The Reason The Elite Hate Trump So Much Is Because He Is Opposed To The One World Agenda Of The Globalists

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Globalists - Public DomainHave you ever wondered why the elite hate Donald Trump so much? There have certainly been many politicians throughout the years that have been disliked, but with Trump there is a hatred that is so intense that it almost seems tangible at times. During the campaign, they went to extraordinary lengths to destroy him, but it didn’t work. And now that he is president, the attacks against him have been absolutely relentless. So why is there so much animosity toward Trump? Is it just because he is not a member of their club?


The truth, of course, is that it runs much deeper than that. Ultimately, the elite hate Trump because he is opposed to their demonic one world agenda. Many among the elite are referred to as “globalists” because their eventual goal is to unite the whole world under a single planetary system. These globalists truly believe that they know better than all the rest of us, and they want to impose their way of doing things on every man, woman and child on the entire planet.

So they get really angry when Donald Trump talks of “building a wall” or establishing a travel ban from certain countries because they eventually want a world without any borders at all.

And they get really angry when Donald Trump says that he wants to pull the United States out of international trade deals, because the elite were using those international trade deals to slowly integrate all nations into a single one world economy.

And they really don’t like when Donald Trump criticizes Islam, because Islam is going to be a key component of the one world religion that they plan to establish.

For quite a while the globalists were on a roll, but recently they have experienced some tremendous setbacks. Britain’s vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump were not supposed to happen, and this has left many globalists searching for answers. In fact, just today I came across a New York Times article entitled “Besieged Globalists Ponder What Went Wrong“…

Until recently, you didn’t hear people being referred to as “globalist” very often. But in a time of rising nationalism, those who see the upside of globalism have become a distinct — and often embattled — tribe.

Last week, the globalists had a big family reunion in New York. The gathering was focused on the United Nations General Assembly, but a growing array of side conferences and summits and dinners also attracted concerned internationalists of every stripe: humanitarians, leaders of nongovernmental organizations, donors, investors, app peddlers, celebrities.

As you can see, even the New York Times uses the term “globalists” to describe these elitists.

At one time you would have been considered a “conspiracy theorist” is you spoke of “globalists”, but at this point the elite are not even trying to put up a facade any longer.

And of course Donald Trump made opposition to globalism one of the central themes of his campaign, and it really struck a chord all across America. As Dr. Jim Garlow noted in an article that went viral just before the election, Trump’s opposition to globalism was one of the key things that set him apart from Hillary Clinton…

Trump opposes globalism. Hillary thrives on it. Globalism is far more than “geographical” or “eliminating national borders and boundaries.” It is spiritual and demonic at its core. Few—very few—understand this. This is quite likely one of the main reasons why Trump is hated. Do your homework on this one. Think “principalities and powers.” Serious. Extremely serious.

The reason why the threat of globalism is so serious is because if a single global system is ever established there will be no escape from it.

Just think about it – where could you go to escape a government that literally rules the entire world?

These globalists are completely convinced that if they could just get control of everyone and everything that they could establish some sort of environmentally-friendly socialist utopia where war and poverty are eradicated. But in order to do that, they would need to be in a position to micro-manage the lives of every single person on the planet.

In their minds it would not be tyranny, but for those of us that love freedom that is precisely what it would be.

The globalists want a one world government, a one world economy and a one world religion. Those of us that are Christians know that the Bible speaks of a time when this will happen, but even many that are not Christians are deeply concerned about what the globalists are pushing for. Just consider the words of George Mason University Law School Professor Jeremy Rabkin

George Mason University Law School Professor and author of the 2004 book The Case for Sovereignty: Why The World Should Welcome American Independence Jeremy Rabkin argues that globalism fundamentally stands at odds with democratic forms of government.

In a Tuesday CP interview, Rabkin, a Jew, expressed his distaste for Donald Trump. But on globalism, he said, “beyond that it is not democratic, there’s something about it that is a little creepy, a little uncanny.”

“It’s basically saying ‘We are going to organize the world in a way that establishes an artificial consensus.’ It’s not enough to say it’s undemocratic. It’s threatening; it’s almost demonic. It is a world organized independently of people’s fundamental religious convictions,” Rabkin said.

I think that when Rabkin chose the word “demonic” that he was right on point.

The global elite have already had a tremendous amount of success in promoting values, systems and laws that are “anti-Christian” around the globe.

The globalists control the mainstream media, they control Hollywood, they control our education system and they control most of our politicians.

They thought that they were almost ready to move into the final stages of their agenda, but then Donald Trump happened.

For the moment, the momentum toward a one world system has been stopped cold.

But that doesn’t mean that the globalists will stop trying. Just because Trump won the election does not mean that they are going to roll over and die.

The elite are going to use all of the resources at their disposal to try to destroy Trump, even if that means creating a tremendous amount of chaos.

If you study the globalists, you will quickly discover that one of their favorite tactics is to create order out of chaos. So in the months ahead I think that it is quite likely that we may see quite a bit of chaos as the globalists attempt to get their program back on track.

But if we understand what they are doing, we will be able to see through their games. So let’s keep shining a light on these globalists, because they always prefer to operate in the darkness.

  • bill

    Sick of hearing how the elite hate Trump. Complete BS, if that were true Trump wouldn’t be President and appointing neocons and members of Goldman Sachs to his cabinet.

    • Very True. All his cabinet are Ex-Goldman Sachs. Lets make a list.

      1. Steve Bannon

      2. Steven Mnuchin

      3. Gary Cohn >> current President and COO of Goldman Sachs

      4. Jay Clayton

      5. Even Erick Prince of Black Water had found his way into Trump.

      Donald Trump has nominated extensive Republican donor and staunch school choice advocate Betsy DeVos to be his Education Secretary >> Erick Prince Sister.

      Devos has powerful family ties; her husband is the heir to a $5 billion fortune and her brother is Blackwater founder and U.S. Navy Seal Erik Prince.

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        One of those guys also worked for George Soros.By the way Soros gave Trump a $160 million mezzanine loan and forgave the loan.

    • Tom Peters

      The elite loved Obama and Clinton would of sealed the deal and that is why the elite globalists are PISSED OFF!

  • krinks

    Truer words were never spoken. They hate Trump and everything he does. Case in point is his having to fight for the immigration ban in court knowing full well there is nothing illegal about it. The moment he wins this case the illegals will all be sent packing and they can’t let that happen.

    • jaxon64

      It seems pretty evident–regardless of all of the naysayers–that every globalist organization, MSM, establishment republi-cons and demon-crats alike all fought tooth and nail to keep him away from the presidency.
      Follow the money–billions were sent by every banking giant, oil rich muslim kingdom, all 12 of the top US billionaires ( including the Koch brothers) and even Romney, Bush and McCain fought to get Hillary elected.
      There is a limited pool of true-hearted Constitutional Americans even in our higher levels of military and banking industries. Trump has done as well as he can to select people to fill his cabinet who will put America and her people first.
      Joe the Plumber can’t be commerce secretary….
      Sgt James the wounded warrior can’t be head of the armed services or Secretary of State….
      The head of Chik-Fil-A can’t be appointed to head the Fed Reserve….
      You have to make do with the most-patriotic choices from a bunch of qualified people who have had experience on the inside of the establishment–it is that simple. There are no qualified Finance Ministers who have not worked for or knowledge of banking and the stock markets…duh…
      So far no CFR members, no UN supporters and mostly a bunch of NATIONALISTS—this is what the establishment is fighting against in the US, the Brexit/Britain, the Italians and the French nationalist movement…the One World Ideal has hit a blip in the programme–the citizens of these nations LIKE their history and cultures.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      The 9th circuit has asked Trump to file an amended brief to be heard by the whole panel not just the 3. That is what you are supposed to do when you lose in front of the 3 judge panel. It should have been filed by now. The 9th circuit is reminding Trump and Sessions.It appears the whole court wants to overturn in Trump’s favor. The dems don’t want to be blamed for any new terrorist attack. If Trump doesn’t refile he will take the blame for any terrorist attack.
      You people need a good course in political science and federal court procedure. It would appear that Trump and Sessions do too.I thought Sessions was smarter!

      • krinks

        There is no Constitutional provision for immigration. This is why Reagan opened wide for Cubans and Clinton had them sent back if they were caught on the high seas. Also why Obama banned Iraqis in 2011 and no one said a word. You need a lesson in immigration law as do the judges that blocked his action.

  • K

    Notice a globalist troll made it here first. That is the amount of money, and effort they are putting into this.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      Most likely you are the globalist troll. Why don’t you dispute what the fellow said and prove the fallacy of what he said. Of course what the guy said is true and what I said is true and what you said is NWO NEOCON tripe. Meet the New Boss,Same as the old Boss. You are such a brainless bunch.

      • K

        I have nothing to prove to anyone. Neocon, that is laughable. You have not read any of my other posts, have you? No you just jump up to defend a troll. Which most likely makes you a troll as well.

  • Mike

    I would submit to you that this is more than a “Globalist” problem, but rather a spiritual one. One of Good v. Evil. The enemy is hard at work because Trump is trying to put God back into this country, and he does not like it one bit. Time for believers to be on their knees in battle.

  • sirflailalot

    Ill tell you why. its simple. satan wants the whole globe under his control so he can kill Christians and jews at will. With america and israel and much of EU , his kingdom is divided. Trump is a major hindrance to satans plans.Those on the left are satans minions who unknowingly serve the prince of darkness in his goals. and their hatred and lies and viciousness and slander is all characteristic of their father the devil.

  • Gramsonfire

    Recorded history shows that there has always been a contest between good and evil. Since the globalists have convinced so many that it is ridiculous and stupid to believe in a higher power, evil has started gaining the upper hand. Make no mistake, the very wealthy elitists plan to rule the serfs. We will have to redistribute our wealth but they will keep theirs and take most of ours. They have already bought about all they can…politicians,clergy,educators…but they still don’t have all the power. That is what they need….like a Heroin addict needs
    His fix. Research the Bilderberg Group. It is pretty enlightening!

  • Just a week or so ago this site was boasting how globalists/global elitists were suddenly “prepping”, and chief among these people were the yuuuge Donald fans, Peter Thiel and silicon valley twits.

    Dimwit Donald is doing what Putin & Bannon tell him to do. Donald is G-dless, but for what he idolizes: money and fame.

    • Tom Peters

      Craw back into your dark liberal ding dong!

      • I would never crawl, let alone into something liberal.

        Whatever your obsession with “ding dongs” may be, I am uninterested. But there are literally thousands of h0m0er0tic sites where you can focus your ding dong obsession. Have at them. Anything that prevents you from posting your nonsensical ad hominems would improve the world greatly.

      • TrollingforTrolls

        Carrie is off her meds again

        • No, the difference between sanity and believing Deceitful Donald is a good thing is that I am not on “meds”; anyone who sees total garbage-fire Donald as anything but a severe humiliation to the U.S. is the one who needs to get OFF meds.

    • billorights

      Then explain for me how DJT has gotten more accomplished in three short weeks than most Presidents have in 4 years. If he was only in this for money and power, he would be cooling his heels now. He is making every effort to protect the lives and quality of life of ordinary Americans, which is what every President should be primarily concerned with. I absolutely do not see him being a “dimwit” or under the control of anybody else.

      • Literally NONE of what you claim is true or factual. He has accomplished nothing but a denigration of the Office of the Presidency in not just the eyes of Americans, but those from all countries.

        He has [so far] tried to make both illegal and unConstitutional laws go into effect, he’s lied about his power (although, OK, talking out of one’s ignorant (_._) rather than actually KNOWING what you’re talking about isn’t *lying*), playing golf MORE TIMES THAN NOBUMMER had time to, shilling for his family’s failing clothing line, and begging for the Emoluments Clause to take him down — yeah, *that was* a lot accomplished.

        Dimwit Donald appeals to those remarkably few Americans who share his phenomenally low IQ, and only those people are impressed by his humiliating errors in Office thus far. That makes him the Global Elitists’ perfect little patsy. If you don’t see this, then it speaks very, very poorly of either your intellect or your honesty.

    • Robert (qslv)

      Poor Carrie, everything she says is filled with hate. She must have had a rough life. Bless you, Carrie.

      • Whoopsies, you accidentally misspelled “facts”, scaredy-guest: “Poor Carrie, everything she says is filled with hate facts.”
        There, fixed that for ya! I guess being so happy just lends to my ability to help those who hide behind self-made little walls, where they can bravely sling their effluvia to momentarily feel better about themselves (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌

        (But on a more serious note, look into why you translate things into hate when there are literally ZERO illustrations of such present. Your mind may be in a state of deterioration that may be in the salvageable stages still.)

  • Heck yes, the globalists and global elitists WANTED demonic Donald to win. And they made that happen.

    To hear someone try to claim that globalists are against Dimwit Donald makes zero sense.

  • horn blower

    Well if they hate Trump, then they also hate the majority of Americans!

    • Tom Peters

      They do hate anyone that shows patriotism!

  • SantosGarcia

    Biblical Christians MUST fast and pray that our new administration in the White House restore American sovereignty under GOD! These Guidelines are critical:

  • NobodysaysBOO

    Religious stuff aside including the jews , the 0.01% hate mostly everything that they do not OWN or rent. This trash has been sucking up to TRUMP since the BIG win , they are on the LOOSING SIDE and THAT makes them nuts.
    They HATE the idea of HONESTY,TRUTH and the American way, they HATE even MORE the TRUMP HIGH CLASS behavior and ANY honest CHARITY.
    If President TRUMP keeps being honest and gives his money to needy charities and individuals THEY WILL be embarrassed if they DO NOT KICK IN.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Trump is controlled op.

  • Phantom Stranger

    I think the globalists took a look at Christianity and decided they couldn’t unite the world under a global governmental system if it came from a Christian culture. That was one of the big forces behind the strident push for secularization in Western society. The globalists were dreaming beyond Europe and North America with an eye on incorporating Asia into their schemes.

    Whatever blackmail or leverage the globalists currently hold over the Catholic Church (Vatican banking, infiltration, etc) needs to be removed.

  • hate social norms

    CATHOLIC CHURCH, just like the dark ages.

  • watchmannonthewall

    You are right, Paul Patriot, about getting “ready for a battle for freedom in the next election” but it is so much more than this!

    “The Bible promises a one world system, geo economical, geo political, geo spiritual, will be converged in the end of days.” This also is correct and this means those of us who OPPOSE this will not win this battle. Nevertheless, the fact that our God, Elohim/Judge, already stated this outcome would occur before the return of our Messiah is proof our King is the Ruler of the entire earth, past, present, and future! Who else could know what the future holds??
    It is interesting that when Moses struck the Rock the first time to bring forth water (a symbol of the Holy Spirit that was to be poured forth after His ascension) he was commanded to take some elders with him to the site of the rock. Of course, we understand it was the elders of Israel (Judah and the priests) that had or Messiah put to death! Did God know who was going to do this? Of course!! It was prefigured here in Exodus 13 before the children of Isael ever arrived at Sinai!!
    Trump is a tool being used by God to divide the people. On the one side are the “globalists”, who want the nations to lose thier own identity and come together as one, in the expectation that from this there will be “peace on earth”, a nirvana of sorts.
    The apostle Paul tells us that this will lead to destruction! Of course, the natural man can’t receive the things of the Spirit and so the fact Paul wrote, 1,950 years or so ago, “While they are saying ‘peace and safety!’ Then sudden destrucion shall come upon them suddenly as a birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thess. 5:3), does not register with them, since they are not spiritual beings! He also said the natural man cannnot recive the things of the spirit since the two are contray, the one to the other.
    Since the Law is spiritual (Romans 7:14), the things Moses wrote are not understood by most canal Christians (John 5:45-47). But God has a plan, from the beginning, and He is bringing it to a conclusion!
    We have a choice as to whether we want to join the “world” in attempting to creat a utopian society (like Nimrod) that God will judge, or in holding to the statutes and precepts He laid out for His people. If we endure to the end, we will truely be the head and not the tail!! We will be pillars in His kingdom!
    It is critical in these last days to read, pray for understanding, and walk out what His Word really says instead of listening to the false prophets who claim to speak in His name today, in most churches around this nation and in the world!! Israel was ALWAYS led astray by its religious leaders or it opposed God ordained leadership such as Moses, except those who went into the Promised Land under Joshua (Yeshua- God’s Salvation!) Paul’s statement that the natural man is opposed tot he things of God is absolutely true!!

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  • billorights

    Think about the name “New World Order” long enough, and you will realize that it is just another name for Globalism. It involves total control of the world by a centralized entity. What is opposite to both of these is the notion of freedom and the rights of individuals to live their lives free of outside interference. Both the Globalists and the NWO people want to impose a draconian one-size-fits-all government on everyone – to hell with individual rights. I see Trump as someone who is fighting this, at least so far. We should know after 100 days of his presidency whether he is for real or not.

  • billorights

    BS. There are three alternative courses for humanity: Freedom, slavery, or death. The globalists want some combination of the latter two. The former, freedom, can ONLY be obtained by fighting the Globalists/NWO. If this causes our death, then so be it. As Patrick Henry said: “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Life would not be worth living under the satanic NWO.

  • Ray S.

    You know you’re on the right track when your enemies feel the threat of all they have worked for getting ready to fall apart.

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  • Robert (qslv)

    “One Religion”. Islam seems to be the choice of the globalists. Atheistic communism failed. The people need absolute spiritual control too. Like the medieval peasants being controlled by the church-states.
    Islam has the perfect brutal application of rules of conduct which are of course not followed by its Sultans and Emirs. All other spiritual practice would be abolished and violators put to the sword.

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  • bush.dorothy

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