Smoking In The Park Banned, Ticketed For Cussing In Class And 14 Other Examples Of How Big Brother Is Systematically Ripping Our Liberties And Freedoms Away

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When our founding fathers established this nation, they did so with the intention that government would be very limited and that there would be a tremendous amount of liberty and freedom.  But today that is such a distant memory that we don’t even remember what “the land of the free and the home of the brave” actually means anymore.  Our lives are constrained by literally millions of laws, rules and regulations and it gets worse every single day.  The federal government, state governments, local governments and even homeowners associations have become absolutely tyrannical.  There is a “law” or a “rule” for almost everything now, and many of them are absolutely ridiculous.  Big Brother is ripping our liberties and freedoms away from us at a blistering pace.  Just about any activity that you can think of other than sitting completely still in utter silence in your own home is tightly regulated by government.  This is not what our founding fathers intended.


There are so many laws, rules and regulations out there today that nobody can possibly know them all, much less keep them all.  Unfortunately, politics tends to keep attracting new crops of control freaks that are eager to impose even more ridiculous laws on all of us.

We have become so tightly controlled and so tightly restrained that there is very little room for any real freedom in America today.  Do our politicians even know what they mean when they give speeches about “liberty” and “freedom” anymore?  It is almost as if those two words have completely lost their meaning.

All around us a control grid is being constructed.  It was very subtle at first, but now it has become very much “in our faces”.  The TSA abuse that is going on at airports across the United States is perhaps the most obvious example, but the truth is that we are constantly seeing new examples of the encroachment of Big Brother in our lives.  These days there seems to be a never ending parade of new laws, new security measures, new taxes, new “requirements”, new paperwork and new ways that the government is trying to control our behavior.  It just seems as though there is an endless hunger for more cameras, more bureaucrats, more police brutality, more government snooping, more security and more control.

We can’t claim to be a “free country” while we are living like this.  But very, very few of our politicians are even talking about the need to get the government off of our backs.

The United States is supposed to be free, but instead we are being transformed into just another control freak society.  Well, the truth is that the American people don’t want to go down the path that the Europeans and the Chinese have gone.

We want our liberties and our freedoms back.

The following are 16 examples of how Big Brother is systematically ripping our liberties and freedoms away from us….

#1 The New York City Council has voted to ban smoking in all public parks and on all public beaches.  Of course smoking is very bad for the health and most of us wouldn’t dream of smoking, but once upon a time Americans had the freedom to decide whether they wanted to smoke or not.  Now that freedom is rapidly being lost. No wonder most people are making the switch from conventional smoking to vaping. Not sure if this is also banned but vaping seems to have gain traction over the past months and has become the trend now. You can see people with those handheld vaporizers and/or e-cigs everywhere and they use these gadgets to discreetly vape (Go to to learn more about portable vaping). Many say that it’s a healthier alternative, that it’s cost-effective and it’s a very good way to start in the path of quitting smoking.

#2 Did the police issue tickets for cussing in class when you were in high school?  Well, it is happening today.  A teenager in suburban Dallas was recently forced to take on a part-time job after being ticketed for using bad language in one high school classroom.  The original ticket was for $340, but additional fees have raised the total bill to $637.

#3 It is not just high school kids that are being ticketed by police.  In Texas the crackdown extends all the way down to elementary school students.  In fact, it has been reported that Texas police gave “1,000 tickets” to elementary school kids over a recent six year period.

#4 The level of paranoia in our society has reached staggering heights.  Recently, a 17 year-old honor student in North Carolina named Ashley Smithwick accidentally took her father’s lunch with her to school.  It contained a small paring knife which he would use to slice up apples.  So what happened to this standout student when the school discovered this?  The school suspended her for the rest of the year and the police charged her with a misdemeanor.

#5 Someday historians will look back and will be amazed at how much time, money and energy we spent coming up with ridiculous regulations.  A new law requires a carbon monoxide detector to be installed on each floor of all single-family homes in the state of Colorado.  While this may be a “good idea”, the fact that the government is now forcing us to do these things under penalty of law just shows how much control they now have over the smallest details of our lives.

#6 Even the smallest offenses can result in brutal police violence these days.  In Fairfax County, Virginia one man was shot and killed by police when they came to arrest him for betting on college football games.

#7 Want to record your interactions with police in order to protect yourself in court?  Be careful.  In some states it is actually illegal to film the cops arresting you.  For example, in the city of Chicago, one artist now faces up to 15 years in prison for recording his own arrest by police.

#8 In some areas of the country, it is now actually a crime to not recycle properly.  For example, the city of Cleveland has announced plans to sort through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.  That is how extreme our control freak society has become.

#9 Not cooperating with the “authorities” can get you into a lot of trouble these days.  In Washington D.C., if you do not submit to “random bag checks” while riding the Metro, there is a good chance that you could receive a follow-up visit by the FBI or by the Department of Homeland Security.

#10 If you make too much noise in your backyard in America today you may get tasered.  For example, some time ago cops brutally tasered two adults, including a pregnant woman, in front of a yard packed with young children because the police felt that their Baptism party was making too much noise and they weren’t being cooperative enough with police.

#11 If you make food “incorrectly” there is a good chance that you will get raided by the federal government.  In fact, the feds recently raided an Amish farmer at 5 AM in the morning because they claimed that he was was engaged in the interstate sale of raw milk in violation of federal law.

#12 Oh, and you had better watch your lawn very, very carefully.  A few years ago a 70 year old grandmother was actually put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail for having a brown lawn.

#13 Freedom of speech is just a memory in many areas of the United States today.  In fact, police in many areas of the country seem to have absolutely no idea what the U.S. Constitution requires when it comes to free speech.  On June 18th of last year, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan and within three minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.

#14 Today you can even be locked away for reading your spouse’s email.  A Michigan man has been charged with a felony and could face up to 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s email.

#15 If you take too long to pull over for police in some areas of the United States, you could end up bloody and tasered.  One 58 year-old woman in Utah learned this lesson very clearly after a cop punched her repeatedly in the face.

#16 In the United States today, you can’t even feed the homeless without a permit.  In Houston, Texas a couple named Bobby and Amanda Herring that had been feeding homeless people for over a year has been banned by the city from doing so.  They were told that they needed a permit to feed the homeless and city officials say that they are not going to get one.

This is what America has turned into.  Even something as basic as feeding your fellow man has become all about “regulations” and “permits”.

We seem to have lost all of our common sense.  We have allowed hordes of “control freak” bureaucrats to reign over us.

We have become a society that is so paralyzed by our own rules that we can barely even function anymore.

John Adams, the second president of the United States, once said the following….

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.”

But instead of instructing them about liberty and freedom we teach them how to be good servants of the system.

Somewhere along the line we have lost what it truly means to be Americans.

Hopefully the American people can recapture those principles before it is too late.

  • KWJ

    #10: proves the taser is a weapon for compliance. What a wretched bunch of liars they are.

  • gardener1


  • Dave

    Perfectly sums up what I have been feeling for years!

    We should respond to unchecked and abusive authority with:


    and give a give them a proper one arm salute!

  • john

    One way you can tell how corrupt a country is is by how many laws they have. The US has more laws than any other country, so what does that tell you? We keep electing “lawyers” to go to Washington, so what do you expect. We need to elect engineers, doctors…anything but lawyers. The lawyers we elect come from the ivy league schools. How can anyone respect these schools anymore. Look at what they are turning out!

  • Good examples with more all around us each day. It almost seems to be hopeless at this point, but if we could end the Fed maybe some of this would start to break down as the money dried up and went back to the people.

  • Paul

    #17 Someday historians will look back and will be amazed why gays and lesbians were not allowed to get married.

  • Mark

    Thank you. I’ve been waiting for someone to write an article like this. I’ve been feeling this for some time. The government now treats all citizens like they are babies incapable of taking care of themselves and the people in response become conditioned to be taken care of.

    Maybe the fact that the original US Constitution was usurped on Feb. 21, 1871 explains why we aren’t using it anymore?! We don’t live in the Republic, the united states of America!!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Sadly, it has become very true that we only “think” we have freedom in the Untied Status of Amerika.

    The reality as seen in this article and in real life, is that we’re slaves of a one world government.

    What?! You ask?

    Yep. If you stop to realize that for all intents and purposes the professional politicians are all bought and paid for puppets, under the control of a small elite of bankster criminals, then you’ll realize the truth of what I write.

    We’re just so much meat for these “people” who are in fact, demonic in the truest sense of the word (and some of them may indeed, be demon possessed, for all I know – “you shall know them by their actions” should be a clue here).

  • Mark …

    Quote 1:
    “The U.S. labor market slowed sharply last month, generating just 36,000 net new jobs, the fewest in four months, as winter storms depressed payrolls growth. Still, the unemployment rate dropped sharply to 9 percent, the lowest level in nearly two years.”

    Quote 2:
    “Canada’s jobless rate rose last month, despite the surprising creation of 69,000 jobs across the country. Statistics Canada says the unemployment rate jumped from 7.6 per cent in December to 7.8 per cent in January.”


    So, with a 10 times larger population, and only 36.000 new jobs, the unemployment rate dropped from 9.6 to 9.0 … while in Canada, with 69.000 new jobs (which would translate to 690.000 for the U.S.), the unemployment rate jumped from 7.6 to 7.8 ????

    Which of the two countries has more fraudulent numbers?

  • Tao Jones

    As I pointed out before, we areruled over just as much as the Egyptians are.

    How much worse will things need to get before the average American will recognize the chains?

    we are a populace who have been so dumbed down and brainwashed that we cannot see the obvious. These dupes continue to mouth platitudes about our freedom (“They hate us for our freedoms!” G. W. Bush)while continuing to con struct a control grid even Orwell did not envision.

    The time for peaceful non-compliance is now. If you have friends or family members who serve the Beast as ‘police officers’ (read: The thug caste) it is time to shun them.

    They have become your enemy by enforcing your Masters’ system.

    Stop deluding yourselves. And stop contributing to your own enslavement.

  • mondobeyondo

    36,000 new jobs were created in January, and yet the U.S. unemployment rate dropped from 9.4% to 9.0%.

    Something is seriously wrong here.

    How about, let’s create 4,000 new jobs this month, and watch the unemployment rate plunge to 6.8%.

  • Theresa

    I agree that we are losing our freedoms and I will most likely move back to Europe in the years to come as I don’t want to raise my kids in this kind of regime. (The land of the free MY ASS). However, I’m happy that people will no longer be able to smoke in the parks. As a mother, I’m tired to have to run to my toddler every time she finds a cigarrette butt in the park. I’m also tired of having to leave the park every time a group of teenagers smoke pot right there, like we’re not seeing them. Hopefully, with this new law, I will be able to enjoy my time in the park.

  • Johnny

    “#17 Someday historians will look back and will be amazed why gays and lesbians were not allowed to get married.”

    Amend that to: Someday historians will look back and will be amazed that the government was involved in religious institutions.

  • Nimitz

    Don’t get me wrong. This piece was very well-written and does a fine job of detailing the more or less exact degree to which our liberties have been diminished. . .

    . . .But I’ve grown SO very weary of one whiner after another going on about how we’ve ‘lost our freedoms’ as if some magical Mr. Peabody’s Coal Train beamed down from the heavens and took them all away.

    Guys, tyrants don’t operate in a vacuum. In fact, they do nothing to us that we do not LET them do. As has been true ever since the very first school yard bully took out his/her perversions on the very first victim, tyrants take their cues from the WILLING recipients of their abuse.

  • The US is all about freedom of the press and free speach until someone like Assange spills some inconvenient truths. Next thing you know the US wants his head. Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Stray Cat

    Just say NO. But be willing to pay the price over and over.

  • SGary

    We are not having our freedoms ripped away. We threw them away when we decided to kick Jesus Christ out of our country – including most “Christian” churches – and when we said the Constitution is above God’s law with supposed rights to rip babies to pieces and suck their brains out of their living bodies. We further trampled on our own freedoms when we said the Constitution gives perverts the right to practice the despicably perverse homosexual revelries and to get “married” to another pervert. Our demise was as certain as the sunrise. REJOICE!!! If we are not absolutely destroyed it means that God’s word is not true. It IS true and it will be proven with this nation being turned to a smoking heap of rubble.

    • You seem to forget about, now long gone, the seperation of church and state that this country was founded on. Nowadays we have patseys like Rick Santorum pandering to religous voters with false promises of legislature based on religious ideals. It’s a joke. Remember that freedom of religion was the reason for a good amount of the first colonists to come. (albeit, different branches of Christianity). If your so adamant about Jesus, you should move to the lands described in the bible. America’s not the place for your biased views

  • SGary

    P.S. – but before this nation is turned into an ash heap, we are going to suffer under incredible oppression for the sins we have committed. For those of you who want to say “I never killed a baby” or “I never committed perversion with someone of my own sex”, don’t kid yourself. We are all going to suffer.

  • missy

    WE have all done our part to make our society what it is today. Fine a kid for excessive swearing? This only happened after an entire generation decided to wash their hands of disciplining their kids and instead played the “absentee parent is your Santa” game to their kids. Charged with reading your wife’s email? This only happened after we kept our collective mouths shut as we accepted marriage as a toss-away “bit of paper”, granting status to common-law relationships like they were the equivalent of marriage. A man beats a woman in the face? This after we’ve had years of avidly following crime shows that routinely depict women as victims of physical violence and giving these shows high viewer ratings.
    American society is degenerative because we have let our own personal standards down.
    Folks, you reap what you sow.
    As my Dad used to say, you find pigs in a pigbarn for a very good reason.

  • BlackDS

    most of those examples are just evidence of a corrupt and over reacting police force, not any ‘big brother’ propaganda

  • Obiwan

    USA = Under Satanic Authority

  • Bob Marshall

    We deserve everything that has and will continue to happen. ” If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. ” It is fortunate for the governments that the masses don’t think.’ Adolf Hitler. America has too many loyalist and not enough patriots.

  • Disqusted632

    They banned smoking in Balboa Park in San Diego and everyone there still smokes. All you see is people walking around and standing around smoking and getting smoke in everyone’s face and no one does anything about it. What good are laws anyway?

  • Disqusted632

    They smoke inside a lot of the stores where smoking is not allowed and no one does anything about that, either.