Now That Trump’s ‘Red Line’ Has Been Crossed, Will He Turn Damascus Into A ‘Ruinous Heap’?

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Will a false flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province be the trigger that causes World War 3 to erupt in the Middle East?  In Part I of this series, I discussed how previous chemical attacks that were blamed on the Assad regime actually turned out to be false flag attacks conducted by Syrian rebels that were absolutely desperate to draw the United States into the Syrian civil war on their side.  And considering the fact that the Syrian rebels have been consistently losing territory in recent months, they are now more desperate than ever.  So even though it didn’t work before, they probably figured that a false flag chemical attack was worth one more try, and so far the Trump administration appears to be buying it hook, line and sinker.  Trump has called the attack a “terrible affront to humanity”, and he is placing all of the blame on the shoulders of the Assad regime.  But now that Trump has committed the U.S. to take military action in Syria, what is that actually going to look like?


According to the Daily Mail, at this point Trump is not giving any hints as to when or where he will strike Syria…

He did not want to say in front of the cameras how he plans to respond to the crisis.

‘I don’t like to say where I’m going and what I’m doing,’ Trump reminded. ‘I watched past administrations say, “We will attack at such-and- such a day, at such-and-such an hour.’

But it isn’t difficult to imagine what Trump may decide to do.  Past presidents have always favored using airstrikes to make a point, and that is what many of the “analysts” on television are recommending.

Unfortunately, there would be great risk in targeting Syrian forces, because contingents from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and elsewhere are mixed in among the Syrian military.

So could you imagine what it would do to our relations with Russia if airstrikes against the Syrian military resulted in Russian deaths?

President Trump has several options in Syria, none without great risk. One is military action against Syria’s air force – grounding the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft that are believed to have dropped the deadly agent – and the runways from which they operate. Yes, such strikes risk Russian casualties. But Moscow has consistently blocked U.N. action on Syria but proven unable to contain Mr. Assad’s bad behavior. And President Vladimir Putin would be forewarned. Grounding Syria’s air force, moreover, would help distance Mr. Trump from Mr. Putin, a politically useful benefit at this time.

And even if Trump did conduct airstrikes, there would be a limit as to what they could accomplish.  President Assad would still be in power in Syria, and the Syrian government would still be winning the civil war.

Trump could potentially send in special forces with the intention of assassinating Assad, but that would not necessarily topple the entire regime.

The truth is that the only way to change the outcome of the war and to guarantee regime change would be to send in U.S. ground forces on a large scale.  And just introducing them into the country would not nearly be enough.  In order to end the war, Trump would have to commit to taking and holding Damascus.

In Isaiah 17, we are told that someday Damascus will be “taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”  Much of the city is already a heap of rubble, but if the U.S. were to start conducting a concentrated bombing campaign against the city it is easy to imagine how the entire city could soon come to resemble a “ruinous heap”.

Of course the toppling of the Assad regime has been the goal all along.  Back in 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hatched a plan along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey to use the “Arab Spring” as an excuse to try to remove Assad from power.  Since 74 percent of the population of Syria is Sunni Muslim, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were very excited about the prospect of dealing Iran a major blow by transforming Syria into a full-fledged Sunni nation.  So Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Arab countries spent billions of dollars supporting and arming the “rebels”, and at first everything was going great.  But then Russia, Iran and Hezbollah all intervened, and now the tide of the war has completely turned.

The only way that the original plan can succeed now is for the United States to enter the war, but with Trump as president nobody thought that was going to happen.

But now this latest chemical attack has changed everything, and Trump appears poised to take military action in Syria.

I don’t know if most Americans understand how dangerous such a move could be.  The Russians are not going to just sit there while U.S. bombs are dropping and their personnel are being killed.  And of course the same thing could be said about Iran and Hezbollah.

Do we really want to risk a potential military confrontation with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah just to make a point in Syria?

To me, that would be exceedingly foolish.

And even more disastrous would be a decision to fully commit the U.S. military to toppling the Assad regime.  That would require going all the way to Damascus, and it is very, very doubtful that the Russians, the Iranians and Hezbollah would just willingly stand aside and allow that to happen.

For quite a while I have been warning that the situation in Syria could potentially spark World War 3 if everyone was not very, very careful.

If U.S. warplanes try to strike Syrian military positions, the Russians could easily decide to start firing back.

And considering the anti-Russian hysteria that we are already witnessing in Washington D.C., how will our leaders respond when CNN starts showing U.S. aircraft being blown out of the sky by Russian missiles?

As I discussed in Part I, there is very little for the U.S. to gain by going to war in Syria.  Unless it can be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Assad regime is actually using chemical weapons, the Trump administration should not even be thinking about military action, because getting the U.S. military involved in the Syrian civil war would be absolutely disastrous.

So let us pray for peace, and let us hope that cooler heads will prevail.

  • Jorma

    There is another part to the biblical reference of Damascas being in a ruinous heap. There is a reference of this occurring in one night, before morning (whenever that is).

    I’m just stunned that trump appears to be falling into all of these traps.

    We don’t have the military bandwidth nor the money to be doing any of this. Our Forces were already depleted across all Commands (PACOM, EUCOM etc) and now North Korea and Syria?

    We are extraordinarily vulnerable when we are spread so thin.

    I thought Trump was going to stop these entanglements and focus on our country? No healthcare, no budget, no nothing.

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  • David

    (previous chemical attacks that were blamed on the Assad regime actually
    turned out to be false flag attacks conducted by Syrian rebels that
    were absolutely desperate to draw the United States into the Syrian
    civil war on their side.)

    By providing weapons & American Tax Dollars to these “Rebels” The American Terrorist Mercenaries doing our dirty work America is already drawn into this fight while denying any support to them.
    Just can’t figure out how These Terrorists are being found Dead with American Weapons on them?
    (So Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Arab countries spent billions of
    dollars supporting and arming the “rebels”, and at first everything was
    going great. But then Russia, Iran and Hezbollah all intervened, and
    now the tide of the war has completely turned.)
    The US is also involved Giving $$ & weapons to the rebels (Terrorists), America’s hands are not clean in any of this.

    • Uncle Ron

      Adding a few thoughts to yours, David, if I may….

      A “false flag” event in the past does not necessarily guarantee that last Tuesday’s gas attack was “false flag”. Could have been; but evidence is nice; and proof is better than pre-supposition.

      Also, actions by “America” in years past are not necessarily useful indicators of future, thoughts, plans, or actions. Unless, we think of “America” as a person — a person that will not, and cannot, change. Or as a person that CANNOT learn!

      If we think of “America” as a person [it is not necessary to do this], we might HOPE, we might even PRAY, that “America” will gain wisdom, with the passing of years, decades, centuries…. And Congresses. And administrations.

  • R.C. Gerber

    We could do that… I thought it was already though, judging by pictures of it that I have seen.

  • Larry

    For New Readers Of Another One of Michael Snyders’ Fine Articles – FALSE FLAG – A Horrific, Staged Event- Blamed On A Political Enemy and Used As A Pretext To
    Start A War Or Enact Draconian Laws In The Name Of National Security.

  • chris

    How will Trump justify killing more innocent women and children and men in a bombing campaign which itself will be ‘justified’ on the basis of teaching Assad a lesson for supposedly killing innocent women and children?

    • Joan Camara

      Good point, sure wouldn’t make any sense to me!

  • George Zwierzchowski

    The prophecy about Damascus was fulfilled over 2000 years ago. thats why Isaiah is a prophet, the stuff he said came to pass. Right now there is no reason to destroy damascus other than satanic robber barron reasons.

    • James Staten

      I am not trying to start an argument with you, but if you are referring to Isaiah 17 that scripture states that Damascus will cease from being a city? There are secular writings that proclaim that Damascus is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world approx 5,000 yrs? It would appear that this prophecy is yet to see it’s fulfillment? Am I missing something?

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      • Guest

        I agree with you James. I really don’t understand the argument of the person you responded to. Of course Isaiah was a prophet. Even though the prophecy of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap and ceasing to be a city is yet to be fulfilled, that in no way detracts from Isaiah’s legitimacy as a prophet. He prophesied many other things that came to pass, like the incarnation of the second Person of the Godhead! Amen!

        • James Staten

          Thank You, I took a moment and looked at another of his comments, and I am confident I don’t need to say anything else about this subject.

      • Joan Camara

        No James, your not missing something…George is, though….his brain!

        • James Staten

          Joan, Are you watching the news?

          • Joan Camara

            Yup, he bombed Syria, and may I say, without Congress. Unbelievable! And all the commenter’s on Yahoo’s homepage about the story, are so proud of him…more brain dead people! And I saw the article on the reporter, who said a day before it happened, that a chemical attack was coming…I believe we call this, a false flag attack! I worry about retaliation now, but mostly how we close Damascus is, to getting that prophecy fulfilled!

          • James Staten

            The Policeman of the world is destroyed in “One Hour’s Time”? Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 17-18, portions of Isaiah 13-18 and Isaiah 47

          • karolekay

            It’s not a false flag if it happened. A president only needs to get approval from Congress to declare war. This was not a declaration of war. I wish you would quit being so insulting, Joan. Pride.

          • joanofark06

            This is old article now. Russia has called this NEW chemical attack in 2018, another “false flag”, and I believe him…There’s no UN chemical weapons inspectors, no going in there, and seeing if it’s fake or not. No evidence, that Assad did this, to his own people. Trump is NOT waiting on any proof, he’s just threatening, without any evidence at all. And if he does airstrikes THIS time, I heard he’s going to do it without approval AGAIN!

          • joanofark06

            I don’t know if you’ll get this “old” article response, but Trump is at it again, here in 2018….it’s not looking good at all this time…hope it all works out though…

          • James Staten

            Joan, It is definitely getting closer by the minute. Keep Looking Up

      • Beebee

        No, James..You are not missing anything…U are absolutely, Correct!!

        • James Staten

          Beebee, I honestly believe the Policeman of the world is now very vulnerable. In “One Hour’s Time” great riches come to nothing

    • Joan Camara

      Your wrong, Damascus has never been demolished! This is a HUGE city, and won’t you just feel like a fool, when that prophecy comes to pass, and Damascus ceases to be a city (in your case, for the second time)?

      • Uncle Ron

        Dear Joan: offering correction to George, with love and grace, if he realizes that he is mistaken and that you are correct, could be a blessing to him — but cancelled out when you end your message with a personal insult. Just offering another point of view for your consideration. Just hoping you will resist temptation to now insult or attack — yours truly. May God’s Holy Spirit now advise you!

        • Joan Camara

          I’m sorry, but stupidity makes me mad! Hey, at least I didn’t use cuss words, so I guess I did the lesser of two evils! But how is calling someone a cabbage head, or saying that need more education on their bible, be insulting? I could’ve used a worse word than “cabbage”, which I thought was humorous, myself. Stop being so serious…

          • Uncle Ron

            My motto is “waiting for Jesus” —
            I guess I’ll go back to doing that.
            He will educate and correct us all.

    • R.C. Gerber

      There are numerous bible commentaries that can help you interpret God’s Word a little better George. Damascus destruction is in the future.

  • awareoftruth

    God’s will be done. Undoubtedly, the old foundation will be removed before His ever-lasting kingdom is raised. My heart and prayers are for all of us, but especially for those who suffer the most. Holy Spirit reveal yourself to the lost and set their feet on the path that leads to salvation. Give us grateful hearts, and bless those who have committed their lives to truth and liberty. In Jesus name- Amen!

    • Moe Loughman


  • dsfafwe

    Hi everyone, i have bveen secretly controling the world fpr the last few weeks. i try to stop wars and terrible stuff, ut sometimes leaders do not listen to me, .

    Dont worry, im not going to harm anyone, i use my power to get everythiong i want for free

    I come to this website for feedback, if you can sow me ways to improwe the world please leave repliesplz

  • karolekay

    No one can know whether this action will slow the threats and aggression of Assad/Khamenei/Kim Jong-un or increase them, speed up the events of the end of the age, or provide a respite from them. What we can know is that God is sovereignly and providentially working to fulfill His prophetic plan for His glory and the good of those who love Him. There are countless believers praying for President Trump and his advisors to have wisdom and that God’s will be done. There are no “traps.”

    • Uncle Ron

      Well said! Amen.

  • awareoftruth

    There’s always deeper information that’s not going to be shared with the public. Surely, there’s much we don’t know. Has anyone considered, Ezekiel 38 – 39, Zechariah 12:3, and Jeremiah 49? (I know there are more…)

    We might have bigger events on the horizon concerning Russia, Iran and the arab neighbors against Israel. The US might be symbolically warning the surrounding nations to “step off.”

    Time will tell. All nasty, complicated side effects of this broken world. God bless those who need it most right now. So grateful to be here, instead of there…

    • R.C. Gerber

      Isaiah 17.. But, I posted in another article about Ez. 38 and 39, mentioning the hook in the jaw of Gog. So, we should all just sit back, make some popcorn and watch to see what happens, praying also… of course.

      • awareoftruth

        I heard a great quote once “we can win wars on our knees.” Yep, sometimes there’s only popcorn and prayers!

  • joanofark06

    I archive many things, and one is prophecy, so I’ve been archiving everything going on in Syria. I know this is an old post, but since today, Trump is threating Syria AGAIN, over the “fake” deaths from chemical weapons, and I’m looking at some old websites, I wanted to mention, that Part 1 of this article, both links inside this article, are dead links, and hope that can be fixed.

  • joanofark06

    Here it is in 2018, and we’re going down the same road again. More chemical attacks, and no inspectors, no proof of who did it, and Trump rushing to bomb SOMEBODY. But why would Syria kill their own people?? It doesn’t make sense!