The Most Depressing Time Of The Year In The Most Depressed Nation On The Planet

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Christmas Street - Public DomainDid you know that the rate of suicide is highest during this time of the year and that 45 percent of all Americans dread the Christmas season?  We are constantly being told that Christmas is the happiest time of the year, but mental health professionals tell us that the exact opposite is true.  For large numbers of Americans, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with stress, anxiety, loneliness and family squabbles.  And for most people, the reality of the holidays never even comes close to matching up with the glittering ideal portrayed in movies and on television.  As a result, depression tends to spike during the month of December.  And of course Americans are quite depressed most of the time anyway.  In fact, one out of every ten Americans is on an antidepressant as you read this article.  No other nation in the world even approaches that level.  So right now we are in the midst of the most depressing time of the year in the most depressed nation on the entire planet.  What is wrong with this picture?


A lot of people start to feel down this time of the year, and they don’t realize that there are millions of others that are going through the exact same thing.  The following excerpt from a Psychology Today article explains that this is something that happens every Christmas season…

We are told that Christmas, for Christians, should be the happiest time of year, an opportunity to be joyful and grateful with family, friends and colleagues. Yet, according to the National Institute of Health, Christmas is the time of year that people experience the highest incidence of depression. Hospitals and police forces report the highest incidences of suicide and attempted suicide. Psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals report a significant increase in patients complaining about depression. One North American survey reported that 45% of respondents dreaded the festive season.

So when we get depressed, what do we do?

Well, we do what we always do for depression.

We start popping pills.

Today, America is the most drugged up nation on the face of the Earth by a wide margin.  Just consider the following numbers…

-Americans account for about five percent of the global population, but we consume more than 50 percent of the pharmaceutical drugs.  At the moment, the number one selling pharmaceutical drug in America is called Thorazine.  It is used as a supplement to other antidepressant drugs.

According to the New York Times, more than 30 million Americans are currently taking antidepressants.

-The number of people that are clinically diagnosed with depression is growing at a rate of 20 percent annually.

The rate of antidepressant use among middle aged women is far higher than for the population as a whole.  It is hard to believe, but right now one out of every four women in their 40s and 50s is taking an antidepressant medication.

-The percentage of women taking antidepressants in the United States is significantly higher than in any other country in the world.

-Children in the United States are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than children in Europe are.

If all of these antidepressants are helping, then why are more Americans killing themselves?  The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 increased by nearly 30 percent between 1999 and 2010.  The number of Americans that die by suicide is now greater than the number of Americans that die as a result of car accidents every year.

Sadly, most Americans have absolutely no idea that the latest scientific studies indicate that many of these drugs could actually be quite dangerous.

For example, one recent study found that children that take antidepressants are more likely to attempt suicide

High doses of brain-altering chemicals marketed as “anti-depressants” increase the likelihood of self-harm, rather than decreasing the risk, say Harvard health scientists in a study that analyzed data on 162,625 people.

Drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) may raise the risk of suicidal behavior in children and young adults, according to the analysis. SSRI’s are the chemical substances which make up the antidepressants Prozac and Zoloft.

“Our findings offer clinicians an additional incentive to avoid initiating pharmacotherapy at high-therapeutic doses,” Harvard School of Public Health researchers said.

Another recent study found that pregnant mothers that take antidepressants are more likely to have babies with brain defects

Almost one in five children born to mothers taking antidepressants during pregnancy have a brain defect – called a “Chiari type 1 malformation” – according to a groundbreaking study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The study, titled Rate of Chiari I Malformation in Children of Mothers with Depression with and without Prenatal SSRI Exposure, was published May 19 in the peer-reviewed journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

The researchers found that “children of depressed mothers treated with a group of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) during pregnancy were more likely to develop Chiari type 1 malformations than were children of mothers with no history of depression,” according to their press statement.

Perhaps popping pills is not the solution after all.

If you are battling depression, one of the key things to do is to look at your diet.  What we eat and what we drink plays a massive role in how we feel and how our brain functions.  If you start eating better, your life will improve in a multitude of ways.

And certainly there are natural ways to battle depression.  If you want to learn more about this, Natural News has some great articles on the subject.

But more important than all of those things is the fact that most Americans today simply do not have anything to live for.

These days, most people just seem to be living for themselves.  They chase one form of entertainment after another, hoping that something will eventually fill the gaping holes that are constantly aching inside their hearts.  Many go to their graves never finding the fulfillment that they were desperately searching for all of their lives.

You have got to have something to live for that really matters.  That is something that I have found, and it has made all the difference.  No matter how broken your life is right now, the key is to never, ever, ever give up.  As long as you keep fighting, there is always hope that things can be turned around.

So don’t give in to depression this Christmas season.

Yes, this world is an incredibly messed up place.

Yes, things are going to get a lot worse in the years ahead.

But that doesn’t mean that the future has to be bleak for you.

The best chapters of your life could be right around the corner, so don’t you ever, ever give up.

Hope Despair - Public Domain

  • Paul F

    christ-mass is pagan and has nothing to do with MESSIAH YESHUA. Our hope is in the LORD–when poeple try to find happiness in man made traditions they find defeat and sadness instead.

    • Guest

      It’s true. Sadly, most Christians do celebrate X-Mas. Those who don’t celebrate are a minority. This will be the 13th year that I haven’t celebrated X-Mas. My experience has been that when you take a stand for truth, there will be very few who will walk with you.

      • Jim Davis

        First you evangelicals ruin Halloween and now Christmas. Loosen up, and have some fun!

        • Paul F

          hallo-ween is demonic and christ-mas is pagan. I’ll loosen up when I stand before MESSIAH YESHUA knowing I served HIM with an honest heart that did not conform to the ways of the world but to HIS HOLINESS.

          • Jim Davis

            Even Jesus made sure their was wine at the wedding he went to. It seems the bride and groom were too cheap to serve wine. Or maybe they were tight-ass evangelicals. Either way Jesus was EMBARRASSED of them, and created wine out of water.

          • Guest

            There is nothing in that passage of Scripture indicating that Jesus was embarrassed of the bride and groom.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Don’t forget, it also explicitly says, “When the wine was gone”, so he’s making crap up to suit his narrative.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            It seems the bride and groom were too cheap to serve wine

            Ummm, no.

            John 2:3

            When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

          • Jim Davis

            OK then, they were too cheap to buy enough wine!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            OK, then by that translation they were too cheap to
            No, by plain English it seems you’re a militant atheist and you want to foam at the mouth and spread hate. *yaaaawn. What else is new.

          • Jim Davis

            I’m not an atheist, just an anti-evangelical.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            So that’s a no, you lose. You’re stupid, even worse.

        • apeiron

          Those aren’t so much evangelicals as Pharisees when it comes to this. YES, there WAS already a festival around winter solstice, the Church infused it with a Christ honoring theme. To the victor belong the spoils…the church working out Christ’s declaration, “…behold, I am making all things new…”. Shouldn’t the Infinite becoming an infant be celebrated?

    • Jim Davis

      At least the pagans have a European religion and not an Abrahamic one designed to keep the goyim in check.

      • Guest

        I don’t understand your comment. What is the European religion you refer to?

        • Jim Davis

          Neo-druidism and Odinism are two such religions.

      • Paul F

        Through the see of Abraham (MESSIAH YESHUA) is the world blessed. european religion is false. I pray MESSIAH YESHUA takes the veil away from your eyes to see this truth.

  • Paul F

    The only way to defeat depression is to seek MESSIAH YESHUA. HE alone gives hope, healing and life. Not pills, not pagan holidays, not false couch sessions–only MESSIAH YESHUA. When the world is crumbling down on you, MESSIAH YESHUA catches the crumbling pillars and holds them up. When the people walks away, MESSIAH YESHUA walks in. When the world cast you to the side, MESSIAH YESHUA is there to catch you in HIS Loving arms. And when you need to talk to HIM, just get on your knees and pray for HIS loving heart is always open to your words.

    • Marty

      preach it !!

    • Jim Davis

      Does the god you believe in smite people who don’t refer to him in ALL CAPS?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        No more so than your mother gaia smites people for carbon.

        • Mike and Ainslie Smith

          I’m going to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua in Hebrew) on December 25th and give gifts to my family and thank God that I am able to. God bless you guys.

          • Paul F

            Scriptures strongly support YESHUA/JESUS was born on Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles, not Kislev/December 25th. On Kislev 25th the Maccabees took back the Holy Temple from antiochious. Also, YESHUA observed Hanukkah–christ-mass is a pagan day. I say this to warn you out of care not argument.

          • JuliaM

            Since no one knows for sure, we celebrate it on December 25th. There is nothing wrong with that. People really do need to loosen up a little around here! Christmas is not a pagan day for those of us who celebrate the birth of Christ on that day. It might be pagan for the rest of society, but not us. Christians are allowed to make any day holy that they desire. Pagan’s have no claim on any day of the year. If you believe that God would send someone to hell just for celebrating and worshiping Him on a day that some consider pagan, then you are not truly Christian….I’m just warning you.

          • Paul F

            Michael, responded twice to this comment stating that YESHUA observed Hanukkah and that I am a Messianic Jew. Yet, each post was put into the waiting for moderator to approve section, and each post was not posted. I guess even on here Jews are not allowed to speak freely about their faith.

  • HappyBirthday2U

    Try helping others if you want to fend off depression. It doesn’t have to be a major effort, just take an interest in supporting someone who also requires a little tenderness and attention. Peace.

    • laura m.

      We help local charities like group homes w/ kids in foster care, low income seniors, and animal rescue. We don’t buy gifts for other adults, as we all have everything we need and more. I hate this time of year because it is tax season, a real drag for many who have to pay in more. Another thing is commercialism and materialism which has distorted the holiday season turning it into a circus..

  • mleblanc138

    What about Mother’s Day? Here in Utah, I’ve heard that suicide attempts spike dramatically in the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

    • Jim Davis

      Mother’s Day must be a confusing holiday in Utah.

      • guest

        Not as confusing as Fathers Day in the ghetto, if you know what I mean….

  • DJohn1

    There is considerable evidence that Jesus might have been born in February or later. No one really knows.
    In the confused state of the history of the period, the Roman Catholic Church decided to parallel the Birth with a pagan holiday that people all ready celebrated.
    That people celebrate Christmas as families means people that have no family are likely to remember this at Christmas time. That in turn depresses people’s moods.
    The time after a family is broken by divorce is often the case. At Christmas, what was a very happy time turns sad. It is sad because people remember what used to be instead of what is.
    Divorce is basically love that has broke. And instead of being around a Christmas Tree opening presents with one another in love, that person is left out.
    The spirit of Christmas is one of giving each other gifts to celebrate that love of both Christ and one another. To see the smiles on children’s faces as they open up their gifts, that is gone also.
    You are often not there after a divorce to watch those children growing up. And that reward, being missing, is very depressing.
    It is a time to remember sadly what used to be.
    After many years, I found a loving woman and married her. Now those joyful times are back as we all gather together, go to church for Christmas Eve services, and gather to open gifts and watch the children open theirs.
    If there is a problem, it is that Christmas has become to materialistic and we spend a little bit too much for that feeling of giving to others and receiving presents in return.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s sad that so many people feel so down and depressed during the holiday season – a time that is supposedly joyful. Can you say “unrealistic expectations”?

    If your Christmas isn’t the same as the one depicted on a Norman Rockwell painting, you are not a loser.

  • Jobe

    Mitigating factors:
    1. North America experiences shorter days and longer nights as well as dropping temperatures. This often leads to depression or similar symptoms.
    2. Anti-depressants (when prescribed correctly) are designed to offset chemicals in the brain to keep one from “feeling” depressed or anxious. It is not an instant “feel-good” pill passed out willy-nilly because your pet hamster died. Sadness and disappointment is a part of life….chronic sadness isn’t. For those uneducated in the matter, think of it this way…when you drink alcohol you are altering brain chemicals and you feel a certain way. Now imagine having the same feelings without drinking. Imagine a perpetual hangover that just wont go away regardless of what you do. THAT is where antidepressants come into play. Antidepressants are also not a quick fix, but must be monitored by the prescribing psychiatrist over years to make certain that it is the correct type and dose for the patient.
    3. Any self-respecting Christians knows that Dec/25 X-mas is of pagan origins. It has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus or his message.

    So if you just cant seem to catch on to the “feel-good” season, it’s because it’s a commercial holiday that has very little to do with God and more with your wallet.

    See the holidays for what they are and you wont get so caught up in thinking you are missing out on the “magic” because there really isn’t any.

    • Jobe

      4. It’s all in the timing. The end of the year is a time when people reflect on the past 12 months. Often we think about the people we have lost and how life may have changed for many of us. This end of the year “reckoning” also adds to the blues you may be experiencing.

      So over all, the end of the year holidays are really designed against you. The only ones who really enjoy it are children. Snow, school recess, Santa and presents. That is the origins of the “feel-good” part of X-mas. If it doesn’t translate over into adulthood it’s because at some point….you grew up.

  • JuliaM

    I didn’t say he was born on December 25th. I said that is when we celebrate His birthday. I think you are misunderstanding what I say when I say Christians can make any day they want holy. We are all called to holiness every day of our lives. Not just on “Holy Days”. I can worship and celebrate my Lord and Savior any day of the year. You also have a misunderstanding of what my Faith teaches and it does not teach that we have “done away with the law”, just that Christ fulfilled the law. So maybe you should do a little research as well. You may not fully understand where I am coming from. Finally, I HAVE prayed and studied as much as I can about my faith on a DAILY basis and I feel God working in my daily life. He has lead me to the Faith that I practice and I know that this is the true Faith. Just as you “know” that your is. So I guess in your mind it is a game of Russian Roulette as far as picking the right religion to get into Heaven, but that is not what my Faith teaches. May God bless you and guide you in the right direction.

    • Paul F

      I don’t play russian roulette–YESHUA is my truth. My advice to you is to read the scriptures as they were originally written and stop seeing them through main stream Christianity eyes. Also, my advice is to Honor YAHWEH’S Commanded Feast and stop observing pagan days. YESHUA observed Hanukkah and Passover, do you?

  • A massive amount of americans are depressed for a lot of reasons. Lousy enviornment, few friends, bad or nonexistent family members, singleness, bullying, harassment, stress, taxes, poverty, etc.

    Compared to a lot of countries, much of the US is a third world country in comparison. It’s a shame.

  • JuliaM

    Christians do not observe the Jewish holy days, because we are no longer bound in conscience under the old law.

    “And you, who were dead in trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses, having canceled the bond which stood against us with its legal demands; this he set aside, nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the principalities and powers and made a public example of them, triumphing over them in him. Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a sabbath. These are only a shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ (Col. 2:13-17).”

  • HumbleAmerican

    A loving and merciful God who gave his son (sacrificed human) for your sins. And if he doesn’t know you, you will enter into hell. Sounds like a loving and merciful God to me. I like the version of, hi I’m God, we haven’t met yet, won’t you come on in. I realize you’ve been mislead by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, however, they are no longer around, you know the one’s I’m talking about, those people that said you would go to hell for not knowing me.

  • Gil

    Why look to Tv and movies to tell you how Christmas should be? If you’re a Christian, Christmas is about the Saviour’s birth who came to reconcile us to God. This world will pass away, but the hope that the Saviour brings last forever. Cheer up keep your eyes on things above. God will give grace for everything we have to face.

  • Hank

    People are so depressed around Christmas because they worry about buying the latest gadgets, the best clothes, all kinds of materialistic stuff, and they nearly put themselves in crushing debt.
    People are so depressed because they do not have Jesus Christ in their lives. They are self centered instead of God centered. Christmas is all about the gift of Jesus Christ to the world. If people knew Jesus, they would`nt be so depressed and have to pop a bunch of pills.
    God is the answer to a joyful life.

    People that do not have Jesus in their life are miserable people! And those that live well off and don`t have Jesus in their lives, say that they are very happy are lying to you.

  • JuliaM

    You’re going to have your opinion and interpretation of the Bible, and I respect that. Thank you for the discussion. May God bless you!

  • Lorraine Espenhain

    Man was created by God and for God. His purpose in life is threefold: to know God, love God and serve God. When man moves away from this threefold purpose in order to serve a different purpose, his soul feels that disconnection from God, and this is what causes depression. America is a very depressing country in which to live because as a whole, this nation has abandoned and forsaken God. In return, He has forsaken us. When you go out into any public arena, you can not only see the desolation, emptiness, wretchedness, and misery of man without God, but you can feel it in your spirit. It’s a darkness that no amount of Christmas carols or Christmas decorations can obliterate. Movies like “It’s A Wonderful Life” are just that…movies. Until men turn back to God and their souls are reconnected with the One Who created them for Himself, we can all expect to see depression increase as well as suicide.

    • meerkat

      So god created people as sort of an ego trip i.e. to love him. Do you really mean that… Btw depression is not a disconnection form god or disconnection from anything it is to do with having lots of feelings of anxiety and entering a closed down state, it is a coping mechanism. So nothing to do with feeling disconnected, maybe you say that about other sorts of emotional states but not this one.

      • Lorraine Espenhain


        Since God is perfect and all holy, He has no ego. Ego is a form of pride, which is the result of sin, something which simply does not exist in God, Who is all-perfect and all good.

        God did not create man because He had an ego and needed to be loved and worshipped. God is completely and infinitely happy in Himself. He has no need of anything or anyone in order to make Him happy. He created man because in his goodness, He wanted to share His happiness with man. Before Adam and Eve sinned, man was perfectly happy because he was sharing in God’s happiness, and He was in complete union with His creator. Once sin entered the scene, man’s soul became disconnected from God and he was separated from Him, for God cannot fellowship with evil. But because God loved us so much, He sent His Son, Jesus, to atone for our sins on the cross so that we could be brought back into a right relationship with Him.

        Some depression is the cause of hormonal/chemical imbalances. This, I will grant. But when people do not center their lives on God and give themselves completely to Him, the soul suffers. MOST OF THE DEPRESSION THAT IS IN THE WORLD TODAY STEMS FROM THIS. The devil doesn’t want men to know this. He would rather have men believe that his unhappiness can be solved with a new relationship, a new job, relocation to another city, or a new toy or gadget, etc.

        I know people who have suffered horribly all of their lives, and yet, because their lives are centered on God, they have a peace and inner joy that is not of this world because it comes from within; it comes from the Spirit of God. And then, I know people who want nothing to do with God, are extremely wealthy, have no health issues to grapple with, all is going well with their jobs and families, and yet, they are empty, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

        I want to encourage you to read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It was written by Solomon, son of King David. In this book, he talks about the emptiness and meaningless of life without God. You name it, Solomon did it. You name it, Solomon purchased it. And yet, in the end, he learned that most of what man devotes his time to during the few days of his life under the sun is “meaningless” and “chasing after the wind.” In the end, Solomon concluded that the full duty of man was to fear God and to keep His commandments. Only then will man find the peace for which he searches.

        Depression is a symptom – sometimes of a physical problem, but most of the time of an interior problem, a spiritual problem.

        People without God are depressed all year long. The only reason why they sense it more at Christmastime is because they are being bombarded by songs, movies, and an artificial joy that is marketed by the media, all telling them that they’re supposed to be happy when they know that they are not happy. The songs and movies that are played over the holidays against the backdrop of a nation that has lost its soul and is suffocating on its own emptiness only bring more torture to those without God, for they see what life all around them clearly is NOT. Christmas EXPOSES man’s emptiness without God in a way that no other holiday does because it speaks of a joy, love, peace, goodwill, and hope that most men simply do not have.

  • CharlesH

    Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens.

  • LHM618

    Sorry, I am not buying into this article as it is represented.
    First—-and foremost, many non Christians celebrate this time of year.
    They decorate and celebrate and run up their charge cards while buying “stuff”. So be it. These individuals have scant grasp as to the meaning of Christmas. At least with regards to the meaning of Christ and how it is He is involved.
    Without embracing this context, this meaning, it is a largely empty exercise for them.
    Second, the medications taken for “depression”.
    Yes, this country needs to reconcile this. However, the countries which exist where there is incredible poverty, misery, violence against one another, etc.—–those countries do not have the medications to turn to so it does not appear on the radar screen, their ills, their depressed state, their pain, their inabilities to cope with challenges.
    How convenient for the field of Psychology to NOT have to factor in these groups, these countries, these ailments, these “conditions”.
    How simply convenient.
    I could provide additional perspective and context and anecdotal evidence (of pain and suffering in other countries) to support my argument.
    Alas, it will not receive much attention as this article fades from view.
    So sad, the authors disregard for context. For a wider perspective.

  • Kas Thomas

    Thorazine is NOT the most popular drug in America. You got your facts wrong. Read the story. Abilify is the most popular drug.