,000 buildings.

Unfortunately, what is coming to Tokyo is going to be far, far worse than that.

And don’t forget, Mt. Fuji is very close to Tokyo as well.  At some point that volcano will erupt again, and the death and devastation it will cause will be absolutely unimaginable.

I hope that we don’t see any major seismic events in Japan or anywhere else at the end of September.  Let’s hope and pray for a very peaceful and quiet end to the month.

Sadly, the mainstream media is having a field day mocking those that are warning that this upcoming “blood supermoon” could be significant.  For example, just check out this excerpt from an article in a British news source

The Blood Moon prophecy began when two Christian preachers with huge followings in the US claimed the date of the last of four ‘blood moons’ over the past 18 months, due to occur at the end of September, would signal the end of the world as we know it before the “second coming of Jesus Christ.”

The fourth in the series of blood moons, which have six full moons in between, is set to happen on September 28.

Despite, the two evangelists, John Hagee and Mark Britz being accused of peddling “false warnings” in order to cash in on books they have penned about their predictions, the theory continues to sweep the online religious community, with videos on YouTube going viral.

First of all, they didn’t even spell “Mark Biltz” correctly.

Secondly, I know for a fact that Mark Biltz has not been saying that the second coming of Jesus Christ would happen this September.

But this is what passes for “journalism” these days.

U.S. news sources are publishing similar stories.  Here is just one example

The end of the world will surely come, but just as surely it will not be this Sunday night or Monday morning when a super moon combines with a lunar eclipse to create a “super blood moon.”

Basically, despite the doomsayers, we’re just going to call it:

No world destroying comet, no Earth shattering quake … and if a religious figure comes/returns, our guess is that it will be on par with a personal visit like what people say happens every day … no Earth-scorching fire and brimstone will happen this weekend.

But, hey, if the world and everything comes to an end this weekend, please do send me an email with the subject line: Told You So!

Perhaps the mockers will be right.

Perhaps nothing will happen on September 28th.

But let me be abundantly clear – a great shaking is coming to our planet, and life as we know it is about to completely change.

  • shadows_edge

    Does any one have the email address from the last quote from seattle pi. It would be quite fun to explode his inbox when the shaking does happen.

    You have 4000 unread msg’s all starting with told you so.

    Some ppl live their entire zombiefied lives with there heads in the sand and I can’t wrap my mind around a persons desire to go through life completly oblivious.

    Btw Mike how was the Idaho conference?

  • Vizar

    The world is indeed very messed up on a truly global scale. This has indeed NEVER happened before at this level in all history. I do suggest being prepared for anything and hoping that their is indeed a Just and above all, LOVING GOD. If all is calm….great. But as a former Boy Scout I am always “Prepared.”

    • iris

      Vizar, Yes, “there IS indeed a Just and above all, LOVING GOD”. Put your hope and trust in Him, He died for you to reconcile you to Him and rose from the dead. Your hope can and must be real and sure, ask Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to you as He truly is. God is not a genie or one of many good luck pendants or tatoos of affiliation or personal identity, not a cultural norm or human being’s mental creation. Our relationship with Him cannot be one of mental assent or calling out for only when desperate. Like any healthy relationship, it is intimate, faithful, a two way street and based in reality, but since God is the One who loved us first, created us, sustains us, calls, saves, sanctifies and redeems, the relationship is a lot more about Him than it is about us, just as the Giver is more important than the gifts He gives. He wants us with Him with all of His heart, but because He is a just and loving God, it has to be on His terms. Anything less will end us disappointing us at best, anyway. God bless.

      • iris

        oops, meant, end up disappointing us, but we will experience eternal, just judgement from Him, if we’re not found in that kind of faith relationship with Him.

  • robert

    Pastor Hagee has been writing his prophetic books for many years. I have never heard of the other fellow mentioned. My generation experienced Hal Lindsey who seemed to form the foundation for other authors to follow with the general theme “the end is near”. The thing is, no one knows. Yet, those who prophesy continue to make it sound as if they have the answer to the when. I have seen people lose their faith (if they ever had it) because of modern day prophets who turn out to be wrong (again). They do more damage to the cause of Christianity than to help it along. Can we not have a quiet, simple, trusting faith without all the noise? Seems not. I have been hearing and seeing this drum get beaten for over 45 years. I still have my faith but it is still in the scriptures and not someone selling books.

    • Marc Dinger Light Bulb

      The Marc Dinger light bulb will go out during this huge earthquake?

    • Ashley

      Well said!

    • Mike


    • Human

      The last sign the Lord gave us… you know, the cell phone! Stand straight and look up! Robert, the end of the age is very near.

      • Gay Veteran


      • Kenton Herbert

        Remember, Jesus said that satan is the prince of the air, ie: cell phones, computers, ipod etc.

    • iris

      Amen!!! Thanks!

    • AzDi

      No one knows the day or time as the Bible has said. My wonderful Grandmother back in the 60’s and 70’s “knew” it would be in her lifetime. She died in the 80’s, and I KNOW she is in Heaven!

      The fact is, we, who believe in God and his word, know it will come. Who knows when, but all should be prepared. Evil is so prevalent in the World today.

      Michael, I watched you today on the Jim Bakker show. Course, I read your blogs all the time, but it was good to hear & see you in person. I found so much of what you and the others said (especially about the rainbows), made so much sense. Again, thanks for your dedication and the information you give us.

      • Nio

        Your grandma cannot be in heaven now it’s not biblical. 1Thes4:16,17.

      • Kevin Straub

        No she isn’t in heaven, she is in the grave and waits for the resurrection. The Bible doesn’t teach the immortality of the soul, actually. Obscure texts are used as the proof of such a doctrine, while ignoring the plainer texts. Such as “David is not ascended into the heavens” (Acts 2:34) and “the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing (Eccl. 9:5a).

        • ele

          David is before Christ. Today Jesus already ascended.the bible said. When we die we will be with the Lord.

    • factfiler

      Mark Biltz is the first one who discovered the blood moon phenomenon, and John Hagee “borrowed” the whole prophecy from him.

    • Jim Davis

      “Pastor” Hagee is either a loon or a huckster.

      • MacFly1

        Nah, just a pastor with a huge following.

        • Jim Davis

          of suckers and idiots

      • akar4715

        He is probably both.

        • A believer

          He is a professional liar and imposter or im-pastor

    • Teodoro Cervantes-Leon

      Dispensationalists and warvangelicals can’t sell their hype with sound exegesis or eschatology, so they create what works.

  • Lugnut Capp

    The devil monster face is going to be doing some major swaying back and forth on the wall

  • outofthefryingpanintothefire

    None of the pastors who have talked about the Blood Moons have mentioned a specific date for any catastrophic happening.
    They have merely quoted the words of the prophet Joel about the sun and moon being “signals” from God that COULD portend a shaking of the nations (an economic “shaking”, natural disasters, warfare, terrorism, etc.) as have been witnessed around the time of previous Blood Moons.

    Sadly the mainstream media is invested in discounting, discrediting, and mocking Judeo-Christianity.

    • We can even add, concerning Mark Biltz, that he even made is discovery long ago – 2008-2009 (that’s the Jurassic) and never cash in on anything, did not sell anything, did not write anything to sell. Everything was already free to watch on his website at the time, as well as on Youtube.

      It is only recently that a dvd and a book was published.

      As for Hagee I don’t like neither appreciate people stealing discoveries of others and claiming them as their discovery and making a lot of money out of it… he does not even recognize the discovery from Mark Biltz. He may be good on some teaching, but I’m disgusted by the method.

      • factfiler

        Agree completely.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Sadly the mainstream media is invested in discounting, discrediting, and mocking Judeo-Christianity.”

      maybe true, but unfortunately Judeo-Christianity does a good job doing that all by itself

  • lmarkievich

    Seems like there have been a lot of over 6 point earthquakes in Chile over the last week. Usgs sends out nice alerts based on your preferences. This is the first real trend I’ve seen since I subscribed a couple years ago.

  • Lo Pan

    I’m gonna go head and put my money on nothing happening.

  • merrileerj

    You say the president & pope meet on the 23d? But they met today, the 22d. ???

    • Reality

      oh my … the end is near … /sarc/

  • Preacher62

    Every day is a gift from God and every day there is a chance that for some it will be their last. Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and there will be no need to fear anything that may or may not be on the horizon.

    • paulreveredeux

      which god? Obama? your cell phone? NFL?

      • Preacher62

        There is only one true God, maker of heaven and earth.

    • solomama

      As my Grandmother use to say- It’s the end of the world for someone each day!

    • iris

      Amen, Preacher62. If believers lived life every day as if it were our last, (and who knows if it won’t be?) we’d worry a lot less, love a lot more and share the gospel. It’s about God come in the flesh and His gospel, because His finished work on the tree is our hope of eternal life if we trust and receive it.

  • Jim Davis

    22 days have passed and still no collapse. No rapture. Sigh… Sadly the evangelicals are still here pushing the nimrod Republican presidential candidates into slobbering all over Israel against the interests of their own country. Stupid cuckservatives.

    • Mike

      The rapture happens when the Son of God returns (at the end, not 7 years before). Israel, God’s word and His followers will out live you and your bankrupt philosophy and mockery (just like it has throughout the centuries). Regarding politics, if you think you can criticize the Republican candidates with the current fraud we have in the white house as your ideal candidate/leader, you need to reevaluate where we currently are as a country under his fascist policies.

      • Gay Veteran

        well the fascist policies didn’t start with Obama

      • Gay Veteran

        religion exists for 2 reasons:
        (1) man fears death,
        (2) as a means of social control (obey the king or you’ll go to h ell).

        heck, let’s toss in a 3rd reason:
        (3) as a means for priests and preachers to obtain money and power

        • shots = autism

          Religion also tells people what they aren’t allowed to have. Nearly all the Christians I know are against marijuana. The plant is sinful because gangsters smoke it and get high.
          If they only knew how effective it is at curing cancer and treating many other diseases. The older generation always votes against it.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Our faith exists for the Lord’s purpose: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind.

          What does yours bring? As far as results from you and others of your ilk: death and ruination. What good have your lots ideologies wrought? Dead babies in the millions. Rampant STD’s and pathogens. Deviancy in law, economics, religion, sexuality, family. Man-made famines, droughts, and environmental disasters for the sake of worshiping nature – pretending to be some form of animal. Justifying atrocities as “fairness”.

          Your ideologies are collapsing because they never were capable of working! This life, our bodies, this planet, this universe was obviously designed to operate in specific ways – that’s what The Lord, Jesus Christ’s Church is here to instruct us in. Since Adam to these latter days; it still works when heeded. Now is when you’ll use your misconstrued interpretations of what the scriptures recorded as “slavery” and “polygamy”; we already discussed those, you That’s your problem.

          • Truthing

            I’m thinking that if we simply ignore Gay Veteran and his ilk, that he/they will leave this site. I have argued with him/them before. It is pointless to do so. His kind are nothing but provocateurs and site trolls who love nothing more than to distract others from honest conversation and debate.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            You’re right, the trolls won’t be civilized. The actual reason they’re here is they’re scared #$%&less. They know that the nation is now in economic/social/demographic collapse. It’s actually their decisions, beliefs, and actions that did it. They need to throw the blame on the innocent to absolve themselves – part of their twisted reasoning.

            I use the trolls as a means of refining my arguments and to see what stings. It won’t do any good to change their minds; you’re right Truthing. I don’t aim to. These trolls have no idea the damage they’ve done to their cause or themselves: every evil always provides the just and innocent ample means to vanquish said evil. All we need to do is use those means.

          • winston

            destruction thats gonna happen soon and theres no garauntee from the scientists who swear and live by thier theories god is the one who made this earth he.ll guide and pull us through the hard times we.ll endure but theres still hope for me and you
            winston gouchey

        • Rdawg

          Spot on. Religion. Poisons. Everything.

      • Magog

        Where have u been darlin? No rapture.

        • Grind Junkie

          October 6

          • Jim Davis

            Since that’s going to come and go with no rapture, just post your next date now.

          • Denise Heathers

            No one knows the day or hour…

      • Jim Davis

        So because there is Democrat psychopath in the White House, that means I can’t criticize the Republican psychopaths?

    • Stan

      Why do you HATE?

      • Brook

        Because it is a first amendment right. Anyone, anytime can say anything they want. Remember….

        • Stan

          The great thing about life is how karma eventually pays us all a visit. When it does with you, I hope you have total consciousness…..

          • Brook

            As for karma or ‘total consciousness’ I don’t believe in new age disgust. It is satanic. Also, please wake up to the true agendas behind all this homosexuality gay agenda, PC, and the trendy word ‘hate’.

          • Stan

            You are the MSNBC and Huff Post-indoctrinated, constitution-contemptuous, traitorous, racist, sexist, baby-butchering, sodomy-celebrating, marriage-devaluing, rights-from-government-not-from-God believing, 2nd Amendment-hating, innocents-murdering, criminal and domestic terrorist-empowering, illegal alien foreign invader enabling, societal-parasite-pandering Tyranny Party excrement-bagger’s who smear the constitution, and the blood of those who died to defend it, with the pathogenic excreta of elitist fascist contempt drawn from their ever-present, power-and-control-greedy, liberty-hating, slavery-to-the-state-supporting, government-is-god, philosophical bag of egalitarian, neo-Marxist in this discussion. You are the intolerant atheist HATER and that WILL come back to haunt you…. Call it whatever you want, but I’ll call it karma, because you know EXACTLY what that is.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Because the trolls are scared. Their utopia was never possible and what they already built has killed millions of their own countrymen. They’re fully responsible and scared we’ll take it out of their hides and replace it with Constitutional republic governance, Christianity, and Capitalism – what really works.

        • Stan

          I know many libs and I know many conservatives….. Conservatives are better armed and skilled than libs. If it comes to it, the end result won’t even be close…..

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            And they outnumber the leftists; at least 4:1 in some areas. They are a vast minority.

    • Gay Veteran

      cuckservatives, heh

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Says the troll who can’t defend his own views…

      • Jim Davis

        so sayeth the rapture loon

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          I’m Mormon. We don’t believe in that rapture stuff.

          • Jim Davis

            That’s right. You believe you get your own planet.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            One planet? Nope. Bigger! Find out later in the time to come!

  • shots = autism

    No doubt when the last 4 eclipses happened a few hundred years ago people were saying it’s the end of the world back then. and the time before that, and the time before that

    • Mike


      • Gay Veteran

        what would a peasant in the Dark Ages think?

        • Jim Davis

          On this blog, I don’t think we’ve left the Dark Ages. The sun still revolves around the earth.

    • Harold4321

      The last four eclipse happened in 1967/68. Before that 1947/48. You need to get your facts straight. I know of no one who says these eclipses mean it’s the end of the world.

      • factfiler

        Took the words out of my mouth. It’s clear that most here have never even read anything about the blood moons and the significance of the past ones. Such stupidity to condemn something without knowing anything about it.

        • Harold4321

          Shots=autsm edited his comment after I replied to him. He removed “the last 4 eclipses happened hundreds of years ago” and added “and the time before that, and the time before that.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Lunar influence on earthquakes and volcanoes… interesting idea, but I’m siding with the skeptics on this. I know that gravity is still theoretical; so what follows is mere hypothesis. The moon’s position relative to earth’s mentioned above happens once each year. The light reflecting from the lunar surface does add some extra mass to the moon due to light particles; that amount added to the gravitational pull is not enough for such an impact. The pull each previous year should’ve been strong enough to incite earthquakes and eruptions by itself.

    As for the earthquake in Tokyo; that’s inevitable due to it’s proximity within three major tectonic plates boundaries. Tokyo does boast about their earthquake consciousness and advanced office building architecture: however, the majority of Tokyo is older, wooden structures in compact areas with lots of industrial and oil refining areas surrounding it. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    As for all the problems of today; this was all prophesied to come to pass in the last days. And for those trolls who don’t understand what that means: the “Last Days” are the last days of the devil’s dictatorship on the earth. It’s not an end of the planet or universe – but an end to the wicked and iniquitous; and the lead dictator (lucifer) will be subjugated while the Lord, Jesus Christ personally reigns upon the Earth.

    • Not so sure. I’m in the “plausible effect” camp (not meaning it is happening, just that it is plausible)
      However, I’m thinking more of a possible INDIRECT effect of the Moon pull, rather than a DIRECT one – as a direct one I’m with you. The Lunar effect look way to weak.

      However, as an indirect it could be a possibility. As you, this is just hypothesis.
      We know the Moon to pull on the ocean of the Globe. Yet, those water weight billions of tons on the crust underneath, as well as pushing a gigantic pressure on that same crust.
      Considering, the jiggsaw puzzle of the tectonic plates and their mobility, I would consider the dynamic of the weight and the pressure of the water moving – due to Lunar Pull – to be able to act with strength on Earth’s Crust, and, as a consequence, trigger some earthquakes.

      In any case, even without the Moon, the Tectonic Movement seems to have entered an active period, especially around the Ring of Fire.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Oh! Good point! Never thought of the lunar pull on the oceans affecting the tectonic plates!

        Well stated, old man!

      • Human

        Guys, I do believe there is a large body in space coming our way. There is to much evidence, (orbital effect on the outer planets, the disappearance of the eye on Jupiter etc.), to dismiss. That additional pull would have an effect on the plates.

    • Gay Veteran

      oh lord, now you’re an expert in earthquakes and volcanoes, will wonders never cease

      • Harold4321

        Don’t you have a gay pride parade to attend?

        • Gay Veteran

          no, that was back in June

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Creating a viewpoint FOR someone and then badmouthing them based that viewpoint is just invalid impudence.

        I did not profess expertise: it’s a hypothesis. Amateur level at best. Had I stated expertise on earthquakes and volcanoes, then you’re open to make such a comment. That’s normal English syntax.

        • Gay Veteran

          invalid impudence? oh my

  • Lanny Dante

    Im 66 yrs old and Im sucker for all these dang predictions thru the years – come the 28th and nothing happens Im NOT listening anymore or watching any more videos on youtube on doom – my heart cant take it anymore. Im a kind of guy that likes to be prepared just in case something does happen – don’t wanna be that guy on a ledge in 1929 contemplating jumping when the stock market crashed and he lost everything.

    • Human

      I feel for ya Lanny. The prophecies laid out for us in the Bible are what I watch for, and none of them talk about this blood moon fever. It does say in several places that the sun will be dark like sack cloth, and the moon will be as blood. Don’t folks understand that there have always been blood moons? These signs in the heavens (blood moons on feast days) are indeed signs something is coming, I expect Psalm 83 is what it is pointing to.

    • Goldfinger

      Four blood moons tend to signify something is going to take place with Israel, often war.

  • HumbleAmerican

    I do believe if nothing happens this month, and not just an earthquake or volcano, there will be a change. More people will do the same as your saying, the doomsday sites and videos will just be part of history.

    • HumbleAmerican

      This is a reply to Lanny Dante.

  • Human

    The world as we know it is indeed going to change this fall. Watch the economy of the whole world go into the pit. These blind guides are just hot air. This earth will never end, but the international bankers, nephelim, and ultra wealthy will have their one world government. You can see this unfold right under your nose. Death and destruction are surely coming!

    • Gay Veteran

      well, the earth will end when Sol goes supernova

      • Jim Davis

        actually red giant

  • Musivick

    {7} When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” {8} I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    IS, the Caliphate will upgrade Its attacks on the non-Muslim world after the 4th blood moon of the 4 horsemen Tetrad… 1/4 of the community of nations will be subjected to homeland terrorism by the ‘refugees’ allowed into those peaceful host nations
    ….’Death & Hades’ let loose by the Jihadists will wreak terror & death in the EU, the Western allies, India, Indonesia, China…
    fully 1/4th of the former civilized world (if there are 150 nations then ~38 countries will be terrorized by the covert Jihadists/Saboteurs/Anarchists/Zealots

    ~at least that’s the word in the conspiracy community of forums~

  • northernraven

    Forecasting an earthquake in Japan is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow. ‘Inevitable’.

    • folgers22

      yep. And claiming it’s all dependent on what the moon looks like reminds me of another religion.

  • Estrella

    About having a survival plan, extra food and water, etc., in case of any emergency event: It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Too many people wait until the catastrophe hits, then they run to the supermarkets when there’s almost nothing left, when having just a few extra cans, water, milk, etc would make holding it out easier in many cases. So, whatever could happen in September or any other time of the year, make plans ahead of time, even an evacuation plan, and most of all pray. These blood moons have been said to be a warning, as economies usually take a turn for the worse soon following, according to statistics. And catastrophes are happening more than ever in the past several years.

  • loadnup

    It is always, always a tough choice between remaining silent or speaking the truth. Mockers are plentiful as they have only belief in themselves for if they accepted the reality of God then they would have the responsibility to act accordingly or suffer the consequences. No, it so much easier to mock and ridicule… and “fun” it seems.

    That said I have been avoiding putting “out there” what I have been following on another site, a web site I’ve followed in the past as it has helped to build my faith that when the collapse comes I believe we can get through this with good outcome. Starting in September the messages became warnings. take it or leave it but here is a quote from September 3rd.

    ” I cannot say that the economic collapse is distant when really it is near, or that it will be short when really it will be long, or that it will be easy, when really it will be quite difficult. Only truth gives the light needed for hope. So, I will now speak words of truth.

    “This collapse has been a long time in coming, preceded by many incidents that should have awakened the world. God is not the cause of the collapse and the collapse is not a divine chastisement. The collapse comes because of man’s free will and the choices he has made. The collapse has no purpose. It results from purposeless decisions made from self-interest.

    “The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America. I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place. I want him to be part of the picture. I want him to be present. His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies.”
    Take it, leave it, do with this information what you wish but know this: With all that I am I believe it to be true. pray, prep and protect.

    • merrileerj

      Who brought the pope to America at t his time??

      • Reality

        probably a large airliner powered by high bypass turbofans.

  • Apollyon

    The wonderful thing about this is, Jesus said in Matt: 24:29 that this would be the last sign before he returns.

    Matt 24
    29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

    30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    It is not talking about the end of the entire tribulation just the troubling times we are in.

  • Kitco Pete

    I wasted over a month of my life worrying what will happen today! By all means your articles are great but maybe less emphasis on a certain date would do us better?

    • onlooker

      You better watch it or your post will get deleted.

  • Shadow Patriot

    Funny…none have ever said the four blood moons were anything other then prophetic warnings…. Yet even here people try to twist words to discredit men who simply pointed out past happenings and alerted to current warnings… Neither are prophets, so how can they be false prophets?
    A watchman sounding an alert of a warning sign…isn’t being prophetic…he is doing his duty as a guard…

    “To repeat all calls more distant to the guardhouse then my own”….. a general order for a senty..not prerequisite for a prophet. Hagee and others noting the moons are simply repeating a warning call..

    So be warned, or scoff, they absolved any blood from their hands by warning.

    And if you call them, they will send you their books for free….so you can’t say its just greed

    • Barry Goldwater

      Probably the same person who believes the DOW will hit 20,000 by December 31. LOL

  • Alleged Comment

    Oh, now it’s September 28th. And what date after?

    • onlooker

      I think the author of this blog has painted himself into a pretty tight corner.

  • SallySmith71

    I would like to point out that CERN was slated to fire up full throttle today and try opening some portal. They may have changed their minds after the 8.3 quake coincided with the last test run apparently. Just because we aren’t seeing results immediately, doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. Remember it’s the powers and principalities we fight against.
    Peace and blessing’s

  • James

    I wonder if blood moons are predicable 1000 years in advance.
    LOL, yes they are.
    Try studying some of the statistics, science, and applied math you guys shun and you realize that it is not gods doing, it is math an science.
    I should take note of this publication and see if any of this is true 3 years later.
    I will do updates on Are We living in the last days, Red Alert, Stock market crash, and my stock choicces

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Which science? The actual sciences of physics, mathematics, chemistry… or the pseudosciences of evolutionary biology, genetic determinism, phrenology, climate alarmism…?

      Math and serious sciences cannot in anyway, shape, or philosophy prove
      or disprove the existence of God. These actually do provide us with an
      argument in the affirmative to the existence of The Lord, Our God (short of a proof).

      The Good Lord gave man sciences to rightfully progress and prove means of stewardship and dominion over the earth. Dr. Ken Miller once alluded that if a deity did create nature, it was a flawed as millions of species appear and die off. I personally say that nature was designed to never be fully autonomous; that mankind is always necessary to have dominion via sciences and industry to minimize nature’s mistakes. It is not a creative power that spawned us – it’s a means to prove ourselves worthy of progressing in the Kingdom of God.

      You, however, seem to use the word ‘science’ as a means of oppression. If people want to believe these things about blood moons, earthquakes, and such they are at liberty to do so. If that offends you, then that’s your problem – be an adult and deal with your problem.

      • James

        What science.
        Not actual sciences like geology, climatology, genetics, evolutionary biology, genetics, and neurology.

        Math and Science disprove many of the claims in the bible.
        Bread can turn into skin.
        There was IVF in bibilical times
        The earth is 7,000 years old.
        Anyone who is willing to believe this can, and I have every right to troll them with the facts.
        Blood moons are predicatable with applied math, statistics, and astronomy.
        Earthquakes and volcanoes are predictable with geology.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          If math and science disproves the Holy Bible, then I suggest you retake 3rd grade and up.

          • James

            It disproves much of what is stated in the bible

          • James

            It disproves much of what is stated in the bible

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            No, it doesn’t. The majority of the bible is historical and cultural: math and science don’t enter into these fields much; or your Leftist beliefs would be discarded. The only math presented in the bible are for some measurements of construction projects, troop counts, monetary denominations, and time passing. Dates given in scripture itself is accurate – the rest of the dates, such as age of the earth, are conjectures of bible scholars (that’s means best guesses and opinions) that don’t appear in canonized scriptures. The sciences of how the construction projects came about were tested and found accurate. The miracles of the Lord exist in higher planes of physics and such that we have no conception of. And if you bothered to study actual science, you’d see how much correlation there is between creation doctrine and known scientific discoveries and facts.

          • iris

            Yep. Job (oldest book of the Bible) called the earth a sphere, 5000 or more years ago. The tetrads of lunar and solar eclipses all falling on important Jewish days, which God says would be signs, the list goes on. Just the intricate patterning in the known universe, from sub atomic to galactic, points to design, not accident. Most of the theory of macro evolution has been refuted already, but the school systems aren’t about to edit material and lose money to admit it in textbooks, but are still teaching theory as fact.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Shame on you yitzchak.

    Where did I EVER say that something specific was going to happen on September 28th?

    In the article above, I did say that an earthquake will strike Tokyo at some point, and that indeed will happen.

    In the article above, I did say that Mt. Fuji will erupt at some point, and that indeed will happen.

    So how in the world am I leading people astray.

    In the book of Joel, the Lord God of Israel did say that in the last days He would pout out His Spirit on all flesh, and that is happening right now.

    The Lord God of Israel is speaking to His servants all over the planet, and you would do well to start listening.


    • iris

      Say that!

  • John Atkins

    I think that nothing will happen and we will be alright.

  • Holly Noelle

    All that will happen and all that has happened are simply ideas about the future and memories in the past. I live in the here and now, the present moments that I cherish because life is fleetingly fast moving, toward that great unknown territory that every living being must face…death. All the fears and hopes and crises and dreams do not matter to death. I need to live for today and enjoy what ever small pleasures I can enjoy in this day, because this is all that I really have, this is who I am, and this is where I am right now. I have tired of stinking thinking about the what wills, what coulds, what ifs. I know that Life is a gift. I am fifty seven years old now, and the years have sped by so that I can hardly believe that I am this age already. My advice? Love! Live for today! Be beautiful to one another. God is Love. We are given such a precious gift when we are given Life! Thank You, heavenly Father, for allowing someone as insignificant as me win the only Lottery worth winning…Life! Imagine the earth without WAR. Think deeply about Love, and be loving. Give love and caring freely, in word and in deed. We are all spiritual beings, inside these mortal bodies meant to carry Us around, and allow Us to experience sight, taste, smells, thoughts, touch, and emotions…the mortal flesh will wither and die. The who and what we really are, that spark of energy that is Me and You…this is what will go back to God. All that we experience, every feeling, every emotion, every inspiration…all of these combined…everything around us, the entire world, the veins on a butterfly wing, the tiniest wee microscopic aomeba…the galaxies and all of the stars and all of creation…everything that has ever happened or ever will happen? All being experienced by Our Creator…all the time. Earth. Our Home. Our only biosphere. In the past fifty years, I have witnessed MAN destroying this precious one of a kind, natural and beautiful, dangerous, deadly, ever changing and awe inspiring planet. Years ago we cried out to God and man to NOT build nuclear reactors. Now, after all that waste, all that greed, all the insanity…it seems to me that the intense radioactivity that is constantly streaming into the air and into the oceans and into the soil all over the planet earth from the Fukushima disasters IS the exponential extermination level event everyone fears will one day come. No one can stop it, and I don’t see the little grey people coming down to sop up all those killer rads…I do think that God has the absolute power to stop it, but that has not yet happened, either. So, in reality, MAN has destroyed MANKIND. And that is why I have chosen to live each beautiful day as if it were my own personal last day alive on earth. I soak in the sunshine. I listen to the trill of the birdies and the buzz of the bees and the laughter of the children playing in the courtyard, so innocent and so deserving of a good, long and fruitful life. And I know that it isn’t going to be that way for them. I know that one day, there will be no birds singing anymore. There will be no fish to eat. There will be no bees pollinating the radioactive daisies in the future. But those are simply my own conclusions of this life. We, who have been chosen to live life here, must understand that nothing really matters besides the here, the now, Love, compassion, mutual respect for each other and leaving all the judging up to the Judge. With love and with earnest concern…Peace!

    • iris

      I don’t capitalize the words, me and you, Holly Noelle, I capitalize God. The created (and you referred to God as the creator) never was, and therefore, never can become, the creator. I think your sentiments and longing for world peace and tolerance and love are sweet, but I hope you realize they are ideals which, along with justice, are God given. Man was made in His image, and so we naturally want such things, but we have to come to Him on His terms, which are clearly stated in the Bible, since He is the creator and sustainer of all things. He is not the sum of all things. We’ll never have true love, peace, and justice without Jesus Christ’s rule in this world, which, being one with the God the Father and God’s Holy Spirit, God made. He made it and us, perfectly, but we blew it with, yes, the s word, sin. The way back is only possible in believing and receiving God for who He says He is and what He has done to fix our problem. That bridge which spans the gulf which we made between God and man, is Jesus’ purposeful death and victorious resurrection. Jesus will return to rule rightly. God bless you, HN.

      • Holly Noelle

        Thank You. You speak the Truth.

        • iris

          You’re welcome in Him!, He says He is The Way, The Truth, & The Life.

  • lmarkievich

    Certainly appears that the Shemitah cycle has been broken and I’m saddened that people scared other people for book sales etc. prepping is always a good idea in case you lose a job though. I still feel a little stupid to have bought into this crap the last few months.

  • Nabiy

    Let me chime in on this commentary/ forum.. For those that are or have been disappointed at modern day prophets / and or prophesies for every prophecy given by one of God’s prophets will always included salvation after the condemnation..meaning after God pronounces destruction to a country or nation there will always follow a message of hope..God loves you and think’s of y’all so much that none have the slightest idea..Shalom

  • akar4715

    I doubt anything will happen. So far Planet X, the Mayan Calender, Jade Helm, and all of the other “prophecies” have not come true. Maybe these conspiracy people don’t really hear from God, or their God is just an imaginary God.

    • folgers22

      Let’s not forget the claim 15K Russians were going to take over the mid-Atlantic states for FEMA last year. The claim a nuke from TX was going to be smuggled into Charleston and detonated to bring in the NWO. We can’t forget the guillotines-hidden-in-national-parks story. Or the 12-12-12 end of the world story. Or Black Helicopters. Comet Hale-Bopp. Or the Chupacabra. Or the recent claim a bunch of hummer ambulances with Red Crescent symbols on the side were proof of a Saudi Invasion. Or the claims China will invade us. Or 5-5-2000. The list of bogus predictions and conspiracy theories goes on and on and on.

  • Pascal van der Heijden

    People are stupid and nowadays also totally seeing blind and hearing deaf. O my lord! How can I explain to them that nothing is what it seems but just what it is ?
    O thankyou, I can not because you brainwashed them perfectly good for your well being.

  • wooddragon

    The event that was planned for Sept. 28th has been stopped. Here is how, when, who

  • Teodoro Cervantes-Leon

    So, the 23rd might not work out, so bring up the 28th. And when September washes out, it will be the next sensational events. Alternative media sites start out sincerely, I think, despite the obvious conflict of interest concerns with their financial basis in selling fear-related merchandise. But in time they begin to resemble a business, only, intentionally or not. All the while the real catastrophe is moving in slow motion–the tyranny of a fascism and oligarchy and the raping of the public by those in power.

  • John Atkins

    Pastor Hagee is at it again. SMH

    • Decimated1

      How come the ones that speak truth, I rarely ever heard… but the blowhards, get worldwide platforms ?

      2nd Timothy 4:3- .3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, 4and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

  • gmofreepsychopath

    I’m sensing sarcasm…hopefully at least

  • karem

    Yitzchak, you must excuse Michael. He is mind controlled beyond belief. His reply to you is proof he was in fact once a lawyer in a previous life.

  • John C

    Some day something really bad will happen. Ok, now pay me.

  • Itanimullikcuf

    Nothing will happen. At least it won’ be an armageddon, alien invasion, supervolcano, asteroide impact or other massive cataclysm. But I’ll watch this rare event of a total eclipse of a full super-moon. Next will be in 2033.

  • John Atkins

    What causes blood moons?

  • rmc9

    “…for, when THEY say, ‘peace and safety’, THEN sudden destruction comes…and THEY shall not escape” I Thessalonians 5:3 I say, give it a few days (comes at an hour ye think not)

  • Denise Heathers

    You are deceived!

  • akar4715

    We have made it through the Super Blood Moon and nothing happened. Because those who have claimed to hear the Voice of God telling that destruction was going to happen today have lied to us. Or if they are not liars does that make their God a liar? What is the next goofball prediction that is going to be sold to us in the Name of the Lord?

  • winston gouchey

    destruction thats gonna happen soon and theres no gaurantee from the scientists who swear and live by thier theories god is the one who made this earth he.ll guide and pull us through the hard times we.ll endure but theres still hope for me and you winston gouchey

  • Decimated1

    Might I recommend a large dose of Gas X, you have oral flatulence. And I would definitely recommend an antipsychotic… 1 the size of a basketball, and now I am NOT talking oral !!!