The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun

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Human-Animal Hybrids - YouTube ScreenshotHuman-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren’t supposed to be creating them in the real world. In so many ways, the technological advancements that we have made as a society are outpacing our ability to handle those advancements, and this field is certainly a glaring example of that reality. Just because we can create human-animal hybrid chimeras does not mean that we should. Genetic modification is a particularly dangerous science, because we are literally tinkering with the future of our planet. And when it comes to humans and animals, those are two things that definitely should not mix. Unfortunately, they are being mixed, and this could have enormous implications as our society plunges into a very uncertain future.


During all of the chaos surrounding the 2016 presidential election, a stunning announcement by the National Institutes of Health went unnoticed by almost everyone. The following comes from a Huffington Post article entitled “The Island of Dr. Moreau For Real“…

In August 2016, the National Institutes of Health announced that it was lifting its ban on research that introduces stem cells from humans into animal embryos. Stem cells have the ability to evolve into any human cell and can grow into any human tissue. The goal of this type of research is to grow human tissues and eventually human replacement organs in animals. What an innovative way to improve upon transplantation medicine! But to realize this potential, we would create an organism that is part animal and part human! These hybrids are the stuff of ancient mythology. These mixtures of different animals are called chimeras after the mythical ancient Greek creature that was part lion, snake and goat. One goal of today’s research is to produce tissues and organs for experimentation that will improve our understanding of human disease. An alternative and longer term goal would be to produce organs directly for human transplantation. Imagine an infinite source of human organs – one wears out and you produce a new one as a replacement.

When human stem cells are introduced into an animal embryo, that creature becomes part human.

So does a part-human creature have rights?

If so, how do those rights differ from those of a full human?

These are the kinds of questions that ethicists are starting to wrestle with.

The thought of creating human-animal hybrids just for the purpose of growing organs which will be used for medical transplants is beyond disturbing. But this is what our scientists actually intend to do.

And just this week, the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine has released a brand new report that endorses the genetic modification of humans. The following comes from a Gizmodo article

Today, the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine released a major new report and recommendations to ensure any such research done stateside in the future is performed responsibly and ethically.

The implicit message is that whether we like it or not, a future of gene-edited humans is on its way.

Messing around with the genetic material of humans means that you are literally messing around with the future of the human race.

And once this genetic material starts being passed from generation to generation, it will literally be impossible to put the genie back into the bottle ever again.

Fortunately, there are some experts that are extremely alarmed by this new report

“The recommendations and conclusions of this report are unsettling and disappointing,” said Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Executive Director of the Center for Genetics and Society. “Although they’re couched in apparently cautionary language, they actually constitute a green light for proceeding with efforts to modify the human germline — that is, to engineer the genes and traits that are passed on to future children and generations.

Hopefully the scientific community will listen to people like Dr. Darnovsky before things get wildly out of control.

There are some scientists out there that actually want to “enhance” humans by introducing genetic material from animals. The theory is that introducing genetic material from animals could give us “super sight” or “super strength” or other extraordinary powers. This is the kind of thing that researchers such as Steve Quayle and Tom Horn have been warning about for years. In the future we could literally have a creature that is 60 percent human and 40 percent bear for example. How would we treat such a creature?

And as such creatures became more numerous, how would they treat us?

If you think that such a thing could never happen, just consider ten examples of creatures that are already being created by science…

#1 Genetically modified cattle with human DNA

#2 Rats with human kidneys

#3 Human-mouse hybrids with freakishly large brains

#4 Humanized milk-producing goats

#5 Mice with human anal sphincters

#6 Rabbit Eggs with Human Cells

#7 Pigs with Human Blood

#8 Sheep with Human Livers

#9 Cow Eggs with Human Cells

#10 Cat-Human Hybrid Proteins

How human does a creature have to be before it has a human soul?

Somebody better start asking questions like this, because we are “playing god” and we are tinkering with things that we do not fully understand.

We have already gone way too far, but scientists all over the globe continue to press on even farther. Even if we were to completely ban this kind of “research” in the United States, it would still progress in other industrialized nations all over the planet.

The genetic modification of humans and animals is part of a larger trend that we are currently witnessing. In the scientific community, there is a tremendous amount of excitement about the fact that humans can finally “take control of their own evolution”. There are many scientists that believe that we can use various forms of technology to give ourselves superhuman powers and radically extend our lifespans. And as technology continues to increase at an exponential rate, these scientists believe that we will be able to ultimately create a “post-human society” where all sickness, disease, poverty and war are eradicated.

So they aren’t concerned about the potential dangers of these new technologies because they believe that we are right on the verge of achieving immortality and transforming this planet into a technological utopia that will be perfect in every way.

In other words, they believe that humanity will no longer need “god” because we will be our own gods.

Unfortunately for all the rest of us, in their relentless pursuit of this very foolish dream they are racing toward genetic Armageddon, and they are opening up a Pandora’s box of horrors that they simply do not understand.

  • guest

    Wasn’t this the type of “dabbling” that got humans in trouble during the time of Noah? Humans mixing with the Giants, polluting their DNA? True spiritual trouble walks this Earth now, people need to get their spiritual life in order before it is too late.

  • DJohn1

    First you have to understand the genetic codes that make a human being human. Then you have to determine who lives and who dies.
    Within 120 years every last person on this planet currently alive will likely be dead of old age. One or two may creep by to 126 or even 140. Very rarely do people live past 100.
    In their place will be new generations.
    There are over 400 genetic mistakes in the human species right now.
    There are children that reach old age before they are 20.That is one of the diseases.
    There are minor defects like Lazy Eye in which instead of going cross eyed as many children do these children quit using one eye in favor of the other and are literally blind on one side.
    It is correctable if they are caught before they are ten.
    The biggest mistake effects all of us because we die of old age.
    It can be a nasty death.
    So someone knows how to fix all of this?
    If and when people live past the current markers of old age we must learn to feed a much larger population or slow down reproduction to compensate.
    We have a planet covered in oceans and 6/7ths of this planet is covered. It could be said we are not even the masters of the planet as these oceans cover so much land. That spells 6/7ths of the land covered with resources we cannot easily get to.
    We are coming on 7 billion lives to feed right now. And on limited resources. So all these people are not bright enough to get along?
    Some want to blow up the planet.
    If genesis is right, the last time this happened our God came down with his angels and confused everyone’s language.
    We were getting too accomplished and too big for our britches.
    I get the feeling we are an artificially evolved species.
    Only because we have 22 normal sized chromosomes on each side and 1 chromosome on both sides that are double the size of a normal chromosome.
    According to these same scientists every other member of our mammal family close to us has 48 normal sized chromesomes arranged in pairs up to 24.
    That includes a whole bunch of animals with similar blood types to our own. Regardless our species is supposed to only be about 200,000 years old in its current form.
    Wouldn’t put much stock in it.
    The common problem with hybrid animals is they are mules. That means they are mostly sterile.

    • shots autism

      7 billion lives to feed are all depending on one resource: OIL.
      On YouTube watch COLLAPSE Documentary by Michael C. Ruppert. Fast forward to minute 46 and he explains the graph of human population vs. time.

      The graph is mostly flat for hundreds of years and then oil is used and the graph goes vertical.

      Once oil is depleted it is inevitable that the population will drop just as fast as it rose and that will be a global catastrophe far worse than any depression.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Mike’s documentary is outdated. You only need to understand all the implications of one word to know the fate of the human race, and most life on earth. You can forget oil. We will never see the bottom of that barrel before our demise.


    • Muhammad Abbass

      You know something, NOBODY dies of old age. I have been waiting for more than half a century to see just one person who is reported to have died of old age. Never seen it. They always list some cause of death and old age not been seen by me.

      Is this a sign of some deeper truth or is it indicative of modern medical science’s penchant for denying anything until they can understand it?

      • shots autism

        The book

        Where Are They Buried?: How Did They Die? tells how nearly 500 famous people died.

        I’m going to get that book so I can learn how to avoid each cause of death that got them.

  • Richard

    Did you get in a nasty accident, Michael, or what?


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  • Bob

    This disgusts me!!
    You will reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7)

    • bush.dorothy

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    • gonzales_cindy

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  • R.C. Gerber

    Wasn’t there an attempt to do this already? And God destroyed the result in the worldwide flood in Noah’s time? As I recall the results of this morbid and usurping experiment were called the Nephalim. This time around God will destroy the results with fire. Mankind is indeed playing with fire, believing themselves to be gods.

    • R.C. Gerber

      And that statement is not just idle conversation on my part. The scientists are asking the wrong questions. They should be focusing on the moral implications of this and the spiritual reality of it. Unfortunately, many do not believe that reality and so, will pay for it eternally from the graves they are digging for themselves

    • Dude…Why does your god always comes after the show. A sane god should destroy them as in TODAY.

      what’s the point of destroying things after being created, that i can also do..why call god, if he waits for dear old time to pass judgement.

      and next time you meet him..ask him…Why Satan is still around ?

      • Paul Patriot

        So, you sound like you have it all figured out and perhaps you know better than God as to how to run the universe??

        Your remarks imply that God is insane because he has destroy things now.

        One reason he doesn’t, is he is giving man (you) time to repent and be saved.

        So you acknowledge that Satan is real.

        The separating of the wheat and chaff is coming. God promises to hold all blasphemers accountable someday, please repent and seek Jesus while there is time.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          You won’t maybe see it, but you are saying the same thing as me. No point in God messing around with our lives, when the whole point of being here is to prove ourselves in the game of life. Evil gives Good a point for being.

          • Karen Jordan

            The reason we are here is to glorify God. It gets dangerous when we try to act like God. We can never attain that but we can do damage to our planet by messing with things that we shouldn’t.

          • fiddles

            Genetic technology actually saves the planet because humans would keep expanding until all wilderness is converted to city. GMO will keep the population in check. Would you want to live in an endless city with no escape in the distant future? GMO controls population growth, or at least it will when more food is GMO. Yes it is distressing not knowing if the food is going to kill. Sometimes I think of the people and sometimes I think of the never ending replacement of wilderness with city.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        God is not a puppet master. He created everything and everything has free will. You think it is like an arcade game, and a bit of practice and you can go on auto-pilot. It is not like that. God is more real to me than you are and He has answered everything I ever asked of Him. In miraculous ways so often as well that I would be a bonehead to ever deny. However nothing I can tell you will make it so for you. It works like that for me, because I follow His requirements. That is easily said actually, it isn’t more complex than “Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.” however it can take a lifetime and more for many to realise first who “others” are and how everything, not just everyone but all living things are connected through the one common factor. That factor is God. I’m sorry I can’t help more than that, but I can tell you truthfully that there is an answer and once you grasp it, the rest follows automatically. However as you reach each new level of understanding, He moves the goalposts and you need to keep on striving for yet new and better understandings of your place in life and what life itself is. Complacency even for the most self realised Yogi or most devout Islamic scholar or Christian devotee etc, always will lead to stagnation of spirit yet again. Life is in essence EVOLUTION. Life doesn’t stand still, it progresses. It learns, grows, reproduces and metamorphoses over time into new life. The opposite is death and everything which opposes those processes of life, serves the process of death and decay. You have a spark of sentience, which sets you apart from most other animals, who themselves are capable of gaining sentience and many of our companion animals gain this as a gift. However that spark of sentience is all you are. It can survive the shedding of the shell you inhabit but not for long, it requires sustenance, feeding, growth to be more. You can go on to eventually become what you might now call God. Probably not in this lifetime and probably not even in this form on this planet in this dimension even. However the two directions are, life and evolution, or death and decay.

        By the way. The nature of all things is duality. Creation is the act of separating a thing from it’s opposite. Light/dark, up/down, male female everything, even concepts have an opposite. If you think about it, that is the nature of all creeation. DUALITY. Thus to extinguish Satan as you suggest has one implication you may not have considered. Extinguishing EVIL will render GOOD mute. You cannot have goodness without badness to measure it by.

        Be glad there is evil in the world. Without it there’d be no game, no point at all. We may as well be like the cattle grazing on the grass.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      I think Nephalim were the result of union between a higher evolved species and our own. There were other human animal hybrids of our shared Abrahamic scriptural myth though I think. There cvertainly are sufficient references to them in mythology and in contexts which seem to suggest they may once have existed. In Islam we have a similar outlook on creationism to Christianity but there is more mystery and certain details which leave open the possibility of extraterrestrial involvment in our affairs and forming a significant part of the mythology around our religions. Not all Muslims but most are inclined to interpret Djinns as extraterrestrial entities. I suspect so-called angels are also and that whilst the over arching truth of a singular creator, ONE God Allah is the main theme, there exist other sentient and intelligent advanced species whose own stories are interwoven with ours and which form part of our own spiritual mythology as well. In this way some ETs have served our progress towards God and others have worked hard to drive us away from Him towards what we would definitely term as hell. ie: There are angels and demons, they are real. There are extraterrestrial beings who contact us and are intermingled with our race and have been for longer than our civilisation has existed. The first and second group are one and the same.

      God is real more real than all of this. However if you thought this little sojourn on this muddy rock at the outer edges of a minor galaxy in what might be termed the boonies of the universe was the only ride you took before being handed the big trophy, the welcome to heaven and here’s your VIP pass, then you’ve been misled. First you crack this game, then you get to move on to the next level. Christians are so limited and primitive in their outlook, it is so obviously a religion which got re-organised in a society which held fast to a flat earth paradigm. Too literalist and unable to even deal with the dinosaurs without denying the most basic science of observation. It isn’t necessary, I was a Christian who had a grasp of the spiritual message but was constantly left cold by magical thinking. Islam doesn’t require magical thinking. The Quran has no impossible implications in its writings. Nothing in it defies modern science and instead has often led it. The most important thing of all though is the refusal to define God with any limitations. God is not to us just an improved, perfect larger human with magical powers. God to us is so complex and beyond our comprehension because everything we see around us and everything else we do not but can only imagine must be more amazing, is all just a fraction of God’s immenseness. we cannot comprehend the growth of a blade of grass. How could we begin to picture, to image a being who created all that we can see and detect toway with our technology? The height of cave dwelling primate arrogance to render the creator of the universe as another monkey, just like us only more evolved.

      His messengers to us may have seemd like Gods to some cultures and messengers to others from the God or Gods. When they resembled us they were probably seen as good and when they did not as bad. Their imparted wisdom and guidance will have often had immense affect on human history, can you imagine the effect a single modern man might have on cro-magnon society? We’d probably still see evidence of his sojourn among them today. Leaps in technology, strange myths and stories of Gods. Lift up your thinking. It doesn;t require abandoning Christian teachings but of not anthropomorphosing God. If you look with fresh eyes Jesus never said he was God, he never said God was a man. His teachings are what matter and these are about love, courage, honour and morality.

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  • Lynne Dymond

    The end is nigh!!

  • Badger Badgerism

    Like unto the days of Noah

  • LoL..really old news..if you read this in mainstream….you are already 20 years late.

    US shadow government is already doing it and much worse in underground bases.

    ohh so now, all bible preachers will come out of the wood work…but due to ignorance they didn’t know its already been going on in America for two decades

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Anything we ever hear about, twenty years late on average. You’re right. I’m old enough for a few of the shoes to have dropped on some things and twenty years is roughly the limit of the ability of modern humans to maintain a big secret. Once they admit something, the rumours will be twenty years old and the truth will be too.

      • jamieobomber

        I would love to see their exhibits.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          I suspect as far as this subject goes, the reaction to seeing them might be more along the lines of horror.

  • Pamela Hankins

    This is the very reason God destroyed the world with a flood. The human genome was polluted. Noah’s family was saved because his line was perfect (“in his generations’), that doesn’t just mean righteous, it also means genetically like God made man to be, (in His image). The Scriptures tell us that this will happen again at the end of the Age. The first time spiritual entities were directly involved in pro-creation (attempting to block the coming Salvation by re-making man in THEIR own image). This time those same entities are behind the scenes orchestrating events. God will destroy the world again. He says that during the final seven years fully half of the population will die (1/3 and then 1/4). Right now, that’s more than 3 billion people. He said it would happen because everyone will be doing what they think is ‘right’ in their own eyes, just like in the days of Noah. God is merciful and often waits til the last possible moment while calling us to repent, and warning us of the coming consequences…but don’t count on that. God is angry with the wicked every day, and although He is not willing that any should perish, He knows who will be saved, and those who are ‘fitted for destruction’. Behold both the goodness and severity of God. Obviously, what we think is ‘right’ is not what God thinks is right. and since He’s the One that has the final say, we might want to listen. Jesus is the Word made flesh…the WORD and the Spirit have been given to lead us and guide us into all truth. We have everything we need if we will only LOOK and LIVE.

  • jamieobomber

    Seems to me the civilization of Atlantis met its demise in similar manner as what our civilization is experiencing. History repeats?

  • shots autism

    People don’t know about genetically modified organisms (GMO) unless they’ve watched GENETIC ROULETTE. I think the whole movie is on YouTube. That’s perhaps the most important movie someone can watch.

    Are you buying dog food with corn or soy? If yes then chances are you are giving $ to MONSANTO and setting your pet up for an early death.
    Funding Monsanto means they have more resources to make new GMOs.

  • guesst

    What if goats are arousing?

  • Kill the beast and there creators before God destroys us all.

  • Kill the beast and there creators before God kills us all

  • This is disgusting. It just shows how this world is filled with evil people with evil minds and hearts… God have mercy on you.

  • Michael

    *sigh* I fear for the people taking this to the extreme as this article is, and then somehow, completely outside of the Bible, linking it to the end times?!

    This is not an animal/human hybridization any more than what we see today with people using pig arteries to replace human arteries in some people. Or do you consider people who have defibrilators, pace makers, or rods and staples, to be machine hybrids or androds?

    Do you think God is confused by animals that have a human organ, and wonder if that animals should be equal in stature to humans?

    Sometimes I read things like this and wonder just how much more pagan some Christians can get in their thinking!

    • Gina

      placing human cells inside and animal so that it morphs into one being made up of both human and animal origin (the percentages are inconsequential) is a far cry from a pig valve in your chest. Read a book once in a while..

      • I agree with you Gina, he needs to read more. If anyone believes that God would allow such thing, is truly a pagan. God made human race (humans to humans) not animals to humans, it is people who has twisted minds that come with such and only of the evil one, since he brought that up. he is calling Christians pagan when obviously he is one so he would know what a pagan is….