The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Is Making A Lot Of People Really Sick

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The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is already the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, but what most people don’t know is that it is rapidly turning into a public health disaster of frightening proportions.  Reports are scattered and mostly anecdotal at this point (as BP and the U.S. government try to keep a lid on information getting out), but it is becoming increasingly clear that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and/or the chemical dispersants being used are making a lot of people sick.  So far most of the reports have been about breathing difficulties, vomiting and various flu-like symptoms.  But it is the health effects that will take a long time to show up that are the most concerning.  For example, this oil spill has released massive amounts of benzene into the Gulf.  Benzene actually enters human cells and damages DNA material.   In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services tells us that exposure to benzene has been proven to cause leukemia.  So are we about to see a massive wave of cancer sweep the Gulf coast? At this point nobody knows.  What is becoming clear is that a whole lot of people are becoming ill. Several days ago, the state of Louisiana announced that 71 cases of oil spill-related illnesses had been reported to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals up to that point.  A significant number of those had not even been involved in any of the clean up efforts. But the cases of illness are most prominent among those involved in cleaning up the oil spill.  CBS news has reported that more than 75 oil spill disaster workers have already been treated for mysterious symptoms. The most common symptoms being reported by oil spill disaster workers include vomiting, dizziness, headaches and shortness of breath. The wife of one fisherman who is involved in disaster relief efforts in the Gulf recently told CNN what her husband has been telling her about what is really going on out there…. “I received several calls from him saying, ‘This one’s hanging over the boat throwing up. This one says he’s dizzy, and he’s feeling faint. Everybody’s loading up their stuff, tying up their rigs and going back to the docks.'” Down in Texas, they are referring to these illnesses as “TILT” – Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance.  The following is an excerpt from a local news report out of San Antonio…. For weeks now, local hospitals have tracked patients with suspicious symptoms coming in from the gulf coast. Doctors are having trouble distinguishing it from the flu. “What makes it challenging is that patients show up with non-specific symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, upset stomach,” lists Dr. Claudia Miller at UT Health Science Center. So what in the world is causing all this? Nobody knows for certain yet. But if the smell of the oil on some Gulf beaches is already so strong that it burns your nostrils, then what in the world is this oil going to do to our health? Needless to say, this is a story that the mainstream media needs to start following a lot more closely. One of our readers named Debra from Louisiana recently left a comment describing the breathing difficulties and headaches that she is now experiencing…. I live in Gretna, La just a little past the Huey P Long bridge. I have had headaches for several days now. I am also having trouble breathing like i am having a asthma episode. I don’t even have asthma. If it gets any worse i am going to the hospital. All i can say is someone needs to look into this seriously, The air smells like burning crayons (that is the best way to explain it). It has smelled like this for several days now. A reader named Stacy on our sister website recently posted a very alarming comment regarding what is happening in her area down in Florida…. We live in the navarre, florida area and in the past week almost every family we know has had vomiting and diarreha. This could just be anecdotal – maybe we just have a stomach bug circulating, but it is strange. We had a huge storm the week before it happened that blew in from the gulf so who knows. Also, the city of destin, florida has taken it upon themselves to close the destin pass with their own purchased boom and barges. This is an elite destination and they are not waiting around for bp and their hired prison workers to clean the beaches. Apparently, the coast guard was at the meeting and told the locals that they will face criminal prosecution, but they don’t care. They are protecting their million dollar properties. Another commenter from Louisiana named Joe says that everyone in his family is dealing with these kinds of health issues right now…. We live near Hammond, LA which is some 60 miles NORTH of New Orleans, LA. For the past two to three weeks we have been having mild flu like symptoms. I hardly never get sick but cannot get ride of a runny nose and a constant headache that only goes away when I leave this area (heading North). My entire family has the same problems as well as many of our friends in the area. The most frightening thing is that nobody knows exactly what we are dealing with here. Are there any other factors other than all the oil that is causing all of these health issues? Are these illnesses being caused by the extremely high levels of methane that scientists have detected in the Gulf of Mexico? Are the 1 million gallons of dispersal agents such as Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527 that BP has poured into the Gulf to blame? Are people becoming sick due to all the hydrogen sulfide and benzene being released by the oil spill? Considering the fact that exposure to benzene has been proven to cause leukemia, it is imperative that we get some answers sooner rather than later. And unfortunately, the threat from this oil spill is only going to continue to grow. The truth is that this is not just an “oil leak”. This is an “oil volcano” that is pumping out oil at such high pressure that BP is totally at a loss for how to stop it. In fact, BP’s Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles recently told CNN that BP’s data indicates that BP can’t cap the leaking oil, or it might cause the well casing to blow out. So when will this oil volcano be stopped? Nobody knows. Meanwhile, at least one industry expert is estimating that the oil beneath the surface of the water already covers 40% of the Gulf of Mexico. 40% of the Gulf of Mexico? And it is still getting worse? It is hard to even find the words to describe how horrific this nightmare is becoming. If you live along the Gulf coast and you know of some health issues where you live, please leave a comment below.  Hopefully if we all work together we can start to piece the facts together about this very dangerous health crisis….


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  • Mr Carpenter

    I think that it is going to end up one of the biggest disasters in the (relatively short) history of the United States – which is itself dying just as the gulf of Mexico is dying.

    Diaspora on a massive scale has been predicted for this year by a man who has worked out a way to foresee into the future by means of predictive analysis of the contents of the web. “X” happens, then he looked at language on the web before it, and realized language relating to “X” increased over time, so he turned it around and watches for increases in language. He’s been right all too many times, and predicts a massive movement of humans north of 40 degrees (perhaps a hurricane will bring the bad odors and poisonous gasses inland and people will have to be moved). If it happens, it will result in the economic collapse of the United States (due to massive costs and disruption). Plus, with 20% or 30% of the United States dislocated, out of work, not paying for their mortgages (or taxes) – well, you can soon perceive the potential domino effect. Northern, Eastern, Midwestern and Western folks are going to end up having to have guests in our homes, by my guess. Or perhaps the rumored FEMA camps will be the new homes for millions upon millions of Southerners.

    He also preducts a turning point of some sort on or about July 8; a massive ‘hot date’ on or about July 18 (economics / maximum tension); something he calls a Cardinal climax on August 1st early in the morning (EST); then an extreme change / tipping point some time between November 8 and 11 (which could relate to war or future war). As for April 2012…. war.

    You can read more at (and no, I haven’t anything to do with them at all).

  • iyonna

    they need to get they shus together and start doing something bout this

  • Greg

    The sickness will be a perfect opportunity for Obama to save us with his free healthcare! Don’t you just love that illegal invader? I sometimes wonder about his great concern for my health while he appoints people like John Holdren, for example, who are so openly calling for population reduction.

    While it is true that coincidences DO sometimes happen, consider the fact that virtually every multi-billionaire is calling for population reduction, that the Georgia Guidestones call for a limit of 1/2 billion people, that many in the Obama administration are genocidal, that GMO foods have been shown to create sterility and numerous adverse health effects, that birth control is prevalent in our water supply, that Rockefeller started the AMA and the Rockefeller Foundation supports population reduction, that most of our vaccines contain mercury, that our water treatment facilities add an extremely toxic poison as part of the treatment, etc. Is this disaster really accidental?

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but it seems that a whole lot of people want me – and you – to die!

  • tyler

    the only way to end this nightmare is to send a nuke down there. its not a sure fire way but its the only way. if this continues to flow it will lead to tsunamis seven hundred feet high and being that the leak is so deep the term volcano is appropriate. this could lead to the extinction of the human species. the problem is the government doesnt have the balls to nuke it. the casing will disappear and we haven’t seen anything yet. it will get a thousand times worse and people living down there need to evacuate immediatly. for the people getting sick down there to question why they are getting sick is very disturbing.

  • Ken

    Don’t need to be a fortune teller to see what’s currently happening to the good ole’ US of A. Thomas Jefferson nailed it when he said (quoting from memory): If we allow the economy to fall into the hands of bankers, one day our children will wake up landless, in debt, and as miserable, bankrupt slaves in the very country that our fathers fought to give us.

  • Kim

    I have been sick last week with Nausea and headaches my co workers have had similar systems and we live in Jacksonville Florida

    • I moved here almost 2 years ago and I have been sick since. I know it is the oil spill.

  • Mary

    What type of respirator/mask is being advised?

  • DON

  • Frank Enasy

    Last week two Englishmen said that they were deeply sorry, but David Cameron had an easier time of it than Tony Hayward. The prime minister’s unequivocal apology in Parliament for what he called the indefensible shootings in Londonderry in 1972 was universally praised for its candour and courage.

    Two days later the hapless chief executive of BP appeared before a Congressional committee and managed to dig himself into a deeper hole than ever, quite failing to propitiate the wrath of his interrogators, not that there was anything he could have done to satisfy them short of kneeling and disembowelling himself according to the formal rituals of seppuku. Hayward is a perfectly competent geologist who has been hopelessly out of his depth from the beginning of this disaster and whose excruciating gaffes (“I want my life back”) — have won no friends.

    But that’s not the end of the matter. If we are witnessing a story of corporate greed and incompetence in the Gulf of Mexico, to match the story of military brutality and incompetence in Londonderry 38 years ago, we have also seen a quite remarkable display of American hypocrisy.

    Anyone can understand the anger sweeping America as the original explosion was followed by BP’s seeming helplessness. But are the Americans really the ones to cast the first stones? BP have made huge profits through their north American operations, and may have been negligent. But they were also providing the American government with enormous revenues, and the American public with part of the 20 million barrels of oil a day needed to ensure that petrol there still costs a fraction of its price in Europe.

    And American rage at BP might remind us of other episodes. In July 1988 an explosion on the Piper Alpha oil rig in the North Sea killed 167 men, 15 times more than the 11 who died on Deepwater Horizon. No executive of Occidental Petroleum, the American owner of that rig, was hauled before any committee in London, and neither Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister, nor any other politician here used the tragedy as an occasion for anti-American polemic.

    Even that was almost trivial compared with the unutterable horror of December 1984 in India, the leak of methyl isocyanate gas and other toxins from the Bhopal pesticide plant, owned by a subsidiary of the American company Union Carbide. To this day no one knows the full death toll, but at least 2,259 died immediately (and gruesomely), and some estimates reckon that as many as 15,000 may finally have died in consequence. As part of their desperate attempt to assuage the Obama administration, BP have agreed to establish a $20 billion compensation fund; Union Carbide finally paid $470 million compensation for Bhopal, and only after many years of foot-dragging. But then as Henry Waxman might say, human life is cheap in India.

    Or even if he doesn’t put it like that, the chairman is an interesting figure. Waxman is the “Member for Hollywood”, with a congressional district including Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. He may have little love for “the Brits”, but he is needless to say an ardent friend of Israel. Only a couple of weeks before his denunciation of Hayward, Waxman strongly defended the operation against off the coast of Gaza against the Mavi Marmara, which “never intended to carry out a peaceful humanitarian mission”. Israeli soldiers only reacted in self-defence, Waxman insisted, and the “international rush to condemn Israel for defending citizens and soldiers under attack is a travesty” (quite unlike the rush to condemn BP).

    Not that this is the only kind of American double standard. For years past, the United States (and its stooges here, alas) have spoken of waging a “war on terror”, a phrase which that intelligent soldier General Sir Rupert Smith says is “without useful meaning”. And yet, as the Saville report indirectly reminds us, American hatred of terrorist murder is very selective,

    The killing of 14 civilians at Londonderry by the Parachute Regiment was a disgrace, made worse by the subsequent cover-up. It very closely resembles another episode, in October 2000, when Israeli police killed 13 unarmed Arab Israeli civilians who were demonstrating in solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Guess which of these is endlessly commemorated in America.

    While accepting that the Saville report was correct, and that Cameron’s apology was well judged, Norman Tebbit has suggested that there might now be another inquiry, into the murderous IRA bombing at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton 1984. “Just as the families of the victims at Londonderry had a right to know whether people in high places had plotted the killings, so the surviving victims and the families of the dead of Brighton deserve to know if the killer Magee acted on his own, or whether the murders were plotted by people in IRA–Sinn Fein – and, if so, who those plotters were.” He refrains from mentioning that his own wife was left in a wheelchair for life by that outrage.

    And Lord Tebbit doesn’t mention something else. The Brighton bomb, and the fire bomb which burned 12 people to death when they were attending parties at La Mon House hotel, and the bomb which killed 11 people at a Remembrance Day service in Enniskillen, and the Shankill Road bomb which killed nine Protestants, two of them children, and all the other bombs exploded and bullets fired by the IRA over a quarter century, were paid for at least in part by money raised in the United States. Again, guess how much time congressional committees have devoted to investigating that American-bred campaign of murder.

    To say all this may be called “anti-American”. As it happens, it’s written by someone with a deep affection for the United States as a country and the Americans as a people. But, really, has there ever been such a land of humbug and hypocrisy?

  • that spill is pumping over 4 million gallons of deadly

  • James

    I live in South Dakota. Over the last two weeks, I have experienced continuous difficulty in breathing and asthma attacks. This is extremely unusual, and has never happened in my adult life. I noticed the moon last night was also pink-orange color (looking due south, ~40 degrees above the horizon). The color is due to light scattering, and I’ll be paying more attention to this. Is the light scattering due to high clouds or particulates. If this is due to particulates, was their origin the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? So, I’m quite concerned that material from the oil spill may be blowing all the way up here. If it is causing my recent breathing issues, then I cannot imagine how horrible it must be near the coast.

  • Oil seeps up from the bottom of the gulf all the time. The salt water breaks it down. What most are not taught is that oil is a very natural product that is produced by the earth. It’s great that we find so many uses for such a product, like making computers and TV’s and roads and just about everything we see around us. So nature will absorb the oil, as it always does. Most of it is already gone and they haven’t even tapped it off completely. Nothing to be scared about. Don’t listen to the hysterical biased media. They want you scared and upset. We should be very angry at the environmentalists who force them to drill in such deep water when it would be much easier and safer to get all the oil closer to shore, or even on shore where it seeps up from the ground.

  • Dee

    My 2 friends and I have been sick with headaches and vomiting,also it feels like heartburn, just feeling lousy. We have not been to the Gulf but there is an inlet at the end of our street. We live on the West side of Pensacola FL. near the Bayou. At first I thought it was just me. My 2 friends are having the same symptoms, all at the same time. Right now I have a dull headache, and my stomach is queezy. I have been thinking maybe the chemicals from the oil cleanup or the oil itself is causing us to be ill. It has been raining all day off and on. I started feeling ill late last night. I was wondering if anyone else in Pensacola have the same symptoms.

  • ALCoast

    My family of 4 live on the water in coastal Alabama and we have all had some combination of symptoms that could be attributed to the oil/dispersant/methane, starting in late May. But of course they’re so general (headaches, nausea, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections) it’s hard to prove what it’s from. I reported it to the Poison Control Center, who put me through to the CDC, but the only information they had was press releases about potential hazards put out by BP. I’m really serious. I don’t think they even had a decent reporting mechanism in place when I called.

  • Kevin


    This is what happends when you take people that are not properly trained and stick them into a Hazmat situation. I have been doing Hazmat for 27 yrs. These companiea are hiring people with no experience and no training and they are training them in the feild. You cannot take a person and turn them into a Hazmat tech overnight. They do not give them pulmanry function test, they do not have the experience either. It’s like taking a prisoner and turning him into a cop. Things go bad quick, It people are getting sick there is a whole lot of mismanagement. When people take off the respirators and smoke ciggerattes, eat, drink, and do as they please in a contaminated work area the result is what is happening now. As I have been trained there are barriers in the Hazmat business for a reason. I have seen the news, people walking on the beach with Hazmat workers, no respirators, no hazmat suit, no barries, yes people are going to get sick. No one knows how bad this disaster actually is. No one knows what is coming out of that well and if the containments are getting to people. If it was for me I would dawn a full face hazmat suit and respirator.

  • Mary Magg

    Please people don’t put your health at risk. Get out of there or start wearing masks.

  • Seattleinvestor

    Kevin from July 1st has hit it on the head. For direct and nearby exposure, you need the right equipment and training. Those smoking wokers will be suing I am sure for the bp caused illnesses….

    I love how people 200 miles a away are trying to get in on the payout… Is there some website offering legal services to these people with forms of what to say?

  • Shane

    There is no way to fix this problem. BP and the rest decided to tangle with things they know nothing about, and now HUMANITY will pay the ultimate price. You can make things worse by detonating a nuke under water, water saturated with volatile gasses and dispersants. The only thing we can do know is PRAY. REPENT NOW ! Be with your families and loved ones. If you live down south MOVE NOW !! This is going to be the disaster that ends this country .

  • Mike

    We have had rain come in over the gulf of mexico for the past week. many people including myself have gotten these symptoms. head aches, upset stomachs, feeling dizzy and fatigued. I live 5 minutes off of the gulf of mexico at clearwater beach.

  • Jason

    What’s wrong with those ppl today. They take things carelessly and this is what happens. This is not just a disaster.If this oil keep leaking for a long time,Gulf of Mexico would be black and blue. Think about all the people who make their living with seafood. This is extreme and worst situation we are in. We need to do something about this. People in Mexico, florida and all the nearby area does not have to suffer all this. Please Bp and all the American governors do not make things even worse. You really never know. Whole world may suffer because of this oil leak. Take things seriously for god’s sake. Humanity still needs time to develop new reusauble and harmless resources. Most importantly, NATURE.
    Think about it ppl are already suffering from this.They get sickness.

  • Dee

    We live 15 min. north of the inter-coastal canal in lower Alabama. Many friends, as well as myself, have been having extreme upper resp. problems, headaches, nausea and dizziness. I have family working in coastal cleanup and worry about their health in the future – what might show up then from this mess. Considering how many oil rigs are in the Gulf of Mexico, something like this was bound to happen. If not BP, then one of the many other oil companies. I have not been impressed at all with any of the response from BP, local, state or federal govt.

  • Nina

    I am extremely concerned. My son deployed with the USCG and worked in the cleanup for a month shortly after the explosion. Since he has been home this past month and a half he has been vomiting on a daily basis, sometimes several times each day, with dizziness, nausea and fatigue, with aches and pain. The moment I learned his boat was headed to the spill I immediately searched on the web for the possible health hazards as well as the required precautions when working in this situation. There were stringent guidelines for the minimum required hazmat training before one can work under these extreme and toxic conditions. I forwarded all of this info to my son to share with his crew so they would be aware. I have learned that they did not receive the minimum required training for the amount of extensive exposure they have had, and although my son suited up with all the protective equipment he is experiencing these disturbing symptoms which are not letting up. The whole crew was required to sign waivers before ever even arriving to the gulf…..this terrified me! I am so enraged whenever I hear someone say that the effects of this hideous catastrophe are being exaggerated! My son experienced it firsthand on site and he is still experiencing the evil effects now, and the future is uncertain. Today as I write I am so very grateful that the spill has been capped and I continue to pray for the countless human lives and precious wildlife and our delicate ecosystem, and the broken hearted to be healed. I don’t forsee that any amount of money BP can throw at this can ever make this right. I can scarcely wrap my heart around this tragedy and it’s far reaching, long lasting affects.

  • Nellie

    I live in Ocala, FL and have been having trouble breathing for quite sometime now. I have no known allergies or asthma nor any reason to believe that I have suddenly developed both. My sinuses are plugged despite taking medicines, I am constantly short of breath, and I am extremely fatigued no matter how much sleep I receive. Is there anyone else in central FL experiencing symptoms?

  • Shae

    WOW! Someone said “most of it is already gone…. the media wants you scared…” Hmmmm well most of it LOOKS LIKE its already gone because they’ve been spraying Corexit in the air to make the oil sink so that it’s out of sight (so that the public doesn’t get hysterical, and therefore they avoid uproar), and the media isn’t covering this AT ALL as it should (if anything they’ve pretty much begun to act as though the situation has already been solved).
    I wonder if the person making those statements holds a government office or works for BP.

  • julia

    I live 8 miles inland of Maderia Beach and have been having trouble breathing, my sinuses are burning and plugged dispite taking sinus medication & antibiotics, also fatigued even after sleep,feeling nauseous every day, headaches….Something is very wrong…

  • Joseph E Clouse

    I live in Ft. Myers, Florida. After heavy rain ( 10″ in 2 days) for 2 days, the next morning I went into the community pool. Within a couple of days I became ill. Headache, dizzy, wanted to vomit, loss of short term memory, & feeling like crap. My stomach is hurting all the time and my back below my shoulder blades feels like a knife is sticking in it. I thought I had the flu. Going into my 7th week of this ailment, I have had blood work, urine test, stool samples etc. So far no results….doctor’s couldn’t find anything wrong.
    QUESTION: Should the doctor’s be looking for poison instead of common flu? Does the corexit show up in any blood work, etc? LOOKING FOR ANSWERS………..

  • erik


  • Nancy

    I am not from the south. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota close to the Mississippi River. I have been coming down with these same exact symptoms for 2-3 months now. One day I am fine, next I am nauseous, vomiting, diarreaha, painful headaches, fatigue and dizziness. A couple other friends are complaining now of the same thing. I have seen 3-4 docs now, some of the best specialists in the state of MN and they cannot explain any of this even though they can see it. Do any of you feel this is airbourne and is reaching the northern parts of the US now? I am not allowed to back to work until they can come up with an answer to my medical condition.

  • xdrfox

    I have had most the symptoms but before I understood the threat that was on us, I thought it was just another leak and would be fix shortly. I have had all the symptoms so I have been exposed. You can be exposed thousands of miles away if the air currents an weather take it to you. Wait till the winds pick up the drying oil, so this is no short time exposure thing ! Acid rains will be with us for a time and more !

  • MIT

    These are crimes against humanity. Our President is suppose to protect the American people, instead he has allowed Foreign powers poison them!

  • 1st. I love, and B I have been blogging here in New Orleans for two months. I have smelled oil once, before a storm came in. I would love to exchange links with your website.


  • Epiphany Martell

    We had to move from Kenner, Louisiana because everyone in my family came down with headaches, nausea, and vomiting. But when two of us started having blood in our urine and feces, I did my research and this is case book symptoms of Corexit use. I started to document the plants in the yard and the garden. The leaves would have various colored “spots” and then decay. Also a white baby powder looking substance would cover some leaves. One day I actually went out and found oil on some plants.

    We moved farther north and the symptoms went away. For anyone still living on the coast, I found two simple things you can do to help your body bind and elimate the toxins in your body. Lemonaide and a good B-complex vitamin. A good recipe for the lemonaide is 1 cup real lemon juice and 1 cup sugar (or agave nectar for diabetics) and add water to taste. This will help you begin to feel better.

    Since the bought and paid for “media” refuses to warn everyone, it is up to each and every one of us to become informed. Wake up and get ready. I have news coming in about patients dying of internal bleeding and pnemonia after getting rashes and respiratory illness. And also getting sick after eating Gulf seafood. If this is happening to you or your family take precautions, detox with the lemonade, and get ready to move. Be prepared and most of all…..get informed. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

  • cheryl

    I live in the Houston area and started feeling flu- like symptoms over a month ago.
    I have constant headaches, body aches, dizziness, weakness, digestive trouble and insomnia.
    My health has always been fragile and I frequently have periods where i feel sick after stress or eating poorly. I am sensitive to any type of chemical. Usually when I feel bad, I can clear it up with rest and proper diet, but this time, nothing seems to work and I continue to feel worse. I have a strong intuition that I am being poisoned by the air.

  • I am

    There is practically nothing I appreciate more than coming to this website every single life right after work. Thanks a lot for all the fabulous articles!!

  • tessa

    I went sailing on the texas city dike this last sunday I have been sick since then I went to hospital due to high fever and extreme body aches I have also noticed a bruise like patch on my arm just found out about this spill today should I go back to the doc im scared …my email is please if you have any advice notify me!!!!!!

  • Bubblegumpop396

    I have a research project due on this :( My essential question is how does offshore drilling affect marine life and coastal habitation in the Gulf of Mexico? And its due tomorrow! I hate my life sometimes -.-