Now It Is The Elite That Are Feverishly ‘Prepping’ For The Collapse Of Society

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Prepper - Photo by Nomadic Lass on FlickrOnce upon a time, “prepping” was something that was considered to be on “the lunatic fringe” of society. But in 2017, wealthy elitists are actually the most hardcore preppers of all. This is particularly true in places such as Silicon Valley, where a whole host of young tech moguls are putting a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into preparing for apocalyptic scenarios. So while interest in prepping among the general population has fallen extremely low right now, the election of Donald Trump has given liberal wealthy elitists even more urgency to prepare for what they believe is a very uncertain future.


In the January 30th, 2017 edition of the New Yorker, reporter Evan Osnos has done an extraordinary job of profiling these wealthy elitists that are “getting ready for the crackup of civilization”. One of the people that he interviewed was Steve Huffman, the young co-founder and CEO of Reddit…

Huffman, who lives in San Francisco, has large blue eyes, thick, sandy hair, and an air of restless curiosity; at the University of Virginia, he was a competitive ballroom dancer, who hacked his roommate’s Web site as a prank. He is less focussed on a specific threat—a quake on the San Andreas, a pandemic, a dirty bomb—than he is on the aftermath, “the temporary collapse of our government and structures,” as he puts it. “I own a couple of motorcycles. I have a bunch of guns and ammo. Food. I figure that, with that, I can hole up in my house for some amount of time.”

According to the article, Huffman estimates that “fifty-plus percent” of his elite friends in Silicon Valley have some form of “apocalypse insurance”. Needless to say, that number would be far higher than for the general population as a whole.

Another tech mogul that was interviewed by Osnos for the story was former Facebook product manager Antonio García Martínez

Last spring, as the Presidential campaign exposed increasingly toxic divisions in America, Antonio García Martínez, a forty-year-old former Facebook product manager living in San Francisco, bought five wooded acres on an island in the Pacific Northwest and brought in generators, solar panels, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. “When society loses a healthy founding myth, it descends into chaos,” he told me. The author of “Chaos Monkeys,” an acerbic Silicon Valley memoir, García Martínez wanted a refuge that would be far from cities but not entirely isolated. “All these dudes think that one guy alone could somehow withstand the roving mob,” he said. “No, you’re going to need to form a local militia. You just need so many things to actually ride out the apocalypse.” Once he started telling peers in the Bay Area about his “little island project,” they came “out of the woodwork” to describe their own preparations, he said. “I think people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now.”

As you can see, a lot of these liberal elitists are actually secretly stashing away lots of guns and ammunition.

So don’t believe everything that you read about them being “anti-gun”.

Other big names in Silicon Valley have decided that having a property on the other side of the planet is the best form of “apocalypse insurance”. The following comes from a story about Paypal founder Peter Thiel in the New York Times

Mr. Thiel’s admiration for New Zealand is longstanding. “Utopia,” he once called it. He has an investment firm in the country that has put millions into local start-ups. He also owns lavish properties there, which his Silicon Valley friends hope to fly to in the event of a worldwide pandemic.

And of course Thiel is far from alone. So many wealthy individuals are buying up property in New Zealand these days that it is actually becoming a significant political issue over there. In fact, it is being reported that foreigners purchased an astounding 3500 square kilometers during the first ten months of 2016…

Statistics showed foreigners had bought over 3500 square kilometers of New Zealand in the first ten months of 2016, which is over four times as much as they did in the same period in 2010.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman told The New Yorker that New Zealand had become the hot topic among Silicon Valley leaders lately.

“Saying you’re ‘buying a house in New Zealand’ is kind of a wink, wink, say no more. Once you’ve done the Masonic handshake, they’ll be, like, ‘Oh, you know, I have a broker who sells old ICBM silos, and they’re nuclear-hardened, and they kind of look like they would be interesting to live in.”

Hoffman estimated that over half of the Silicon Valley insiders were into preparedness – especially since anti-elite sentiment has risen around the globe in recent years. It was intensified by events like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, he added.

So are these wealthy elitists ahead of the curve, or are they just being paranoid?

Only time will tell, but they didn’t become exceedingly wealthy in the first place by being stupid.

As I discussed yesterday on The Most Important News, there are certainly reasons to be optimistic now that Donald Trump has become president, but there are also lots of reasons to be prepping harder than ever.

We should be hopeful for the future and working for a better tomorrow, but we also need to understand that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable.

And most of us think that it is just common sense to purchase insurance for our homes, our cars, our health, our lives and so many other things, and yet most of the population is completely unprepared for a major catastrophic event.

It is a good thing to have balance in life. My wife and I are very proud preppers, and there won’t ever be a time when we aren’t prepping.

But we also live our lives without any fear. We know that the world is going to get crazier and crazier, but we do not believe that it is a time to dig a hole and try to hide from the world.

Rather, now is a time to rise up and become the people that we were created to be.

This year my wife and I are going to be taking on some new adventures, and these new adventures are going to give us a bigger voice than ever before.

Someone once told me that life is like a coin. You can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.

We don’t want to spend our lives paying bills and killing time.

Instead, we want to do all that we can to make a difference and to change the world.

So unlike these wealthy elitists, let us not be in fear of what is coming. There is no other time in history that I would have rather lived than right here and right now, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Live for Christ Michael, it’s the only way. Seek Him and make it your objective to get His word out. You have a big platform on the Internet, YouTube, media events, etc, please spend more time witnessing and winning souls to Christ.
    Everything else is secondary.

    • zootopia

      Some Christian groups are really strict. Like I can’t wear shorts but it’s well over 100 in the summer. I lack T hormone (I think even less than woman) so sometimes when working indoors its like heat is burning out my legs & I have to change.

    • iris

      I agree, and everything else is secondary. Even though we’re still supposed to have freedom of speech in this country, and I believe Michael respects that here, this Christian’s blog frequently gets hijacked by people who have no respect for him, other Christians or conservatives. A lot of side tracking arguments and trashing. Perhaps he’d be doing more of a service to simply share news, especially the good news of Jesus Christ and his observations and leave it at that, rather than asking for input. The trashers can get their own blogs.

  • Seen2013

    “So are these wealthy elitists ahead of the curve, or are they just being paranoid?”

    It’s pretty simple:
    Public-Private Partnerships are the foundation of Kleptocracy that is not dependent on capital structure enabling the market to price out 90% of the population.
    Public-Private Partnerships are the catalyst to wealth effect and wealth redistribution. Plain and Simple.
    Public-Private Partnerships are strongly dependent on deficit to debt spending that is derived under the brackets of warfare and welfare.

    Deficit to Debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP and a large viewpoint of the stock market.

    The IMF Riot is the modern form of Cloward-Piven, and Cloward-Piven was preceded by the Wiemar Agreement.

  • robert burns

    The rich guy in Lucifer’s Hammer thought he had a safe place. When he got there, one of his employees and his buddies were already entrenched and told the rich guy to go stuff it. If a collapse occurs requiring someone to bug out, then it is unlikely the people who serve you are going to do business their way since the rich guy’s money means nothing. The whole concept is amusing. Best bet is to establish with a group of good men who have the same worldview and the same cause.

    • Rich guys are useless when you need help the most. Where are they anyways? I’m here…

      Let’s see who survives…I’m betting on Philippines…they are on New Zealand.

      I’m a hardcore “Conspiracy guy”..lives and breathes Conspiracy…I never bet on money to save me…Its knowledge that will save you…

      Its so dumb to believe money can save you.

      Let’s see who survives…Knowledge or Money when SHTF…

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      • bush.dorothy

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  • Guys…I’m telling you..It’s not New Zealand..Its Philippines…when word..Philippines.

    As I told you…The entire Nazi Gold, aka Vatican Gold, Yamashita Japanese Gold is in Philippines…Youtube Karen Hudges Philippines…She is world bank whistleblower…Philippines has over a million ton of Gold already.

    Its for the Gods aka rulers of the earth. Do not touch Gold. You will die. The “Gods” are obsessed with Gold..not the real God but the fake ones.

    The will destroy the entire world but not Philippines due to Gold.

    Earth is not beautiful. Its a giant minded quarry.

    Don’t trust a Millionaire…Trust a “Conspiracy Guy”…We won’t ditch you when you need help the most…try that with Silicon Valley millionaires

  • zootopia

    So for anyone reading this wine is a good prepper food. Any fruit can be turned into wine. If it has sulfates & if stored properly it can last decades. As far as grapes go I think the dry red wine might last longer because more alcohol & less sugar. The alcohol & sulfates act as preservatives.

  • AHAHAHAHA. Steve Huffman (the young co-founder and CEO of Reddit) and Peter Thiel are ANYTHING but liberal! I wonder why this site chooses to never fact-check. In fact, this site maybe somehow does the opposite of fact-checking, i.e., running stories which are diametrically opposed to the actual truth. Reddit is a Conservative/Trump paradise. Reddit is credited with popularizing the failed reality TV star and creating “Pepe”, who is credited with handing the failed TV reality star the election (before we learned Russia was a huge help too).

    Peter Thiel was/is a YUUUGE backer of pResident /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ-grabber. He spoke at the Republican convention! If you want to see a photo of Peter Thiel HOLDING HANDS WITH DONALD, JUST GOOGLE “Peter Thiel sold his soul to Trump and all he got was this embarrassing hand fondle”. It’s a photo and story of the well-known and much-reviled Republican HOLDING HANDS with… well, with the *OTHER* well-known and much-reviled Republican!

    • gmo organ failure

      One of my relatives is a far left pro-Muslim, anti-Christian gun grabber. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him with a Karl Marx book and like you he’s very bitter Trump won.

      • The “very bitter that Donald has won” contingent is very large, and it is comprised by people from across every age, gender, socio-economic, and political spectrum.

        Not sure why you non sequitured my comment like that.

        • MEP325

          It’s nice to know that Trump’s victory will make you and your ilk stew in the bitter pot for quite sometime.

          • Actually the malignant narcissist’s installation as “president” has lit a very nice fire under the good patriots of this nation. We are mobilizing against a homegrown terr0rist the likes of which we generally only see in blockbuster movies.

            But hey, thanks for that glimpse into your sadistic psyche though.

          • MEP325

            Yea, I’m sooooo sadistic. Pathetic. Were you part of the patriots of the Women’s March, the patriots who didn’t know what they were protesting? Oh wait, women are now being oppressed by Trump because he doesn’t want to subsidize Panned Parenthood with taxpayer money. How oppressive!
            Time to rally against Trump!

          • Thanks for proving that you are the one who didn’t know what the march was for. By all means keep proving your cluelessness about the very things you probably think you’re making salient comments about.

          • MEP325

            Riigghhtt….. quick google search gives you the info. Aren’t you the one that always lectures other people for not doing google searches? I’ve read plenty to know that was one of the reasons for the Women’s March, along with equality and several other reasons. I don’t know why equality is on that list because women in the west the freest women on the planet. But rabid feminists like the victimhood culture. Anyway, take your own advice and do some searches.

          • ” I don’t know why equality is on that list because women in the west [are] the freest women on the planet.”

            I was responding to your ignorant-azzed claim that the women protesting “were the patriots who didn’t know what they were protesting”, so wow, showing how little you know TWICE in one thread! That latest I-don’t-know of yours sounds an awful lot like “I don’t know why Kidney Disease is on the list of medical conditions to eradicate because kidney problems only comprise <2% of deaths". "I don't know why we waste lifeguards' time teaching them about heart attacks when most people they try to save are injured by water." smdh@u.

          • MEP325

            Ok, so make your case that women in the west are being oppressed and give examples of how they are being treated unequally. Name one law that is discriminate toward women. Name one.

          • What is your payoff in this continual sealioning? Is it the artificial feelz of believing you’re someone’s superior (by making constant demands of others while continually failing to uphold your own claims)? Are you really under the delusion that I — or any other stranger — must engage in whichever off-topic whim is queefiing down your leg at any given moment?

            And… perhaps most crucially… are you really so mentally deficient that you think LAWS are the sole, be-all-and-end-all goal of patriots today? If so, it would certainly explain the majority of stupid questions queefing out of the manosphere…

          • MEP325

            Yea, I need to make myself feel good by getting into online arguments.

            Actually, I’m just trying to have a conversation and engage. And queefing is something that would happen to you since presumably you have the anatomy for it, where as I don’t. I could be wrong about your anatomy though.

            Sarcasm aside, you could just simply ignore me and refuse to engage. But obviously that’s not happening. As for what I asked earlier, you are unable to make a case because NO SUCH LAWS EXIST. Once again, women in the west are the freest women on the planet. There is no such thing as western women being oppressed by the evil patriarchy. And Donald Trump is not going to systematically oppress women.

          • “women in the west are the freest women on the planet. There is no such thing as western women being oppressed by the evil patriarchy. And Donald Trump is not going to systematically oppress women.”

            I fear that Dipsh!t Donald may very well be as ignorant on the matter as you are. And that is terrifying.

          • MEP325

            haha you’re an irrational idiot. Sounds like you’ve been watching a bit too much CNN. So, what are your fears? How do you envision good ole’ Donnie oppressing women? Please, enlighten me.

          • It’d be easier, if not more worthwhile, to enlighten a turd.

            So thanks but no thanks.

          • MEP325

            Yea, because you can’t. You have no evidence period for that ridiculous notion. You want to be a victim so bad and Trump is your scapegoat. Your irrational hysteria is really starting to show.

          • False and false. I happen NOT to be your mother. I am not your unpaid intern. I am not your Kelly Conway to try very hard to make you appear less idiotic in public than you actually are. Nor am I your teacher, nor am I your conduit to education of the least arcane facts on earth.

            You are sealioning, pure and simple, and then you pound your chest in faux victory that the beleaguered little woman won’t provide the labor to disabuse you of your ignorant notions.

            ***IF*** you cared (which you continually prove you don’t), then feel free to use the magnificent world of online research in lieu of commanding an internet stranger to do the evidently very, very hard work for you. Because she is under surprisingly zero obligation to obey your lazy commands.

          • MEP325

            You say false and false but again, provide no sources. As I said, you are unable to defend this hysterical fantasy in your mind of Trump oppressing women because you will not find any evidence of it. If this evidence existed, you could easily provide it but instead you go on a rant of not being my mother (thank God for that) etc, etc.

            As I said, it’s very clear you are desperate to be a victim of Trump’s alleged “oppression” of women because you have burning, vitriolic hatred for the guy and want to lash out at him in any way possible. That’s fine, I don’t care who you hate, that’s your right.

            All I proposed was for you to provide some solid evidence that he will oppress women and you throw a temper tantrum. I’m trying to engage, not thump my chest over having an argument over the internet. If you could provide some solid proof, then I would say that would be grounds for concern. But until then, Au Revoir

          • I’ve generously <i.told you already where the copious proof exists; if you still want a non-employee of yours to slap on a waitress costume and deliver it to your face for you, I am not that person.

            If I had been the wolf that apparently raised you, I’d hope to have at least taught you this: if it’s important enough to ask someone else, then it’s important enough to go look up on your own.

          • MEP325

            Well, I did a search and found absolutely nothing. Maybe you can give some solid examples. Let me guess, you’re going to bring up Trump trying to get the SCOTUS to overturn Roe. v Wade. How oppressive!!

          • “Let me guess, you’re going to […]”

            LOL, suuuuuure, you did… your guesses are less impressive than the lazy effort you claim to have just put in. And *that* is really sayin’ something.

          • Nicholi Hel

            It must suck to be a hysterical, butt hurt, demoralized, Bolshevik Hag.

          • Yep, it sure sounds sucky. I wouldn’t personally know, nor would anyone I have ever met or associated with… present company excepted.

            Best to wipe off your spittle from the mirror you’re typing at so furiously. Perhaps you’ll see more clearly?

          • GMO yeast

            A woman got 90 days jail (max is 2 years) for being shirtless in her yard, something a man & transgender with breasts can do.

            I know men think breasts are shocking, awesome, errottic,

          • MEP325

            Ahhhh…. that right away proves there’s systematic oppression of women.

          • shots cause autism

            u said
            Name one law that is discriminate toward women.

          • MEP325

            You need to give more context. Who, what, where, when. There are 3 states in the union that have made it illegal for womne to be shirtless. 11 states have ambiguous laws and the other states have some degree of topless freedom. In New York City, it’s technically allowed although a citizen can still be arrested for disorderly conduct, meaning if a topless citizen causes some kind of disturbance to the public. Police officers in New York city cannot arrest women just for being topless in designated locations. At the moment, there is no federal law for this issue.

          • shots cause autism

            York County, South Carolina around 2014. So she was in her yard or nearby. The max is 3 years behind bars.
            In NY state it’s been legal since 1992. I

          • Nicholi Hel

            Good patriots. Hilarious. More like malicious, Communist thugs funded and organized by George Soros.
            So go on banging you drums, screaming your stupid slogans and smearing your feces on the sidewalks.
            Pretty soon the HUAC’s will begin and your filthy organizations will be systematically dismantled, the assets seized, and many of you sent to prison. Ha Ha. Drop Dead.

        • Nicholi Hel

          Very large in failed Marxist States like New York and California which the rest of the country has nothing but disdain for. You lost despite all the voter fraud and treachery. Get used to it. There is going to so much retribution for the suffering your Bolshevik Messiah inflicted on this country for the past 8 years it is going to make your shrieking, feminist hag of head spin around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

          • RalphEllison

            Marxists states? Failed? Please stop. CA and NY power the rest of the country. They pay for the Trumptards in their red welfare queen states.

          • As incoherent as that was, I think I could pick out the now-disproven claim of voter fraud. The voter fraud was in favor of the GOP Russian’s candidate, not in favor of his opponent, as was all “treachery”.

            Even the very reluctant Donald has been forced to publicly admit that his Russians DID hack the election, and obviously *not* in favor of his vastly superior opponent. The FBI was in collusion as well, as the highly disruptive lie that Comey queefed out in the days before the election that pretended anyone had any bad info on former Secretary of State Clinton.

            It’s rare that someone who — ahem — “won” something needs to keep harping about how clean and above-board it was… unless he knows it was neither clean nor above-board.

    • Brad

      yeah I was under the impression that most of silicon valley were right to far right. the money says so.

      • So do their voting records and political contributions. This site sometimes just makes the most outrageously ludicrous claims so contrary to reality.

  • DJohn1

    The “gods” abandoned the Earth a long time ago.
    The reason was they trashed the place with weapons of mass destruction. The entire thing is probably documented either in ancient Chinese or Indian documents.
    Where immortals fear to tread mortals gladly go. Simply because death holds little fear for someone with an extremely limited life span of less than 120 years.
    It is possible they might be coming back.
    Jesus claimed he would come back to take his followers with him to a new world. One being prepared for us.
    I use the term “gods” to mean the angels. Most of which probably were in rebellion against God. So how do we compare to these beings? We simply do not. They are immortal for the most part. If said war about 5 thousand years ago really did occur, then they retreated from the planet. They probably have an IQ way above any human being I know of. They probably have a medical technology at least 10,000 years in advance of anything we currently use. Which is a negotiable item for anyone dying of a terminal illness that our medicine can not help.
    What I am talking about is documented in so many human cultures all over the planet that it is amazing to me that science is totally in denial about their very existence. Yet we have all kinds of evidence in the legends of mankind that indicate such a people and such a species once existed here living as aristocrats with many human slaves.
    In the time of Abraham, God was at war with many of them. And Abraham is documented as going to Egypt for an army to help God’s representatives to maintain control here on this planet. For which God rewarded Abraham with the promise of a contract between God and man, namely the decendents of Abraham.
    So what do we really know?
    Said “angels” were close enough genetically to us to breed with our women. It is documented in Genesis. They had children by us and those children were “men of reknown.” They were biologically related close enough to us to eat our food. So just exactly what is their relationship biologically to mankind?
    If the book of Enoch is to be believed then these same “angels” contaminated our genes and that became in their society a reason for eliminating mankind off the face of the Earth. In other words, God eliminated the majority of mankind and started over with Noah and his family.
    So what does that have to do with today’s world?
    I see evidence of manipulation of mankind. The day the first atomic bomb went off in the 40s, brought these “angels” back. I find it interesting that UFO activity was quite heavy right after World War II.
    The current situation with Abraham’s descendents in both the Arabic world and the the Jewish world is a direct result of this manipulation of mankind in the current day.
    Is any place really safe?
    The Bible refers to the exile into the mountains as a possible “safe” place to be in the end times.
    Well if you are two miles above sea level, then perhaps the radioactive Earth might clear earlier than at sea level. But at that point, recovery of the Earth is thousands of years away and the Immortals historically got in their ships and left the last time that happened. Most that did not leave died.
    We are basically a paradise planet with catastrophes written all over it in both written and verbal history.
    The hell holes in the rest of the solar system are well documented now.
    The real problem is we have an atmosphere that allows radiation to come in at far too great a level. This lack of filtration causes pre-mature aging. Before the flood, that filtration was in place and this was a relatively clean place to live.
    I think a combination of gene programming and environmental concerns were responsible for the pre-mature aging of human beings after the flood. Most people do not live past about 89 years of age. Some do, most don’t. Read the obits in any newspaper for confirmation of this or ask any life insurance agent. Their entire business is based on statistical analysis of the human lifespan.
    This time around we are looking at a proliferation of nuclear weapons that could possibly take out the life on the entire planet. It could mean an end to the oceans. It could make breathing almost impossible.
    Our entire recycling of the oxygen/carbon dioxide mix using plants and biology in the oceans might be not repairable in the near future if and when we go on a nuclear war planet wide.
    New Zealand is mentioned often as a possible clean retreat as it is off the beaten path and could survive if the war is simply in the northern hemisphere.
    Got bad news. The only safe place might be where it doesn’t rain very often. Everywhere else is likely to be radioactive after a nuclear war event.
    Possibly something buried under the glaciers of Antarctica might be safe for awhile.
    I am of the opinion that shortly after a nuclear conflict the “gods” will return to clean up and kill off whatever remnants of mankind survive the initial war.
    Which leads me to the opinion that they may be responsible for the nuclear war in the first place.

  • DJohn1

    In June of 1965, I was privileged to be an Airman in the U.S. Air Force going to remote duty in South Korea. At the time South-South meant living near people in a strictly agricultural society in near primitive sanitation conditions using machinery right out of the 19th century to farm with.
    The irrigated the land with huge water wheels that were powered with human legs. Almost everything was a combination of the old and the new. Mostly traditional methods used for 100s of years.
    The soil itself was directly fertilized with human waste products and people often used the road as a toilet.
    Most houses had a heating system that was primitive but effective. It was built directly into a raised floor of about 12-18 inches above the ground. A lot of houses were a single room with a raised platform inside the door. There was good reason everyone left their shoes at the door. The sanitation of the roads was horrible. The people themselves had a peppered plant related to cabbage that was also fermented and stunk to high heaven called Kimshe. This highly peppered plant kept them healthy in these unsanitized conditions. This stable of their diet is used in almost every meal.
    About 5 years before I got there, the Korean currency collapsed into bankruptcy.
    This could happen here. Something similar to a currency collapse did happen in 1970 and Nixon’s answers to it are interesting to this day.
    Basically the leadership took all currency and made it one tenth of its previous value. So a dollar became a dime, a dime became a cent.
    Sound familiar? Well Nixon took us off a gold standard and allowed our currency to float on the international exchanges. So a dollar worth $35 per ounce of gold became $600 per ounce of gold for a time.
    In modern times it has gotten even worse.
    The rich people of Korea invested in commodities and warehousing big time before the collapse and that is how they survived the currency collapse to remain rich. I would say inside information trading was done big time before the collapse of the Korean currency.
    When the rich of this country start massive storage of commodities then look out. It means the collapse is about to happen.
    I suggest they will do it off shore. Simply because the chaos generated by said collapse here is going to be very violent.
    They will pay their staff with the currency of food and shelter for them and their families.
    When possible, they will have medical supplies on hand and medical people to administer them. That will be how the staff will be paid.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find one of these islands with a fully staffed hospital.
    I suggest that in the case of government that the Federal Government will more than likely have a facility in the form of a small city at least 400 feet below ground and possibly inside one of the Rocky Mountains of our West. Probably with an enormous amount of food and medical supplies stocked up and a standing army of security people to keep it secure.
    It would not surprise me to see a subway system connecting facilities.
    The main concern I have is I think the mountains of Tennesee are a better location simply because of the likelyhood of a Yellowstone event in which the entire area goes up in a super volcano.
    It has to be south enough to minimize the need for heat and cooling.
    Otherwise the mountains of Kentucky would be a good place as well.
    We are possibly looking at a need to keep a population going for at least 20 or more years. In a nuclear disaster that could be for a couple of hundred years.
    Any prep you can do as an average person is likely to be inadequate within a year or two.

  • Alleged Comment

    Why are the ‘eilite and the left doing this??

    Because they know they planted a DEBT BOMB when they installed their illegal negro sodomite.

    And it’s left to go off on the next president.

    However, their next president was not expected to be the Donald. So, there is another clue.

    It’s NOT going to work, so they are trying to create DOUBT about the Donald and nothing more.

    We shall soon see which theory is correct.


      Debt is an exponential function & it would go up regardless of who the puppet is.

  • David

    The Elite are spending enourmous amounts of $$$ for luxurious underground bunkers equipped with the best Money can buy.
    if the day ever comes like another Nuclear Holocaust, EMP or whatever these people will be living in an underground prison of their own creation. so them prison is better than being Dead.

  • Ray S.

    The Left has become the far right now. Over the past few weeks I am seeing all sorts of conspiracy theories make it as news about this administration. They use to mock the far right for this very same thing. Funny that they are setting their minds on prepping, but these hypocrites (the elitists) because they see themselves as above other people will hoard guns and ammo and then protest that “normal” people, or those underneath them, shouldn’t have the right to own guns. It keep them in control. But if shtf they are doomed. They think of themselves and have a very selfish mindset and don’t realize that most of us have been prepping way before all of this.

  • sam

    One scary thing I found out is disqus mods can see every comment a person leaves on their site for all time! Even deleted comments they can read!

    They can filter by ip address and every comment u leave on this site (with same Ip, email, username) shows up.

    Luckily 4 me I use different IPs & accounts, emails.