Since 1997, 264 Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Congress Have Been Settled For A Total Of $17,250,854

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We finally have the official numbers, and they aren’t pretty. Reid Wilson, a correspondent for the Hill, has posted to Twitter a year by year breakdown of sexual harassment settlements and awards that he received from the Congressional Office of Compliance.  I went ahead and added up each column, and what I discovered is that 264 cases of sexual harassment in Congress have been settled since 1997, and the total amount awarded in those settlements comes to a grand total of $17,250,854.


So where has the $17,250,854 come from to pay those settlements?

That money has come from the taxpayers of course.  That means that you and I have been paying to cover up the epidemic of sexual harassment that has been taking place on Capitol Hill.

When U.S. Representative Jackie Speier originally told us that more than 15 million dollars had been paid out to victims of sexual harassment in recent years, I was envisioning a few dozen cases at most.

I had no idea that the total number of cases would actually be well over 200.

If our leaders were serious about stopping this from happening, they would pass a law making it mandatory that all cases of sexual harassment in Congress be made public, and that members of Congress would be personally responsible for paying out any settlements.

If such a law was instituted, I guarantee you that sexual harassment on Capitol Hill would come to a screeching halt.

But they don’t want it to stop.  For many in Congress, having so many attractive young women around is one of the key benefits of the job.  I included the following quote from CNN in an article the other day, but I also believe that it fits just perfectly here…

In an environment with “so many young women,” said one ex-House aide, the men “have no self-control.” “Amongst ourselves, we know,” a former Senate staffer said of the lawmakers with the worst reputations. And sometimes, the sexual advances from members of Congress or senior aides are reciprocated in the hopes of advancing one’s career — what one political veteran bluntly referred to as a “sex trade on Capitol Hill.”

Do you want to stop this from happening?

It isn’t going to stop until we boot out the corrupt career politicians that are engaging in this type of behavior.  So I am asking you to support my campaign and other “grassroots deplorables” that are running for office all over the nation.

Morality really matters when it comes to serving in public office, and we are not going to send people that engage in sexually inappropriate behavior to Washington anymore.

And I am calling on Congress to immediately release the details of all of the 264 cases of sexual harassment that have been settled since 1997.  The American people have a right to know, and those that engaged in this type of behavior do not have a right to hide.

It is time to drain the swamp, and this would be a really good place to start.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • DJohn1

    The legal tangle we as a people have to tolerate is that you are judged guilty whether you did something or not by the public and the expense of a court case is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Michael, you have a young family and a beautiful wife. But what if some harlot steps forward and claims you sexually molested her. Perhaps 20 years ago. This has happened and it will happen again.
    It is a favorite tactic of the Democrat Party if several authors of recent books can be believed. Set up a scandal whether it is true or false and sit back and watch as a person’s reputation is trashed.
    I don’t blame Congress for trying to buy off the accusers because it is a no-win situation.
    Of course you have guilty parties as well as innocent ones. The most infamous case in recent times is Bill Clinton. It ruined him politically. I think it is one reason his wife was not elected President. She was labeled as an enabler.
    There is a psychological thing called “Crazy Time”. Often people divorced go through a period of mourning in which they are not really thinking and they do things they are later sorry for. They have no idea why they did it. That is why we call it “Crazy Time” to begin with.
    “Crazy Time” also often happens to our Veterans when they first come out of service. It can extend up to 5 or 6 years before they get over it if they ever do. It is a time of rash decisions. It can also make a Veteran paranoid.
    Paranoid is a survival mechanism in this case as they trust no one while they are abroad defending our country and often with good reason.
    If the descriptions I am hearing and reading of Judge Moore, then he may have been going through this 37 years ago. Or he could be completely guilty. Or innocent. This smells of a scandal generated behind the scenes by his opponent.
    The point is that creating a scandal is a tool used by politicians of both parties because there is no way to prove innocence or guilt by the public media. They latch onto things like this and smear people.
    Even ultra clean people are targeted.
    The only way to stop it is to charge these people with “false witness”. And only if you can prove they are lying. Never be alone with people you are working with. Or you too might find yourself in these circumstances.

    • “you are judged guilty whether you did something or not by the public”

      Categorically UNTRUE. When a man is accused of any [sexual] wrongdoing, the first thing that EVERYONE does is immediately “ѕIutify” his accuser by using names like “harlot”, etc. Look! You’ve done it yourself! The unconscious girl that Brock Turner was trying to rape was called a sIut — despite being dressed like a librarian. The women who over the decades have accused Crooked Donald of all manner of sexual improprieties were called all the sIut names, and now the ones from decades back are being denigrated by old-age slurs (wrinkled up old prunes), etc.

      “The most infamous case in recent times is Bill Clinton.”

      Well, it was Republicans who accused him, just as it is Republicans accusing Crooked ρussy-grabbin’ Donald and Roy Moore too, not that any of the victims’ political affiliations matter, right? To further refute your claim, AS SOON AS a woman/girl(/or boy?) steps forward with allegations, THE FIRST THING you do is *claim* that the victim is lying and is being paid by political operatives. Oh, yeah, and you call her a harlot, you know, one millisecond after hearing her claim, long before you have time to investigate, you call her a harlot and a liar. So stop with your claim that an accused man id found guilty by everyone — he ISN’T.

      • 4K

        You clearly haven’t read the Time magazine called Innocent. It was in Wal-Mart a few months back and there’s lots of people falsely accused.

        Always two sides of the page.

        • No, I have in fact read it, mister “clearly”.

          For every person you claim is falsely accused, there are legions who are guilty and never have to face any charges.

          And then there are all the girls/women who recant under threat of arrest. I won’t even add those to the pile of guilty abusers.

          • 4K

            So if you’ve read it, name some of the people charged falsely.

          • I don’t have eidetic memory, nor have I ever claimed such.

          • 4K

            “Also, Time’s article was about people who’d gone to prison based on [very often] racial misidentifications.”
            Umm, no. I have the 96 page report on false accusations right now but I have to work tomorrow. No time to debate a paid troll.

          • I’m neither a troll, nor am I paid. I tell the truth FOR FREE, and how telling it is that you think telling the truth can only be done for pay.

            BTW, where is it that you supposedly have this “job” where everyone is afraid to sexually harass anyone else for fear of being fired? As I’d said elsewhere, I’d love to see if a unicorn can fly me to that planet to check it out.

    • watchmannonthewall

      All one has to do is go back over the last 16-18 years and it is self-evident the Democrats have determined to bring charges of sexual improprieties against every Republican presidential candidate, usually in the last weekend before an election so as there is no time to verify or disprove charges but confuses the voters, and many “important” congressional elections. I believe their strategy began with a review of the Gary Hart candidacy (D) presidency run in the late 1980’s.

      It is Democrats and their allies, MSM’s, “modus operandi”. Michael and his wife should expect it also. Democrats do it nearly every time as it’s a strategy that has won them a lot of elections and as long as the public remains oblivious to their tactics it will continue to work. We are not ignorant of the devil’s “devices”. (2 Cor. 2:11)

      Yet it is actually THEM, the Democrats, who commonly commit such atrocities against others. Go back and look at the factual evidence against most/many Republicans they have accused! For the most part there isn’t any factual evidence! DNA on a dress makes it factual! It’s evidence the guy was there!

      The “public” views people as guilty when there is no evidence! Simply saying something doesn’t make it true!

      When people scream about what “others” are doing, we should be wise enough to understand their attempted manipulation and that it is likely the ones making such accusations are the ones doing such things.

      Jesus addressed this in His question in Mt. 7:3 when He asked, “And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but DO NOT NOTICE the log that is your own eye?”

      James (in probably the 1st book of the NT written), Jesus’ half brother put it the following way: “For if anyone is a hearer of the Word [the Torah] and not a doer of it, he is like one who looks at his natural face in the mirror; for once he has looked AT HIMSELF and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was.” (James 1:23-24)

      Unfortunately, this man goes out with the image of exactly what he IS impressed in his mind and then goes out LOUDLY accusing others of doing exactly what he does!! He never faces the fact he is the man!!

      Paul put it this way: “…you therefore who teach another should not steal [in this case- treat women like a toy] do you not teach yourself? You who preach one should not steal, do you steal? You who say one should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery?” (Romans 2:21-22)

      Scripture (the Torah) says the person who is the victim has the RESPONSIBILITY to raise the issue immediately upon its occurrence.

      When my wife was sexually assaulted, before our marriage, a police report was immediately filed that day. The man was eventually caught and sentenced. Bringing up things years later is too late, according to God’s Word! There must be witnesses; and DNA evidence is a witness in my opinion.

      If we would teach our sons and daughters what God views as righteous, we would not allow Republicans and Democrats through the MSM to sway us, and we would know to reject such MSM emotionally driven issues to manipulate our emotions and move forward. Time will tell whether we were correct in our unemotional assessment or not. If not, correct it as opportunity arises!

      • “When people scream about what “others” are doing, we should be wise enough to understand their attempted manipulation and that it is likely the ones making such accusations are the ones doing such things.”

        You kinda shot your argument in the foot right there, bub.

        “determined to bring charges of sexual improprieties against every Republican presidential candidate, usually in the last weekend before an election so as there is no time to verify or disprove charges but confuses the voters”

        Hmmm, with just a few minor corrections to the above claim, we’d be reminded of yet another reason why voters who wanted to elect former Secretary of State Clinton as President but CHANGED THEIR MINDS EN MASSE after James Comey sharted the waters with his ultimately disproven nonsense about something *finally* being found in her emails just days before the 2016 election.

        • Gay Veteran

          there needs to be a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and the Uranium One deal.
          $millions and $millions to the Clinton “foundation”

          • 4K

            Didnt trump also donate to the clinton foundation?

  • “[…] and that members of Congress would be personally responsible for paying out any settlements.

    If such a law was instituted, I guarantee you that sexual harassment on Capitol Hill would come to a screeching halt.”

    First — this is the FIRST time you have said something that would compel a smart person to support your campaign financially. Second — no, there would be no screeching halt. You simply have NO IDEA IN THE LEAST how very ingrained sexual harassment is in certain men (and yes, women too, but for the sake of this topic it is men only). They would simply make it more secretive, hold more blackmail against their underlings so as to stop them from coming forward.

    As for the numbers, it is estimated that far fewer than half of sexually harassed people come forward, as they do NOT want the spotlight shone on them. I know that if I’d been sexually harassed and came forward during my marriage, my husband would end the other guy. This might be the number one reason why women rarely come forth with their experiences. I made the mistake of telling my husband about bosses prior to meeting him, and he wanted to track the guys down.

    Your heart is in the right place trying to get those deplorables’ names out, and that is great. But again you have no idea how very devoted to the sexual harassment culture many men at work are. Threatening them to go public will often only hurt the victims more than the men.

  • 4K

    No woman ever gets harased at my job and there’s tons of young women. The men have plenty of self control when they know they’ll get fired/walked out.

    I’ve been there several years and have never heard of it happening.

    • “In MY world, nothing ever happens like the rest of the world”.

      Cool, what planet is this job in please? I’d like to rent a unicorn and fly on over for a visit.

    • Dave Nonya

      4k, you’re dealing with a psycho feminazi whack job with p#nis envy!

      • “a psycho feminazi whack job with p#nis envy!”

        Oh, is 4K dealing with you too?

        Funny, because I’ve looked at some of your posts (4K’s and Dave Nonya’s), and they tend to frolic on this site like two dolphins always in sync and echoing one another’s thoughts and emotions lockstep… even going so far as to answer my posts intended for the other one of you… you know, as though you simply forget to sign out of your primary account before accidentally responding to me using the other account.

        • Dave Nonya

          I thought you said you didn’t want to talk to me anymore.

          • You thought I said something I didn’t ever say? What a surprise!!!

            Unlike you, I do not say something and then repeatedly violate it, e.g., when in one of your earlier bouts of petulance you’d hissed that this blogger/site had lost you (and your non-existent “friends”) as a reader… then you keep coming here and embarrassing yourself over and over with the lying.

            Sad to hear about your ρenis envy though. Going through life with a man’s name but not a man’s wang has got to be rough… it does explain why you are the way you are though.

          • 4K

            There’s actually been perhaps millions of men that have lived without a hot dog. Research the eunuchs in ancient China.

        • Dave Nonya

          You’re not even smart enough to know you’re being played! Too funny.
          FYI, Disqus is a commenting forum that is available on many websites.
          Your obsessive delusional compulsions are really quite obvious for all to see!

          • Being played? “Being played” has a definition, and by no stretch of that definition am I the one being played… unless you’re not actually as stupid as you’re portraying yourself to be, and in fact just trying [quite well] to mock the other readers of this site for their collective low IQ? In THAT case, bravo, you’ve made yourself quite the convincingly believable clown.

            And thanks for the common knowledge that Disqus is a commenting forum that is available on many websites…Yeah, you figured that oe out all on your own, eh? It’s pretty telling that you believed this to be anything but highly common knowledge already known to everyone. Perhaps your own obsessive delusional compulsions to continually respond to someone on a site you specifically said you were never reading again needs further reflection (hint: that was a pun on ‘projection’).

            Any time you wish to come back here to the site you petulantly “dumped” many, many posts ago and defend any of your attempts with a fact, I’ll be here. But here’s the thing with you and facts… you’re allergic to them. All you have in your quiver is insults, projection, and hot air. The only thing that makes you even more entertaining is that you know that’s all you’ve got.

          • Dave Nonya

            Typical liberal tactic…, everything YOU are guilty of you accuse every one else of. You have done absolutely nothing to defend your phony accusations . All you do is try and insult others because that is all YOU have.
            I have really enjoyed watching you melt down and squirm in your insecurities! Yes you have been played, big league! My comment to 4k was intentionally posted to trigger you and you fell for it hook line and sinker! Good luck with your Daddy issues. TRUMP 2020 #MAGA!

          • Hmmm, so you admit to being psychotic? I didn’t have to work very hard at all to get that confession out of you!

            I agree about Crooked Donald in 2020… he’ll be in prison or dead, which will allow America to be Great Again!

          • Dave Nonya

            It’s painfully apparent way you don’t know anything, you have no comprehension skills what so ever! “Crooked Donald”? Did you come up with that all by yourself? My my, how original are we now? Is that a name that the people with no original thought for themselves came up with or are you just parroting what the rest of the bird brains parrot?
            Carrie wana cracker?

          • ***definition of irony***

            That’s all you, bruh.

            Now please let everyone know when you can finally substantiate the claims that I was incorrect, EVER. Because if you haven’t noticed (oh, you’ve definitely noticed), this all started because you claimed — without a modicum of evidence — that I was incorrect. Others have corrected me handily. They brought evidence, they taught me something, they showed they were correct.

            What they DIDN’T do is lower themselves to your level by constantly skirting the responsibility they brought upon themselves by claiming I was incorrect about something.

            And I bet I’ll be 100% correct AGAIN when I predict you’ll still avoid bringing this mysterious proof that I was incorrect in the first place…..

          • Dave Nonya

            As I already clearly stated if there was one iota of truth to your phony claims, Trump would never have been elected! TPTB would have done anything to keep him out of power. They failed just like you have at making any provable claims. They collectively have much more money and could make NOTHING stick.
            They employed massive voter fraud and still couldn’t win. The proof of that is so simple a child could understand it. I guess your fake news sources didn’t clue you in on the fact of all the states that refused to release their voter registration records.
            You snowflakes’ heads are now exploding because your dark masters are going down hard. Must really suck when everything you believed was a lie.

            So what else would you like to parrot at me?

          • Yet another way of avoiding the evidence you can’t conjure up.


          • Dave Nonya

            Carrie wana cracker? Once again it is you that has failed to provide any evidence. Who are these so called abuse es? What are their names?
            Can’t wait to find out so we can see holes blown in your new demonic narrative!

            When all you eat is crackers, anything sounds delicious!

    • No, Carrie isn’t the one equating the word “man” with “rapist, and that is VERY misandrist of you to not know that “man” and “rapist” actually do not share the same definition.

      Also bad of you is how offended you become when someone simply asks that you tell the truth. Oh, I get it — is “demanding truthfulness” a solely feminazi trait in your head? Because I balk at that ‘f” word, while I still do happen to demand honesty in debate… THAT is your problem with me.

  • watchmannonthewall

    Our tax dollars hard at work!