Obama’s Mistakes: 12 Examples That Show That Just About Everything That Barack Obama Tries To Do Turns Out Badly

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Why does it seem like virtually everything that Barack Obama tries to do turns out badly?  There is a reason why his approval rating has fallen so precipitously.  Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is getting hard to deny that he is having a really hard time getting anything done right.  Health care reform was a total disaster, the economy continues to get worse, foreign policy is an unmitigated mess and faith in the federal government is at an all-time low.  Some Democrat insiders are now wondering if Barack Obama is actually losing it.  There are even whispers that Barack Obama may be challenged for the Democratic nomination in 2012.  That still seems far-fetched at this point, but without a doubt it is not just Republicans that are wondering about Barack Obama’s competence at this point.


These past two years have been an absolute nightmare in so many ways.  The following is a list of 12 huge mistakes that Obama has made so far.  Of course there are many, many others which could be added to this list.  The truth is that almost everything that Barack Obama tries to do turns out badly….

#1 The health care reform law was supposed to expand health care coverage and make health care plans less expensive.  Instead, it is doing just the opposite.  For example, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union has announced that they are dropping health care coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage workers due to increased costs.  The ironic thing is that SEIU union workers were some of Barack Obama’s most loyal troops in helping get the health care reform law passed.  Now they are some of the first ones to suffer for it.  Not only that, but health insurance premiums are rising significantly all over the nation due to the new health care law.  It is quickly becoming clear that the health care reform law is one of the worst pieces of legislation that the U.S. Congress has ever passed.

#2 UN officials have issued a very angry response to some shocking new revelations that were brought to light by the WikiLeaks documents that were just released.  It turns out that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had apparently ordered U.S. staff to spy on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other diplomats at the United Nations.  Talk about a mess.  This scandal has the potential to destroy Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions forever.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that virtually nobody in the Obama administration or in Hillary Clinton’s State Department has much of a clue about foreign policy.

#3 Barack Obama thought that he would toss those wanting to cut the federal deficit a bone by announcing a two year wage freeze for federal workers, but really all he has done is give several million pissed off federal workers a really good reason not to vote for him in the next election.

#4 After years of civil liberties abuses by the Bush administration, many Americans voted for Barack Obama hoping for something better.  Instead, things have gotten even worse.  One of the most prominent examples of this is the horrific abuse U.S. air travelers must endure at the hands of TSA agents.  Barack Obama could stop the naked body scanners and the TSA groping tomorrow if he wanted to, but the truth is that he simply does not want to.

#5 The Obama administration seems to have no clue how to handle the rapidly unraveling situation over on the Korean peninsula.  Let us hope that Obama’s incompetence does not end up causing World War 3 to erupt over there.

#6 Barack Obama and the Democrats keep pushing the Dream Act which would provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens even though a solid majority of the American people are against this.  This could cost Barack Obama a ton of votes in 2012.  Most Americans want something done about our horrible security on the border.  When Arizona got fed up and tried to do something themselves, the federal government actually stepped in and took them to court.  Talk about clueless.

#7 Barack Obama’s job-killing “cap and trade” scheme looked like it might get through Congress last year, but fortunately it did not make it.  If that thing had been implemented it would have been absolutely disastrous for the struggling U.S. economy.  However, it did wake millions of American up to the fact that Barack Obama  is a relentless promoter of the radical green agenda.

#8 Barack Obama could have struck a populist chord by standing up to Wall Street when he took office, but instead he nominated the head of the New York Federal Reserve bank (Timothy Geithner) as his Treasury Secretary and he renominated Ben Bernanke to another term as Federal Reserve Chairman.  Barack Obama has surrounded himself with hordes of incompetents and Wall Street lackeys, and the American people are not impressed.

#9 The financial reform bill is a toothless joke that isn’t worth the paper it was printed on, and yet Barack Obama and other top Democrats keep touting how “tough” it is.  The American people wanted real Wall Street reform and what they got was essentially nothing.

#10 Most Americans are tired of wasting hundreds of billions of dollars and precious American lives trying to police Afghanistan.  But instead of pulling out of that nation, Barack Obama has greatly escalated the war.

#11 Barack Obama and other top Democrats supported the incredibly expensive Wall Street bailouts and “economic stimulus packages” and yet the U.S. economic situation just continues to deteriorate.  At this point Barack Obama seems to have kind of given up on economic policy and is more or less letting the Federal Reserve run the show at this point.  Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to turn into a post-industrial wasteland.

#12 The Obama administration has been running the biggest budget deficits in U.S. history and yet Barack Obama keeps insisting that we will soon have the U.S. national debt under control.  The U.S. government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the globe, and when it is all said and done Barack Obama is going to be one of the politicians responsible for it.

No matter how loudly the American people have yelled and screamed about some of these issues, Barack Obama and his administration have refused to listen.

When Barack Obama first took office, he had unbelievably high approval ratings.  But in the latest Zogby poll, Obama’s approval rating had dropped to 39 percent.  The American people voted for “change”, but the only “changes” that Barack Obama has brought have been for the worse.

Now even many Democrats are openly wondering if Barack Obama is actually losing it.  There have been persistent rumors that someone may challenge him for the Democratic nomination in 2012 or that he may simply decide not to run again at all.  If things go as badly over the next two years as they have for the previous two years, then it would be hard to imagine Obama winning another term.

But you never know – stranger things have happened, and the American people have a long tradition of sending incompetents back to Washington D.C.

Just look at Congress.

  • William

    While I voted for Obummer, I must admit that he has turned out to be an empty suit. He has not delivered on his call for change. Obummer’s worst failure is his refusal to enforce the laws of this nation by investigating and prosecuting those in the Bush administration who trashed the Constitution, federal statutes and international treaties, conventions and agreements. No nation that deliberately refuses to enforce its laws will survive. We wanted change, and got chump change.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    B Obama’s administration issues are partly his gross inexperience and the collection of boneheads he has around him, and his total lack of understanding of the average American. Also the Democratic Congress and the far left didn’t do him any favors.
    This is not going to get better the results of QE II will finish working it’s way though the economy by this time next year. The growing problems with North Korea, Europe, Iran, and the growing impression around the world that Washington is clueless.
    I wont go into the ongoing debt problems here in the states that have been discussed on this blog and others.
    I don’t think B Obama is evil he’s an Urban Intellectual who believes in the European style Welfare State, lacks of any practical experience, doesn’t really like this country, and isn’t really excited about most of the people.

  • zack

    It has just been revealed that Obama pressured Spain into dropping a war crimes prosecution against Bush. http://www.harpers.org/archive/2010/12/hbc-90007836 Perhaps Obama’s motives are not as altruistic as he would have you believe.

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  • El Pollo de Oro

    About #10:

    I’m a regular reader of Justin Raimondo’s Antiwar.com website, and Raimondo has often characterized Obama as a major war hawk who comes from a long line of Democratic war hawks (Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ). Raimondo, a libertarian/paleoconservative, hates neocons with a passion, and he also sees the Obama Administration as proponents of imperialist aggression abroad. Now here’s where things get ironic in a really sick way: as much of a war hawk as Obama has been—and as much as this administration has spent on the military—he could never be bloodthirsty enough for the neocons (who aren’t really neo-conservative—they’re neo-fascist). No matter how much The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) digs itself into the financial hole, there will never be enough wars to satisfy the bloodthirsty neocon cabal.

    But the neocons’ empire fantasies are unsustainable and unaffordable. Empires are unsustainable. Raimondo gets that. Ron Paul gets that. Alex Jones and Gerald Celente get that. The Banana Republic of America is a rotting, decaying, debt-plagued Third World basketcase that is heading for total collapse. The BRA does remind me of one empire, though: The Roman Empire.

  • VegasBob

    I voted for Obama too. Trillion$ in bailouts for banksters, 4 more years of Bernokio and bupkis for Main Street is not change I can believe in.

    If Obama thinks he can win re-election in 2012 by delivering a bunch of speeches from a teleprompter, he will find out differently when he gives his concession speech on the night of November 6, 2012.

    I have no confidence in any of the prospective Republican Presidential candidates, but I don’t plan to vote to re-elect Obama in 2012 unless his Republican opponent is Sarah Palin.

  • kurt cobain

    The gulf is still dying.

  • Sheryl

    The truth is this – Barack Obama wants the U.S. to fail, then he and his cohorts like George Soros, Maurice Strong, the very rich bankers can rule over us peasants. Pray hard, pray very hard.

  • Sue

    I am a concerned “mom” with children and grandchildren who may outlive me through this horrific Apocalypse that is coming upon us. I am amazed at the naiveness of so many Americans. I have been involved with educating myself with the awareness of the secret societies and evil intents of the political puppetteers for at least 10 years. I have listened to our prophets warn us of the plans of men who desire control and want to take our freedoms from us.I have been impressed and grateful for Radio Talk show hosts who are courageous and outspoken and inform us now of the very things I have heard warnings about 10 or more years ago. These things are happening. As I have viewed this wave of horror that has come over our country, I do not see Obama and his admisistration as fumbling idiots. They are NOT making mistakes. They know EXACTLY what they are SUPPOSE TO DO according to the dictates of their Obama dictator who is taking his directions from the Political puppetteers from the secret societies Obama and they are all participating in. Its called CONSPIRACY AND its not new in societies throughout the world and history. I am convinced that Obama has been in line for this presidency for years and has been goomed for this leadership over the fall of America, and has folowed in the footsteps of past presidents. There are many Pres who have been setting us up for years to fall into a mental and emotional dependence on the gov. and now Obama is using specific tactics or taking advantage of situations, to create trauma and terrorize the US citizens. Look at his schooling and his upbringing and (I won’t take the time to go into all the history that has been proven about him) He has studied the take over of past societies and he knows exactly what he is doing when he lets devastating “accidents” if they really are, create chios such as the oil spill, or the overrunning of our Mexican border….the gov. is purposly allowing natural catastrophies to become more chaiotic by not supporting the people, the clean ups, etc. This is just a taste of what is to become when all we have left is a dictator and we are a 3rd world country.I am also convinced that 9-11 was an inside job.It was the beginning of changing America into a fearful society-afraid of the terrorists and “we need to depend on the gov more. Its all a plan-what we “extreamest” as I have been called, call a conspiracty. Naive Americas are baffled that anyone would want to hurt this pretty Ameria and her lovely citizens. Thats like the crying battered woman, divorcing an abuser who now is saying “how can he do this to me, as he takes her home, her children and any opportunity for her to move forward.Greedy men (and women)and large egos, desire for power and authority over others, will do whatever it takes to move their program forward. The invasion of personal bodies at the airports are all a part of Obamas administration and the secret societies to tramatize Americans. By frightening us, they think to make us weaker, fearful and dependent. All of the inept people in his administration were put there because they were willing to do what they were told to do not because they have great portfolios-they don’t need to know what they are doing only what they are supposed to do to contribute to the failure of America for the sake of the New World Order. Its just so hard for some people to believe this could be possible that there would be a large group of people who are willing to work together for such a devastating purpose and for power and money….REALLY-WELL IT HAPPENS ALL OVER THE WORLD. i WAS IN Zambia Africa doing volunteer work and asked WHY and HOW did this happen-this 3rd world poverty, devastation???? And the answer came is what is occuring in our country right now. At one time Zambia was prosperous and people had jobs; there were thriving business’s and greed and money came into play and there was an overtaking of the country by such as Obama and his secret societies.
    This is part of the bigger plan of new world order. I am not a religious fanatic. My religious practice is low key and solid. I am aware of Satanic controls and people who worship such a being. I have witnessed such practices and its overwhelmingly frightening. Many of these secret societies are entrenched in Satanic Worship. It is believed that Satan as a real being wants the freedom of people who are Chriatians. Many take over societies have involved the killing of Christians. So we could get into an even deeper and more evil discussion of the wiles of SAtan in relation to the pracitces of religions that are trying to build a center right next to where the towers were blown up. Its an outrageous overtaking that is trying to happen with Obama’s help. Nothing is an accident where Obama is concerned. He is a smart man and he is where he is because he was groomed to do this sickening hateful job of killing americans freedom. The man should be stopped NOW.He needs to be ousted from his position but there are to many people PLACED in positions that would probably NOT allow this to occur….in all the RIGHT PLACES. I am not concerned that he is going to be around for another election. By then if he keeps up at this speed he will distroy America to the point that there will be NO VOTING -HE WILL JUST BE THE DICTATOR. If he doesn’t complete his job, he will be assinated as was JFK who decided he could not do the terrible things he was required to do to America. He saw through it. There will be no elections come 2012- not at this rate. If Americans don’t rise up and do more than what they are doing-wake up to this awful situation they are in, we are dead or we may wish we were.
    I actually have faith in God to see what is happening and knows that this is what will occur in a society that has forgotten him. Its repeated history. We will have to go through this in as much a reality as we are going through what we are right now. We are all being AMAZED at the speed of distruction Obama is weilding in his path with his team of puppets. We have taken our freedoms for granted. We have become a Godless people forgetting that God inspired the men who established our constitution. We have forgotten our gratitude and our praise of HIm. I feel sorrowful to watch this destruction of a great country given to us as a gift from God. How difficult it must be for HIM to watch this gift go to the wayside because we haven’t taken care and been involved enough to stop this invasion of our freedoms. Its only going to get tougher. I hope enough people wake up to turn things around.I am grateful for the numerous groups who have rallied around and are great stalwart soldiers and who are brave and outspoken. God bless them and I pray with all my heart, might and mind that God will be with us in this fight for our freedoms.

    • Jimmy Phelps

      You are one of the most ignorant human beings I’ve ever come across in my entire life. I feel sad for your existence. Please don’t feed your opinions on your children, or they will be the joke of society. I feel so much pitty. How did anyone even have children with you?

  • While things haven’t exactly gone swell under the Obama administration, I really fail to see how Sarah Palin (who in all probability would be in office after the shock of victory gave McCain the heart attack) could do better. Given a choice between the two I’d have Obama eight days a week! ;)

  • mondobeyondo

    Obama can only go so far as his “puppet masters” allow him to go.

    Obama knows the rules, and he’s playing by them. He has to. He has no choice. Speak out, or step over the line, and he’ll end up like JFK, RFK and MLK.

    In spite of the votes he received, Obama would never have gotten elected if not for the campaign contributions from.. well, you guess who! (Hmm. Why was he so lenient on BP and the big oil companies during the Gulf oil spill crisis? Wink, wink)

    And don’t you think they want some recompensation for their contributions and efforts? You betcha!

    “The first rule of Fight Club is… don’t talk about Fight Club”…

  • Barbara Kavanagh

    this is a bogus website. I started to read the article but soon realized the facts are so badly represented that they amount of being mostly lies. Just the first thing: The Health Plan bill has not even started so what is this about it making costs go up. No the insurance industry is doing it. They are packing the high premiums and killing Americans as fast as they can. Killing only sick Americans because they are the ones who needs medical are.

    This is just a dumping ground for Obama haters, a totally destructive website for people to rant. I am very displeased with OBAMa because he is really a REpublican and fooled us all. He will never be reelected because he ignored the regular people. But if any of you think the REpublicans give a damn about you a big shock is coming. REpublicans only care for those who can help keep them in power – very wealthy individuals and corporations. The rest of us are not a concern of the Republican party. Their goal is to return America to the late 19th Century when there were no regulations, no safety nets for unfortunate people and no Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. WE are along our way and well almost there to having one of the lowest standards of living in the Western world and lower than some developing nations.

    Our nation is failing. we have a bit more time but no nation can be strong world leader with the kind of record we have. Our healthcare is the worst, our educational system is failing – we can’t compete, our economy was crushed by the greed of Wall Street banks and no one is punished except the victims. WE are heading downhill but looking at our recent record that may just be great for the rest of the world. we have come to the point where we do more harm to others than good. Two unnecessary wars which accomplished nothing but destruction. And now talk of more wars.

    • Rob M

      Hi Barbara. I want to correct a few points. I work with hospital administration. Obamacare started a while ago with the age requirements. Recently, Obamacare forced healthcare providers not to charge any copays for any treatment that could be considered well care. They siad obamacare would make up the loss to hospitals later but made no plans for it. Also, im not a fan of insurance companies but they only have a profit margin of 3 to 4% in NJ. Obamacare had to give partial waivers to entire states, Companies were dropping health insurace. Obamacare originally was stated to cost 970 trillion. now they estimate 1.87 trilloin. you know how accurate estimates are.

  • Allan

    The MOST relevant reason America is on a runaway train to self destruction with no solution or end in site is because the USA has done everything in its power to exile the Judeo-Christian God and invite every other would-be god(s), etc in His place. things don’t look good for America’s future as I don’t see a reversal in this trend but rather just the opposite.

    THIS IS A STARTING POINT ONLY. FIRST PRAYER & then: (1) To those arguing about who’s fault the mess the USA is in. And who would be better to elect in the 2012 election. “Democrats or Republicans”. NEITHER! Because they are doing the “Hegelian Dialectic” dance together & making you think they are giving the “Sheeple” a choice but in reality they ARE THE SAME Party with the SAME AGENDA with the SAME MONEYED BACKERS telling them what to do. The Tea Party is where you will find the least compromised but they also have been infiltrated with NWO people to a minor extent who have to be exposed & booted out. The rules for funding of candidates has to also be severely changed and the way votes are counted needs serious changes and oversight addressed. (2) Getting rid of the Federal Reserve (it’s a private bank) has to be at the top of list along with the previous changes mentioned. (3) All the politicians, bankers, Wall Street Executives, etc should be held accountable, investigated by independent agencies & charged accordingly.

    This would be a good start to the revival of the formerly great USA. Of course, there’s lots more to do to make the US right. But, the first part has to be completed before it will be possible for the rest to be accomplished. Otherwise …… start reading the communist manifesto & learn it by heart. It may, save your life later on, when they come for you.

  • Piglet

    #2: “This scandal has the potential to destroy Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions forever.” As a matter of fact, this news bit came out on Friday (3 Dec): “Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that U.S. secretary of state will be her final public position, seeming to close the door on speculation that she would run for president or take another post in the Obama administration.” May she finally be telling the truth for once!

  • Lillianna

    Obama has indeed done exactly what leads a nation into ruin. As Obama grows the war in Afghanistan and troops and civilians perish along with big money,everyone knows it’s where nations go to die. The corporate Obama media never admitted that Obama not only granted BP environmental exemptions but fought in court for their right to deep water drill in the Gulf. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2010/may2010/obam-m11.shtml

  • The Laughing Man

    I voted for Obama because I wanted change. Well that was a mistake I won’t make again. O and Allan the whole prayer will fix it thing is probably the dumbest idea I have EVER heard. The reason we are in as big of a mess as we are in is that your fundy friend Bush took a budget from Clinton with a SURPLUS that COULD have been used to pay down our debt and blew it up into one of the largest deficits in US history. Relying on some god only gives people a further excuse for inaction by trusting some deity to fix all of their problems for it. What we need is COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

  • gaetano

    Well, I do believe that both parties have sucked Americans dry,BUT, one thing for sure, is that the republicans will at least save America and bring them back to reality, so that in the future,they could keep the sucking us dry, going again. At least that is better then ending up a slave to the Obama dictator leadership.