‘The Church Doesn’t Need Any More Coffee Bars’

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Have we lost sight of who we are supposed to be? In December 2014, Kimberli Lira’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. Melchor fought against the cancer as hard as he could for more than two years, but on February 14th, 2017 he passed away. Now Kimberli is struggling to adjust to her new life as a widow with two very young children. On her blog entitled “A Young Widow’s Story” she shares her battles with grief and pain with the world, and one of her recent posts really struck a chord with me. Way too often today churches seem to be much more concerned about keeping up with the latest trends than with bringing in the presence of Jesus. The following is an excerpt from “Why the church doesn’t need anymore coffee bars“…


My husband passed away February 14th, 2017 after a two year battle with cancer.

To say he battled cancer is an understatement. He was hospitalized two weeks out of every month during the first year. He was hospitalized a total of 18 times. He was rushed to the emergency room 8 times. He spent hundreds of days separated from his two children. And eventually the chemo, designed to get rid of the cancer, caused him to be paralyzed. And for the last four months of his life he was paralyzed and confined to a bed.

My husband endured cycle after cycle of chemo. He was separated from his children many nights. He was hooked up to chemo for 24 hours at a time. He listened to the doctors tell him bad news after bad news. He was left paralyzed and unable to get out of bed. And he never said how much he appreciated the coffee bar at the church. Never once did he say he loved the lighting in the sanctuary. He never told me how cool it was that they put a couch on the platform. He didn’t boast of the graphics and props on the platform. He talked about Jesus. He quoted scriptures. He reminded me of sermons we had heard. And in the middle of the night he sang songs of praise and worship to God and he spent his time praying. Because nothing a church does to strategize to bring in members helps you in the time of the storm. It is only Jesus.

Is there room for Jesus in your church?

In many large churches in America today, things are so tightly scheduled and choreographed that people couldn’t be spontaneous even if they wanted to be. For those ministries that have multiple services on Sundays, the goal is to get people in, put on a good show, and then get them out the door before the next batch arrives.

In so many churches, if the pastor dares to go a few minutes long people start getting really antsy. And once the service is over, most people bolt for the doors so that they can get to whatever it is that they would rather be doing on that particular day.

Once upon a time in America, going to church was not about watching a show. We actually used to have something called “worship services” where people truly worshiped the Living God. And when the conviction of the Holy Spirit fell, people would actually run up the altar to pray and confess their sins.

But nobody really does that today.

After all, what would people think?

And in most churches you never hear topics like “abortion” and “sexual immorality” discussed because we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. So most “preachers” stick to smooth and appealing messages about “increase” and “breakthrough” and “double portion blessings” because those kinds of messages keep people coming back week after week. And of course numbers are the most important thing to many of these “preachers” because bigger numbers mean bigger offerings.

There is certainly nothing wrong with trying to do things with excellence, but sometimes we get so caught up in decor and graphics and coffee that we forget all about Jesus. Here is more from Kimberli’s excellent post

When church leaders sit around and discuss how they can reach people, I don’t think they have the widow in mind. I don’t think they have the cancer patient in mind. I don’t think they have the children who are growing up without a parent in mind. I am not paying attention to the church décor when I walk through the doors. I don’t want to smell fresh brewed coffee in the lobby. I don’t want to see a trendy pastor on the platform. I don’t care about the graphics or the props on the platform. I am hurting in a way that is almost indescribable. My days are spent working full time. My nights are spent homeschooling and taking care of two young children. I don’t have shared duties with a spouse anymore everything is on my plate. And when I go to church I desperately want to hear the Word of God.

If you would like to read the entire thing, you can find it here.

If your church is far more concerned about coffee than it is about the American Holocaust, you are in the wrong place.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, close to 60 million babies have been ruthlessly slaughtered in America’s abortion mills, and the wicked politicians in Washington D.C. have just agreed to a spending deal that will continue to fully fund Planned Parenthood through the rest of this fiscal year.

How many dead babies is it going to take before these sleeping churches finally stand up and say something?

If everyone that claimed to be Christian had stood united for life, abortion never would have been legalized in this country and the blood of nearly 60 million dead children would not be crying out from the ground against us.

Those that are suggesting that America will be “blessed” even though we continue to kill babies on an industrial scale are lying to you.

The true prophets are warning that judgment is coming to America, and abortion is one of the primary reasons why judgment is rapidly approaching. The following is a portion of a prophecy that was recently given to Rachel Baxter

America, land of the free? No, that season has come to pass. You have taken My gift of freedom and spit in disgust. You have ravaged My children and caused death of mind, body, and soul. You have done this, oh children of Satan. You lost sight of who I created you to be, the true purpose of this nation. You turned away from Me and have chosen a life of sin. (Galatians 5:19-21) What once was will be no more. The last great nation to come to be shall be the first of the great nations to fall at the time of the end. You will be ravaged by your enemies, just as you have killed your own babies day after day. Then, there will be blood in the streets as there has never been before in this nation. Mothers and fathers will cry out for the dead. Children will weep parentless. You will feel the tears that I have wept for generations now in this nation, but you will find no comfort.

But for the moment, most churches in America continue to put on a good show as if nothing was wrong.

And as long as there are plenty of smiling faces, warm coffee and good music, most of those attending these sleeping churches are quite content with the status quo.

Unfortunately for all of them, the status quo will not last for much longer, because a great shaking is coming to the Church.

  • cops kill 3 daily

    Just go to the pharmadeathclock site. Pretty clear they don’t want to cure cancer.

    The medical-industrial complex just wants your money and they will try to ban any natural treatment that’s too effective.

    • William Lutz

      Yes. They’re too focused on raking in easy profits while administering chronic, perpetual treatment and making patients sicker. They make that dirty dollar while keeping poor people hooked on expensive medical attention. This is such a rip off and disservice that it should be a crime. It’s ironic how there are some things you can’t get away with while there are types of wrongdoing you can commit with impunity. It’s also crazy how ordinary people get punished for some actions that the elite aren’t held accountable for. Nobody should be above the law.

  • iris

    Sadly, this scenario is often true, but there are still many good churches in the U.S., where the gospel is explained every week, stands are taken against abortion and sexual immorality, and godly counseling is available to individuals and couples, not to mention, recovery programs, grief support, etc. Many churches support missions heavily, locally and abroad. The better ones will be those offering expository teaching from the whole Bible. There have been a couple of times in 43 years as a believer when I really wanted to throw in the towel regarding church, but I’m so glad I’ve continued to learn, worship and serve God with others. Yes, we have and will continue to incur judgement on our nation until as a nation, we repent of our sins, and they are numerous, but there are many congregations here with people who are trusting the Lord with their whole hearts and serving Him with their lives. One does have to seek them out, however.

    • William Lutz

      I want nothing to do with the church anymore. First of all, as described in this article, the leaders seem to avoid discussing the real issues facing this nation as a result of our perpetual sins. On the other hand, certain churches, like the Catholic ones, are corrupt, greedy, and too powerful over the congregation. What most churches often fail to do is spread the positive message of the gospel while standing firm on judgement and being straightforward. There is a strategy to keep it real without being offensive or condescending.

      As for all the wickedness, perversion, and immorality going on, this path should’ve been averted a very long time ago. Thanks to the ignorance over the past few decades, all the filthy entertainment and sexual defiance have already metastasized beyond control. Undoubtedly, there’s judgment coming coming to the world, especially Murica. All I suggest is get prepared for the upcoming war, because the damage has gone too far.

      • Paul Patriot

        Very well said William.

      • iris

        I agree with you about many of these issues, but must ask you, William, are you the same William Lutz who was praising Islam several months ago, after posting Christian sounding comments for over a year here? Have you converted to Islam and if so, would you propose that these ills be fixed with Sharia law?

        • William Lutz

          No, Iris. I was mocking the religion.

          • iris

            Ah, thanks for the clarification, William.

        • William Lutz

          No, I don’t support Sharia Law.

  • DJohn1

    Church is often turned into a business.
    The most successful business is to put on a show that brings people and donations in. They do that by giving people a feeling of spiritual holiness with the multiple songs with thee and thy in them.
    Does anyone discuss issues in church? Not very likely. How much of last week’s sermon do you remember? Or were you even there.
    Abortion is murdering children.
    Bu illegitimate children cost money to raise.
    How many will step forward to raise an illegitimate child?
    We are talking a minimum of $40,000 to raise a child and that does not include college. I can see how a young pregnant woman would get depressed and decide to take the “easy route” out.
    Is the potential adoptee been exposed to drugs? Are they in good health?
    The sad thing is the abortion people thrive because people do not want to be saddled with a child.
    I find that if this site did not tell us, most of us would not even know this group of liars is planning to finance Planned Parenthood.
    It should be front page news with a list of supporters from both parties. That “black” list should then be used to remove them from office as soon as possible.
    Should, Would, Could. The theme song of being in jail.
    The ironic thing is that child might be the only representative of a future generation of children for that woman’s family.
    We need a church organized effort to stop abortion. More important we need a backup organization to support those woman and a way to adopt them to a good family that will raise them. Possibly raise them to be Christians.
    The clear picture of abortion should always take into account all the factors.
    Otherwise they will be aborting children on judgement day.

    • Linda

      Do you realize how many potential parents wait years and years and spend a fortune for the privilege of adopting a child? There are plenty of people out there who would adopt these children, but thanks to abortion, there are very few to adopt.

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    OK, so I’m going to assume that this blog is no longer about The End of The American Dream, economic collapse, gold and silver investments, preparations for disasters, wealth stolen by the elites, the demise of the middle class, etc. etc. If it was, we’d see some articles about how the Trump regime has handed even more power to the wealthiest one percent who is responsible for the end of the American dream.
    It is now about the evangelical christian right wing political movement, sometimes referred to as “republi-christians”. It’s like a church blog for evangelizing and political indoctrination to the republi-christian world view.
    So let’s change the name to something that more accurately reflects the author’s political and social bias. Perhaps “Force all Americans to walk, talk, think and act just like republi-christians”! There, that’s more accurate….

    • Ray S.

      How is any of this forcing it on all people?

    • Daddyotis

      Yep. Deal with it, B1tchezzzz

      • Zlatko Milanovic

        How Christian of you….what a wonderful example you are…

  • Ray S.

    Really good title to this article. I remember the first time I walked into a church with a coffee bar was in 2001. I live in a big city. Around 2005-06 a few other ministries in our area started to do it. Then by 2010-12 it was pretty common in every church, even the religious ones. Now you see people sipping their coffee and playing around on their phones when you walk into a service. All this comfort so that they don’t feel like they need repentance or prayer. I think the problem is that the church body in our country has become a business. People go to network and receive a pep talk. To see what they can get, not to serve. They preach on how God can improve their financial life and how he can give you this or that. Then the leadership sees what other churches do and like a marketing strategy they copy it. That’s why they all play the same songs, copy each others sermons, build the same websites with that silly “what we believe” section… It’s just a business in disguise. At least the pharisees didn’t use Jesus’ name to do these things but our church leaders today just put Jesus in front of everything and they think it makes everything okay.

  • Deej

    I would really love to see all pastors close down their churches and go and get full time jobs.
    Set up home groups focus in people’s homes then maybe single mums would feel more comfortable in the homely environment to have support during the week as well as the weekends.
    These smoke machines and fancy lighting is a joke , people run out of the end of the service so they can get in the que quicker so they can get there coffee.
    My dearly loved brother passed away last year and I can sympathise with this ladies story

  • 8 cubic yards

    People, good churches exist and it’s possible that they may even have a coffee bar that helps others gather in pursuit of Christ. Coffee Bars aren’t the problem, People are the problem!
    If your current Church Leadership is Not aggressively calling on All of your church body to be fully devoted followers of Christ… and calling implies both introduction and encouragement to remain in a life of full devotion to Christ. As such, existing to reach the unchurched, dechurched, dead-churched and unmoved, and to encourage, equip, serve and sustain those already devoted to Christ.
    -The unchurched—those who have never been exposed to biblical community.
    -The dechurched—those who have previously been in a “church” environment but have left it.
    -The dead-churched—those involved in a “church” that is not pursuing biblical Christianity.
    -The unmoved—those nominally involved with Christ or His purpose.


    If your current church is Not intentionally and zealously pursuing a balanced ministry. Such a ministry, through the power of the Holy Spirit to gain:
    -New converts to Christ through the work of the His ministries
    -New commitments to the local body and the cause of Christ
    -New growth in the grace & knowledge of Christ
    -New leaders for tomorrow’s harvest for Christ

    Stated another way, if your church is Not constantly encouraging you to:
    -Believe in Christ
    -Belong to His body
    -Be trained in trut
    -Be strong in ministry

    Then you need to step up and be the spiritual leader that Christ calls for us to be and make His directional changes happen.
    You need to find a Church that does.