The Civil War In Ukraine Has Created A Massive Humanitarian Crisis Which Will Ultimately Benefit Russia

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Civil War In Ukraine - Photo by RGloucesterEvery time the Kiev government conducts another airstrike or lobs more artillery shells into a city in eastern Ukraine, it loses more hearts and minds among the citizens of eastern Ukraine.  The brutal civil war in Ukraine has created a horrific humanitarian crisis in the eastern half of the country, and at this point there seems to be little hope that the nation will ever be peacefully reunified.  This suits Russia just fine, because the Russians are getting exactly what they want without having to take any military action.  Eastern Ukrainians were pro-Russian even before this civil war began, but with each passing day anti-Kiev sentiment is rising in the areas where the fighting is raging.  Every “anti-terrorist operation” is just pushing eastern Ukrainians even further into the waiting arms of Russia.  Many have wondered why Russia hasn’t gone ahead and invaded Ukraine, but the truth is that the Russians are already achieving their most important strategic goals without even firing a shot.


Acting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently said that “Ukraine is in a state of war“, and that was not an overstatement.  Fierce military battles are being fought all over eastern Ukraine right now.  The following is an excerpt from one recent article about the fighting…

An intense military operation is underway in the town of Artemovsk in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, a local militia headquarters spokesman told Interfax on Thursday. “The village of Zakatnoye, the town of Seversk and the outskirts of Artemovsk have come under fire. Militiamen are firing in response. Fierce fighting is underway using heavy military hardware on the part of Ukrainian government forces,” the spokesman said.

According to the local militia, “a Su-25 fighter bomber that conducted an airstrike against the town of Seversk has been hit by the militia’s fire, but it is still in the air.

And posted below is some absolutely stunning combat footage from eastern Ukraine…

As the fighting has raged, it has created a horrific humanitarian crisis unlike anything that Ukraine has experienced in decades…

Continued combat and army artillery fire have knocked out both water and electricity supplies.

“Almost all medical facilities are closed,” the Donetsk Region’s local administration said in a statement. “Ambulances do not respond to calls due to a lack of fuel.”

In addition, hospitals are not working in Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and a number of areas in the Slavyansk district.

Thousands of people have neither tap nor drinking water supplies as pumping stations were damaged in previous fighting between Ukrainian troops and anti-government self-defense forces.

“They’ve bombed everything,” a local woman told RT. “There’s no electricity, no water, no money, no work, nothing. We don’t know what to do. We’re not leaving, we want to live on this land.”

“Please help us,” said another woman. “Something must be done, we’re being killed in Slavyansk.”

The worse things get, the more the people of eastern Ukraine hate the government in Kiev.

For instance, just check out this excerpt from a recent Reuters article

The military operation has hardened antagonism against the present government that came to power when President Viktor Yanokovich was toppled in February after mass protests in Kiev.

“Our Ukrainian army is not protecting us, instead it is attacking us. Thanks to them I have to flee my own land,” said Larissa Zhuratova, a Slaviansk resident piling onto a bus full of refugees bound for Moscow.

Once the fighting stops, do you think that those people will have any inclination to come back under the authority of the government in Kiev?

Of course not.

And as the casualties on both sides mount, the bitterness on both sides will continue to increase.

According to the Kyiv Post, Ukrainian military forces have been suffering “heavy losses” during this civil war…

The Ukrainian army and National Guard, which have been plagued by inadequate resources, have suffered heavy losses at the hands of pro-Russian militants in recent weeks, raising questions about their ability to stabilize the country’s eastern regions.

In fact, it has been reported that the Ukrainian army lost more than 1,000 troops in a single battle recently.

But the war has been quite brutal for the opposing side as well.  According to USA Today, the forces of eastern Ukraine are “outnumbered” and “outgunned” and are in retreat…

Rebel chief Igor Strelkov, however, said in a statement on YouTube that his men were far outnumbered and outgunned by Ukrainian forces and were likely to retreat from their positions in Yampol and Seversk near Krasnyi Liman. He said the Ukrainian military advance would completely cut rebel supply lines to Slovyansk and issued a desperate plea to the Kremlin for military assistance.

“I hope that they have enough conscience left in Moscow to take some measures,” Strelkov said.

As this civil war in Ukraine has raged, the rest of the world has been watching and waiting to see if Russia will get involved.

At times Russia has moved troops toward the border, and at other times Russia has pulled troops back.  This week, it appears that Russian troops are once again massing along the border with Ukraine

Russia has resumed a military buildup near Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday, calling it “a very regrettable step backward.”

“I can confirm that we now see a new Russian military buildup — at least a few thousand more Russian troops deployed to the Ukrainian border — and we see troop maneuvers in the neighborhood of Ukraine,” Rasmussen said in London.

But unless something dramatic changes, I don’t think that Russia will attack.

In the end, this is not a battle for land in eastern Ukraine.

Rather, it is a battle for the hearts and minds of the people of eastern Ukraine.

No matter how this civil war turns out, they are the ones that are ultimately going to decide what the future holds.

And right now, each passing day is pushing them father away from Kiev and much closer to Russia.

Ultimately, that is precisely what Russia wants, and that is the opposite of what the Obama administration was hoping for.

  • seth datta

    Ukraine is a Mossad-CIA-British manipulation to create conditions ideal for the NWO. All major economies are beholden to bankers and the contrived Russia-west hostility is fake. The Russians were manipulated by the British in 1917 and have been under the thumb ever since. The NWO is already here and now they will fine tune the mechanism for the next 20-30 years for total enslavement.

    Whilst all places will be NWO beholden, it is comparatively weaker outside Europe/Russia/China/India/English speaking nations. Anyplace else is a good place to endure and wait it out before the NWO and its useless bankster cabal are totally destroyed.

  • DJohn1

    And the killing goes on and on. . .

  • Andrew

    Rebel chief Igor Strelkov = KGB colonel

    RT is like CNN, both are unreliable propaganda tubes

    • Gay Veteran

      unreliable propaganda tubes? like OUR media

  • John Smith

    Today’s eastern Ukraine territory was taken from Russia in 1920’s by the Communists and given to Ukraine. The people there are mostly Russian. It only makes sense that all these people would want to reunite with their true Russian motherland. These Russians already voted in a referendum overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia. and created a new independent republic The current US backed Ukrainian government tyrants don’t want to let these people go. It’s very clear that the Ukrainian govt and it’s US/EU backers are the aggressors.

  • John Smith

    Why do you say “they are the ones who are ultimately going to decide what the future holds” ?

    Russian people living in eastern Ukraine have already decided in their May referendum that they want to join Russia.

    • Andrew

      You so naive…
      let me quote Stalin: “Not important how they vote, it’s important who counts the votes”.

      • John Smith

        Anybody who says that the eastern Ukraine, which is ethnically Russian, would not want to join Russia is either a total idiot or a demonic liar. Do you honestly think that Donetsk, Lugansk or Crimea vote was rigged ? If anything was rigged it was the phony Ukraine vote.

  • kfilly

    I think what is happening in the Ukraine is very sad. All of these events were pushed into action by our government. The recent events were caused by O’fascist disarming the Ukrainian citizens while serving in the Senate. Followed by the CIA overthrowing the Ukrainian government and installing installing a puppet regime. As sad as all of this is, I am more worried about Iraq/Syria. O’fascist just placed 300 advisors on the ground in Bahgdad. I am willing to wager these 300 souls are to get sacrificed so that the American people will want to seek revenge against ISIS. ISIS is in both Iraq and Syria. This gives O’fascist the backdoor way to Invade Syria. Afterall, the Amerikan public will call for revenge for the loss of 300 advisors. Here we go WW3.

  • Cronos17

    According to one refugee from Ukraine the election was a sham and the “Pro-Russian” militants are really Russian Agents. Spread the word, don’t legitimize Putin.

    • John Smith

      “According to one refugee” ? Who is supposed to take this seriously ?
      There are no “Pro-Russian” militants, it’s just a label invented y the US sponsored tyrants in Kiev.

      The entire eastern and southern Ukraine wants to join Russia, and they should, because they are really Russians. They should never have been put under Ukraine in the first place.

  • Pete Johnson

    Voter turnout in the recent Illegal Ukrainian “election” was about 30 percent with most of the eastern Ukraine not participating at all. The imposters running Ukraine now should be put on trial for treason.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    And to keep up with the latest on the Ukraine civil war, I hope that everyone will check out my news website…


  • nilst2011

    There are NO Ukraine crisis. Only the one made up by western media.

    EU, USA and George Soros payed to overthrow the legally elected government in Ukraine. Then they put a naziregime in to place in Ukraine, that NO Ukrainian people want.

    The only crisis i can see is the crisis of how western governments want to stuff their “democracy” down the throat in other nations.

    Why not tell about how the Ukrainaian nazigovernment burned the opposition alive, or how they used white phosphorus against innocent civilians in Eastern Ukraine ?

    Stop lie about facts that can be found anywhere on the net !