New Undercover Video Shows An Abortionist Joking About An Eyeball Rolling Down Into Her Lap

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An incredibly shocking new undercover video that was recently released by the Center For Medical Progress shows various abortionists joking about the gruesome realities of performing abortions. This undercover footage was taken during the annual conventions of the National Abortion Federation in 2014 and 2015, and perhaps the most disturbing moment is when one abortionist jokes about an eyeball rolling into her lap. All of the undercover videos that have been released by the Center For Medical Progress are very startling and very graphic, but it is absolutely imperative that the American people be told the truth about what is actually happening in these abortion clinics. If these crimes against humanity do not stop, there is no hope and no future for our nation.


Defunding Planned Parenthood is “not just another political issue”, and we can no longer afford to elect politicians that use the “Pro-Life” label to get votes but then continue to vote to fund Planned Parenthood once they take office.

Every single day precious little babies are being ripped limb from limb and their body parts are being sold off for profit.

And the new undercover video that was recently released shows some of these abortionists actually making jokes about what they are doing

The Center For Medical Progress released a new undercover video showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing gruesome abortion procedures and the sale of fetal body parts for profit. The video was filmed at the 2014 and 2015 annual meetings of the National Abortion Federation.

The new undercover video appears to be a preview of a longer project, and is a compilation of comments made by Planned Parenthood executives and other abortion supporters at the NAF conventions. During conversations and panel discussions, the PP executives make stunning comments about abortion procedures.

Several attendees made jokes about eyeballs and other fetal body parts “rolling down into their laps.” Others laughed as they discussed how hard it is to remove the unborn baby’s head from the womb.

You can view the entire video from the Center For Medical Progress on YouTube right here.

It is time for the Pro-Life community to stand up and tell our politicians that defunding Planned Parenthood is no longer optional.

If they will not pledge to vote against every single bill that includes even a single penny of funding for Planned Parenthood, they will not get our votes.

How much more do we have to see before we are willing to take a stand? The following summary of the undercover videos that the Center For Medical Progress has released so far comes from

  • In the first video: Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood commented on baby-crushing: “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”
  • In the second video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter joked, “I want a Lamborghini” as she negotiated the best price for baby parts.
  • In the third video: Holly O’Donnell, a former Stem Express employee who worked inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, detailed first-hand the unspeakable atrocities and how she fainted in horror over handling baby legs.
  • In the fourth video: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Savita Ginde stated, “We don’t want to do just a flat-fee (per baby) of like, $200. A per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.” She also laughed while looking at a plate of fetal kidneys that were “good to go.”
  • In the fifth video: Melissa Farrell of Planned Parenthood-Gulf Coast in Houston boasted of Planned Parenthood’s skill in obtaining “intact fetal cadavers” and how her “research” department “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here, you know we’re one of the largest affiliates, our Research Department is the largest in the United States.”
  • In the sixth video: Holly O’Donnell described technicians taking fetal parts without patient consent: “There were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”
  • In the seventh and perhaps most disturbing video: Holly O’Donnell described the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘You want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
  • In the eighth video: StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer admits Planned Parenthood sells “a lot of” fully intact aborted babies.
  • The ninth video: catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb.
  • The 10th video: catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies. The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit.
  • Unreleased Videos: Unreleased videos from CMP show Deb Vanderhei of Planned Parenthood caught on tape talking about how Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliates may “want to increase revenue [from selling baby parts] but we can’t stop them…” Another video has a woman talking about the “financial incentives” of selling aborted baby body parts.
  • The 11th video: catches a Texas Planned Parenthood abortionist planning to sell the intact heads of aborted babies for research. Amna Dermish is caught on tape describing an illegal partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term unborn babies which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.
  • The 12th video in the series shows new footage of Jennefer Russo, medical director at Planned Parenthood in Orange County, California, describing to undercover investigators how her abortion business tries to harvest intact aborted babies’ bodies for a local for-profit biotech company and changes the abortion procedure to do so.
  • The 13th video: exposes a Planned Parenthood medical director admitting that babies born alive after abortion are sometimes killed.

As I stated yesterday, I greatly applaud President Trump for proposing a budget that would completely defund Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, his budget is not going to get through Congress.

There are several Republican senators that are against defunding Planned Parenthood, and we need to make it clear to them that such a stance is no longer acceptable.

In particular, senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are threatening to hold up the effort to repeal Obamacare over this issue. The following comes from the Hill

And with majorities in the House and Senate and control of the White House, the goal seems within reach after years of the party being thwarted by Senate Democrats and former President Barack Obama.

The problem is that Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) both may oppose a healthcare bill that cuts off funding to Planned Parenthood.

Collins is not up for re-election until 2020, and Murkowski is not up for re-election until 2022. But one pro-Planned Parenthood senator that we can remove from Congress in 2018 is Dean Heller of Nevada

Forcing a fight over Planned Parenthood would also put a focus on Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), who is up for reelection in 2018 in a state won by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Heller sparked criticism from both conservatives and liberals after he said at a recent town hall that he has “no problem” with federal funding for Planned Parenthood and would “protect” it.

Because he is in favor of funding Planned Parenthood, Heller has forfeited any future support from Pro-Life conservatives.

So we need a Senate candidate in Nevada for 2018. I know that there are a lot of good Pro-Life people that live in the state, and if you are thinking of running for that seat please feel free to reach out to me.

For decades Pro-Life activists have been writing letters, holding marches and trying to make our voices heard, but the politicians have been ignoring us.

Now it is time for us to rise up and demand that they listen to us by denying our votes to any politician that will not vote to defund Planned Parenthood every single time.

Nearly 60 million children have already died, and many more will die this year.

If we are not willing to take action now, when will we ever be?

  • Tim

    “Others laughed as they discussed how hard it is to remove the unborn baby’s head from the womb.”

    These people are demon-possessed. There’s no other explanation.

    • Pastor Bob

      While those who take pleasure in the killing of the defenseless precious little persons, these babies who never even had a chance-these monsters who kill these little children may possibly be as you say demon possesed. I have encountered persons who were demon possesed-it is I consider quite rare to encounter actual physical and visible demons. However, the spirit of this world, that is the work and influence of Satan and his coworkers (fallen angels) is everywhere we look. We must remember that we are each capable of ANY kind of sin. None of us is without sin. We were born into a sin filled world. There is a faithful remnant of people who truly call out upon the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, repent of the sins with which each of have been held in bondage. We seek diligently to walk with Jesus as we relearn our way of thinking and become more like Him. It is a daily walk. Yes those who perform abortions are monsters, but let us not forget: But for the Grace of God go I”.
      The issue of unwanted pregnancy has no simple answer. It is often a highly complex and very personal situation in which the woman, or young woman has (and I’m going to be blunt) put herself in, the exception being of course the pregnancy occurring without the consent of the woman-this situation being even more complex. Consider the pregnancy of Mary with the birth of our Lord and Savior.
      We, the followers of Christ need to be the first to offer much needed guidance and help to troubled pregnant women. It’s real easy to put labels on topics, it’s easy to just send some money to a pro-life charity and go about our own daily business as usual. Brothers and Sisters in Christ-we need to be there, in person to offer true hope (in Christ) for the wounded and downtrodden of this world. Certainly those who are in our sphere of influence, our family and extended family members, coworkers, neighbors and friends and their families etc. are possibly the ones whom God has for us to reach out to. Let us be willing to give whatever it takes to save the life of a child-and to give to the mother whatever she is in need of-regardless if the mother is 17 and in high school, or is a 35 year old woman. A woman or young woman experiencing the crisis of an unwanted pregnancy presents an opportunity not only to save a life of a child but to show the Grace of our Lord and to be His servant in this fallen world. Let us remember who we once we’re, and who we are now, living as children of the King.

      • iris

        Amen, Pastor Bob, and well said.

        • Daddyotis

          Yes, very aptly put. Thank you & God Bless.

      • batel12

        Great post! I used to think that many of the most heinous things were committed by those demon possessed. However I now believe that what we are many times witnessing is the depravity humans are capable of, the depths of which cannot be fathomed. The Word of God is truly the ‘red pill’ and reveals in stark contrast what is capable by those without the mind of Christ. We in whom the mind of Christ resides should not waste time marvelling at the power of those without but should instead be about the Father’s power to overcome such evil with Love. Regardless of which side of the veil evil is emanating, Jesus is sufficient and all powerful!

  • tax slave

    What about FEMA, etc. disappearing the homeless & harvesting their organs?

    Why is nobody looking into that?

    • iris

      I certainly believe that this is possible, but would you provide proof? I know that organ donation has to meet strict guidelines, and many donations are rejected, but that wouldn’t necessarily stop black market operations. Thanks and God bless.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Fairly soon we’ll just grow new organs form one’s own tissue in situ…

  • davidnrobyn

    I very much appreciate this effort to stop the slaughter, but if it’s being done with an eye toward saving the nation, it’s too late. Way too late. Even if we succeed in stopping this evil, what about all the atrocities of the past 40+ years? There will be no prosecuting the murderers, since what they did was done under color of law. The prosecution at Nuremburg managed to set that idea (the legality of what they did) aside, but it won’t happen here unless a similar destruction/change of management happens. Germany was bombed “mit dem erdboden gleich”–level with the ground–and the Germans didn’t have much say about the court’s judgment. As long as we Americans are still in charge of our country, we will NEVER EVER come to a national admission of and repentance for these crimes. Ain’t gonna happen. So we’ll still be under judgment, and it’s gonna be a doozy. This would be a really good time to get one’s spiritual house in order. Just a warning.

    • Paul Patriot

      Very well said.

  • William Lutz

    Michael you’re a good guy, but you’re deviating from your most important objective, which is getting people prepared. I’m telling you that America is not going to make it until late next year. You’re wasting your cyber energy with this nonsense.

    • Tim

      This article is most certainly not nonsense. Abortion is a terrible and wicked crime, and Michael is doing the right thing by exposing the wickedness of organizations like Planned Parenthood.

      • William Lutz

        I appreciate his condemnation of abortion, but he also should continue with his doomsday warnings. How do you think we’re going to bring back countless babies from the grave?

        • Tim

          I agree that we’re not going to save this country. I think it’s too far gone. If Michael thinks he’s going to make a difference in Washington if he’s elected to office, he’s delusional.

  • Lasers kill cameras

    Selling body parts is fine but yet if you buy raw milk or give free food to the homeless in some parts of the US the police will arrest or ticket you!

    • iris

      That’s for health code standards, to protect the recipients, but compared to profiteering from body parts, we’re “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel”.

      • EMF

        The cops raid places selling raw milk. The people are fully aware they want raw milk.
        “Health code standards”
        Raw milk is a zillion times healthier than cooked milk. Cooked milk will make you die sooner.
        Raw milk competes with CORPORATE DAIRY and this is a big reason they get raided, just like the Michigan farmer who was ordered to destroy his pigs.

        Virtually no one has died from raw milk.

        • iris

          While I partly agree with you, my brother got bovine TB from drinking raw milk when he was a child. It is mild compared to human strains, and was caught early on, so he got treated and was fine. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways. People used to have few to no problems eating raw eggs, before the poultry was packed like sardines into the coops. The less cooked the egg is, the more nutrients are present, but my mother got salmonella from eating raw eggs several years ago.

          • VAXXED

            Sorry 4 the harsh reply. I often use a phone in bed.

            That woman who just died at 117 at I think 2 raw eggs a day for much of her life. I bet it wasn’t from a big company farm though because that means poor quality. Also Bernardo Depallo (age 114) believed in mostly raw food.

          • iris

            I didn’t think it was harsh, VAXXED. You’re right, raw milk sure wouldn’t work for a big corporate, and also, that the quality is poor. It doesn’t taste anywhere as good, either. The big farms cut the beaks off the chickens so they won’t peck each other, and breed cattle to just stand around, rather than interact as the herd animals they were meant to be. Whether the calves are used for veal or not, they take the babies from their mothers within 48 hours.

          • abc

            To learn about raw milk raids of small independent farmers you should watch Farmageddon.
            Another reason I don’t typically like police.

          • iris

            Will do, thanks! I know that many farm animals have to be chipped now, so can be monitored by satellite. I don’t think that’s about protecting the farmers or the animals as much as it is about governance.

  • Randy Rogers

    Public executions are too good for these devils.

    • EMF

      When we kill them the demons will just move to the next person & make them crazy. Domino effect

      • iris

        Christians can’t be possessed by demons. We sure can be influenced by them if we let ourselves be, however. There is power and protection in the name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names. God might allow great trials and persecutions to happen to Christians, but they always turn out for the best for those who continue to trust Him. Jesus said that even the demons believe in Him, and tremble, because they know their time is short. When I hear a person identify as an atheist, I always think of that verse.

        • VAXXED

          I mean the abortionists.
          A Christian’s body can be possessed. Stuff like cancer obviously has to have a life.

          • iris

            I agree with you about some of the abortionists, it is an evil culture of death, after all, and I think there are a great many people who say they’re Christ followers, but mean something entirely different by that than putting their hope and trust in Jesus Christ alone as God and savior.

            Cancer might kill a Christian’s body, but we’ll get perfect ones in heaven.

    • ups

      When we kill them the demons simply move to the next person & make them crazy. This causes a domino effect & we end up playing wack-a-mole. No matter how many people we kill the demon just moves to the next person.

  • SantosGarcia

    Without the repeal of ‘Roe v. Wade’ America’s future will remain dark.

  • fromaway46

    The linked to video on YT has been removed by YT.

  • Tatiana Covington

    They took down the eyeball video. Put it back up!