Obama’s ‘Deal’ Would Allow Iran To Start Building Nuclear Bombs In About 10 Years

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Nuclear War - Public DomainShould Iran be permitted to build as many nuclear bombs as it wants just a decade from now?  Shockingly, this is precisely what the “deal” that the Obama administration is currently negotiating would allow Iran to do.  Even the Washington Post, an enthusiastic cheerleader for Obama all these years, says that this deal is the equivalent of “giving Iran everything it wants“.  Sadly, ever since negotiations with Iran began several years ago, the stance of the Obama administration has been to retreat, retreat and then retreat some more.  Back in 2005, the western world was insisting that Iran was not going to be allowed to have any centrifuges at all.  But now we are going to allow Iran to keep all of the nuclear infrastructure that it has built up, and a decade from now it will be allowed to start building nuclear weapons.  This is a country that is run by genocidal Islamic fanatics that consider the United States to be “the Great Satan” and that wants to wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the planet.  Under no circumstances should Iran ever be allowed to build even a single nuclear weapon.  If Obama goes through with this deal, he is betraying the United States, Israel and the entire western world.


Needless to say, the Israelis are expressing dismay over this potential deal.  The following comes from the Wall Street Journal

On Monday, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Israel considers the negotiations “totally unsatisfactory” because it would allow Iran to be “extremely close” to a “dangerous breakout program.”

Referring to the latest suggested compromise, he said, “for a 10-year delay [in Iran’s nuclear program] you are sacrificing the future of Israel and the U.S., and the future of the world.”

And Steinitz is right.

Any “deal” that gives the Iranians the right to build nuclear weapons a decade from now is a betrayal of our future.

This “deal” is so bad that even the Washington Post is speaking out against it…

So Iran gets everything and we put the good seal of approval on it. This is even more absurd when one considers how ephemeral the inspections “safeguard” would be, since Iran has never come clear on the extent or whereabouts of its illicit nuclear program. Michael Makovsky, CEO of the pro-Israel JINSA, says bluntly, “If this report is true, and it is consistent with the trajectory of the talks, it would mark a reckless capitulation and disaster.”

It would be inconceivable were we not talking about the Obama administration. “What is most troubling about this emerging deal, apart from the way in which the Obama administration appears ready to cave on every Iranian nuclear demand, is that the deal will only be of a short duration after which even the limited constraints on Iran’s nuclear weapons program will disappear,” says sanctions guru Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). He observes, “It is remarkable to think that in a decade or so Iran’s nuclear program will be treated no differently than Japan’s or Germany’s. The passage of time alone will be sufficient to convert Iran from nuclear pariah to nuclear partner.”

And it is critical to remember that Iran has lied over and over and over again.

Would the Iranians actually be willing to give international inspectors full access to all of their hidden nuclear facilities?

That seems very questionable at best.

In addition, the western world is getting very little except for a shaky 10 year delay in this deal.  In return, the Iranians will have everything that they originally wanted ten years from now, including the ability to build all the nuclear weapons they want

Such a deal, so obviously one-sided and inimical to our national security interests and to those of our allies, would stoke vehement, overwhelming bipartisan opposition and refusal to lift sanctions. “Within a decade or so, Iran will be poised to develop an industrial-size nuclear program with massive enrichment capacity, rapid breakout capability, and an easier clandestine sneakout option,” says Dubowitz. “Iran’s supreme leader soon will get what he always wanted: nuclear weapons, regional dominance and a growing economy. As they say, game, set and match.”  It therefore would give Israel no choice but to act militarily, since the alternative would be unimaginable.

This is yet another example of how clueless the Obama administration is when it comes to foreign policy.

Ever since negotiations with Iran began, the Obama administration has been consistently giving ground.  The following comes from a recent New York Daily News article

Why have the negotiations with the Obama administration and Iran become such a critical national security issue? Look at the record of betrayals of trust that have enabled Iran to operate 19,000 centrifuges and another 1,008 IR2m machines that can produce bomb-grade, fissionable material five times faster than the other centrifuges. Back in 2005, the West was saying to Iran “zero centrifuges.” Let me repeat: Zero. Next we were talking of a compromise at 5,000 centrifuges. In seven negotiations from 2005 and 2013, the negotiations can be summed up in one word: Retreat. A series of capitulations have left Iran with “the right” to enrich uranium so now it has thousands of kilograms of enriched uranium. That’s enough to produce a bomb, contrary to the Obama’s commitment to Congress that he would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

All of this would be funny if the stakes were not so incredibly high.

A nuclear-armed Iran is absolutely unthinkable.

A nuclear weapons program would give the Iranians the capability of destroying the nation of Israel any time that it wanted.  And even if some Israelis survived, life in the aftermath of any attack would be pure hell.  The following comes from a piece authored by Louis Rene Beres

By extrapolation, overwhelming health problems would afflict the survivors of any Iranian nuclear attack upon Israel. These problems would extend beyond prompt burn injuries. Retinal burns would occur in the eyes of persons far from the explosions. Many Israelis would be crushed by collapsing buildings and torn to shreds by flying glass. Others would fall victim to raging firestorms. Fallout injuries would include whole-body radiation injury, produced by penetrating, hard gamma radiations; superficial radiation burns produced by soft radiations; and injuries produced by deposits of radioactive substances within the body.

After an Iranian nuclear attack, even a “small” one, those few medical facilities that might still exist in Israel would be taxed far beyond capacity. Water supplies would become unusable. Housing and shelter could be unavailable for hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of survivors. Transportation would break down to rudimentary levels. Food shortages would be critical and long-term.

The Holocaust is still seared very deeply on the national psyche of Israel.

The Israelis are determined to never again allow their enemies to have the power to systematically wipe them out.

If Iran starts building nuclear weapons, Israel will feel that it has been left with no choice but to attack.

And thanks to Obama, the day when that will happen is now closer than ever.

  • Jobe

    Obama has been the worst thing to hit the US domestically and internationally since GW Bush. His world view is skewed by his upbringing in the Indonesia and exposure to Islam while back at home his super liberal agenda is just short of perverse, destroying long established societal moral values of behavior while still claiming to be a “christian.”

    2016 doesn’t look any better with Hillary v Jeb on the horizon.

    Vote third party people…what do we have left to lose?

    • Gay Veteran

      he doesn’t have a liberal agenda, he has a fascist agenda

  • Undecider

    A nuclear Iran is not a threat to America. The only true threat to America is the U.S. government.

    • John Pallyswine

      The only country standing in the way of Islam taking charge of the West, is the USA. The situation as is, re: Iran is what the Anglo elites of this planet, who control everything, directly or indirectly, desire it to be. Ultimately a nuclear Iran will pose an enormous threat to the US. As Joseph P Kennedy and many UK WASP elites said, Hitler is only a threat to the Jews, not to us. Until the Luftwaffe began pounding London. As the UK Anglo elites wanted? We may never know.

      • Chris

        Laughable. If the USA and Saudi Arabia weren’t in bed together the West wouldn’t have any problems with Islam.

      • Gay Veteran

        “The only country standing in the way of Islam taking charge of the West, is the USA….”

        bilge, you need to change your urine soaked pants.

    • Kent Harris

      The question begs why does Iran need a nuclear weapon? Another question is what do the other countries in the Middle East do just sit back and watch or do they start an arms race with them? The status quo at least kept everyone on the same playing field but that all changes when Iran goes nuclear. Personally, they have no inherent right to that kind of arsenal because they are a terrorist state and have been so since the 70s.

      • Gay Veteran

        “The question begs why does Iran need a nuclear weapon?….”

        because the U.S. has never attacked a nuclear power.
        and the U.S. is a much bigger terrorist state than Iran, after all it was the U.S. that wage a war of aggression against Iraq

        • Kent Harris

          You need to understand that Iran recently put on a show in auditorium of dominoes where both Israel and the U.S. were destroyed by Iran in a nuclear attack. WWII people believed they could contain Hitler which was proven wrong. When a madman / madmen speak you must believe them. Rainbow glasses are ineffective and unless you have a strong military to back up your diplomacy as Admiral Jay Lyons said it is useless.

      • LOLWUT

        So what about the US gov support for terrorists in Syria and Libya?

    • Gay Veteran


      • David

        I hope the both of you, as well as every living member of your families get to ante up your lives to defend YOUR chosen ones. The world will be well rid of you.

        • Gay Veteran

          well junior, I served in the Army.
          or are you another chickenhawk?

    • Robert M

      Any threat to Israel is a threat to the US. We are bound to defend them but I wouldn’t count on that with this current US president. For years now Obama swears up and down left and right that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon. He swears we have Israels back. This is the same guy who recently negotiated away the 5 worst detainee’s at Gitmo for a deserter. The same guy who drew a line in the sand in Syria and then punted to congress. Bi Bi has more than cause for concern. Obama may be less trust worthy to Israel than the Iranians right now.

      No more extensions. Let the negotiations end in failure. The sanctions stay and ferment. No deal is far better than a bad deal here. Let the powers that be in Iran sit and stew.

  • K

    There is a powerful and evil group of people. Who would prefer that 90 percent of the population perished. They are the ones who pull Obama’s strings, as well as most of the rest of D.C. None of this is therefore surprising.

    • Richard Morris

      Amen and they are those that meet as the Bilderberg group every year. People who do not believe us should just google them and the Illuminati, and Bohemian Grove.

  • Chris

    Your pro Israeli bias is showing through very strongly here Michael and it’s not pleasant. You deliberately misquote the ‘wipe Israel from the map’ as ‘wipe Israel from the face of the planet’. Plenty of people do not agree that the current state of Israel should have been brought into existence as it has been by the UN and terrorism and US blackmail but that does not translate as kill Israelis or Jews. The decision to recreate the State that the God of the Bible destroyed has been an utter catastrophe.
    What exactly is your agenda?

    • naked swimmer

      so you don’t think its fair that an ethnic group with
      millions of people should have at least a few miles set aside to live on? the arabs have zillions of miles

      I don’t care if Israel’s existence has riled up the arabs
      because they’ve been slaughtering people long before israel existed. history proves that if Israel didn’t exist they’d be doing the same thing—killing

      i don’t usually read the articles but ‘wipe Israel from the map’ and ‘wipe Israel from the face of the
      planet’ sounds like it means the exact same thing

      • Calvinius

        What do “the Arabs” have to do with anything? Iranians aren’t even Arabic!

        • naked swimmer

          I didn’t read the article, just the comment. Maybe later.

      • Tatiana Covington

        “set aside to live on”?

        At whose expense? And what happens to those who disagree?

        It had better be nothing.

        • naked swimmer

          Yes, they should support themselves financially. Also, people who think Israel should’ve never been made don’t realize how many inventions wouldn’t exist or would be way behind if it wasn’t for Israel. You should look into how many awesome things you’d have to give up if Israel didn’t exist.

    • GetReal4U2

      The decision to recreate the State that the God of the Bible destroyed…
      perhaps if you actually READ the word of God, you would know he also said he would bring them back to Israel in the end days…exactly like it is happening now…NOTHING you…or Iran will do will change the fact that God himself is going to protect Israel…

      • Robert M

        Lets hope so because Obama isn’t

  • sandbagger

    “This is yet another example of how clueless the Obama administration is when it comes to foreign policy.”

    I don’t buy that the administration in power now or those in the past are EVER clueless. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    We got ourselves a duck, folks. They can deny until they are blue in the face, but a duck is a duck is a duck.

  • jsmith

    I doubt very much that Israel who has hundreds of nuclear weapons is threatened by Iran, who has none. What Israel fears is the retaliatory capacity that Iran has in the form of thousands of missiles with chemical warheads. No doubt Nutyanyahoo wants us to do the dirty work of attacking Iran as we did with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. Perhaps our termite president is correct for once, in using restraint and opening dialog with the Islamic Republic of Iran who has not invaded or threatened anyone for hundreds of years.
    Sorry Michael, on this article I disagree with you. Rather, we should remove the sanctions imposed on Iran and have full relations and trade with that country. That trade would benefit both countries, specially the United States and the millions of unemployed here.

    • Kent Harris

      Iran has chosen to sponsor terrorism and any country that does so is NOT a friend of this country. I have friends who are from Iran and they say their country is a theocracy and violate human rights regularly. Currently, Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen, is sitting in an Iranian prison for being a Christian. Trying to make Iran out as being a nice country is absurd and you should read up on countries in the Middle East because it will enlighten you as to what is truly going on in this world.

      • jsmith

        And the United States does not violate human rights around the world? You need to read up on the coups we have staged to take down freely elected goverments like in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1957 and countless others culminating in taking down the legally elected government in Ukraine last year. Or how about the 500,000 babies that died in Iraq because of our sanctions like medicines, or napalming millions of North Vietnamese citizens back in the 1970’s. You have been listening to way too much CNBC propaganda.

      • Gay Veteran

        hey Einstein, which country has killed more innocent people, Iran or the U.S.?

  • DJohn1

    A Nuclear anybody is unacceptable in today’s world.
    Yet here we stand. We have nuclear power all over this country and from a financial viewpoint alone it is not feasible.
    We can get huge amounts of energy up front for almost free.
    It is down the road when you need to revamp or even dispose of the byproducts of nuclear energy that the fun begins economically. It bankrupts the power companies involved as has happened in the past.
    It would take literally a huge amount of coal to even come close to producing the same amount of energy and it would produce massive amounts of CO2 in the process.
    SO the real question here is how do we produce the energy of a nuclear reactor without all the downside like the Russian Disaster or the Japanese one?
    No one in their right mind uses nuclear weapons in today’s world.
    So why are we still operating missile bases with nuclear bombs ready to go destroy the planet?
    A nuclear Iran is like handing a kid a 45 automatic pistol in a closed room of people that hate each other.
    The only method that might work is combining two elements and gaining energy from it. We are years away from making that work with nuclear energy.
    The problem with nuclear weapons is fallout. The people playing with this dangerous nuclear stuff believe it will not destroy the planet. That in itself is fairly insane.
    Even if it doesn’t destroy life on this planet it will certainly do a lot of damage to everything.
    We are on a thin crust above a lava bed of very hot material. Volcanoes and Earthquakes are quite common and unexpected in some cases in relatively stable land. It is only a matter of time before one of these bombs goes wrong and destroys a lot of people.
    Iran sits on one of the largest oil fields in the world. So why go nuclear when oil is readily available?
    Putting a loaded gun in the hands of people that are known to be unstable is wrong. Whether it is Iran, Korea, or anyone of many places that have a barbaric system of social mechanisms like killing innocent people for their religious beliefs cannot be tolerated.
    People will be judged by their actions rather than their religions.
    And that day will come all too soon as we are dragged into one more World War.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…People will be judged by their actions rather than their religions….”

      then the American people will be judged harshly

      • DJohn1

        I think the Powers That Be will be judged harshly. Those are the ones responsible.

        The average person is likely to be clueless about what is going on.

        • Gay Veteran

          the average person is the one who will suffer if our warmongering psychopaths start a war with Russia

          • DJohn1

            That is the penalty people pay for their ignorance. You are correct in that statement.

  • zero

    unlike the jews they are they are no threating extortion to blow up the world

  • morty4808

    Netanyahu will not waste an ounce of chosenite blood when he can simply squeeze his lackeys in America to send more goyim to do his dirty work for him. These scumbags need to stay out of our politics ..there’s enough bribing going in as it is…

  • Tatiana Covington

    Heinlein saw all this coming in 1941! “Solution Unsatisfactory”.

  • GetReal4U2

    It therefore would give Israel no choice but to act militarily, since the alternative would be unimaginable…
    I’m uncertain most posting below me understand what this actually means…AND how it will impact the ENTIRE world…ONCE AGAIN MIchael will write an article that the liberal controlled news media won’t…perhaps we should all pay close attention to what the Israeli prime minister has to say to congress next week…

    • Gay Veteran

      “It therefore would give Israel no choice but to act militarily, since the alternative would be unimaginable….”

      what is unthinkable for the Israeli government is that they could not attack a nuclear armed Iran

  • Richard Morris

    Obama is a terrorist himself who is nothing more than a puppet to the Global Elite Satanic bunch. If Iran gets Nukes and turns them against Israel then the Lord will definitely be coming back. While I have Grandchildren I still say come Lord Jesus come.

  • Richard Morris

    If one does the research and see how the Bible ties into what is going on today.They would understand what and why all this is happening.

  • Calvinius

    The possibility that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in 10 years is going to destroy the entire world?

    • Gay Veteran

      don’t forget they have been saying that Iran was on the VERGE of getting nukes for the PAST 10 years

  • Gay Veteran

    “…is a country that is run by genocidal Islamic fanatics that consider the United States to be “the Great Satan” and that wants to wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the planet….”

    quite possibly the worst BS you have ever written. Who is the greater threat to world peace? The U.S. under the neo-cons or Iran? Well gee, which country since 2000 has attacked Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Would the Iranians actually be willing to give international inspectors full access to all of their hidden nuclear facilities?….”

    has Israel?

  • Gay Veteran

    “…A nuclear weapons program would give the Iranians the capability of destroying the nation of Israel any time that it wanted….”

    and the Iranians know that the Israeli government has 100s of nukes that would destroy Iran.
    you’re showing your fundamentalist Christian bias towards Israel

  • Tatiana Covington

    And we have the right to command a sovereign state what it shall or shall not do? If it rejects our commands, what then?


    • DJohn1

      If that sovereign state jeopardizes the lives of everyone then yes. But it must come from all nations not just one.

      I totally disagree with world government as a solution to anything. In the case when any nation including our own jeopardizes the world we live in as a whole, then a correction has to be made.
      As a whole, as long as any country does not disturb other countries and minds their own business, then they should be left alone.
      IF their culture believes in subjecting women that is their business as long as it is within their own borders.
      IF that same culture kills religious people that disagree with them, that also is their business as long as they do it within their own borders.
      When they go about conquering other nations, that is when the line in the sand is drawn and we must make a decision as to what we are going to do about it one way or another.
      IF they have weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying our cities and our country, that is where it stops cold.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Problem: they are our free-born peers. They are not beholden to us, any more than am I to you. We are **not entitled** to order them around. They are entitled to make their own decisions for themselves, and if we don’t like it, then that is just our self-inflicted tough luck. If we may have nukes, then so may they.

        Otherwise, you’re claiming that Americans and Israelis have special privileges which Iranians lack.

        Science confirms that there are *no* special privileges anywhere, anywhen, for anyone, or anything.

        Ever heard of relativity?

        So if we may have nukes (or anything), so may anyone else, essentially for the same reason that if Americans can build cars or grow wheat, so can anyone else: the Uniformity Principle.

        • DJohn1

          You are correct. They have the exact same rights as anyone else does.
          I have reason to believe we have reached this point in prehistory before and it ended in a terrible nuclear war between China and India.
          There are vague hints in the Bible that mankind was suppressed and advanced technology taken away from them, specifically in Genesis. India has records of just such a described war in which millions of troops suffered horrible deaths from the fallout of such weapons.
          Some have even hinted that they were involved in space travel at one point in time. All of which occurred prior to the Flood.
          Which might explain the UFOs since World War II ended with some nuclear bombs in Japan.
          It would not surprise me if we are not on the verge of being taken down again.
          I believe we should do away with nuclear devices all together world wide with no exceptions.
          That includes nuclear submarines.
          The reality is we are not grown up enough to handle the responsibility of weapons of such mass destruction. It threatens everyone on the planet.
          I question whether or not a similar suppression might occur soon.

  • tachyon boost

    While Iran may be ruled by Islamic Fanatics, the global west is being run by the scientific elite, who have proven unequivocally worse. Before spewing the US/Israel intelligence line that actually implies that Israel, with all it’s nuclear tech and scientific proficiency is somehow ‘at risk of being blown off the earth at any minute’ let us remember that the only people who have actually done these things are the scientific elite in the west. Let us also remember the lesson taught to the dictatorships of the world by the last two presidents; ‘If you don’t have nukes, we will eventually destroy you.’. This has become so apparent that both North Korea and Iran actually stated this at the beginning of the Humanitarian expo in Libya, which is turning Mali into a terrorists sewer that will be used to destabilize the entire continent.despite how we feel about it Iran’s quest for nuclear power is a purely rational response to the actions of the western powers in regards to other ‘pariah’ states that failed to step their game up (or actually, were lulled into a sense of safety and security by the west.).

    It is a shame that Schneider and others still exhibit the ‘true war/real hawk-ism’ that is being promoted by both Billary and Jeb Pusch camps in the run up for the next election. I am amazed at how Obama can still be regarded as a p**** by elements in the collective right even though he has destroyed two countries, indirectly maiming four and fatally wounding 3 others, laying the groundwork for a new set of military over-extensions that will no doubt be carried out by whomever wins the next election. There i no point in talking about the evils of federal-central banking if you still think Iran is where the ‘real’ battle is, especially considering they don’t have one.

  • Gay Veteran

    from Paul Craig Roberts’ website:

    “…First, the Congress is completely humiliated, dancing to the tune of Netanyahu who is the representative of a foreign power. That humiliation extends to every American who cast a vote, expecting the Congresspeople to represent the voters, the American voters – not the Israeli ones.
    Second, there is a sentiment found in “progressive” circles that the US is the boss in the U.S. Israeli power dance. Their vulgar “theory” of imperialism tells them that. If this bit of humiliation does not wake them up, who knows what will. Empires are full of examples of the “lesser” ally pulling the strings to make the greater one dance. And Israel with its well funded operation that extends from AIPAC to many Temples and FUNDAMENTALIST EVANGELICAL CHURCHES provides a super charged example of this kind of operation to subvert sovereignty….”

  • Guest

    seeing if this works

  • a useful idiot

    getting pretty tired of all this incessant and fraudulent fearmongering…and how stupid Americans are, knowing they were lied into wars before, easily lied into another one and another one.Sheep. Morons. Idiots.Debt Slaves. Cannon Fodder.