Obamacare Is Going To Be The Biggest Expansion Of The Welfare State In U.S. History

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Barack ObamaCan the U.S. government afford to pay for the health care of 38 million more people?  As you will see below, Obamacare is going to be the biggest expansion of the welfare state in U.S. history.  It is being projected that a decade from now 17 million Americans will be receiving Obamacare subsidies and an additional 21 million Americans will have been added to the Medicaid rolls.  At a time when we are already running trillion dollar deficits, is this really something that the government should be taking on?  In addition, it is being projected that bringing millions upon millions of new people into the Medicaid program will also cause enrollment in many other federal welfare programs such as food stamps to surge.  Right now, the percentage of Americans that are financially dependent on the U.S. government is already at an all-time high, and Obamacare is going to cause the level of government dependence to go much, much higher.  But how much weight can the “safety net” actually carry before it breaks entirely?


Since October 1st, the number of Americans enrolling in Medicaid has surprised many government officials.  For example, as USA Today recently reported, the number of Americans signing up for Medicaid is far surpassing the number of Americans signing up for private health insurance policies in many states…

States are reporting far higher enrollment in Medicaid than in private insurance since the Affordable Care Act exchanges opened Oct. 1. In Maryland, for example, the number of newly eligible Medicaid enrollees is more than 25 times the number of people signed up for private coverage.

And there are some Americans that are going to the health care exchanges intending to buy private coverage that are finding out that they are only being given the option to enroll in Medicaid instead.  The following example comes from the Wall Street Journal

The situation sounded absurd, so I asked her to walk me through her application on Washington Healthplanfinder to make sure she wasn’t missing anything. Sitting in New York with my computer, I logged onto the site under her name and entered the information my mother provided over the phone. I fully expected her to realize that she had forgotten some crucial piece of information, like a decimal point in her annual income. We checked and double-checked the information, but the only option still appeared to be Medicaid. She suggested clicking on “Apply for Coverage,” thinking that other options might appear.

Instead, almost mockingly, her “Eligibility Results” came back: “Congratulations, we received and reviewed your application and determined [you] will receive the health care coverage listed below: Washington Apple Health. You will receive a letter telling you which managed care plan you are enrolled with.” Washington Apple Health is the mawkish rebranding of Medicaid in Washington state.

The page lacked a cancel button or any way to opt out of Medicaid. It was done; she was enrolled, and there was nothing to do but click “Next” and then to sign out.

As you read this, there are more than 62 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid right now.

According to Obamacarefacts.com (a pro-Obamacare website), Obamacare could add 21 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls over the next decade.

And according to a report that came out earlier this month, 17 million Americans will qualify for Obamacare subsidies.

So when you add those numbers together (21 million plus 17 million), you come up with a total of 38 million more people that the government will soon be providing health care for.

And that does not even take into account more than 20 million elderly Americans that will be added to the Medicare program by 2025 as our population rapidly ages.

The government is going to have to find a whole lot of money from somewhere to pay for all of this.

And as I mentioned above, it is being projected that this surge in Medicaid enrollment will also be accompanied by a surge in enrollment in other welfare programs such as food stamps.   Just check out the following excerpt from a recent Politico article

Noting that the Affordable Care Act “could potentially have a profound impact on SNAP participation,” the Agriculture Department announced its plans to study the possible development last week in a document submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for review.

The department says it wants to look into state coordination of SNAP and Medicaid enrollment and renewal, the process for directing Medicaid applicants to SNAP and the number of SNAP applications.

Lawmakers who have advocated for SNAP stressed that the increase in food stamp recipients would result from people who should already have been in the program.

“If people are eligible, they ought to be enrolled in it, so that’s a good thing,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), a farm bill conferee who has stated that he would not vote for a bill that includes significant cuts to SNAP, in a phone interview with POLITICO.

So we could ultimately end up with millions upon millions more Americans enrolled in food stamps and other major federal welfare programs.

Not that helping the poor is a bad thing.  It certainly isn’t.

But at some point if too many people jump on the “safety net” it is going to break.

According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of all Americans are currently receiving benefits from at least one government program each month.

That is nearly half the country.

Most of the people that are receiving these benefits actually need them and would be glad to get off of these programs if they could.

However, without a doubt there are some people out there that are abusing the system.

For example, one welfare recipient recently called into a radio show in Texas and was completely unapologetic about the fact that she planned to stay on welfare for the rest of her life…

While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

So can you really blame us?

You can find a YouTube video of the entire conversation right here.

Once again, the vast majority of Americans on welfare are not like this.

Most Americans would prefer to have a good job or to own a thriving business and be providing for themselves.  But as our economy continues to decline, the number of Americans that are able to independently take care of themselves will continue to go down.

Right now, the percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is already at an all-time high, and Obamacare is going to add tens of millions more Americans to the welfare rolls.

So what does this mean for the future of our country?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

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  • Oldphartbsa

    “So what does this mean for the future of our country?”
    Engineered collapse followed by stark fascism as our ‘ruling class’ determines winners and losers. The extend and pretend can kicking done by our government will ultimately end and those of us that are fairly certain that we will still be employed are going to pay a hefty price while the food stamp legion is led off to the camps.
    We are already Weimar Germany…we’re just waiting for our own Hitler to emerge from the political jackals.

    • Rita Barnard

      If it was fascism you would have been lucky since that would have implied that your rulers would have been of your same racial stock. No my friend it is communism that you see.. or rather, that you prefer not to see by calling it “fascism”. Fascism is always a kind of national socialism, national in the sense of race. So how can racemixed America be fascist? Get your terminology right please.

      • Oldphartbsa

        [ fá shìzzəm ]

        dictatorial movement: any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism

    • Rita Barnard

      America is now a country where the middle class which are usually white is being milked like a cow and the milk passed on to the millions of non-white newly arrived immigrants.. COMMUNISM. Wake up.

      • make-it-stop

        name a communist country that immigrants flooded to please

    • Paksz

      I don’t understand why you or anyone else brings Hitler into a conversation. Seriously, the man is almost as popular as Jesus now. “Hitler this, Hitler that”. Ignore Stalin, Lenin, Marx and the like I guess. *shrug*

      As has been said, this isn’t (pure) Fascism. It is a mix of Fascism and Communism.

      You should actually learn what Hitler did for Germany. He threw out the fiat currency that collapsed Germany and rebuilt it into a powerhouse within 4 years. The currency was backed by manual labor and was strong. Germany thrived while Americans were having their gold stolen by an admitted Communist (and the so called “freedom lovers” did NOTHING to stop it). The only way America got out of its depression was through instigated war; Germany did it by committing to hard work and telling the “international bankers” to F themselves. That’s why Britain, France, America and the Soviet Union were mobilized to crush them and why they are still propagandized to this very day.

      It’d be wonderful to get another Hitler but we won’t. Our future is that of the USSR. Keep crying false wolf, though. The enemy loves it when we’re too confused to unite under a single banner.

      • Tim Seaver

        “It’d be wonderful to get another Hitler but we won’t”

        Something I never thought I would read on the internet.

      • Rastus

        And which race or ethnicity will need to be exterminated as a scapegoat you ignorant fool!

        • Hammerstrike

          Your moma.

  • seth datta

    Can we destroy the US in record breaking time?

    ‘Yes, yes we can’.

    • Andreas

      You are all very stupid. The most of you did not understand what communsim or facism is. That is the reason why the whole world is laughing about you.
      Kind regards from Germany (Not German Reicdh -_-)

      • Jason

        You are right. The American people loss the sense of reality.

  • Syrin

    It means we will be bankrupt sooner, global financial collapse will happen sooner, martial law will be declared, all elections will be indefinitely suspended, and we will either enter into a revolution and/or civil war.

  • DJohn1

    It means the end of our way of life.
    The direction to go is to eliminate government as much as possible. It will take a complete overhaul of our way of doing things.

    The first thing to go has to be the IRS. It is antique. It is quaint. It is totally inefficient in getting anyone to pay their fair share of things. Now that we have agreed to bell this cat, who gets to do it? That is the real problem with doing away with this agency. We have to replace it with something.
    I suggest that the EPA is the next one to go! It is patterned in so many rules and regulations that it is not within the grasp of anyone to interpret the law correctly.
    We have to cut corners. Not an option. The entire thing is a disgrace to the people that wrote the laws and regulations.
    Again we have to replace it with something that makes sense. That is quite a cat to bell!
    We have a system of foreign aid. It takes a good portion of our tax dollar and it needs to go, period. If we no longer are the international exchange, then I see no problem with belling this particular cat and doing away with it, period.
    We have a multi-billion dollar space program to figure out whether or not there are dangerous microbes on Mars. Or if some form of primitive life might exist somewhere, anywhere else in the Solar System. We cannot afford it. Do away with the entire program.
    The key to cheap medical care is having a different structure of medicine. What we have instead is a bunch of money grabbing people that are controlled by the second best union on this planet. We call it the AMA.(American Medical Association.) It takes at least a quarter million dollars and at least 8-11 years of education to become a doctor. Why? Well, it sure limits the number of doctors out there doesn’t it. To change that we have to determine what level of medicine a person needs. They are doing this in China. We have to do it too.
    China takes a sarcastic view of medicine. They pay the doctor to keep you well. If you are not well, you do not pay. I suggest we have a huge mistake in our concept of medicine based on money.

    Legalities complicate things. They have to go. Half of what it costs to practice medicine is liability to malpractice. We need no-fault insurance that covers people.
    Lawyers and law is based on affluence. That means the rich get justice the poor get screwed. That has to change. We are paying lawyers to get guilty people off! We are letting innocent people go to jail for being poor. It works. We have the largest prison population in the world. Are they guilty? Well they are guilty of not hiring the best lawyer money can buy. We are a rich-oriented society.

    ObamaCare will not work. It is based on an insurance system medicine. That means you freeze in place the way people can be cured for anything. So if you are using leeches to cure people by bleeding them, it will continue that way forever. It is written in stone how you will be treated by medicine by the insurance industry and lawyers. What is more it will end up costing twice as much.
    The powers that be intend to make a middle class in this country impossible to maintain. This started in 1970 with Richard Nixon. He landed in office with a country bankrupted by Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam. Lyndon’s great society almost cost us the country. His solution was a form of national bankruptcy based on inflation. It worked, He found the Chinese could produce goods at cents on the dollar. So he aligned us to do just that. That softened the bankrupt country and gave us time. Well the country used that time poorly to make things worse. In 1970 we had a middle class. Bring that up to date and we have not.
    We as a nation have to put us first. Until that happens, communism in this country has won.

  • jim

    People, there’s a simple answer to everything why president osama is doing to destroy the american people and this country, N.W.O N.W.O N.W.O N.W.O.

  • Richard

    The Welfare recipient woman is right – as is one of the hosts late in the interview. The money is there. Why not take it. IT’S NOT HER FAULT SHE’S BEING OFFERED THE MONEY. She didn’t steal it or misrepresent herself. SHE GOT OFFERED IT. As the man says, it’s WE who are the saps. The state offers her the money… so she takes it. Why wouldn’t she? She asks several times whether the show hosts would accept $1 million if it was offered to them. They never answer because the question is inconvenient. So I suggest, instead of getting all righteous and puffed up about the woman (nobody mentioned the fact that there was too much unemployment making it necessary for some people to remain unemployed, whether they like it or not), people should start levelling criticism where criticism is due: the damned politicians.

    • Rastus

      Obviously the leach asked a loaded question for which the hosts had not the time to think about it for very long. The bottom feeder has justified her parasitic behavior by creating this metaphorical question. If someone offered me a million dollars free, the first thing I would ask is “where did you get it?” If they said they stole it, extorted it, seized under false pretense, borrowed it with no intent of paying back the lender, then obviously I would not take it! Just because it is the law does not make it right!

  • DJohn1

    It is going to be the biggest tax increase in history.
    The sound you hear is the tick tock tick tock of the 2014 election and the loss of all those congressional seats the Democrats now own! . . .

  • piccadillybabe

    What are Americans to do? If there are no jobs to be had that keep you above the poverty level, you have no recourse but to “get help” in the form of welfare. People in this country love to sit in judgement of others who fall through the cracks. They feel so smug with their good jobs, homes, vehicles, nice friends and family but others are not so fortunate. There is a huge desparity of wealth in this country and its high time that efforts are made to level the playing field so all can work and made a living wage, get some education and have healthcare available to them. The reason for all the desparity of opportunity/wealth in this country is that there has been a concerted effort by some to trample on the civil rights of others and keep it all for themselves. Then when people sit home in their subsidized housing smoking weed and collecting food stamps, it really grinds the gears of those who put them there in the first place. Why are they not working like I do? Because you made it impossible for them with your greed and wanting all the spoils for yourself.

    • Hammerstrike

      Get revolution, that is the answer.

      Peacefull? If thatoption is left opened.