Tax The Rich? 14 Facts You May Want To Consider

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Class warfare in the United States is heating up again.  As the overall economic pie shrinks, the poor are being taught to go after the rich and the rich are being taught that the poor are a threat.  Lately, the calls to “tax the rich” have grown louder than ever.  As thousands more American families fall into poverty every single day, and as U.S. government debt continues to soar, many are touting higher taxes on the wealthy as the solution to all of our problems.  But is that what we really want to do?  Will it actually solve our economic and financial problems as a nation?  If you don’t have much money, it can sound very appealing when politicians say that they want to “tax the rich”.  But unfortunately, things are just not that simple.


First of all, the ultra-wealthy and the largest corporations have become masters at avoiding taxes altogether.

You want to tax the rich?

How about General Electric?

They are rich, right?

They are also very, very tight with the Obama administration.

So of course they are more than happy to pay their “fair share” of taxes, right?


General Electric made over 14 billion dollars in profits last year but did not pay a single penny of that to the U.S. Treasury.

The ultra-rich simply are not going to be taxed into oblivion.  They will do whatever it takes to avoid high tax rates.

In fact, it is estimated that a third of all the wealth in the world is now held in “offshore” tax havens.

The truth is that our tax system is completely and totally broken.

Raising or lowering tax rates is not going to make much of a difference at all to the ultra-wealthy and the largest corporations.

But raising taxes on the “wealthy” will absolutely hammer small businesses in the United States.

And small businesses provide the vast majority of the new jobs.

Small businesses don’t have the resources to set up shell companies in the Cayman Islands or in Switzerland.  Small businesses cannot afford to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to tax lawyers.

So when you raise taxes on the rich, the ultra-wealthy and the largest corporations are generally not affected but you absolutely crush small businesses.

When you crush small businesses you crush job growth in this country.

If you wanted to truly “tax the rich”, you would need to completely throw out our current tax system and come up with something completely and totally different.

And actually, when you get right down to it, an income tax is not even needed to run our country.  Until 1913 the United States did just fine without a federal income tax.

But Americans have gotten it into their heads that the government should be some kind of cosmic Robin Hood that takes money from the rich and distributes it to the poor.

What such a system does is it takes the incentive to make money away from the rich (because they don’t get to keep their money) and it takes the incentive to make money away from the poor (because they can just sit on their couches and collect government checks every month).

Such a system makes us all poorer because it produces less economic wealth overall.

Not that income inequality hasn’t become a massive problem in our society.  In fact, income inequality is now higher than it ever has been in America.

According to a new report from the AFL-CIO, the average CEO made 343 times more money than the average American did last year.

But you don’t solve that by taxing the rich and giving government handouts to the poor.

Rather, the solution is to change the rules of the game so that money and financial power does not become so concentrated in the hands of just a few.  Our founding fathers intended for all Americans to be able to start businesses and compete.  They never intended for gigantic mega-corporations to dominate everything.

The American people need jobs and they need the chance to be able to start businesses and compete fairly in the marketplace.

But instead, a huge percentage of the population has just given up and have become content with receiving government handouts.

You see, the truth is that most Americans now receive a government payout in one form or another and they have become very accustomed to that money.

People do not want to see their “government benefits” cut.

According to one recent poll, 78% of Americans oppose spending cuts to Medicare and 69% of Americans oppose spending cuts to Medicaid.

Most Americans will get very angry if you start coming after their government checks.

Today there are more than 44 million Americans on food stamps.  Many that go on food stamps stay on them forever.

In fact, the truth is that most Americans will stay on social welfare programs as long as they can.

Not that many of these programs aren’t necessary.  We have an economy that does not produce enough jobs for everyone and that is pushing more American families below the poverty line every single day.  The average American family is being absolutely shredded by this economy.

But when you organize a society in such a way that a majority can vote for the wealth of the minority to be transferred into their pockets you are asking for trouble.

If you raise taxes on the rich and give more handouts to the poor is that going to provide them with jobs?


If you raise taxes on the rich and give more handouts to the poor is that going to give them dignity?


If you raise taxes on the rich and give more handouts to the poor is that going to create more businesses and spur more economic activity?


Yes, we always need to help the poor and those that cannot help themselves.

However, what we have created is an “entitlement society” where the majority of Americans now receive direct payments of money from the government.

As millions more Americans climb aboard the “safety net” each year, it is eventually going to get to the point where all of this government welfare is going to destroy this nation financially.

But our politicians love the current tax system.


For one thing, it gives them the ability to exert tremendous social control over the rest of us.

And since most of our politicians are control freaks, they absolutely love to engage in social engineering.

Is there a behavior that they don’t like?

They just tax it.

Is there a behavior that they want to promote?

They just give us a tax break for it.

The rest of us end up running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we attempt to play the little social control games that they have constructed for us.

Americans spend billions of hours and tens of billions of dollars preparing their taxes every single year.

It is a tremendous waste of time and resources.

But most of you already know that.

So should we tax the rich more?  Will it fix all of our national money problems?

Of course not.

The truth is that we are taxed more than enough already.

The following are 14 statistics about taxation in the United States for you all to consider….

#1 The top 1 percent of all income earners already pay 39.5 percent of all federal income taxes.

#2 When you take all forms of federal taxation into account, the top 1 percent of all income earners pay 28.1 percent of all federal taxes.

#3 The top 20 percent of all income earners in the United States pay approximately 86 percent of all federal income taxes.

#4 One recent poll found that 64 percent of Americans are in favor of raising taxes on those that make $250,000 or more a year in order to help balance the federal budget deficit.  Another recent poll found that 72 percent of Americans favor raising taxes on those making $250,000 or more a year.

#5 Approximately 45 percent of all U.S. households pay absolutely no income taxes at all.

#6 Overall, U.S. households are now receiving more income from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes.  This is clearly not anywhere close to sustainable.

#7 During 2010, the U.S. government paid out a combined $2.3 trillion in unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, disability insurance, Medicare benefits, Medicaid benefits, benefits for veterans, education assistance and other direct transfers of cash from the government to individual citizens.

#8 59 percent of all Americans now receive a government payout of one form or another.

#9 The ultra-wealthy keep much of their wealth outside of the United States so that the government cannot tax it.  It has been estimated that a third of all the wealth in the world is held in “offshore” banks.

#10 Thanks to new corporate tax cuts in Japan, the United States now has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.

#11 Large corporations have become masters at avoiding taxes.  Back in the 1950s, corporate taxes accounted for about 30 percent of all federal revenue, but in 2009 corporate taxes accounted for just 6.6 percent.

#12 General Electric has been a great friend to the Obama administration. According to the New York Times, General Electric made a total of 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year.  So how much did they pay in taxes to the U.S. Treasury?  According to the New York Times, not one penny was paid.

#13 Even though Boeing receives billions in federal subsidies every year and even though it has a bunch of juicy government contracts it did not pay a single penny in federal corporate income taxes from 2008 to 2010.

#14 Exxon-Mobil paid $15 billion in taxes in 2009, but not a single penny went to the U.S. government.  Meanwhile, their CEO brought in over 29 million dollars in total compensation that year.

Unfortunately, the friction between the rich and the poor in this country is only going to get worse.  As the U.S. economy crumbles and slowly dies, average Americans are going to get angrier and angrier.  Millions are going to want to take their frustrations out on the wealthy.

In the years ahead things are going to become frightening.  Eventually we are going to see economic riots all over the nation.  As hunger and poverty abound, scores of homes in wealthy neighborhoods and middle class neighborhoods will be invaded and looted.

We are going to see things happen in the United States that we have never seen before and that very few people imagined that we would ever see.  The people of the United States are not going to suffer through the coming economic nightmare with dignity and quiet determination.

Instead, there is going to be rampant rioting, violence and looting.

Rather than loving each other and working together to rebuild America, the people of this nation are being taught to hate one another and attack one another.

If you truly wanted to spread the wealth, you would want to change our system so that it promotes small businesses and the creation of jobs inside the United States.

But instead, our current system crushes small businesses, it ships jobs out of the United States and it greatly rewards the ultra-wealthy and the large corporations that know how to evade federal taxes almost completely.

So does anyone out there want to defend our current system and explain why taxes should be raised even more?  I have a feeling that some of you do.  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Tatiana Covington

    And if they do not wish to be taxed, what then?

    Pass laws? (Contemptuous snort)

    Those are only man-made pieces of paper with writing on them. So what?

    “Paper will bear without complaint whatever is written upon it.”–Stalin

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The ultra-rich in The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) are going to be heavily “taxed,” but it won’t necessarily be by the IRS (as Leona Helmsly infamously said, taxes are for the little people). The “tax” that awaits the uber-rich in the BRA is what I call the DPDDTT: The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax. DPDDTT isn’t a “tax” in the traditional sense; rather, DPDDTT is the “tax” that poor, desperate, angry people collect in Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela and other places with very rates of violent crime. And DPDDTT is collected through activities such as kidnapping, armed robbery, extortion and carjacking. How much of a reality is DPDDTT in some Third World countries? It’s such a reality that people who earn a really good living in those places need armed bodyguards for themselves and their relatives every time they leave the house (even in broad daylight) because getting kidnapped is a very real possibility. The kidnapping epidemic is absolutely appalling in some Third World countries, and the former USA is now a Third World country no matter how much clueless Democraps and clueless RepubliKKKans (Tweedledumbo and Tweedledumbass) want to deny it.

    For a long time, Gerald Celente has been warning us that we DON’T want to go down that path. Celente gets it: “when people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” Exactly right. Alex Jones also gets it when he warns us that the globalist NWO gangsters have created a perilous situation by engineering the death of the American middle class. And for that matter, Arianna Huffington (author of “Third World America”) is right when she talks about affluent people in Third World countries living in gated communities surrounded by armed bodyguards.

    Of course, DPDDTT isn’t just for the uber-rich in Third World countries. When DPDDTT collectors can’t penetrate the gated communities and can’t get to the uber-rich, they go after small business owners like myself.

    Got a gun? If so, keep it in a nice, safe place and know how to use it because you’re going to need it when things go from bad to worse in the BRA and DPDDTT is collected by folks who used to be middle class but now find themselves in dire straights thanks to The White Shoe Boys and the criminal NWO bankster thugs that Signore Celente and Alex Jones warn us about. As the late Irv Homer (a Libertarian talk show host in Philly) used to say, I believe in gun control–I believe in controlling the trigger with my finger if someone breaks into my house. Call me a capitalist pig, but my small business didn’t create all this financial misery and horrible suffering; so I have no desire to pay The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax if I can avoid it, thank you.

    It’s nasty, it’s ugly, it’s harsh, it’s painful……’s DPDDTT. And it’s coming soon to a Philadelphia or a Chicago or a Baltimore near you.

  • Tim

    Uh oh. Michael, get ready for a reply from you know who. :-)

  • Fake Gary2

    My fingers are in my ears! la dee la dee la dee da!!!!!! Tax the rich, heal the sick, tax the greedy, heal the needy, tax the wealthy, to make the poor healthy!

    I can’t hear you, Michael!

  • (1) Congress is having trouble paying their bills because they destroyed most wealth creating industries in the USA.

    (2) Congress needs to make it most profitable for all classes (rich and other ) to do business and hire employees in the USA rather than offshore.

    (3) Reducing spending to match a smaller industrial base and balance the budget will not put Americans back to work.

  • “Rather, the solution is to change the rules of the game so that money and financial power does not become so concentrated in the hands of just a few.”

    (1) Other than taxes, what rules are you referring to?

    (2) This sounds like Communist or Socialist propaganda but we know that overpaid executives would just be replaced by overpaid party bosses.

    (3) The only solution is for employees to purchase, own, and manage the businesses they work for.

  • Xander cross

    As usual from the tea party, make the top 1 % own everything and everyone else poor. I agree with Gary on this one. Ron Paul is rich and most of the tea party are rich as well through theft and corporate welfare so is it okay for them to steal from the poor?

  • Gary

    Yes Michael-we DO need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth and yes that will go a long way to fixing the mess we are in.

    The richest 400 people have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million and you still think we do not need to tax the rich hard?

    Hedge fund billionaires only pay 15% cap gain rate while the workers pay much more and you still think we should not tax the rich more?

    Warren Buffet-there is a class war and my side (the rich ) are winning.

    Wages for all but the top 10% have stagnated for over a decade and you still do not think we need to tax the rich hard?

    You talk about cutting the programs that help the poor while arguing that we should not tax the rich more-this is sick and depraved.

    25% of children live in poverty and you want to cut programs that help them so the rich can get another tax cut? And you call yourself a Christian?

    BTW-Small business in addition to providing the majority of new jobs also looses the majority of all jobs. Nothing against small business but keep things in perspective.

    Fortunately Obama is president and not some doltish right winger and he will tax the rich more and he will win on this because more people agree with me BY FAR than agree with you.

    Sorry Michael-you are loosing this one. If there are riots in the rich neighborhoods by hungry people then the rich should have not bought politicians to keep passing their tax cuts while hurting the majority. History shows that this can not continue for long-maybe another French Revolution? Gerald Celente-when people have nothing left to loose they loose it.

  • Gary

    #3 The top 20 percent of all income earners in the United States pay approximately 86 percent of all federal income taxes.

    Michael-DUH-they have all the money!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Tax the rich, and send their money down the same bottomless Internal Revenue Service pit just like everyone else. As if it would make a difference. It would amount to about 7 or 8 drops of water in the Pacific Ocean.

    Go ahead, tax the rich. They’ll just move to a country where taxes are not so restrictive to their companies’ growth. They’re already fleeing. Caterpillar, Nike, Apple, steel manufacturers, textile manufacturers, etc, etc, yada yada.

    Those of us Americans who are truly poor or down on their luck – that is what government assistance is for. Welfare, food stamps, WIC, Aid to Dependent Children, etc. are meant to be a “stopgap” – a means to tide you over until you get back on your feet and get working again. It was never meant to become a freaking LIFESTYLE!!!

    43 million Americans are on food stamps. One of two things is possible:

    1) Things REALLY are this bad in this country, that so many people can’t find work that pays sufficiently enough to keep themselves/their families from starving, or

    2) They’ve made this their lifestyle and career. You know the ones – the people who put “pregnancy/child rearing” as their profession on their job application. Another kid = more money from the government. Yay! More time to watch Oprah while they wait for the government check to arrive in the mail.

    Personally, I think it’s a combination of the two… but, our social service network was never meant to support Oprah watching leeches. That, in part, is why it is crumbling all around us.

    Get a job. Hire a babysitter or child care. Work a few months, then ask for a raise. Then get the kids off of government assistance. That’s how you break the cycle.

  • Aurelius 7

    Gary… Get a job and stop living off the 45% that actually do work — not paid to blog and be a leftist political prostitute shill such as yourself.

    You’re the poster child for class warfare.

  • Anti-Gary

    What claim do the rest have upon the wealth of the wealthy?

  • roadrunner

    #1. I am a retiree. I retired 2 years ago after over 32 years of hard labor…in all kinds of weather conditions…working outside in the elements. And paying all kinds of taxes.
    #2. Now I find myself, and my family of 5, (including me) over 5,000 dollars under the Federal Poverty Guidlines. My pension is 26,000 per year. This breakes down to 1914 per month, after deductions. My deductions are as follows below.
    Ded. # 1…265 per month health insurance.
    Ded # 2….Spousal Annuity, or survivor pension, ded. from gross pension ammount. Without that spousal annuity, my gross pension would be a few hundred dollars above what was stated above.
    Notice that I listed only 2 deductions. There was NO deductions for any TAXES. That is because I am UNDER the poverty level. This after 32 years of work, in a Federal Govt. job ppl.
    I qualify for SNAP, (food stamps) And there are all kinds of national organisations that will assist me to get all of the welfare benes that I may be entitled to. But guess what.
    I like being independant. I like to pay for my own families expenses. It is the honest thing to do. AND…I have just about the amount of money from my pension to be able to do just that.
    I have NO Fed. tax taken from my pension. HOW? Well that’s where the dependant deductions come in on my 1040. The dedc’s. cancell out the Fed. tax liability. My state of residence…MI, up until now does not tax public pensions. But that could change now that the new Governor is installed. However I plan to see if there is anything that can be done in the way of exemptions in that little matter too. We’ll see.
    You see darlings…there comes a time when you have acheived a level of age where in any normal, decent society where you should be given a pass on all these taxes. After a time you have payed enough of your so-called “fair share”. Heavens knows I did. Thats why I DO NOT agree with any form of “shared sacrifice” that the basturd politicians have been throwing at us little ppl lately. I DID NOT BUST THIS COUNTRY. I WILL NOT SHARE IN SACRIFICE. Why the F should I? In any event…I pay a hell of a lot of other TAXES in the meantime. I will list
    1. property tax
    2. sales tax on everything I buy.
    3. Social Security tax. (when I was working in the private sector) Money I will NEVER SEE AGAIN because I do NOT qualify for Soc. Sec. benefits due to my civil service pension.
    4.Medicare TAX. (when I was working in the PUBLIC sector..(3 1/2% of wages) Money I will NEVER SEE AGAIN because I wont go on medicare at 65 years because I have my own health insurance.
    5. Other kinds of taxes I forget to mention now.

    • Allen

      So, basically, your lived off taxpayer money for your entire life?

  • Mr Carpenter

    I’m with El Pollo de Oro on this one, unfortunately for all of us; he is very probably right, and eventually the social construct of this nation (as well as the nation itself) will grenade.

    It is well and truly too late to repair the damage; look at history and if you are open minded and step back to look without prejudice, you’ll realize that any nations that have gone this far down the same path, did not survive.

    I’ve come to a radical conclusion and that is that we Americans have quite literally not had a legitimate government since Lincoln. Lincoln was the “president” who started this unconstitutional business of “executive orders”; he put newspaper editors and anyone else who disagreed with his viewpoint in jail without benefit of trial (well ahead of Stalin or Adolph or the Stazi, none of which yet existed); he chose to “rewrite” the clear intent of the United States Constitution by not allowing soveriegn states to separate into a new nation (The Confederate States of America) and instead “declined” to pull his Federal troops from a garrison on CSA soil, which started the worst war this nation has seen in terms of % of population killed; he essentially had his generals burn and pillage in much the same was a old-testament kings or muslim wars… in short, he was a TYRANT and usurper of legitimate authority, and a destroyer of our nation. And there has only been small improvements here and there in any presidents since.

    So my point is this; instead of “going back to the Constitution” as the Libertarians and Constitutional Party and the 9/12ers and some Tea Party people say – we instead will actually need to “rewind” the clock AND the Constitution back to 1860, assuming the unlikely and miraculous event occurs which allows a sufficient number of real patriots who understand this, to even survive and manage to hold a portion of the country (instead of having it taken over by force by say, the Russians or the Chinese or the EU or the UN).

    I can see the US breaking into multiple nations, something like this:

    Lakota – much of ND, SD, MT, WY (since the US has broken the treaty with the Indian Nation of Lakota, a contract with only one side adhering to it – is null and void).

    California-Oregon (which were in the US in 1860)and Washington state.

    Federal America (all the leftist states pretty much from DC north to include NY state, but possibly not VT and NH)

    The Republics of Vermont and New Hampshire (possibly even including Maine)

    The Republic of Texas (probably broken into 5 smaller states and possibly also with Oklahoma)

    The Confederate States of America (see a map of 1861, but probably without Texas)

    The United States of America (Arizona north and then east, excepting all of the above)

    Also; let’s be honest. The “Garys” of the world will never, ever, EVER “get it”. Don’t confuse them with anything resembling facts; their mind is already made up. It’ll be the “Garys” of the world who – when Uncle Sam’s teat runs dry – will be rioting in the street “demanding” what’s THEIRS (when in fact, it has always “not been theirs” but stolen from others to be handed to them, which truly enslaved them).

    Speaking of slavery; I’m pretty certain that if my prediction comes true and the sensible parts of the remnants of this country back-pedal the constitution to 1860, that the first thing that will occur will be to properly and legally outlaw slavery again.

    Perhaps this time, they’ll mean it and won’t re-enslave people by making them dependent upon big government.

  • Momma G

    Xander cross,

    The Tea Party is not rich. You see people who went to school, got good jobs and invested smartly. They made right choices so why should they be punished?

    I am not a “tea partier” but I understand some of their issues. My husband makes a decent wage. We have 6 children. I stay at home. We pay for our own health/dental/eye insurance. We still make it on what my husband makes. BUT – we do without a lot of things. We have never taken a vacation. We have a van that is 10 years old (and doesn’t even hold all of us properly) but refuse to buy another vehicle. We have rented our entire marriage (almost 16 years) because we knew we could not afford a home of our own. We don’t feel it is owed to us. You have to work for what you want and sometimes that still means you can not have it. I grew up extremely poor so my idea of needs and wants are not what others are. I also think that no one should have to bail me out by force. If someone wants to lend a hand to someone else then it should be their choice. I think that is all the tea party is asking.

  • Guido

    I want to point something out about taxes.

    First, I think everyone should be paying them. I don’t care if you only make a dime a year, the gov’t deserves a share because everyone should be paying for receiving services and just plain being here. If you’re a citizen, it’s your duty.

    I also don’t think it’s fair to target the wealthy for a disproportionate amount of taxes. It’s not the government’s place, or even the public’s place, to decide that certain citizens need to be forced to pay more than others. It smacks of mob rule and class warfare and that’s not what we’re supposed to be about. As a Republic, we’re not supposed to be about mob rule (That’s the definition of democracy, mob rule) and as a nation that enshrines the right of the individual and his right to make whatever he can of himself, class warfare should be the furthest thing from our minds. While some are rich, that’s supposed to be a good thing, not a sin. You should want to achieve success, not destroy others for their success.

    If we are going to decide to make the successful among us pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden, shouldn’t they get something more for their “contribution?” It doesn’t seem right to be forced to pay half or more of your wealth to the gov in taxes and not get anything for it. It seems little different from a bribe, which used to be something we thought was bad.

    I do think we need to make people pay what they owe, but for some reason nothing happens to a Tim Geithner or a Charles Rangel when they’re caught not paying their fair share. Were I to avoid paying my taxes, they would come with guns. When those guys do it, it’s just a mistake. Even Obama, who claims he wants to pay more as a rich guy, worked his taxes so he could avoid over $100,000 in taxes. (Just a hint Barry-you can always volunteer to pay more if you feel like it…)

    Also, the statistics say this year we had a majority of households paying no taxes. More people are riding free of charge while the rest of us work our asses off. That’s not justice. That’s BS. Why should I have to work and pay taxes, while others get a free ride? Why should someone try to succeed when their failure to try is underwritten by the government free of charge?

    When I read the Constitution, the 14th Amendment promises me equal treatment before the law. We’re supposed to all be treated equal. So why do some people pay nothing, while others pay a vast majority of their income? That seems inherently unjust. And let’s not forget the bonanza some corporations, like Obama favorite, GE, enjoy in low or no taxes. Shouldn’t everyone have to pay the same? I think that would be fair.

    Enter the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax is a proposal to scrap the IRS and replace it with a 23-24% national sales tax on all purchases. Collected like sales tax, the Fair Tax would only be collected on purchases of new items and would never touch savings. It’s set up to be fair across the board-if you spend 1 dollar or a billion, you pay the same percentage. The tax is calculated to be so successful, it factors in a 1000-1500 prebate to cover the basic costs of living. The Fair Tax works because it rewards savings-which is the opposite of the ridiculous evil system we live under now. The current IRS code is so big, even its enforcers can’t tell you what it says-no man alive knows the entire IRS code. It fills up shelves of US Code volumes. The Fair Tax could replace that with hundreds, perhaps a few thousand pages.

    Finally, I want to point out that Franklin once prophesied the nation would be over when the voters realized they could vote money from the treasury to their pockets. I think we’re there. And the politicians are happy to offer free money in exchange for votes. The only way to end this evil situation is, to my mind, to revoke citizenship from those who are on the dole. If you’re not paying taxes, you’re not a full citizen and ineligible to vote in elections. For many of these people, I’m sure the freedom to vote is no particular loss in exchange for free money. Perhaps you don’t get to go to state and fed-funded educational institutions? What if you don’t get to drive a car, since the roads are paid for with taxes and the enforcement of traffic safety and vehicle licensing is paid for with taxes?

    The power to tax is the power to destroy. Only be neutralizing this power can we hope to preserve this nation.

  • I thought this was common knowledge to people with common sense? The corporations are the government. Why would they tax themselves? They only use taxation to rub out the little guy and to consolidate power. I can’t wait until the revolution. It’s gonna be so much fun.

  • Guido

    Pollo-how can you connect the Republicans and the KKK? For one, the KKK is essentially dead. More importantly, in case you don’t know your history, the KKK was a terrorist organization for keeping blacks “in their place” in the Democrat party-run South. The Republicans were the party of reconstruction after the Civil War and tried to open up Southern politics to black politicians. Do some reading next time.

    I think you have an interesting point about the “tax” incurred by desperate people. My brother always says if you don’t pay for something on the front side, you will pay more on the back side.

  • Kevin Benko

    How about this for an idea:

    1: Let the US government declare itself insolvent to the world and default on all of it’s loans (essentially declare bankruptcy).

    2: Dismantle the mercantilist system that has been incorrectly called “capitalism” by the left-wing fascists and the right-wing socialists

    3: Stop taxing *EVERYONE* and let the government fund itself with bake sales and car washes.

    4: Let the economy run itself without government interference.

  • Guido

    Xander-How are the Tea Party rich?
    I’ve met a lot of them and they’re average folks. The ones at 9/12 sure weren’t wealthy. They’re as grassroots as it can get. Is it the new commie tactic to just accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being rich, or what?

    Is “RICH!” the new “RACIST!”, because I hadn’t heard that yet.

  • Gary

    If the rich do not want to be taxed then let them move to Somalia. There they will be free of all government regulations and taxes. Lets see how many take me up on this offer. I am guessing few to none. Living in a somewhat civilized country costs money. Time for the rich to pay, and pay big.

    mondobeyondo-number 1 is correct, it really is that bad. 70% of all new jobs that are being created are low pay crap jobs. Maybe if one can string together 3-4 of them you could make it. I do not call this progress IE-creating low pay crap jobs.

    There are clearly people who abuse the system and this needs to be dealt with. At most in my researching this it is 5%. Speaking from experience being on any government programs sucks. I would much rather be able to do it on my own (no one will believe me on this) as what the gov gives can quickly be taken away. I would bet 95% of the people on these programs would agree.

  • Gary

    Please everyone remember-as wealth and income inequality increase, opportunity decreases. We have a very low social mobility compared to the “socialists in Europe” which proves my point about needing to spread the wealth around as by doing that you also spread the opportunities to succeed around. Maybe I should be saying Tax the rich hard and spread the opportunities?

  • Here is what I see in the Medicaid system. Each foster kid has 3 social workers. An atorney is includes in the 3. The kids can have free braces. They get all medical and dental free.
    There is another (helpthepoor) system (LEAP) where people get a new furnace, refrig, house painted(inside and out). If you make just above the poverty $, you dont qualify.
    Then my state wants more of my money in taxes to keep supporting this giveaway. The system is very bad.

  • How many people here have ever been employed by a pauper? So it is my duty to pay taxes eh? Sheeple b bleatn!

  • Lucian

    It’s not about ‘raising taxes’, but about taxing the ultra-rich. Not even the ‘rich’. The ultra-rich. We live in an historically unique capitalism that is defined not only by the traditional class definitions – low income, middle class and rich – but by/with another category, which stays over the rich: the ultra rich. These are people that are just doing money out of thin air: stocks buying and selling, inheritances etc. This is not work (labour) and that’s why it should be taxed even with 99%. These are money stolen from the others’ labour.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Guido: Political parties evolve, and today’s GOP is nothing like the Republican Party of 50 or 60 years ago. Today’s Republican Party (or as I call it, the “RepubliKKKan Party”) is an assortment of war-crazed imperialist neocons (former Trotskyists who went from the far left to the far right), theocrats, corporatists, and bigoted neo-Dixiecrats as I call them (Dixiecrats were hardcore racists). The Republicans of the past, from Goldwater to Ike to Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt, must be rolling in their graves over the freak show that their party has become. I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul, but then, Ron Paul is really a Libertarian philosophically; Ron Paul supporters are generally independents and Libertarians rather than the deluded “party faithful.”

    Sorry, I’m under no obligation to support today’s RepubliKKKanParty any more than I’m obligated to support the corporatist Democraps, who I can’t stomach either. Screw The Banana Republic of America’s failed two-party system. As the late Irv Homer (a Libertarian talk show host from Philly) used to say, I’d rather vote for a third-party candidate who loses than help elect someone I can’t stand in office.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Guido: By the way, I live in Philly—and if you went into an African-American neighborhood in this city 100 years ago (pre-FDR), the majority of black voters were Teddy Roosevelt Republicans. In those days, many African-Americans in Philly (white liberals as well) tended to view the Democratic Party as a southern segregationist party. But times change. And there’s no way in hell that anyone can tell me that the GOP of today is anything like it was in the past. The Libertarian Party is basically the old GOP of Barry Goldwater, and today’s RepubliKKKan Party (formerly the Republican Party) is so extreme-right that Richard Nixon or Barry Goldwater would never make it through a presidential primary. And Ike? Please! Ike warned us about the evils of the “military industrial complex”—if Dwight D. were still alive, the neocons would probably have him assassinated. But all that is academic because when the economy of the Banana Republic of America goes into total meltdown and we enter The Greatest Depression (as Gerald Celente predicts), the two-party system will get a real shakeup. And folks who are cold, hungry and just plain frickin’ desperate won’t have much patience with the Democraps’ political correctness garbage or the RepubliKKKans’ Culture War crap. They’ll be too worried about where their next meal is coming from.

  • Gary

    Ok tea baggers-keep voting for tax cuts for the rich, It won’t bring your teeth back!

  • Kevin Benko


    Let’s think about Greece. Approximately 1/3 of the Greek economy is “off the books”: transactions are made without taxation or government regulation, transactions are made “under the table”.

    Yeah, Greece’s economy is screaming and dying right now, but only the government controlled/regulated 2/3 of the Greece economy, that 1/3 “off the books” economy, the free, open, and unregulated market, is not screaming and dying.

    So…. if you want an example of an open market that is working, look to that portion of Greece’s economy.

  • Xander cross

    @ momma g. Tell that to the tea party who goes to target and spend over 300 hundred dollars on candy, music CDs, and products made in china. Oh yes, I do blame the tea party indeed.

  • Xander cross

    @ Guido. I meet them as well and they are greedy for the most part. They love living in debt by bragging how they put things on credit and look down at a lot of black people that makes less than them. I see this all the time and I know you do this as well especially at your comments. This is why you like the tea party, because you all like using credit cards to buy everything from the very companies you complain about like wal-mart, target, best buy, and nordstroms. Hyprocrite.

  • Who will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot? It is an iron-clad fact that industrious, productive, successful people ALWAYS wrap all their costs and taxes into the products and services they offer to the CONSUMER! This is just simple and straight-forward common-sense, of the type totally non-existent in what passes for the brain-mass of the looter-class. Go ahead, tax the life-saving medical professionals and see the surgeons retire and quit and tens-of-thousands will suffer and die needlessly as a result. Go ahead, tax the ranchers and farmers and see your food prices skyrocket even faster. Go ahead, tax all the seasonal farm workers and see your food prices go to the moon. Taxation is indeed theft, robbery, and slavery. Refuse taxation and your bed is seized. Refuse taxation and your shirt is robbed at gunpoint. Refuse taxation and your body is kidnapped and held-hostage in a prison paid-for by all those who knelt-down and groveled before their bureaucrat overlords. Just ask Irwin Schiff and Wesley Snipes.

  • Brandon

    This is a loaded bullshit canard if I ever saw it. Oh yeah, our regulatory and tax policy, still one of the lightest in the world (we’re still ranked in the top 10 or 15 on Index of Economic Freedom), is SOOO horrendous to small businesses especially. Yes, I’ll admit that it’s easier for big businesses to deal with taxes and regulations, but it’s not like we’re killing entire industries! This post is full of right-wing and/or libertarian propaganda. So WHAT if the rich pay the most of taxes? They control the assets and money! They decide how much to give their cronies on all these boards of directors and how much to pay their employees. They give themselves extremely high salaries and don’t even punish screwups much of the time. But the effective tax rate for the richest Americans and corporations is STILL very low, esp. compared to average Americans. That definitely needs to be fixed. Remove all these damn loohpoles for the rich. THEY HAVE THE MONEY! They can pay the taxes!!

    If anything, tax loopholes, credits, deductions, etc. should be for LOWER-INCOME folks who have a harder time paying taxes. How can you justify NOT increasing taxes on people with several millions or billions in personal income, even just 5%? And what about folks who game the system, thanks to our low capital gains tax rate, to pay a LOT LESS in taxes (hedge fund managers, investors, etc.)?? If you make ANY income, as long as the income tax is around, you should have to pay the rates for YOUR tax bracket! No ifs ands or buts.

    The only thing I can really see as “hindering” economic growth potentially is our corporate tax rate, which some can consider quite high by relative standards (Ireland, the lowest, is at 11%). But with 2/3rds of American corporations supposedly not paying a DIME in federal taxes (state taxes for corporations probably take in a lot less than federal would, so they’re kind of irrelevant here), I’m not sure what good lowering the rates would do! Would the rich all of a sudden say, “Well, my company’s tax rate is 10% lower, so I can afford to start paying and not take advantage of all the loopholes?” NO! Of course not. They’re gonna keep taking advantage of all these damn loopholes.

    Why do we have so many freaking loopholes for the rich and giant corporations anyway??? Whatever happened to the free market? Giving corporations all these special advantages is CORPORATISM or crony capitalism. We also need to END the vast majority of our subsidies, like corn subsidies and tariffs, farm subsidies, oil subsidies, etc.

    The rich in this country are spoiled beyond belief, and we need to quit these shenanigans. Tell them to MAN UP and stop being a bunch of babies! So what if you pay a mere 35% in federal taxes? BIG WHOOP! Besides, with our marginal tax rate structure, they only pay 35% on a fraction of that unless they’re really wealthy. The rest they pay far lower rates on.

    If the super-rich don’t wanna pay taxes, think they’re “overtaxed” and “overregulated” even though the burden is still fairly light by global standards (not to mention still have VERY profitable businesses), they can go elsewhere, and we can recruit REAL MEN AND WOMEN who have cojones and aren’t super-greedy and stingy with their money to run these businesses. We don’t need whiny immature fucktards like the Koch brothers as our “job-creators.” Guys like them fund the tea party rallies and organizations! How the hell would David Koch know what’s “best” for average Americans, esp. those who are poor?

  • Brandon

    Much of this whining from the Republicans and many libertarians about us “overregulating” and “overtaxing” and thus “killing jobs” fails to understand that CORPORATIONS AND THE RICH DO NOT OPERATE IN A VACUUM! There’s no wealth genie that just decides to stop helping us out if we raise taxes. The people IN CONTROL OF WEALTH decide whether or not to pay taxes or kill jobs. THEY are the ones responsible!! Now, yes, sometimes some regulations may be too burdensome, but the vast majority of times, people who bitch about that sort of thing are exaggerating hte costs by a lot.

    Surely Koch Industries could easily pay to be in line with things like cap-and-trade?? Not to metnion that they could easily SELL the carbon credits once they started lowering their pollution. A company that makes BILLIONS in profit has no excuse. I don’t wanna hear it. The mere fact that they’re “making less than before” or “aren’t giving a high return to investors” is no reason to go easy on em. They can afford it! I’m tired of this whining on behalf of the rich and those who control all the assets and companies.

    The whole reason why companies can get away with this crap, esp. things like outsourcing when they were STILL incredibly profitable even BEFORE the outsourcing, is because of shareholder capitalism and the way it’s corrupted our economic system. We need to go back to STAKEHOLDER capitalism. Shareholder is a failure that’s too narrow.

  • Gary

    A full 72 percent of adults approve of increasing federal taxes on households making more than $250,000 starting in 2013, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

    Fifty-five percent of Republicans want the tax hike, along with 74 percent of independents and 83 percent of Democrats.

    In case you need more convincing, an ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week asked a similar question. The results: Seventy-two percent of respondents want to raise taxes on the rich to help reduce the deficit, with a similar breakdown by political party.

    The rich will be taxed and their stolen wealth shared.

  • Kevin Benko


    Regarding voting and public opinion… the nonsense that if a majority want to tax the rich then it is OK:

    If there were a municipality such that 51% of the population were males and 49% of the population were females, and there was a vote on whether it would be legal and acceptable for the men to rape the women in that municipality and 51% of the voters voted “yes” and only 49% of the voters voted “no”, hence, according to the vote and according to the will of the people, rape would be legal and acceptable.

    Would. Rape. Be. Right. Or. Wrong. In. That. Municipality?

    So much for your equating voting with morality!

  • ken

    Gary, if you polled first-graders and asked them if they wanted to eat nothing but chocolate-chip cookies 3 meals a day, most of them would vote for it. So what? Life is not a popularity contest, and neither is good governance. Just because people want stuff for free, and just because the robin hood logic feels good, doesn’t mean it is a good thing. It’s the old story about teaching a man to fish, not just giving him a fish.

  • Tom

    El Pollo de Oro
    Wait- the “late” Erv Homer? Erv Homer is dead? I know he hasn’t been on the air for while, but I didn’t know he was dead! What a shame. I’m up here in Upper Bucks Co. and I used to listen to him on the old WWPB. Well at least he did have to see the sorry state we’ve (the country) fallen into (unless his death was recent).

  • Ron Paul for president

    Wow! That was a breathtaking article of epic proportions! Truth conveyed in an amazingly cogent, concise and powerful manner! Bravo!

  • Guido

    Xander, your rants are as amusing as they are out of touch. They’re also sort of disturbing. You’re working on a strange list of things to hate:
    Credit Cards
    Tea Party

    Is this all going to end with you and a gun at McDonalds, or what?

    I can’t work out why you care what people do with their money and where, but if you care about workers, then doesn’t it do good for consumers to spend money in public on anything? Who are you to tell them they can’t buy whatever they want, where they want? And what about this makes someone racist???

    I’m not even sure how you know what tea party people do and what they think. In fact, I’m surprised you can identify them-do they wear a uniform, or do you know one when you see one???

  • Guido

    Oh, and just cause’ the public supports anything does not necessarily make it immediately right and worth doing. In case you don’t know the difference, what you’re talking about is called democracy. Plato considered it one of the 6 most evil forms of government, since it was mob rule by the poor and ignorant, who tend to make up a significant portion of any society.

    The reason for this should be immediately obvious to any thinking person. If a majority of people should be given their say on any issue, but the majority is demonstrably stupid, then wouldn’t their will frequently turn out to be stupid, too? Just to remind you, mob rule also gave us lynchings, witch burnings, Crystallnacht, and, my personal favorite, book burnings.

    This is in direct contradiction with the USA’s established form of government, the Constitutional Republic, in which the voice of the people matters, but is not the only guide for action, the fundamental guide being the Constitution.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Tom: Greetings from Port Richmond. Irv Homer, a.k.a. Evil Irv, passed away at the age of 86 in June 2009. Here’s an obit from

    I really miss Evil Irv. He was intellectually brilliant, and such a contrarian. Que descanses en paz, Evil Irv.

  • Until we solve the problem with income and wealth inequality nothing will change. When the richest 400 people have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million something is wrong with our country.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Guido

    Actually, I agree with the idea of taxing businesses. Everyone should pay their fare share. But I don’t believe government should be adjusting the tax rates for different people. Everyone should be paying the same share, percentage wise. It’s the only truly just way to do it. Everyone should pay the same and there should be no excuses, options, or alternatives.

    Except soldiers-I don’t think they should be taxes on service pay, since it’s not like they’re profiting off their service and they’re underpaid, already. Also, if you’re forcing the wealthy to pay more, why shouldn’t they expect more for their service?

    In addition to a just tax system, we need to end tax breaks, corporate welfare, and other gimmes. The problem, again, is the government. They’re the ones who set up the unfair system as it is and they’re the ones who give different strokes to different folks. They also use the unfair tax system to enforce their policies. Right now, you can get deductions for energy saving windows and insulation, but you get nothing if you buy a new SUV.

    You can’t really blame a business for trying to get everything they can, can you? If you had the resources, would you not try to get over on the system? Are you really above trying to get the hookup for yourself? Globalism makes it even easier, since they’ve torn down the old protections in the name of free trade, so there’s no reason to even stay in this country. Why keep your wealth where it can be taxed when you can go to a convenient off-shore tax haven?

    Anyway, the government cozies up to folks with money. Just look at Obama-he brought GE into his administration and they’re not paying anything for billions of dollars in profits. If we were on the Fair Tax, a flat percentage on ALL transactions, this wouldn’t happen. Again, the government is the problem. If I ran a business, I would do everything I could to save my profits, too.

    Speaking of-you can’t be making much money if you really think it’s a sin to try and save as much of your money as possible. If you’ve never made money, it probably looks unfair, but when you’re working your rear end off, making a paying off a house or a car, the kid’s braces, and whatnot, and you see what the government is stealing from you in taxes, it’s maddening.

    Think about it this way-imagine a third of all your income is stolen from you before you’re even paid. You have enough trouble balancing all the bills, the mortgage, the car payment, your kids’ needs, groceries and gas, and trying to put a little aside every month for your retirement, health, and the kids’ college tuition.

    Now, you have nearly nothing left for anything else and you watch the government BLOWING your tax money away on ridiculous things like handouts, foreign aid, big SUVs for government people, funding studies of plant stress and how college students study, teapot museums, paying corrupt lawmakers’ free travel, bridges that go nowhere, entitlements, insane cost-plus contracts in Iraq, and federal handouts to various favored political causes. None of this seems to be important, but all those millions and billions of taxes you paid were wasted on it.

    Are you telling me in that position you’re not going to try and take advantage of every loophole and deduction you can find? There’s not 1 American you really wants to pay more in taxes. Even Obama, who stated he thought he should be paying more, paid as little as he could. Apparently, he could have paid an additional 100K, but he avoided it. How do you explain that one? The IRS is open year-round; they’ll cash Obama’s donation. He could send more if he wanted.

    Then again, it’s not hard to get over on the system if you work for it. How many government people are tax cheats? Tim Geithner, for one. Charlie Rangel, for another. Over 100,000 federal workers owe over 1 BILLION dollars in taxes. So again, as I often say, government is the problem…

  • xander cross

    @ Gudio.

    The tea party think they are rich just because they go to places like target, wal-mart, and other department stores and spend hundreds of dollars of crap made in china and got the gall to sunb their noses at anyone that is on food stamps. I have seen these people several times and I know the mindset very well. The so called rich entitled. You are indeed a fool Gudio for you insults but then again, I expected something like that from you. Keep on supporting the rich and that would explain why donald trump is so high in the ratings, he represents american greed.

  • xander cross

    I agree with you El Pollo de Oro

  • xander cross

    @ Gudio, Who said anything about hating the tea party. I personally don’t hate them, I just disagree with them extrememly because they are the same people got many entilements and got the gall to get mad at black people that are on food stamps. Like I have said, I have seen this first hand many times and now, I see tea party members go into taget and buy over three hundred dollars of crap made in china. They do this in wal-mart, target, best buy, hhgreed, and many department stores. Tea party members feel like they and only they deserve entilements.

  • Guido

    Xander-your words seem to indicate you do hate the tea party. You’ve been attacking them for a while and you keep making the same strange comments. It’s starting to sound like an irrational chorus of
    “$300 on music and candy at Target!”
    “$300 on music and candy at Target!”

    Based on what you keep commenting, it sounds like you’re only aware of a single personal experience.

    I don’t know why it matters to you where they shop or what they buy. And how do you know what entitlements they have and what they think about blacks? Again, it all sounds like your personal stuff to me.

    I don’t think you really know anything about the tea party. I’m not a member, although I suppose I could claim it-it is an open, leaderless, disorganized organization. The bar is fairly high-support fiscal responsibility. Speaking of-I don’t think you can really paint them as racist, even if some of their members are. I’ve been to their events and I saw people from all races and walks of life.

    You’ve got me all wrong-I don’t “support” the rich; I just don’t engage in class warfare or class envy like you seem to. I do not care if people are wealthy and successful and I don’t envy or resent them for their success; I want to succeed, myself. Their successes inspire me. When I do succeed, I don’t believe anyone else has a right to tell me what to do with my money. I don’t owe anyone for my success, unless you believe in God. It seems offensive to spend your life working hard, succeed, and then deal with swarms of gadflies trying to tell you that you have no right to succeed.

  • Guido

    Here is a random source for wealth success stories in the USA.
    Most of these guys succeeded on nothing. They tried and tried and then found success. I’ve heard it said before, “You only need to try until you succeed.”

    According to the class envy rhetoric on this site, these men are scumbags and evil. How? In what way are these guys bad people, aside from immoderate prosperity?

    And here’s an article: As of last year, Buffet and Gates were trying to convince America’s 400 Billionaires they should turn over 1/2 of their wealth to charity. They’ve already got quite a few signed on.

    With this kind of incredible, fantastic, unbelievable generosity, are these people still scumbags? How much money must a man have to be evil? How much must he turn over to be good? And who gets to decide?

    By the way, Obama is a millionaire. Does that make him an evil rich guy, too?

    I want to know how you class warfare guys see this kind of incredible giving? Because it flies in the face of your Marxist worldview. If these guys are evil rich guys, they should be trying to take all our money and suck the very blood from our veins, right? They should working to take every last penny from our hungriest masses, right?

    The wealthy in America have always been known for incredible generosity, such as the Rockefellers and Carnegies et al. Rockefeller Sr. was known for his cold-blooded manner of trying to run his competitors out of business, but he also gave to a wide variety of philanthropic causes. So how do you explain it? Crumbs for the poo-er? They like to help others? Are they trying to get into Heaven at the end of their lives? Perhaps they’re just trying to avoid paying all those taxes???

    • oregon111

      did you know that Gates uses foreign labor so he can fire all his american workers?

      and then he lies to congress and says no americans can do the job

  • Gary

    IKEA pays its factory workers in Sweden a minimum $19 an hour. In Virginia, IKEA workers doing the same exact work start at $8. IKEA looks on the United States, local union organizer Bill Street matter-of-factly observed earlier this month, “the way that most people in the U.S. look at Mexico.”

    Bill Street matter-of-factly observed earlier this month, “the way that most people in the U.S. look at Mexico.”

    Thanks for the race to the bottom you right wing dolts! I pick socialist Sweden at $19 per hour than capitalist USA at $8 per hour. You fools are ruining this country. How can so many people be so dumb as to be conservative?

    No I do not want to move to Sweden. I want this country to be more like Sweden. Progress is so slow when we have to have republicans holding back progress.

  • Ron Paul for president

    Guido has very good, logical points.

  • Guido

    Gary-what do you consider the value of the IKEA workers’ labor to be worth? Is it really WORTH more than $8 an hour? You said that’s starting pay, but for what position? Master machinist, shop foreman, waterboy? Wages tend to change, both by specialty and time in position. By the way-did you know the minimum wage is only $7.25? So this is STILL above minimum wage.

    Oh, and businesses often pay more or less based on the local economy.

    I worked in a woodmill many years ago making furniture parts and moulding for homes and I made squat as an unskilled guy.

    What’s the quality of the work they do? Because I thought IKEA made unfinished furniture that you have to assemble and finish yourself. So what are you paying for if half the work is on you?

    In case you don’t know how the average woodmill works, most of it is machines and people feeding wood into them and pulling the finished pieces out the other end.

    The expertise is in the folks who maintain the machines, set the blades and equipment up for the actual piece being made, and keep the machines up and running. I find it hard to believe one of these professionals is only making $8 an hour, even starting. To give you a comparison off the top of my head, I believe welders STARTING at Norfolk Navy Yard were being paid $50 an hour in 2000. If you want to see real money, look up what a nuclear welder makes-they have to do a single, perfect weld all the way around a stainless steel pipe in one shot. No mistakes permitted. Trained experts make the big bucks. Hire a plumber some time…

    The rest of the work is pretty much stocking wood, loading and unloading pallets, wrapping the product up, and loading it in the truck. Sound like work you should be paying $20 an hour for? It needs only unskilled labor. You would have a hard time running a mill with the no/low skill positions being paid $20 an hour.

    You ought to be thankful someone saw value in hiring Americans to manufacture ANYTHING. A massive number of our factories have shut down in the last 10 years, so anything opening is a good thing.

    You can’t blame all this solely on the Republicans, either, since it was Bill Clinton who got us into NAFTA and WTO. If you’ll remember, Ross Perot and Pat Buchannon were especially vocal about how these agreements would see our jobs flow overseas. Remember Perot’s prediciton we would hear “a vast sucking sound” as our jobs went to Mexico?

  • Victoria


  • Don

    Interesting that the author of this article proposes no way to fix the situation, only what not to do.

    How can we make these Ultra-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share? I’d like to hear some solutions.

    And I am sick to death of hearing people call Medicare, Medicade and Social Security entitlements. They are not. They are insurance programs, same as car insurance and home insurance, only run by the government. We all pay into social security via a separate tax, which is really an insurance premium, so that when it’s time to retire we’ll have some income to live on. It’s not welfare.

    • Chris

      Don, you can’t be serious. Medicare et al. are not insurance. They are not actuarily sound. Your “premium” is a pittance towards the actual cost. Google ‘national debt calculator’ and take a look at the unfunded liability that is Medicare (and part D and Social Security). It’s higher than the total assets of the COUNTRY. Rich, poor, corporations, everyone. “Insurance run by the government”–that’s a good one. Any private insurer with books in that condition would be insolvent and shut down by the insurance regulators decades ago. You’re not interested in hearing about the cuts required to make the programs solvents because you’re ENTITLED to those benefits. The fact that you paid your pittance just makes you feel more entitled and you’re just frankly annoying.

    • Wally T.

      Factually incorrect.

  • Obamunism

    Useful progressive idiots always want to ‘tax the rich’ — until they wise up and find out it’s the ‘rich’ who are funding their president, their astroturf groups, and their phony crises…

  • MR. B

    The issue is simple the government treated these entitlement programs like a savings account. We paid in, they took out. AND they never paid it back. So people keep putting into to these funds believing that their money would be repaid when they retire, and the government spent it. If that was a bank, the CFO’s would be in jail, but since it the government nothing happened.

  • witness

    Sadly, we are 14 trillion dollars in debt. There just simply aren’t enough rich people to cover that. Even if the government went in with guns and took all the money, seized the companies, sold the mansions to the Chinese, and turned the rich folks into poor folks, we’d still be in debt.

    What’s worse is that we’d be all outta rich people. And make no mistake, we need rich people.

    Rich people buy stuff with rich people money. Rich people go skiing in Colorado which employs ski workers and hotel staff. They buy rich people food that keeps restaurants open and waitresses, cooks and busboys paid. They spend rich people cash on custom-made rich people houses that employ architects, contractors, tradesmen and laborers. They buy rich people cars, rich people clothes, and rich people toys. Us normal folk get to make money producing all that rich people stuff for rich people to buy.

    More rich people means more rich people stuff getting made for more rich people to buy.

    Normal people get to be rich people if they make enough rich people stuff to sell it to rich people.

    Wow, we makin’ more rich people! Now,we gotta make EVEN MORE rich people stuff to sell to all these new rich people! Lawdy, more people gonna get rich makin’ and sellin’ all that rich people stuff to all them rich people. We gonna hafta open new rich people businesses to make more rich people stuff for all these new rich people. We gonna hafta hire us some of them non-rich people to come make this rich people stuff. We gonna get rich makin’ an sellin’ all this rich people stuff!

    Damn, we rich! We get to buy rich people stuff from all these rich people stores.

    Try that in reverse. Don’t work.

    Damn, we poor. Let’s take his shit. Ok, now we all poor.

    Government needs to foster an environment in which American business can thrive. This doesn’t mean closing tax loopholes for GE, and Boeing. It means eliminating them and reversing the flow. Jobs are flowing out of this country because we are no longer an attractive place to do business. Over-regulation, the highest corporate tax in the world, and labor unions have seen to that. We need to entice business to come TO America to set up shop.

    The economy is global. You’ll take a check from a Honda plant in Detroit as fast as you would from Ford. I want my cars made in the USA by US workers even if it’s a Jap trap. I don’t want a Chevy made in Mexico. I want my steel made in America, not shipped from Japan. What does it say when other countries can make our products and send them on a slow boat from China across the globe cheaper and better than we can make them right here? And I’m tired of calling India when my Dell computer shits the bed.

    Companies and rich people aren’t the problem, they are the solution. Get your boot off their throat and let the rising tide lift all boats.

  • curtva1

    Our solution is not to over tax the rich, but to close all loop holes for them AND corporations. Then we need to reduce corporate taxes. Walla!

    • Sidgar

      Walla? It’s “voila”. When you use a common phrase to emphasize your point, at *least* spell it correctly. Then again, you’re probably one of those types that call Feb. 14th “Valentime’s Day”, who spell the 4th day of the week “Wensday”, and who go to the “libary” to check out books.

      In other words, it makes you look like a total buffoon. Way to represent America, friend!

  • “But raising taxes on the “wealthy” will absolutely hammer small businesses in the United States.”

    Wrong. When people say “tax the wealthy”, it’s the top 1% – mostly hedge fund managers and other obscure super wealthy families. None of those top 1% owns any small businesses. In fact, most of them aren’t doing anything nearly that productive for the job market.

    “But Americans have gotten it into their heads that the government should be some kind of cosmic Robin Hood that takes money from the rich and distributes it to the poor.”

    And they would be right to expect that. We can all see what happened to us after decades of low regulation, a broken tax system, trickle down economics and low top taxes. Without regulation and high top taxes, capitalism is merely a system for the rich, by the rich.

    “What such a system does is it takes the incentive to make money away from the rich (because they don’t get to keep their money) and it takes the incentive to make money away from the poor (because they can just sit on their couches and collect government checks every month).””


    “Such a system makes us all poorer because it produces less economic wealth overall.”


    “#1 The top 1 percent of all income earners already pay 39.5 percent of all federal income taxes.
    #2 When you take all forms of federal taxation into account, the top 1 percent of all income earners pay 28.1 percent of all federal taxes.”

    Those numbers should be around 90%, like they were before the 1950s.

    “#3 The top 20 percent of all income earners in the United States pay approximately 86 percent of all federal income taxes.”

    That’s a lie, and you know it.

    “#6 Overall, U.S. households are now receiving more income from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes. This is clearly not anywhere close to sustainable.”

    Stop lying, man. Some people will read this and believe you. You are responsible for spreading lies about your own country.

    • Frank A

      You say “Wrong” to key points of the article but, you haven’t said why.

    • TomShark

      Jonathan…to have a valid argument, you can’t simply say wrong or that’s a lie without proving why. Otherwise, everyone can simply point to your statements and say wrong or that’s a lie.

      Support your statements with facts that can be validated.

    • Chris

      Classic. “You’re wrong, and you know it”. Whatever, dude, tax the rich at 90% and see what happens. I’m going to stop working and move to Wyoming! Please send my government check there.

    • Wally T.

      Sorry, you missed the point of the information.
      BTW – There never was and never will be a tax aimed specifically at the top 1% anyway.

      • oregon111

        sure, just look at what the top 1% make, and make that tax bracket 90% – easy

    • josie

      I agree with you…if taxing the top 1% is not going to change a thing and all is going to be the same.
      Why are they fighting it? People only fight change when it is going to change their comfort level and their pocket books.
      I say tax people according to their income, if you make $15000 a year then you pay little tax if you make $150000000 then you pay too pay your fair share of taxes.
      There is no excuse for a billionaire 9.75% in taxes and a person who makes $45,000 pays 9.75% in taxes. What in the hell is going on??? Wake up people, THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!

  • Marc F

    The rich own the media. Of course they are going to try to spin lies to avoid paying their share.

    Keep in mind the rich currently have a huge tax BREAK – they have been living on reduced taxes for close to ten years…

    Instead of having them pay their share, they want the poor to pay their share…

    If you want some truth, check this video;

    • oregon111

      they are paying 35% when it should be 90%

  • Marisa

    Typical right-wing projection. Try to take the heat off the wealthy by showing how the big corporations get out of paying taxes. Sorry, but that’s two different issues and BOTH wealthy individuals AND corporations need to start paying more taxes. I went on a road trip this summer and it’s a wonder the car even made it…. it would have been an easier trip if the roads were dirt instead of crumbling asphalt. The wealthy won’t be happy until this country is a banana republic. We’re well on our way folks.

  • Thomas Mc

    You moron. It’s the Filthy Rich who have been waging class warfare on the Middle Class.

    Government figures show that people making $250,000/year pay an average of 4% in all Federal taxes, while those making only 14,000/year pay over 11%.

    It’s time for the Filthy Rich to pay their fair share!

  • StevenH

    You state your case well enough and it echoes the popular GOP talking points. But if you are really interested in getting past the conventional wisdom to some truths, please consider the following.
    Re Items 1,2,3, and 5:
    A) When folks talk about how much the rich pay in taxes and how little the poor pay, they only talk about federal income tax. Considering all destination and types of taxes, e.g. federal, state, local, income, payroll, and sales, the lower 80% and even 50% pay much higher percentages of their income in tax than the upper 10, 2, or 1 percent do.
    B) The upper 1% pay an increasingly higher share of income tax because they make an increasingly higher share of the nation’s wealth. Their income share has moved from about 9-12% in the 40’s to 70’s up to about 24% in 2008 (last data available). And yet their effective overall tax rate declined to 19% in 2007 from 21.8 percent in 1979, and as high as 24.2 percent in 1996 and 2000. So quoting their 39.5% tax “burden” as high is disingenuous, and the solution is simple; they can cut their tax burden by collectively cutting their outrageous incomes in half back to what it was proportionately for the very best parts of the last century. Compared to that solution, perhaps letting the government have an extra 5 or 10 percent should not seem so bad.
    C) The prosperity of the nation could be defined as the portion of the increase in GDP every year that increases the sum of all American’s salaries. On average, over the last 70 years, GDP per capita, and hence our national prosperity, has increased about 2.0 to 2.2% per year. In the 40’s to 60’s, that prosperity was distributed and everybody got about 2% higher income per year. Since 1980, almost all of the prosperity of the nation, over 80% of that national increase in total income, has gone to the upper 1%. The lower 80 to 90% of the population has stagnated or declined in income. Once you recognize this, it becomes increasingly understandable why so much of the population is reduced to relying on national safety nets; their income has been held back by those who lobby against the unions, against the minimum wage increases, against any regulation or law that benefits the average wage-earner, and by those who lobby for less regulation and less taxes for the wealthy and powerful. And once you recognize that the prosperity of the nation is being increasingly rerouted to the wealthy, the absurdity of lowering taxes on the rich becomes evident, as does the appropriateness and even the necessity of increasing taxes on the rich.
    D) If you want to protect small business, cut small business taxes! There are studies that show you help small businesses by cutting business tax rates and RAISING personal tax rates. Why? You encourage smart businessmen to start a small business rather than to merge companies ever larger and vote themselves bonuses! Tax simplification is not the answer. Throwing tax cuts at hedge fund managers is not the answer. Maybe if we go back to the tax policies of the 50’s and 60’s and you will get the prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s.
    E) We don’t need government to be Robin Hood. Right now we just need government to pay for itself, and revenue as a percent of GDP is at its lowest in 60 years. It can take away the safety nets of those who desperately need them now, or it can ask for a repayment of a small portion of the nation’s prosperity of the last 30 years from those who actually received it: the Rich.

  • Miami

    Someone said it right, there are not enough jobs to support our population. The only solution is socialism or capitalism. America is the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. We built this on capitalism, innovation, enrepreneurship. Mr. President, please don’t forget that.

    • earlymusicus

      This country is not the greatest – unless you mean the greatest in ignorance and stupidity. Those are the only things we are great in, now, thanks to Teapublicans and their equally stupid voters.

  • middle american

    1.4 Fact YOU should consider:
    WARREN BUFFETS SECRETARY PAYS A HIGHER RATE OF TAXES THAN HE DOES!!! Tax Capital gains at 80% and make rich people pay the taxes that workers pay without a max limit.

  • middle american

    What percent of our representatives and congressmen have a net worth under 1 million dollars? How do you think millionaires write tax law for other millionaires?

  • middle american

    Decimated purchasing power for hard working americans MEANS now we take back all the growth given to the rich for the last 30 years.

  • Oded

    I am a physician, one of the so called ‘wealthy’. I live in NY city and last year made over 300K. This following college, medical school, residency and fellowship training. My taxes last year about 55% of my income. Im not complaining about my income or having to pay high taxes if indeed my taxes are being used effectively to help others. I have great blessings and count them every day. I have an issue with principle. Who are the wealthy you are talking about? All ‘wealth’ isnt equal and often depends on your cost of living. 300K in NY is not 300K in Kentucky and certainly doesnt qualify you as wealthy. How much more tax must I pay? Will 60% of my salary be enough? I have an issue with paying the majority of my salary to the government. Wouldnt you? At a certain point why would I strive to do better and make more money? I assure you small business owners are now feeling the same way. Our tax system is punishing the best and brightest, disincentivising them.

    The problem isnt increasing taxation although closing some major loopholes would be useful. The problem is government spending and entitlements.

  • Joshua Powell

    All I have to say sums up what is wrong with this country. The average man middle class, working class, and poor pay 30 percent of their income to taxes the average corporations less than half that does that sounds like paying a fair share? Trickle down economics does not work and was a economic system designed to get the ultra wealthy even wealthier matter of fact we lost 10 million jobs under Bush and probably millions more under Obama under trickle down economics.

  • Wally T.

    I got more money back from the IRS than I paid in and they won’t take it back.
    If everybody paid a small % with no outs, there would be more than enough to run a constitutionally limited fed. gov.
    Social programs should be for widows, orphans and the disabled.
    No work = no eat. If it were such, there would be no jobs available for illegals.
    Back to basics. Elect Ron Paul 2012.

  • Erick

    I agree Wally, every american should pay a flat tax with no payout at the end of the year. My ex wife makes about $22000 a year and she got back over $6000 in refunds. WTF!!! If we all paid in 10% it would give us more money in our checks every week to spend in our day to day lives and help us out with fuel costs and put money back into the economy.
    Another issue is the government paying the corporations in bailouts when the CEO’s are pocketing millions every year while they watch their companies go bankrupt or close to it.
    Chevrolet got a bailout and the CEO admitted he made 21 mil the year before. 5 years before Chevy was crying that they weren’t making any money. I wonder why HUH!!! why wasn’t he cutting his pay back instead of taking from the workers? Oh yeah take from the people that made him his money. There isn’t anyone in this world worth that kind of money.

  • Will Miller

    We need a government willing to fix the loopholes in the existing tax system, then add a surtax on individuals and businesses with taxable income or profits above 1 million dollars to be used to pay down the deficit.

  • Chloe

    taxing the rich is so stupid i dont think that we should do that if ur not rich your lazy so get off ur damn buts and work

    • earlymusicus

      Excuse me, moron, but I’ve been working full-time for 43 effin’ years – and I’m still not rich! I make $32,000 a year – that’s definitely not rich! Getting a job, especially the crappy jobs that are available in this rotten country, is not the answer and does not lead to wealth. People like you, with your pat, obviously-Rush-Limbaugh-propaganda answers, are pathetically out of touch with the reality of this stinking, unjust country.

      • The Boji

        Go fluck yourself. This is the greatest country in the world, and you thought so too back when your labor unions strangled business and extorted billions for their lazy members and union management. But tne world economy corrected that. Now, foreign, formerly 3rd world workers, can build goods as well, if not better than American workers, but without the crazy wages, the drunk turnout, the election day holiday, the birthday holiday, the opening day of hunting season holiday, and so on. So go live the rest of your pathetic life with your free government money. You had the rest of us pay for during your so-called working years, we’ll continue paying for your lazy, complaining, union azz for the remainder of it. You’re welcome!

  • jawbreaker19002

    its to many goverment checks given out to young people under the age of sixty five they should be taxed atleast five to ten percent whether its diability or ssi payments unemployment or whatever,its fewer people working and the money needs to be put back into the government and the president and congress both should be accountable for the money they waste and the handouts to other countries should stop and we should quit doing business with countries like china who enslave their own people,and make and build things in our own country and take care of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  • our system , its broken, and the TAX LAWS need to be re-written because they are so far out of date, and not everyone can take advantage of them.

  • Good article, but all the bitching and crying isn’t going to change a thing…………………



  • moses

    What about disabled people’s, I guess they are lazy too. Why don’t we just put kids back to work and reinstate Jim crow laws for poor people. You make the assumption, that education is available for everyone that wants it. Your an idiot hope God forgives you in the next life and I hope an accident doesn’t happen to you in this life you may be in need of one of those monthly checks

    • whocares

      Who has EVER said that? That is a story you made up in your own silly mind. Everyone knows there will always be people in need. Does that mean you have to drag the working class onto welfare because you are in need? What is wrong with people?

  • oregon111

    the rich have made it so we cannot open businesses and compete – I cannot be a shoe cobler and make shoes and sell them to make money – the big businesses would crush me – agree?

    so I can’t compete against them,but I can work for them, right? Wrong – they outsource jobs and will continue to do so

    so all that is left is TAKING their filthy money – the Irs has the power to collect – so lets use it

    tax the bastards at 99% and send their trophy wives to mexican horehouses

  • whocares

    I have read the article and some of you people are the victim of the high taxes we shell out and some of the people are crying to increase the taxes. unfortunately this tells me the ones crying for higher taxes have not read the article at all! Like oregon111 seems to have missed the entire article.
    The only rich who get taxed are our food and cost of living because these rich people don’t pay taxes shelter their money. Why do you think the overly rich vote democrat and insist on higher taxes? Because when you can afford tax lawyers and you can send your money to a bank outside the USA you can afford to lie and cry for higher taxes.
    Higher groceries and product price don’t hurt the rich it hurts the middle class and the poor! tell yourself that a thousand times until you finally get it.