Illegal Immigration Billboard

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  • Vance Decker

    Interesting. Would Jesus turn away needy Mexicans, even if they were crossing the border illegally?

    The fact that they are breaking the law and we are rewarding it is superfluous to the fact that most of you people reading this, claim to be Christians, yet are acting very unchristian.

    Donating five dollars for a prayer shall from the 700 Club, does not count as charity. How many of you have taken the time or money to actually help anyone other than yourself?

    • Barn Cat

      People like to ask what Jesus would do when they obviously don’t know the real Jesus from the Bible.

      We don’t have a national responsibility to take in everybody who wants to come here and give them benefits at our expense.

  • Rex Krauthammer

    its all designed to implode the economy,were 17 trillion in debt and 1000s of illegals are entering the country,we will pay for thier welfare,foodstamps,section 8 houseing,healthcare,which will bankrupt the country,its all by design to destroy the country and

    get rid of borders for the new world order which bush sr talked about in 1991.,take the red pill and come out of the matrix

    • Rex, you are correct! We are watching our country crumble before our very eyes. American citizens are working harder and making less while our government wants to give away the farm to foreign nationals. Charity is fine, but why don’t people have any compassion for American hungry and homeless?

  • BC


    Per following the law Jesus said:

    “Give unto Cesar’s what is Cesar’s and unto God’s what is God’s”. In other words, if Jesus said “follow the law of the land” and He did, so should these illegals. We’d happily welcome them as LEGAL immigrants — but they refuse to follow the law.

    So the simple answer to your question: WWJD? He’d tell them to FOLLOW THE LAW…..just as He did.