Freedom Of Speech Is Dead!

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Is freedom of speech dead in America?  Well, if not, it is rapidly dying.  The most recent example to illustrate this comes out of Dearborn, Michigan.  On June 18th, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Arab festival in Dearborn, and within 3 minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.  Remember, these Christians were on a public sidewalk and were only very quietly handing out literature.  Even their cameraman was arrested for simply filming what was taking place.  The cameraman was not even involved in handing out the literature.  Yet the police arrested him.  At least two people claim that some bystanders cried out “Allahu Akbar!” as the Christians were being led away in handcuffs.  Later, the group was told that they would have to go at least five blocks away to hand out their copies of the gospel of John.  Freedom of speech has always been a big part of the American Dream, but as this incident and many others like it demonstrate, freedom of speech is rapidly being destroyed in the United States. And the American people are just standing around and letting it happen. The video posted below tells the story of what just happened a few days ago in Dearborn.  Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla and Negeen Mayel attended the 15th annual Dearborn Arab International Festival on June 18th with the intent of peacefully passing out copies of the gospel of John outside the festival on a public sidewalk.  The festival covers 14 blocks and was free and open to the public.  Qureshi and Mayal are former Muslims who have now become Christians.  Wood is a former atheist.  All of them are from a group called Acts 17 Apologetics.  What happened to them literally minutes after they started passing out copies of the gospel of John will have your jaw on the floor…. But this is far from the only example of free speech being trampled on in America. We have all heard about the “free speech zones” which law enforcement authorities set up wherever major politicians go.  Often these “free speech zones” are so small and so enclosed that they resemble little more than jail cells.  Apparently Americans still have freedom of speech as long as they do it in a little cage set up by authorities.  The implication of these free speech zones is that everyone outside of the cage does not have the right to exercise free speech.  How sick is that? Brian and Doris Johnson were recently arrested for attempting to pass out free Bibles at the Twin Cities Pride Festival in Minnesota.  The truth is that it is hard to even get police to come out to your house if it has been broken into these days, but if you try to pass out Bibles at a “pride” festival they will come down on you like rabid dogs. Michael Anthony Marcavage, founder of Repent America ministries, was recently arrested for holding signs depicting graphic images of aborted babies and preaching to people waiting in line to enter the Liberty Bell Center in downtown Philadelphia.  Apparently speaking out against abortion is not “politically correct” enough to be protected. Authorities have even attempted to ban home Bible studies in some areas of the United States.  That is just how bad things are getting out there. Of course we all remember the University of Florida student who cried out “Don’t taze me bro!” after he was tackled to the floor and manhandled by police simply for asking John Kerry the wrong question…. The most disgusting thing about that whole situation was when news “anchors” on some of the major networks actually applauded the tazering of that poor young student. Whether you agree with that student or any of the other examples of free speech above, the truth is that we all need to stand together to protect it.  If free speech is taken away from one of us, then it is taken away from all of us. Without free speech it is very easy for a nation to turn into another Nazi Germany.  In fact, a large number of nations around the globe are already headed down that path. Someday websites such as this will be shut down because they are “offensive” to someone out there.  Already, the FCC is pushing for tighter speech restrictions on the Internet because they say it has become more difficult for the public to separate “the facts” from “bigotry masquerading as news”. Of course the “facts” would be whatever they consider to be “politically correct” and “bigotry” would be anything that disagrees with them. Do you see how that works? The truth is that Americans are going to continue to be pushed into free speech zones, they are going to continue to be arrested for handing out literature on public sidewalks and the government is going to continue to place tighter and tighter controls on the Internet unless we stand up and say something. Do not take freedom of speech for granted.  We are rapidly losing it, and once it is gone it will be incredibly difficult to get back.


How Will Your Neighbor React In A Crisis?

  • Greg

    If you were God and a nation said that their Constitution gave people the right to kill babies when you called killing babies murder and that homosexuals could openly display their perversion and even, in some cases, participate in “holy matrimony” when you called homosexuality an abomination, would you allow that Constitution to protect those people in regard to freedoms they wanted to maintain? Neither would I. We kissed our Constitution good-bye when we said it was above God’s law.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Let’s be clear here. This sort of scenario starts from the top down; President Truman used to have a sign which said “The Buck Stops Here.”

    BO isn’t a President. He’s a Tyrant. And virtually all of the Presidents have been to some extent since Roosevelt was elected in 1933, to be honest. For example, the ongoing business about “Executive Orders” is as unlawful / unconstitutional as you can get. But because nobody ‘nipped it in the bud’ we’ve now degenerated to total tyranny. You could even go back as far as Lincoln, who was also a tyrant (of course, little of the real history of what he did is made known – such as jailing publishers of newspapers who disagreed with him, without charges, etc.)

    tyrant, n. despot, autocrat; oppressor, persecutor, usurper.

    The Untied Status of Amerika’s “government” is no longer legitimate. It is run more like a criminal organization, such as the mafia. Elections are just more lies. (Saw a true quote this morning ”Washington DC is to lies what Wisconsin is to cheese”).

    legitimate, a. lawful.

    Being illegitimate, they no longer follow the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. Plainly, our nation is run by fascist socialists. (People erroneously think that fascism is “far right” politically, when it is actually far left – hence the NAZI party stood for the National Socialist-Fascist Party).

    Mussolini’s definition of fascism was

    the merger of political and corporate power at the expense of the citizenry

    And Mussolini knew a little something about fascism.

    Tell me please, if I’m wrong here. Look at what has transpired with the bail-outs of the criminal bankster class over the past 20 months.

    Clearly the “leadership” in Washington is also socialist, which is a “polite term” for communist. This is anti-American as it gets.

    So; we live in an illegitimate fascist-socialist tyranny-state which panders to true evil in every way possible and calls good evil, and evil good. And so do “their” police.

    When are we the people, as a nation, going to wake up and throw them all out and start over? Will we take to the streets to protest en masse, and toss out the government as has happened time after time in the history of the world? Or will Americans simply ‘cow’ under ‘authority’ and do nothing?

    To be honest, I suspect the latter; it is too late to prevent what has happened from getting worse and we’ll simply have to take our lumps. Just as has also happened time after time in history, our society will collapse, and the survivors build up a handful of new smaller countries, which will be more like 3rd world nations.

    Look at the break-up of the Roman empire; it took 1800 years for decent government to return to southern Europe.

    But how long have I been saying this about this country? (Answer: 30 years). How many people have listened to me? (Answer: virtually nobody).

    It’s not going to be fun saying “told you so” as we stand in the wreckage. Assuming I live to see that day. Or are taken away to FEMA camps fore “re-education” because we’re Christians/conservatives/Constitutionalists or all three (which I am).

    A remnant of Christianity WILL survive until time ends. Count on it. Remember what Christ said about how the world hated him and so how can we expect any different?

  • concerned reader

    I have been reading this blog since it was created and I have to implore the author of these articles to continue to excercise his right to free speech not matter what happens. Some one has to get the word and every time I read these articles a little bit of the truth comes out onto the service. Keep up the good work, sir. I appreciate it all.

    The main reason why ouyr right to free speech is eroding is political corectness. A few decades ago a bunch of liberal hippies decided that some kinds of speech are too offensive and might hurt the feelings of other people’s ethnic and religous heritage. On one hand it is not right to slander people, but on the other hand I have the right to speak my mind on any topic I want to express them to.

    However, it is not just Liberals that are hurting our right to free speech. The religous right have done their part in bringing America’s citizens rights to express their value through speech. People like Greg who have the nerve to call people Nazis when they express their views on depopulation. Yes, we also have the freedom of religion, but I also have the right to express my opinions on religion and let’s just say religion is not good. There, I exercised my freedom of speech.

    Every time I write on this forum I am excercising my freedom of speech and I will continue to do so until either myself decides to quit or the powers that be finally shut down the internet.

    Not only are we losing our freedom of speech, but we are also losing our freedom to associate. In order to speak you must associate to excersie that freedom. More and more it seems like the government and society is pushing people against their will to associate with people they would rather not be involved with.

  • Theo

    @ Greg: Well said Greg. It is the LORD that gives man his life, liberty, and property; and it is HE that takes them away. Fear GOD and obey HIS commandments, lest you be found wanting. It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD.

    • crazy

      there is no god other than what was made by man.

  • Greg

    Concerned – We have a loss of freedoms because we have a loss of morality in this nation. It is true that the liberals have been a factor because they have been one of the many groups that have sought with a vengeance to silence the Christians. Unfortunately, too many Christians bowed to the Satan-inspired pressure that “concerned” liberals and others who want no mention of God or godliness in our nation have applied. Most Christians agreed to go hide in the corner and not talk about the only important topic – Jesus Christ – and the fact that rebelling against our Creator will result in the loss of everything we hold dear in this nation. Now we have a plethora of fools trying to figure out why we have so many problems. We have spit in God’s face in every way possible and the sovereign God will not allow a nation to be prosperous and free forever when that nation is in total rebellion against Him.

    Stop whining as though you are having your rights violated when I point out your Nazi mindset. You have been completely duped into the false belief that people have to be eliminated and are just like the people in Nazi Germany. Many who called themselves “concerned” and good went along with the genocide because they had allowed themselves to be duped into rationalizing the slaughter of the undesirables as good. We did that in Amerika with baby butchering and will expand the same genocide to many other groups before the slaughter is complete. I am in the group that will be one of the earliest to be slaughtered because I openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the son of God and is the only hope of salvation. You will most likely be part of a later group, being a part of what Lenin referred to as a useful idiot, unless you happen to be over 65. I have always believed that the generation who promoted the slaughter of the unborn will be exterminated in mass by those who escaped the womb-based slaughter and Obama is laying all of the groundwork for that to happen soon.

    • G

      you are just another example of the sheeple idiocity that will follow them all into extinction placing beleif on religion

  • concerned reader

    @ Greg

    I do not want to repeat the battle we had on the topic of depopulation, but the opinion I stated had nothing to do with any kind of “Nazi mindset.” You misinterpreted my statements and turned them around to suit your own misguided assumptions about what other people write on this blog.

    I admire your religous tenacity and your heart is in the right place and I agree with you that immorality is one of the nails in our society’s coffin. However, hard core religous people such as yourself, Greg, are the right wing people who are contributing to taking our rights away.

    If you had your way there would be no artistic expression and every man and woman would have a bible tucked under their arm whether they wanted it or not. Men and women would have to sleep in seperate beds and the only free speech available would be the gospel. Essetially we would return to the dark ages when people who were declared offensive to God were burned at the stake in the Inquisition.

  • Greg

    CR – ironic that you were so offended about what you call my misrepresentation of your reasons for advocating population reduction yet you have believe you have such insight that you can tell me what I would require of people and how I would make the world operate. Your absurdity is typical of persons who hate God and twist obedience to God’s laws into the type of nonsense you have written. That nonsensical mindset is generally a means of the person justifying their rejection of Biblical truth – the same type of compromise that leads to your Nazi mindset. Everything good that we have is from the hand of our loving creator and for morons to spout that those who follow him and believe that his word is true would seek to take away the blessings he has given us is unequivocal proof of your ignorance. I suggest you get more concern about your morals and ability to reason.

  • If you really think we are living in tyrannical times, please educate yourself on the history of the millions of people that truly lived under tyrants. The simple fact that websites like this can exist is sheer proof that we do not, have not, and never will have a tyrant for a leader. A true tyrant would not hesitate to have you killed for even looking at somebody wrong. Can you imagine the equivalent of a Tea Party rally in Germany or Russia in 1942? Me neither because it would never happen under a tyrannical government. The American people will never allow a real tyrant to seize control of our country. There would be a revolt before he even made it 1/2 way to 2nd base.

    I know some people use words like tyrant as sarcasm and partially serious to illustrate their displeasure with somebody, but you’re only cheapening your point of view by sounding like a sheep for the most ignorant right wing pundits in this country. You will sound a lot more credible if you stop using exaggerated terms like that and start using more accurate ones.

    • TimboT

      This type ot tyranny works very slowly and deceitfully and is “Tyranny” nonetheless.

  • Great site–I am loving the comments, too. Spirited concern about the situation in America gives me some hope for liberty.

    One thing most agree on is that things are so bad as to be possible irreversible, in the sense of returning to any description of the US in the past. It is not unreasonable to imagine that we will become a dictatorship, there could be a peaceful/violent break-apart of the USA, and, most certainly, there will be terrible economic times. If we go by the history of governments in economic peril, war, or world war is not out of the question. As a Christian, I sometimes just want to sigh and say, “I’m going to a better place” and resign myself to doing nothing but focus on the propagation of the Gospel and growing in Christ (these should be my foremost concerns). But this is to ignore the physical and real peril to my family and neighbors.

    I greatly appreciate the resources on the site concerning survival during bad times–keep up the great work and conversation!

  • Greg

    George – what you say sounds so wonderful and inspiring but unfortunately it is completely false. America will experience intense tyranny and the groundwork is already laid. The American people will accept it because any uprising will be instantly crushed with the power of our military used against us.

    • G

      please stop posting

  • John Trainor

    GREAT work guys! If every citizen of this nation would daily work in favor of exposing the loss of our freedoms like you are doing and would fight in their own sphere in whatever way they cab for the restoration of our liberties, the abysmal collapse of our Constitutional rights would be reversed; there would be a great revival of American freedom not seen since the Revolution.

  • european

    You still have right to carry and use guns. Right?

    • Akulina

      It has been fighting. The government wants to take them away. Again, the constitution is VOID.

  • Jason

    From Greg…”If you were God and a nation said that their Constitution gave people the right to kill babies when you called killing babies murder…”

    America is about freedom and liberty. You act as if that is somehow a matter of opinion. It’s simple, it isn’t a crime UNLESS it causes damage to a person or their property regardless of any tyrannical laws passed. Obviously, killing babies obstructs the freedom to live and is damage to a person. I hope you realize how childish and ridiculously extreme and misleading your argument is when you have to hypothesize in such an evil way. The need to do so should make you question yourself in the eyes of your God.

    It’s simple, follow those rules Christ laid out. Do unto others, etc. Our constitution clearly has that rule in mind. Jesus didn’t exactly go along with religious folks in his day. This is why.

    • Justin

      Jason, your misunderstanding the argument from Greg. I completely agree with Greg. Reading this even 2 years later, and no one will probably read this as it is so old, his argument is that the government is fighting for gay rights. look at what has happened in the past two years. What Greg has said where we are headed is where we ended up. We still have the right to abortion, and the right to recognize gay unity. BUT, what if we reprimanded Gays for their perversion. What would happen to us since there Homosexuality is protected by the government. It certainly isn’t protected by the bible. What church will allow Gay unity under “holy matrimony”, and when they deny them that right, what happens when the government steps in to protect the gay right. When Religion and Government will be at war, should we hire another Muslim to run our nation and make our decisions? As Greg explained of the later crowd, I can tell you that I will not be one of them. The End of days will come and those will have to answer. It also looks to me by “G” response asking greg not to post anymore is a perfect example of a tyrant. “Quite the truth before it is heard”

  • There is one way for man to be saved. Please make sure you will go to heaven! Click on my website to see more. Blessings, truther

    • Akulina

      I am not christian and never will be, but i have read the bible. There are multiple times it says there is no heaven or hell…. >,>
      “For the living know that they will die; but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished; nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

      “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.” – Ecclesiastes 9:10

      Another scripture equates the condition of dead humans with dead animals. In life man is superior to animals but in death we are all alike: “For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; … as one dies, so dies the other … All go to one place: all are from the dust, and all return to dust.” – Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 

      • vesey

        Correct on hell, but there are many scriptures that identify Heaven as God’s residing place. I commend you on reading and grasping some of the truths of the Bible but a little more research is needed on Heaven………

      • JustAPasserby

        Actually, Akulina is correct. The scripture also states:

        “27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, 28 so
        Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly
        wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for
        salvation.” Hebrews 9:27

        If we are already saved (and will go to heaven and be conscious and alive when we die), then why would we need to wait for Christ to return?

        Jesus himself likened death to sleep many times, and a person who is asleep is not conscious, but may be awoken later.

        Also note John 3:13, in which Jesus himself clearly states: “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man.”

        “6 Blessed and holy is
        he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death
        has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall
        reign with Him a thousand years.” – Revelation 21:6. It would be hard to specify an exact time period if people were resurrected all at different times, so this first resurrection clearly happens once, in the future. Indeed, it would not make sense to call it the ‘first resurrection’ at all if people we raised from the dead as soon as they had perished.
        Revelation 2:26-27 says:

        “26 And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations—

        27 ‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron;
        They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’[a]—

        as I also have received from My Father;”

        This fits exactly with everything Jesus said in the gospels, as per John 6:39-40:
        “39 This
        is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I
        should lose nothing, but should raise it up at the last day. 40 And
        this is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and
        believes in Him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at
        the last day.”

        He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.

  • Jeff

    I understand the point that is being made here, but what you are forgetting is that there have always been limits on freedom of speech – in fact we probably have more freedom of speech now than our grandparents did (ever hear of the McCarthy era?). The problem is that Christians all too often want to tiptoe right up to the line of infringing on the rights of others and then lean way over it, and then shout that they are the abused party.

    In virtually all these examples, the people involved were going out of their way to be offensive. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot: Suppose there were a bunch of Satanists handing out their literature outside of your church on Sunday morning? I’ll bet you would not be crying out for their free speech rights. How about if some guy was walking around outside your child’s school holding up pictures of dismembered kittens and puppies – would you be in favor of their right to do that? (And if you would be, you are a very sick individual!)

    Yet you have people who think it is their right to show gruesome pictures of aborted babies in public areas (even if children might be present). And you have people who deliberately try to provoke confrontation by handing out religious messages in places where they are highly likely to be viewed as unwelcome or offensive. If you go to a public beach and hand out your literature to willing takers, and don’t try to make people lose their lunch by showing disturbing images, that’s one thing, but you don’t hear of people getting arrested for that. But when you deliberately try to provoke people of another faith, or people that the church has historically condemned and for the most part spewed venom and hate toward, that crosses the line. And if the police try to stop you, it’s probably more in the interest of preventing a riot or other confrontation than in limiting your free speech rights. Did you ever consider that maybe the cops are doing their job, and trying to keep you and anyone else from being injured due to your own stupidity?

    Jesus never commanded anyone to go deliberately provoke others. But we have this subset of people – CINOs – that take the teachings of Jesus and either totally ignore them, or turn them upside down. But then two, most fundamentalist Christians have very little idea of what Jesus actually taught, because the churches like to emphasize the teaching of Paul (the false apostle, who just sort of appointed himself to the position – so he fell off a horse and had a near-death experience, that does not make him more important than Jesus!) and de-emphasize the teachings of Jesus. If Christians actually followed Jesus they would know better than to deliberately provoke the authorities.

    I am totally convinced that if there is an antichrist coming anytime soon, it’s going to come right out of the fundamentalist churches that think they are so close to God, or perhaps out of the Republican party that panders to Christian fundamentalists by telling them what they want to hear, but after they get elected they totally blow off any promises they made. The whole abortion issue is an example – everybody from dogcatcher on up wants the endorsement of Right to Life because they know it will get them votes, but less than 1% of those guys really have any commitment on the matter. And then you have the slick evangelists that use abortion as a bogeyman for fundraising purposes, and what they really care about is getting your money (NOT God’s money, God never demanded that Christians tithe – read your Bible in context and don’t let a preacher lead you down a twisty trail of unrelated verses to create a doctrine out of thin air), so they can live a very comfortable lifestyle, and behind your back they laugh at you for being so gullible.

    Those of you that teach and preach hate toward other people (for whatever reason), do you really think you’re going to heaven? And if if you do, do you think the rest of us want to be in the same heaven with you folks (at least until you realize how much it goes against what Jesus taught to go around hating in his name)? I know, you think there is only one other alternative (and that it involves a lot of flames and suffering) but that’s also something the church made up by stringing unrelated verses together (plus dipping into Dante’s Inferno). There actually is such a place, sort of, but it’s only for sinning angels, not for people. Don’t ever think for a minute that preachers don’t lie about things like that to scare you into being dependent on them, and on the church. It scares them silly that you might actually figure out that you can follow Jesus without having anything to do with them (in case you hadn’t noticed, Jesus never had one good word to say about organized religion).

    For those who might find this message offensive, well, maybe that how people who are not Christians might feel when you go onto their turf and try to tell them things they don’t want to hear. And I’m actually not trying to be offensive, I just wish Christians would truly follow Jesus instead of lying preachers that make up doctrines out of thin air by stringing unrelated verses together (I’ve even seen them take HALF a verse and try to connect it to another completely unrelated verse to prove a point!) and relying about 90% on the writings of Paul and maybe 10% (if you are generous) on the teachings of Jesus.

    • vesey

      There are many scriptures that show the other apostles acceptance of Paul. If he was not acceptable to God he certainly was capable through the operation of his Holy Spirit to discourage the other apostles from accepting Paul……….

  • babzc

    The biology of the situation seems to be that homosexual men and women are born that way.If you believe that God is involved in the forming of every baby , that He knows you even in the womb, by hating gays aren’t you questioning God and His creation?

    • vesey

      Christians should not hate gays, or anyone for that matter. The issue is a persons conduct. When it conforms to Bible standards then that person is acceptable to God. The Bible is clear on what conduct is and is’nt acceptable to God. That makes it very easy to conform to God’s standards….simply research the Bible. One of the many issues it discusses is whether homosexual behavior is acceptable or not.

      • TimboT

        It is unacceptable in the Bible to even fornicate with the opposite sex out of wedlock, how much more then is homosexuality a sin? Greatly.

      • TimboT

        Love the sinner hate the sin ring a bell? We who love Christ pray that the homosexual repents as well as al other type of sinners repent of their sins.

    • Guest

      That is a DAMNED lie form the devil. All human beings have a choice to go whatever way they choose. Proof of this is “ABSTINENCE”. It is better to abstain from sex altogether than to burn in hell.

    • TimboT

      That is a damnedlie from the devil. All human beings have a choice to
      go whatever way they choose. Proof of this is “ABSTINENCE”. It is better
      to abstain from sex altogether than to burn in hell.

  • babzc

    I often pray my morning prayer simply” God ill go on out and do anything you need me to do today, but please don’t make it standing on a street corner proselytizing”
    can i get an amen ?
    Yes, they certainly had a right to pass out tracts anywhere and arresting them was wrong and anti-american. But did the lord require that of them , or were they just showing off?Were they truly doing exactly what the Christ had asked of them that day ?

    • vesey

      Your answer to what Jesus requires of fellow Christians is in the Scriptures, be it conduct, attitudes, treating others witnessing or whatever. I’ll give you a hint though, one of those things was to pray to find opportunities and places to witness not to pray for ways and places to avoid witnessing. Study Jesus’ words then come back here and rewrite your comment……….

  • k

    Great post Jeff! I get so tired of people who claim to be Christians who are simply using their self-proclaimed faith as a weapon. Using it to try to bolster their ego against their crushing insecurities and self-loathing. These people call themselves Christians but they aren’t looking for what is right, they are trying to make themselves feel superior to someone else. These are people who use their church as a social club, not as a place to truly try to become better people.

  • Marek

    There are so many issues with everything. We are and have been lied to forever about almost everything. Including and mainly religion.
    Insulting anyone is not my intention, but how in the world do you believe in a religion when at it has ALWAYS represented EVIL. The Vatican should be immediately abolished and everything that is stored in its secret libraries should be shown… What information is so valuable that you cannot show the public? Why in our history has information been repressed at such a level? Control, nothing more. Someone is scared to let the public know the truth , WHY?

    How is it fair that religion has the right to tell me that I will burn in HELL for eternity or until Judgement day because I do not believe in Jesus?
    I love everything about life, and the beauty we create, I respect my neighbor, I don’t preach, condemn, insult, yet I am to burn in hell. BS

    Seems most of you that found this website and have commented are fairly intelligent people who have studied up on things and came to there own conclusions. Please study religion, don’t let yourself be brainwashed. You need a guide, look at the origins of EVERY known civilization, and let it be known that something had to start somewhere. NOT poof god appeared and decided to create, you really still believe this fairy tale?

    The Sumerian Empire, has over thousands of scrolls, hieroglyphs, pictures paintings, as to were we started and how it started, including star charts, code of laws, mathematics we do not have a clue as to how they work. A.Dam started there.

    The evidence is there, oh let me guess, GOD put that there to test your faith? Like dinosaur bones? Uneducated brainwashed answers that just frustrate.
    Greeks, Roman, Chinese,East Indian, Muslim nations Native americans, Nubians, EVERY race on our planet has it recorded, and has the same proof of where we came from, the stars.

    This world is a free for all, nobody cares, sorry, this multiverse.

    Look at the size of our own galaxy, go online and find a map, then take a look whats around that galaxy, we are surrounded by millions of galaxies with suns very close to our own, how can you think we are alone? How can you be so arrogant to think we are important compared to the rest of all that out there?

    I believe there is a creator, I believe the bible and other religious documents have truth in them, yet have been misinterpreted, I believe in the balance of things, YING and YANG, you will always have good and you will always have evil, dark and light, this is the natural order of things…

    There is a massive UFO disclosure about to happen, the USA has covered this up on a major level while the rest of the world is waiting for them to speak up because it was the american government who made a deal with our visitors. Technology for specimens, live human specimens, and mainly children are being taken, this doesnt alarm anyone …there is a lot more then just a devastating financial crises looming, a lot more then just losing your rights to freedom of speech, you are being lied to on ever level.
    Please youtube the Rick Simpson story, Run from the cure, they rather us die from cancer and diseases than cure us , WHY cause they make more when you are dying, and then finally croak, are you kidding me we live in a world were life has no value over money…
    Please look at what the gov is doing to young blacks , and the poor people , instead of helping them out, they are feeding them with crack and crystal meth, and completely destroying any chance at any life. Youtube American war on drugs Last white hope I think its titled. WHY? Its cheap labor, fill the prisons up and have them work for free, we are over populated anyways and its another way to make a fortune off of the legal procedure, prisons, what is the number , off the top of my head, isn’t it $60 000 for one inmate a year? Why is it that ghettos have the usual liquor store and gun store next to each other? Its horrible…
    Basically its 5 minutes past 12, its too late, it is. USA is Fk-ed.
    The education systems is only for the wealthy, health care is a pure joke, I lived in the usa for 4 years, and truly I have met the most uneducated humans in the developed world by far. Yes there are stupid people everywhere, but the level and the amount of people that are like that in the USA is unreal. On top of that the ignorance and arrogance they portray in the world is unreal. The southern part of the states is by far the worst, The do not have language skills, education, and even health is sub par…
    I lived in Sweden for 2 years, THEY PAY THEIR STUDENTS TO GO TO SCHOOL.
    Germany health care is free, dentist one card, doctor one card, you name it ONE HEALTH CARD does all, and this is a country that took it hard cause of the world wars…

    USA is pure EVIL, not the citizens, please dont take my harsh words as total insults, I’ve had my fill of ignorant americans that travel the world telling everyone they are Canadian because they know they will get treated horribly, what comes around goes around, but my issue is I am Canadian and everything you lemmings do effects us. Our stupid Government isnt as corrupt as yours, but we are very close. You need to stand up for your country and fight for your freedoms and your constitution, because as a Canadian I do believe that the American constitution is the best thing any nation could have done for its people, but some smart foul bastards took advantage of people feeling comfortable example Federal Reserve, Standard oil, many pharmaceutical companies.
    Did you know that Rockefeller and Henry Ford Funded and supplied HITLER , NAZI germany, yea ammunition used to kill American solders. They got them comfy with credit, and the opportunity to buy without even having the money, blinded them with sports and entertainment. Didn’t a great Caesar say “give the people bread and games and they are distracted”

    And My thoughts on abortion, seriously Men mind your F-in business your not a women nor do you have the right to tell her what she does with her body… Maybe you should get raped and carry that burden for the rest of your life, every single day forever you will be reminded of how you got raped and your life destroyed. We have enough bastard children that grow up with out the knowledge of love or what a family is, and the odd ones that create something is not justifiable to the many that destroy and hate, and with reason. But thats another problem with this world, you can’t save everyone, and over population is a major concern. Too many problems, we need to work together peacefully to solve this problem, but I know its too late, good luck to you all , you’ll need it

  • jboogy

    Jeff,you are truly a wise man. excellent post, thanks for taking the time to write it.

  • jpjp

    “Jesus never commanded anyone to go and deliberately provoke others.” So said Jeff. Does anyone read the Gospel? (those are the words of Jesus, not St Paul.
    Jesus charged the apostles with the task of preaching the gospel to ALL nations (everybody)….he told them to “shake the dust from their shoes as a warning” (as they left) to any town that rejected HIS words. He said that the fate of towns that rejected Him would be “worse than Soddom and Gommorrah”.
    Jesus called religious leaders a “Brood of Vipers” for their hippocracy. He called Peter (his own disciple) a “Satan” (tempter) when Peter suggested that he would protect Jesus from those who wanted to kill Him.
    In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that “Blessed are you who suffer persecution and endure every kind of evil for My sake”.
    He said that “You think I caome with the olive branch, but I come with the sword of division”. He was tortured and executed for His preaching, as were 11 of the 12 apostles. Ten days after HIs resurrection, the apostles (who had been hiding, fearing for their lives) were given the courage to boldy preach in front of large crowds inthe center of Jerusalem.
    If their is one thing that is certain about Jesus and Christianity, it is that there is an expectation for all His followers to proclaim the “Good News” (the meaning of the word Gospel) to the whole world, and that anyone doing so could expect ridicule and condemnation for it. Notice that at least one of the Christains in this story is a former Muslim, probably converted by Christians who proclaimed the Good News on the streets or in jail. Some of the people who preach to homosexuals are formerly active gay people who have left teh lifestyle. Those who preach hate of anyone miss the point of the Christain message completely.
    Some anti-homosexual preaching that espouses hate has made it to the media…..I have never heard it in my own life…..I wonder who is behind it.

  • Jerald Morris

    You simply do want to believe that America has been taken over by the Prince of Darkness and The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been Hi-jacked and laid to rest. Preach Christ, but remember the enemy will kill you anyway. They believe in the paycheck not the Gospel. Tough bananas, but Jesus made it clear the end will come, welcome to end. Praise God, man must fall, why, because Good Triumphs over Evil. The Evil has arrived, and God’s goodness will prevail, Bye Bye Evil doers, you had your choice to listen to the truth of Christ and traded it for the beast.

    • TimboT

      Yes my friend but one important point you have left out of the equation i.e. Because we are Christian does in “NO WAY” mean we are doormats and can be pushed around like insects by deceitful and violent jackasses. When Christ said these things: Bless thos who curse you, do good to those who despitefully use you & turn the other cheek etc. does not mean “all the time”. There are certainly many cases where Christ (GOD) wants us to stand against evil and fight~!

  • Thumbs up Marek; you’r the only one that really told it like it is in reality, all others are living a full fairy tales worthless and deceptive lives, ignorance is indeed the worst weapon to one self preservation, some but little understand the terms Panem Circus, ********, Totalitarian Regimes, Anarchism, even to hard to see that jesus and mary Magdalene themselves were scientifically proven to be agnostic jewish but that todays existing churches and faiths has them fixed to their tastes.

    Love+Peace ….. mssg: Embrace Humanity First and them we will become CIVILIZE human beings !!

  • Him Capp

    ************** this planet we live on

    • TimboT

      Did you mean to say “do whatever I can to “help” this planet we live on”? I hope so.

  • Tater Tott

    On June 18th, three Christians were fully exercising their freedom of expression by passing out copies of verses from the bible in Dearborn, Michigan. They were on a public sidewalk outside of an Arab festival, not harming anyone, simply spreading the word of their religion and they were arrested. Maybe these two religious people and their cameraman were trying to make some kind of religious statement by choosing to position themselves outside of this festival in one of the most Arab-populated cities in America; however by the law of the 1st Amendment, they are 100% allowed to do so. By asking these people to move, and eventually detaining them, the police are stripping them of their rights. Why is it that one religious activity –such as the Arab festival—is allowed, yet the other is punishable by law? If you strip one group of people of their rights for free expression—which are clearly stated in the 1st Amendment—where do you draw the line for others who do the same?

  • I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  • Morgan

    I came across this article during research for my college public speaking class. I am doing a speech over the death of freedom of speech. Upon thinking, everyone is hypocritical; (responding to the comments below mine). Generally, Christians are the most commonly attacked group. Sadly that is because how the majority of Christians represent themselves on a comparison of how we should act. However, I am all for the 1st Amendment in every way. I THINK WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO OFFEND ANYONE FREELY HOWEVER THE HELL WE WANT TO EFFING DO IT. It both our God given & constitutional right.
    Most people hate me because of it, although I do not care so much.
    I’m going to say whatever I want, whenever, in front of whoever.
    As an american citizen, I have that right.

  • TimboT

    Every able bodied American in that audience worth his weight in sal should have gotten up and subdued those cops for police brutality and false arrest. We have to STOP this sort of injustce from happening in America. Citizens’ arrests can be legally made on anyone including police.

  • TimboT

    Remember that stupid “hate speech” thing? If I choose to say I hate or love any given thing I have the right to do so. I Hate Deceivers of all and any kind. Deceit causes all sorts of problems to arrise within the entire human race, so I HATE IT. Do you want to call that hate speech? If so you are an imbecile and idiot and a moron or just plain evil and support lies. Islam is deceitful to the extreme as are certain factions of our government including this despicable administration and the so called New Wrodl Order.

  • Scott Fici

    You ever notice and wonder why is it if 1 john dies god had his reasons and if 10,000 johns or more die is the same excuse the 1 john got !?!?!? Purple hearts and flags are handed out with I’m sorry for your loss yet the obitual offense is daily repeated !?!?!? Marble walls of rememberance that we’ve yet to achieve differently because were still at war !?!?!? Just like I don’t vote for inimical opposites to sit in any power seat of deceit and betrayal. When you pull up to the gas pump and cry that gas is still $ 3.00 a gal to much, I too will cry. If you buy a loaf of bread for .25 cents and smile, I too will smile. Anotherwards I am no more penalized and or rewarded by not voting. I either sing or bitch no differently than * YOU * !!! Why is it men/women have too have multiple religions to choose from when you cannot find it anywhere in * ANY * bible it written in part or whole by any god/goddess that by choosing a peticular religion is a better choice of seats to sit with this christ !?!?!?!? Did you notice also the heated black man in Ferguson who said to burn it down, got 12 businesses plus vehicles to burn down and that his free agency or freedom of speech obviously protected him from * Coercer’cion * ,
    All the while I’m sure those there at that protest are with social services which is your tax and my tax money that is paying them to loot / destroy / mame / cripple / burn and will go as far as murder yet the best we are is to televise it because to hold someone accountable is a race card with a civil suit pending. When injustice becomes law resistence will become duty. * WHY * When men no better than you and I are appointed a seat of power to undermine / besiege / to corrupt logic thinking of everyday ordinary people to only walk their walk and to talk to only what they want to hear by surprising americans these bills of conspired profits, you know as well as I do that it’s just a matter of our most formidable opponent,
    * TIME * when every state will become a police state with a curfew,
    that everyone will have to obey……….OR ELSE !!!!!
    Sincerely Scott Fici Upstate NewYorker
    P.S. The Truth Hurts it’s only obvious ** Liberty ** She needs a mirror, who is it she is to represent !?!?!?!?……REALLY !?!?!?!?

  • Melody Szabo

    Fascism is everywhere, if it’s not religious fascism its corporate fascism. The people need to take matters into their own hands and once and for all wipe this scum off the planet.