Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity

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Global Puzzle - Public DomainPope Francis says that global warming is a fact and that a new global political authority is necessary in order to save humanity from utter disaster.  The new encyclical that was scheduled to be released on Thursday has been leaked, and it is being reported that this new global political authority that Pope Francis envisions would be in charge of “the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions”.  The funny thing is that this sounds very much in line with the new sustainable development agenda that is going to be launched at the United Nations in September.  This radical new agenda is already being called “Agenda 21 on steroids” because it goes so much farther than Agenda 21 ever did.  The new UN agenda does not just address the environment – it also addresses issues such as poverty, agriculture, education and gender equality.  It is essentially a blueprint for governing the entire planet, and that sounds very much like what Pope Francis also wants.  In fact, Pope Francis is going to give the speech that kicks off the UN conference in September where this new sustainable agenda will be launched.  For some reason, this Pope has decided to make the fight against climate change the central pillar of his papacy, and he is working very hard to unite as much of humanity as possible to get behind that effort.


It is not an accident that this new encyclical is coming out now.  An article from the Guardian even states that the release was intended “to have maximum public impact” prior to the Pope’s major speech at the UN in September…

The rare encyclical, called “Laudato Sii”, or “Praised Be”, has been timed to have maximum public impact ahead of the pope’s meeting with Barack Obama and his address to the US Congress and the UN general assembly in September.

It is also intended to improve the prospect of a strong new UN global agreement to cut climate emissions. By adding a moral dimension to the well-rehearsed scientific arguments, Francis hopes to raise the ambition of countries above their own self-interest to secure a strong deal in a crucial climate summit in Paris in November.

Much of the encyclical is not that surprising.  But what is raising eyebrows is the Pope’s call for a new global political authority.  Here is more from the Guardian

Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have “grave consequences for all of us”.

Francis also called for a new global political authority tasked with “tackling … the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions”. His appeal echoed that of his predecessor, pope Benedict XVI, who in a 2009 encyclical proposed a kind of super-UN to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.

What is even more alarming is who will be on the stage with the Pope when this encyclical is formally released.    John Schellnhuber is a German professor that has some very radical views on climate change.  For instance, he believes that our planet is overpopulated by at least six billion people

Professor John Schellnhuber has been chosen as a speaker for the Vatican’s rolling out of a Papal document on climate change. He’s the professor who previously said the planet is overpopulated by at least six billion people. Now, the Vatican is giving him a platform which many expect will result in an official Church declaration in support of radical depopulation in the name of “climate science.”

And Schellnhuber also happens to believe that we need a new global political authority.  If he had his way, there would be an “Earth Constitution”, a “Global Council” directly elected by the people of the planet, and a “Planetary Court” that would be above all other courts on the globe.  The following is an excerpt from a very disturbing piece that he authored

Let me conclude this short contribution with a daydream about those key institutions that could bring about a sophisticated — and therefore more appropriate — version of the conventional “world government” notion. Global democracy might be organized around three core activities, namely (i) an Earth Constitution; (ii) a Global Council; and (iii) a Planetary Court. I cannot discuss these institutions in any detail here, but I would like to indicate at least that:

– the Earth Constitution would transcend the UN Charter and identify those first principles guiding humanity in its quest for freedom, dignity, security and sustainability;

– the Global Council would be an assembly of individuals elected directly by all people on Earth, where eligibility should be not constrained by geographical, religious, or cultural quotas; and

– the Planetary Court would be a transnational legal body open to appeals from everybody, especially with respect to violations of the Earth Constitution.

Does the Pope want something similar?

It is quite telling that Schellnhuber was invited to stand with the Pope as this major encyclical is released to the world.  Did Schellnhuber play a role in drafting it?  Has he been advising the Pope on these matters?  Does the Pope share his vision of the future?

And does the Pope share Schellnhuber’s belief that our planet is currently overpopulated by six billion people?  If so, how would the Pope solve that “problem”?

Without a doubt, most of those that make up the “global elite” would love to see the number of people on earth decline precipitously.  This is something that I covered in my previous article entitled “46 Population Control Quotes That Show How Badly The Elite Want To Wipe Us All Out“.  Of course the Pope is not going to publicly advocate for getting rid of six billion people, but clearly he is extremely concerned about the impact that all of us are having on this planet.

The funny thing is that the earth is not even warming.  In fact, there has been no sign of global warming at all for the past ten years

Over the years the government and the scientific community have largely stood their ground when it comes to climate change. They’ve been adamant in their assertion that the planet is gradually warming due to human activity, and that we all need to do our part to stop climate change. However, the data provided by the scientific community doesn’t always jibe with their claims.

At least, that seems to be the case with the data coming out of NOAA’s climate monitoring stations. They have a series of 114 stations across all 50 states, which is known as the US Climate Reference Network. For the past 10 years they’ve shown no sign of global warming. In fact, there’s been a very slight cooling in temperatures across the US.

But at this point, most of the world has bought into the propaganda.  In most industrialized nations, a solid majority of the population actually believes that climate change is the greatest threat that humanity currently faces.

And since just about all forms of human activity produce “carbon emissions” or affect the environment in some way, it gives control freaks that dream of global government a good excuse to grab more power.  They will always say that it is about “saving humanity” or “saving the planet”, but ultimately everything that they are trying to accomplish would mean more power in their hands.

So what do you think that the Pope is up to?  And do you think that it is a good thing or a bad thing?

Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…

  • K

    Global political authority, along with standing next to Schellnhuber. That causes me to have grave doubt,about the course he has chosen. Global political authority, sounds like the beginning of one world government. I think most of us knows where that ends up.

  • Larry Tanner

    Looks like the false prophet is making his move!

    • jaxon64

      Exactly what I thought—
      As a side note, there is something very dark and unsettling about this man. Looking at his eyes there almost appears to be a sinister malevolence which is thinly veiled. When I see him or video of him speaking, it conjures images of the evil of the middle ages Catholicism and papacy where the inquisition killed and tortured thousands of Christians.
      Yes, contrary to the pop culture and revisionist historical accounts of those times, it was primarily Christians who were demanding access to the bible and would not recognize catholicism’s ” divine authority” or perverted religiosity who were being tortured and killed.
      I could envision this man leading a sort of “second inquisition” against the bible believing Christians.

      • The Catholic Church killed 50-150 million people. The Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is filled with stories of Catholic’s torturing & killing Christians.

        After the financial collapse the Church is going to bail out nations (likely a lot more than just the U.S.). This gives the Church political power. All the denominations are uniting with the Catholic Church so these “Christians” likely won’t be targeted (“Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned” [nuclear war]). It will probably be just like the dark ages where independent Christians are hunted down & killed.

        With the invention of guns there will probably be less torture this time.

        • ray

          The Catholic church does not have that kind of money you are talking about.

          • They’ve been collecting taxes & gold for like 2000 years. They have lots of land. In some countries they have gold altars. Right now they have about 1 billion taxpayers. They have their own highly secretive bank & have close ties to some of the big banks.

            I’m thinking with a financial collapse the Church can bail out nations like the U.S. at a much lower price than normal. The American Dream (Youtube) or Endgame (Alex Jones) explained this.

            The Church’s goal has always been to take over.

          • Diane9859

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          • Aj

            Incredibly naive of you. As a healthcare worker; can assure you, that for an organization that “doesn’t have the kind of $$ you are talking about” they certainly have no problem buying up hospitals all over this nation if not the world and dumping ones that are bleeding $$. The RCC combined with the other apostate churches and all the pressure they exert on their parishioners to “pay up” can well afford this type of “bail-out”. As to whether it will pan out that way I don’t know. But yes, they CAN do it.

          • tateabolic

            The Catholic church has more money than you think. I read a book that said if the Catholic church was a nation, it would be the wealthiest nation in the world, by FAR.

        • Riki

          killing christians and Jews, don’t forget !

    • iris

      Sure looks that way. One wudda thunk a pope would have called the world to look to Jesus Christ as “the authority to save humanity”. Go figure, especially to get behind the un’s uber hypocrisy and deplorable track record regarding human rights issues. God will not be mocked.

  • GetReal4U2

    …been timed to have maximum public impact ahead of the pope’s meeting
    with Barack Obama and his address to the US Congress and the UN general
    assembly in September…
    sadly…most won’t even care…or connect the dots…get ready…September approaches quickly…

  • Luis

    With the exception of the last few decades, it has been a longstanding position of Protestants that the Pope is the Beast power spoken of in Revelation 13. The Pope can kiss all the babies he wants, hug deformed people, and wash the feet of others, but a careful study of the Bible exposes him for the ‘man of sin’ that he is (2 Thess. 2:3).

    • Mike

      I disagree. The Pope will not be the antichrist.

      • jaxon64

        Not the antichrist-the head of the world govt
        BUT, the false prophet, the one who unites a world religion. He has already told atheists that they will go to heaven, now he is appealing to the eco-cultists. He allowed the muslims to come into the Vatican and hold rituals to allah and has been very active globally in the united religion movement.

      • ray

        I agree he will not.

      • IsReal

        He may not be THE antichrist but by definition, he is A antichrist just as much as Obama is.

      • TheMatrixHasU

        No, not the a/c but the false prphet

      • Karl

        Ancient greek, ‘Anti’ means:
        In place of, Instead of, a substitute…

        Anti-Kristos therefore was therefore meant to be ‘Instead of Christ’. What is the pope other than, as the papacy claims, a representative of Christ on earth? A replacement? Here instead of Christ?

  • Pam

    The man is evil. It’s strong delusion that the adoring masses cannot see who he is.

    • rmc9


    • ray

      He is not Evil, he is just a Communist from Argentina.

      • SonsofAnarchy5768

        Yeah, your right, wanting to f*** everybody on the entire planet isn’t evil at all…….ughhh

  • krinks

    The very position of Pope has never been about the faith of the Lord, it has been about usurping the power of the Roman Emperors. Thinking of it in this light it is only natural that the Pope would want to be part of a world gov’t/eugenics program. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  • DJohn1

    This is about having an atmosphere we can breathe. Not abotu global warming or not.
    The CO2 in our atmosphere has gone up at least 20% in the last 50 years.

    • jaxon64

      I have a masters in biological sciences and my doctorate is in applied sciences–what you just wrote is not even close to factual–and every true scientific model shows that the earth warms from solar activity and THEN CO2 rises. Also, CO2 is neither a pollutant or toxin.
      Even at 400 parts per million as is being reported by the government funded Scrips labs- that is .004% of the atmosphere.
      So, CO2 is a side affect of warming and not a cause–and secondly, it is not toxic and there are no proven ill affects of an increase in CO2.
      This is all about control–don’t drink the kool aid John. NOAA just reported that we have had 10 straight years of cooling temperatures.
      The climate changes hour to hour–it is in the high fifties this morning, it will be in the mid 70’s this afternoon–it will probably be freezing in November and December and then warm back up in April and May–the climate is dynamic, it will change and always has–it was changing before man walked on the earth and if we disappeared tomorrow it would continue to have periods of warmth, hot, cold, high methane, high Co2, low methane, red tides, volcanic eruptions and prolonged winters, encroaching deserts, droughts and floods–nothing new under the sun and mankind’s less than 1% contribution to the vastness of our atmosphere won’t change these facts.

  • Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh

    A Communist Pope.

  • chriscas

    As a Roman Catholic who loves our wonderful faith, I must confess I’m a bit embarrassed by all this. Our Holy Father is out of his league and entertaining some very strange bedfellows indeed! Somehow I don’t think the Globalist/UN plans include paying homage to the Kingdom of Christ. It’s probably more the Kingdom of Man, and we see how well that turned out last century…Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Che, Castro, Pol Pot, etc. etc. Once more we might all wind up serving the one who would not serve and was kicked out of heaven…Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison

  • Tatiana Covington

    What else would you expect from this superstitious old fool, who believes (or says he believes) that a dead man got up, walked around again, and then flew away like a bird?

    Obviously barking mad.

    • DJohn1

      I must be mad too.
      IF Jesus was a demigod(Half God/Half Man) then it is entirely possibly with an unknown biology he could and did revive after 3 days.
      Jesus floating up into the clouds? What exactly was in those clouds? A tractor beam and a space ship maybe? Teamed with angels? I am of course speculating as to what actually happened from the eye-witness accounts of the New Testament.

      Every myth of prehistory talks about various males and females with god-like powers.

      Most of which claim to come from a planet with a much heavier gravitational pull than the Earth.
      The “gods” had an incredible lifespan and claimed they were immortal. Well, coming from a heavier gravity planet that is entirely possible.
      They were described as being exceptionally tall. Possibly 9-12 feet tall. Jesus on the other hand appeared to be normal height. At least as he is portrayed.
      Do we as humans understand everything that happened. I don’t.
      Do I think we know it all. Not by a long shot.
      Do we look like them? According to the Bible we do.
      Can we reproduce children with them?
      Again both in and out of the Bible there is documentation that our women had children by them.
      If and when Jesus comes back in our lifetimes there will be a whole lot of explaining.
      That is of course assuming that Jesus is immortal.
      It assumes he also has the powers given him by his Biological Father. It assumes he is a God.
      Not everything is what it appears to be.

  • Our Father who art in heavan, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heavan….
    Not much there about a secular human world government.
    In fact the Roman empire was kind of like a united nations of its time providing all sorts of bennies to being a citizen as long as you didn’t have a problem with worshipping Caesar. The Jews didn’t accept Jesus because they were looking for messiah the king and missed the message of the first coming.
    Jesus is coming back to destroy all man made messed up systems and rule on this earth with those who accept him. First we must endure to the end. Marantha.

    • iris


    • James Bishop

      The point I’m making is that God has authority over all government. He also makes kingdoms rise and brings them down – all of this in His Word. Not only that, what must be understood is that government is amoral. It is not inherently good or bad. What is good or bad are the people who do the governing. To say that one large government is bad because it’s one large government is like saying someone who’s rich is bad because they’re rich. It’s circular reasoning and has no foundation in reality. What’s most important and should really be talked about is how crummy a job we “Christians” are doing at loving each other and this broken world. Christ powerfully disappointed the Jews when he came not to overthrow the Roman government but to overthrow our internal lack of any government in our hearts – and to offer a government of love. You and I are just as wicked as any “evil” pope or corrupt official.

      • iris

        Don’t think any of the Christians here are saying we haven’t sinned, or more or less than anyone else. The issue here is that people in positions of great authority are tossing in their lots with others in high places and the agenda will necessarily include if accepted by the masses, at least in the near future, many of the very things which faithful Catholics in the past have been adamantly against; sterilization, euthanasia, abortion, saying that Jesus Christ is not the only bridge between God and man. Never mind the anti-Semitism, now rampant in the un, which the RCC has much to be ashamed for, regarding. But God fights our battles, and they are not against flesh and blood, but demons and demonically influenced ideas in high places. He will return and He will win.

  • John Hus

    The chief poobah of the religion of child molesters

  • Lone Yankee

    Just a matter of time until the Anti-Christ reveals itself. Time to prep and pray. Keep your guns close, but keep your Bible even closer.

  • melvin johns

    Michael you are right on, the United Nations is what the Pope is talking about.
    We see it in Daniel chapter 7:1-7 and Revelation chapter 13 as the 7th world power.
    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.(Revelation 13:1)
    And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: (Revelation 13:2)
    And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death;(Revelation 13:3)
    The beast that will come out of the sea in the midpoint of the 7 year tribulation will be the United Nations.
    It has two heads
    One in Washington D.C. and one in New York, the head in D.C. will be wounded in the upcoming war with Russia.

  • BeenThere

    Michael, I know as an Evangelical Christian you are expecting the antichrist to be a secular dictator of some sort. But looking at the activities of the Papacy, have you ever considered that the early day protestants might be right and the that the Papacy is the antichrist and will be the leading driver of a New World Order?

    • TheMatrixHasU

      The antichrist and the false prophet are two separate people. The a/c will be a politico-military figure and the false prophet will be the Pope

  • IsReal

    Why does all this matter? Giggling nuns have a crush on him and we all should be happy for them.

  • TheMatrixHasU

    ****The rare encyclical, called “Laudato Sii”, or “Praised Be”, ****
    Hmmm….how that sounds a lot like the Wiccan (goddess worshipper) use of Blessed Be….
    Couldn’t help but notice that

  • TheMatrixHasU

    ****The rare encyclical, called “Laudato Sii”, or “Praised Be”, ****
    Hmmm….how that sounds a lot like the Wiccan (goddess worshipper) use of Blessed Be….
    Couldn’t help but notice that

  • Gay Veteran

    I’m agnostic on “global warming”. But I heard an interesting comment in an interview: the REAL question is how much environmental degradation have we done to the planet?

  • James Bishop

    Oh my goodness! People get a life! Do you have nothing better to do than bash the Catholic Church as if you had no sin! Who says global government is a bad thing? It’s what God wants, actually. And as far as the Word says we’re supposed to be praying that His will be done on earth just as it is in Heaven. Hmmm… Read your Bibles please and stop getting sucked into Christian propaganda. By the way, I love Jesus too.

    • iris

      Yes, God wants and will have global government, but by and for Him, in His timing. He is lovingly calling everyone to Himself and giving us free will to accept or reject Him, but it’s looking like He will return very soon. Until Jesus Christ returns, and rules this earth HE made, mankind is not ever going to do it right. We need to get under Jesus’ authority, not a church’s or a church leader’s. It’s the difference between eternal spiritual life and death.

  • jaxon64

    that is the great trick that they have pulled–they get the masses to “think” carbon monoxide, smog and black sooty air when they mention carbon dioxide ( which is vital to life and the existence of our atmosphere).
    I guess it doesn’t really matter what is true anyhow. Children are taught climate change/global warming as fact now all through school–colleges are hard to even graduate from unless you take mandatory green courses and parrot the pseudo-science they program the students with daily. Professors and scientists cannot get or keep jobs unless they agree with the green bullies and 95% of all media from cable, TV programs, news, magazines, books all espouse these rigged and manipulated “datum” as if they were commonly understood facts instead of purchased results that were pre-arranged before the studies even began.
    Thirty years from now, thinking people and all skeptics of the elitists programming will have either passed away, been shut away or disappeared……Global warming and the need to “CONTROL” the masses, their numbers and their behaviors is too important to the .01% masters of the planet to allow for a bunch of free thinkers who still have the ability for critical thinking, deductive reasoning and independent thought to exist on THEIR planet.

    • iris


    • DJohn1

      Let me borrow your expert opinion for a minute. How does Carbon Monoxide break down and cycle to oxygen? We tend to use Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide interchangeably.
      Carbon Dioxide is utilized by plants to cycle back to oxygen. Do plants also use Monoxide?

  • The Duke

    Damien Thorn, head of Thorn Industries, applauded the pope’s decision and stated he would be acting in concert with the UN and the Catholic Church to “save the people from themselves”.

  • Peace Or Mind?

    Pope Francis,

    Only a Christ who has realized the truth himself,

    can represent the truth.

    Yet you claim to represent the truth?

    Who gave you this authority?

    What then is the truth?

    Where exactly in your teachings can it be found?

    The Annual Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1901, yet true lasting global peace remains a dream, a hope, a utopia.

    The world is in crisis, which drags us ever closer to the nuclear precipice.

    There remains no choice but to address the fundamental problems of our global dystopia.

    To discover the very roots of it’s unconscious nature.

    Yet until the people begin to realize that the solutions we seek can only be found beyond the intellectual mind.

    Global peace will remain a utopia!

    How many world leaders, artists, scientists, academics, politicians, clergy, celebrities, know themselves?

    Or are even aware that they do not know themselves?

    Knowing oneself is intelligence.

    Intelligence comes from seeing.

    Not from the mind. – thoughts must cease for your intelligence to be.

    Intelligence is consciousness itself.

    Consciousness, being free of thought, is the door to knowing the absolute zero.

    It is ever present within us.

    Intelligence is always in the present.

    “By placing the Hubble’s Space telescope orbit outside the distortion of Earth’s atmosphere.

    It has allowed Hubble to take extremely high-resolution images of the universe.

    Many of it’s observations have led to breakthroughs in astrophysics.”

    Uncovering intelligence, from the distortion of mind, allows us to see directly the very nature of reality.

    Fully unlocking the present will release humanity from its entire past of divisions, violence, hatred and war.

    Set intelligence as a universal existential constant.

    Intelligence is a state of no-mind.

    Our whole structure of education is built not on intelligence, but on intellect and competition,

    Only trying to achieve results in the future.

    Never realizing that intelligence is always in the present.

    Education initiates the fever of ambition and the struggle for

    Education does not make you more aware, more conscious.

    It simply fills you with information by increasing the power of your memory.

    Mind is nothing but a faculty of imagination.

    But while the world and it’s leaders remain oblivious to this truth.

    The implications are enormous.

    The intellect without intelligence awake is one of the most dangerous things in the world.

    And we are living under the danger of intellect.

    Because intellect has given science immense power.

    But the power is in the hands of children, not in the hands of wise people.

    Only by knowing oneself, does a person become wise…

  • J Purcell

    Actually, if you read the original source, Schellnhuber does not say anything about reducing the population by 6 billion.

  • PPTA

    We should pray for The Lord to forgive for this man. He has been taken into the Bilderberg groups influence and by total evil. I can now see why it was predicted centuries ago he would be the last Pope. He may as well give the keys to the Islamic forces and the Anti Christ.

  • jim_robert

    … then google Dr. Tim Ball + picea glauca. Tell me then how that white spruce stump got a hundred or two km NORTH of today’s treeline.

    Also go to YouTube and search for the founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman+ global warming. See what he says. Hint: he uses the word “scam.”

    And what is behind this all? Simple, if you control energy, you control everything it touches which is, well… EVERYTHING. A socailists dream!

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Very saddened by this from the Pope.

    I’ve mentioned many times that I’m Mormon. And as such, we all work with LDS Charities to provide relief and comfort locally and internationally – we work with Catholic Charities all the time. A lot of it is resource sharing and physical labor. And I’ve worked side-by-side with the Catholics and we’re all cool with each other. We’ve got an interesting understanding where we don’t try to convert each other or debate; it’s about the results of the work we’re doing together, try to understand each others beliefs, have a pastry and head home.

    However, Members of our faith do not, and will not, support socialism or any of it’s forms. If Catholics are going through with this, then we’ll have to accept their decision.

    Just really sad; they’re a fun sort of folks.

  • iris

    Great comment!

  • StealthGhost

    Time is nigh & the confrontation is imminent. We know it’s a fraud & they wil try to ram it down our throats. FACT: The US Military is the SINGLE biggest offender regarding Carbon Footprint & Oil / Gas consumption. This is fact. It’s the American Empire making it;s last play for their NWO quest to run the planet or co-rule w/ China & Russia as final default position. Mathusisan Crisis’s created (including California’s drought for diaspora & Agenda 21) for the Climate Alarmism via HAARP / EISCAT Radar ELF etc. Humanity needs to comes to grips w/ this reality & demand transparency & truth.

    Since the Emperor Constantine approx. 308 AD the fist Pope 1 st founder of Christianity has been lying & labeling books / scrolls as “apocrypha” to control & manipulate people via religion. The books take out were Book of Enoch, Book of Jasher, Book of Giants & Book of Jubilee. There are other as well. The Council of Nicea deleted the books sometime around 325 AD or so. We are in an Epoch of history & trying to keep truth our compass as they want to make truth the enemy & censor it.

  • come-and-take-it

    Here comes the beast, here comes the beast, order in the courtroom, here comes the beast.

  • Thunderbolt

    No, global warming is not real and the pope of the pagan church is liar and could very well be the false prophet. A world government with the antichrist, the false prophet, the mark of the beast is coming just as the Bible has said.

  • felicityva

    This world is full of ‘givers’ (workers) and ‘takers’ (on the government dole). I wonder how the takers will feel when the elite tell them they have to work (after they eliminate the 6 billion givers)? After all, they have a lifestyle they need to maintain.

  • Paul Folbrecht
  • Josey

    It is a oxymoron to say that atheists can go to Heaven. Atheists claim to not believe in God or Heaven although throw a atheist in a war zone and they will pray or in any situation where their life is threatened. This false prophet pope is insane.

  • Nancy Whitehead

    What is needed to save the planet and humanity is to wake up the sleeping sheeple and get rid of our existing religious and political structures worldwide. We need to use our collective consciousness like they have used it against us against them and their evil adgenda’s for depopulation. Their are millions more of us then them and we need to wake up the sleepers to use this powerful weapon against them to rid this planet of them forever. Only then will their be peace on Earth not until we arrest the lot of them and try them publically then with an awakened humanity we can start fresh. They have got to go the time of evil is over..but they arre reptiles and are not going to give up or stop until we stop them. No one is going to help us either they create this mess on Earth then left humanity to solve the probems created by these evil people. Totally unfair but that is the truth which is coming out more and more no one is going to help us we must wake up and solve this horrific problem ourselves. The more I learn about The Great Experiment created by these evil people the more it sickens me, Everyone wants to meet Ets welll get ready bcause they are the ones behind this entire thing and the truth is they do not even like us or respect us either.Their are right now 22 different races still tinkering with our DNA and screwing us with religion, horrific government. slaves. pedophilia, and even bartering us for human experiments off Earth to negative Ets in exchange for technoligy so with nothing but our collective consciousness they expect us to solve the problems created by these advanced ET races left to rule over us..The more i learn the more disgusted I become. We were created as slaves and it is still ongoing.they are still getting away with all of it and they do not respect us because we allow them to do it to us and do not fight back. with nothing to fight back with but our consciusness…You who read this need to start thinking about whether you want them on this planet or not because it lies up to us to stop them….

  • Alien absolushun

    Vicarius Filii Dei = 666 with roman numerals go figure eh.

  • Sharma

    Religion and politics can never go hand in hand. A politician can never be honest and a prostitute can never be Virgin.

  • Anabela Oliveira Lewis

    Congratulations Poppe Francisco I think like you only One World Government can save our Paradise ( the most beautiful Planet in our Galaxy). We all have the obligation to look after our Planet and if family cars have to be electric to help their children to have a healthier lifestyle in the future, I am sure that they don’t mind.
    I have an idea what to do with this 6 million people that are too many, because they are God’s microcells like us, we could make 2 more floating islands in the same latitude than the rain forest in Brasil, they could be the New Atlantic and the New Lemuria. One on the right side of South America and the other on the left side of South America. They all could plant a lot of trees to repair our ozone layer and keep our poles with its Ice Caps, to cool the Center of the Earth.
    E que a Senhora de Fatima nos aude.

  • Anabela Oliveira Lewis

    Desculpe nao e aude e ajude.
    E que Todos of Santos nos ajudem tambem.

  • tateabolic

    Isn’t the anti-Christ supposed to “save humanity?” And the false prophet paves the way. Just like it says in the Bible!
    Always have thought the Pope was a False Prophet!