Last 10 Months Have Been The Worst Period For Floods AND The Worst Period For Fires In U.S. History

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Wildfires 2016 - Public DomainAs you read this article, the state of California is being ravaged by gigantic wildfires that are raging wildly out of control, and West Virginia is dealing with a “500 year flood”.  Since last September, the U.S. has been hit by a series of 11 historic floods.  Never before in American history have we seen so many major floods within such a compressed space of time.  And just as the Shemitah year ended last September, massive wildfires began erupting all over the country.  Thanks to that unprecedented outbreak of large fires, 2015 ended up being the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.  And since 2016 began, things have continued to get worse.  As far as the total number of acres burned is concerned, we are more than a million acres ahead of the pace that was set last year.  So why in the world is all of this happening?


The wildfires that are ripping through many parts of California right now are making headlines all over the world.  In particular, the extremely quick moving Erskine fire in Kern County has already destroyed more than 200 homes and authorities are picking through the rubble hoping that they won’t discover too many bodies

The charred remains of two people were found inside a burned down mobile home which went up in flames as the fire tore through the South Lake area of Sierra Nevada, officials said.

The bodies were so horrifically burned that a forensic investigation is required to determine whether they belonged to a human or animal, said Kern County Sheriff spokesman Ray Pruitt.

Officials warned that more residents may be forced to flee the advancing flames as the fire has already scorched more than 30,000 acres.

At this point more than 1,000 firefighters are fighting this enormous fire, and it has already burned more than 35,000 acres.  The latest update that I saw said that it was now “10 percent contained”, and high temperatures in central California are expected to hit 110 degrees by mid-week.

Meanwhile, West Virginia is dealing with a “500 year flood” after it received approximately a quarter of its entire average annual rainfall in a single day.

The Elk River has already broken a record that has stood since 1888, and the Governor of West Virginia has declared a state of emergency for 44 of the 55 counties in the state.

According to Greenbrier County Sheriff Jan Cahill, the amount of damage that has already been done is unlike anything that has ever seen before

At least 24 people have died and crews are still searching for missing residents in West Virginia after heavy rains flooded several towns. A federal disaster has been declared for this devastating event that has been described as “complete chaos.”

Roads destroyed, bridges out, homes burned down, washed off foundations,” said Greenbrier County Sheriff Jan Cahill. “Multiple sections of highway just missing. Pavement just peeled off like a banana. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Unfortunately, the worst is not over for West Virginia.

In fact, the state is about to get a whole lot more rain.  The following comes from the Daily Mail

West Virginia is expected to be hit by another barrage of heavy rain and flood waters in the next 24 hours.

The National Weather Service in Charleston has issued a flash flood watch for 22 counties tomorrow, warning that heavy rain could cause streams to burst their banks.

Around 18,000 people are currently languishing without electricity three days after the floods wiped away entire neighborhoods, killing at least 26.

As the floodwaters receded today, some returned to find their homes, businesses and entire neighborhoods swept away by the devastating weather.

If you follow my work closely, then you know that this is just the latest in a truly bizarre series of unprecedented floods that have been striking all over the nation over the past 10 months.

So now we can add this West Virginia flood to all of the other historic floods on my ongoing list…

October: Hurricane Joaquin never makes landfall, but it tracks up the east coast of the United States causing nightmarish rainfall and flooding all over the eastern seaboard.  Things were particularly bad in South Carolina, where the governor declared that it was the worst rainfall that many areas of her state had seen in 1,000 years.

October: Violent storms in southern California caused flash flooding that buried some highways in “rivers of mud” that were up to six feet deep.  Hundreds of vehicles got buried in the fast moving mud, and the lifeless body of one man that had his vehicle completely encased by several feet of mud was recovered only after a few days had passed because that is how long it took emergency workers to dig him out.

October: Hurricane Patricia was the second most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the entire world, and remnants from that storm caused absolutely horrible flooding in some parts of Texas.  The flood waters were moving so fast at one point that a freight train was actually knocked entirely off the tracks.

November-December: A “conveyor belt” of violent storms barreled into coastal areas of Oregon and Washington causing nightmarish flooding in many areas.  The resulting landslides and floods made headlines all over the country, and it is going to be a long time before the region fully recovers.  In early December we witnessed the wettest day in the history of Portland, Oregon, and things were also extremely bad at that time up in the Seattle area.

January: The middle part of the country experienced record-breaking flooding as the calendar rolled over from 2015 to 2016.  The only thing that people could really compare it to was the great flood of 1993, and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said that some communities saw floodwaters get to “places they’ve never been before”.  Normally, if the middle of the country is going to see flooding like this it is going to take place when the snow begins to thaw in the spring.  For something like this to happen in the middle of the winter was absolutely unprecedented.

January: On January 22nd, one of the worst east coast blizzards in history slammed into Washington D.C., New York City and other major metropolitan areas.  More than three feet of snow was dumped on some areas, hundreds of thousands of people were left without power, and coastal cities all long the eastern seaboard experienced flooding that was described as “worse than Hurricane Sandy“.  It is also interesting to note that this storm was known as “Jonas”, which is actually a Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name “Jonah”.  Jonah, of course, was a Hebrew prophet that was sent to the capital city of Assyria (Ninevah) to warn that the judgment of God was coming.  Well, it turns out that this storm called Jonas also hit our capital city (Washington D.C.) on the exact anniversary of Roe v. Wade and in the exact location where Roe v. Wade was decided.

MarchAlmost two feet of rain triggered historic flooding in parts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  Flooding along one area of the Sabine River broke the previous record by more than five feet, and some sections of Interstate 10 were closed for four days.

April: City officials in Houston declared that the flooding that struck that city was “a life-threatening emergency“, and substantial sections of Interstate 10 and Interstate 45 near downtown were fully underwater.  Authorities admitted that water was getting to areas that it had never been before, and Fire Department spokesman Jay Evans said that the water was 10 to 15 feet deep in some areas.

May: Long stretches of Interstate 95 were shut down in South Carolina after Tropical Storm Bonnie dumped massive amounts of rain on the state.  At the time, Lance Cpl. Matt Southern of the South Carolina Highway Patrol told reporters that “we are at the mercy of mother nature”.

June: Extremely heavy rain caused the Brazos River in Texas to hit its highest level “in more than a century“, and many parts of Houston found themselves under water yet once again.  According to CNN, this was “the second year in a row that Texas has been hit by 500-year floods”…

“It could just be really bad luck,” said CNN Senior Meteorologist Brandon Miller. “A 500-year flood doesn’t mean you will go 500 years between them. It just means it is such an extreme event that the odds of it happening are very low, therefore it only happens on average every 500 years.

“It just so happens that parts of Texas have seen them now in back-to-back years, and maybe even twice this year. The odds of that happening are infinitesimally small.”

Are you starting to see the trend?

There have always been floods, but never before has the United States been hit by so many major floods within such a compressed space of time.

So what is causing all of this?

Why is the U.S. being hit by record wildfires and record flooding simultaneously?

I think that it is interesting to note that our sun has become extremely quiet.  Our sun has more influence over our weather than any other natural cause, and right now it is completely spotless

For the second time this month, the sun has gone completely blank.  On June 4th, the sun went completely spotless for the first time since 2011 and that quiet spell lasted for about 4 days.  Sunspot regions then reappeared for the next few weeks on a sporadic basis, but are once again completely missing from the surface of the sun.  The blank sun is a sign that the next solar minimum is approaching and there will be an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years.  At first, the blankness will stretch for just a few days at a time, then it’ll continue for weeks at a time, and finally it should last for months at a time when the sunspot cycle reaches its nadir.  The next solar minimum phase is expected to take place around 2019 or 2020. The current solar cycle is the 24th since 1755 when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began and is the weakest in more than a century with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906.

Could that help explain why all of this weird activity is going on, or is there something more taking place?

In my new book, I warn that we are moving into a time that many have described as “a perfect storm”.  Our weather is getting crazy, the ground underneath our feet is shaking with frightening regularity, our economic and financial systems are crumbling, and there is political instability all over the planet.

If I am right, natural disasters are going to continue to get even worse and global events are going to continue to spiral out of control.

A great shaking is coming, and yet most people are completely oblivious to what is happening and they are going to be completely blindsided by it.

But those that are wise understand the times, and they will thrive even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that are coming.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    It’s not just America. Southern areas of the UK, parts of France, Germany and other EU nations have also been seeing historic flooding in recent months. Tornadoes in the EU once unheard of are now more frequent. Follow Severe Weather Europe on Facebook for all the latest insanity. In so far as to why it fires and floods are becoming more common in America I have no idea. Much like the heat and dry conditions in the southwest I can only assume that the floods and fires throughout most of America will become the new normal.

    • Joan Camara

      Ever heard the tribulation? This is nothing compared to it!

    • vaccines autism

      They spray flammable aluminum powder in the chemtrails on top of the forest.
      (will delete comment later)

  • Kent Harris

    The last major market crash occurred on September 29, 2008. On that day, the Dow Jones fell 777 points, of all numbers…. its biggest one day point drop ever.

    On Friday, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Dow fell over 600 points. What’s interesting about Friday’s date?

    It was 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days since September 29, 2008.

    • Joan Camara

      Wow, good comment there! I know we’ve had an economic crash ever 7 years, because we are not following God’s word, and have been getting worse every year. Glad you showed that. I was waiting on it!

    • lasers kill cameras

      It could be a coincidence. 600 is not 777. Notice how people only seem to find dates after something has already happened.

    • disqus_W8X6VR1yyA

      Shows that Brexit was a “set up”, the vote planned to happen exactly 777 days after the crash, and that it was a “done deal” before the vote even began. I shows that the people running these things are indeed “occultist” who are into numerology. The day of voting didn’t just “happen” to fall 777 days afterwards by accident.

  • Brian

    For many years now we’ve abandoned God and we’re just beginning 2 feel the repercussions for our shameful disregards towards Him. I believe very soon we’re going pay dearly for what we have done!

    • MaxRockatansky33

      They have internet in your Amish village?

      • Jacynthia Read

        Yes, didn’t you know?

        • MaxRockatansky33

          It is a satan tool to deceive. The same as electricity and cars. Use only horses. Just like gypsies.

          • Jacynthia Read

            Sorry, but you’re out of touch.

      • Brian

        Sorry clown, i’m not Amish and i don’t live in a village. However, very soon we will be living like the Amish. One EMP over America and you can kiss all modern technology goodbye. Booya!

        • Joan Camara

          Naaa…we have to wait for the mark! Guess who’s immigrating, and taking high positions in all areas of your government, country, local, etc etc…now you know who’s going to in control of giving that, and beheading the ones don’t take the mark. Sorry no emp!

        • MaxRockatansky33

          And who will launch this EMP tin foil hat? Reptilians or masons?

    • Joan Camara

      And how are we going to pay? Think about thousands of muslims immigrating to all these countries. Now think of of these “people” in high positions in government, (mostly US and Britian), from the top down. Start keeping articles that show this, and you’ll see FBI agents, college professers, police chiefs, and and on and on.
      Now, read what Revelation says, and think, who’s going to be in charge of the giving the mark (to buy or sell). But mostly, who’s going to be in charge of beheading the ones who DON’T take the mark? Now you know, satan’s time is short, but I think it’s getting shorter, his army is on the move, and taking their positions. Talk about being close to the 7 year tribulation!

  • NDC

    But BHO says we’re living in the safest time in history!!!!

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!!!! :)

  • Mike Molyneaux

    .Extreme droughts (fires) and floods on the northern
    continents are the result of increasing global atmospheric pollution caused by
    increasing industrialization of the world made possible by increasing energy
    production. Skeptics call this explanation “conspiracy theories” but as they
    carry on denying reality they carry on contributing to the problem.

  • DJohn1

    The problem is that this old Earth has been a disaster waiting to happen from the first day of creation. We go through cycles and mankind increases in knowledge until the next cycle which is obviously now.
    Then all is destroyed. A remnant survives. To become the ancestors of the next disaster.
    Obviously these times are separated by times of prosperity. Otherwise nothing would be left to start over.
    The ancients separated it into two divisions of time. One was 3500 years and the other was 25,000 years give or take a thousand.
    The ancients looked to the skies for signs of the next disaster to come.
    Thus you have the wise men of the new testament and the star of Bethlehem. Those wise men were looking for a specific event that precluded the main event which was a return.
    No one knows who those wisemen were. Or what they documented.
    By my calculations it is too soon. We should have about 1,500 years left between the smaller cycle.
    So if the star of Bethlehem is coming back early then something drastic has changed.
    Jesus said it would not be long before I return. In terms of immortals a thousand years is but a day. So if this is the final days of Earth, then we have not seen the signs yet in the heavens to indicate that to be true.
    Are there signs? There is a gap in the outer belt of asteroids and minor planets where something huge walked through. No one really knows what that huge object might have been.
    No one really knows when it walked through the belt.
    What we are dealing with right now is strange events on our own star.
    The real question is what is causing those strange occurances on the Sun?
    There is a possibility that we are in the event right now and the tilt on the planet is changing. We should be at 23 degrees. Are we?
    If it is 22 or 20 then that would account for what is happening weather wise and temperature wise.
    There is the possibility that we are being punished for the actions of people in our government that allow abortion to be legal.
    I say possible because it leaves unanswered why it was left so long before action was taken.
    Millions of innocent children killed . . .
    There is the question of whether or not we are under some kind of coventry with the rest of the universe because of the actions taken against Jesus.
    Those people killed a God. Only to see that God rise from the dead. Then after 40 days that God disappeared from the planet. Disciples witnessed him rising into the clouds. Angels told them he would return.
    How do you punish those responsible when they are long dead?
    What we are really looking at right now is not God but mankind destroying itself with its actions.
    Not one but many things contribute to this.
    The advancement of the combustion engine in transportation of vehicles is the main one. One doesn’t mean anything. A million does not mean much. But we are faced with a lot of combustion engines right now and it is upsetting the balance of how the air is made.
    We have people destroying the rain forests. Those are our oxygen makers. We have the oceans being changed. That too is a major oxygen maker.
    Those high temperatures are a sign of carbon dioxide too abundant in our lower atmosphere.

    Those fires and floods are just the beginning of the symptoms of our own foolishness in regards to our planet.
    IF and WHEN we are able to reverse those things, then maybe we will still be able to breathe the air here.

    • Joan Camara

      You think man has messed up this planet, and has caused all this? Yeah your right in some aspects of it. I’m laughing that you that there’s even a small possiblity that it’ll be reversed.

  • James Dohnalek

    Sun spots are at very low occurrence on the Suns surface, but there are times when there are massive radiation bursts, CME, that have occurred and later affect our earth causing increased earthquakes. This is ongoing and appears to be getting worse, as we have just begun summer. Look for summer to continue into late fall. I believe we will have a winter that is mild and mostly cold and rainy.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    This is what poor planning gets us. Wildfires and floods make the perfect dating couple! If Osama/Obama can lower sea levels, then why doesn’t he flex his deified sissy muscles and ‘ship these two into a hot couple! When there’s opposites; there’s STEAM!!!! Hot steamy romance!!!

    I need sleep….
    Post it dad..

    ghdrfshbdfsi mhf


    • VigilanteCaregiver

      My daughter “helped” me on this.

      Need sleep.

    • vaccines autism

      I think the wildfires could be well planned. The chemtrails are loaded with powdered aluminum which is a flammable material. Next they spray it on trees day after day, year after year and the fires get worse.

      The elite truly are evil.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        I wouldn’t rely on chemtrails as the reason: I’m looking at rampant mismanagement and such. Small fires and such are normal in healthy forests. It burns old debris into fertilizer and pinecones to germinate (they actually need high heat to open). The problem is Forest Service is stopping any and all natural fires whenever they pop up. At the same time they stopped the public from taking firewood and debris out of forests for home use, which was normal until 30 or so years ago. The fuel is piling up, government hubris and negligence run rampant; one spark does it. The high heat (which doesn’t occur in healthy woodlands) kills off microbes and ruins enzymes in the soil, making it difficult to renew the forest. Not so much in rangeland, but the same hubris and negligence plays it’s part.

        • vaccines autism

          Good points. Also I bet a lot of fires are started on purpose so they’ll get a paycheck to fight them. I got What In The World Are They Spraying? but haven’t seen it in a long time. There’s a newer video on the same subject so maybe i’ll buy it before the price goes up. I think Bill Gates is paying for the the spraying. What’s shocking is the chemtrails change the ph of the soil.
          As for the floods they also have multiple causes. Dam up the river and it overflows. Man destroying himself.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Several years ago a volunteer firefighter out here did start a wildfire so he could get a steady paycheck. I’m sure it happens regularly.

  • Dan Jones

    Matthew 24 & Revelation 4-6 says it all…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.c

  • Abe

    They’re manipulating the weather. Here’s Sandy, It crosses Cuba on it’s way to Panama (turned by ship), does a U turn and heads back to Cuba. Off the coast of FL it gets ZAPPED from HAARP in Puerto Rico. Then up the east coast when it’s by NJ & NYC, ZAPPED again by the HAARP on Long Island, takes a hard left by the biggest rivers by NJ & NYC during a high tide and a full moon from a Cat 1.This is why Al-CIA-duh (NOAA), and the presstitutes only showed the plot starting in SE FL. If they showed the whole path the people that can still think will say “That’s Impossible”!! This same site will show you how CA is kept dry. Did anyone else notic how fast the US got a base on the Philippines after those 2 typhoons?

  • John Blythe

    Thanks for touching base on the South Lake fire Michael. Lake Isabella/Kern Valley is my hometown where the Erskine Fire ripped through. I was in the middle of the blaze when it happened and it nearly burned down our family’s lodging business and our homes. We had to basically fend for ourselves throughout the nights hoping that burning embers didn’t shoot down the hillside and start another fire. The devastation in this area is unbelievable. There are neighborhoods that look like an atomic bomb went off. So far, nearly 300 homes are destroyed and thousands of residents are without a home. I had many friends that lost their homes in the fire. Thankfully, the support has been incredible. We have fire relief fund efforts set up and we are getting a handful of support for food, water, clothing, etc. for the fire victims. In addition to the homes being destroyed, it was difficult to get in and out of the area as highway 178 (the main road through Lake Isabella) was closed in both directions due to the fire and burning down power lines. The town was without power for well over a week, no cell service, nothing. We were basically trapped here in unbelievable conditions with 100 degree weather outside and no air conditioning. But somehow we made it through.

  • Tina Puls

    I’d say you were right that there is a change in the weather. And it is man made done by Weather Manipulation. Our military has been controlling our weather for some time. They started ramping up the program in 2007. Then we see the tree’s dying, drought and storms being broken up just before they make land fall, animals going extinct, sea life beaching themselves and birds falling from the sky dying. Our water, food, soil and AIR now has VERY high levels of aluminum and barium nano particles that should NOT be there naturally. This has been placed there through heavy stratospheric aerosol spraying. Alzheimer’s and other nero degenerating diseases are on the rise because of it. In my county alone Alzheimer’s is up by 260%. That’s nothing natural there. And it is NOT genetic!