The Chinese Want To Spend Billions Constructing A 600 Acre “China City” In New York State

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America For SaleThe Chinese have made trillions of dollars flooding our shores with super cheap products, and now they are using some of that money to buy land and property all over America.  For example, there is now a proposal to construct a multibillion dollar “China City” that would span approximately 600 acres in a remote area of New York state.  This “China City” (that is actually what it would be called) would be located on Yankee Lake in Sullivan County, New York.  The plans anticipate large numbers of Chinese businesses, plenty of homes for Chinese immigrants, a Chinese high school, a college, a casino and even a theme park.  And the first 600 acres is only for “phase one” of the plan.  Ultimately, the goal is for “China City” to cover more than 2,000 acres.  Those promoting this plan say that it will be a great way for New Yorkers to learn to appreciate Chinese culture.


So should we be concerned that the Chinese want to place a little slice of communist China right in the heart of New York state?

Should we really be allowing other nations (especially ones that publish maps showing what will happen when they nuke us) to be setting up self-sustaining communities inside our own country that have no intention of integrating into the wider culture?

David North of the Center for Immigration Studies is one of those that is sounding the alarm over this project.  According to him, the eventual goal of the “China City” project is to essentially take over two small towns and cover a total of more than 2,000 acres…

The first version of the plan to emerge was a grandiose one. It would cover more than 2,000 acres (more than three square miles) spread over the towns of Mamakating and Thompson. It would include a Chinese theme park, a city full of China-related businesses, a high school, a college, and 1,000 residences. Every province in China would have an office there and the place would be replete with symbols of Chinese culture. For more on these plans see CCOA’s website, festooned with golden dragons and text in both Mandarin and English.  When finished it would be a $6 billion project, its backers say.

But for now, the first phase is only going to cover about 600 acres…

A revised version of the initial offering was proposed later; this would, as a modest start to the broader project, include a college, an urban area, some family housing, and lots of student housing; it would cover less than 600 acres and would all be in the town of Thompson, whose officials, a local lawyer tells me, are somewhat less hostile to the plan than those in Mamakating.

And this is not the first time that this kind of thing has been proposed.  As I reported last year, a different Chinese group has purchased 200 acres of land in a rural area of Michigan and hopes to create a “China City” out there…

A Chinese group known as “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan.  Their plan is to construct a “China City” with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.  Essentially, it would be a little slice of communist China dropped right into the heartland of America.  This “China City” would be located about 40 minutes from both Detroit and Toledo, and it would be marketed to Chinese business people that want to start businesses in the United States.

You can read the full article about that project right here.

Most of the time, when the Chinese gobble up our properties they do not do it in such large chunks.  But make no mistake – they are voraciously buying up real estate right now.  In fact, CNN recently published an article about the cities where they are the most active…

New York and Los Angeles top the list of U.S. cities they are most interested in, according to, a website where Chinese buyers browse global real estate listings.

More surprisingly, Philadelphia and Detroit come in at No. 3 and No. 4.

The top 10 list is rounded out by Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Diego and Memphis.

Chinese buyers purchased $8.2 billion worth of U.S. property in 2012, according to Juwai.

It has been estimated that the Chinese are now buying one out of every ten homes sold in the state of California.  And this buying spree actually appears to be accelerating.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent CNBC article entitled “Chinese buying up California housing“…

At a brand new housing development in Irvine, Calif., some of America’s largest home builders are back at work after a crippling housing crash. Lennar, Pulte, K Hovnanian, Ryland to name a few. It’s a rebirth for U.S. construction, but the customers are largely Chinese.

“They see the market here still has room for appreciation,” said Irvine-area real estate agent Kinney Yong, of RE/MAX Premier Realty. “What’s driving them over here is that they have this cash, and they want to park it somewhere or invest somewhere.”

So where did they get all of this cash?

A lot of it came from us of course.  We have lost tens of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs to the Chinese, and now they are literally buying up little pieces of America with the money that we spent on all of the cheap plastic trinkets that they exported to us.

And they are not just buying up residential real estate.  They are buying lots of commercial real estate as well.  In fact, in a previous article I talked about how one Chinese firm recently purchased one of the most important landmarks in New York City

Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Ltd. (0656.HK) will buy office building One Chase Manhattan Plaza for $725 million, adding to a growing list of property purchases by Chinese buyers in New York city.

The Hong Kong-listed firm said it will buy the property from JP Morgan Chase Bank, according to a release on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website.

Chinese firms, in particular local developers, have looked overseas to diversify their property holdings as the economy at home slows. Chinese individuals also have been investing in property abroad amid tight policy measures in the mainland residential market.

Earlier this month, Chinese state-owned developer Greenland Holdings Group agreed to buy a 70% stake in an apartment project next to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., in what is the largest commercial-real-estate development in the U.S. to get direct backing from a Chinese firm.

So where is all of this eventually heading?

Should we all start learning how to speak Chinese?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

Chinese Flag

  • Rodster

    The other dirty little secret is they printed over 15 Trillion of cheap money to buy our stuff. They learned well from The Fed. As the saying goes “what goes around comes around”.

    As you can see, the lesson here is that the entire Global Financial system is RIGGED. Everyone is doing the same. We thought The Fed were the biggest crooks on the planet. It turns out China are even bigger crooks printing $15T of cheap paper money to keep their economy humming along.

    And that’s not even factoring their secret ‘Shadow Banking System’. God only knows what else is hiding under that rock.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good point Rodster. :)


    • Dave_Mowers

      As reported, The United States Federal Reserve has created 37 trillion dollars in financial assistance for the top earners since 2008.

  • YH

    In 2011 Chinese pianist Ling Ling played the anti-American folks song “My Motherland” at a White House dinner honoring former Chinese President Hu’s visit. The song celebrates the Chinese bloody defeat of a battalion of U.S. Marines in the Korean war and is known in China as the most anti-American folk song in China.
    I was in China on business at the moment Ling played the infamous tune. A young Chinese woman approached me and asked if I knew what the song meant. I said no, and she explained it. I couldn’t get out of China fast enough. I was enraged at the gall of this Chinese musician to insult each and every American in our own White House.
    It took days for Obama to respond to the growing anger and when he did it was a brief statement saying they would launch and investigation into the matter and nothing else was said. There was no apology from the Chinese government.
    To this day I am still enrage at the Chinese and more so at Obama for taking the obvious insult with no response.
    The Chinese are not our friends. They are our polar opposites culturally, politically, and spiritually. Not to mention China killed some 50-75 million of the own people in their “Great Leap Forward” under Chairman Mao. Do we want this type of influence to gain a foothold on U.S. soil? Absolutely not. They are not our friends…Period!

    • Uh-huh

      Watching Obama bow and scrape to the Chinese leaders…one can’t help but wonder who is pulling Obama’s strings because, obviously, without the “they who shall not be named” hands up his you-know-what, Obama would instantly collapse as it is obvious to even the most uninterested observer that Obama’s body does not contain a spine.

      • YH

        He is a repugnant and repulsive creature that has no business governing a nation. I drew that conclusion back in July 2008 when he called for the creation of a “Civilian National Security Force”. I knew back then he was bad for the nation.

      • Mohammed Wazaterd

        Obama bows and scrapes to everyone. A consummate brown-noser. Remember him with the Saudis?

        • Joe

          At least he didn’t suck up to them as much as the Bushes!

    • Andy Li

      The GLF killed 50 million? Uhh, no… The US greatly exacerbated things by refusing to sell China grain to alleviate the famine and trying to prevent other countries from doing the same.

      Maybe now you understand why the Communist Party rightfully dislikes the US?

  • Spook89

    I remember Japan’s financial “glory days”…and then their bubble burst, and had to sell all those acquired U.S. properties back to us. Time will tell.

    • Rodster

      Quite true and I remember that from the 80-90’s. Look at them now. China is trying to play the same game The Fed has been playing. Which is print massive amounts of money, buy as much Gold as you can with the cheap money and buy as much assets with their monopoly money.

      Eventually my fear is that everyone i.e. the major economies will realize they have all been playing each other. I see a massive world war forming out of this.

    • Uh-huh

      what I find interesting is during that period when they were warning us that Japan was buying up everything American, Americans stroked and caused a ruckus…now, the sound of silence.

      I tell you what, though, you gotta give the Chinese snaps for sheer gall.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Sullivan county, New York? There is nothing there except deer and skunk cabbage. They must still think the Borscht Belt of “Dirty Dancing” is still working.
    The Chinese are notour friends. They are our masters because God wills it. As St Paul said, servants should obey their masters

  • Chris

    I’m not surprised. Our country is being taken over. We have been hijacked.

  • coindog

    better the Chinese who work and contribute than the millions of Mexicans who just suck up govt. benefits. the Chinese come with money, even if it’s our own money. we gave it to them. the others just come to take.

    • WM

      Firstly, blame the government for giving all these Mexicans benifits, don’t blame the Mexicans. I know many Mexicans that would out work you and I together any day.
      Secondly, Mexico is not a communist America hater, something China is very much so.

      • freevoter2016

        Yes the Mexicans are hard workers but the problem is their labor is exploited by corrupt companies that don’t provide the health benefits they will need when they burn themselves out. Then they will require the American taxpayer to cover their Medicaid and other welfare costs, Not to mention the criminal gangs that work hard smuggling and selling drugs in the US.

        • BillO’Hill

          I say Viva los muchachos Mexicanos than ending up a slave for the lord of the land of the Draco. Keep your eyes open, people…Crap in the horizon I can see!

    • BillO’Hill

      I hope that your grandchildren will say the same someday…or will rather have tacos for dinner everyday instead.

  • Undecider

    I fully expect the US government willing to roll out the red carpet.

  • DJohn1

    So the Chinese wanted to buy America?
    As a foreign national they are entitled to do just that.

    As a country . . . . not sure but the answer is probably NO.
    There have to be rules.
    One of those rules is you get to pay taxes the same as everyone else.

    You are entitled to hold a draft card. If you are in the right age bracket. Matter of fact we insist you hold a draft card so you can get drafted the same as everyone else. Same goes for Mexicans.
    You will have to pay real estate taxes on any property that you buy the same as everyone else.
    If you improve it you may end up paying more.
    If you live here for 5 years and learn to speak English, learn American History, Civics, and other subjects, and do not get into trouble, have a regular job, then you qualify to become a citizen of this country and vote.
    You are also going to have to get ObamaCare Insurance just like anyone else.
    There is a reason why China wants to relocate locally. It happens to be very expensive to ship goods into this country with current transportation. That means millions of dollars will be saved if they can use their people to produce the goods on site here.
    The trick is going to be keeping them loyal to China once they get here and see how good they can have it here versus how they have it in China.
    For instance a little thing like being restricted to having one child per family might stick them in the wrong place.
    No such law exists here.
    Might be such a law somewhere down the road but right now there is no law in place.
    When these business people move here they become people obeying our laws not theirs.
    As for learning Chinese, only ignorant people do not learn the language of the people they are involved with.
    Most of the time these Chinese will speak right in front of you believing you are an ignorant barbarian1 SO not knowing the local languages is definitely a bad thing.
    We have a reputation for this ignorance throughout the known civilized and no so civilized world.
    The best advantage is to know their language and not let them know that you know it. Then they will talk right in front of you and underestimate you as that ignorant person.
    Please do not get me wrong. We all start out ignorant. The difference between an educated person and an ignorant person is the truly well educated do not stay ignorant.
    So yes, they will most likely speak better English that the average American.

    The man that worked for me while I was in the Air Force was fluent in 5 languages other than Korean. I was there 13 months, and understood much of what was said by the time I left Korea. The people around me couldn’t even say please or thank-you or you are welcome in Korean.
    The advantage of having Chinese owning land here is they are bringing the money back to the country. If they militarily invade they lose it all. Why invade if you can have everything you want without it?
    But if they own a good portion of America, who do they go to war with? I suggest it might be Russia! Or even India.
    The point is this might be good for America as well as bad. China has a problem. What do you do with a 500 pound canary? And what do you do with all those people?

    • Jim Davis

      Sorry, but YOU don’t get to make the rules.

      • DJohn1

        I don’t make rules. I just know what the rules say. I was born in England, spent my entire life mostly in the United States. Went to school here. Graduated High School here.

        I was class C1 in the rules concerning the draft. I was a British Subject because of my origin. This was during the Vietnam Conflict. Unless they have rewrote those draft laws,
        I served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force. After 2.5 years I went to a Buffalo, New York and applied for citizenship in class one Air Force Uniform Blues. The person I roomed with in the Air Force stood up for me. We were like brothers back then.

        There is no free ride for immigrants with the draft even though the draft is inactive right now. Every Indian Nation Reservation person is a foreign national. They are treated exactly the same as citizens in the south concerning the draft. They are all Class 1-C.
        I was actually 4-F. I have lazy eye and was really inelligible for service. They needed good technical skill people when the Cuban Crises came. I entered service in a national emergency and once in they allowed me to stay.
        I am a veteran in good standing.
        What makes me angry is when government tries to make exceptions to the rules for different groups. They will obviously do this with Chinese nationals. They obviously have done it for Mexican Nationals. It is illegal not to register for the draft if you are between 18-28, Those ages might have changed since I was in service.
        Personally, I think we should impeach government officials or charge them when they do not enforce the law.

        • AJBaker

          Good point you make. In every country, if you live there, you have to pay taxes regardless of whether you’re a citizen or not. In America this is also true for the draft.
          Here’s what makes America unique though (in a bad way): if you are American and move elsewhere, you’re still liable for taxes and the draft.
          My father emigrated to Europe in the 70s, and I’ve never lived in America. I still have a US passport though, which means I have to file taxes to my home country AND to America. America is the only country that does this, except for an African dictatorship (that scored BELOW North Korea in from of speech). I also have to sign up for the draft, even though I’ve never lived there and havent been there for over a decade.

          • DJohn1

            Yes you still have to register and you still have to file. However many countries have tax agreements that cover you. If you are paying taxes in Britain you do not pay taxes in the USA. These agreements date back generations.

          • pjv

            Oh Please!! Just like when Japan was going to take over the US when they bought Rockefeller Center and Pebble Beach. Shortly after the real estate market crashed. So what it’s America, they can do whatever they want with their money. The real problem is the politicians making trade agreements that allow our money to concentrate overseas and not the hard working Chinese who want to spend their money. Boo Hoo.

          • Cash Johnny

            Please let me bring this back to Sullivan County, then perhaps the rest. OK, if I need to be corrected I’m ok with that too. Here we go, Right now in Sullivan County we have the black coats who pay no taxes and are buying up tons of area’s and again pay no taxes. We have a major section 8 drug-crime problem, so I am told??Ok so how do we want to do this? Tell China City to go scratch and get the heck out of Dodge!!?? Well, if we can do that, then why have we not done that with the other two we are always bitchin’ about? Saw the paper the other day…was so excited to see that Americans stepped up to the plate and is going to do something with the Appolo Mall, vs some Casino. The question that has me confused is in China they have made huge City’s brand new that are just sitting there…they are empty…for they want to build city’s in USA? I see alot more questions than answers here…JMO
            trying to get this to the end of comments, site is giving me trouble

          • Cash Johnny

            Please let me bring this back to Sullivan County, then perhaps the rest. OK, if I need to be corrected I’m ok with that too. Here we go, Right now in Sullivan County we have the black coats who pay no taxes and are buying up tons of area’s and again pay no taxes. We have a major section 8 drug-crime problem, so I am told??Ok so how do we want to do this? Tell China City to go scratch and get the heck out of Dodge!!?? Well, if we can do that, then why have we not done that with the other two we are always bitchin’ about? Saw the paper the other day…was so excited to see that Americans stepped up to the plate and is going to do something with the Appolo Mall, vs some Casino. The question that has me confused is in China they have made huge City’s brand new that are just sitting there…they are empty…for they want to build city’s in USA? I see alot more questions than answers here…JMO

        • Anonymous

          The Roman Empire allowed mass immigration, legal and illegal, and look where The Roman Empire is today.

          • Eileen Kuch

            It’s long gone, demolished in the 6th Century AD.

  • lisa

    If the government was smart it would ban goods from china. We need people who can get this country back on track. Being nice is the not always the right thing. i wish I could run this country for one year I would show you how it is done.I do not mean by wars either. Before you can go help someone else you have to clean up your home first. Number one Stop allowing Americans, take jobs to china Second ban the cheap made stuff. We are building China not America it is not suppose to be like this.You would then see our job maker explode.Stop with all higher taxes you killing people with all these taxes. You want jobs to stay you dont ta them like crazy.

    It is time to start thinking of Americans first. We need some one who can see the issues and make different choices , choices that would not affect us in the long run.

    America was once the most powerful country we are watching are dreams and blood shed family members who gave up there life for this country, being taken away day by day. When are we gong to stand and say enough is enough. We need someone willing to take America back. Not focus on what side you like best, Democrats or Republicans. Some one who is willing to sit down and listen to concern about this country and work one by one on fixing them.

    They way it is going right now is not working when something is broken what do you do. You get a new one or you fix it. To many people in this country is asleep. For the sake of out children it is high time we wake up.

  • Richard

    “Should we all start learning how to speak Chinese?”
    Probably. Just like for generations it has been advisable for people to learn English. The article above and the comments just prove conclusively to me that American hate and envy of the Chinese will bring on the third world war just like British hate and envy of the Germans caused the first world war (which led inexorably to the second). Now the world has to endure angry Americans having expensive and deadly tantrums. Lovely!

  • marcy

    I think America has become so brain washed that we believe anything that comes down the pipeline…Our country was at one a Godly nation.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      The Prussian school system, and degree system, were brought to America to teach obedience and conformity. Before the Prussian system, American children were too individual, curious, and spirited. American children were taught to question everything, especially the system, before the Prussian system was brought in. Teachers loved the obedience and conformity of the Prussian school system, so it was brought to America. The Prussian system set up a class system in America (which humans love), and taught children not to think for themselves, and to follow orders without questioning the orders. So, many have been brainwashed, and the schools were one of the tools that were used to do it.

  • jaxon64

    Exactly right. They need China ( and India) to “get onboard” with the globalism and push for an accepted new world currency ( not a reserve currency). The globalist/elitists have been working on ways to get China and a few others in Asia to jump on the globalism bandwagon—having Chinese cities in the USA may be one of their concessions, as well as lessen the likelihood of a nuclear event.
    Throw in the Trans Pacific Pact for consideration into the equation…this may be how our “leaders” are currently selling us out for their greater globalism asperations.

  • Dave_Mowers

    We gave away our good-paying jobs, destroying the American middle-class, to China and now to get back some of the fortune we gave them, we shall sell our nation.

  • yep

    Monkey see monkey do. We have been doing it all over the world for decades too.

  • T.j. Thomas

    And here’s where we end up muddying the line between the free market versus regulations. Do we let the free market have its way and allow them to buy as they will, and set up businesses, etc. as they will, or do we impose regulations that would prevent it but then run the risk of those regulations being used (or abused) in other ways?

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    The world will be a safer place to live when America is too broke to pay the soldiers and supply them with weapons. It will be amusing to hear the jingoist war cries fade when they realize their paychecks just bounced. When the citizens have to make a choice between eating and supporting 700 military bases all over the world, the American Empire will collapse like a house of cards. Don’t worry, it is coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    New York, Detroit, California, Florida, is all being bought up by China.

  • NVN777

    So what? The Chinese worked hard to make products lazy Americans don’t want to make. So I say they earned it.

  • ok

    Ok let’s see, China’s business is business,America’s business is war. China’s people study hard, we do reality tv.
    China saves and makes money, we whine and bitch. China is the longest “continuous” civilization thus looks long term, we blame China. China uses soft power, we use hard and encourage instability worldwide for the rich to get richer.

    GET IT!!

  • Doc Lem

    From what I’ve heard from the politicians from NY, the Chinese will blend right in.

  • john burton

    why build more housing when they have all those ghost cities to fill?

  • Steve Wright

    why not sell them all of Detriot to pay the 10 billion $ debt?

  • freevoter2016

    China has a population problem and they want us to solve it. They could support sending us 250 Million Chinese workers without batting an eye. I just then we won’t worry about Illegal Mexicans anymore. Where is our government outrage or are they afraid of being called Nativists by the the likes of Bashir or other leftists trying to cover their agenda to destroy our country and culture.

  • middleman

    I would rather have American bases then Chinese bases in those 170 nations

    • Piglet

      Rather than setting up military bases (or arming dictators so that they can better suppress the citizens while US corporations plunder natural resources), the article below is a common example of what the Chinese are doing on multiple continents.

      Meanwhile, the US is ringing China with new bases, such as the one on Cheju-do, Korea, that will be able to threaten Chinese shipping lanes. The stage is being set for the next war, and it’s not going to come along by accident.

      China to finance Belgrano Cargas revival
      Dec 6, 2013

      Argentinean president Mrs Christina Kirchner signed a $US 2.47bn financing agreement with Mr Zhang Chun, CEO of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in Buenos Aires on December 5, which will fund the renewal of infrastructure and rolling stock on the metre-gauge Belgrano Cargas network.

      Minister of the interior and transport Mr Florencio Randazzo said that the deal will see the delivery of new locomotives and wagons from China and will allow around half of the existing fleet to be returned to service. “The country’s businesses know how important this news is, as it will mean the return of the freight train as a key tool to reduce the cost of logistics,” he says.

      The 15-year loan will also finance the renewal of track and staff training.

      The government decided at the beginning of this year to make
      its takeover of Belgrano Cargas permanent, and recently created a public company, Belgrano Cargas y Logistica SA (BCYLSA) to take over operation of the railway from Sofse, another state-owned company which has run the concession on an interim basis since October 2011.

      Belgrano Cargas was put in the hands of Soesa, a public-private joint venture in 2006 following the failure to find a private sector concessionaire, but the railway has continued to deteriorate over the last seven years. Currently only around 5000km of the 7347km network is operational and freight volumes have collapsed from 1.74 million tonnes in 1999 to less than 369,000 tonnes in the first half of 2012.

  • Prometey Bezkrilov

    How is it any different than militarized US cities in Okinawa or Germany, or any other part of the world?

  • Krueger

    No way!…. This is no good news, folks, someday you’ll awake up in the morning and find out that speaking Chinese is mandatory…Good luck to all, Americans and Chinese as well. I see trouble coming.I’m glad I am in Iceland.

  • jamie5

    ahhhh….let them keep it up…we’ll just nationalize everything when it gets out of hand.

  • jamie5

    who in hell came up with the idea to send all our work overseas? nature tells us to take care of our own first…always. it’s truly a sin against nature to not take care of your own neighbors…your own nation of people first and foremost. Period.

  • cldyswft

    When one’s legacy is Of Genocide, Slavery and Plunder, AND STILL IS, then living-off these proceeds and calling that “The Road to Exceptionalism” not only takes the cake and eating it too, then, being Stupid-Dumb is the reality. But, then, what is Reality? Reality is not only when What You Do is Who You Are, Reality is when being Chosened is just the euphemism for The Culture of Malevolence, the mesmerism which The Stone Dead Chosen Few employs to spread the “load”/guilt – via the Race/Relogion & Religiosity Card – just like when plundering/profitting is ongoing, it is only for ME whereas when Payback arrives, it just happens to be for ALL. You know, to malevolently accumulating and calling its flow/result, Your Problem. How convenient.

    Witness, therefore, The Chinese Chosen Few, whilst not forgetting to mention the virulence of The Indian CF or The Professor of Chosenenss, Anglo-Saxony, and the Totem Pole Chosen Fewism, El Choseness of Da Middling East. As for Da master, this Jester salivates from behind The Mist, of course. With this instance of “newsing” being about The Chinese, it is vital to realise [and not merely knowing] that it is The Chinese CF that we are talking about and not those standard yellowing cakes, Da Chinese [Horde].

    As said, What Goes Around, Comes Around. Since it was Choseness that sojurned Over Thar, is it any wonder that it is the yellard CF who is coming back? It is benevolent to realise [because mere knowledge is inadequate for the task] that Culture/Klubbing comes BEFORE Blood, Race, Creed, Niceties, Drinking Tea with The Piggy Finger pointing to The Sky, Nationality, The UN, EU, US and so forth. Cultures like War or Bust, U Scratch Mah Back and I’ll Ravage Yours, and the myriad of clubbing Frivolity & Nonsense afford. Hands up those who would like to diagree. Perhap dear tootsie, you ought to realise [and not merely religiously know], asap, that The Bookie, oka Malevolence or The Stone Dead, is the One who profits from Disagreement.

  • Defiant

    I think we’d burn it to the ground before it was finished being built.

  • Helpfulhippy

    It will be almost impossible to simulate the smog from the thousands of primitive coal burning generating plants. (Primitive because powdered coal boilers are actually fairly pollution free).

  • look

    Chinese are business capitalist first, communist second. Communism risen up to kick out western abuse and corruption.
    Stop bitching America, and turn off the TV and pick up a book, dumbfu@#.

  • icthelite

    Clip “So should we be concerned that the Chinese want to place a little slice of communist China right in the heart of New York state?” End of clip…

    Probably no more so than we are about thirty some Taliban terrorist training facilities that are presently spread across the USA.

  • mabuhay1656

    China don’t have friends. How could every countries be a good friends of China, they are communist country & as a communist they are only interested to conquer every nations & to scattered their beliefs, cultures & be the powerful country of all. Inspite of all the lies, well-known copy-cat, thieves, fraud, Traitors, barbaric culture, bad manners & conduct, an invaders of all etc., etc., just name it, they have it all those qualities ….still …. many countries are making businesses w/ them, many big enterprenuers are making a deal w/ China bec. its much cheaper working w/ them & don’t care about of anything the impt. is they would earned more money & prosperous dealing w/ the Chinese. China enjoyed it very much …if …their chinese language would be an international language in the future & all the people of the World must learned it just like in english language. they just starting it now in Africa, recommending the people to learned their language. as for me, don’t buy their products & the signatures products of International enterprenuer like LV, Guess, Desigual etc., etc., w/c are all been made by China. for me, I don’t like the chinese, you cannot trust them ……….:! If China win’s w/ all their plans…..We, all over the World could be conquered by China in the future & be a member of the communist manipulators of all.

  • Bryan Garcia

    I wouldn’t mind learning a third language, i already speak english and spanish. Nowadays its good to learn another language you’d get a better paying job if you know more than one language.

    I am still a conservative and i also speak spanish.

  • youcancountonthomas

    Nixon signed.

  • Cuomo

    Well…… if China were to take over NY, I bet most would not notice, as NY is a communist state.