Radical Leftists Are Warning That The Trump Years Will Be ‘Apocalyptic’ – And They Just Might Be Right

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Apocalypse Earth - Public DomainIs the United States about to plunge into an apocalyptic nightmare from which it may never recover? During the Obama era conservatives often warned of such scenarios, but now things have completely shifted. At the moment, conservatives are generally more optimistic than they have been in many years, but quite a few liberals are warning that the Trump years could have absolutely disastrous consequences for this country. They are concerned that Trump’s policies could burst the giant debt bubble that we have been living in and trigger economic collapse, they are concerned that widespread civil unrest could soon erupt in our cities, they are concerned that our rapidly deteriorating environment and major natural disasters could soon kill millions, and they are also concerned that faltering relationships with other nations could lead us into World War III.


Of course leftists are generally wrong about just about everything, but in this case they might be exactly correct.

The truth is that our world is becoming increasingly unstable with each passing week, and this time around it is conservatives that are guilty of reckless optimism.

Just because Donald Trump has been elected does not mean that everything around us is going to be transformed into some sort of utopia. Anyone that is guilty of this kind of thinking is simply delusional.

So as much as it pains me to say it, these days it is often liberals that have a more accurate assessment of what the times immediately ahead of us are going to be like. And while many conservatives have totally given up on preparing for the difficult times that are coming, many liberals have suddenly become extraordinarily interested in emergency food, water filters and guns. They are extremely concerned about what America is going to look like in a few years, and the mainstream media is starting to do stories about their rising anxiety. The following is an excerpt from a Christian Science Monitor article entitled “In age of Trump, apocalyptic rhetoric becomes mainstream“…

The longer President Trump is in office, the more Cat Deakins worries about the future – for herself and her children.

With every executive order and cabinet appointment, she envisions another scenario: an America that rejects immigrants, that succumbs to climate change, that erupts in war.

“It’s scary to me that [people within the administration] are promoting this idea of, ‘We are at war with Islam.’ That’s the kind of thinking that leads to World War III,” says Ms. Deakins, a cinematographer in Los Angeles. “I don’t think we can be alarmed enough.”

To many conservatives that may sound like nonsense, but the truth is that we are on a road that could potentially lead us to World War III. Anti-Russian hysteria has reached a fever pitch in Washington, and our relationship with China is the worst that it has been in decades. Of course the Middle East continues to be a tinderbox, and one false move could cause a major war to erupt in the region.

Meanwhile, the ground under our feet continues to shake with increasing regularity. In fact, an enormous magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck along the “Ring of Fire” just this weekend

A HUGE earthquake measuring 6.9 magnitude struck off the coast of New Britain island in Papua New Guinea this morning, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The quake was so powerful that it was felt as far away as the capital Port Moresby, 750 km (460 miles) away on the country’s south coast.

Papua New Guinea is on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” which has frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

And our environment continues to deteriorate all around us as well. According to one recent study, half of the species on our entire planet could be facing extinction by the end of this century unless something is done…

One in five species on Earth now faces extinction, and that will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless urgent action is taken. That is the stark view of the world’s leading biologists, ecologists and economists who will gather on Monday to determine the social and economic changes needed to save the planet’s biosphere.

“The living fabric of the world is slipping through our fingers without our showing much sign of caring,” say the organisers of the Biological Extinction conference held at the Vatican this week.

But of more immediate concern is our very serious economic problems. For much more on this, please see the article that I published on Sunday entitled “Retail Apocalypse Gains Momentum As David Stockman Warns ‘Everything Will Grind To A Halt’ After March 15th“.

We have already seen very angry protests and riots from coast to coast during the first month of Trump’s presidency, and it wouldn’t take much to push the millions upon millions of Americans that completely hate Trump entirely over the edge. If we do see a severe economic downturn or a major natural disaster (remember Katrina?) or the U.S. enters a new war, any of those things could potentially be enough to spark widespread civil unrest in cities all over America.

A lot of people can see what is coming, and many wealthy elitsts are securing adequate accommodations to ride out the “Trumpocalypse” while they still can. For example, a former nuclear missile silo in Kansas has been transformed into a series of luxury survival condos

The door to the Survival Condo closes slowly, sending a resounding thud through the concrete parking garage.

Those inside have surrounded themselves with walls up to 9 feet thick, ready to withstand a nuclear explosion, the eruption of Yellowstone’s supervolcano or an outbreak of avian flu.

Larry Hall, project manager and owner of the Luxury Survival Condo Project, says he feels safer with the doors closed.

He says he’s sold all 12 luxury condos in the former Atlas missile silo — which once housed a nuclear warhead — not far from Concordia, about two hours north of Wichita. He’s working on a second silo.

The condos are all sold out at this point, but the vast majority of us could have never afforded one anyway. According to the article quoted above, an 1,820 square foot unit costs three million dollars.


In the end, the truth is that America was headed for disaster whether Trump or Clinton won the election. And actually, many of the apocalyptic scenarios that I lay out in my novel are much more likely to happen with a Republican in the White House. For instance, radical leftists are far more likely to go wild in the streets if someone that they hate with all of their might is leading the nation.

And instead of trying to bring peace, the top Democrats in Washington are now calling for “total war” against Donald Trump. The following comes from the Daily Caller

Democrat Party leaders are planning to agree on a strategy of all-out war against President Donald Trump at meetings this weekend, rather than work to achieve their policy goals through compromise.

Following the election that devastated the party’s power at every level of government, some in the party were considering a strategy of working with the Trump administration to get things done. Indeed, Trump has signaled he would be willing to cross the aisle to achieve some less-than-conservative policy changes he has taken up. But senior party officials told The New York Times that option is likely off the table, and those inside the party who favor an aggressively confrontational strategy will win out.

The left is not just going to lay down and die just because Donald Trump won the election.

They are absolutely determined to fight Trump every step of the way, even if that means causing more division in a nation that is more deeply divided than it has been in decades.

I know that there is a lot of optimism out there among conservatives right now, but the truth is that the elements for a “perfect storm” are coming together very rapidly, and it is very easy to see how all of this could end very, very badly.

So when liberals say that the coming years could be “apocalyptic”, they may not actually understand what they are talking about, but they might end up being precisely correct.

  • Scot Wm

    With the exception of cataclysmic storms, HUGE earthquakes and the next eruption of Yellowstone’s supervolcano, the upcoming apocalyptic nightmare will be entirely man made. It’s a real shame that mankind will soon destroy itself and all other species. In the near future, the earth will be reduced to nothing more than a lifeless, barren planet.

    • David

      yea,, that seems to be the direction we are heading.

    • Joan Camara

      We have a book that tells the future, and that’s not in there, but only in your own mind. Your prediction is quite sad, and wrong besides.

  • William Lutz

    Gear up for Civil War 2/World War 3. I can’t wait.

    • VAXXED

      A lot of the leftest protesters and organizations are paid by George Soros.

      • William Lutz

        I also learned that Google is an anti free speech CIA backed company. I just boycotted the search engine.

        • iris

          I never use it either. Try Start Page. It comes out of Switzerland, and their laws allow for more privacy and security. Of course, now that Obama has given our taxpayer funded and hard work of U.S. researchers who developed the internet, to 160 different entities (it will probably end up in the hands of the anti Christian and anti Jewish UN) our only real security is in God, but it’s also good to be prudent when possible.

  • nilst2011

    I started to read alternative news during 2010. Every year they ‘predict’ the economic collapse, WW3 or any other ‘apocalyptic’ thing. This has really started to become ridicilous.

    I have to add, if the economic collapse do occur during the years with Trump as the president it isn’t his fault. The buildup to a collapse has been going on for years and years back. That is how the financial system works.

    • Seen2013

      Technically, we’ve been in economic collapse since the 90s given the solution was and remains redirected the bubble to fuel another bubble.
      What they did was lessen the impact of the immediate bubble to bust cycle to attempt redirecting the market whose bubble is busting, and this simply increases the overall negative effects of the markets purging mal-investment.
      Under old school measurements, deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP, and historians estimate the point of no return is 93% of GDP. It requires normalcy bias to be standing at over 80% when the cliff is at 93%, and it is precisely why they advocate spending cuts with tax increases requiring over 90% tax increases just to maintain the present GDP ratio.

      Hence, why the Federal Reserve raised interests rates guaranteeing surgical removal of deficit to debt spending comes at a high political-economical cost.

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    • William Lutz

      The economic crisis is happening on a gradual yet accelerated scale. Ever since late 2008 and Obama’s election, my hope has started to diminish. Now I have no hope left.

      • michael_riggs@mail.ru

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        • William Lutz

          Please spam somewhere else. Thank you.

  • K

    Survival Condos. Now right there, that is funny. You want to survive by living in an old nuke silo. What make you think, the Russians ever reprogramed their nukes. With all the warheads they have.I would bet, somewhere, there is still a nuke aimed at it. A lot of money to pay, to be at ground zero.

    • David

      these people are paying Millions$$$ to be in their own prisons. sad. I would rather get vaporized than live in a small confined space living in fear for the rest of my days.

      • K

        Yes, their prisons for now. If the rockets fly, their tombs. Also remember they have nothing but contempt for the law. So as they stock up on weapons. I would expect many, to have them illegally modified.

        • VAXXED

          Yeah, we don’t want patriots to have weapons that can threaten any future order of martial law.
          All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.
          Mao Zedong

  • MrsSpooky

    Why don’t people get it right (not directed at the writer here): Trump isn’t anti immigration, it’s ILLEGAL immigration that’s the problem. With all the people flowing over the border, nobody knows who these people are. Some of them are gang bangers, guilty of numerous crimes of violence against people and are repeatedly released afterwards. I don’t think any nation should have to accept everyone who comes in just because they want to live there.

    And I hope these people aren’t afraid Trump is going to start WW III when it was Hillary during the second debate couldn’t wait to take on Putin. War with Russia is a mostly leftist desire.

    • Seen2013

      Today’s Progressives is nothing more than re-imaged Bismarkianists who aspire for Absolute Authority aka Big Government who seeks to centralize Top-Down Authority through controlling the pillars of civilization such as guilty until proven innocent justice system in the name of security to maintain open border policies. Historically, there’s only three mechanisms for open border policies:
      -expansionism aka conquest
      -guilty until proven innocent
      -joining such as ratifying the Constitution.

      “And I hope these people aren’t afraid Trump is going to start WW III when it was Hillary during the second debate couldn’t wait to take on
      Putin. War with Russia is a mostly leftist desire.”

      There’s no check yet on Russia’s Arctic and Cuban buildup that is second and third only to its buildup near Eastern Ukraine at least that I can see.
      Russia and China both consider war with the US as inevitable under the basis that BRICS are overtaking the developed Western World that grants them replenishment-numerical supremacy by a ratio of 1 for every 5 counting Germany or 1 for every 10 without Germany whose the principle manufacturing hub of the Western Hemisphere.
      The US military focus on unconventional warfare aka Occupational Force Operations is cited by the War College as a lose-lose proposition against Russia or China and Russo-Sino.

      Under Diplomatic History, espionage’s primary objective during times of peace is strategic/long-term benefit over tactical/short-term benefit, so based on the strategic advantages of a Military incapable of fighting a multi-regional or world war, and US manufacturing-production as well as capital structure catastrophically neglected the Russian ‘Anyone but Clinton’/’Trump over Clinton’ states Putin concluded Clinton grants Russia a strategic/long-term advantage.

      Historically decisive shifts in global balance of power are determined conclusively through major warfare, and Russo-Sino benefit from the shift of balance of power.
      Factor in analyzed abroad including Russian and Chinese assess the Soviet Union fell by:
      -The world’s reserve currency status grants the advantage of time
      -Unable or Unwilling to directly challenge the US citing backing down in the Cuban Missile Crisis

      War becomes inevitable, and it becomes a question of whether it’s imminent or not.
      No, if things escalate, it will not be a cold war; it will be a war expanding 3 or more continents counting Russian and Chinese alliances who Russia alone is already a war expanding 2 continents against a nation’s military whose focus is severely limited to regional/occupational operations.

      • MrsSpooky

        “There’s no check yet on Russia’s Arctic and Cuban buildup that is second and third only to its buildup near Eastern Ukraine at least that I can see.”

        How much of that though is a response to the NATO buildup at Russia’s borders? NATO places troops, anti missile systems, warships near Russia’s borders, Russia responds in kind.

        • Seen2013

          “How much of that though is a response to the NATO buildup at Russia’s borders?”

          Your question requires examining the difference with distinction between defensive contingency and offensive planning, and neither side is operating from a defensive contingency.

  • David

    the left won’t be happy until they claw their way back into power.
    the way they are acting I hope they never regain any kind of power
    in any of our 3 branches of Government. we see the Utopia Obama left us in now don’t you?

  • DJohn1

    The best friend the illegal immigrants have on the planet is probably the current President Donald Trump. Why?
    He wants to bring the good people into this country and give them a legitimate green card, have them pay income tax, social security, and give them a chance in 5 years to become citizens of this country with all the rights that everyone else enjoys without looking over their shoulders at a possible deportation.
    What do they have to offer us? Just like every other group that ever immigrated here they offer us their skills and talents. They offer us their genetics as it mixes with the rest of the population. My wife’s current heart doctor came from the middle east. Is he Muslim? As long as he is willing to obey the laws of this country without violence, who cares? I care that he is here to treat my wife for heart disease. He is a sharp doctor.
    Who stands to gain from illegal immigration with people constantly looking over their shoulders in horror of being deported?
    I say it is fairly rich people with illegal immigrants hired under the table and in violation of half the laws governing this country. IT was illegal not to pay income tax on employees in this country. Probably still is.
    It is illegal not to pay social security on them as well. It is illegal for them to not register for the draft. The classification is C1 through C4. I ought to know. I was born in England and earned my citizenship in our United States Air Force. I served my country and applied for citizenship when I was about 21. I served both here and in South Korea in the 60s. I was educated in our public school system and in High School I learned a trade at a vocational high school. Went on to a Craft Union apprenticeship that is considered a college degree in most circles.
    The reason they want illegals is they are extremely vulnerable and take wages far less than they are worth.
    Go after the employers and it will all stop in a hurry.
    I bet half your congress has illegal help though that is just a guess.

  • DJohn1

    I suggest we have an amnesty agreement that allows these people to get green cards and eventually allows them to work towards getting citizenship the same as everyone else here. They came illegally because our laws did not allow them to come any other way.
    I think we need to offer them legitimacy instead of shoving them all out the door.
    Logistically and economically this makes more sense than throwing them all away.
    There are many humanitarian reasons for doing so including people born here. Many have been here over 20 years. Many are multiple generation illegals.
    It is not realistic to throw them away. You are throwing away a talented group of people that could contribute a lot to our country.
    IF they become green card holders legitimately here you subject them to our laws. They are now lawless.
    It is the Christian thing to do to forgive people and forget.
    Besides, I think we as a people will benefit a whole lot from the exchange of being illegal to legal.
    I am not against anyone. What they did was wrong. They are currently in the horrible position of being cast out.
    We are currently going to build a huge wall between us and Mexico.
    I suggest we offer them statehood instead.
    That should blow everyone’s minds.

    • jsmith

      You know, something that is lost on the majority of us gringos, specially the more liberal one’s, is that fine and dandy, let’s make the illegal, oh, excuse me, the undocumented workers; let’s all make them legal, let’s make America a country with 500 million people, but I digress, did any of you think that with the economy being so bad, that eventually with those jobs being so scarce, that your son’s and daughters will be competing for lower paying depressed jobs with the offspring of these “undocumented” workers? Have any of you projected into the future of your kids?

  • Tommy Chiu

    What if God decide otherwise? There is still hope if everybody repents and turns back to God Almighty!

    • William Lutz

      It ain’t gonna happen. The damage is already done.

      • Citizen Bob

        The One who raises the dead can do anything, anywhere, anytime. “Fear is useless, what is needed is trust” Luke 8:50

        • iris


  • JJ

    Stupid Libtards, you time is up, so listen up: The good times have gone on for far too long, with credit and stealing from the producers, and with no consequences, you hoards of fools and idiots have been emboldened and now openly push a BS utopia of LGBT freaks and communism, and every botched thing know to man, but under nature it will end for sure. On one side the angry turning conservative mobs and the other side Islam. You thought you were so intellectual and smart, but you are just BS jive talking self haters, weak, and your time is up.

    Mother Nature

  • Philip Sieve

    It must just be ok with them if Hillary started a war with a nation that actually would go nuclear on us, if we got in his way.