Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of The Raging Heroin Abuse Epidemic In America

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Philip_Seymour_Hoffman - Photo by Georges BiardAccording to the federal government, the number of heroin addicts in the United States has more than doubled since 2002.  Yes, you read that correctly.  In fact, it is being reported that heroin-related overdose deaths have risen 84 percent just since 2010.  The truth is that the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is just the tip of the iceberg of the raging heroin abuse epidemic in America.  Heroin is cheap, it is potent, and it is very similar to the legal painkillers that millions of Americans are currently addicted to.  According to ABC News, Hoffman was found “with five empty heroin bags as well as many as 65 more bags that were still unused” when his body was discovered on Sunday in his New York apartment.  It is a great tragedy, but the reality is that tragedies like this are happening all across the United States every single day.  Heroin is the the number one killer of illegal drug users, and as heroin use continues to rise so will the number of dead bodies.


Philip Seymour Hoffman was at the peak of his career and seemingly had so much to live for when he died.  The following is how the New York Times described what was found in his apartment…

Detectives found dozens of small packages in the West Village apartment where Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor, died on Sunday. Most were branded, some with purple letters spelling out Ace of Spades, others bearing the mark of an ace of hearts. At least five were empty, and in the trash.

Each of the packages, which can sell for as little as $6 on the street, offered a grim window into Mr. Hoffman’s personal struggle with a resurgent addiction that ultimately, the police said, proved fatal. And the names and logos reflect a fevered underground marketing effort in a city that is awash in cheap heroin.

According to the Daily Mail, the Ace of Spades brand of heroin “is responsible for close to 100 deaths from New Hampshire to Washington State – including 37 in Maryland since September.”

It is suspected that the heroin that killed Hoffman was laced with a deadly narcotic known as fentanyl.  The following is an excerpt from a recent Raw Story article

For the past three weeks, authorities have been tracking batches of deadly fentanyl-laced heroin that has been moving east from Pittsburgh.

Twenty-two people in western Pennsylvania died of overdoses in the past week. Authorities believe that most of the deaths were related to heroin laced with fentanyl, a powerful narcotic typically prescribed to terminal cancer patients as means of pain management.

It is 100 times more powerful than morphine, and in combination with heroin can shut down the respiratory system of users.

The laced heroin went by the street names “Theraflu” and “Bud Ice” in Pennsylvania, but as it made its way to Long Island it was re-branded as “24K.”

The northeast quadrant of the country has been hit particularly hard by this heroin epidemic.  According to the DEA, heroin seizures in the state of New York State have increased 67 percent over the last four years, and according to the Daily Beast, the number of heroin overdose deaths is rising “like wildfire”…

In the last month alone, Maryland, Vermont, New York, and even Florida have each reported an unprecedented number of deaths. It’s spreading like wildfire. The National Institute on Drug Abuse is still crunching the numbers, but from what we’ve seen, this could be the worst year yet.

Things have gotten so bad that the governor of Vermont recently used his entire State of the State address to discuss the heroin abuse epidemic…

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin recently spent his entire 34-minute State of the State address talking about the state’s “full-blown heroin crisis,” and law enforcement officials in small cities across New England have noted an increase in heroin use.

And as I mentioned above, the number of heroin addicts nationally has more than doubled since 2002

“Heroin is pummeling the Northeast, leaving addiction, overdoses and fear in its wake,” said James Hunt of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New York Office.

A 2012 survey by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (PDF) found that about 669,000 people over age 12 had used heroin at some point in the year. About 156,000 of those were first-time users, and roughly 467,000 were considered heroin-dependent — more than double the number in 2002.

So don’t be stupid.

Using heroin can kill you.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, heroin is the number one killer of illegal drug users in the United States.

We need our young people to understand this, because right now the use of heroin is exploding among the youth of America…

“We can’t overshadow the fact that there is a public health crisis that is raging across this country. Scenarios like this are playing out in families and communities with alarming regularity and increased frequency,” Scott Hesseltine, operations director at Hazelden Treatment Center, said.

Unfortunately, so far people don’t seem to be getting the message.  Those buying and selling heroin just continue to become even more bold.

In fact, as I have written about previously, heroin is being sold in broad daylight in front of public schools in the city of Detroit while kids wait to board their school buses.

When you are addicted to heroin, you will do just about anything for another hit.  Addicts will beg, borrow, steal and commit violence to get the money that they need.

Heroin abuse doesn’t just destroy those that are addicted to it.  It destroys entire communities.

As the economy continues to decline, selling heroin will seem like an easy way to make some extra cash to many people.

And many people will use the stuff in order to forget their problems.

But in the end, thousands more will die and millions of lives will be deeply affected by this rising epidemic.

America is dying, and this is just another symptom of our steady decline.

Philip_Seymour_Hoffman - Photo by Georges Biard

  • K

    On this one we see things a little different. To me this just proves the war on drugs is a total waste of money. Since Nixon started it we have spent trillions. We have abandoned our American principles, trying to combat it. Forfeiture laws, no knock raids, all started with the war on drugs. In the last century we passed prohibition, and when it did not work, we repealed it. The war on drugs has never worked, but we are too stupid nowadays to figure it out. People with self destructive disorders, will find some way to destroy themselves. All you can do is offer them help, you can not make them accept it.

    • Kim

      But u still agree there must be drug laws in place and these must be enforced, right?

      • K

        No. You would not think so either if you knew the unbelievable damage these laws have caused. Every major gang in this Country supports itself, mostly through illegal drug sales. How many people do all those gangs kill. Just like you had Al Capone in the past, you have drug cartels now. Almost every corrupt politician in the world, has been bought with drug money. Almost every corrupt cop, has been bought with drug money. Corrupt border patrol, drug money, corrupt customs officials, drug money. Then you pay again, locking up all the drug offenders. Last quote I heard it costs about 42 grand a year to keep each of them in prison These laws keep a lot of cops employed, and a lot of criminals rich. And the simple fact is anyone who wants drugs can still get them. Just like booze during prohibition.

        • Anonymous

          “These laws keep a lot of cops employed…..”

          And attorneys, and judges.

          How many politicians are attorneys? That is an interesting number when one finds it. How many people that sit in very powerful places are attorneys? Another interesting number.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            And when the DEA thugs murder innocent people (targeting the wrong house for a no-knock raid…which happens a lot), they operate with impunity.

        • Anonymous

          Ask yourself why prostitutes are often arrested but the “johns” often are not. Arrest the supply, but not the demand? Yet, if a drug user is caught with drugs, they are arrested for being the demand part of the supply and demand chain. So, who is it that goes to prostitutes? I remember a news crew standing outside of a house that had prostitutes, and guess what kind of very expensive cars were pulling up to that house all day long. I remember another news crew filming very wealthy professionals traveling to other countries for disgusting purposes.

          Consider the reactions of the rich and powerful each time a prostitute says “I am going to start releasing names, and what you all like, unless I get some assistance.” How quickly does the story vanish from the news then? Many Americans are led to believe that those that sit in powerful positions, and wealthy positions, do no wrong and are after God’s own heart. If we just listen, we might be surprised at whom the true criminals are. Those doing really sinful things might surprise many.

          Just imagine when God re-runs each person’s life and “brings those things done in darkness into the light.” Imagine those people having to stand and answer to God. How will those liars and fakes answer then? Will Americans even care about the truth once God exposes every soul for whom they really are? Will anyone even bother to apologize to the prostitutes that were telling the truth? Will anyone apologize to those that sounded the alarm and exposed the evil for calling the messenger a liar and for punishing the messenger for telling the truth? May God have mercy in His justice.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          “Ron Paul wants to bring all the troops home. He wants to wind down the military/industrial complex. He wants to end the federal reserve. He wants to end the War on Drugs. You know what that would mean? It would mean The Prison/Industrial
          Complex starts shrinking. That would mean that all those minorities who are in prison for smoking dope or selling a little bit of pot would be set free…..So Ron Paul, they don’t want any part of him.”—Gerald Celente

    • Rene Girrard

      Yea, the one thing that I hate is when the local cops find $678, 450 in cash in the trunk, and they keep it for themselves!! I’m sure some of it goes into their own pockets. Even if they buy cops cars and sophisticated cop toys, it still wasn’t their money!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent points.

      • K

        Yes you will also see that Portugals’ serious crime rate is down. The level of corruption in the Portuguese Government is also down. The simple fact is people who are in favor of strict drug laws. Create rich criminals, corrupt officials, and violent street gangs. Every time you pass a law, that restricts something people want, the same thing happens. But it seems we are past the point, of learning from our mistakes.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      K: I agree. The war on drugs has been a total failure.

      “The whole War On Drugs is just about as disastrous as the war in Iraq.”—Ron Paul

      “The War on Drugs has been one of the most devastating policies in recent history.”—Walter Williams

    • Gay Veteran

      like Prohibition, the “war on drugs” generated crime, corruption, and an increase in government power.
      We need to be like Portugal, decriminalize ALL drugs.

  • SafetyViking

    Mind your own business, Gladys Kravitz….

  • krinks

    It is a moral crisis causing these things. I recall when the Soviet Union fell, one of the first things they did was contact the west to help them to reintroduce Christianity to public life. 70 years of state mandated atheism left the public with over 50% of them as an alcoholic. They knew it was a moral problem they suffered. Today Russia is the staunchest defender of Christianity in the world today and we are going the way of the Commies.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Isn’t it ironic how our roles have flipped so dramatically?


      • krinks

        I can’t help but think it is by design.

        • Eric Quintero

          It is by design. My friends are protecting the Poppy fields in Afghanistan as we speak.

          • Anonymous

            Wasn’t this on Fox with Geraldo?

          • Eric Quintero

            Yup. And Ive seen it first hand. I get so incredibly angry thinking about it, that I try to put it in the back of my mind. FUSMC.

            Heroin is so cheap here in Chicago. Literally one of the prettiest girls in my HS overdosed when she was 17.

      • CynicalGuy42

        You should see the article on the American Thinker: Putin Preaches Godliness to America.

  • countryangel

    It is a moral crisis, but more over it is a total public crisis. Doctors are turning out to be a huge contributor of this crisis also. Pain management is a huge contributor as they get people hooked on pain killers and then addicts realize they can sell the pills and get the cheaper high with heroin. Ask a mother who has dealt with it. This is so heartbreaking and the outcome is very rarely good. But the half way houses are booming businesses.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good comment. The heroin crisis is definitely tied into the pain killer epidemic.


    • Kim

      I completely agree. I know at least three people that had legitimate pain issues (one had back surgery, another a broken leg in a car wreck and another cancer survivor) all three were given prescription medications and all three became addicted. That those are the ones with
      legitimate pain issues. I’ve been offered narcotics by doctors for minor problems ie I cut my hand once and it required six stitches and the doctor prescribed me 30 Percocet. Insane.

    • Rene Girrard

      I don’t blame the doctors for prescribing strong pain pills. The doctors I don’t like are the ones who see their patients suffering so much, and they won’t give them anything. And just for the record, I hate drugs, and I hate popping pills. Aspirin is about the only thing I take. I passed a kidney stone that took 12 days to pass, and I’m glad a doctor was at least willing to give me vicodin. It helped a lot.

      • Kim

        There definitely needs to be a balance there. I had dental pain so bad once, The only thing that helped was Vicodin and I was grateful to have it.

  • Kim

    People just want to check out. Times are difficult- so much upheaval. Families falling apart, job loss, divorce, despair…it’s tempting to just use a drug to escape from it all. The problem is, you’re not really escaping, youre just postponing the problems and during the postponement, they’ve gotten worse.

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      Your just making it worse, but any port no matter how rough looks good in a storm.

    • Rene Girrard

      I agree 100% with you Kim. I’m just curious though, are you speaking from your own personal experience with this drug?

      • Kim

        Not really. I’ve never tried heroin, I’ve never seen it. But my cousin was addicted to it and one of my neighbors sons. I did take Xanax for awhile, and I did because I didn’t want to deal with my problems.

        • Rene Girrard

          Thanks for your reply. I agree with you though that a mentality of escapism just makes dealing with things harder later on. My escapism thing wasn’t drugs though. It was something else.

        • Its not your fault…You never ever committed any mistake..If only the entire human race knew…that they are really the victim here…

          The evil makes sure that his crimes are put on humanity in the name of Karma and guilt…

          The Schools, Education, universities really do not teach humans what is really going on …If only people start knowing the truth about the EVIL that has surrounded this planet by the forces of darkness for over million years now…

          If you feel like escaping and trying new things….just say..Why…I never did anything wroung in my life..Its evil that needs the drugs not me..I’m free….

    • Bryan

      2 Timothy chapter 3 but know this that in the Last days perilous times will come For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud blashpemers, disobediant to parents, unthankful, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. also Jesus said the hearts of many will grow cold because lawlessness would abound and He said these days would wax worse and worse.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    One of the things that bugs me about the ongoing Heroin epidemic is nobody is talking about where the bulk of this stuff is being smuggled in from. That correct boys and girls Mexico. We need to control the borders because if we don’t this gets worse, and adds to an situation that’s already pretty FUBAR.
    Lets take Meth for instance, when was the last time you heard of a Meth cooker being arrested, or a Meth cooking op being taken down here in the states? If been a couple years for me, the reason is Meth is being cooked in Mexico on an industrial scale. It works like this the cartels have the stuff they need either bought locally or shipped in from China (remember why you can’t get some types of cold meds off the shelf?). The Chinese banks front the money, the cartels make the Meth smuggle it across the border, sells it, pays back the Chinese banks rinse and repeat.
    Heroin will be worse. Why you ask? Think about it, we have millions of people hooked on prescription drugs. Most of those drugs are opiates. Heroin is an opiate, Heroin is cheep, Oxy is pricey. People go to Heroin (Not everybody but enough). Price goes up, the junky needs his or her fix. Crime goes up. You see the bulk of the drug trade in the US is controlled by five or six Mexican gangs. The Columbians, got out of the retail drug trade a long time ago they just wholesale. The Chinese gangs, the Bloods the Crips, the Korean gangs are just small fry. The Mexican gangs run the drug trade in the US to a large extent. Like the airlines once one boots prices they all will. Crime is going to go up over this, bet on it.

    • Kim

      There are also a number of new drugs that aren’t regulated by the DEA. Many of these drugs are designed in labs from easy to obtain chemicals. People find a way.

      The mexican drug trade is an interesting topic. It has seen a huge increase over the years, and the mexican government seems to turn a blind eye to it. My guess is that since Cantarell no longer provides money (profits from Cantarell contributed to 30% of Mexicos national budget) the money has to be recouped somehow.

      • Eric Quintero

        Lets not forget that the CIA is helping them out. We get our weed and coke from the Mexican Cartels and our Heroin from Afghanistan.

        Whos running the operation? The VICE President, of course :)

        And no, the Mexican Gov has NOT turned a blind eye to it. Its ruining Mexico. Thousands are dying. Everyone is terrified down there. But the Mexican Gov doesnt have enough funding to stop this massive United States assisted operation.

        The Mexican Government is constantly fighting the cartels. There are just too many of them. People are so poor and desperate for money that the cartels become an option out of desperation down there.

        • There is no Mexico, Afghanistan…Its all CIA, CIA, CIA….90% of all drugs in US is controlled by the CIA…The 10% is just the shadow to hide and promoted for Hollywood consumption.

          If American government really really wants it….They could shut down the entire drug trade in 1 hour…yeah not even 24 hr …Its how tightly they control it

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Eric Quintero: Bingo. You nailed it, dude: “People are so poor and desperate for money that the cartels become an option out of desperation down there.” Los carteles are a huge industry in México. They are murderous thugs, but they put a lot of poor, desperate people to work. Can’t get a job as a janitor because there are no openings? Los Zeta, el Cartel Sinaloense or los Caballeros Templares (an offshoot of La Familia Michoacana) might be hiring.

          “Necesitas un trabajo, guey?”
          “Claro que lo necesito.”
          “Pues, vámonos!”

          “I couldn’t have gotten so stinking rich without George Bush, George
          Bush Jr., Ronald Reagan, even El Presidente Obama. None of them have the cajones to stand up to all the big money that wants to keep this stuff illegal. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say: gracias amigos, I owe my whole empire to you.”—El Chapo Guzman, CEO of the Sinaloa Cartel

    • Anonymous

      I would like to ask some questions:

      Whom is looking the other way when the drugs are brought in? Whom is paid off when the drugs are brought in? Whom is making money off of the drugs? Whom is guarding the poppy fields most of the drugs come from? Whom is benefiting from Americans being addicted to drugs? Are some Americans forcefully being made into drug addicts in an effort to forever discredit anything they might say?

      To answer some of these questions, we may want to start our investigation with The East India Trading Company (note the opium in the history) and then just follow the gigantic piles of money.

      Opium in the USA isn’t a new issue. Remember Janis Joplin? Whom is benefiting from American addicts that this issue still has not be solved?

  • Kim

    Heroin abuse doesn’t just destroy those that are addicted to it. It destroys entire communities

    People that are addicted will throw away everything they have to get these drugs. Nothing matters except the drug. If that isn’t a destabilizing effect on communities, I don’t know what is.

  • Renee

    My daughter was addicted to heroin. We tried everything and in the end it had to be her decision. She chose to get clean by using methadone. So many of the people she knew are still using or are dead. She is now off the methadone and is a mother of two beautiful little girls. We know our daughter and her fiance are in the minority most don’t make it. It was so hard to watch our beautiful little girl who was a cheerleader nearly destroy her life. Heroin how I hate the word.

  • CynicalGuy42

    Google claimed Philip Seymour Hoffman was only 46 when he died. He appeared older to me.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Actually, I approve of this Darwinian self-inflicted holocaust of the weak and unfit.

    Strong people do not use heroin. I’ve never even seen any.

    As for the rest, let them perish.

  • Luis

    Want to know which country was the biggest producer of Heroin in the world back in 1999? Want to know who invaded that country right after production dramatically fell in 2000? Check this out… I pulled it off Wikipedia:

    “Traffic is heavy worldwide, with the biggest producer being Afghanistan.[77] According to a U.N. sponsored survey,[7] as of 2004, Afghanistan accounted for production of 87 percent of the world’s diacetylmorphine.[78] Afghan opium kills around 100,000 people annually.[79]

    The cultivation of opium in Afghanistan reached its peak in 1999, when 350 square miles (910 km2) of poppies were sown. The following year the Taliban banned poppy
    cultivation, a move which cut production by 94 percent. By 2001 only 30 square miles (78 km2) of land were in use for growing opium poppies. A year later, after American and British troops had removed the Taliban and installed the interim government, the land under
    cultivation leapt back to 285 square miles (740 km2), with Afghanistan supplanting Burma to become the world’s largest opium producer once more.[80][81] Opium production in that country has increased rapidly since, reaching an all-time high in 2006. War in Afghanistan once again appeared as a facilitator of the trade.[82] Some 3.3 million Afghans are involved in producing opium.”[83]

    • Anonymous

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Anonymous

    “….Close to 100 deaths from NH to WA….”

    I never heard any news about those 100 people; until this actor overdosed. Yet, this one person/actor has been on every news channel for several days now. So, if it is 100 “average Joe’s” that overdose that isn’t newsworthy, until 1 celebrity overdoses? My sympathy goes out to all families that have lost a loved one, even if their family member was not a celebrity.

    Why are so many people self-medicating in the first place? Could it be that many Americans are miserable? If Americans are miserable, why are they miserable and what can be done to make America happier?

  • DJohn1

    You all bring up an interesting point. Should we have prohibition of drugs? And if so, what limits on law enforcement are necessary to make it effective?
    The only people I know that have ever beaten addition are people in AA. This organization takes an extemely religious approach. Tough Love for young people sometimes works. It believes in consequences.
    I personally think we should treat addiction as a disease without a real cure. Not a legal problem with putting people in jail. To cure the addiction is the real problem. Then the market disappears.
    Addiction is a form of slavery. The addict is a slave to his addiction and at some point has no control over the addictive reactions to life. So at that point in time you are dealing with someone willing to sell anything and everything for that next fix including that person’s soul.
    Before anyone gets too goody goody about all this there are legal addictions right here in the good old USA.
    The tobacco industry for years has controlled addiction to their products despite horrible examples of people dying of cancer from their products. The most successful marketing of that addiction has been by having little old ladies from churches go through the schools and tell young people how evil it is. (A form of prohibition to children)
    The alcohol industry forbids all young people from consuming alcoholic beverages under a certain age. (This age varies from state to state) Is there anyone out there that hasn’t at some point tried an alcoholic beverage?
    What bothers me is we take an extreme prohibition position on drugs. So a lot of children want the forbidden fruit of drugs. Why is anyone surprised?
    People in the know, people in the PR field of Psychiatry Marketing can tell you all about Prohibition and how effective a tool it has always been in marketing addiction.
    I was an ad builder for 41 years. I am very familiar with the ways marketing controls the public’s decisions on various things.
    There is a reason why national advertisers spend 6-8,000 dollars for a one-time run in a public newspaper using a full page ad that says basically nothing but use their product and their name in their decision making of products. There is a reason why someone will spend a whole lot of money to have a liquor ad on the back page of a major magazine. (In the 1950s, they paid 100,000 dollars for such an ad) I have no idea what it is today.
    If we want to destroy the drug trade then we have to enlist these PR people with marketing degrees in the effort. Because we have to get down to the psychology of addiction and how we can oppose it.
    If we destroy the marketplace for drugs we might succeed. Any other path will not work.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      I don’t like the word addiction as a term used to describe a disease, because there are different kinds of diseases. The first is something you get by genetics, something you contract through normal human contact (like the flu) something in the environment, etc. The second is something you get by lifestyle choices. It is the second of these that describe addiction.

      Really, the only kind of addiction I am concerned with is the kind that leave people jobless and on the street, robbing and/or performing sexual favors to feed their addiction. IMO, these are the people we should be locking up. In regard to rehab, if you can pay for your own rehab (or you can convince friends/family to do so), great. If not, unless somebody forced a needle into your arm against your will, I just don’t feel a lot of compassion for you. In other words, you made your own bed, now you get to lie in it.

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    all by design. the biggest business in the world is the illegal drug trade…tax free…money laundering….all the peripherals…weapons, police state, war on drugs, war on terror…no wonder the Bushes the Clintons and god knows how many other pols have been working it behind the scenes (see “Mena Arkansas”). why has the military been seen protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan? the Taliban had all but wiped it out, but now there is a bigger crop than ever. things that make you go, hmmm…

  • Mr. Ditba

    In the past, heroin was available to anyone without a prescription and there were very few deaths from overdose. It was sold as an elixer for “overall well-being and good health”. As long as the drug is illegal, people will never know how large a dose is being ingested. Make it available to everyone whenever they want it and the deaths will drop precipitously. I do not endorse using heroin or any drug. It is a crutch. That said, the government is responsible for these deaths. The DEA will never protect anyone from drug use or abuse. Therefore, let the people know what and how much they are taking and the black market suppliers will disappear overnight.

  • Dirtlump Dwayne

    I’ll add a twist in the Seymour-Hoffman case. He had split up with his long time partner a few months back. As someone who was given his walking papers by his wife a few months ago and lost his wife and kids I can’t adequately express the despair that I feel every day. I think that in this celebrity case that his split was the catalyst for him spiraling into the abyss.

    This heroin is sadly just the easy ammo to find for people to heal their pain. There has been more than one day where, although not the same way, I could have ended up like Mr. Hoffman. in my view his death from a broken heart was interrupted by drugs.

    In unison with falling away from religion, the respect for the family is now gone and there is a relentless campaign whereby women are told that they owe it to themselves to, rather than working to have a strong relationship, leave and be a fulfilled strong woman.

    What is left in the jetwash is a future generation who don’t get the upbringing they deserve, broken families, and sadly as I am finding out by reading and hearing about more cases – dead fathers.

    The moral decay in the West is remarkable and events like this are both examples of, and results of it.

  • rkb100100

    Where are all the cat-calls to legalize it? Think of the new schools we could build by taxing it and hooking the country on heroin! Ruined lives? Why, we’ll enact government programs staffed with the best government hacks to sooth away the pain!

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Pathethic druggie loser got exactly what he deserved. Your body is a gift from Darwin. Keep it healthy

  • prestodo

    And I thought libertarians wanted all people to have the right to put into their bodies the things they want?? Does this mean that libertarians are pro-drug users??

  • piccadillybabe

    Medicinal cannabis therapy has helped many cope with pain when all else has failed in cases of cancer and many other medical problems. More and more doctors are recommending it as an alternative to narcotics as it is not habit forming and there are no side effects. It’s too bad it is not the first line of treatment instead of the last line as it would save lives. Hopefully, in the near future, it will be more accepted in the medical community and be taken off the schedule 1 drug list at the federal level.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As conditions in The Banana Republic of America go from bad to worse and the country becomes more and more of a Third World horror movie, many people will self-medicate in an effort to cope with the misery. Drugs won’t make their lives any better, they will only make things worse. But desperate people will self-medicate anyway, and many will use heroin, crack or meth. Others, however, will use legal substances to self-medicate (for example, sniffing glue). Glue sniffing is common among homeless street children who live in the slums of Lima, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Caracas and Bogotá. They believe their lives are hopeless, the future looks grim, and they sniff glue to cope with the misery and lack of hope. The glue fries their brains, making them less employable. And here in the BRA, we can expect to see even more self-medicating in the future.

  • VVV

    I think leftist liberals should be given all the heroin they want.

  • old man

    No loss just another druggie. He was not forced to take that crap so it was his choice.

  • Syrin

    Social Darwinism. Preventable death if one has morals, willpower, and an understanding that their selfish desire to self medicate creates problems for those in the real world that need them clean, sober and functional.

  • All_Is_Vanity

    There is a deep spiritual hole in the American soul.