The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America

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American Flag - Chinese FlagHas the United States ever experienced a time when a foreign nation has attempted to buy up so much of our land all at once?  As you will read about in this article, the Chinese are on a real estate buying spree all over America.  In fact, in some cases large chunks of land are actually being given to them.  Yes, you read that correctly.  China is on the way to becoming the dominant land owner in the entire country, and that is starting to alarm a lot of people.  Do we really want a foreign superpower to physically own so much of our territory?


There are some that are playing down this threat by making a distinction between the Chinese government and Chinese corporations, but things work differently over in China than they do here.  In China, the government is involved in everything.  In fact, 43 percent of all corporate profits in China are produced by companies that the Chinese government controls.  And all of the rest of the companies are very careful to follow the lead and direction of the Chinese government.

That is why what is going on in places such as Thomasville, Alabama is so alarming.  Small communities such as Thomasville are so starved for jobs that they are willing to give land away for free to Chinese companies in order to entice them to build factories…

Gov. Robert Bentley said Friday that he will announce an economic development project in Thomasville, Ala., Monday morning.

That project is likely a copper tube plant to be built by Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group. A legal notice published Thursday indicates that the city of Thomasville and others intend to give land and other incentives to GD Copper USA, which state corporation records identify as a Florida-based subsidiary of Golden Dragon.

And in this particular case, we are not just talking about a small plot of land.  We are talking about a 40 acre chunk of land worth 1.5 million dollars…

The legal notice indicated the city plans to give Golden Dragon a 40-acre site. Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day has said that land is in a city industrial park south of Thomasville High School. It includes a $1.5 million, 50,000-square-foot building that the city constructed in 2009 to attract businesses.

But in most cases, the Chinese actually have to spend money to acquire our real estate.  And they are starting to make some really high profile acquisitions in some of our most expensive cities…

China Vanke and Tishman Speyer signed a deal for a $620 million luxury condo project in San Francisco this winter. In April, another deal for a cool $1.5 billion was inked in Oakland between Zarsion and Signature Development Group.

In June, several big deals in New York City went down. Zhang Xin, CEO of Soho China , joined forces with the wealthy Safra family (of Banco Safra fame) of Brazil to buy a stake in the General Motors Building in Midtown, The New York Times reported on June 25. Dalian Wanda Group, another Chinese developer, is planning to build a greenfield luxury hotel in Manhattan.

In other cases, the Chinese are gaining control over vast tracts of U.S. territory by buying up our large corporations.

For example, when the Chinese purchased Smithfield Foods, they suddenly owned 460 large farms and became the top employer in dozens of communities all over the United States…

Smithfield Foods is the largest pork producer and processor in the world.  It has facilities in 26 U.S. states and it employs tens of thousands of Americans.  It directly owns 460 farms and has contracts with approximately 2,100 others.  But now a Chinese company has bought it for $4.7 billion, and that means that the Chinese will now be the most important employer in dozens of rural communities all over America.

And the Chinese seem to have a particular interest in economically-depressed areas of the country.  Perhaps they feel that now is the time to gobble up companies and properties in such areas for bargain-basement prices.  For instance, the following is from a CNBC article that detailed how the Chinese are aggressively “putting down roots in Detroit”…

Dozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry.

Chinese-owned companies are investing in American businesses and new vehicle technology, selling everything from seat belts to shock absorbers in retail stores, and hiring experienced engineers and designers in an effort to soak up the talent and expertise of domestic automakers and their suppliers.

Speaking of Michigan, one company known as “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” actually had plans to buy up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan.  The goal was to build an entire “China City” with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.

But that is nothing compared to the “China City” that was being planned for New York state.  The following is a short excerpt from one of my previous articles

The Chinese have made trillions of dollars flooding our shores with super cheap products, and now they are using some of that money to buy land and property all over America.  For example, there is now a proposal to construct a multibillion dollar “China City” that would span approximately 600 acres in a remote area of New York state.  This “China City” (that is actually what it would be called) would be located on Yankee Lake in Sullivan County, New York.  The plans anticipate large numbers of Chinese businesses, plenty of homes for Chinese immigrants, a Chinese high school, a college, a casino and even a theme park.  And the first 600 acres is only for “phase one” of the plan.  Ultimately, the goal is for “China City” to cover more than 2,000 acres.  Those promoting this plan say that it will be a great way for New Yorkers to learn to appreciate Chinese culture.

But of much greater concern is the huge wave of real estate purchases that are quietly happening all around us every single day.

The following is from a recent CNBC article entitled “Chinese buying up California housing“…

At a brand new housing development in Irvine, Calif., some of America’s largest home builders are back at work after a crippling housing crash. Lennar, Pulte, K Hovnanian, Ryland to name a few. It’s a rebirth for U.S. construction, but the customers are largely Chinese.

“They see the market here still has room for appreciation,” said Irvine-area real estate agent Kinney Yong, of RE/MAX Premier Realty. “What’s driving them over here is that they have this cash, and they want to park it somewhere or invest somewhere.”

So what happens when we get to the point when the Chinese government and/or Chinese citizens own 10 percent of all the real estate in the entire country?

Will it be a problem then?

What about if we get to 20 percent or 30 percent?

At what point will we be forced to admit that we have a major problem on our hands?

Many of our leaders seem resigned to the fact that the future will be dominated by communist China.

For example, the President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve recently stated that “attitudes in the U.S. are going to have to change” because America “will not permanently be the global leader”

That’s according to Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis President James Bullard, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal on the sidelines of a conference during a recent visit to Hong Kong.

Attitudes in the U.S. are going to have to change, because the U.S. will not permanently be the global leader,” Mr. Bullard said.

In fact, Bullard insists that it is inevitable that the U.S. will end up playing second fiddle to communist China…

In that case, “the U.S. would be playing a role to China similar to the role the U.K. plays to the U.S. today,” Mr. Bullard said. “People think it’s 50-75 years away but it’s probably only 25 or 20 years away, something like that.”

And this is one of the guys that is running the U.S. economy?

There is more than one way to dominate your enemy, and the Chinese understand this.

Sadly, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.

What about you?

What do you think about all this?

Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…

The United States - A Colony Of China

  • Rodster

    No surprise really as the US is heavily dependent on China. When you have a consumer based economy that manufactures virtually nothing and you are a deadbeat broke Nation, you will sell your 1st born to keep your standard of living up.

    This is nothing new and happens to all dying Empires and it will happen to China as well when they leapfrog the US and take the mantle of largest economy.

    That’s the problem with a centrally planned economic system. In order to keep up with your standard of living you require INFINITE GROWTH, which is impossible. Eventually all economies, civilizations hit the FINITE WALL. It happened to the Romans, Greeks, Mayan’s, it’ll happen to the US and it will happen to China and whoever is next in line. The main problem is resources are finite so eventually civilization collapses. Never before have we had this level of scouring the earth for land and resources to keep a global consumption based economy moving along. This is why I have begun reading about the The Zeitgeist Movement.

    • Hammerstrike

      The worst part is why manufacturing ceased to be profitable in the first place, money Printing, inflation policies redistributed profits to the banks and their cronies.

      • PotHead69

        It’s not that hard, it’s just math. When our wages can’t keep up with the cost to manufacture these items, they have to be produced cheaper to make a profit. If our wages hadn’t been gutted since your lover Ronnie Regan came in, we would be able to afford American made.

        • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

          Has nothing to do with the President. It’s the Congress, stupid! The Democrats have run the Congress for 40 of the past 50 years. They’ve destroyed this country with their communist laws and regulations, and blame it on GWB.

    • bob klinck

      The “wall” is the international financial system. It decides which human aspirations will be allowed to be fulfilled.

    • sam

      This is not a resource problem, if it was, the US, not china would be golden, this is a ‘no tariffs’ problem.

      You give me 2 or 3 large prisons in a town, any town, [my cheap/free labor] and I will drive under every factory in 100 miles [my so called competition”], then I will own that town [my market], that’s what the Chinese have done on a world ide scale, slave labor, no free market over there, just the go betweens make out as they sell us down the river.
      The US didn’t have the benefits of being way poorer then most other countries on our way up, we did it through quality, and later on, sadly, the petrol dollar, but the Chinese did it through buying our politicians, slave labor practices, no standards for safety on anything under the sun, standards that their “competitors” countries were forced to adhere to, making them uncompetitive with the higher costs of doing business and the
      higher taxes for things like OSHA, the myriad of SS benefits, unemployment, and a 100 other “free benefits” we pay dearly for over here[=we never had a chance]

      We were sold out 50 years ago, and people are just figuring it out now. lol
      Well guess what, it’s too friggen late. Better figure out how to grow food, it’s probably the only thing that will save folks in our life time.

    • PotHead69

      Nope, the Chinese won’t give it up so easily. Looks like an inevitable 1000 year reich.

    • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

      Karma is a bitch!
      The Chinese were the only immigrant group that was brought to America, quietly busted their humps building the toughest sections of the trans-continental railroad, and then were not allowed to settle here, being hunted down for deportation back to the Celestial Kingdom!
      America’s chickens are comin’ home to roost!

  • K

    Not only land, but food based companies like Smithfield. How about all those chickens that will be shipped to China for processing. How do you know you are getting those same chickens back? The simple fact is the people of the U.S. have been sold out by the Government of the U.S. I know most of you can not believe, that you and your families have been sold out. And that is what the Government is counting on.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      And food safety standards are far different in China than they are in the United States.


      • DownWithLibs

        My thoughts exactly. I guess we will all have to start our own farms to be sure we don’t die from the Chinese poisoned food!

      • PotHead69

        Oh, so now you are an FDA supporter?

      • anAmericanByChoice

        Food standards? What standards? You would be horrified if you knew the garbage people are fed in China! Don’t even go there! This country should send back home all the Chinese and their goons. All big deals have the Chinese government behind them!

        • Godfather Corleone

          Fukkk you! Piece a white asssss sonabitttchhhhh, red neck fukkkin Asssshollleee. Your gonna be my bittttchhh. Make you my slave:)

    • Hammerstrike

      youtube. c om/watch?v=MTHL3_-O2V8

      They never heard of the Fried Chicken Flu.

    • Tim

      We’re not going to get the chickens back. They’re going to keep them to feed the growing middle class.

      What’s going to happen is the price of our chicken is going to increase dramatically because they’re eating all of ours.

      • K

        Truthfully I would prefer that, to what I expect to happen. They keep our chickens and substitute their chickens.Remember almost every new variety of avian flu, starts in Chinese chicken flocks. Along with all manner of other diseases. It will be marked product of the U.S., but it will be anything but that.

  • AvidReader

    The Chinese are dumping their dollars, flighting into real estate and other hard assets. I think that at least partially explains all this.

  • Mike Y

    Natural outcome when economic and power elites have revoked their allegiance to the United States and have sworn alleigance to profit maximization.

  • rrr

    More pictures of hot babes. That will solve the problem.

    • xander cross

      Asain babes, because we know how white men lust after asian women so much.

      • Mike and Ainslie #

        You need to stop leaving comments.

        • xander cross

          The truth hurts I see. Besides, in Japan, there “palaces” say “sorry, no white americans”. I wonder why?

          • PotHead69

            Can’t handle big dicks?

  • dan

    you can just hear all the politicians ‘chomping at the bit’ to get a deal done for the holders of our debt…..may all the scumbags get a taset of ‘mao’s ‘ revenge and justice………imho

  • Eric Quintero

    The Game of Thrones is taking a “Pivot East”

  • Hammerstrike

    At least that means they doesn´t intend to use biological warfare to clear the field, because there would be no need to buy anything then.

  • jack

    Real Estate will crash and the Chinese will be stuck with it. At least American’s were able to cash out. The more they invest here the less likely it is there will be war with them. So why not make deals with them. What is Alabama suppose to do? Sit longer with the empty property? So they bought 600 acres of wooded land in NY. It was vacant and now some Americans got cashed out. And probably they will bring enterprise to NY and Alabama. So what is bad about that?

  • dadelaw

    What do I think of all this? I think America is getting a taste of its own medicine, that’s what I think.
    “Do we really want a foreign superpower to physically own so much of our territory?”
    Does China REALLY want to have to put up with Wal-Mart and GM and all the other invasive crap that America puts out worldwide as part of its so-called “empire”?
    Oh but then America is SPESHUL and EXCEPTIONUL, isn’t it?

    • Eric Quintero

      *eksepshunal ;)

  • John

    It started with President Clinton and the globalist with NAFTA (all manufacturing jobs left to avoid high taxes and tariffs), then we invaded Iraq to shore up the Petro-Dollar (Has anyone in congress or the White House and /or the FED every in their life time heard of a principle called SOWING AND REAPING) that is all that is happening. GET OVER IT!!! America’s dollar chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Chris Sky

    DUH! The Chinese need to use those American dollars they have accumulated before they become WORTHLESS

    • PotHead69

      Almost right, they have been devaluing the yuan, so put it into hard assets to store wealth

  • DJohn1

    When currency becomes worthless, then you invest in commodities. Normally commodities float on top of the worthless currency bringing more an more as the currency becomes less and less valuable.
    Transportation has become a major industry for the Chinese. It is possibly more than 50% of the actual cost of bringing the products to the American market. It makes sense to want to bring the industry closer to the marketplace. We are talking enormous distances no matter which way you go. We are talking about enormous freighters. We are talking large semitrucks to bring it to the local Walmart, Target, and many other companies in retail here.
    Now if the Chinese have plans to militarily go to war with us, then it makes no sense at all. All property and funds will be confiscated by both sides. Bye, Bye, Corporate America in China. The will be nationalized.
    There are huge amounts of vacant land in the Canadian MidWest. Canada has a difficult time with population growth in new wilderness areas. Canada has a huge probem with moisture in the soil that is frozen most of the year. Developing that enormous frozen territory has been a problem for Canada as long as I can remember. Most of the industry is either on the East or West Coasts around the major rivers.
    The problem is taxes in both countries. Real Estate taxes eat away at the value of property both here and in Canada.

  • eyetaliano

    All part of the grand master plan.

  • Syrin

    Three things:

    1) China has polluted their land, air and water to the point that nothing will be able to live there inside a generation. They need to find a new place to live or a new source of materials.

    2) It has been reported that the US has promised its natural resources to China in exchange for debt forgiveness. Resource extraction would commence from these land sources where labor and supplies will be kept

    3) There are those who believe that these land sources will the location of an invasion of the US from within her own borders. Chinese troops are already on the ground in Hawaii.

  • TakeItOrLeaveIt

    Rodster comment below is spot-on. Facts are facts. Can’t dispute them. HOWEVER, I would like to throw out an observation that I have been chewing on for a while now. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there wonder why the Chinese have targeted the U.S. for expansion/buy-outs? Is it possible that the U.S. is so deeply indebted to China that the Chinese feel its their “right” to buy out whatever they can, because they feel that Americans owe them? Doesn’t anyone wonder why the POTUS, Congress, or Senate is silent on this subject? Perhaps, just perhaps, many higher-ups have made a deal w/Chinese, giving them the freedom to buy, buy, buy, as long as they don’t take by force (like Russia w/Crimea). I just don’t see all this happening w/o China having been given the green light by the U.S. Smells bad, and I DONT believe in coincidences.

  • GoldDust

    Yeah well, so what. The Chinese will never have allodial title so they’re going to be paying a lot of rent to whoever holds that. And it isn’t us or this fee simple corporate joke established in 1791 based upon the Paris Treaty agreement of 1783 where the King of England dictated the terms of the peace to the Americans. Later reestablished after the War of 1812 with the Treaty of Ghent. Where the King still gets a piece of this American Pie. Perhaps the Crown Bank has decided it would be more prosperous for them to bring in slaves that don’t bitch so much? Michael when you guys figure out how to take this land from them and allow those of us who’ve already paid for our lands to finally enjoy the real freedom of land ownership under a real title where no man can touch us and we are only beholding to our maker you let me know. I’m just down the street by the Sawtooths from you.

    • Efficient Pilgrim

      I suppose we could try 2 Chronicles 7:14 (?)

      • GoldDust

        Yes. Although lets keep in mind he speaks of land, or maybe even country. Not Nations. Especially Corporate Nations. We are in the country on the land. I certainly have had my fill of that corporation and it’s legal fictions.

  • Michael Carr

    Two years ago I had a dream that I was standing on the corner in my hometown, and all I seen were Chinese people walking around. I became a little alarmed and went into the police station to find out what was going on. The high ranking police Captain was Chinese also, but I noticed a white officer sitting close by. I walked over and asked him where all the Chinese people came from. He told me that the Chinese now owns America and they moved in. I asked the officer what year it was, and he said, “The year is 2038”. I asked him when the Chinese started moving in, and he said, “In the year 2030”. Then I woke up. It seems more and more my dream is coming a reality.

  • piccadillybabe

    “China is actually littered with ghost cities. They have displaced thousands of people/villages where Chinese eeked out their living on the land to build these soaring cement towers. Yet they remain empty because they are unaffordable to poor rural farmers. These poor Chinese sit, alienated, and now often unemployed. In the coming years, it is feared that urbanized developments will become crucibles of crime and poverty, plagues of which Chinese cities had been blessedly free.”
    Suffice it to say, the Chinese love to buy and build and they have the means and the US is indebted to them up the kazoo so perhaps this is how we repay them with land. Amusement parks and high-rise condos are not something we need more of in this country. It’s not working in rural China so why would it work here. If we are giving them the land at least we should be placing restrictive covenants on the land so that we don’t end up with ugly “soaring cement towers” in rural America.

    • Tim

      Actually all those ghost cities have already been filled. To a more recent search on it and you’ll see.

  • Stephanie S

    I just walked into a storefront in one of these new towns and said “I’ll take a #5 with eggroll and extra shrimp. Pack that up to go.”

  • David Harreld

    This is good news. We have been taught since we were kids that the Chinese are our enemies by (guess who?) the united states corporation government. These knucklheads are the true enemy to the peoples of the world, not the Chinese, not the Russians, not the Iranians, not the Iraqis, etc. Monsanto and their tribe are the worst citizens on the planet.

    • NSAF

      And what do you think the Chinese will do, just give it all back when the Tribe is eventually removed from power?

      China wants the FED to disarm its citizens for a reason. We have no friends or allies besides other like minded Americans, simple as that.

      Quite frankly, Americans should start practicing a Scorched Earth policy on whatever land the Chinese want to buy. Either it’s ours or no one’s.

      • David Harreld

        So it’s apparent that TPT^3B (The Powers That THINK They Be) have successfully hate-programmed you. No fear, it is still not too late to open your eyes.

      • PotHead69

        National socialist gameplan? Prob not the greatest idea

  • Alleged Comment

    You must understand we brought this upon ourselves. We put in cheap worthless godless leaders so we can get cheap worthless godless products so we can live cheap worthless godless lives and all this does is bring in cheap worthless godless commies next door!

    What else do you expect? Free Smithfield bacon?

    • xander cross

      Correction, white men put in cheap worthless godless leaders to get cheap products. What else did you expect? Free Asain women? Oh wait….

      • Alleged Comment

        Ahhh, not as good as mine. Pitiful fool.

        • PotHead69

          Racist looser with minuscule member

    • PotHead69

      So, do you shop at Walmart? Then you are the problem my young padwan

    • Godfather Corleone

      Fukkk you! Piece a white asssss sonabitttchhhhh, red neck fukkkin Asssshollleee. Your gonna be my bittttchhh. Make you my slave:)

  • FirstGarden

    America already sold her soul.
    Why not her land too?

  • China Baby

    Chinese are also having “American Babies” by the 10’s of Thousands each and every month….no BS…Check out the birth records in San Francisco, New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle—just to name a few of the US Chinese Birth Cities.

    There are entire city areas/suburbs that are having their economies propped up with the thousands of Chinese here to have their babies… has gone on so long that now these Chinese are sending their “American” children here to go to High School and University—paying for homes/apartments and tutors/guardians to take care of them.

    Dig around and you will be able to write a novel on this subject alone. And these Chinese families are RICH—so they will continue to buy up Original American Businesses, Homes, Farms, Resources and staff them with their own American Born/Educated Children—who will naturally bring along their parents/siblings.

    America—you will wake up one morning and be mere renters/slaves in the land that your family settled/improved and prospered in before you bowed down accepted aristocrats and socialists as your leaders.

    • xander cross

      And who exactly allow this to happen for years. Yes, that would be white men. White men created this problem and white men will pay the price of selling America to china.

      • Beau brummell

        Always da whiteys fault…ain’t it?

        • PotHead69

          Fraid so

    • RockyMtn1776

      Well said ! Few know about the fly in maternity hotels that are mainly on both coasts. The almost due pregnant women flies in, is picked up at the airport and taken to the maternity hotel where she stays a week or two, has the baby here in the USA, gets birth certificate on baby , when baby is a week or so old they fly back to her home country with her anchor in her arms. We have been sold out by BOTH political parties on almost everything ! BOTH have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Now, we all go into the trash heap of history together and we, along with our nation will be long gone to new owners. We did it to ourselves, just ask the ancient Romans, the did the same.

  • Seen2013

    Neo-Colonialism. There’s only detailed differences between Fascism, Communitarianism, and Communism. For example, when businesses are not nationalized, they tend to be owned by members of the party or hold majority shares.
    It is effectively a difference without a distinction. Then again, the elitists believe authoritarianism is good for the economy because like Bismarkianism; it advocates placing centralized authority into the fewest hands.
    When the remake of Red Dawn was forced to edit out a Chinese invasion with North Koreans with Russian advisors and aid as an offense, it more than likely translates to mean ‘I thought you were too stupid to notice the threat’ authoritarians tend to think that way.

  • bob klinck

    It’s a development to be expected when the monopolistic financial system, by starving the American people for the monetary means to control their own country, makes the land widely available for foreign purchase. When will people catch on to the fact that saying there isn’t enough money to build a bridge is as idiotic as saying there aren’t enough inches?

  • AlexxelA

    Sovereignty is the quality of having an independent authority over a geographic area. When we go into debt to another county we loose our Sovereignty. Enjoy your entitlement as we borrow from china.

  • js1000

    It’s to the point where those of us with chinese wives or women with chinese born husband’s will have the only social advantages.

  • AsianJack09

    And despite the scare mongering, Canada owns the largest amount of real estate, followed by the Netherlands, and then Germany, and then the UK, with Portugal rounding out the top 5.

    But hey, if a few Chinese folks buy a house, it’s time to LOSE OUR $#!T!

    Y’all are a bunch a Hypocrites.

    • PotHead69

      Tell em jack. Douchebags living in a trailers in the depressed south trying to find another boogie man to hate on.

    • art laramee

      Their attitude towards land grabbing, building a world class navy, industrial spying, trying to get the world off the US Dollar and onto the Yuan is what makes their acquisitions threatening or is that too complicated for you to comprehend?

  • bob cratchette

    HILARIOUS what a bunch of morons we have in this country as we run ignorantly headlong to our own destruction laughing hysterically, i am tired of hearing it all and fighting it, i wish what was once a great nation would just go ahead and capitulate and get it over with. you think it is bad now wait till you have the chinese ruling over you there will be no end of life care but a bullet to the back of your headwhen you are no longer of any use to society so boo hoo america will evetually get what it deserves a take over from within and they will not even see it happen so go back to sleep and trust uncle sam to keep an eye on things it will be ok.

  • Undecider

    To think, all of this began with the stories like, “Nixon goes to China.” The US has been in a deindustrialization mode since the end of WW2. The US government has been bending over backwards (for the globalists) to send our industry to Asia for the past several decades. Now that our economic might has been offshored, we now beg those who host it to offer us back a few pennies.

    One way to bring it back would be to stop paying for slave labor garbage been sent over on the container ships. Even if it means to reduce our markets to handmade goods coming out of our homes, if we halt as many purchases as possible, the “economic might” of China will crumble within a few years.

    It’s our choice. Shop second hand and out of thrift shops. Have all that new garbage stack up on the docks. This will cause the factories to cease production and that money in China will vanish.

    Can we do it?

  • Dean

    Let’s not all forget about those 11,000,000 excess males with no women, no jobs and no hope. Think they could do a bit of damage? Hey, we don’t stop mexicans from coming in, what makes anyone think we’d stop 20,000,000 Chinese?

    White Americans are going to be bred out of existence!

    • PotHead69


  • jay

    Don’t worry about it, this has happened before, in the 1970’s before Reagan , Japan was the industrial power house. American business was all a twitter with Japanese corporate technics, mass production methods and the so called Japanese superior technology. The Japanese, flush with money from car sales and boom boxes were buying up corporate properties , private homes land and businesses all over the USA. Rockefeller Center I believe was one of them. Then the bust came and Japan had to sell everything at bargain basement prices that contributed to Japan’s 20 year recession and decades long bout with deflation. Add to that the low birth rate , the loss of market share to China, and a less then stellar nuclear technology Japan is headed for a big reduction in world status and economic development. The powers that be used Japan and then cast her off. The same fate awaits China, the west sold China outdated technology in the form of factories and low tech machinery that fueled the Chinese industrial explosion. Then sold her billions in financial debt instruments that will prove next to worthless after inflation and now they are selling real estate that will deflate crash and burn. Ten years from now technology will undermine the need for Chinas industrial might and plunge her into internal discord and eventually collapse. Don’t believe it, stay tuned.

    • PotHead69

      You may be right, automation will render cheap labor insignificant. It will be cheaper to just have the robots manufacture here and not spend the gas money. Apple is starting to do that as we speak on a very small scale.

  • Arizona

    SOON the roundups will begin,and ALL the morons who thought it would work out OK,will find out in a CHINESE ran,SLAVE LABOR camp,and they won’t treat you very well either,as a matter of fact they’ll KILL your young children,they’ll ship off ALL your young adults to slave labor camps in africa and china,and you stupid adults who didn’t think such a thing could happen,WELL lets just say,when the chinese are done with you,YOU’LL WISHED YOU WERE “NEVER BORN”,so kiss you sorry cowardly ass good by………………..

    • PotHead69

      I think all that desert sun is frying your brain

  • Donald Wilson

    People need to understand that the Chinese have one intention complete and total control of the United States to include all natural resources and that includes the citizens that reside within its borders. Remember a country can be taken over without ever being invaded by another countries military. It just takes the government and it’s citizens to exchange land, businesses etc…for cash. Once you relinquish ownership you have lost control of property etc…one day a Chinese flag will fly over the nations capital. Hopefully I’m no longer alive when that day occurs. I’m sure the founding fathers of this once great nation will be spinning in their graves. The end…

    Bravo Two Zero out…

    • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

      “Supreme Excellence in warfare is attained when you are able to conquer your enemy without loosing a arrow”
      Sun Tzu

  • CallmeAdam

    This doesn’t surprise me…

  • Lars Lonte

    The LaRouche Movement EIR News Michael C. Rupperts daily Peak Oil Blog Peak Oil and 9.11. American Free Press

  • nwwapiti

    Easy enough to fix, put into law that no foreign national individual or collective may own property of any designation in the U.S.

  • lilbear68

    the Japanese tried this and eventually they had to sell it all back because the americans refused to do business with them. Pebble Beach was a perfect example.
    the Chinese now own Smithfield hams.
    even now the japanese have bought jim beam/makers mark. well jim its been a long run and thanks for the memories……………..hello jack

  • disqus_zBKUm24jsD

    Why not? How well have Chase, BofA, GM, etc been doing with the US Economy and US consumer? Will Chinese companies be worse? Are we not a Nation of Immigrants? What’s the beef?

  • lilbear68

    the Japanese tried this years ago and it didn’t work out too well for them, I will guess that the same results will happen again

  • Charles Reece

    This should be a great “warning” to our intelligence analysts at the CIA. The People’s Republic of China couldn’t “care less” about America’s worldwide promotion for global “DEMOCRACY” and “CAPITALISM”. However, the Communist Chinese are SLYLY taking advantage of America’s “NAÏVETY”, for the latter hopelessly anticipating that somehow – in some way, the Chinese will [supposedly] mimic or emulate EVERYTHING about “America”; WHEN, in reality, though; considering World History’s record on the oppressive colonialist RELATIONSHIP between the “isolationist” Chinese people AND the imperialistic “White Men” of Europe and America; THAT accordingly, the Chinese themselves have NO INTENTIONS whatsoever in ever allowing AGAIN any imperialist European nation [such as Great Britain or any other European power] to try BRINGING BACK a labor-exploitive, capitalist-based style of “colonialism” into their currently Marxist-controlled nation.
    But ironically, though, at this PRESENT time, the Chinese government officials are ACTUALLY still behaving just as “greedy” as American industrialists – since the Chinese businessmen and government officials THEMSELVES comprise the “aristocracy” or intelligentsia of their OWN country; and actually “care” VERY LITTLE for manifesting what a true die-hard “Marxist” might consider to be “just and fair” labor practices; SINCE the current Chinese aristocracy itself would like nothing MORE, than to “feather their own nests”, so to speak, and “make” the same amounts of MONEY that American CEO’s already make………BUT paradoxically, at the physical and financial expense of their OWN citizens, who are presently being industrially exploited by greedy American and Chinese entrepreneurs – despite all of the Chinese officials’ HYPOCRITICAL claims for being “pro-labor” and/or “anti-capitalist”, from the start.

  • suzannedk

    This is wonderful! I love the Chinese. If I could I would be living in China now, fluent in Chinese. America is very luck to be finally saved!

  • suzannedk

    Right now America is a giant Ponzi-Scheme nation, China will change all that for the much better.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Dark times indeed, this is very disheartening.

    “When the times got tough Americans just gave up and buried their heads in the sand.”

    That’s how history will remember what’s left of the United States of America, after it becomes the forced United Providences of China. We only have ourselves to blame for becoming lazy and complacent. So now that this bed is made, here’s hoping your ready to sleep in it, I know I’m not. If they do take over with using purchasing power or even invade in full force I doubt they will show any mercy to those who live here at the time. At the rate our own government is allowing U.S. citizen to be killed off by the likes of mega corporations and other ilk, there won’t be much resistance to the Chinese buy outs and population infiltration by the time they reach 30-40% of acquired land.

    All this time I just thought they were being given sections of the Rocky Mountains in exchange for holding some of our national debt. I had no idea things were this bad, this is more than scary, it’s a silent, active invasion, the likes no one is really prepared for.

  • Godfather Corleone

    Plaza Mexico in Lynwood, CA

  • Dr David (Sports Pyschologist)

    Chinese Investment in real estate in America ( & Australia) is “stealth” invasion by Communist China, to take over the West. A lot of this problem can be blamed on Milton Friedman & Anne Rand and their “economic rationalist” fantasy-twilight zone claptrap from the 18th Century (Milton Friedman wants to have open borders with Mexico-pre-1914 style-see what a kook Friedman was?). China & Russia have not been taken in by America’s “free trade” “globalisation” propaganda/agenda. China sees itself as the new America of the 21st Century and intends to assume total control of North America, very shortly, starting with the drugs civil-war (guerra-civil por drogas) in good ole Mehhh-ico (Mexico). Purchases of prime residential, commercial & agricultural land by Chinese Investors are just the beginning of this “stealth” invasion by Red China, more to come…as the Chinese Goons themselves would tell Americans “May you live in interesting times” and here’s a poem as well-
    The Western World has one mind
    The Eastern World has two minds
    And Milton Friedman’s ideology of Economic Rationalism-
    has no heart, soul or mind.

  • Klang101

    The US gave China the rights to the deepest water port on the west coast. It is a retired naval port. Soon we will be their slaves.