No More Fake Conservatives

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Do you want to know why President Trump can’t seem to get much done in Congress? It is because many of the “Republicans” in Congress are actually fake conservatives. For decades, conservative voters have allowed these RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) to use labels such as “Republican”, “conservative” and “Pro-Life” to get votes, but then once they get into office they govern like Democrats and we never seem to hold them accountable. So even though we have given the Republicans control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the government continues to function pretty much as it did when the Democrats were running things.


I was ten years old when Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election, and ever since that time I have regarded myself as a conservative. But for a long time I could never understand why things never really seemed to change very much no matter which party had power.

Unfortunately, the truth is that “Republican” and “conservative” are not synonymous. And a lot of politicians that use the word “conservative” while they are campaigning are actually quite liberal. These con artists have fooled us over and over again, and it is time for that to stop.

Just look at what has happened to the national debt since we gave the Republicans control of the House of Representatives during the 2010 elections. When the new session of Congress opened in January 2011, the U.S. national debt had just passed the 14 trillion dollar mark, and now we stand poised to blow past the 20 trillion dollar mark.

We sent Republicans to Washington to control government spending, and not a single dollar can be spent without the approval of the House, but somehow close to six trillion dollars has been added to the national debt since January 2011.

Are we supposed to believe that is “conservative”?

The solution is actually very simple. The ridiculous spending demands of the Democrats need to be met with a resounding “NO” by Republicans in the Senate and the House each and every time.

During the Obama years, we added more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt, and what we are doing to our children and our grandchildren is highly immoral.

Republicans also need to learn how to say “NO” when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

A politician cannot be “Pro-Life” and vote to give Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars year after year. For a long time a lot of fake “Pro-Life” politicians have gotten away with doing this, but we aren’t going to put up with it any longer.

From now on, many of us in the Pro-Life community are going to require that any candidate asking for our support must make a pledge never to vote for any bill that gives even one penny of funding to Planned Parenthood.

If every Republican in the House took this pledge, Planned Parenthood would be defunded automatically. The Republicans are expected to retain control of the House in 2018, and if that happens House Republicans would be able to block every single bill that attempts to allocate any money to Planned Parenthood.

This is a moral issue that goes way beyond politics. The blood of 60 million dead children is crying out for justice, and if we do not stop killing babies on an industrial scale there is no hope and no future for our nation.

So let me be very clear.

I will not support any Republican that will not promise to vote against funding for Planned Parenthood every single time.

Not only that, I will do whatever I can to make sure that any such politician is defeated by an opponent that is willing to make such a pledge.

And I greatly applaud President Trump for proposing a budget that would strip every single penny of federal funding from Planned Parenthood…

President Donald Trump’s budget proposal together with the American Health Care Act, which Trump’s proposal embraces, would deny all federal funding to Planned Parenthood through both discretionary Title X grants and Medicaid.

“The budget also follows through on a campaign promise and prohibits any funding in the Labor-HHS appropriations bill for certain entities that provide abortions, including Planned Parenthood,” says a fact sheet published by the Office of Management and Budget. “This prohibition applies to all funds in the bill, including Medicaid.”

And it is about time that Republicans began to rediscover the importance of limited government. During his first inaugural address, President Reagan famously said that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”.

In an article earlier today, I noted that President Trump is proposing the elimination of 66 federal programs.

That is a good start.

Our founders intended for the individual state governments to have much more power than the federal government, but instead things have been completely flipped around. At this point, it is almost as if the 10th Amendment doesn’t even exist.

We need to start setting things in order, but for that to be possible we need to make a big move in 2018.

Unfortunately, President Trump is going to have a hard time accomplishing much of anything until we get him a lot more friends in Congress. Even though the Republicans control the Senate, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of cobbling together enough votes to repeal and replace Obamacare any time soon. And there are Republican members of both the House and the Senate that are determined to block Trump on a border wall, on trade, on tax reform and on desperately needed regulatory reform.

I have heard from so many people out there that want Donald Trump’s presidency to be successful. In order for that to happen, we need to send a very large wave of true conservatives to Washington in 2018.

It may seem quite early to start thinking about the 2018 elections, but the truth is that if true conservatives are going to win those races we need to start laying the groundwork now.

If you are a true conservative, and if you are willing to always vote against funding for Planned Parenthood, I would encourage you to think about running for office. We are going to need good candidates on the federal, state and local levels.

If good men and women sit back and do nothing, the forces that are eating away at our republic like cancer are going to win by default.

If we are going to try to turn America around, now is the time.

Getting President Trump elected was the first step, and now we need to do our part.

  • William Lutz

    This blog’s slogan is ridiculous. “Fighting to Restore our Constitutional Republic”? Give me a break. It’s not possible.

  • term limits now

    Impeach John McCain!

    • James

      What High Crimes or Misdemeanors has he committed?

      • EMF

        Senators are supposed to represent the interests of the citizens.
        He is part of the establishment & we need to DRAIN THE SWAMP!
        He is a war hawk and wants more war.

        I stand by my original comment, even though I voted for him because the alternative was a gun grabber.
        You and Carrie must be brother and sister because you always leave comments like that.

  • Vince B

    Cut welfare and watch the Refugees leave.

  • Blue Thewelshman

    The problem is probably a bit more nuanced. Republicans elected a whole slew of unqualified amateurs who had no experience governing and when it came time for them to step up all they knew how to do was obstruct and not lead. Its all about greed and avarice, there is nothing noble nor altruistic regarding the Republican party.


    Sick of the NEOCONS working on behalf of the globalists!

    • Jim Davis

      Sick of the (((NEOCONS))) working on behalf of the (((globalists)))!

      Fixed it for ya!

    • James

      Who are these globalists and why haven’t their goals been accomplished?

  • Renny

    So Michael. If you’re pro life what do you say to the many women who get unwanted pregnancies through rape?

    • Richard Broberg

      How about abortions for rape, incest or life of the mother only?

      • Jim Davis

        If you believe that abortion is murder, then why is it OK to murder the baby in those situations?

        • Richard Broberg

          There is no perfect solution to this problem but rape, incest or life of the mother seems to be a reasonable solution.

          • Jim Davis

            How about we keep government out of it? That’s the best solution to just about everything.

          • Richard Broberg

            A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.
            B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.
            C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.
            ………..In three generations, there will be no more Democrats.

          • Jim Davis

            Exactly! If your enemy is destroying himself, get out of his way!

          • Gay Veteran

            and how is A and B even remotely similar to C???

    • Jeanie

      Less than .01% is from rape. What do say to the thousands of women who are forced to abort. Happens all the time. So much for
      “my body, my choice.”

  • chris

    Trump appears to have gone back on all his ‘controversial’ pre election ideas/’promises’ so to blame RINOs may actually be letting him offf the hook also, perhaps he is the biggest RINO of all. His presidency appears to have come down to antagonizing North Korea and Iran so pretty much the same old world order as before. I think you put way too much faith in this President to be the best hope to hold back Global Government. If he is the best hope then were all ####wed.

  • James

    During the Obama years, we added more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt, and what we are doing to our children and our grandchildren is highly immoral.

    Suggested Reading: Public Finance: A Contemporary Application of Theory to Policy 11th Edition by David Hyman

  • Gay Veteran

    theocracy lover

  • Gay Veteran

    move to Saudi Arabia if you want a theocracay