One Mother’s Chilling Close Encounter With A Team Of Child Abductors That People Can’t Stop Talking About

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After reading this article, you will never be careless with your child in a public place ever again. There really are predators out there that make a lot of money abducting children. Some of the children that are abducted are abused, tortured or even killed inside the United States, but many others are quickly sent to the nearest port, shipped overseas, and ultimately used for some of the most horrific purposes that you can possibly imagine. So if your child is kidnapped by professional traffickers, there is a chance that your precious little one could end up on the other side of the planet.


I want to share with you something that was originally posted by Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski on Facebook. When people read the account of what almost happened to her two-year-old daughter, they can’t stop talking about it. This post has already been shared more than 169,000 times on Facebook, and my hope is that we can get that number to multiply by bringing as much exposure to this story as possible. Unless you have no emotional feeling left at all, what Amanda has shared about what almost happened to her daughter will send chills up your spine

My name is Amanda and I’m a Longview, Texas resident. I’m convinced that our two-year-old daughter was the victim of a potential sex-trafficking scam yesterday.

I got in the check-out line at a local store early afternoon. I took my daughter out of the cart and the couple ahead struck up the typical conversation about how “cute your daughter is” and then asked about her age, repeatedly. I initially was understanding of what I assumed was a cultural barrier, but I quickly became uncomfortable with the woman’s body language and close proximity to my cart/kids. I picked my daughter up only to have the woman ask if she could hold her. The woman was so close at this point that my toddler reached her arms around the woman before I could really respond. In an instant her proximity finally changed and she backed away. I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy”—what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.

Know their conversation began immediately with me and this all took place over only a few moments. After this couple left, I was really shaken up but still noticed the man a few feet away in my peripheral vision, continuing to stand, by himself, with no groceries, in a closed check-out lane. He faced the opposite direction, but was looking over his shoulder at me; glaring would be an understatement. His eyes did not leave my every move and I confidently matched his stare to show I was aware of his presence. I loudly conversed with the cashier about their security staff and the odd couple that seemed predatory.

I’m thankful to Jesus that He alone protected us! I was able to get out and home safely with my family.

I’ve since researched sex-trafficking and some details were precisely my experience. I want to recount those specifics to create awareness in hopes that you can protect your own children.

—Abductors often work in groups and position themselves throughout the store. Although it wouldn’t appear that these three individuals were shopping together, I am certain this man and couple were a team.

—This couple were of East Indian descent and the man was white and covered in tattoos—all were mid 30s. Beware no matter the color, appearance, age or sex.

—The couple checked out with two items of little value. Something they could easily abandon.

—The woman had alarming proximity to me at times and twice put her hand on my basket. She created one route for me to place my groceries, thus leaving my attention divided between my kids and my task. (I did not place anything on the belt until they left…FYI.)

—I20 is a prominent sex-trafficking route; Longview included.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice used the following cities to study sex-trafficking data. Notice the first three.

San Antonio, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Buffalo, NY
Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA
Independence, MO
Las Vegas, NV
Clearwater, FL
The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. Territory)

—Houston is a popular port where these children are sold overseas.

—Abductors often follow you to your car and snatch the willing child they bonded with moments before; all while you put in groceries.

—Abductors can follow you home.

—The cashier remarked that she thought I knew these strangers. Their body language conveyed that to onlookers, which would make an exit convenient.

—I’ve heard this is happening at Target, Walmart and Kmart; often in the mornings/before lunch. Completely true of my experience, but it could happen anywhere.

—Moms shopping alone with kids are targeted. Also true of my experience.

—Although rumor says blonde, fair girls/teens are targets, I’ve yet to find that in my research & my daughter doesn’t fit that description.

—Additionally, little girls AND boys of any age are targets.

The thought of what could have happened is sickening. I’m just like you; a mom, and I hope my experience helps you to be, not fearful, but cautious!

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

My resources:

(LPD have been contacted with this report.)

Many people out there do not understand that this has become a silent epidemic in this country.

According to the NCIC, children were reported missing nearly half a million times last year alone…

When a child is reported missing to law enforcement, federal law requires that child be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC.

According to the FBI, in 2016 there were 465,676 NCIC entries for missing children.

When we are talking about people that would take little children away from their parents and do unspeakably evil things to them, we are talking about wickedness on a level that defies description. Certainly there have always been child abductions, but today parents have to deal with things that parents a couple of generations ago never even would have thought about.

Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, my parents would allow me and my siblings to freely wander about our neighborhood and play wherever we wanted. But in 2017 that would be unthinkable.

We live at a time when predators are literally grabbing children right off of the streets. For instance, just consider what almost just happened in Oklahoma. The following is the text of a letter that was sent home to students at one school after one of the students was almost abducted

This letter is to make you aware of an incident that occurred last evening in the Twin Oaks addition near Washington Irving Elementary, but not far from some West Field subdivisions.

An Edmond student reported that at about 7 p.m. in the 1400 Block of NW 183rd St, a man in a dark colored SUV pulled up to her on the street and made a motion for her to get into the vehicle. The man did not get out of the SUV or make an attempt to touch the student, but because his motive was unclear we felt it important to bring to your attention.

A report of the incident has been filed with Oklahoma City Police. Teachers have been made aware of this incident as well and have been asked to be extra vigilant and watchful on duty as always.

Please review safety procedures with your child (especially those who walk home or ride the bus), and if you see anything suspicious, report it to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Instead of endlessly talking about politics, the mainstream news should spend a lot more time focusing on things like this that really matter.

And we should push for laws that will ensure that predators and traffickers that victimize children get locked up permanently.

Having a child abducted is one of the most horrifying things that can ever happen to a parent, and my hope is that our national leaders will start to take this issue a lot more seriously.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    If your instincts are telling you that you are in a bad situation, you should listen.

    I know that listening to my own instincts has helped me get out of some big jams over the years.


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    • John Pallyswine

      Too much evil in A me ri ca to survive. How can anybody be sane in that place?

      • Agreed. The most evil thing about this story was that it was ever treated as true or factual.

        In an attempt to see if literally ANY portion of this story was true, this was found out:

        We contacted Longview police about the claim on 25 February 2016.
        They told us that the department reviewed surveillance video and that the interaction in question lasted approximately “two seconds.”
        Police were sympathetic to the mother’s fears but said that the incident was inconsistent with genuine reports of labor or s/e/ x trafficking. The clip was passed on to state law enforcement for further review, but police in Longview did not indicate parents need worry about “stranger danger” in the area

        • Dave

          Your comments below, and here, are disturbing! You sound, and look, like a triggered pedo! Nothing about pedogate or comet pizza has been proven false at all! And anyone who knows anything about that story knows the smoke is billowing!

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          • Well, chickensh!t sockpuppet “Dave”, if you think all of those things about me, it only illustrates your own foolishness and stupidity, as I am none of the things your fevered-yet-anonymous post claims. (You have no idea what I look like, but if you are referring to my avatar photo, then you have just formed your opinions about Charla McCarthy, the FIRST GRADE TEACHER who became a public fool when she thanked Treasonous Trump for trumpcare even though it was obamacare that saved her.)

            Also, “Pizzagate”, as a small clique of online morons call the conspiracy — HAS BEEN DEBUNKED, and Alex Psychopath Jones even acknowledged it. He apologized for pushing the false story. APOLOGIZED. He wouldn’t apologize for spreading a lie if he wasn’t guilty of spreading a lie. The billowing smoke you see is because the cold waters of truth have extinguished the Pizzagate lies once and for all.

          • friend-thru-the-storm

            The case hasn’t been proven false at all. True Mr Jones issued that apology, but none of us knows under what conditions he did so, was he threatened perhaps? One You-Tube blogger was in touch with one of the suspects of this case and was threatened by him & forced to take down his videos. Silly lad should have put these threats into the hands of the police. (This was reported by Intelihub) To threaten people in this way is weird, as why not just sue people making the accusations for slander/libel instead? if they are innocent what have they to fear by taking such matters to court? The whole thing should be in the hands of law enforcement to settle the matter one way or the other.

          • Reputable child-rescue organizations have pleaded with morons to quit distorting reality re: pizz agate. Pizz agate is NOT REALITY. When you negative-IQ “people” STILL TRY TO PUSH THE PIZZ AGATE LIE, you are actually hurting REAL victims of REAL abduction rings. But hey, as long as you get to say Hillary Clinton is a bad, bad person, you’ll sink to any depths and you’ll sacrifice any amount of innocent children. Meanwhile, atrocious would-be !n¢est fan, Daddy Donald, boasts how he’d be doing his own daughter if the law permitted. And let’s not forget the little (TEN YEAR-OLD) girl who ran up the escalator to get away from creepy Donald who threatened he’d be dating her soon. But YEAH… Hillary was bad! Good gravy, you lying dolts.

          • John Doe

            Clinton went 26 times to pedo island and so did hilary. Epstein is a convicted pedo phile and he is wrapped into the pizza gate. Why anyone would defend them is beyond me unless they were involved,.

          • Kiddy-Diddlin’ DONALD is the friend of Jeffrey Epstein, why anyone would defend him is beyond honest people, unless you are involved. I mean, “John Doe” IS the name of many pedos, as you may have just proven.

            Besides, Alex Jones has even admitted ON HIS OWN SHOW that he was wrong to push the Pizza gate lie.

            But hey, never let facts get in the way of a good hillbilly conspiracy, hillbilly.

          • Mainlander

            You’re pretty scary Carrie.

          • Criminals, p3rverts, and general evil-doers sure AF better think so. Because I have no tolerance for those sorts, at all.

          • ICFubar

            I believe ‘Carrie’ is a govt.-pedo troll..!! For anyone to completely deny that any pedophile child abduction takes place in the USA with the FBI stats on missing children is working from ulterior motives. Just the testimonies of survivors of child sex trafficking blows her shtick out of the water despite this persona having all the seemingly contrary facts at their fingertips, typical of paid trolls. and with an attitude of total denial that most should be skeptical of given the nebulous information surrounding this issue and the authorities failure in investigation of this very serious human evil issue.

          • Then you’re just another disinformation tool. The FBI stats on missing children illustrates that the vast majority of “missing children” come home voluntarily on their own after a short period, and that the NUMBER ONE KIDNAPPER OF CHILDREN is the child’s own [custodial/non-custodial] parent.

            Just so you know (not that it’ll sink in), but my husband and I have adopted nine children thus far, and my husband sits on a board to maintain the welfare and well-being of adopted children. MANY KIDS are victimized both prior to being removed from homes, and after. BUT… it is nearly ***always*** at the hands of a father or step-father or older brother or male relative of some sort.

            Does bizarro-world seks-trafficking occur? yes; does it occur at even ONE PERCENT of the rate that in-home, !ncestuous incidents occur? NO, it doesn’t.

            When actual, reputable sites like Love146, childrenofthenight, Operation Underground Railroad, and The Human Exploitation Rescue Operative (HERO) all denounce P/zzagate and your ludicrous, fevered beliefs of conspiratorial abductions, then I’m going to side with the people who know w/t/f they’re talking about, and NOT with you. It is YOU spreading/supporting misinformation when you gulp down easy pablum like the “story” above yet refuse to give the slightest <i<F about the kids who suffer silently in their own homes.

            It is YOU callously ignoring the many just so you can fet!shize the extreme few.

          • where did she do that tho? where did she “completely deny that any pedophile child abduction takes place in the USA “? I read her posts over and over and she didn’t seem to say any thing that you are painting that she said. why lie so openly? she is against child abduction and them being hurt and she said so many times. shes just against lying. why do you not see the difference?
            she even included the names of trafficking/survivor websites that prove she is against kids being hurt or trafficked or abducted. so again I ask why lie?

          • ICFubar

            What are you ‘her’ backup’ for agencies unknown? If I were investigating, you and ‘Carrie’ would be under suspicion. This article deals with an incident that may have been an attempt at child abduction for the purpose of profiting in human trafficking and the fact that this does take place. While you, in support, and the persona ‘Carrie’ wish to play down this very real horrendous but lucrative crime… that does take place, while claiming to have the best interests of children at heart. Just like “Boys Town and the Franklin Cover Up” was an almost perfect set up for the commission of this crime. Other evidence examples are too plentiful for anyone to dismiss this crime as miniscule. Do you think child abuse – abduction and worse ended at some point in time? As we all know anything can be claimed in a comment section and the tone of ‘Carries’ comment is to dismiss child abduction for the purpose is to be of so insignificant in numbers as to be inconsequential. However we do know that this crime is perpetrated and I hold suspect those who wish to don play this fact

        • friend-thru-the-storm

          This incident might have been innocent,and the woman (who asked to hold the little girl)be just an over friendly, forward type. But i don’t know, in this day & age, and most folk being aware of the evil that’s going on around us,would not have asked such a pertinent thing,because -great shame as it is-it’s wise to not teach your children to be so trusting of strangers.In this situation, i would have, like the mum, veered on the side of great caution and i can well and truly empathise with the mum’s feelings. She did the right thing and no one can fault her, our children are far too precious to worry whether she was wrong to upset the feelings of the stranger, as any decent person -given that situation- would have understood the mum’s protectiveness of her little daughter. Today, in matters of raising kids,you’ve to have eyes in the back of your head, such are the dangers & the deliberate evil.


    Go to the website medicalkidnap and you’ll see that CPS is the biggest kidnapper by far!

    CPS is big business just like the prison industrial complex.

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    • ICFubar

      Yes, and they have the same problem in Britain with their CPS.

  • Guest

    “When we are talking about people that would take little children away from their parents and do unspeakably evil things to them, we are talking about wickedness on a level that defies description.”

    Absolutely. People that do such things are satanic.

    • Eileen Kuch

      I agree 100%. People who’d take little children from their parents and do unspeakably evil things to them depict wickedness on a scale that defies description .. Those who commit such heinous crimes are Satanic. Period.

      • Hmm, how do you feel about people who don’t technically take little children “away from” their parents to do gross things, because they are in fact the parents who ARE doing the great, great majority of gross, unspeakable things to kids?

        In *my* mind, I would love to imagine you feel terrible for those kids who get hurt by the ones they trust the most (parents, relatives, “friends” of the family)… yet you praise a story which wasted its important and valuable time on a debunked non-story rather than do something incredible and GOOD by instead choosing to write about kids; actual number one danger: those closest to them? Shame on you and your child-ignoring ilk.

  • Diane Gilmore

    This very thing happened on Friday, 3/24/17, at our local Walmart in Springfield, TN, north of Nashville. It was posted on our local county facebook page. She got blasted by a few (and in our town FEW) lefties for being “racist” simply because she described the guys, but overall, people were grateful for telling everyone her account. Here is the text. It is going on everywhere! …..”So just letting y’all know .. This women with small children thing is really happening in Springfield right now. I was followed by 4 men throughout the whole st…ore this morning. Aiden was sitting in the front of the buggie. Brayden was in his car seat inside the buggie. I didn’t realize they were following me until I saw them standing way too close for comfort while I was grabbing a gallon of milk. I walked around the store in a circle to see if they were for sure following me, and they were. Not sure what they were trying to do but I had a terrible gut feeling .. Every time I made eye contact with one of them they’d pull out their phone and pretend to be playing on it.. None of them had anything in their hands when they walked out of the store. What’s the point of going to Walmart if you’re not planning to buy something?? They were all 4 darker complected possibly of Indian descent and all looked around 25-30 years old.”

    • Strongsafe

      That might be a good time to let someone get a flash of a not easily seen or accessed (by other than the owner) firearm, along with a hard stare. I do not mean brandishing or removing it from the holster, but simply allowing a jacket or sweater to swing/ fall away from covering for a moment. Luke 22:36. Ordinarily I would avoid this consistently, but would in this case make it a gesture like the cell phone thing in reverse. It is obvious that a hard stare alone was/ is not necessarily enough as noted in the article. It might also be good to start thinking of someplace to go to get obstacles between them and your family for a greater opportunity to access your protection. I am no security expert, but this situation seems to warrant harder measures than the simple disclosure of your awareness that you are being stalked/ approached. If I were approached too close for comfort, I would rather take action and be seen as rude or offensive than an easy target. The consequences are too great.

    • Ray S.

      Would be a good thing for some mother’s to start conceal carrying.

      • iris

        Not a bad idea, but if they have a cell phone, and most people in the U.S. do, they could always take a picture of them and shuttle it immediately to the proper department/s, including the national ones which are trying to combat human trafficking, after they’ve called 911. Chances are, if a ring has been established in a region of the country, authorities may have access to more information which would help tie things together. Like Strongsafe said below, better to be safe than sorry.

        • ” Like Strongsafe said below, better to be safe than sorry.”

          Agreed. It IS better to be safe than sorry… that is why I can determine the above claim in the Tennessee Walmart is fake. Otherwise, the mother would’ve informed the police about these “dark” men who looked at her. But her local police have no such report.

          • experience

            Carrie has very important points for all to remember. One is that there are people who are paid to discredit others’ story, or truth. Some are unwilling to see the truth, no matter if it hits them on the face. Then there are others, who are just plain “evil” by giving in to their lower part of their character.

            So do not let others make your decision for you.

    • It’s another ph0ny story, I bet. According to Tennessee’s police blotters, no such incident was reported.

      I mean, *IF* this story supposedly happened, why would a goodly Christian woman purposely avoid sharing it with police or any other form of law enforcement?

      Facebook is known for spreading viral stories with absolutely ZERO basis in fact. It’s Facebook’s greatest stream of revenue.

      On the upside, it just means that the children we would otherwise be worried about were never remotely in any sort of danger whatsoever.

      • John Doe

        Not everyone goes crying to police besides the cops may be involved as well.

        • Well, honest people do go to the police.

          If someone even remotely believes that children are in any danger of being harmed, they for <b<a fact go to the police.

          If you believe in keeping child abuse “quiet”, by all means, avoid sharing with law enforcement. All you’ve done is told the same lie that traffickers tell: “don’t bother reporting us, the cops are on our payroll”. YOU are responsible for children’s lives being ruined with that ignorant attitude.

          • John Doe

            You are the one who is defending Clinton and pushing the nothing to see here part. It takes a real sick deranged piece of garbage to be a cho mo. Personally I think castaration the a d bullet between the eyes is the right response to it. I believe that there are folks sick and deranged beyond belief who are doing the pizzza garbage and makes me wonder why all the effort is being put up defending and redirectlng attrntion away from it.

      • Diane Gilmore

        You’re wrong, moron. This is a small town, everyone knows the young lady. She told management, nothing more. You are an idiot.

        • “She told management [about a potential risk to the lives and security of all children], nothing more”

          Hmm, you KIND OF just proved my point: IF she thought her child or ANY other child were at risk, then she WOULD HAVE reported it to the police. Even if SHE gave absolutely zero $h!ts about children, then THE STORE MANAGEMENT would have been required by law to report it. <—– This I know personally because I worked in a retail establishment and every last one of us was taught this legal requirement upon hiring, as well as upon our store’s six-month reviews.

          Next time you type out “You’re an idiot”, make sure you’ve got your mirror better adjusted. Facebook is FAMOUS for posting viral b.s. stories that get dummies’ tongues a-clickin’.

    • Patsy

      Did she take pics of these guys who were following her around? Everyone has a camera phone, so no excuse for not getting pics and posting them.

  • Ray S.

    Children’s organs are big money on the black market… everything from the heart, to liver, lungs, eyes, you name it. This sort of trafficking has been going on for decades but you’ll not hear about it much in the media because the reality of it is too grotesque and sadistic for most people to accept.

    • VAXXED

      The government kidnaps homeless people and harvests their organs. Big money!
      Just like they do in other countries.

  • PedoSlayer

    These sort of stories need to be brought into the light. There should be only one punishment for those that would prey upon children.

    • poor white eunuch

      Like Riverside County, CA that routinely kidnaps thousands of babies without any warrant or reason (according to a lawsuit). And that’s just 1 place!

      CPS is a business the MSM won’t dare talk about.

      • iris

        Could you fill in for the readers, and me, what does CPS do with the children once they’ve done this? Do they benefit financially from the federal or state level for every child? What is their rationale? Is there documentation of research on their part to determine a dire risk for these children? Would like to know more. I think you sent a link on an earlier post, is it medicalkidnapping?

        • I looked into this too. It seems that Natural News is the site pushing this story, and all other sites just lazily copied and pasted the story as told by Natural News.

          The County of Riverside said that it does indeed take children/babies out of the care of dangerous (i.e., drug-using) parents, and Riverside, CA has a very, very high per capita drug use. (It is also whitetrash central of California.) Riverside County CPS returns these kids to their rightful homes in all cases where the parent passes a drug test (according to their website).

          On MTV’s Teen Moms (a truly awful show), they frequently show the non-custodial [whitetrash] parent of a baby making the complaint to CPS in order to weaken the custodial parent’s appearance of safety. This is also something that they advocate doing on so-called Father’s “Rights” websites — make calls to CPS and claim that your baby’s mother is an addict; force them to remove your baby; force the mother to submit to expensive drug tests and hopefully counseling if she is found to have so much as even ONE Rx drug in her system; re-apply for custody for the father; win custody away from your child’s mother whom you’ve framed.

        • poor eunuch

          no time for disqus
          math hw due tomorrow
          comm asignment due thursday, math test saturday
          need more turmeric 4 brain

  • davidnrobyn

    It occurs to me that perhaps the reason it’s hard to get “national leaders” to take this issue seriously is that they may be involved themselves. I don’t know how much of the “pizzagate” pedophilia-ring rumor I’ve been hearing/reading about lately is true, but if even 10% of it is true we’ve got an enormous problem. It’s possible that a great deal of our high-ranking national leadership is compromised.

    • Alex Jones has apologized for promulgating the NOW-DISPROVEN claims about Pizza gate: rawstory. com/2017/03/alex-jones-apologizes-for-fake-news-story-pizzagate-but-blames-another-site-for-it/

      What’s also comforting is that child welfare organizations who SPECIALIZE in rescuing minors out of slavery (like Love146) have also debunked the Pizza Gate claims as 100% false. Again, 100% false. Not 99%, but 1-0-0-% false and untrue.

      So, may we all sleep a little better and a lot wiser in the future.

      • Brian Dougan

        True or false; this story serves as a warning: Be alert; and be aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts. This story may have stretched the facts; but one fact is clear: Child abductions happen, and don’t generally end well.

        Guard your children vigilantly; especially while shopping. It only takes one moment of distraction–and you may never see your child again.

        • So, a not-quite-a-story about a child hypothetically facing the statistically-lowest danger to a child (that of being abducted by a stranger in public) can be praised here, but the realest dangers to our children (being hurt by their own fathers and uncles and grampas and teachers and coaches and priests, etc.) never seems to get mentioned here in the least.

          That is just as stupid as having a poison control hotline that only mentions Tetrodotoxin and completely leaves out all of the things that hurt kids around the house.

          I feel like I’m in a madhouse with people who laugh at the REAL dangers kids face all the while you solemnly rail against the least of things.

      • John Doe

        Thats a bunch of crap. Alex Jones only appol;ogized because of the threat of being sued or worse. You can tell his apology is forced. But then again he works for the same folks who he accused.

        • No, I cannot tell his apology is forced, neither can anyone else who isn’t burdened with hysterical paranoia.

          He made up the lie, he pushed the lie, he got LOADS of hysterical, gushing support for his lie, and when his lie was too big to back away from with integrity, he stopped talking about it. He FINALLY got tired of the frothing stupidity he created in his brain-dead “Jonesies”, and he finally, smartly admitted the truth.

          Actual groups who rescue children from places like the one he fabricated are begging the public to STOP muddying the waters between REAL dangers and PHONY dangers. Think of all the time, money, and resources that went into thoroughly debunking the P.G. lie, when all of the time, money and resources COULD HAVE gone toward helping actual victims in actual need.

          I am generally 101% anti-suicide, but you should be so ashamed of yourself for hurting real children with your p.g. lie. If Clinton hadn’t been running for office, you revolting liars wouldn’t have even bothered making it up.

  • Another day of trying to distract from Dismal Donald’s final days, eh?

    On the upside, this story is just another phony Facebook ruse. In an attempt to see if literally ANY portion of this story was true, this was found out:

    We contacted Longview police about the claim on 25 February 2016.
    They told us that the department reviewed surveillance video and that the interaction in question lasted approximately “two seconds”. Police were sympathetic to the mother’s fears but said that the incident was inconsistent with genuine reports of labor or s. e. x trafficking. The clip was passed on to state law enforcement for further review, but police in Longview did not indicate parents need worry about “stranger danger” in the area

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  • Sn SM

    Carrie ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ🇺🇸

    Diane Gilmore

    Looks like we have a government troll…. hate to break it to you
    but….”Pizzagate” is a FACT. Pictures and emails found on
    Weiners laptop pertaining to “Pizzagate” were so vile that even
    hardened NYPD detectives were made ill…. Trolls saying
    “Pizzagate” is “small” are peddling fake news…

    • Nope. As much as advanced schizophrenics enjoy pushing that fully-debunked conspiracy theory, it never once held an ounce of fact.

      PLEASE do like child rescue groups are BEGGING people to do, and stop trying to take attention away from REAL crimes against children by keeping your paranoid anti-Clinton fantasies alive.

      Just putting “FACT” in capital letters after a lie does not make it any less of a hysterical lie.

  • John Doe

    Satanic is what it is. Now they want to have after school satanic clubs.

    • ???

      Who exactly wants after-school satanic clubs? And where would this be happening exactly?

      Unlike you, I for one would like to stop after-school satanic clubs, and I’m willing to do something beyond whine on a conspiracy-pushing site.

      Pony up, please — where are these clubs wanted, specifically. Which cities, which states, which individuals (by name)?

      It’s unconscionable to believe there are such clubs being started without doing everything in your power to prevent them.

      • John Doe

        Go look it up for yourself . Start in Oklahoma

  • Oh, man. Those sites/sources have no integrity. Are there any non-moonbat sources?

    Those sources also say that there are races of lizard people who control the world and make everything happen… 💩

    • STOP urban sprawl

      They say there are races of lizard people?
      Got any citation for that?

      Soros is paying like 187? organizations so does he also pay people to comment? Other organizations do.

      • Yes, Alex Jones boasts about the Lizard People, as do many (if not most) of his equals.

        I’d love to see any “evidence” of Soros paying anyone anything, and bear in mind that Alex Jones is not “proof” of anything but how fat + dumb = hysterical.

        • Mainlander

          Incorrect. He had a guest on many years ago who spoke of it.

          • Oh, my mistake then. The “reptilian/lizard people” talk was all over a site called “lnfowars”, which I must have mistakenly associated with Alex Jones.

            Because a quickie trip on over to lnfowars just now shows that the reptile conspiracy is alive and well.

            My apologies to Alex Jones as well, for falsely mixing him up with that ludicrous conspiracy site which only the severest of mental cases could look up to.

          • no, that is alex jones. he does talk about lizard people (reptilians). he does believe it too but now hes saying that all (and I mean ALL) of the crazy stuff he rambles about is purely false and for entertainment only. but that is because he is getting divorced again and he doesn’t want a judge to JUDGE him on the psycho things he pretends to believe on air.
            how a woman married that well dressed version of a homeless man will always escape me.

    • Mainlander

      So… you alone get to decide what is or isn’t a legitimate source? Interesting.

      • Oooh, I’d *love* to know where you developed the as-of-yet unproven theory that I alone get to decide what you claim I alone get to decide.

        This should be interesting, as I’ve never been given such power before. Please do elaborate, show sources… legitimate ones… and leave out no details. I’m going to take your scholarly proof and show it to my mother-in-law!

      • do you think reddit is a legit source? really?

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