Police Shut Down Lemonade Stands And Cookie Stands Run By Kids All Over America – Is There Anything We Are Still Free To Do Without Government Permission?

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If you plan on using the bathroom before you get done reading this article, you might want to check with the government to see if you are still allowed to do that.  There are very, very few things that Americans still have the freedom to do today without government permission.  Back in the old days, if young kids wanted to earn some extra money they would set up a little stand outside and sell some lemonade or some cookies.  For many little kids, this was their very first practical experience with making money.  Once upon a time, you would see lemonade stands all over the place during the summer in America.  In fact, “lemonade stands” became such a part of American culture that people knew exactly what you were talking about the moment you mentioned them.  Even up until a couple of decades ago, nobody would have ever dreamed that little kids would need the permission of the government in order to set up a little stand to sell some lemonade or some cookies.  But today, everything has completely changed.  If you are a little kid and you try to sell some lemonade in “Amerika” today, the authorities will swoop in and shut you down in a heartbeat.


This is happening all over the nation.  Recently, three little girls in Midway, Georgia decided that they would set up a lemonade stand so that they could raise some money to go to a waterpark.  Well, the stand was up for just one day before the police came by and cracked down on the girls.

Apparently “the law” requires that anyone selling anything to eat or drink in Midway must get a “business license” that would have cost the girls $50 a day.

Needless to say, the girls were not going to be making $50 a day selling lemonade, so they are effectively banned from ever having a lemonade stand.

So what is the big deal?  Well, the police in Midway say that “health and safety” are the primary concerns.  The police chief in Midway put it this way….

‘We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, or what the lemonade was made with”


Does the government now have to know everything?

This is an example of how the “nanny state” has gotten completely and totally out of control.

But this is the same kind of philosophy that caused federal agents to conduct a surprise raid on an Amish farmer at 5 AM one morning because he was selling raw milk.

We no longer have the freedom to grow food or make something to drink and sell it to our neighbors.

To the control freaks in government, that is way too “dangerous”.

Even young kids recognize how crazy this all is.  The following is what one of the young girls had to say after the lemonade stand was shut down….

“It’s kind of crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade,” added 14-year-old Casity Dixon. “It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down.”

Yes, Casity, it is crazy.

The following is a video news report about the shutting down of this lemonade stand….

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident.  In fact, this kind of thing is happening all over the nation.  The following are some more examples….

*In Hazelwood, Missouri two young girls scouts have been permanently banned from selling girl scout cookies in the front yard of their own home.  A neighbor ratted them out and the police swooped in rapidly to shut them down because the girls were violating a city ordinance that bans “the sale of commodities” from a home.

*Back in June, a lemonade stand run by some kids in Maryland that was raising money for a pediatric cancer charity was shut down and authorities originally slapped a $500 fine on their parents until bad publicity forced them to rescind the fine.

*In Tulare, California one little 7-year-old  girl recently had her lemonade stand shut down by authorities because she did not have the proper business permits.

Unfortunately, this is just part of a larger trend.  The more that government expands, the less liberty and freedom we are left with.  Yes, there will always be a need for government, but our founding fathers intended for government to be much, much more limited than it is currently.

In Amerika today, if you want to do almost anything you must get the permission of the government to do it first.  And usually you have to pay a fee for that permission.

For example, if you want to get married you have to get the permission of the government.

If you want to open a business, usually there is at least one license that you have to get, and in many areas there are several different kinds of licenses that you will have to apply for.

If you want to drive somewhere, you must have a license to drive, you must have your car registered, you must have your taxes paid and in many areas you must have one or more inspections of your vehicle done on a regular basis.

In fact, it is very difficult to think of anything that one can do (especially outside of a home) without the permission of the government.

In the United States today, we are being strangled by a never ending onslaught of laws, rules and regulations.  Every single moment of every single day there are control freak bureaucrats out there that are dreaming up more rules and regulations to impose on us all.

Anyone that believes that this is still “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is delusional.

Today Amerika is a land of overwhelming bureaucracy where control freak politicians constantly tell us all how to live.

From the moment that our children enter school they are programmed to accept this system.  In a previous article entitled “18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons“, I commented on how the nature of our public schools has fundamentally changed….

Sadly, life in many U.S. public schools is now essentially equivalent to life in U.S. prisons.  Most parents don’t realize this, but our students have very few rights when they are in school.  Our public school students are being watched, tracked, recorded, searched and controlled like never before.  Back when I was in high school, it was unheard of for a police officer to come to school, but today our public school students are being handcuffed and arrested in staggering numbers.  When I was young we would joke that going to school was like going to prison, but today that is actually true.

In previous times, Americans put up with a little bit of uncertainty and a little bit of danger because we wanted to live free.

But now we have all become so frightened and so cowardly that we are actually thankful when TSA officials feel up our private parts because we believe that somehow it is making us “safer”.

Many weak-minded Americans that love all of this “security” insist that if we don’t like how this nation is being turned into a prison then we should just leave.

Well, where in the world would we go?  The sad reality is that the entire world has bought into this philosophy.  In fact, there are many nations that are even worse than the United States is.  I discussed this growing trend in a recent article entitled “32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid“.

The entire globe is being transformed into a police state.  Governments all over the planet are constantly figuring out new ways to more tightly control their populations.  Everywhere you look, liberty and freedom are on the retreat.  We are being told that it is for “our own good” and that more control will mean more “safety and security” for humanity.

But every totalitarian regime in history has ended badly.  With all of the sophisticated technology that we have today, the ability to control people is potentially greater than ever before in history.  As the world becomes a little bit more like a prison grid every single day, the potential for abuse grows.  If someday all of this power gets into the wrong hands, it is going to be a nightmare unlike anything we have ever seen before.


  • DR E

    I really appreciate your blog and postings. You have tremendous insight, organizational skills and ability to communicate.
    I also understand that you are a lawyer.
    Do you not feel that the legal profession is one of the biggest reasons the US in toruble?
    I feel the US Corporations are moving overseas because:
    Cheaper Labor
    No or Little Pension Obligations
    No or Little Medical Coverage to pay for
    Less or more relaxed Environmental Hurdles
    Less Litigous Society

    • Michael

      Yes I agree – the U.S. legal system is a huge part of the problem :)


      • DR E

        My profession too (I’m a dentist – a medical provider) is contributing to America’s problems. I have to practice “defensively” because of our litigious society. All Americans are paying more because of it.
        The sad thing is, I don’t see any way that we can fix it.

    • Tim

      No, I do not believe the legal system is the problem. But, ignorant lawyers who have been taught law how the government wants them to understand it IS the biggest problem. Also, people do not read law anymore and get blank stares on their face after reading a paragraph or 2 or “lawyer-ese”. This is sad considering the fact that over 90% of the people during America’s founding understood how to read law and could not have the wool pulled over their eyes. We have been intentionally dumbed down so that we don’t understand all our rights. However, you can start researching on losthorizons.com and downloading the free eBook (http: // losthorizons.com/ CtCforFree.pdf) to begin your journey into actually understanding how to read and comprehend laws.

  • dmitry

    too bad…it’s just a lemonade. You stupid cops!

  • anonymous

    Here’s another one for you. A man in British Columbia faces a possible 6 month jail term for growing food in a garden. Read about it here:


    What will they control next? Our thoughts?

  • Perry K

    And we so willingly use their monitoring devices: they know where my phone and car is, they know when I am using electricity, they know what I watch on TV, they know what I buy when I use my credit card or the store’s “club” card, they know what I read (I am thrifty, I use the library), they know what websites I visit (uh oh, I visit your sites every day!), and if they are really bored they can listen to my phone conversations. The TSA agents don’t get to feel me up or radiate me, I am exercising my right to not fly.

    As my father used to say fifty years ago, “Come the revolution things are going to be different!” I guess he was ahead of his time.

  • Maria

    My husband has a suggestion for those of you who are unemployed and need work. Trucking. It’s not an easy job, but some folks enjoy it.

    His message:

    There is a shortage of truck drivers nationwide and the shortage is forecast indefinitely. Check with your local state employment office regarding tuition assistance to attend truck driving school. Some states will pay for your training. Many companies will also assist with tuition. Both young and old. Couples can also run as a team.

    Drivers can earn $40K–$60K plus, especially if you get a Hazmat endorsement. It’s a tough life but rewarding as well; it can also lead to a wide range of opportunities within the trucking industry.

    • C#

      Interesting suggestion (although unrelated to this article). Unfortunately, even these jobs may disappear now that Mexican truckers are being allowed to operate in the U.S. It is currently going through a “trial run”, but if “successful”, more Mexican truckers will be allowed in the U.S.

  • Great excuse “Health and Safety”. It’s odd when Americans are very unhealthy physically and emotionally and their safety garbage is based on their paranoia.

    Of course not all Americans.

  • ScoutMotto

    “He has..sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” – charge against King George, Declaration of Independence.

    To serve and to protect..their city budget.

  • gardener1

    Police Shut Down Lemonade Stands And Cookie Stands Run By Kids All Over America – Is There Anything We Are Still Free To Do Without Government Permission?


    Next question?

    • lone survivor

      The mentally unstable, bipolar politicians pride themselves on how many restrictive laws they can pass while in office.
      The police want to harass everyone and if you complain you get hauled off to jail on a bunch of trumped up charges, see site;
      very interesting site, only thing is they don’t have an e-mail to update you.
      A lawyer once said the police are not your friends or buddies, the only people they like are other cops and judges! To them everybody is a criminal ,including pastors and nuns!
      The mentally unstable politicians want to raise money to fund all of their pet projects so they send the gestapo police out to give out tickets to as many people as possible-if they don’t give out so many tickets each day, they will loose a days pay!
      And its no only the cops giving out tickets, so do the stupid “codes” group. In my dumbass town, the codes people were giving business owners tickets for flying flags outside thir stores, claiming that car drivers would see the flags and crash their cars!! WTF???
      When asked (according to the newspapers) what law they were breaking, the codes ticket writers couldn’t name one but gave them a exspensive ticket anyways! And warned them that if they didn’t pay the ticket, a warrent for their arrest would be issued and the police would arrest them! I guess it would be better if all the small business owners closed up their stores and moved to a differnet area. These crazy ass politicians pass laws and don’t even know what they are doing!

  • Salub

    the problem is that this type of behaviour is only going to force these lemonade stands to operate underground in backyard dens out of the site of the public – way to go to teach kids what is really important

    • JasonD

      Hahaha! – lemonade speakeasies!

  • Richard

    As usual a good article you do however make one assumption that I disagree with.

    You say:

    “If someday all of this power gets into the wrong hands, it is going to be a nightmare unlike anything we have ever seen before.”

    Personally I believe this power is already in the wrong hands. Could it get in worse hands? Yes but the hands holding this power now are pretty bad already.

    • Michael


      You make a very valid point – although I believe that things can get far, far worse.


  • Luis

    “Anyone that believes that this is still “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is delusional.”

    This is true. I used to travel to Europe a lot before 9-11. One time after one of my trips I went to Assateague Island (off the coast of Maryland). Just before going over the bridge to go over to the Island I pulled off to have a look. Signs all over the place: No parking, no fishing, no swimming, no this, no that… it was a long list. I had just returned from Iceland where I had been exploring the country side and never saw a sign anywhere- you could do whatever you wanted. I remember saying to my wife- “whatever happened to the land of the free?” That’s when I started to wake up.

    • Michael

      Great point Luis.


  • Mark

    Since all laws are contracts, and two or more parties have to consent to a contract, this leaves me wondering when the girls made a contract with the state?

    When you drive a car you agree to follow the driving laws at the time you applied for a drivers license. You don’t need a drivers license to travel, but no one ever forced you to get one, you did it voluntarily. Same thing with SS#, Birth certificates, etc.

    We voluntarily become slaves and then we complain about things…

  • Dan

    Most places cops turn to busting kids and old people so they can look like there are doing something.

    In Albuquerque cops but skate boarders rather than go into the bario and bust real criminals like gang bangers.

    Get use to it if you live in a city or suburbia, they are just getting started.


  • cz

    The sad thing is that this is what Americans want. The vast majority of people want to be completely controlled. That is why american is a complete joke. The few that follow the Constitution are so rare that we are basically left with one choice abandon this country and the slave people.

  • Time to start a new Christian nation inside the USA before being hauled off to a FEMA camp for selling lemonade, growing vegetables, spanking your children, or going to a church that believes the Bible? Even some states and counties are talking secession! Read excerts at jcbooks.org. Gary Samlley says, “…a must read.”

  • Tim

    One thing that people don’t understand is that they do NOT NEED government permission to run private sales. The term “trade or business” as defined in the IRC, Title 27, Subtitle F, Section 7701 (and where all States derive their definition of the term) is:
    (26) Trade or business
    The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office.

    Obviously, these lemonade stands were not selling items for the “functions of a public office”.

    And, as defined in section 3401 of the IRC, none of these people who started lemonade stands were an “employer” or “employee” as that term is narrowly defined.

    Long story short, they violated no laws, and did NOT need any “business permits”. However, their ignorance of the law has led them blindly into paying fines they didn’t owe.

    You can find out more about how you’re being bamboozled into believing these lies at: losthorizns.com.

  • Guido

    Michael, you can’t deny that government has a legitimate interest in regulating certain things. I can agree with marriage-the state perceives a benefit in licensing marriage, especially since they can then offer benefits for the married in the hope it will encourage the birth of future tax payers. I can agree with driver licenses-there is no right to drive a car on the state’s roads; it’s a privilege extended to you. There is no right to start a retail business selling prepared food to people. I think the state has an interest in insuring food sold to the public is edible and made with safe ingredients and sanitary practices. I’ve had food poisoning in the past-not fun.

    At the same time, I think everyone knows law enforcement and officials have discression in how they enforce the laws. You don’t need to hit kids with fines and licenses to sell lemonade and cookies. (Those kids that were fined were only fined AFTER they ignored the bureaucrat who told them to stop.) I don’t know if your average lemonade stand customer is actually consuming the lemonade or not, but I doubt there are many health risks in sugary lemon-flavored water. Any health risk of lemonade and cookies is probably rather low.

    I just visited a lemonade stand in my neighborhood 2 weeks ago. I saw kids with a stand on my way to the grocery store, was impressed by their determination on a hot Saturday, and visited on my way back. They wanted to earn money to go to Disney Land in Florida. I thought about giving them 10$, but then I realized this would NOT teach them the lesson they were supposed to learn-that you make money through hard work. I bought my cookie and lemonade for .50 and ignored the .50 in change I had coming-I’m not too principled. I don’t know if others eat the cookies and lemonade, but I did. The kids had parental supervision (they looked proud and seemed to be having a good time) and everything looked clean. It was OK. I felt like I supported the kids in learning a useful lesson and I hope they had a good time.

    Jumping on kids with the full power of the state is just ridiculous. You aren’t teaching them to be good citizens. You’re scaring them, intimidating them, and preparing them for a long life of disrespecting authority. At least, that’s what I draw from it. I’m not sure if younger people see things anywhere near how I do, though. I don’t think they learn any good lesson from the experience.

    For those who are interested, there is a gray/black market that skirts this nonsense. You can start to find it when you go into craigslist, the penny saver, the radio swap shops, and the flea market and get to know folks. In that area you’ll find folks who sell lots of things on a strictly cash or barter basis, no taxes collected, no regulations enforced. An enterprising kid may find their way into this market.

    I knew a guy, for instance, who worked for an under-the-table construction company that was, at least temporarily, known as “Lasting Erections.” They did home improvements that might not be necessarily within code or permit quickly and quietly. I knew another guy who worked for an under-the-table construction contractor who refurbished run-down ghetto homes and sold them for a substantial profit. They did the work for a silent investor who preferred to remain anonymous.

    Other businessmen sell firewood or trade services for other services. You’ll see them on Craigslist offering to trade furniture refurbishing or driveway paving for other services. That’s probably where a lot of us will be doing business before long.

    With all the real problems we face, it’s hard to believe lemonade stands and bake sales are where we need to be deploying our law/code enforcement people.

    • jackieR

      “I think the state has an interest in insuring food sold to the public is edible and made with safe ingredients and sanitary practices.”
      I disagree with this statement. Our food is raised before planting (bug killer,weed killer), planted then sprayed throughout the growing cycle. The grocery store is full of toxic chemicals. No more nutrients. Then all the artificial ingredients added into processed/canned foods. Why do you think there is so many “diseases” today?

      • Guido

        JackieR-I don’t know how you can disagree with the state having a justifiable interest in insuring minimal standards in food prep. I don’t suppose you’ve ever worked in a restaurant?

        If you’re worried about chemicals in your food, I don’t disagree. I would like to see them out of my food, too, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like the food I get in restaurants to be minimally safe. Aside from ranting about chemicals, can you tell me how that invalidates the idea of food safety?

    • When Guido got food poisoning, was it food he bought from a ..gasp… unlicensed seller of food?

      In Guido’s world it would have been impossible to have gotten food poisoning from a food vendor with an official government license that magically protects patrons from food poisoning.

      Of course Guido is also right about driving being a privilege. Just because the government can take your land (and your money) to build roads gives you no right to use them unless you are extended that privilege. Just think, without having a driver’s license, people might speed or even have car accidents.

      Perhaps government should require everyone to get a license for each separate activity they wish to undertake to protect society. Swimming licenses would prevent drowning. Lawn-mowing licenses would prevent gravel from hitting someone in the eye. Fashion licenses would prevent fat people from wearing tight spandex pants.

      Let’s just all be thankful that government wants to protect us from poison lemonade be making kids get a license. After all, when there is a license, nothing bad can ever happen because of the magic of government.

      • Guido

        I don’t believe pieces of paper are magical at all, Tom. I’m just not such an extreme libertarian that I believe the state has no vital interest in trying to insure some low level of public safety. The state generally has an interest in trying to protect the public so there is more public in the future to support the state. Not from everything, but there are certain minimal standards they can and should require.

        So you don’t think the state has a reason to license eateries? (I think the state, at the lowest level, has a duty to try and protect the people. If you’re a Constitutionist, I think you’ll agree the state has that right.) You don’t think the state has a reason to establish minimal standards for eateries or driving? Are you an anarchist?

        While I hate government intrusion, I do not think it too much for the state to mandate safe food and water (I’m not claiming they’re good at it.). I don’t see anything wrong with a community having standards for safe construction of residences. I don’t find it oppressive for a government to insure drivers are identified and can pass a ridiculously simple test to put a ton or two of steel on the road.(you ought to see European driving tests!) I’m not afraid I’ll lose my liberty if the government mandates food is a minimally safe. If you see code and regs as this massive yoke of oppression, then I suppose your HOA must look like Nazi Germany to you.

        It looks like you somehow missed the point I was trying to make that I don’t think they have to mess with kids trying to do something constructive and educational, like a lemonade stand. Lemonade stands are not a threat to anyone and I don’t think the cops or local code enforcement folks need to go all official on some well-meaning children. I think they’re learning a better lesson by trying to work for some spending money or charity than by being stomped on by the LLE.

        I’ll try and award you points for the effort on the sarcasm, though. Good try.

  • jackieR

    You can give things away but not sell.
    This may be a precurser to garage sales. They will be next to get attacked.

    • C#

      They already have! Many municipalities require permits to have a garage sale.

      • lone survivor

        Yeah, I’ve heard that some states are so hard up for money, that the stupid tax collector people go to garage sales telling them they have to have a sales tax license and a business license to have a garage sale! And in many cases, these licenses might cost $50 or even $100 or more! And you’d have to fill out a sales tax report and send it in!
        Another way for the mentally unstable bipolar politicians to steal money from the citizens!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Next to be banned by the control freaks: Trick or Treating on Halloween.

    Practicing Christians should realize that Halloween has ” morphed ” into a pagan ” holiday “. However, there are still parents in the Socialist States of Amerika who willingly allow their children to dress as all sorts of freakish personages!?

    Note to Michael, your website programming should allow the blogger to return to the reply section if he makes a mistake … without DELETING his previous message!

  • Brady

    I need Help. I have been tirelessly keeping informed, stocking up on food, getting my hands on as much information as I can (survival guides, Family basics, etc.) and just recently found out how manipulated and bias the news has made my mom. She is a hard worker, never went to college, played by the rules her whole life. When I ask that she contribute more to preparing, she still thinks that the people who got us into this mess are going to figure out a way to get us out. she refuses to get any extra supplies and my funds are becoming quite limited. She does nothing but watch mainstream news for all her info and insists that things will be fine. It’s been taking quite a toll on me because I feel like my own parents are writing me off as some doom and gloom crackpot. any ideas would be great, How do I make this a team effort?

  • Imaplaneiac

    I just went to the web site the City of Midway, Georgia. It shows their e-mail address as ” N/A “. Hmmm, why not?! I then went to the web site of Liberty County, GA.; the county wherein Midway apparently is. It doesn’t even show an e-mail address to contact!? So, these control freaks want to micro-manage these industrious young ladies – but they don’t want their alleged constituents to have a modern, easy means via which to contact them … !?

    Ironically, Midway is close to a major US Army installation: Ft. Stewart. What would the reaction be of soldiers there about the subject issue of this article?!

  • Cabriael

    If you can’t win against the system, join them.

    The Soviet party hacks did fine after the fall of USSR.

  • C P Wendt

    When stuck with lemmings, make lemming ade.

  • Aurelius 7

    Only in this new America can someone be an illegal immigrant, sell produce, roses and switchblades on a busy street corner or freeway off-ramp without having a permit/license and be fearless of the law…

    But a children’s lemonade stand? You’re going to jail, son.

    Right is left, up is down. America has its priorities slightly backwards and has rotted to the core.

    • What new America is this? Is there a source detailing this mythical busy street corner mentioned? Or has Aurelius bought a switchblade from an illegal immigrant and checked to see if the seller had a green card, while the police looked on and did nothing?

      I’m also wondering what the source is for children being jailed for selling lemonade.

      I find enough to be outraged about in real life without having to fabricate some imaginary scenario to be outraged about. This particular imaginary scenario also smacks of xenophobia.

      We live in a dangerous country when people are more worried about some poor immigrant selling vegetables than they are about powerful and corrupt forces that bleed our economy dry and try to control every facet of out lives.

      Talk about priorities being backward.

      • Aurelius 7

        You must be so open-minded your brain fell out. Go troll, be liberal and look at life through rose-colored glasses somewhere else.

  • TR

    I thought about writing a long comment but think I’ll read THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE instead.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Will the Food Police ( FP ) also ban the Girl Scouts from selling their cookies? Who knows what’s in them! Will the FP arrest or fine these industrious young ladies, as well – or are they already doing so ??

  • A sad irony is that Midway, GA, was also home to Lyman Hall, signer of The Declaration of Independence. It was once a very enlightened community to such things and beautiful expressions of it can be found there in monuments, gravestones and more.

  • Bob Marshall

    That is what happens when they don’t give the police free lemonade.

  • Tom Dean

    Simply solution. Don’t sell the lemonade, give it away free and ask for donations. I’d like to see the police shut that down.

  • Wait a minute! The the girls are NOW doing yard work? There is $40 a day labor fee for that! I need to inform the authorities.

    By the way…What if the girls gave away the lemonade for free? It would be the same lemonade. The police wouldn’t know where it came from or what was in it. But I bet that would be allowed.

    • lone survivor

      The politicians and the police and the codes enforcement people would probably find some old law on the books and still fine them ,and/or arrest their parents and put the kids in a foster home! To be reeducated to the U.N.’s “New World Order” program! Resistance is futile, you will comply and obey your masters!
      Why do you think the power crazed, mentally unstable bipolar politicians want to ban all guns and freedom of the press?

  • We don’t need Congress.
    With the proliferation of Internet and Cell phones people can make informed decisions and can directly vote on Bills and make/change Laws.

    • infidella

      I would hate to see all users of technology over a certain age eligible to vote on bills online — and have it be LASTING! This isn’t a Democracy; it’s a Republic! (Sorry, but I just read Coulter’s “Demonic,” and it seems “the mob” is already making two many decisions.)

  • YarnAngel4u

    NOPE, girls can’t give it away for a donation… They would then need a “non-profit” license…

    Just give it as a gift?? Nope, the gift tax would then ensue…

    And what about those child labor laws they are breaking?? Do they have their state issued work permits? Ooops, any of them under 14, they are only allowed to observe from 10 feet away…

    God forbid one of them stirred/swirled the pitcher before pouring, without their work permit issued supervisor present.

    I really think with all these Lemonade stands popping up all over the country, that the ULW had better get involved. There are just too many labor issues that could arise, which would make one of them lose their job. What would happen if one of them fell asleep on duty? Or maybe, just maybe, one of them gets a drop on their hand. Lemon is photosensitive.

    In reality – I’d much rather drink their Non-Union Capitalistic Lemonade, for $3.00 a 2oz dixie cup, sitting in the sun, uncovered for many hours, with a fly swimming in it, then to eat FF that sat under the heat lamp for just 40 minutes!

    Our “freedom” has never been FREE… Just ask my ancestors that came over on the Santa Maria… Oh that’s right, they DIED trying to give us what they didn’t have and we have screwed up ROYALLY by allowing social entitlements and our new government social non-morals to make us lazy, obese and morphed in our thinking. (must be those lovely pharma’s they are pushing on everyone – to get us in line)

    The only thing we are entitled to is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit to Happiness. It is truly time to fire ALL OF THEM, and re-instate the original constitution as it was truly written, oh that’s right, someone in today’s world would have to be able to read!

  • lone survivor

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add, that the child protective services would take the girls away from their parents and put them into foster homes and put them on many dangerous psychotic medicines (for their own good of course, because child protective services (and the UN) know what’s best for your children!)
    Remember government (nazi/UN) agencies know whats best for you and your children!

    • Shari

      What’s frightening is that your comment is probably not far from the truth in our near future!

  • Sean

    The people buying the lemonade are well aware the lemonade was not regulated. But it’s their own choice to buy and drink that lemonade. I don’t need the government regulating that for me. I can make my o…wn choice on whether or not I wanna d…rink their lemonade. What’s next….Halloween candy? Kids rarely go door to door around here as it is. The mall is deemed as the safer spot these days. EVEN THOUGH there is no record of ANYONE being poisoned via Halloween candy. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • jonk

    These lemonade and cookie stands are being shutdown because they do not have a Vendor Permit.

    Which I have heard you can be fined $500 for not having a Vendors Permit.

    But not having a Vendors License is not the Major reason.
    It is Sales Tax. These kids Do not Collect Sales Tax.

  • Ross

    If the government cannot collect taxes or fees, then it must be illegal. You will need a permit soon (at a price), to use more then 3 squares at any one shitting.

  • John

    Hey man I love your articles, but can you please do one little thing? Can you please make it to where the little picture you provide shows on the link we share on Facebook? When I copy and paste the link on the newsfeed it shows a picture of some advertisement instead of the one you provide that goes with the theme of the article. thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Michael


      If you look there are usually little arrows underneath the picture which will enable you to select a more appropriate picture for Facebook. :)

      Thanks for sharing these articles – it really helps to spread the word.


  • Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

  • michael

    The author forgets that in America the one thing the Government doesn’t interfere with is the obtaining and possesion of firearms.You can have as many guns as you want but god help you if you try to open a small business or grow your own food!


    ‘We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, or what the lemonade was made with”


    Does the government now have to know everything?

    The reason they are doing this is because the food hygiene may not be regulated and can cause epidemics and food poisoning. I can be a farm locally and provide Drinks(without a license). I can also lace the food with Cholera or other Nasty Bacteria. Unfortunately, the government has no idea Im selling these Harmful products. When this all leads to an epidemic, you people are just going to complain to the government about being too lenient on manufacturers