Republican Operatives Plot To Sabotage Trump – But That Could Turn Him Into Their Worst Nightmare

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Donald Trump At Podium - Photo by Michael VadonCould Donald Trump become the next Ross Perot?  Right now, there is a push by Republican insiders to try to find a way to sabotage the Trump campaign and even potentially exclude him from future debates.  These Republican operatives claim that he is “damaging the party”, but what they really mean by that is that he is playing havoc with their plans of getting Jeb Bush into the White House.  You see, the truth is that most of the other Republican candidates are just there for window dressing.  All of the big money is already lining up behind Jeb Bush, and his campaign recently announced that it has already raised 114 million dollars.  Perhaps Scott Walker or Marco Rubio have an outside chance of contending with the Bush machine, but everyone else is just supposed to be cannon fodder and most of them know it.  If everything goes to plan, Bush will clinch the nomination very early, and that is precisely the way that the Republican establishment wants it.


But now Trump has rolled in like a wrecking ball and is messing everything up for the Republican establishment.  He is getting the vast majority of the media attention, he is talking about how terrible Bush is, and many of the things that Trump is saying are driving Republican insiders up a wall.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article on a liberal website

He objects strongly to the trade agreements, including the proposed Trans-Pacific deal now in the news, on the grounds that other countries, such as Japan and China, are superior negotiators and are taking us to the cleaners. He wants to build a tall wall on the Mexican border. He is against Common Core and federalizing education. He warned against invading Iraq in some detail, predicting it would expand Iran’s influence.

On each of those issues Trump is right, but that puts him at odds with Bush.

Bush is very much in favor of the Trans-Pacific partnership, Bush is not in favor of building a giant wall on the Mexican border, and Bush’s brother was the one that started the Iraq war in the first place.

Trump is not following the script of the Republican establishment, and that is making them very angry.

At this point, Republican insiders are so upset with Trump that they have even discussed ways to exclude him from future debates.  The following is an excerpt from a recent New York Times article…

Many national Republican officials are increasingly resigned to Mr. Trump’s looming presence. At a meeting of the Republican Governors Association this week in Aspen, Colo., donors and operatives mused about how to prevent him from hijacking the debate.

One idea that came up was to urge three leading candidates — Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor; Mr. Walker; and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — to band together and state that they would not participate in any debate in which Mr. Trump was present, using his refusal to rule out a third-party bid as a pretext for taking such a hard line. The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations, was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of candidates.


Nothing like this has ever been done before, but this is how desperate Republican insiders are to get rid of Trump.

But if they aren’t careful, Donald Trump could go from just being a thorn in their side to being their worst nightmare.

You see, Donald Trump is already very seriously considering the possibility of running as an independent candidate.  The following is an excerpt from an article that the Hill published on Wednesday…

Donald Trump says the chances that he will launch a third-party White House run will “absolutely” increase if the Republican National Committee is unfair to him during the 2016 primary season.

“The RNC has not been supportive. They were always supportive when I was a contributor. I was their fair-haired boy,” the business mogul told The Hill in a 40-minute interview from his Manhattan office at Trump Tower on Wednesday. “The RNC has been, I think, very foolish.”

Pressed on whether he would run as a third-party candidate if he fails to clinch the GOP nomination, Trump said that “so many people want me to, if I don’t win.”

I’ll have to see how I’m being treated by the Republicans,” Trump said. “Absolutely, if they’re not fair, that would be a factor.”

If Donald Trump even suspects that Republican insiders are actively trying to sabotage his campaign, he could very easily pull a Ross Perot.

We all remember what happened in 1992.  Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate, and he ended up taking 18.9 percent of the vote.  Virtually everyone agrees that he took far more votes away from George Bush than he did from Bill Clinton, and so his candidacy may have actually decided the election.

Could we see a similar scenario play out this time around?

One recent survey found that Trump does have sizable support in a hypothetical three way race between himself, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton…

A poll released earlier in this week may confirm that fear. Testing a hypothetical three-way matchup among Trump, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida (R), and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, a Washington Post/ABC survey found Clinton (46%) easily ahead of Bush (30%) and Trump (20%).

Unfortunately for the Republican establishment, their relationship with Trump can probably not be repaired at this point.  It would take some major sucking up to undo the damage that has already been done, and I just don’t see Republican insiders doing that any time soon.

So the odds are probably pretty high that Donald Trump will end up choosing to run as an independent.

If he does, will he run under the banner of an existing party, or will he create his own?

If Trump chooses to go his own path, perhaps he will draw from history in naming his new party.

During the peak of the populist movement, a political party known as “the People’s Party” existed from 1891 to 1908.  It was a party that sought to legitimately represent the concerns of millions of ordinary American citizens.

And that is something that we desperately need today.  We need a party that will actually represent the people instead of just doing the bidding of the elite.

So is Trump the man for the job?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Joe


  • K

    I actually think Trump is nothing but an elaborate ruse. He has always been all about the money, and being President, would just get in the way. He soaks up all the oxygen in the room. Thus people like Rand Paul, or Scot Walker never get off the ground. Pulls out at the last minute, leaving Busch the only candidate with the money to win. How do you make more money? By being President, or having a President that owes you big time. Just a theory of course. But perhaps something to make you say Hmmmmm.

    • greyprepper

      Trump is certainly a businessman but at least you know where he stands. I imagine he’d be predictable in a comforting sort of way. I’m not completely sold on the guy but in light of our other options….
      You gotta admit, it would be a blast to watch him approach some of the corrupt politicians and say “ya fired!”

    • robobbob

      nice thinking, but i hope you wrong.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    The premise in this article is one of many reasons I’m politically atheist – just don’t believe in the crap.

    • Gay Veteran

      I agree.

  • DJohn1

    Mr. Donald Trump reminds me more of Archie Bunker than Ross Perot. I liked both the fictional Archie and the real life Perot.
    If Mr. Trump wants to really be President I think that his paid staff need to do a little more research.
    For instance, I would be doing an intense background check on all the potential candidates to see how they actually voted while in office. For instance, how did Mr. Jeb Bush act when there was a scandal at the state electorate level and the votes were counted over. Seems like there might have been a coverup there but who knows for sure. It is a southern state and sometimes things happen.
    Hillary Clinton is part of a team. They are married! You don’t get one without the other. That also means experience in the job. The management at the Secretary of State level needs to be taken into account with Mrs. Clinton’s bid for President. Not everything went right when she was in that job and an ambassador was shot and killed on her watch.
    Did Mr. Bush have anything to do with the Security Act that went through both parties in Congress and was voted 300-80 for the agreement? Those are not exact numbers but seems like two parties got together and voted the same.
    If I were Mr. Trump, I would be watching my back. These people do not play fair and they certainly do not play nice. I still remember Bobby Kennedy getting shot to death on the campaign trail.
    I think a lot more goes on than we are told. I think there is a definite chance he could get shot and killed by some nutcase out there. But the question is who aimed the nutcase in his direction?
    Ross Perot bowed out when it got dirty. When his family was threatened. No, people do not play nice all the time in politics.
    The problem I have with the whole thing is both parties seem to vote together on critical issues.
    Mr. Trump could be president if he can get to the electorial college. It is not necessarily a popularity contest. It is ruled by electorial representatives. They have to vote the first time as they are directed. After which they can vote anyway they like if the first vote does not get the tally needed to elect someone president.
    And there lies the real problem. Who controls the college? Is it Democrats and Republicans or can anyone actually run and win?
    On a popular vote he might win. On an electorial college vote, he hasn’t got a prayer

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The management at the Secretary of State level needs to be taken into account with Mrs. Clinton’s bid for President….”

      Hillary proves that women can be psychopaths just like men

    • suzsez

      Ya got pretty wordy here, but I have two words for why the American people will not tolerate Jeb Bush in the White House. Teri Schiavo.

      Teri Schiavo is Jeb Bush’ Mary Jo Kopechne. He allowed that innocent handicapped woman to be executed in his state under his watch. Not just executed. He dried her like a piece of beef jerky until she died.

      We will not only not forgive him for what he put her through, but we will not forgive him for what he put US through, forcing the whole country to watch her be put to death that way.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    By the way, what does everyone think of the new social sharing buttons at the top of each article?

    An improvement over the old ones?

    • Lab Rat

      Didn’t notice the sharing buttons, and I never will. Facebook and Twitter are for narcissistic, time wasting losers. Just my opinion based on what I see at my workplace.

    • YH

      Nice addition Michael. Thank you.

    • krinks

      I’ve read far too many examples of people being fired for twitter/facebook posts even on their own time to ever go near them.

  • wraft

    Trump is too close to Israel and the Jews for my taste. Americans will never be fully awake until they start using the Jew word.

  • Mike Molyneaux

    Michael, Many facts and indicators in the global financial and political scene provide strong evidence that a global currency reset is being planned. But I can’t understand why the wealthy super-elite group of insiders would want to change anything now. The global financial and political scene has taken decades to establish and provides the opportunity for the super-elite to continue profiting at the expense of everyone else. Everything is under their control and works to their advantage. Can you suggest a logical explanation for them to engineer a global currency reset?

    • StephaneDumas

      I don’t read tea leaves and I’m not a Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or Siener Van Rensburg to see what’s coming up from the super-elite groupe of insiders. We could suppose then another hidden group could begin to threat them and they decide to shift in higher gear before the hidden group take action and kick them down from their pedestal. Note then it’s only a supposition and nothing graved in the stone.

      • Mike Molyneaux

        The only logical explanation for them to engineer is that they have come to realize that if global population growth and industrialization continues unchecked, the long term consequence would be disastrous for everyone – natural resources, especially cheap fossil fuels, would become scare and unaffordable to most, increasing levels of pollution would threaten our health and the biodiversity of the earth would be seriously diminished. Rather than wait for disaster to happen this super-elite cabal seem to have decided that the time to avoid these threats is now, before we reach a critical irreversible stage.

        It’s obvious to statisticians that the middle classes of the world are the major driving force of industrialization, waste production and pollution. The easiest way to slow these trends to more manageable, sustainable levels is to force the middle classes of the world into the category of low wage, highly skilled labourers. Of course they know the middle classes of the world will not like that idea, so the scheme is to do this gradually without people understanding what’s happening and why. This scheme is called “austerity.” a currency reset will accelerate the process.

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    Donald Trump did more for NYC when he was allowed to than anyone will ever admit. Before Guliani there were tent cities all over the place. He used to send truckloads of HOT food down and anyone could eat for free. Every night. There are more hospital wings than anyone can imagine that aren’t named after him but have a small plaque that says he donated it. They are afraid of him because inside, there really is a generous person that gave a crap about us when the politicians and establishment didn’t. Bush vs. Clinton. No way.

    • Avner

      You know… I think Trump’s run is based on a very selfish fact – that if this country goes full commietard, they are going to take all his money and property. You know what? GOOD! About time we had a capitalist running for prez.

  • Avner

    “Nothing like this has ever been done before, but this is how desperate Republican insiders are to get rid of Trump.”

    Well, they did screw Ron Paul out of his delegates. However, the Paul’s could only hope to have a quarter of the cojones Trump has shown so far.

    • kfilly

      Ron Paul also didn’t have the billions of dollars needed to launch his own presidential bid. Sometimes it just isn’t all about having courage.

  • YH

    If Trump runs as an Independent, I would still vote for him. So long Republican vote!

    • Jim Davis

      I don’t know if I’ll vote for Trump, but I certainly won’t vote for any of the other Republicans. We don’t need any more Wall Street-run domestic policy combined with Israel-run foreign policy which is what Jeb, Walker, Rubio et al. would give us.

  • im4truth4all

    Based on what I am seeing and hearing today I would vote for Trump. The Republicans are becoming just like the democrats. If the Republicans attempt to exclude him and he runs as an independent they will lose the election. I am tired of the elitists. It is refreshing to hear the truth.

    • Daddyotis

      Agreed. In the past elections, I have held my nose and voted for the republican stinkers (McCain and Romney) over the democrat a$$hats. However, if they ban Trump, I’m all out…and they’ll have lost me for good (I know, I know, …dems are the same as repubs…I get it…really). I’m one of those who wholeheartedly agrees w/ Trump’s views and past recent comments. I think the RNC better think really carefully about alienating a LOT of people who agree with and support the Donald.

      • Ace

        You said it.

        If the Repubs exclude Trump I will vote for the Tootsie Roll Party before I vote Republican. If it means Hillary or Bernie I couldn’t care less.

        It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I vote for a Bush. Vote for Hillary, get more open borders. Vote for Jeb, get more open borders. So what additional harm would come from voting third party?

        The emperor Nero’s got nothing on those two jokers.

  • Spook89

    Trump has said he might run as an independent…suddenly, I’m getting “Ross Perot flashbacks”. Remember how that ended?

  • Gay Veteran

    Trump is a member of the elite.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    On Thursday, I was a guest on Pastor Dan Catlin’s radio program. If you would like to listen to the interview, you can find it here…


    • K

      I listened, well done.

  • Lanny Dante

    Im voting for Mr Trump – behind closed doors both parties act as one.

  • piccadillybabe

    Jeb wants to end Medicare and SS or seriously reform it to be barely recognizable as we know it today. How can that be a popular move on his part? We don’t elect our leaders they just want us to think we do. Our leaders do as they are told by their advisors. All the American public can do is pray real hard for the best interests of humanity. The Donald is like a wild card thrown into the mix. If by some chance he did get into the primaries and actually end up a GOP candidate, it would be interesting. If elected, he would do what he does best, fire their lazy, good for nothing **sses.

    • Zenithon

      If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

      Mark Twain

      • iris

        Wow, what a quote, thanks!

  • RageHard84

    In some ways Trump is not good for the Republican Party. He’s turning away Hispanics. And yet, if his conversion to Republican is real (he was donating to Democrats and Democrat Party causes) either he’s moved right or both parties have moved left.

    • Jim Davis

      Hispanics are going to vote Democrat anyway. The Republican party is as useless as nipples on men.

      • RageHard84

        What about the fact that Trump’s narcissistic and bigoted?

        • Jim Davis

          Everyone is bigoted to some degree. We could use an anti-PC injection into politics. And no one is more narcisstic than Barack Hussein or Hitlery.

    • iris

      Both parties have moved left. The most “progressive” among us would have been shocked 30 years ago, by some things which have become commonly accepted in the last 15 and now encouraged in the last 5.

      • RageHard84

        I thought the LGBT movement was starting around 30 years ago.
        I suppose that’s not the only sexually shocking thing. It seems like now the gays have gotten their way, the polygamists are trying to be next. Some think incest might follow if the polygamists get their way. Will pedophilia be next? This is not to equate pedophilia with homosexuality, but rather the fact that our society’s display of skin even includes young children.

        • iris

          Yes, our children are becoming sexualized very early, now, some by 1st and 2nd grade, and I’m not talking about victims of rape or molestation. The new normal may soon include legalizing pedophilia and incest. More innocent victims who grow up to then find a way to be in the position of power instead of being abused, yet, in what they have come to believe is ok, even good. (If that’s all they’ve experienced, it’s most likely so in their minds) They’ve already been introducing bestiality to the public in subtle ways. Think of the recent commercial with the horse, goat and girl in bikini on the beach, but more subtly, the sit com, (don’t know if it still airs) about the single lady and her large dog. The American Psychiatric Association would have us accept that all sexual behaviors are healthy and normal. They pushed for homosexuality 20 years before it mainstreamed, now they’re pushing for the rest of it. I don’t agree with polygamy at all, but at least it’s between grown adult men and women. So sad to see the hurt caused to so many victims being celebrated, encouraged and furthered.

          • RageHard84

            To be honest, I’ve not seen the sit com you’re talking about.
            Polygamy was traditionally a man and many wives in many cultures, but I’ve read about some cultures where it would be the other way round, if the men were poor.
            That being said, if and when polygamy becomes legal here there’ll probably be same-sex polygamous relationships and even bisexual polygamous relationships. The polygamous folk are already trying to get polygamous marriage. I hope they won’t succeed, but I wouldn’t bet money on it, even if I actually gambled.

          • iris

            Yep. Although the Progressives think they’re so loving and wise, as Solomon said, “There’s nothing new under the sun”. And how ironic, that the very folk they greatly disdain, the farm family type polygamists, might be shooting for the same goal. Yikes. Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t have nuthin’ on our culture. We’re closer now to the ancient Greek and Roman elites, although I’d bet even they didn’t compare to us, now. Hope the LORD returns very soon.

          • RageHard84

            There aren’t too many farm family type polygamists are there? I tend to think of farmers as poor folk who can afford only one wife.

          • iris

            You’re right, not anymore. And those that are left, aren’t all on farms, but that’s the stereotype the young progressives have of them.

          • RageHard84

            Hmm…I’ve heard of the stereotype of conservatives as rural, poor, (rednecks) who are racist, inbred (due to incest). I’ve not heard about the polygamous part. From what I understand not all conservatives are rednecks. (Even if they’re from the South or more isolated parts of the Midwest). I also understand not all rednecks are racist or inbred. However, I did find a blog by some man who calls himself the Conservative Hillbilly. He apparently didn’t like Obama (which doesn’t make you racist but liberals will think you are) or pedophiles.

          • iris

            I wasn’t equating people living in rural areas with polygamy or conservatism, or stereotyping them in any way. I was saying that our young, spoiled “progressives” are stereotyping rural people and conservatives, but I should have been more clear. Lots of hillbillies are very intelligent and self sufficient, some, well educated. In so much of the world, we still find millions of people living in such conditions and some make it into universities and have excellent careers in the global job markets. We’re just that self centered and myopic that everything is filtered through our affluent Western experience. In the U.S., there are still pockets of polygamy, and imo, they would probably hope that it becomes legal, that’s all.

          • RageHard84

            Oh I see. You’re saying polygamy, when it does exist, is in the more isolated, rural areas. And you’re saying you don’t agree with the stereotype, but it’s one that liberals present.
            My own father grew up in an area that’s more rural, and he managed to attend University of MN. I can’t call it particularly isolated because it’s not that hard to get to from the Twin Cities airport, but there are folks in said rural area who lack Internet connection. Some of these people who lack Internet connection are poor, others are Amish.
            It’s true, many things are filtered through our affluent Western experience. We’d probably look at things differently via the poverty of folks in Ethiopia, the Philippines, Serbia, Mexico, Peru, or even Appalachia.

          • iris

            I just went looking and have not found the title of that sitcom. I remember seeing several commercials for it, but since I never saw it on the air, maybe it never actually launched, good! We don’t need any more social engineering, anyway.

          • RageHard84

            I hope you’re right. The fact I’ve never seen that sitcom could also reflect the fact that I’ve not seen very many sitcoms. The last sitcom I watched was more of a K-drama back in 2010 if I remember correctly.

  • Paul F

    What america needs to understand is there is no difference between democrats and republicans–they are all the same; a few may still have integrity, but they are very rare. Is america so weak that they root for one person believing this person will truly represent them and uphold their views? No one single American has a say who runs for president, they just get to see ‘who’ is running for president, get pulled into the political circus, cast views and arguments that divide the people, and finally vote. I always tell people: stop voting for man and start praying for GOD’S Mercy through YESHUA MESSIAH. What has any politician accomplished in the name of GOD…nothing, but they allow abortion, gays. prayer out of school…and yet Americans are so blind they still root for the same people–regardless of sides–who continue to destroy america. Enough said.

  • Pam

    What an interesting Article with info indicating that, essentially Republican Jeb Bush, his backers/money, are ordained to take the Presidency over Hillary?
    Throw in the mix Trump, and subversively all players boycott him, huh??? Showing this plausible bidding for our highest office shows what a pony ride/smokes & mirrors/ bought, corrupted, system we now have, thus further explaining how we possibly were infiltrated(paid off by ?) from within with Anti-American present my opinion??
    So American’s need America BACK, period. Extreme the other way is to off-set status quo in my opinion,….Trump sounds real good right now!!!! Otherwise we get more of the same: picking away our rights, freedom in peril, false security, illegals sucking our handouts, raping our system, diseases unchecked, disappearing
    jobs, unfairness with melting pot becoming cater to different dangerous present,(Sharia Law/ISIS/Criminals released/insanity), set with making us conform to them; not them conforming to us??? Heck no!!!
    Trump should circumvent those “Jokers” running, and do so with his brains, money, time, passion to save America, skills to outwit the dimwits…
    especially since they are demonstrating just certain chosen few are allowed to run in their snotty minds, and so let “Trump Win”!!
    Hillary has problems right now it so appears since laws broken catching up finally with her????

  • jsmith

    I’m voting for Trump as a last ditch effort to stop the sellout of this country, both economic, and to reverse the Mexicanization of my state Calimexico. I love Mexicans too, but I love them more when they live in Mexico. These lily white Republicans like Jebb and the others will not be elected in the future when the latinos are a majority!

    • iris

      Everyone should be welcome in the U.S.A., but it needs to be legal, they need to learn our language, they need to respect our laws and everyone here. The other problem is that there aren’t many jobs that can support a single person on their own, much less a family. We need to close the borders until we give our companies which have fled abroad, a reason to come back, and we need to buy American whenever possible.

  • krinks

    No offense but Ron Paul won the Iowa Caucus in 2008 and behind closed doors it was given to Romney without cause. To this the sheep spoke not a word. Every election season Ron Paul went from great statesman that he was for the past three years into a crackpot kook, then once the election was over he was a great statesman again. The propaganda machine used against Paul will bury Trump the same way. The sheep have lost their ability to think critically and independently. They need some blow dried drone to tell them what to think.

  • Uri Katsav

    The FBI sholud release Trump’s videos where he get stunt with cocaine or with his hookers. Period. Solved problem.

  • iris

    They’ve done this to every decent conservative to come along. With the facts that: We’re still using electronic voting machines (which can be programmed before and after the vote, and hacked during the vote), No one ever gets into office without the full backing of the CFR, and Rep=Dem except for a very few brave and honorable politicians, so if they do this again, I won’t vote in federal elections anymore. It’s only to gather demographics at this point, anyway. Things continue to march inexorably along.

  • GetReal4U2

    While I may not agree with everything Trump says or does…I will say that he stand by his words…which is more than I can say for 99% of the politicians these days…I honestly doubt there will even be another election…we shall soon see…

  • Hank

    GOOD! Let Trump rip into the republican establishment. We need to destroy the republican elites. Even though Trump is not Republican and does not have conservative values, he has no chance of winning, let him tear into those lying Republican elites like Mitch McConnell.
    I wish people would wake up and listen to Ted Cruz. Or Scott Walker and Rand Paul. Just STOP the machine because that is what is destroying the country from both parties.

  • SR 71

    Name names. Who are the “Republican Operatives” are they the Establishment?? Again Name Names I have quite a few on my list but I what to expand my knowledge on this topic. I am tired of traitors hiding behind shields like “Republican Operatives” Establishment, Rino’s. Name Names and lets go after them. Thanks for the help.

  • James

    Push comes to shove, they will try to capture him by holding his fortune hostage. If he steps too far out of line, Trump may very well find himself separated from most, if not all of his assets. I’m willing to bet that is how the establishment keeps all of their flunkies in line. Many in politics have wealth that I doubt they could ever achieve in any other career field. And to lose that standard of living with no hope of getting it back is a fate worse than death to such people.

  • martae

    The best thing about a Trump presidency, is that he is neither a Clinton, or a Bush.

  • John

    “Republican Operatives Plot To Sabotage Trump”

    Looks like the Republicans, Democrats & the News Media are Plotting to Sabotage Trump.

  • ramrodd

    Trump is planning immigration reform/amnesty for 50 million

    dont trust the Donald

    • albertbryson

      I hope not.

  • albertbryson

    Yes, it will guarantee the defeat of the Republican nominee the so called Jeb Bush and it could likely led to the election of the worse possible president in Hillary Clinton. The Republican establishment do not realized how angry and mad the American middle class is, primarily Whites is about ways things are going with the United States. If this the only way to get message out they will not vote for Republicans candidates in 2016. They are one responsible for this because they are not listening to the average American who want illegal immigration stop, deal with the crimes committed by the illegals, they want English to be the primary language and that all immigrants must assimilate our culture and way of life. They want Washington to treat our military veterans with dignity, they want Washington out of health care and education. In reality, they want Washington out of our lives.

    • iris

      But those are some of the very things the GOP establishment is part and parcel to, regardless of the rhetoric, because we can look at track records. Right now, they’re laughing, “Let them eat cake!”, as are the Dems.

      I’m sure the whole Trump in the mix will be to the Donkephant’s advantage, hopefully, he’s not being paid off to do this.

  • suzsez

    Everyone is forgetting precedent HAS been set. When the Whig party maneuvered and refused to run an anti-slavery candidate against the pro-slavery Democrat party’s candidate, that gave rise to the new (3rd) party, the Republican party, and the rise of Lincoln.

    Nobody misses the “Whig” party, and if the Republican party commits the same sort of garbage, nobody will miss them either.

  • chriscas

    I just hope we don’t wind up with either President Bush or President Clinton, although I think she’s be worse. I still feel like I’m locked in a car rading towards a cliff at 100 mph with a gun to my head. No way out….

  • David

    so is it possible Donald Trump could win the Latino vote by paying off Puerto Rico’s $58,000,000 Debt? I think he would win a lot of respect from the Latino community if he did. $58 million? lol. The Donald can afford it!

  • Robert Herrmann

    If voting could change anything it would be illegal.

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    As a Republican, I hate to say this, but I will do whatever it takes to get Trump into office and if that means “writing him in” as a Republican or voting for him as a “third party”, it is what I will do. I understand the risks of this; but I believe I am in the majority in this thinking. We need to tell the RNC/GOP that “we, the people” will elect our President. You would think by now they would understand that either embrace Trump or you will loose in ways you can’t imagine, not counting how our Country will loose.