The Mad As Hell Generation: 20 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Under The Age Of 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy

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Millions upon millions of young Americans have completely lost faith in the U.S. economy and are mad as hell that their economic futures have been destroyed.  The recent economic downturn has hit those under the age of 30 the hardest.  Today, there are hordes of young people that should be entering their most productive years that are sitting home with nothing to do.  Many of them have worked incredibly hard throughout high school and college.  Many of them have stayed out of trouble and have done everything that “the system” asked them to do.  But once they got finished with school, the promised “rewards” simply were not there.  Instead, millions of young Americans are faced with crushing student loan debt loads in an economy where they can’t find good jobs.  When you are in your twenties, it can be absolutely soul-crushing to send out hundreds (or even thousands) of resumes and not get a single interview.  Most of us grew up believing that we would “be something” when we got older, and millions of young Americans are having those dreams brutally crushed right now.  Americans under the age of 30 voted for Barack Obama in droves back in 2008 because they believed that he would make things better.  Instead, Barack Obama has made things even worse.  Significant numbers of young Americans are starting to wake up and realize that neither political party is providing any real answers, and they are starting to get mad as hell about it.


Americans under the age of 30 don’t want to hear that they are not going to be able to do better than their parents.  They don’t want to hear that they are going to have to “pay the price” because of the mistakes of previous generations.  They don’t want to hear that the “good jobs” that have been held out as a “carrot” for them all these years have disappeared and are not coming back.

Millions of young Americans want what was promised to them.  They want good jobs that will enable them to enjoy the “American Dream”.  They want things to go back to the way that things used to work in America.

If you spend much time around those in their twenties, you know that many of them have a look of hopelessness in their eyes.  Large numbers of them have moved back in with their parents.  Large numbers of them are flipping burgers or working retail jobs part-time because that is all they can find.  There are even a growing number of them that have given up entirely and have completely checked out.

So are we in the process of creating a “lost generation”?

The following are 20 reasons why millions of Americans under the age of 30 are giving up on the U.S. economy….

#1 Only 55.3% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 were employed last year.  That was the lowest level that we have seen since World War II.

#2 Today, there are 5.9 million Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 that are living with their parents.

#3 The economic downturn has been particularly tough on men.  According to Census data, men are twice as likely to live with their parents as women are.

#4 Amazingly, less than 30 percent of all U.S. teens had a job this summer.

#5 Approximately one out of every five Americans under the age of 30 is currently living in poverty.

#6 According to one recent survey, only 14 percent of all Americans that are 28 or 29 years old are optimistic about their financial futures.

#7 Since the year 2000, incomes for U.S. households led by someone between the ages of 25 and 34 have fallen by about 12 percent after you adjust for inflation.

#8 The cost of “getting an education” has become increasingly burdensome in recent years.  Average yearly tuition at U.S. private universities is now up to $27,293.  That figure has increased by 29% in just the past five years.

#9 In America today, approximately two-thirds of all college students graduate with student loans.

#10 Millions of young Americans are absolutely being financially strangled by horrific student loan debt loads.  Sadly, the total amount of student loan debt in the United States now exceeds the total amount of credit card debt in the United States.

#11 In 2010, the average college graduate had accumulated approximately $25,000 in student loan debt by graduation day.

#12 One-third of all college graduates end up taking jobs that don’t even require college degrees.

#13 In the United States today, there are more than 100,000 janitors that have college degrees.

#14 In the United States today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees.

#15 In the United States today, approximately 365,000 cashiers have college degrees.

#16 In the United States today, 24.5 percent of all retail salespersons have a college degree.

#17 As the economy has crumbled, fewer young Americans have been getting married.  Today, an all-time low 44.2% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

#18 Young Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated as our politicians stand by and do nothing while our economy is being hollowed out.  The sad truth is that United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, and top politicians in both major political parties keep pushing for even more job-killing “free trade” agreements.

#19 Young Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated that pretty much the only jobs that seem to be available are low paying jobs.  Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

#20 Young Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated that previous generations have saddled them with a 14 trillion dollar national debt that they are expected to make payments on for the rest of their lives.

A lot of young Americans swing back and forth between anger and despair.  Many of them worked like crazy for years because of the promise of a better life, and now they are being bitterly disappointed.  Just consider the following testimonial that was recently posted on The Atlantic….

I am in my mid-20s. I have a university education. I started working when I was 14. I have chemical burns and scars over my hands from dealing with caustic cleaning chemicals. I did not want that to be my life like my uncles. I had to get out. I worked very hard in high school and volunteered and was the member of clubs and all of that great stuff. I got into a good university and worked hard. I took a language course, took things that I loved. I worked through my degree – I was even a janitor in a building that I lived in, because I needed the cut in rent. I did that for no pay.

After these months of unemployment I have fallen into a pretty major depression. I live at home, I do chores, I look for work. As much as I want to get my life together, I have some great mental health issues to deal with – but have neither the money to purchase medication that may help me, nor the ability to pay for psychological or psychiatric help.

So what can be done?

Well, someone could wave a magic wand and fix the U.S. economy, but we all know that is not going to happen.

In fact, there is all kinds of evidence that the U.S. economy is about to get even worse.

So should we just tell our young people that they might as well just give up and start making rap videos about using food stamp cards like this one?  (*Warning* The video contains some very strong language.)

The number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 74 percent since 2007.  Millions of young people are learning that the only way to survive is to be dependent on the government.

It certainly does not help that our entire education system is deeply broken.  For example, did you know that the verbal scores on the SAT for the class of 2011 were the lowest ever recorded?

Our students have become so “dumbed down” that large numbers of them can barely even function in society once they graduate.

That is not their fault.

That is our fault.

We have failed young Americans in so many ways that it would take a series of books to detail them all.

We can say that we are sorry, but that just isn’t going to cut it.

Millions of young Americans want what was promised to them, but we no longer have it to give to them.

Anger in this nation is already starting to boil over in strange and unpredictable ways.  If the economy gets even worse, we are going to have tens of millions of young Americans that are mad as hell and that are ready to riot in the streets.

What are we going to do then?

According to a recent Gallup poll, 81 percent of Americans are “dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed”.

That is not a sign of a healthy nation.

The sad truth is that the foundations of America are crumbling and we have millions upon millions of young people that are incredibly angry and incredibly frustrated.

It does not take a genius to figure out that is a recipe for disaster.

So please pray for America.

We are going to need it.


    Amerika is an empire that needs to fall. Strangely enough, one can compare what is happening in Amerika now to the Star Wars trilogy. Their “nation” started out as a republic, got taken over by a maniacal madman in the name of Palpatine and in the case of Amerika that would be the “puppet president” and his banker henchmen that bankroll him, and then it became an Empire with no freedoms, constantly at war and always looking to crush “the rebellions”. Well, welcome to reality. Time for this rotten empire to fall, and as Master Yoda would say “fall must it”. As soon as the empire falls, then those remaining who hopefully possess some wisdom, would then set about rebuilding the “Republic” that while imperfect in some ways, at least stood for something a lot better than what is currently in place.

    • ScoutMotto

      Excellent parallel! Notice too that the power taken by the evil side was not given up without a big fight.



        Which is why if the Asylumites in Amerika truly believed in freedom they would fight that much harder to restore it……….

    • Amen brother, yes amerika and all its evils need to finishing rotting.
      Its like a line in the book “Claudius”
      ” let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out”

      I think we are seeing quite a bit of “poisons hatching out” here in the USA.



        Checked out the webpage. Informative and insightful. Might need to have a get away plan some time soon, assuming that there would be someplace to go……………

    • onecansay

      Well, should you remember the third film, it is an eerie replication of a “One World Order”.

      Do not think for a minute that the last scene when Luke looks over that ‘mass’, it is not one of a ‘new control system’.




        With a few banks bankrolling all the major governments of the world and the policy of all of them being bail out banks and kill any who would stand in the way of it I would say that the one world order is already in place. The choice is simple, either you believe in freedom and stand apart from the bankrolled political octupi that run things, or you believe in total command and control from the top down and will sell out for a few pieces of silver in order to be on the “winning side”………..

    • JasonD

      Good analogy.

      I’ve always said that the Empire in Star Wars draws a close parallel to the US.

      The book/movie Dune does somewhat as well, where their spice is our oil and makes their/our way of life possible.



        Well, the good times were here and they are now gone. The downward trend is here. The economy is collapsing, society is spiraling out of control, and the larger populace seems not to be worrying about it in any way, shape, or form.

    • Shan

      Oh we will fall. It just a matter of when. We are ignoring that history is repeating, remember, we’ve all learned about the Roamen empire! They lived beyond their means in greed and excess and waste! Americans need to wake up and go look in the mirror.

  • HeartofShadows

    One of those lost generation kids here(22 years old). You’re article as usual hits the nail on the head and at least gives us a bit of attention. The worst is when our parents or family try to act like everything is fine and they attack us because we can’t get real employment or just make things happen when we were just born in the wrong time it seems and its even worse when my father lost his job and those who have jobs tend to look down on their family who don’t have.
    These woes are having very negative effects on families all across America but the good news is that can’t be ignorant for long.



      A very important distinction needs to be made here. There is a difference between UNJUSTLY excoriating people who have tried and put forth their best efforts at trying to make something of themselves and trying to be productive members of society and JUSTLY lambasting people, who through their own monumental stupidity have created wounds that are self-inflicted. I choose the latter course because the facts and evidence are all around as to whom is to blame for the colossal mess that Amerika is in right now. I absolutely have no sympathy for people who blindly follow charlatans, liars, sociopaths and psycopaths in government and elsewhere whose only desire in life is to inflict as much death and destruction on those weaker than they are and who have origins in places different than their own. Yes, the generation you belong to and those that follow have it the toughest of all because the baby boomer generation essentially abandoned its core responsibilities of citizenship and the consequences of that are now manifesting themselves in various ways.

      Be an upstanding citizen regardless of what others around you do. Do not despair at but totally disregard false friends and false family members who look down upon you for not being able to accomplish the “big score” in such a corrupt economic and political environment. Chart your own path, your own destiny in life regardless of who does what. You are defined by what you do in the face of adversity, not by how much wealth or trophy girlfriens/boyfriends you obtain. Be true to a character of goodness and honesty above all else and say the heck with the charlatans whose minds are stuck in the muck and mire of corruption and dishonesty………..

      • Dr. Chicago

        Amen Brother!

      • HeartofShadows

        Thanks reed.
        Times are tough but you hit the nail on the head.

    • jasehawk

      I would hate to me them (ostrich parents) or you in that particular situation, and It’s probably the case everywhere. I feel bad for kids in general these days and all the darkness they have to deal with. Some actually enjoy it and play their part. I don’t feel sorry for them.

    • Jessica

      I am also one of those “lost generation” kids! 23 year old, class of 2010, with honors. Crushing debt, my family is absolutely ashamed of me and lies for me to keep from embarrassing themselves in front of friends and other family members (thanks mom!). According to my mom, I am working “many jobs” but the truth is that I have been rejected from every job I’ve applied to, including a super market cashier, a Macy’s sales associate and every temp agency within my area. I’ve been rejected multiple times from those positions, mind you. I have had incredibly hurtful things said and done to me because people look down on me.

      I feel hopeless most of the time. I had a business for a short time, but when I lost my car I also lost too much income to justify maintaining a business license and all the crazy tax non-sense. Reed is absolutely right about not despairing over people looking down on you. But that’s easier said than done. I personally hope that they all fail just like we did. Then maybe something will get done in America.

  • JimF

    And yet if you talk about dismantling all the oppressive regulations that hold down business, all you hear is shrill screaming.



      I am all for dismantling oppressive regulations holding down legitimate business growth. And the far rightwing radicals and the republican wing of the war party have to be asked why, when the republican wing of the war party held the House, the Senate, and the White House from 2001-2006 did they not do this?

  • Highspeedloafer

    This article definately gets a +1.

    I feel terrible for the young adults and the even younger kids still in school with very little hope for the future. I try and talk to many of them, but most don’t want to talk about it.

  • Is anybody waking up out there? What about the following solution: THINK POSITIVE! Is the glass always half full? What glass?

    • Guido

      That glass is government property and you will please place it back where it was or pay a stiff fine…

    • jasehawk

      Having our heads in the clouds isn’t going to magically correct any problems. Leonard, factual events have led to what will lead to this country finally folding. Let’s get with reality here instead of your newage fantasies. Plugging your ears and making lalala sounds doesn’t make it go away, neither does a world of positive thinking.



      This is not the time for childish, infantile, lunacy of “american exceptionalism” and
      idiotic “positive thinking” bromides. Now is the time to focus, realize what the problems are and then take aim at extreme measures (outside of the box) needed to fix those problems. Time to put the charlatans in the war party (dems and reps) out of business permanently and rebuild the republic.

  • JD

    Amen,Michael. I hope you saw that news report I was telling you about the other day sounds like you did you homework. :) Its true. Im about to turn 31 in a few weeks and Im a part of the lost generation that has been left behind by this economy. Once upon a time I had a good-paying job, a fiancee, a car, a cheap place that I could afford, I could buy my own groceries without food stamps, and a little dog. That now to me seems like a distant dream. When I was laid off by the greedy company that just used me for my talents, learned everything that I could teach them, then found any excuse they could to fire me. Fourtunely the reasons they let me go didnt disqualify me for unemployment. Soon after that my life came unraveled. I had to quit collage cause I needed to find a full time job then my future wife left me. Then I couldnt afford the storage unit that had all my possesions in it. BTW, thats why i hate that Storage Wars show. Freakin Vultures. Anyways all I had left was my car and my clothes. Since then my life has seemed to go in the wrong direction. Im regressing instead of progressing. I had too much pride to move back in with my folks, so I lived in my car and ghetto hotels last year. I always said to myself, Im 30 years old. I shouldnt be living with my parents. I left home at 16 and was working since then. Why is it so hard to find a job these days? Im extremely qualified to work at these jobs. Reality was a bitch when I applied for a forklift operator job at Home Depot. There was 50 people there including a woman in her 60s!! I wasnt used to how companies hire in the new economy. Nowdays your experience dosent matter, your education dosent matter, and the length of time at your old job dosent matter. Half the time when I hear someone getting a job its because they have a “buddy” that works there. So basically if you dont have an “in” you dont get in. I got so fustrated that I got my Independent Contractors licence and invented my own work. Now Im back at the ranch with Pops learning how to work in the AG industry. I have plenty to do and im a blessing to my ol’ man cause hes not in the best of shape and Im a young ass man that can step up to the challange. Its been more rewarding than I could have ever imaganied. I think that God wanted me here. So in a way, thank you bad economy. You got me out of the city and my old life. Sorry for rambling but this subject really hits home.

    • Michael


      I appreciate how much of your life you are sharing with us.

      Hopefully it is also doing you some good to be able to share your story with others.





      Sorry to burst your bubble, but thanking a bad economy for a result that arguably was nothing more but a safety net is not the best of roads or outcomes to take. Were it not for this bad economy, you would be no where near where are you now. And to give it more thought, you are only where you are now because your “dad” provided you with an “in”. The bottom line is that not everyone has a relative to lean on and the logical goal that everyone should be working towards is building a society that works for as many people as humanly possible………

  • A.S.

    Regarding the depressed guy quoted in the Atlantic: some advice for you:
    1. all prescription drugs are poison
    2. psychologists and psychiatrists are evil

    • jasehawk

      I agree with number 1 and 2, except I assume you imply you aren’t evil yourself. All men are. We all think continuous evil thoughts, and have continuous selfish desires.



        Speak for yourself! I have nary an evil thought, never!(LOL)

  • Colin

    The mayor of Los Angeles fears that what we saw what happened in the Arab Spring could happen here. He leads a coalition of four hundred city mayors to Washington, D.C. in an effort to get the Beltway politicians to pay attention to what is happening in this country. He has been able to speak with Rep. Pelosi and Sens. McConnell and Reid. Rep. Boehner’s office has not returned the mayor’s calls, and no meeting has been scheduled for a discussion.

    Here is an article:

    I think it’s far more accurate to say that its not all politicians who don’t get what is happening. The ones who get it the ones who are directly impacted by the joblessness – the mayors of cities. They are fighting to get jobs into their cities. The problems begin with the governors, who are laying off workers, and the federal politicians who can’t seem to agree on a plan.

    • Dr. Chicago


      The Mayors are to blame as much as the Governors and they are looking for a bailout from the higher ups. They over promised payrolls and pensions. California, Illinois and New York are all in dire straights. Chicago, Los Angeles and New York are also in a tight financial pickle. While the government can “create” jobs, it can only afford what the private economy can pay for unless it is willing to borrow against the future. Our stupid government has borrowed against the future on many “emergencies” that now when we have a real issue, we are stretched out and wham! Like the pig said, “That’s all folks!”

  • wobbly-1

    It’s not just young people who are angered due to failed expectations, wait until the baby boomers really hit their retirement stride (2012-2015). They worked their entire life to get to the end of the road and there is not pot of gold, only financial disaster. This when the boomers have aged past the “prime jobs” (if there are still any) and facing increased health issues (because as you age your visits to the doctor are more frequent and costly) and yet they really have no way to counter this in their worlds.

    The generation of entitlement is waking up to the reality of decimated retirements and inflation on the core things they need to survive. They have little means of changing this and do not have the time to wait it out as young people might.

    It used to be their power lay in that they are the voters, but when our candidates are two sides of the same failed coin, either vote will not make the changes we need to see immediately.

    The US is in trouble and we have managed to fail our elders, who were counting on us to take up the fiscal reins and see them through their senior years, and our youth, who were counting on an economy that they could grow into….obviously it is working out for both really poorly.

    • Dr. Chicago

      W –

      You have it a bit backwards. The Boomers controlled the ballot box for years. It is their misguided management that led us to this point. The United States is US. We are all to blame, so don’t let them or anyone else off the hook. Since I started working (and I have fortunately been in the workforce for 20 years) I have been told not to count on social security when I retire. Therefore I plan for a future without. I’ve known we had to change it. The politicians know it has to be changed, but the people have no will. We are stuck with the consequences to voter apathy and greed. If I sound angry it is because I fear for the future of my children and how my parents decimated their world.

  • Guido

    I’ve said it before-I think there may be a market in unemployed men willing to guard our crap while we’re out working. I saw the same kind of thing in Russia years ago. You get some guys in army surplus gear with pepper spray and clubs and they keep your stuff safe for you.

    • ScoutMotto

      I expect the security industry to flourish as people more and more want their property guarded while they are away. I just can’t see all my preparations and hard work getting taken from me while I’m on the job. It would take mere minutes for an organized group of 3 or 4 to go to someone’s house and rifle through it in a matter of minutes. Desperate people will get more brazen about daytime robberies too.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    There is something particularly heinous about a society that saddles it’s young with so much debt just to get though school. How many of these Collage Grads have degrees in Art History, Sociology, or some other soft science, or some BS Liberal Arts degree. Yes many blue-collar jobs are gone but many jobs require a Masters degree in mathematics, or engineering. I work with an engineer who does part time consultancy work on the side. He has work coming out of his ears. I personally think it’s to late now a days I would suggest getting a practical skill, that wobbling you feel is the wheels about to come off.

    • Guido

      I wonder how expensive education would be if government wasn’t fronting cheap loans for it?

      If education was paid by the customer, I think fewer people would go. I think that be good because it would drive down the incidence of unprepared people who get in because standards are lower than in previous years.

      Just look at all the uneducated people in college now. Colleges have had to go to remedial training for highschool grads who got straight As in school, but learned nothing of value. Greedy colleges have even created degrees and programs for retarded people to study!

      I think the costs would come down, too, if cheap gov’t loans went away. I had a friend who was in law school and estimated by graduation, he would owe nearly $100K for his college and law school. If you were in your 20s or early 30s, how would you ever imagine you could pay off a 100,000 dollar loan??? At that point in my life, heck, even now with a home payment, I don’t know how to approach that kind of debt.

      My own school charged a mint and padded the bills with all sorts of costs and mandatory, but unnecessary stuff. We paid massive student activity fees, too.

      The fees were spent on 2 separate student unions; an all-campus student union and a separate, but equal, black student union. (That part always seemed sort of offensive, but that’s PC thinking for you. I always heard separate but equal was a bad thing, but I guess if you’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s OK.)

    • Guido

      Good point, Dodgy.
      I’ve started studying blacksmithing. I’m also making my own beer. THAT is a skill worth having! I even make my own laundry detergent. One of these days, I have a friend from the local farmer’s market who will teach me how to make soap.
      My wife jokes that all the skills her grandfather used in Eastern Europe to survive WWII and the Communists are the skills I study as a hobby.

    • Jessica

      I have a BS liberal art degree, and two years in I remember calling people out on the BS that “you can major in whatever you want, just having a degree will make you more likely to land a job.” But when I threatened leaving, advisers and parents all told me that employers would think that I can’t stick with anything. Well, I got that degree and all it got me was no job, student loan debt, and no focused job training except in writing and computer software, which let’s be real, anyone with half a brain can use MS Office and make a basic website. Thank you parents and advisers, really great advice.

      I am trying to get back into school to finish my pre-med requirements so that I might have a shot at a professional degree in health care, but with so many people turning to health care I have a feeling I will only find myself in more debt and jobless.

  • Kevin

    Granted the evisceration of US industrial capacity has removed a huge amount of traditional well paying jobs directly and indirectly. However many young people (and their parents) bought into the “College Degree” as a ticket to the good life without researching the employment opportunities for these “Degrees”. I have heard it many times, “I want to do something I like”. Unfortunately expectations have risen while opportunities abated.

    It’s not surprising to find a waitress that has a degree in “Fashion Design”. What a waste of time her time and often the parents money.

  • These kids have good reason to be upset. I recently wrote an article detailing the Occupy Wall Street protest.

    The way they are being treated by the police is terrible. Making matters worse the media black out is preventing Main Street from seeing exactly what’s going on. These are our children and we should all be sickened by this atrocity.

    How long will we let the powers that be stifle the voice of dissent? The time to stand up to oppression is now. When we can’t even protest injustice what recourse do we have?

  • mondobeyondo

    The 30-and-under crowd has been rather slow to awaken, but there’s nothing like a good (bad!) economic crisis to put the masses in the streets.

    Anger about the Vietnam war and civil rights got the youth of this country in the streets in the 1960’s. Today’s 30-and-unders don’t have to fear their draft number being called. They are happy to watch American Idol or the premiere of “Terra Nova”. By and large, the youth have remained mostly calm and complacent.

    I have a feeling that will soon change though, and not for the better. A few people out there are starting to get it – the Wall Street protesters, for example. Many others will awaken and realize that “we’ve been had”.

    Unkept promises, broken dreams, higher education only for the wealthy, endless overseas wars, endless unemployment at home and hungry stomachs….that is a recipe for a social Molotov cocktail. Not good.

  • Golden Child

    That “My EBT” rap video is hilarious and honest yet horrifying to watch as a college-educated late 20 something with few job prospects.

    You are right that most people are dependent on the government for handouts and in more ways than one. The federal government is currently the largest employer in the country. Six out of the top ten richest counties in America are located outside of Washington, DC and have large federal worker populations. Federal workers get paid double the salary of similar private sector workers to surf internet porn all day. The majority of “nonessential” government workers produce ZERO wealth for America.

    America is the most indebted nation on the planet. We rank dead last in terms our national bank account.

    Even though many countries are poorer than America, we lead the world in violent crime rates. America also incarcerates its citizens at the highest level of any country on the planet. All of this is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. When thousands of shiftless young people take to the streets, our government will not hesitate to declare all out war/genocide on these poor kids. So sad.

  • mark

    I must say that this problem is not my fault. We raised two wonderful children. One has finished college and is working in her field. She does not make a lot but she is gaining experience which is the way it should be. Young people think that they should have the wealth that their parents have. This takes a long time to aquire. Economic conditions have changed, but I well remember the inflation during the Carter years and the very high interest rates during the early Reagan years . That resession was brutal. I was concerned about the debt of the government back then. Congress just cannot say no to spending money they don’t have. We need to balance this budget now. This will result in a lot of pain and deepen this depression we are in. Riots and worse would happen, but over time the economy would be repaired.

  • turbomr2

    I always thought that my generation was short changed but the young people today are really taking it in the keaster. See I was born in 1959 part of the boomer generation, but kind of late in that generation, so there was this big pile of people up to 12 years older than me who got out of high school and college and bid up the price of housing so much so that I never felt I could afford to buy a home of my own. I was able to find employment after college though the salary wasn’t great or even enough to afford a home mortgage I did get by in life, at least until the past few years, now I’m sitting around with no job and nothing to do with my life like the younger generation. But young people today can’t even find basic employment after graduating at least I had that much. This is pathetic and is due to our political class and ruling elites who have out sourced so many jobs to Asia. Young people need to realize that you are not part of the constituency unless you have lots of money to donate to someones political campaign. Voting and volunteering for a candidate do not qualify you as a constituency. If I was young today I think I would be an Anarchist.

  • Mr. Helper

    It is a very sad article to say the least, but still a future that can be altered. What must be done, is for the young people to take scraps of our old economy and create a new way of commerce. The Barter system worked well when there was no currency. They must form an alliance with each other and their elders to form a new way of living. this would also deem money worthless. This would even the poor and wealthy once again….and..Stop buying from China!

  • D

    I have two friends who got their J.D. law degree a year ago. They are perhaps the two most brightest people I know when it comes to working the system and doing what needs to be done to get their “dream.” 4.0s, honors, clean records, the perfect academics drones. Both are living at home. One is a secretary and the other is working part-time retail. Each sent out 100s of apps.

    Colleges are nothing but businesses. They sell false realities while tuition prices are hiked up way past inflation because they know they have the market. Most job markets are saturated beyond belief. There are a few exceptions, but even then it is getting worse and pay is decreasing by the month.

    I planned on going to the military years ago when I was in my undergraduate and realized the market was saturated (working in higher academics/financial database systems. Ironic, right?). I planned on going ROTC back in college (full tuition scholarship and extra goodies) but decided I wanted a “normal” life and not worry about the military jargon – hoping everything would “get better.” Boy was I dumb. I would be debt free, have an excellent job, and retire when I’m in my 40s with a 50% pension.

    I’m now finishing the Officer process I started years ago for the military. The recruiters told me they are having record numbers come in. Officers (which require 4-year degrees) slots have become extremely competitive. The Air Force only holds one board per year – Around 1200 applied and they accepted around 35. The Army only retained 30% of their officers – used to be 60-70%. Enlisted personnel virtually have no bonuses anymore because they aren’t have troubles filling them.

    If I get in, I will probably die in WWIII anyway, which will happen relatively soon. Oh well, gotta make ends meet. I always wanted to die in a mushroom cloud anyway.

    • onecansay

      Well, if everyone had your attitude, the WWIII will come sooner than later.

      Don’t you think this was set up to do exactly what was done in the lead up to Nazi Germany and Stazi Russia!

      While you still have some time, watch the movie Starship Troopers. This will give you an indication of what YOU are about to create.

      Do not perpetuate the “War Machine” just to ‘get a job’.

      To do so proves that you will sell your soul to “Satan” and eliminate your parents, brothers and sisters which will be a requirement for said employment.


      • lah

        Totally agree, onecansay. If men/women would just stop enlisting, these obscenely expensive wars could not continue. Those billions could be spent creating jobs at home. Anyway, how can anyone justify making a living by killing people?

        • Highspeedloafer

          They would just turn around and start another draft.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      You make a very profound point in your statement that colleges in the US are just “businesses,” D. To that, I would add the corollary that universities and colleges in the US have for decades been nothing but glorified trade schools. They specialize not in instruction for useful trades like carpentry, HVAC, automechanics, etc. that produce tangible wealth, but rather for phantom occupations based on the trading of bogus, 100% virtual “financial instruments” decoupled from any concrete assets.

      There is a correlation between the fact that classical education is dead in Amerika and what has been done to Amerika. A populace that is ignorant of the past and the true workings of politics and culture is ripe game for the likes of a Bernanke, Greenspan, Summers, Blankfein, Geithner, Paulsen et al.

  • JD

    I wouldnt put all the blame on the older generation. The Boomers are also facing a bleak future. They are having to keep their jobs as long as they can because their retirements have been wiped out by the stock market. ( I heard today on the news that just last week alone some 401ks lost $7,000.) The Boomers cant give up their jobs and retire so a younger worker can take their place. The news also said that the Social Security trust fund will run out in the 2040s. I find that hard to believe when reading your Wage Slaves article says that for the next 20 yrs 10,000 people reach retirement age. This is going to cause a massive strain on the system. The younger workers today are not going to be sharing in on this. Youre right,Michael something has to change soon. I wont be coming home tonight, my generation will put it right, we’re not just making promises that we know you’ll never keep.- Phil Collins

  • JD

    Sorry I meant 10,000 a day.

  • JD

    Another point, Men are twice as likely to live with their parents because…

    A. If they dont have children, they cant get into Section 8 housing. Most low income women that have kids are put on a higher priority.

    B. Most women will not take a man who is unemployed in her home. (Although when I was working and had a job I took in many women that were down on their luck or just didnt want to work.)

    C. Society just does not care about men when they are down and out. Especially if you dont have children. I was kinda shocked to find out that men can get food stamps.

    D. Thats all I can think of right now, maybe one of you guys can think of another!

  • Gary2

    Michael-Every time the repubes open their mouths and talk of cuts we get a ton of young people in their 20’s attend and volunteer for the OFA meetings. The right wing is the best recruitment tool ever!

    We have paid positions for young people to get out the vote and educate people of the terrible mess the republicans austerity wet dreams, along with their policies causing the biggest wealth and income gap ever, will cause if they are not soundly defeated.

    Young people HATE republicans and conservative tax cuts for the rich and program cuts for the rest of us.

    I only show them a video of that dolt mitch the bitch mcconnel saying the repube goal is to make Obama a one term president. They know that the repubes are fighting him every step of the way.

    The right will be going down so hard I really think they are through for a generation. They are showing their immorality by advocating for tax cuts for the rich and cuts to education and other programs that help the poor succeed. Everyone knows about Paul Ryan road-map to poverty. They can all see it and its a wonderful recruitment tool.

    I can hardly wait to see the right FAIL, hopefully for good. How wonderful it will be if the right will go back to their compounds in Idaho and they can pretend its the 1800’s and reenact the civil war while the country can progress under true progressive leadership.

    • jasehawk

      Wait….a liberal talking about morality? Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness. You see Gary, the world is upside down, and so is your thinking.

      • Guido

        Yeah, I’ve tried to call him on it before, but he never really answers questions. His concept of morality is something quite different from what most of us, and most dictionaries, would have you believe.

        • Gary2

          I have answered all your questions. if I missed any ask again.

    • Guido

      I’m not sure why liberals think it is so outrageous that the opposition would declare they will try to make Obama a one-termer. After all, isn’t that what elections are, contests of ideas between two or more sides? The dems sure tried to stop Bush his second time around and no one said anything was wrong with that. A second term is not a given, or we would just hand you 8 years on day 1.

      I think you’re wrong, though. Most of America believes Obama is wrong. If you ask someone if they’re better off now than they were 4 years ago, they will tell you no. You can’t blame the repubs, either, since they only control 1 house of congress, while the dems control 1 AND the white house. They had an absolute majority for 2 years in congress and the white house and did nothing. You can’t blame the rs for that, can you? At that point the dems were ramming through anything they wanted. Not much got better then.

      I feel for this generation, but I do not feel like paying for them. The sad fact of the matter is there are too many programs for too many people and not enough tax money to spend to sustain them and not enough workers to tax for it. Read your Constitution some time-these programs and these entitlements are NOT permitted the fedgov. They are oversteps and, sadly, the music is coming to an end and some people are going to be left without a seat.

      The situation isn’t helped by the absurd amount of government money wasted on everything from Coast Guard installations in West Virginia to condoms for 3rd world countries to studies about how people fall in love to solar factories that can’t turn a profit. Wasting our funds in every conceivable manner is not going to help the economy get back on track.

      This government has shown it can hardly run the programs it should be running. They certainly don’t deserve MORE power and can not be trusted with more authority. You do not cure a disease with more of the disease.

      Trying to fundamentally change the nation isn’t going to give people confidence in the system’s stability. You can’t fault people not expanding their businesses and salting their money away where it can be safe when the economy is this messed up and the government is this unreliable. They’re killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Businesses are finding the US business-unfriendly. Can you blame them if they avoid doing business in the US?

      The experts are pointing out that even if Obama gets the tax hikes he wants, most of the rich folks at the top he is targeting will not be touched by the taxes, since they have already structured their finances to avoid taxes as much as possible. It isn’t hard, with money, to set things up so you lose as little money as possible. I think this is another perfect political move-lots of rhetoric, lot’s of tough talk, and no substantive action.

      In any case, where do you draw the line? Just because someone has more money than someone else does not create a claim or duty on the first. I already pointed out before that the income we’re discussing is frequently investment income-which was taxed once already.

      How can you pretend to have a fair and equitable tax system if you can arbitrarily select some people for more and more taxes at every turn, arbitrarily increased because they may have too much money?

      If you believe in a free nation, as we’re supposed to have, and the rule of law and the fundamental idea that we are all treated equal before the law, then you can not support the idea of changing the rules for those you wish to target.

      You certainly wouldn’t support changing the rules to benefit a few with a lot of money, so why is it OK to change the rules to punish a few with a lot of money? I would point out the folks you have in charge right now, whom you want to tighten the screws on the dirty rich, are rich, themselves, and seem to avoid paying their “fair share” of taxes (look up Tim Geithner) and seem to shamelessly hook their rich buddies up. (Look up Jeff Immelt and GE some time…)

      Personally, I would like to see the tax code simplified. The only reason it is so complex is to control us. Even the regulators don’t know what’s in it.

      I would like to see the Fair Tax instituted-it rewards savings and would take a hefty 23-25% from any purchase. Your richy-rich class enemies would be taken for every golden toilet and megayacht they bought, while middle class families scrimping to get by aren’t touched. Look it up some time.

      Barring the Fair Tax, I would prefer to see the tax code simplified and all loopholes and exemptions removed. That kind of system would at least make it easier to understand what you owe. I believe they could lower the tax rate greatly if we discarded all the loopholes and made it a mandatory percentage, no matter how many kids you had, green windows you installed, or the size of your mortgage bill.

      I hope you’re wrong, Gary. Progressivism has been nothing but doom for our nation from day one. Progressives and their belief they know better than I how I should live my life have done nothing but make this nation worse for over 100 years. Under Progressives, we’ve seen our debt go up, our morals weakened, our schools fail, our taxes explode, and we’ve even seen government coercion and control in all aspects of our lives from what we eat to how fast we drive. We’ve even seen government engage in eugenics because they thought they could make a better person. I’ll take backwards, evil, fascist conservatives any day if they’ll promise to leave me alone to seek my own fortune and make my own decisions.

    • Dr. Chicago


      Sometimes you hit the nail on the head. Other times you are the nail. Picking a side between Democrats and Republicans is being part of the problem. Once you realize they are opposite sides of the same coin, you will be a better person and your posts won’t garnish such anomosity. I agree the republicans are destroying this country…right along side the democrats.

      In my life (school, work, train, church) I’ve sat next to a lot of people that I’ve disagreed with on some things. Nobody in real life can work with each other every day in the same profession and disagree so completely unless it is staged. This is a game for them folks..the for all politicians is to cross the finish line with as much of our money as possible.

      • Gary2

        I am beginning to see the wisdom of what you are saying. I just keep seeing how terrible republicans are…

  • Douglas Dillard

    Michael, as a general comment: thanks for all you do in running this web site! Every day I check out this blog and its sister site, the economic collapse. I’m amazed at what an enlightening source of information both web postings are for what’s happening on the ground right now. The stories are packed with revealing facts that are simply not being reported in the main stream media (including the so called “business” news outlets); giving the reader a straight, raw, unmasked snapshot of our crumbling society. I don’t know how you do it, but please keep up the great work as you are providing a valuable resource for all who are struggling with this collapsing economy.

    • Michael

      Thank you Douglas – running these sites is a lot of hard work, but I am so thankful that I get to do it and I am so thankful that so many people enjoy the articles.


  • Matt

    I say cut the military buget by more then half a good70% We could then pay the debt off a good portion and put somein social security. Huffington post article yesterday u.s. military leaving billions of military equipment in Iraq. But then here the call from the generals and puppets we need more then defense. Are military budget is as big as china,russia,india ,and european nations combined. Whats wrong with this picture. Oh yea america has many boogie men under our living room tables…Ron Paul/Ralph Nader 2012

  • Ken w

    In my work every day I see kids going off to college or in college who have no idea what’s going on. Many of them are taking out thousands in loans and have picked degreess that will not provide them a job (communications, psychology) Less than a 1/3 are in solid fields like engineering, computer science, medicine, accounting, jobs that teach concrete skills. Most universities don’t teach students to problem solve or think critically only to regurgitate information. My kids are 9 and 11 and they already know it will be harder for them. We emphasise hard work and though I won’t pick their field of study there will be parameters. It doesn’t do any good to spend $50-100K on an education and then live with your parents, dejected and disillusioned when there are no opportunities. I have one patient who is top of his H.S. class and is set on going to UCLA to study pre-med. He will be taking out close to $50K a year for undergrad. He will never be able to pay it back and will be a debt slave the rest of his life. Very sad

    • Highspeedloafer

      I feel your pain Ken. I have a daughter finishing law skool next semester, and boy do things look bleak. 100k +. Looks like I’ll have a big family for a long time.

  • T.M.

    I live in upstate SC. Tuition, room and board and fees for the current (Fall) semester at a local private university is $25K! That’s just one semester! If you don’t live on campus, tuition and fees are $20K! I know a lot of the students at this university come from wealthy families, but, still, $50K per year is just outrageous. And this state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. A lot of these students are not going to find jobs when they graduate, but they’ll likely be in a lot of debt. These students are very intelligent young adults, but I wonder if they realize just how bad things are out there and that it will only get worse.

  • Rick

    ‘…promised “rewards” simply were not there.’

    OK, that’s where you go wrong right out of the starting gate. You make your own “rewards” in life, anyone who promised you anything was lying, including Mom, Dad and Barack Obama. All you receive with an education is an increase in your chances for success. That’s it. There’s no guarantees. No promised rewards.

    As long as Americans of all ages continue to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the government rainbow we will continue to decline into obscurity.

  • Jason

    Go to any community college and ask their trade school division how their enrollment numbers are. They will tell you that even BEFORE the econ crashed the numbers were dropping. Even worse now. Then ask them what the demand is in industry and they will tell you that the demand in industry can’t be met due to lack of interest. My auto paint instructor told me kids now days don’t want to get their hands dirty. He is clearing six figs in the industry after taxes working 8 to 10 hours a day 5 days a week. My uncle who is a mechanic is clearing 75K on a bad year and he only works an 8 hour day in a 5 day work week. The problem is these kids all want a 6 fig office management job the second they graduate with their business degree. They need a reality check first. Then maybe some of their job prospects will improve.

    JJ The Fed
    AAS, BS, former LE, certified welder, currently in emergency services for the US government.

    • jasehawk

      I do get a chuckle every time I hear of someone attending college for a ‘business degree’. I swear it’s like 3 out of 5. I wouldn’t doubt what you say is a big part of the problem, but not THE problem. I know what THE problem is, and very few people are aware of what the underlying problem really is, because most people are dead men walking. No I’m not referring to people unaware of how their being screwed. This is becoming common knowledge.

    • Guido

      Well, it’s hard to land the Rock Star or Reality TV Star jobs, but if you do, you’re on Easy Street FOREVER! With a promising future in viral videos or chat rooms, who would want to waste their time working with their hands?

      10+ years ago, a welder starting at Norfolk Navy yard could easily pull in 50/hour. I have no idea what they clear now, but it’s probably at least 2x that. You can really do well if you get into welding in Alaska and you don’t mind deploying to the North Slope or if you can get into nuclear welding. THAT is a demanding job, but it pays well.

  • Wake up. Bankers and other multi-national corporations have BOUGHT the U.S. Congress. Wall St. IS the U.S. Government. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan ARE the U.S. Government. JP Morgan Chase makes money off the food-stamp program, AND the issuance of unemployment compensation debit cards.
    The Banks make money off your misery. End the Fed. Abolish the IRS. End the endless wars. Ron Paul in 2012.

  • 30 year old family man

    I am almost 30 years old with a wife and two small children. A few years ago I was laid off from my job which I had a degree in. While seArching for employment I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child. After 2 months searching for a new job I was able to become an independent contractor. I had to start at the bottom so my pay was less than half what used to make. Also I was not guaranteed to keep work since I work for myself. I tell this story because I had to make sacrifices and to work really hard to make it in my new industry. Getting Dow on yourself and expecting the government to fix it for will do nothing for you. You have to not expect everything will be given to you or that you should be making lots of money from the start. Hard work and self reliance will get you through these tough times. Protesting will fall on deaf ears with politicians who only care about being re elected. Protest by voting in 2012, listen the people who are saying things that are different, not the the same slogans that been used by both parties. The American Dream can still happen for everyone, you just need to do it yourself.

  • Jake

    JD, you speak of your two friends who have law degrees. Did they happen to ever look at the demand for attorneys before they decided to go to law school? Probably not, the legal profession has been saturated for a long time now. They would have better applied those talents to getting their MD, which there is high demand for. Another area that there is high demand and has been for the last 10-20 years is IT. Of course that isn’t as fun to people as other degrees.

    • brooke

      Jake, why on earth would you suggest IT as a area with high demand? Those jobs are being shipped overseas and have been for the last 10 years. It is not going to stop. Look at the number of companies that are still moving their operations to other countries.

      My advice to members of the lost generation: If you can get a passport to another country (if your parents or grandparents immigrated from another country), get a passport for that other country and get out of the USA. If you can’t speak the language (thanks to our less than glorious education), study it and go. Your chances are better elsewhere.

      • j r

        I agree with you 100%. IT was the big thing during the dot com bubble, then the bubble burst and corporations sent the jobs to Asia and imported hundreds of thousands of cheap working Asians here. The kids saw their parents get screwed and stayed away from IT degrees. Nobody is that stupid.

        Leaving the US is a good idea, not only for economic reasons but to escape the growing American police state.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Brooke: I know a young woman here in Philly who recently moved to Bogotá, Colombia for a high-paying job after months of being very underemployed in The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA). She was a Temple graduate who was still working crappy, dead-end service jobs despite sending out resume after resume after resume. So when she got a chance to make some good money in another country (the fact that she was totally bilingual was a big plus), she went for it. She was nervous about moving to Colombia, which has a lot of violent crime. But she saw no future for herself here in the BRA.

        No doubt about it, the BRA has failed its young people miserably.

  • Interesting article. The opening paragraph is way too long. You start out with a basic summary of the article in the opening para and then follow up with details. You don’t put a huge paragraph at the head of an article like that.

    • Michael

      Why not? I like a good introduction. :)


  • mile

    seeing the penned up macing of those people in NYC one could rightly think nazis do what nazis did/do……………….

  • The Satanic Psychopaths are professional pirates and thieves. Stealing your money, whether through the private issuing of your currency, or through government confiscation, is what they are good at. In response to the numerous requests for a description of how I see things playing out, I submit the following:

    1. First comes the silver and gold COMEX price suppression. In spite-of diminishing inventories in both metals, futures contracts and put options will continue to be manufactured against the markets. The goal is to keep the sheeple away from anything with real value during the plundering process. This will create a very real shortage of silver and gold as smart investors buy the metals at a deep discount.

    2. The Stock Market Crash comes first. Trillions of wealth will transfer hands as shorts against the S&P and other Indexes will continue to escalate. Insurance companies, banks, Mutual Funds, ETFs and other institutional investors will dump their holdings on command. Stock prices will go down, while Index Options capture all of the transferred wealth.

    3. Near the end of the market collapse the Federal Reserve will begin a series of interest rate hikes to trash all existing debt with a fixed interest rate. This will decimate the bond market. By the way, you can also buy Short Options against bonds and Call Options on Interest rates. More wealth transferred from the poor suckers that actually trust these people!

    • Tim


      I believe this was written by Paul Drockton. Do you work with Paul?


    For sale or rent by distressed owner: 248,000 homes. That’s how many residential properties the U.S. government now has in its possession, the result of record numbers of people defaulting on government-backed mortgages. Washington is sitting on nearly a third of the nation’s 800,000 repossessed houses, making the U.S. taxpayer the largest owner of foreclosed properties. With even more homes moving toward default, Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FMCC), and the Federal Housing Administration are looking for a way to unload them without swamping the already depressed real estate market. Trouble is, they haven’t figured out how to do that. “They’re stuck,” says Karen Shaw Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics, a Washington-based consultant that advises banks and other clients on government policy. “They don’t know what to do.””

  • laura

    If I was in that age group I’d be angry too. My parents, the WW2 generation brought us SS and medicare; grandparents the Fed Reserve. Baby Boomers really screwed things up….I have zero respect for my pinhead generation. There is only a few in each generation that take a stand for the constitution. This country has a zero future no matter who gets elected. The train has left the station folks, America is over and done. Hunker down for the worst.

  • Pauly

    Praying wont’t help. The only solution is to move to NH, take over the gov.(that’s happening) and secede. That’s it. Ron Paul is a fake.

  • “Many of them have stayed out of trouble and have done everything that “the system” asked them to do.”

    The ‘system’ is designed by the elite to make them into dependent employees, not rugged entrepreneurs.

    This video from the National Inflation Association documents the College Conspiracy, and how it’s the largest scam in U.S. history.


    REO SPEEDWAGON SAID IT A LONG TIME AGO!!GOLDEN COUNTRY! Golden country your face is so red
    With all of your money your poor can be fed
    You strut around and you flirt with disaster
    Never really carin’ just what comes after
    Well your blacks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
    And your freaks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
    You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
    The time has come for you my friend
    To all this ugliness we must put an end
    Before we leave we must make a stand

    Mortgage people you crawl to your homes
    Your security lies in your bed of white foam
    You act concerned but then why turn away
    When a lady was raped on your doorstep today
    Well your blacks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
    And your freaks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
    You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
    The time has come for you my friend
    To all this ugliness we must put an end
    Before we leave we must make a stand, oh yeah……


    Golden country your face is so red
    With all of your money your poor can be fed
    You strut around and you flirt with disaster
    Never really carin’ just what comes after
    Well your blacks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
    And your freaks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
    You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
    The time has come for you my friend
    To all this ugliness we must put an end
    Before we leave we must make a stand

    • Gary2

      Their best song ever bar none was “Riden the storm out” After that they went downhill fast.

      • Michael

        I was a Speedwagon fan back in the day.


  • jhpace1

    I’m seeing a lot of responses here, so let me add my random $0.02 (about what a 1913 dollar is worth nowadays).

    The American people have been lied to since FDR took the White House and WWII ravaged the world. People used to believe the government so much they thought they were helping the nation by turning in their gold coins in 1933 and getting paper dollars back. Then the Baby Boom generation after WWII were told “it’s a new world” with suburbia and a Cold War of ideology to prevent a “domino effect” of Communism across the world. Meanwhile, Socialism and Fascism took root back in the U.S.A. and has flourished to today. We have three generations of Americans successfully dumbed down as businesses became multi-national corporations with no allegiance to any one country, only to increasing profit margins. Now we have politicians bought and paid for on both sides of the aisle in Congress refusing to do anything that doesn’t line their own pockets and further their own paid-for agendas.

    We have a stratified population, where “privileged” elites who went to Harvard and Yale and Princeton run the country and become CEOs of multi-national corporations, with universities now filled with dreaming professors who change generations of students into either True Believers of Socialism and Fascism or useful idiots on mainstream media. The corporations are doing their best to move as quickly as possible from tax zone to tax zone, making a 30-year mortgage ludicrous, but Alan Greenspan convinced everyone that you could make a house into a bank account with equity, until that bubble burst. Another layer of American society is the dependent class, who have government programs and are taught to never make a family when there is more money in illegitimate children. And the middle class gets squeezed between inflation and taxation, just as planned. Government has grown so huge that upward mobility is now regulated and prevented to most citizens, unless there are political donations and kickbacks to the establishment.

    As the multi-national corporations decrease their only variable left, labor, to the lowest possible denominator on the planet, jobs and manufacturing has left the U.S.A. for other countries, where slave labor is not outlawed and regulations don’t cut into profit margins. What is left in hollowed-out America is a nonexistent job market. You either work for the ever-increasing government, provide services to those who still have money, or join the unemployment line. Small businesses and farms are being regulated to death, as bills that favor the larger multi-national corporations keep getting passed in Congress, and officials turn a blind eye to corporations over a certain size, while “cracking down” on childrens’ lemonade stands because they “don’t have a permit or a tax license”.

    Nothing will be done, because those who are trying to change this country into something an official from Europe, Russia, or China would recognize are not done yet. I’m being told “do a grass-roots movement”. There aren’t enough educated and knowledgeable people left to do a grass-roots movement, let alone change the country back to a productive 1940s-1950s style America. This is thinking-outside-the-box time, if you can still pay your bills.

    The university trap has to end, people need real skills not jobs that push around paper, and the favoritism of racial quotas, real or imagined, need to stop. But there are no leaders who will hire people and pay them a real wage just to do work, as Ford’s automobile manufacturing did in the 1930s before WWII broke out. The rich elite are isolating themselves from the rest of the people as fast as they can, while everyone else fumes and stews in what’s left of America.

    • Guido

      I’ll never forget Carlin’s line, “It’s a club and you ain’t in it.”

  • ‘Our students have become so “dumbed down” that large numbers of them can barely even function in society once they graduate.’

    The education ‘system’ is designed to put students into debt and keep them there.

    Financial education has been removed from their classes on purpose, to create debt slaves who pay interest to the elite bankers.

    They, and everyone else, needs to get relevant financial education, to learn how to protect their money, and increase their wealth during economic crisis.

    Watch this video from The Elevation Group.

  • “They want things to go back to the way that things used to work in America.”

    They can want that all they want, but we live in a different world, and unless they adapt, they will fall behind.

    We live in an International market now, and the American job market will never be the same.

    There’s so much opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money, especially online, that if they learn how to add value to people’s lives, they can make a great income and live anywhere they want.

    And that is so much better than working in an office 8-5 M-F.

    Their investments will never be the same either. The stock market used to be a place to grow your nest egg, but now it’s rigged by computers and hedge funds. And we are in a financial crisis that’s going to last for years, so the current wealth cycle is gold and silver.

    • Tim

      “The stock market used to be a place to grow your nest egg, but now it’s rigged by computers and hedge funds.”

      You think the gold and silver markets aren’t manipulated? What do you think caused the severe drop in prices last week?

      • Kevin

        They can rig gold and silver but they can’t create it. In the end the math catches up with them. They been manipulating in down but like a cork it just bobs back up.

        • Great input Kevin. They keep smashing silver and gold down, to make the Dollar appear stronger.

          JPM can’t possibly cover all of it’s silver EFT shares and someday it will collapse.

          And when the fiat currencies fail… precious metals will prevail.

      • Hey Tim, the gold and silver markets have absolutely been manipulated, especially silver.

        Silver historically has had a 15 to 1 relationship to gold, which means that silver should be at about $108/oz.

        But JPM and HSBC can’t continue the silver market manipulation forever, and when it ends, precious metals will skyrocket.

        For now, it’s on sale. Get it while you can.

    • Kevin

      It may be reality but it was not done with the bona fide consent of “The People” regarding the Free Trade Agreements that created the “International Market”. Politicians lied about their intent and still lie about their record regarding this issue. If tariffs remained the developed worlds industrial capacity would still be in place. You cannot through “Mom and Pop” business finance a notion as large as the US regardless of technology. A big nation needs big business. You might individually survive but leave your home and see what the country looks like in that environment then retreat to your gated community or fortress.

  • R

    I’m of that under 30 generation and I’m pissed at all the Baby Boomers and GenXers and how they’ve screwed us younger gens over, but I wouldn’t call us the “Mad As Hell Generation”. That line is from Network, a movie idealized by Baby Boomers mostly. Most people of my generation, including myself, have never actually even seen that movie. Also, I’m pissed at the generation below me, or the younger set of my generation, ignoring all the problems we’re facing and the problems they’re gonna have to face in favor of pop culture ****** like Lady Gaga and Biebz.

  • Mike

    In the words of Gandalf the gray
    “Run you fools”

    The ship is sinking, taking on water (debt) faster than it can be bailed out.

  • It’s the banks.. it’s the banks.. it’s the banks. The FED. the Bank of England. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Morgans and more. The banking system is setup to suck the juice out of every sovereign (well not so sovereign any more) country. They and their new world order cronies.. corporate predators like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland, giant pharmaceuticals, corporations like Halliburton are cancers… the people that run them scum. Tell the banks you will not pay them.. go to hell. Dismantle the international banking system which is controlled by private banks and replace them with something that benefits the people in the country of origin.
    All these other “reasons” for our current economic situation are a decoy.. a ploy to avert your attention. It’s that freaking simple. Destroy the international banking cartels, imprison the heads of them and set yourself free.

  • JD

    Yes, Michael it does help me to share my life experience. It helps to put things in perspective as to the life and family I once had, and the turn of events that took them all away. The old world of prosperity and easy living seems like a dream to me now. I have to remind myself where Im going if I dont know where Ive been. If I can turn this thing around, and come out of this a better person then thats the best I can hope for. My great-grandfather lost his home during the last Great Depression. During that time, he got his realtors licence and when the economy came back, he bought back his old home and started buying properties in upper Michigan. He became a millionaire. He had his own plane even. While I dont know if I can do that well, I know I have It in me to overcome the impossible odds. I share my stories in the hope that if someone who is hurting and scared can take confort that if someone else can get through it so can they. Alot of people’s worst fear is being homeless. If I can let them know that no matter what you can somehow make it, maybe they can let go of that fear and dont let it dominate their life. In the meantime “Feet fail me not, success is my only option, failure’s not.” -Eminem

  • JD


    That is a kick-ass song very timely. I also think “Land of Confusion” by Genesis and the Disturbed re-make are the theme songs for the “Lost Generation.”

  • Guido

    Sorry folks, it’s not just the banks.

    It’s US.

    We did this to ourselves, too.

    They offered us easy credit and we took it and ran with it. I’m not saying they’re innocent, far from it, but every one of us who went out, bought a house we couldn’t afford, charged stuff on a card and, God forbid, paid it off with another card-we did this to ourselves.

    These days, I’m paying off a mortgage on a house. I thought it was a smart move at the time, and it hasn’t been too bad, but I did go deep into debt. According to what used to pass for conventional wisdom, it was smart debt, not stupid debt, but until I pay it off, I’m the banks’ bitch.

    Except for a couple super-responsible folks on this site who avoided things like buying cars and homes, having bank accounts, etc-we all did it.

    I’m also sorry about the college thing. If you sat through college for a degree in underwater basket weaving and now you can’t find a job, well, I’m sorry you made an incorrect choice. No one lied to you and I remember we all joked in college about how useless our majors were. My English major buddy is now a psychiatrist. My Psych major ex-gf is now a school teacher.

    I was political science over a decade ago. The joke then was to ask a polisci major what restaurant they worked in. Mine was TGI Fridays. Matt Groening joked about his philosophy major pretty much insuring he became a cartoonist.

    Along the way, I did learn that most of what I know or need to know, I did not need a teacher and a classroom to learn it. Most of my knowledge has come from experience and lots of reading on my own time and with interaction from knowledgeable friends. I also learned I could have done pretty well studying manual skills earlier, like blacksmithing, welding, and automotive repair. Wish I knew that one!

    I know a lot of folks are angry the easy life dried up, but we, or at least most of we, are the ones who did it to ourselves. Hell, there were folks trying to warn us a decade or more back, but everyone said they were crazy. Now we get to deal with the aftermath…

  • I’m not the only one

    and some of us under-30’s caught on early to what a sick conveyer belt life this actually was & were put on psychiatric meds as kids so that we’d shut up, get over it and be another brick in the wall & have had nothing but problems for our short lives.Some of us never had an illusions that we’d ‘be somebody’ other than just happy & we never quite understood your obsession with it either.We never understood why you insisted life was unustly bitter and hard when we could see it clear as day that you often made it that way yourselves. Your dream was never anything other than a lie

    Truly, I’m sorry for everyone hurting out there,it sucks that this wake-up has to be so harsh…. but this is the moment ive been waiting for my entire life….and probably alot of faceless invisible nobodies (with empty hopeless eyes) out there too.If its also the end of that life than so be it but one way or another THIS can’t go on. We were never meant to live like THIS & if theres good to come from this collapse its that we’re finally seeing THIS whole thing for what it finally is- a con, a control system, a very sick joke.

    Sincerely, good luck to everyone out there, may you find what you need to survive & even a bit of happiness to go with it in this unbeleivably messed up world but….

    ….Burn baby burn

  • John Hendricks

    This is all part of Agenda 21, the UN plan for the 21st century, approved by almost every country in the world. They don’t tell the public about it (I wonder why?) but you can easily find it on the internet. The code word for Agenda 21 is “sustainable.” The basic plan is to return the world to the state that existed in the year 1300. Check it out yourself.

  • Moribund Cadaver

    The thing about the Baby Boomers is that they’re the “Generation who Sold Out”. It’s a common internet meme among young bitter cynics to mock the image of “hippies” without even really understanding what a hippie was or is. The Baby Boomers were the hippie generation. Many of them where the “mad as hell” kids of their day. The thing is, because the establishment could afford to do so back then, they did buy off the Boomers. They talked them into coming back into the fold, and the Boomers turned a 180. They went from talking about a corrupt America to becoming a generation of hyper conservative Flavor-Aid drinkers who today, are some of the most conservative people you can find.

    Religiosity played its part. The former flower children Boomers were oft made into Born Again Christians who are the backbone of the current social corruption being used to fund and power the corporate-government complex. The Boomers have allowed the situation to get this bad because it’s a literal matter of faith. They’re probably as scared inside as the Mad as Hell Generation is – but they’re squeezing their eyes shut, desperately repeating that their literally supernatural promises of success and reward will come through in the end.

    I suspect sooner rather than later, we’re going to see a mass drop-out from the economic system. People are going to burn these student loans and simply refuse to pay into the system – when it happens en-mass, millions at a time, the system will collapse. You can’t even sue that many people at the exact same time.

  • Ken the Patriot

    “If you ever allow the bankers (ie the fed) to take over your monetary system, first through inflation then through deflation “The People” will wake up homeless in the country their forefathers conquered” Thomas Jefferson

    How many are underwater in their mortgages now? 1 in 4 and growing.

    “The “Tree of Liberty” needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrannts.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Didn’t take the bait

    I don’t feel sorry for these people, not one iota. I know them after all, as I’m 29 years old and they’re my peer group. These are the people who looked down their noses at me when I dropped out of college after one year because I saw the scam. They’re the girls who wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t going to school, then because I didn’t have a degree and was still living with my folks until I was 22 to save money.

    They’re the smug pricks who laughed at me for eschewing a useless university education and working an hourly job. They started laughing harder when they all graduated from college in 2004-2005, got jobs at big-name corporations, bought a bunch of houses with liar loans, bought fancy cars with the equity, while I was living at home with the folks and saving, driving a crappy Ford and refusing to party all night long.

    Now after nine years I still have the same job and have moved up in income and responsibility while they’re all in their parents’ basements with their shoestrings holding their pants up. My wife also still has her job because she majored in a subject that is also a private sector occupation, not a creation of cultural Marxist feel-good thinking.

    We’re doing so well I’ve been able to cut my hours to part-time to stay home and take care of our son. In my newfound free time I’ve been taking steps toward starting a home-based business and have been getting a lot of interest from firms that fired my smug cohorts and are looking to cut costs. Trust me there’s work out there to be done, but it’s not going to come down to mom’s basement and seek you out.

    Piss on them. They’ve made their beds and now they’re sleeping in them. If they had any brains they’d go out and MAKE work rather than look for it. There’s always something out there that needs doing. But lazy American 20-somethings don’t want to get their hands dirty. Most of my generation is more apt to wait for someone to tell them what they should think and do rather than make their own way. That’s their biggest problem.

    • virginia

      You obviously saw the storm on the horizon long before it hit. Most people did not see it coming until it hit them head on. Keep the faith!

    • Bill

      Well done! Although I am a baby boomer, my Dad was brought up during the Great Depression, and helped me learn the value of a dollar – and how to earn one. I put myself through as much college as I attended, but dropped out when I realized that I preferred working and doing what I wanted as opposed to the academic track. With my can do, work hard attitude, I always did okay, and had a half-dozen great careers (so far).

  • I really resonate with this. At times it does feel hopeless. But when I need inspiration, I check out the innovative and creative entrepreneurs at:

  • courtney

    I’m 30 and when I was in my teens and younger I looked forward to living comfortably. I haven’t had a steady job in forever. Neither has my husband. These days I want to be a farmer. I want to work hard and be tired from work at the end of the day, not tired from despair.
    Their are a very few psychotic people that hold all the power and money. These few are turning the entire world into a trashcan all the while telling us to be scared of terrorists. Extreme surveillance measures are being put into place everyday in America. At this rate we have poverty, constant government monitoring and hopelessness to look forward to. I hope more people of all ages open their eyes a lot wider and take the power away from these criminals. We still have time, but not much.

  • divide and conquer

    Don’t buy into the “us versus our parents” ploy. Direct your rage at the Insiders who pull the levers of power at:
    The Council on Foreign Relations
    The Trilateral Commission
    The United Nations
    The Federal Reserve
    The World Bank
    The International Monetary Fund
    The Royal Institute for International Affairs
    and the list could go on and on…

    The first casualty of war is the truth, and those who forget that pearl of wisdom will be easily manipulated into pawns for the New World Order.

    Reject the “blame game”. Previous generations of average Americans were manipulated and lied to just as we are now.

    Instead, why not educate yourself as to why all this is happening? Learn about the collusion of the money masters, the politicians and corporate CEOs they buy up, the university professors they buy, the media personalities and outlets they own.

    Then fight against the machine.

    • josh

      i will direct my rage at the baby boomers they had the greatest country on earth and now they are going into retirement mode and left us with this? a poor excuse for a “super power”

  • The educational system is both a cause AND product of the decadent system. The schools have morphed into indoctrination centers whose goal is to brainwash instead of help enlighten.

    All the global corporate regime wants is workers who can push the right buttons and do what they are told while making just enough $$$ to keep them from rioting in the streets.


  • “Don’t take the bait” and “Moribund Cadaver are intelligent comments. The writer of “20 Reasons” has it wrong when it states “Barak Obama hss made things even worse.” There is a group called “congress” of over 500 individuals and it is responsible for how you live, not President Obama. Our divisive congress and the lack of civility in the U.S.A. was created under George Bush since the year 2000. The writer is correct, however, when it said “Neither political party is providing any real answers”. A final observation: know thyself. If 100,000 persons recently filled the University of Michigan stadium for a football game, and campuses are filled every weekend—what’s the problem?? Fear and negativity can only feed on itself. Why promote it further?

  • TheeGerimiah

    I am a 28 year old Husband and Father. My wife and I moved into our house last year, a mortgage was actually cheaper than paying Rent in the “hood.” I was working as a server at a restaurant, worked the same hours, and at a higher hourly wage than the year before, and actually made about 3,000 less than the year previous.

    When we moved it was to a different state, and I thought that moving to Philadelphia, I would at least be able to find another serving job, or something to pick up some of the cost for my wife having to go part time after the baby was born (we wanted to raise our own child, and wouldn’t have the finances for child care anyway.) After filling out every application I could find, I didn’t get my first interviews until after 5 months (and mind you, I have worked since I was 16, sometimes 2-3 jobs at once, and never had problems getting hired before.) I didn’t find a job until 8 month after and it was a minimum wage job.

    Things looked up when I quickly advanced through the ranks, and became a GM. We struggled a great deal, had to forgo paying plenty of bills, almost got electric shut off etc. our child had to go on state health insurance, and we were on food stamps, even as a GM of a restaurant. I barely make enough to pay our bills, and have 200 dollars left over after bills to buy grocery, toiletries, diapers, and gas for a month.

    It’s frustrating, when I was younger, I thought “at least if I get stuck in the food industry and become a manager, I’ll be miserable, but can pay my bills.” Well even those jobs don’t pay that well anymore. I make half of what other GM’s in the company make, and have asked for pay increase, but am told to wait until our store numbers go up, and who knows when that will be. I want to leave, but it took 8 months to find this job, who knows what will happen next.

    This is what we face as a generation, even the good jobs from 10 years ago, aren’t good anymore. Even if you try and be responsible and follow the right way (my wife waited til we got married, got the house, had the kid etc.) it doesn’t matter. Francis Schaeffer compared our day and the laws we pass and way we live to the fall of the Roman Empire, and we are step by step doing exactly what they did. I struggle to have faith and hope that things are going to get better, if it weren’t for Christ, who knows where my faith and hope would be.

    If we look at the global economy, the only solution that will “fix” everything is a “new world economic system,” and I’m afraid that my generation, and all the boomers that squandered or relied on the SS system that have nothing, will happily take the Mark of the Beast, for a loaf of bread, or loot and pillage out of anger.

    Cheers to the future, can’t wait for Christ to come back, but in the meantime, struggling to hold on.

    • Michael

      Keep hanging in there TheeGerimiah.

      It may not look like it right now, but things can always get better.


  • bloob

    Everyone needs to KB. The next economic boom is on the horizon. Its called robotics

  • Haley

    for depression…1 tsp cod liver oil a day
    highest source of vitamin D you can get without
    down side of sun light…really

  • Lisa

    Almost this exact same thing came out twenty years ago, and yes, some people do come out of college with debts and end up in jobs that are not the field they studied. There are more people in America these days and unfortunately less jobs in the traditional fields. My brother lived at home until he was 30, then found a great job and bought a house. It is harder at the moment for people then it was when our parents were young (although not that much harder if your parents are under 50), and we haven’t figured a way to fix our economy. That said, this has happened several times in the past (great depression anyone?) and it will happen again. We are automating ourselves or removing ourselves completely from manufacturing, we are creating more efficient products that eliminate repair jobs and there is very little out there to replace it that isn’t in the computer field. Also, with technology being as invasive as it is today there is no second chance loans if you don’t keep perfect credit. Screw up once because you lose your job and you are ineligible for good rates on cars or houses or even to start your own business. When my parents were young and starting out there were a lot more opportunities to start a business. Today, it takes millions and the competition is well funded and can undercut prices. There are big issues at work here, and it is not the government that is doing it all. Nor can it fix it all.

  • joker76

    Still just more talk! I know of brave Americans that have stood up to the government and now they and their families are in prison. Not because. Of what they did but because they took the lead and all they had to back them up was a bunch of scared “I have to be somewhere else”. Talkers.

  • I can sympathize. I grew up in the 80’s, worried about nuclear war, and the inability of contemporary philosophers to delineate any larger purpose in life than personal fulfillment through hedonism and radical politics.

    The website linked on my name was created in large measure to provide a resource for the Pink Floyd listening young kids flirting with Existentialism or Nietzche, wondering if there is a God, and if so how that would all work, and who can see no way out of our economic morass.

    The economic fix is here:

    The bigger picture, though, is the problems it is designed to solve. What an attentive reader will figure out quickly is that we should have ZERO percent unemployment, and most of us should be able to live comfortably on a few hours work a week. You have to understand the nature of money, which I explain.

    Solutions are possible. Never listen to pessimists: they are cowards.

  • joker76

    Hows that hope and change working out for you guys? Or did it just change your hope? You want real change then go change something for yourself and stop looking for a hand out! I have been self employed since I was 16! You will never get enough people together to change the way the US government treats you. Don’t you think the government knows this! You wanna see real change? Stop paying Federal taxes!

  • swampwiz

    The solution to this dilemma is confiscatory taxes on the wealthy to fund a massive jobs and welfare program for the dispossessed Middle Class.

  • Joe
  • Michael

    I’m not going to lie to you teenagers and twentysomethings.

    Forget about college, it’s a waste of time.

    Forget about getting a good job that’ll support a family, they’ve gone forever.

    Boys, forget about marriage, you’ll earn so little that no sensible young woman will ever see you as the father of her children.

    Move back in with your parents.

    Resign yourselves to a burger-flipping future for the rest of your lives.

    Serve your time, don’t aspire to a better life this side of death, get to know Jesus and wait for Him to call you home.

    • virginia

      So true.

      • vadas

        Screw that. I’m 22, I’m a father, I’ve served in the army, worked almost any job you can name and am currently in college while working almost full time and am able to provide for my son and myself. True most of my meals are powerbars and pb&js but I live reasonably comfortable for where I am in life and so does my son. Anybody who advises you to lay down and wait to die is weak and a coward. Better to struggle with little hope of success then give up before its over.

  • josh

    i just turned 30 2 weeks ago. when i was younger i realized that i didnt want to depend on anyone for my income and started my own business. more people my age and younger should do this.(a lot of the time i get well i cant get a loan to start a business, this is what you do, 1. get a job. 2. save money. 3. start business while still working job.) this day and age everyone should be working towards being self sufficient. unfortunately not many people realize this and still trust our government. poor poor sheeple.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    This article did not mention the fact that many low income jobs are now just hiring illegals too.

    • Jamie

      Many low income jobs are not just hiring illegals…some are of course. The who outsourcing thing is a WAY bigger problem than people working under the table. And one that we can actually grip rather than trying to lasso people one by one. GO FOR THE BUSINESS and the people won’t have a chance to “steal your jerbs”

  • Hosanna

    I will never forget a photo from the war in Bosnia. It was of two young teen girls entering a refugee camp with their families. The destroyed and horrified look on their faces said it all. Their world had collapsed in the blink of an eye. The devastation was more than they could comprehend. God only knows what those girls had been through by the time they reached “safety”.

    My prayer is that this does not happen to America. Those of you who think we need a wake up call don’t understand what that would really look like; they don’t remember that photograph like I do. Work hard to keep it from happening, don’t blame other generations or those who don’t or can’t work as hard.

    We have an unseen enemy. May the changes, if they are coming, be in increments so we may adjust. We must work together and help each other, that is our only hope.

  • Don’t EVER give up! FIGHT BACK – like the Founding Fathers did, just over 200 years ago!!!

    Americans simply need to take their power back, become more self-reliant, and change their behavior, so they aren’t FUNDING the globalists.

    What can Americans do to fight the New World Order?
    1. Turn off your T.V. (Better yet,throw it away)
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’(Especially big banks,big oil,big weapons manufacturers,big government,multinational corporate interests,big media,and anything you were taught in school)!
    4. Get out,and/or stay out,of debt! (Try to not charge for things that you can just as easily pay for,with cash)
    5. Use cash as much as possible,rather than debit cards and/or credit cards,which allow companies to track what you are buying,and where you are buying.
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union,or any alternative to the ‘Too-Big-To-Fail’Banks,that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout. Don’t do business with ‘the Beast’.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals –especially silver,and gold.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm,to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products that indicate “Made in America”–whenever possible. You’d be surprised to find out how many necessary,practical,every day products are still “Made in America”!
    11. Buy food at a local Farmer’s Market
    12. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate –reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book to read:Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki(can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.
    “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’(Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    Write letters telling Monsanto,De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers why you REFUSE to purchase from them.
    DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need) SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations,and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
    Shop at your LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies –make socially and environmentally responsible investments.” (end quote)
    21. Better still – invest in precious metals (silver/gold).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy (who do THEY support financially – globalist Presidential candidates?)
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’– a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES, and loses it’s place, as the world’s sole reserve currency. The ‘globalists’(European Central Bankers, like the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, as well) are planning to reduce the American Middle Class to the status of the Third World poor. That is, they are going to wipe out the American ‘Middle Class’. That is why they shipped our jobs overseas. That is why they engineered the current economic ‘downturn’. That is why no bankers have gone to jail, over their financial crimes – they are immune. There is no ‘justice’ in this system. It is owned, and operated by European Central Bankers, and their Allies in London, in Frankfurt, and on Wall St.
    27. Did I mention invest in silver (and gold)?
    28. Global, non-violent, NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer, of We the Plebs, to the ‘elite’ New World Order Bullshit!
    29. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up, to entrap you in THEIR system. (Become a serious ‘prepper’)
    30. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes, in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    31. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    32. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    33. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’ society. Expand the above list, and share it with everyone you know!
    34. End the ‘Fed’. End the endless wars. End the completely fraudulent ‘war’ on drugs. End the completely fraudulent ‘war’ on ‘terror’. Bring the troops home. Defend American borders. Bring American jobs back to Americans. Ron Paul (Independent Party?) in 2012(?) Restore America NOW.

  • dowe

    Sorry I am European and don’t speak English very well.
    So, I will go to essential.
    The actual situation of the World and of the United States is chiefly the result of the Free Trade and of the Global Economy and of the banking system created in USA in 1913 which generate the national debt by paying rates on money rent to the bankers
    If you compare the protectionist system of Otto von Bismarck which made Germany so strong and prosper between 1870 and 1914, you realize that it was exactly the contrary of the actual Global System and that his effects are exactly contrary too.

  • whateverBroham

    You know it’s one thing to offer helpful advice, it’s another to give stats about the Obama economy and then bash free trade??? If you think free trade is the problem then you feel
    Asleep in economics class. Free trade makes economies MORE efficient. Maybe you should blame your generation for allowing all the cronie corporate vs happen and then handing my generation the bill?

    • Degaz

      Free trade with nations that manufacture products with slave labor. How are we supposed to compete with that? How about instead we turn to fair trade and get these companies to start repatriating.

    • fuqdisqus

      It’s not free trade. It’s rigged trade: rigged for the profit of the controller class.

  • Dan Sanders